Still Sick

Since I cannot use my MC to excuse myself from work, I’m using my MC to excuse myself from blogging.
Normal blogging will resume as soon as I recover from my illnesses, and as soon as I cease getting whipped around by project deadlines tighter than Denise Keller’s arse.
Harap Maaf.

This emotionally-charged radio interview with the mayor of New Orleans is what everybody is talking about. Listen to it and you’ll realise how newspapers are unable to do justice to the sense of urgency and desperation felt by a city devastated by the hurricane.

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  1. Dude, how much did you pay for this MC? RM20???:)
    CNN aired the radio interview yesterday. Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans was furiously grilling the Feds with F word and told them to get their fat asses down there to help instead of thanking each agency for job well done where almost nothing was done. Today, Senator Jesse Jackson made a remark on US Govt which I feel for him. He claimed US Govt responded to 9/11 in NYC and Asian Tsunami faster than New Orleans. It’s gonna be hot debate later on.
    I think the least we can do is to pray for the victims and we should count our blessing. Meanwhile, life has to go on.

  2. 1st, thanks for mentioning the limkitsiang blog. Introduced me to a whole view on Malaysia. 2nd, take care and get well soon Kenny ! We love you and you blog 🙂

  3. is that rat baxy i see on the silvery sachet?
    why can’t you use your MC to excuse yourself from work? what do they want? parents’ letters??
    hmm get well soon. will be looking forward to read your blog entries again..! 😀

  4. Kenny, I advise you to remove the clinic name, address and doctor’s name. I’m not sure on the ruling (they might have changed it) but just to be on the safe side…
    Get well soon.

  5. denise is coming to brunei incidentally on this sunday (today).. for PR/promo work for a newly launched telecommunications firm..

  6. The MC says you are off till 3rd Sept only! That means on Sunday you must resume blogging! 😛
    Just kidding lah, take care and don’t overwork yourself ya? 🙂

  7. hope u get better soon and in the meantime, take care of your health. don’t need to feel obliged to blog. your health and daily life should take precedence after all. =)

  8. He walks and stand as if there are eggs under his armpits, and stammer when he talks. He is on drugs. Katrina finally expose how oblivious Bush is to universal justice and desperation. If he is the peoples choice to a President, he sud also be booted out disgracefully by the same people. Watch the unfolding events.
    Oops, hope you get well soon, Kenny.

  9. hey Kenny.. the MC says that u r unable to perform ‘duty’ for ‘two’ days only worr.. and the date says sept 02 and 03.. haha.. it’s now sept 04.. u need o get another mc or photoshop it~!! hahaha.. jk.. get well soon man..else it’s going to be ‘plain’ week for us..

  10. OMG, Godwin Chan! I used to go to his clinic when I was still in Kuching. Man, that brings back memories. (Flashback to sexy nurse…)
    Get well soon.

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