Still Living In Denial

(Continued from “Living In Denial”)
Somewhere in the quaint small town of Saratok…

Tau Keh Nio: Darlinggggggggggggg
Tau Keh: Whatttttttttttttttt
Tau Keh Nio: I got something to tell you.
Tau Keh: What is it, my dear?
Tau Keh Nio: I hate you.
Tau Keh Nio: You damn horrijiber. Mouth say you love me but inside all pretend pretend one.
Tau Keh: Huh? What cock?! I did wrong thing again?
Tau Keh Nio: Still want to act don’t know?! Last time I say want to open luxurious restaurant, you say want to open kedai runcit. Then you gave me this fucking kedai runcit and named it Luxurious Restaurant. You think very funny is it? Niama, I sit here at the counter every day waiting for customer until my cheebye also grow roots liaw.

Tau Keh: Aiya lao puo, don’t like that lah. You know business has been bad lately. Aiii… lai, hug hug?
Tau Keh Nio: Hug your head ah!. See, this wouldn’t even happened if you early early listen to me and open up a restaurant. Gerengtee will make money one! See lah, you and your stubborn kuan. Listen to yourself only don’t wanna listen to me. Now lose money liaw, see who die?
Tau Keh: Sorry lor. But you use your head to think lah. You open up a restaurant in this small town in the middle of a jungle also no use. Who would come? I tell you nobody will come, only monkeys will come.
Tau Keh Nio: Then FINE. I don’t open my restaurant in Saratok ok?! I go big big city ok!? You watch me lah! I open my restaurant in Kualu Lampa then you know!

Tau Keh: HAHAHA! You want to kua whose lampa!? “Kuala Lumpur” also dunno how to pronounce! Please lah you siao ginah, don’t even know how to speak Malay! Don’t later go around kualu lampa and sia soi yourself.
Tau Keh: Sorry but “teh tarik satu” doesn’t count. Bwahahahaahaa!
Tau Keh: Nolah, I just worried. Later your customer asks for “susu” and you beat him up ‘cos you thought he’s calling you stupid how? Wahahahahahaa!
Tau Keh Nio: I said DON’T LAUGH. Laugh some more!?
Tau Keh: Reminds me that time when you used to work in KFC. One customer asked you for “Ayam Goreng”, and you thought he said “I am Goreng.” Then you said to him “Welcome to KFC, Mr Goreng!” Remember?! WAHAHAHAHAHAA!
Tau Keh Nio: SCREW YOU! I’ve had enough already! I’m leaving this stupid place to set up my own restaurant. That’ll teach you not to laugh at me EVER again. GO AWAY.
Tau Keh: Eh lau puo, where you going?!

Tau Keh: Cheebye wife.

Lack of updates, because I’m wayyyyyyy too busy catching up with my day job these days.

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  1. Damn, where did u get all those photoes?? btw, did u ask permission b4 snapping? ever get into trouble for taking photo w/o permission?? cheers, mate

  2. Hahaha seriously kenny where do u get these ideas from ??? i ended up falling of the bed because i coudnt stop myself from laughing lol …. rofl …lmao

  3. just for the record, the pan mee there (which is behind the HSBC building in Bukit Bintang) is listed as one of the ‘best places to eat at’ in KL. also, try out the char siew rice and beef noodles along jln alor (nearby)

  4. its not funny at all….wait for the letter from my lawyer…KNNCCB…..u cheebey go out of saratok la….take away all my business!

  5. kenny , i already read this in other blog ….i think its the sixthseal isit but yours have an ending different from the original

  6. eheh kenny you write about me? i see your pichure quite hamsome huh.. after i divorce the stupid man, i buy you koffee eh?

  7. sorry old man blur fuck liao its from yours old web haha sirry sir dont get angry ya haha read too many blog already must go n take my pill

  8. cheebye wife. Sequel from the cheebye husband. Cool man. When will Ah boy and ah girl appear? Where you always get this kind of weird signs. When i was in kuching i never seen leh.. Or is it somewhere in saratok again

  9. Said it before… and I’ll say it again….
    YOu think yorue funny is it?? 😛
    Okay larr… yo uare…sometimes… pretty damn funny…
    Especially today….
    Take Care Kenny…
    eh when you going to KL?

  10. not also ho-chio as the last joke.. but can tell you did your best 🙂
    anyway i spent the whole workday reading your post since day 1. I mean i am aware of your site, but then suddenly to read all your posts to kill time, erm no, i mean know more about you.
    cheers dude.

  11. kenny. i’m not getting the ‘punch line’. what’s with the last image? nothing to do with luxurious restaurant what.

  12. very funny , very creative story line.
    Kenny your blog is so good that even youngster are reading it.. so would be good to reduce the profanity but maintain the humour. .. my 2cts

  13. lol. where on earth did you find so many funny restaurant’s name. it almost made me roll on the floor! But kai wan xiao, restoran jangan ketawa also got perdana owh!

  14. Long ago there was this Malaysian Brit-skit-style sitcom called Jangan Ketawa. I actually liked it. But then the bloody censorship board banned it because it had a lot of crossdressing.

  15. lionel>i liked it too. many years back. then somehow i stopped watching and forgot about it. 2 days (or 3) ago i happened to turn on ntv7 and it was playing! so what do u mean by it being banned?

  16. alammak kenny you should have something like this in the mr brown show man plus all the hokkien classic words muahahaha

  17. This shop is located in bukit bintang area in KL although it’s hidden away at one corner, nearby the proposed Arab square(i think completed liao) which is behind Finnegans KL, Jln Sultan Ismail.
    Dunno about the food, never been there b4

  18. hey, i swear it’s dejavu that i’ve read about the story (first half) about luxurious restaurant!!! I just don’t know where.
    Yeah, Jangan Ketawa has the best pan meen in town!!! Meatballs too. The other good pan meen is the chili pan meen called ‘Kin Kin’. Very good

  19. Not so funny this time. Kenny, we know you are busy so dont worry about not updating…although a part of us will still complain that you never updated your page for the day! Well, you cant please everyone.
    Btw, the first site i go to every morning is still yours 🙂

  20. Wrongfully detained Chinese Housewife
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  21. haha jestesm zjarany jaka beka, jak ktos bedzie z polski tu zjarany jeszcze siedzial to niech pisze na moj gg wyzej hahaha kjaaka beka

  22. LOL ( too lazy to type “HAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAA” )… ok i just did. anyhoo, i think you should write scripts for comedy series 😛 … call it “kenny siao” ?

  23. This is sick. No wonder a lot of Chinese are migrating. I thought they were getting away from the mad-dog mullahs in Malaysial. But no, they are obviously trying to get away from their rude low class fellow Malaysians.

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