Sale Siao

It is officially the year end and everyone is having sales.

Everywhere you go it’s 30% off this, 50% off that, buy this one and get that free.
Every shop, every store, every shopping mall are doing their year-end sales, and everything is really cheap right now.

Even a funeral parlour is joining in on the fun.

From now until 31st December, if you purchase an urn compartment, we will cremate you ABSOLUTELY FREE!
Hurry! Die now and save money!

Music of the Week: Estrella – Take It Slow
When I first heard their song Stay on the radio, I listened to the opening and thought their style is so distinctively Malaysian that it must definitely be a local band. Then as soon as it gets to the singing I thought, “Hmmm! She sounds like Colbie Caillat. Can’t be a local band.”
Turns out Estrella is actually a local band, and a pretty good one as well. If you like jazz cafe-type music like I do, I’m sure you’ll like this song too.

81 Replies to “Sale Siao”

  1. Lmao! So um-kat-lai one! Haha, but I guess what they meant was buy in advance and they’ll offer you the free cremation when the time comes? HAHA!

  2. Hurry!! 3 more weeks to go while the offer is still on…..
    Hahaha funny.
    What they actually mean is that if you buy the urn before 31 Dec, you are eligible to enjoy free cermation service any time in the future.

  3. LOL, just book 1st de la. haha, my parent brought units for themself already… coz u know, life is will come to an end also whether u like it or not, better “book” a place 1st. this what my parent tell me.

  4. hahhahah! All i want to do is laugh! Sometimes I just don’t understand how these people can go to this extend to just want to make business….do they ever thought of what they are promoting??? Kenny! Dont tell me you are going to buy….

  5. Most of the shops already have sales before the actual Year End Sale… so I shopped before the actual Year End Sale… ahahahah… if something already got discount, it cannot be further discounted during Year End Sale rite?

  6. man…i tot u were gona go bout nicole’s shoppin addiction n stuffs..mana cha dou lo…..!! da last part…….guess Msia is da oni country who offer such sales huh….xD wel….Msia boleh pe!

  7. hahahahahah…!!!!
    damn funny..
    but i think they mean people could buy them in advance so they can “use” it when they leave right?
    otherwise.. it’s really.. extremely funny and silly la!!

  8. Kenny Sia!!!!
    How bout us readers contribute one for you? 😛
    Sales wor… sure u wun mind rite?
    On 2nd thought, burning is quite painful, u know… So dun play play..

  9. kenny is me sc ngui oh dear kenny every body want money well i hope you have a nice day
    petrol down price of good still not down
    bye scngui

  10. Ummm.. still wondering about the urn and cremation. Is the offer valid if ou buy within offer period and use it in the future? Or, you must use it within the offer period itself? If it is valid for the future use, how long would the offer would last? A lifetime?

  11. WTF?? The Nirvana guys are promoting such stuff?? It’s like telling people faster die now and save money since economy so bad n etc. I’m still too young to die..muahaha!

  12. You know it’s a super deal when they use double exclamation marks.
    But I’ll pass for the next ad that has five. They’re throwing in a free jar for your testicles.

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