Delaney’s Irish Pub & Restaurant Review

Delaney’s is a homely little Irish pub and restaurant tucked at the back of Federal Hotel, KL.

It’s a welcoming escape from the maddening chaos from Low Yat Plaza opposite, which is great especially after you’ve endured endless assault from various credit card sales teams bombarding you with “Siryouwantcreditcardornot?Nowgotnoannualfeeandgotfreegiftforyousir!sir!?SIR?!”

The first time I came to Delaney’s was earlier this year. I was gonna get myself a Sony PS3 from Low Yat, but after balking at the RM1,600 price tag I thought money could be better spent on food than ridding the world of aliens and terrorists.

That time I had the Beef & Guinness Pie (RM25) which I was told is the signature dish of the restaurant.
I remembered it was so damn good I promised myself I have to go back there again. The puff pastry had the right degree of crisp and fluff, and the succulent gravy contained a good amount of mushrooms, onions and beef chunks. It was awesome.

Encouraged by my initial experience there, I went to Delaney’s again last weekend for lunch with a friend I was meeting. He initially suggested going for roast duck at Jalan Alor formerly known as Jalan Kejora formerly known as Jalan Alor. But I managed to convince him to go for a proper restaurant instead.
This time round, Delaney’s was running a little promotion as we were given a separate Christmas menu in addition to the original one.

The Christmas menu was similar to the one we had from the Guinness Gastranomic Workshop I attended earlier. The Kakuni Style Braised Chicken, Fresh Herb Risotto & Guinness Poached Osyter in particular sounded familiar. 😉
Each main course comes with a free pint of Guinness Draught too, which is a pretty good deal considering a pint of the premium black beer usually costs around RM15.

So I went for the classic Thanksgiving meal of a Tom Turkey Roll (RM39) from the Christmas menu while my friend took the Oysters Baked in Puff Pastry (RM38) which was not from the Christmas menu, but still came with the free pint of Guinness Draught nonetheless.

To be honest, we were kinda shocked when the oysters came.

Somehow I thought they were trying to bluff us with the oysters by putting a couple of rocks on a plate. Then secretly laugh their backsides off when our teeth fell out as we try to bite it.

One thing for sure, the puff pastry oysters did taste better than they look. I won’t say I’m in love with it, but they’re not bad.
I’m an oyster lover (literally and err… figuratively speaking) and yet I’ve never seen them done in pastry format, so it’s something different for once.

Luckily, my turkey roll came slightly better presented than the oysters. There are three slices of turkey roll, each came with a bit of pork sausage in the centre and served with generous amount of giblet gravy. The steamed vegies and the soft fluffy chestnut bread stuffings accompany the dish.

The gravy is what made the dish work. From what I understand, it is made from the “spare parts” of the turkey. Although most people will find the saltiness a bit overpowering, it tastes fantastic when you wash it down with a pint of creamy smooth Guinness Draught poured straight from the bar. The roasty bitterness of the beer goes down surprisingly well with the savoury bite of the turkey roll. So very satisfying!
After all the Irish goodness, I couldn’t leave without trying something sweet. So I ordered from the Christmas menu a mocktail called “Rudolph” (RM18).

It’s a concoction of cranberry juice and grenadine. And girls will love this drink.
Personally, I had no clue how girly it is until it came bright red in a fancy cocktail glass. Got cherry on top some more.
It’s too much of a girly drink for me, so don’t order this if you don’t want your manhood to shrink by two inches. Like mine has.

Instead, opt for the caramelised apple tart. It came with a scoop of sweet corn ice-cream and a chocolate wafer stick, and is a great Irish way to finish off a hearty meal.

When when we asked our bill, the waiter asked us to fill out the form and gave us this voucher in return.
We get a RM12 discount and a free limited-edition miniature glass if we order 3 pints of the black beer on our next visit to Delaney’s. Nice!

“Eh friend, can borrow money to me or not ah?”

Delaney’s is a charmingly rustic Irish pub catering towards tourists and the working class who needs a place to dine and unwind while they catch their favourite sports on the big screen. The prices are reasonable, the service is swift and the food is fantastic. I was not let down both times that I was there.
Come here for the relaxing and unpretentious ambience, and say hello to the big bearded bartender who’ll give you a genuine smile and a thumbs up everytime you yell out for him.

Delaney’s can be found at the rear entrance of the Federal Hotel KL at 35 Jalan Bukit Bintang, and is open daily from 12 noon till 1am.

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Veteran blogger TV Smith was at Payatas recently when he took these photos of how bad the poverty situation is over there. Have a look, and if it motivates you to wanna help break their vicious cycle of poverty, click here.

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  1. no stranger but only for friend who havent met?
    hahaha weirdo, isnt it the same meaning as stranger??
    and then? that’s mean once they know us or we go once no more next time?? the restaurant is only available for the 1st time visitors?? LOL~ funny!

  2. daym!! where did these anonymous coward flamers come from? talk bad about kenny and not leaving their real names or blog url.. get lost cowards.. at least kenny did go ther eat and giv us some of his thoughts…

  3. Hey dude, the prostitute infested Federal hotel still around ? Stayed there for a week many years ago. Interesting place, at least back then.

  4. Kenny.. the Nirvana ad is pretty amusing…. what a business… hopin’ that someone would die.. like everyday.. lolZ.
    p.s – you are adorable, like a teddy bear with dracula tooth. 🙂

  5. i couldnt afford to eat in this kinda place but its nice to read about it. kenny u should blog more about hawker food.

  6. I don’t think u can get RM15 a pint of guinness in town, the cheapest is around RM17 I found in Sid’s pub. If u find RM15 a pint, let me know where to find, I will go there…haha

  7. Thanks for the write up about Delaney irish pub…i don’t even know the existence of this place even i am from KL
    Most of my time, i would chill out at Asia Herritage Row or Finnegan’s Irish Bar (across the street)
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    recently – Cupid Blogger Dot Com

  8. wow, the pie looks soooo delicious! Dont think you can find such appetising ones in Kuching 🙁 But does it taste like beer??

  9. Kenny,
    You should definitely get a PS3.
    Guitar hero is awesome. Guitar hero world tour, even more awesome. I lurf my ps3 :)~

  10. kenny brother,
    i only read 1 blog in my life. and it is urs.
    no offence man, although i really love to read your blog. But everytime i see an advertisement entry like this i tell myself this is not right. i don’t know how much juice u got out of these ‘customers’ and the biz plan of your blog. i just wanna tell you that this will be the 2nd time i made a decision to quit coming here. the last time lasted for 3 months and this time i think would be longer.
    I will always support you but i do not support the way ur customers advertise. i believe the best way of advertising is by word of mouth. your ‘customers’ should concentrate on making their business work by giving good value to consumers. The way they advertise by paying a lump sum to u(my guess) and getting you to do a kissass writeup (but is it the truth?) is not the way.
    sure, they get online exposure and you get the carrot. its a win-win situation. but bear in mind, i am only 1 of your reader that let you know of my disgust. and my intention to have a sabath away from ur blog.
    there could be others who feels the same but will just simply go away.

  11. Hi I felt sad for the girl who died of cancer. I know its easy to give up on all hopes when someone is going to die. I admire her fighting spirit and still score good grades despite her illness. It is a sad thing that when people who a zest for life wants to live on but die and those people who are healthy just want to end their lives.

  12. Next time the credit card guy comes at you, use these 2 magical words: ‘still studying’. No matter how old you are, that line’ll surely stop them in their tracks!

  13. Hey Guinness Draught fans out there, I just found out that for citibank card holders, you get a buy one free one full pint of Guinness Draught in Finnegans, all nite long.

  14. My colleague, Murphy’s friend’s mother was kidnapped this morning.
    Below is an extract of the msg he skyped to me:
    “friend (Sun Yan Ling) mum being kidnapped at Salak South Garden this morning at 5.30am. Pls help and loOk out for red iswara 8140. Pls help me to pass thi s msg around to loOk for the car. Thanks – Contact Yan ling @ 016 2954775….”
    Pls spread the word around. Tks!
    Kenny i hope u don’t mind me using your blog to perform a community service cos of your hugh traffic! Cheers bro!

  15. Delaney Pub is the place for me to have a meal and a pint (or two…) of the best refreshing Guinness Draft that I have ever tasted.

  16. i’ve worked in delaneys kl b4(1999) til 2003…wow!alot had changed man…kenny thumbs up to u..have u try the shepherd pie?u shud try tht 1…or kilkenny?

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