Problogger Wedding

The blogosphere is a funny place.

The true definition of the word “wasted”

Normally, we are a bunch of civil and peaceful people. But every once in a while, something controversial yet so absurd happens that it deserves a place in the proverbial history books.
Jeff Ooi’s legal battle against the New Straits Times was one. Dawn Yang‘s alleged case of cosmetic surgery was another.

A few days ago, another one of such ridiculous blog-related incident took place. It was such a big thing that I received no less than six messages asking if I knew about this.
It all happened when I received an e-mail from a guy claiming to be a “pro-blogger”. This “pro-blogger” is about to tie the knot and marry his wife, and he sent me a mass-circulated e-mail that goes something like this:

My first reaction when I got that e-mail was “What the hell?”
My second reaction after I got that e-mail was “Bloody spam.”
My third reaction was to click delete, and off to the depths of Gmail’s trash can it went.
And the drama ended. Or so I thought.

The day after that, Blackjetta YC blogged about how she received a similar mail from the same “problogger”.
Now, this “pro-blogger” wanted to get married, and he wanted YC to sponsor him customised wedding invitation cards in exchange of publicity for her freelance card-making business.
A novel concept? Yes. And one that COULD HAVE worked if it weren’t for two things:
1. Nobody knows who the hell this “problogger” is.
2. The way he mass-circulated e-mails and asked for favours like he deserves it.

Seriously, if you were in the wedding business and you get a mass-circulated e-mail sent to you like that, what would your reaction be?
Wedding car? Diamond ring!? MORE WEDDING FAVOURS!?
Names are censored to protect the couple’s identity. I mean, I would’ve at least told you who the groom is. But I don’t think Colbert would like it very much.

At this point, I’d like to say that I despise the use of the word “pro-blogger”.
Everyone can be a blogger, but to call yourself a “professional blogger” implies that you are better than everyone else. The term just smacks full of arrogance. I may be earning ad dollars from my blog, but I would NEVER call myself a “pro-blogger”.
In Malaysia, “pro-bloggers” are typically those who have blogs set up with the SOLE PURPOSE of earning revenue through American-based ad agencies.
You go their site, and 70% of their page is covered in ads. Then you read the remaining 30% of their content and wtf all of them are freaking advertorials written with no heart and soul. Not only that, those ads are not even RELEVANT in the Malaysian context.
If you fall into that category, sorry but you cannot call yourself a “professional blogger”. You can only call yourself a “spam blogger”.

My reaction to the whole situation

Not surprisingly after the whole fiasco, Colbert cancelled his plans to have a sponsored wedding citing “time-constraints”. I think that’s the right thing to do, and I extend my sincere congratulations to the couple.
But come to think of it, can you imagine what his wedding would be like if he actually went through with it?

What next?

Word of the Day: “Pink Dollar” – the purchasing power of gay men.
I learnt that word when I met up with the founder/director of NewUrbanMale during my Singapore trip. Quite surprised to know that Shenzi Chua is actually a Malaysian (from Kelantan) living in Singapore.

131 Replies to “Problogger Wedding”

  1. i’ve read Blackjetta’s post the other day. at the end of the mail, instead of a “thank you”, he simply put on a “cheers”! gosh, that kinda attitude when asking for someone’s favour.
    what kinda problogger anyway? don’t think we’ve ever heard of him. more like a probeggar.
    don’t get married if he can’t afford! or just organize a low-budjet wedding instead of begging around so that people would sponsor their diamond ring =/

  2. so many ppl got the email huh? hahahaha
    the thing that pisses ppl the most has to be the DIAMOND RING to be sponsored too. i really thought he was just asking for wedding dinner and hotel stays to be sponsored. still ok lar.
    so tak tauk malu, man.
    this is worse than the guy who bought a fake diamond ring to propose! at least he didn’t beg for that one. he just being sly. haha

  3. wat a fag he is !!!! using the blog to get money for his wedding…..scum bag !!! faggot !!! cheapsket !!! and he is misusing the blog !!! wat a disgrace he is….should juz ban his blog and ban him from blogging…who noes he gonna blog for ‘sponsorship for my life’ asking money from ppl to support his living…asHole~~!! he should juz go beg at the street… arse…he is bad-mouthing the ‘marketing’ term !!!

  4. I thought it was disgusting too, I was going to write about it – but seen as though he’s withdrawn his idea…It’s pretty much just begging and a wedding is supposed to be a personal affair, and one that shows respect for your partner.
    Not a commercial venture where you get everything sponsored then pocket all the ang pows..
    And from what I understand he withdrew after his spat with YC citing that Asia is not ready to accept a sponsored wedding concept when it works in the Western world..
    Well people in the Western world are tatooing porn site URL’s on their foreheads for money – does that make it ok?
    Anyway, good for blogging about it – bad for blanking all the details out.
    Seen as though you linked YC in the post everyone will find out the explicit details anyway and you mentioned his name..

  5. wahlao wei..get sponsors because he is a “problogger”?this fella sure damn desperate and poor one..diamond ring also wana sponsor ah?he think people will care to sponsor all these shits meh?
    if im the bride ah,i would have tinggalkan this fella,so not sincere..what also people sponsor..sadness…

  6. sounds like some kind of a scam to me. just use the word pro-blogger to make it good awwww…. sponsor a pro-blogger and get free publicity? who by the way is so stupid one?

  7. den those blog not so fehmes like mine, we r called noob-bloggers?no way!!!like dat can sponsor burfday party, clubbing party, even sponsor new car/house??!!!

  8. tsk tsk…
    how come i didn’t get that email? 😛
    if my future husband do this, i sure cancel the wedding lah! hahaha…
    haha sadly too many are calling themselves problogger nowadays after getting own domain. -.-‘

  9. lol @ pro blogger and that couple who seek for “free meal”
    wedding is such a wonderful and most memorable thing in our life, and why the hell want to be so cheapskate until “cut cost” like that?

  10. Hi guys….and hey Kennysia. I know you are coming to KL on 15 Dec 2007 Battle of the Bands Concert. Thanks for featuring me….You’ve made my controversial project a success. And I will be using my own savings for this wedding that’s for sure. Thanks for the traffic too…..


  12. They are looking for win-win situation where by you got to gain publicity by sponsoring the wedding, and they ahve more “capital” to show with your sponsor.
    There’s Chinese saying –
    (one willing to hit, another one willing to take it).
    So, let’s see how it turns out to be…

  13. If you don’t have money don’t bloody get married. It’s that simple.
    Asking for a sponsored wedding is like healthy people begging on the streets. In short, he is a beggar. A self-proclaimed “pro blogger” beggar. Pity him. He actually has to be sponsored in order to marry the love of his life. I totally look down on him and feel sorry for his future wife.

  14. If you don’t have money don’t bloody get married. It’s that simple.
    Asking for a sponsored wedding is like healthy people begging on the streets. In short, he is a begger. A self-proclaimed “pro blogger” begger. Pity him. He actually has to be sponsored in order to marry the love of his life. I totally look down on him and feel sorry for his future wife.

  15. Alamakkk!
    Sorry to say ah…
    but i clicked on that colbert guy link
    and his face looks abit like you lah, Kenny Sia!
    OMGZ. LOL. This is too funnay!
    (and… of course you’re cuter.) ^^

  16. Dear JM,
    GIA is short form for Gemological Institute of America … is a place where diamonds being certified … most diamond with GIA cert is more expensive and more valueable… the side of the diamonds has a serial number which to match with the serial number in the cert …^^
    btw, about the problogger, does he ask people to sponsor his salary too ??

  17. money might b part of da reason..but a minor part lor…
    guess attn is da aim here…u know sum ppl getting married diving in the water / sky … “wedding lori”/ “wedding beca” …n then calling reporter in 2 witness n report da event…
    n kennysia has juz bcame his “sponsored reporter” lor

  18. Kenny’s just pissed he didn’t think of it first xD
    Strangely enough, his plan for more publicity and traffic seem to have worked out just as planned. I mean, without even paying a single cent, he got a feature in a blog with one of the highest traffic in the region.
    Tacky, yes – but he and his wife aren’t losing anything right? Except self-respect. But those are cheap these days.

  19. mmm… similar concept to celebs getting sponsored for their weddings and kids.
    blogging for wedding sponsorship, that’s new and well not exactly workable… -_-

  20. colbert>> less than 100 visits per day = NOT a problogger. just an online diary (which i must say, is filled with useless info and bad english, but the worst it’s UNENTERTAINING.) that a few friends and ppl u spammed who are curious enough to click to see.
    if u can maintain a daily average of 2k AT LEAST, even then u r just a NORMAL mainstream blogger.
    if u can reach 10k a day also, u r still no where near a “problogger” if u wanna use that term so much.
    maybe 100k lar… key word: MAYBE. u aint no superstar like that.

  21. well no money y still want to get married.. he should work hard to earn more.. next he will ask for sponsers for his baby.. or maybe before that he will ask for house/car n other stuff..

  22. Omg Colbert, tis is the lamest.. Gd luck to u and wifey.. I guess u jus loss yur self respect, which is cheap to some people.. sigh

  23. pro-blogger?
    well, i wouldn’t say he isn’t one.. he might define a pro-blogger as something else.
    i’m just glad no idiot companies sponsored him. that would be so unfair.

  24. If he had known the consequences of requesting sponsorship wedding online and claiming as a “problogger” …….. this is called “e- xia xui” in the end. Nothing against you personally, Colbert. But it is the most disgraceful event in blogsphere 2007. Happy new year!

  25. If he doesn’t have a single cent in his pocket to get married then I suggest they just register to be a married couple. Isn’t that simple? All you have to do is just invite close family members and friends during the registration. Duh!

  26. I read about that on YC’s blog few days ago too, and I was thinking, ‘OMG, what a lame, pathetic couple!’ I feel so sorry for the wife, to have a husband-to-be who has such thick skin to ask for sponsors for their wedding, so ridiculous – what a disgusting couple!
    Are they handicapped? Do they have serious terminal illness? NO!!! Then, what the heck are they doing asking for sponsors? Ridiculous! Shame shame…

  27. after i read about them from TheSun, i quickly check up this so call pro blogger blogs, omg, their blog is darn boring lah!!!

  28. Ridiculously disgusting, and disgustingly ridiculous, that’s what they are. Apparently, Colbert and his honey thinks they can pull off a Donald Trump wedding, dream on, suckers.

  29. I’m a “am-blogger”.. inspired by the “pro-blogger” piece of tactics on getting SPONSORS… Only difference between me & him is – He getting married, I thinking of divorce… Can I get sponsors for lawyers fees too? Whahahaha~…
    (p/s am-blogger stands for amatuer blogger)

  30. HAHAHAHAHAA! Coincidentally the groom was my ex collegamate while we did our A-Level. Judging from his character, i am not surprised he will came out with this kind of hilarious project. Perhaps i should congra him on his wedding.

  31. Seems like he is following the footsteps of the ignominious liewcf. Or is it the other way round?
    Didn’t he also realize you are making fun of him and his wedding and yet he still came back to thank you? Haha… I think I cannot understand ridiculous self-proclaimed Malaysian probloggers.
    Anyway, he just single-handedly made his own wedding cheap, successfully too.

  32. Those who think weddings are expensive, well they are not. A few times a year, the local chinese town hall, MCA, MIC… will organise MASS WEDDING. You pay something like a hundred plus ringgit, they throw in the legal marriage registration, flowers, food and free video recording AND you get a very nice date as your anniversary.
    My non-mass-wedding, simple registration with the chinese town hall cost RM80 comes with free video (sponsored by carlsberg of all people). You can’t say no.. they will give you the video anyway. Pay RM10 for photographs and they give you the whole thing. They also gave me membership to the town hall, of which I don’t know what I am entitled for as a member cause I can’t bloody read mandarin.
    Don’t do dinners in hotels, the town hall (again) or the moral uplifting society would do.
    OR do the indian wedding banquet.. banana leaf!

  33. GOSH! He’s a friend of my colleague!!! Apparently this guy has been… well.. as how he is now. And people don’t go check his blog. His nose-holey is getting bigger and bigger as he is damn happy that his traffic is increasing!

  34. kenny!
    whats w you and the poor baby? ahahahahaha… kesian him la, make fun of his potong stim expression.
    I just laugh so much whenever i see that baby’s face!

  35. firstly. do we honestly believe that dawn yang is famous because she is intelligent and mentally equipped for conversations of thought?
    jeez. marriage with sponsors? how downgraded are these people? get some self respect man.

  36. You go their site, and 70% of their page is covered in ads. Then you read the remaining 30% of their content and wtf all of them are freaking advertorials written with no heart and soul. Not only that, those ads are not even RELEVANT in the Malaysian context.
    If you fall into that category, sorry but you cannot call yourself a “professional blogger”. You can only call yourself a “spam blogger”.
    Sounds like XiaXue, no?

  37. even if Beckham asking for sponsor for thier wedding, i dun think they will get a Diamond ring also sia!!! the most some police sun glasses, some meiji chocolate, some shaver, some jersey and some soccer ball for door give.. wtf with diamond ring sia, car also wan!! try kancil out, mt dad say is kinda cheap.. DAmn!! wat happen to the world today!! haha.. his wife should be happy, she have a hubby that willing to beg for her, sound romantic huh!! haha

  38. i don’t think the pro-blogger wife does not play any part in it. she is totally clueless that marriage is suppose to be a sacred and cherish event. asking endorsement and freebies on such an important day of her life, surely that shows how shallow or low she can be. sadly the hubby also another join in the fun. or it’s the other way around. well, who are we to decide for this marriage couple. that makes them so perfect for each other. anyway, we choose how to live and if that’s what they want, it’s just sad how the general public sees them. or maybe, they are jokers in life. so pulling this stunt works for them. it does bring a laugh out.

  39. if that wedding is really fully sponsored, then guests need not give ang pow lor…
    non-traditionalist way mah.. then guests also do non-traditionalist lah… fair or not kenny?

  40. For the benefit of Singaporeans and other non-Malaysians reading this – the yellow thing is the mascot of our telco company Digi and the purple thing is the mascot of our Internet service provider’s

  41. problogger.i got one suggestion for you! in sarawak we called it KAHWIN COWBOY (COWBOY MARRIAGE style).it’s just very simples;Go register,NO lavish banquet,NO yum seng & No $$$ headache…and one more thing…nobody KHUA SHUEI at you!

  42. 有些话,说过收不回;如果他们是你的朋友,你们会像现在这样的说话嘛?别人没有侵犯你,你就该收手,为何要说话说的这么难听呢?如果,因为你们说的话,让不愉快地事情发生,这样的结果是你们要的吗?要是你会笑说:活该?

  43. hei, 企鹅. I’m sorry to say this, but, if we live by “山水有相逢” for everything, the world would be filled with idiots.

  44. He has called the sponsorship project off,good for him!
    I actually feel bad seeing all that comments we had here,pity those who actually know him tho.

  45. Blogging and bloggers . unfortunately there are some who are unable to blog about others or themselves or what they think about some things. Some truths just cant be exposed.Some lives cant be revealed. But its funny to see there are lots of wierd , funny people out there. About this case , sponsorship for wedding ? LOL!

  46. we had the same sensation in america… only her name was star jones. the embarassing thing is.. she can afford a celebrity wedding without a problem, she is just cheap.

  47. hilarious shit. would love to come up with some nasty insults, but this has really left me flabbergasted.

  48. What novel ideas, excuse me, first time hear about such thing for sponsors. If you are poor, it is an alternative way out, I think. If you are greedy, can always auction your wife as follow up, after you ‘used’ it, of course.

  49. the thing that pissed me off was when he called off the whole sponsorship thing due to “time constraints at work, and other reasons”, he still had the cheek to emphasise the words “our own pockets” and “our OWN SAVINGS” in his blog.
    (yes, its exactly the way i typed, in bold!)
    if he had asked for sponsorship for the wedding banquet or the wedding dress, then thats fine. but for the wedding ring? thats just pathetic.

  50. Readers of their blog would really feel betrayed and disappointed since they are used as the “currency” to exchange for sponsorship for someone’s wedding. I mean if the sponsorship is for charity like what we have in then it is great but weddings???
    I am not a blogger but I feel that it is important to deliver something of value for everyone that visits the site (kenny=humor hehehe), ads that are relevant will be great as people will truly be looking for these items…

  51. “if u can maintain a daily average of 2k AT LEAST, “even then u r just a NORMAL mainstream blogger.
    if u can reach 10k a day also, u r still no where near a “problogger” if u wanna use that term so much.
    maybe 100k lar… key word: MAYBE. u aint no superstar like that.”
    Stupid statistics…. made by a fuckeup blogger

  52. I guess the word “pro” should mean that you are earning a living out of it, but this guy claims that he works in an “MNC” company in Cyberjaya. I actually met him at the Nokia event, who would have thought.

  53. This just reminds me of, the guy who writes horrible English and is supposedly (from the news) Malaysia’s first successful full-time blogger, claiming to have millions of hits in a month.
    And 70% of his tech blog is all littered with ads.

  54. If both of them seeing all the comments here sure they will feel very sad. They might be wrong but maybe they just want to TRY to use this way to get sponsor. Maybe to them, blogger can get wedding sponsor at other country, why not in Malaysia.

  55. You can’t blame him for trying his luck. Who knows, there are so many freak biz people who are not that smart who tought sponsoring a so called pro blogger is one way of promoting their product and services.

  56. GIA is a kind of international diamond certificate which is recognised worldwide. It proofs that the diamond is real and it states the colour and clarification of the diamond as well as the size which is very useful too if you want to see it one day. People pay better if you have the GIA cert. This guy is insane!~

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