MTV Asia VJ Hunt

I’m still not feeling well but I’ve finally succumbed to visiting the doctor after much deliberation. The doc suspected mumps and prescribed me with a whole lotta pills to swallow. He gave me an MC, but I’m not gonna be able to use it. In fact, I got so much to do at work, I’ll be staying back at the office this Saturday and Sunday.
Since I’m not in the mood for entertaining, I’m gonna bore you with my weekend instead.

I was strolling around Kuching’s shopping district last Sunday when I noticed MTV Asia staging their VJ Hunt at Crowne Plaza. I totally wasn’t planning on hanging around to watch the show but my friend Brandon Juan was there and he convinced me to stay. Besides, Guy Sebastian was there.

Fine, so I lied.
I thought long and hard whether or not its wise of me to put up their photos and videos, especially when these are all Kuching ppl and they can bash me up easily if they want to. But I decided since they’ll all be appearing on MTV Asia anyway, they shouldn’t have any problems appearing on right?

This guy was on Malaysian Idol before or something.

The contestants were asked to do a brief introduction of themselves, perform a special talent (usually singing), then do a spiel introducing a music video. More often than not, the results turned out quite horrendous.

The new MTV show requires the VJ to host upside down.

I don’t understand why so many of the contestants went on stage and decided to suddenly transform into an angmoh and speak in an obviously fake American accent. What is it with being a VJ and speaking with an ang moh accent anyway?
Whatever happened to Asian pride? Come on guys, you are from MALAYSIA and you’re auditioning for MTV ASIA. Why must speak in ang moh accent? Speak in Hokkien cannot ar?

He said “Dude, what’s with the fake accent?”

From what I saw, probably one out of every twenty of them deserved to be in the finalists. The rest were so bad, if I saw any of them on MTV screens, I’m gonna sue MTV Headquarters for insulting my intelligence.
Download video clip here. (WMV, 11.2MB)
Anyway, I waited for Brandon’s turn to go up the stage. Heh, I don’t think he did too well either.

Better luck next time, dude.

The best thing that night was meeting a few readers who recognised and greeted me, instead of freaking me out by passing me a paper note that reads “Kenny, what is KNNCCB?”. Drop me an e-mail so I can send you the photos.
Who’s there sitting in a corner digging her ear?

No shit, its Denise Keller!

Denise sure got an eye for a guy like me.

Speaking of Denise Keller, I thought Christian Jigmo from Eye For A Guy look like a character from Journey to the West. Don’t you think?
Here, let me show you.

Sung Wu Kung!

I’m only saying that because a friend of mine thought he looked cute but I begged to differ. No, I’m not jealous. Really. Look at my not-jealous face.
Anyway, its not an insult, its a compliment. Imagine what Sung Wu Kung could do with his magical baton that can grow long and short.

Lim Kit Siang, Malaysia’s Opposition Leader, has his own blog ( Luckily its not the same as the Australian Prime Minister’s blog (

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  1. KNN…kenny, y u get to meet Denise and u nvr call me up…nabeh…im upset, can i touch ur shoulder…wait..u take bath already?..if already den nvm la…

  2. Dude. I wanted to go for the MTV VJ thing you know.. with my full fledged manglish ah lian accent. I wondered if I would pass the audition. Now we’ll never know.
    (that guy who appeared in MI is Josh Lim, btw)

  3. OMG u met denise keller??? How is she btw?? and did u watch the series?? u have it??? plz plz plz reply me kenny..thank you. 😉

  4. that Janice girl was horrible…er…no offense to her if she reads this btw was it just me or did one line sound like wake me up mtv vj? and the tune was so off, too!

  5. Omigod…they do look alike, it’s uncanny
    Anyhow, your video upload takes foreverrrrrrrrr to download…Maybe consider setting up Bittorrent…or multiply………?

  6. If pronunciation Too Angmoh, kennysia will kutuk you for forgetting your roots.
    If pronunciation Too Malaysian, kennysia will make fun of your accent. “Beng-ify”, “mowteemedia” , “gerengtee” etc.
    Just can’t win.
    Some people do indeed talk naturally like angmoh cos they’ve been born and raised overseas. Somehow they are despised by locals who think those overseas-raised Malaysians are deliberately using angmoh accent to ‘recolonial-ize’ their fellow countrymen.
    Also , some people in Malaysia speak beng-like not because they set out to be ‘bengs’ , but because they were not English-educated. Would you ridicule your non-English speaking grandparents if they tried to speak in English? Or BM?

  7. TheThing, now you got me wrong there. There’s a difference between Asians speaking in a faken American accent, and Asians speaking in an authentic American accent. The contestants, sadly, are more of the former than of the latter.

  8. Most MTV VJs speak with an ‘angmoh’ accent be it British, American or Oz. You can’t blame those VJ wannabes to follow suit, can you? Most people think they will be more marketable if they have an accent, which I don’t agree. We should remain as Malaysians lah!

  9. hhmm… oh well, some of them are sort of born with it. one of my ex-classmate have this very strong british accent but non of his family or friends speak like he does. on the other hand, another classmate speaks this darn faken american accent which… when i asked my friend what does she think bout his presentation, her reply was like “hhmm… very interesting, but i have no idea what the hack he was talking”
    hey kenny, i am your new fan and i am also from the cat city, love ur post, cheers!

  10. You met Denise? That is way cool. Anyway, you have mumps now? Poor dude, better hope your balls don’t start swelling. If the virus gets your goodies, its gonna hurt like f-ck and you may be sterile (yikes!). Get well soon.

  11. Like anywhere else in Malaysia and S’pore, we have a lot of people who probably spent 1-2 yrs abroad and came back with heavy Brit, American and Aussie twangs. Sometimes my hears hurt just listening to them.

  12. fake angmohs? how about you, with a fake aussie accent? lol, it doesn’t even matter how long you’ve stayed there. a fake is still a fake. “Anyway, its not an insult, its a compliment” 🙂

  13. LOL! Nice one about that “magical baton” eh? 😉
    You BITCH!:P You get to take photo with DENISE KELLER! She’s sizzling hot man!

  14. Some ppl got those funny accents as a result of watching too much TV la… I have a few frens from uni that speaks funnily… asked one of them why, he said “I dunno, watched too much cartoon kua” hek hek hek…

  15. hey u know wad…guy sebastian reli came to kch before. i met him!! bout last yr july. hahah denise…overworked mtv vj. poor thing. u see her on nearly every mtv asia show lar!

  16. Damn… HAHAHA… i knew you’d post my embarrassing moments… Joyce, oh yeah i was stoned… Kenny, how could u post my sick pic in there? I look so sick in it man!! Fuck… 🙂

  17. kenny sia, i think u look like chucky the doll. and i think u look odd in tight tshirts- wide frame contradicts height( u look short). ur u like put on blushers or something… it has a rosy tint to it. in my somehow distorted point of view..i actually think u look like uh.. a chubby girl. ewww. gross.

  18. Gd daey mate, so long as you dont speak like some Malaysian DJs (in some Malaysia radio channels) who speaks with the ENGDIAN accents and sounds so fake, or may B so fcuk, its ok lah.

  19. mumps??? your doc shitting you lar.
    you got your MMR (mumps, measles, rubella) vaccines as a kid. very unlikely to get mumps now. besides ur symptoms dont sound like mumps.
    somemore mumps is a virus anyway, so not pills on earth can help with that.
    hope he didn’t charge you too much for his voodoo pills. getw ell soon dude.

  20. if its mumps u better be careful kenny.. 2 years back when i was in hospital, at first the doc suspected i had mumps and my brother n cousins were ‘banned’ from visiting me cos mumps is contagious and is a threat to guys’ manhood…. supposedly.
    Maybe u should tryout Desperate Addict’s BAC 😛

  21. Fake accents, to me, are from those who have never stayed in that particular country before to get influenced enough to have that accent, and they somehow acquire an ang moh accent that’s neither British, American, nor Ozzie. It’s a mix of all, so it appears fake.
    Some just slur slur their speech a bit, flatten their intonations a bit, and that makes a quick and easy ang moh accent.
    I talk in my Sing Song Singaporean accent all the time, even to my ang moh colleagues, but I try not to include slangs and try to form proper English sentences lor. No one can say I salah right!

  22. haha, ang moh accents, so funny when done wrong.
    but you can’t help but admit that it’s oh so posh when done right – sometimes.
    ang moh : *drawl drawl drawl drawl*
    random local : *drool drool drool*

  23. Thank you for comparing me with a chinese-movie-monkey. I can really see that we look a like, maybe he is a distant cousin or something… 😉

  24. kenny sia, i think u look like chucky the doll. and i think u look odd in tight tshirts- wide frame contradicts height( u look short). ur u like put on blushers or something… it has a rosy tint to it. in my somehow distorted point of view..i actually think u look like uh.. a chubby girl. ewww. gross.
    Posted by: diana at September 2, 2005 10:48 PM
    SHOW SOME RESPECT LA people. He’s born like that, he has the liberty to dress up whatever and however he wants. So you’re not that good yourself, why bother criticising someone else when you cant even manage yourself?

  25. finally i’ve found that picture of mine!!! hahaha
    hey kenny,thanks for putting up my pic in ur blog but i guess u should delete it cos it’s sooooooooooooo embarrassing.hehehehehe.only the afro looks like Guy’s but not my face.hehehe.if u think i was one of those VJ-wannabes who spoke international english accent,it does come naturally and not ‘dibuat-buat’ or a fake one. hehehe ;P have a nice day bro!

  26. Look, let me tell you about why people want to use fake American & British accents:
    You see i’m a Malaysian, but i speak with a Cockney(London gangster accent) accent. Why? Because it’s easier to understand. You see, my English is good, but when i used my Malay accent to talk to people in English, it’s embarrassing. Most of the class speak English with a MTV accent or an accent taken from a music video. I speak like a Kelantanese fisherman trying to communicate with a whale. It’s ridiculous. THen my teacher told me: “Why don’t you adopt an accent?”
    I was like “Why?” and my teacher replied that “It’s because that it’ll make you speak English more clearly”
    I was surpised, but then i give it a chance. I started watching some television and films i got from DVDs and Internet downloads. I tried talking with an American accent. It failed. But then i came across a bunch of British gangster films including “Get Carter”, “Layer Cake”, and “Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels”. I listened to the way they talk English. It’s cool and interesting. It’s like watching a Quentin Tarantino gangster flick or a sick Takashi Miike film. I began learning some cockney words & slangs, and slowly by month, i perfected my English. I still used the “-lah” in some words, but now people do understand my ENglish better.
    That’s why people used fake American & British accnts, because using the angmoh accent makes it unprofessional in the MTV & business standards. Sure, Mr. Kenny Sia you can call it rejection of Malaysian pride but please, when i spoke with a Malay accent, i felt embarrassed to be Malaysian. And now i don’t mind being a Malaysian with a cockney twang.
    And we shouldn’t be judgemental. Because being judgemental makes you look likde a dumbass. If you walk to the streets of Tokyo’s Harajuku street, and you’re shocked to see scantily-clad school girls, try and keep your cool. Don’t be judgemental or politically correct by telling those girls to wear something respectful, because it makes you look like a total dick. My uncle did that, and he still felt embarrassed till now.

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