Hamsters Are Not Halal

Over my birthday weekend, I invited a few of my close friends to spend the night at the spectacular Santubong Suites.

When morning came, we headed out to the resort hotel next door to have our breakfast.
Just for fun, we brought along our pet hamsters with us.

Now I know from watching Ratatouille that rodents are normally not welcome at restaurants. But I guess it should be fine since there wasn’t much people around at the restaurant. Besides, the hamsters are all well-secured inside the cage.
We figured if the restaurant decides to make a fuss, we’ll just cooperate with them.

Not surprisingly, within minutes of us stepping into the restaurant, the manager approached us.
Manager: Hi, I’m the manager here. I’m sorry, but you cannot bring your hamsters into the restaurant. You’ll have to leave them outside, sir.
Kenny: Hmmm… I wouldn’t want some kids outside to play with them and take them away. It think it should be fine lah. We have them in the cage. They won’t run out.
Manager: I’m really sorry, but we operate as a halal restaurant. You cannot bring hamsters in here.
Kenny: Oh… ok loh.

Anyway, we cooperated with the restaurant and left the hamsters outside at the hotel reception. It was only until afterwards that something struck me as a little bit odd…
I could understand if I brought in a dog with some char siew pau strapped around it into a halal restaurant and get chased away by the manager. But hamsters?
Just because there’s “ham” in the word “hamsters” doesn’t mean they are mini porks.

Maybe they just think I’m a pig.
That’s why I’m also not halal.

I just came back from the most fruitful trip to Singapore. The Singapore Writers Festival was a blast. I pretty much went through my two sessions speaking whatever comes naturally whilst nursing a bad hangover.
Special thanks goes out to Ming & co for giving me the VVIP treatment during my time there.

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  1. Probably halal also have something to do with hygiene? As I’ve consult a Muslim friend before, he was saying that Muslims aren’t allowed to eat pork because the meat itself is not clean.. Hmmmm…

  2. I found this from Google:
    Saya amat berminat untuk membuka kedai binatang peliharaan yang halal (ayam,arnab,ikan air tawar)dan tidak halal dimakan (kucing,hamster,kura-kura dll). Masalah saya kali ini adalah bolehkah saya makan hasil daripada jualan haiwan perliharaan tersebut.Bolehkah pihak tuan bagi pendapat tentang masalah tersebut. Terima kasih.
    Memelihara dan menjual binatang yang halal dimakan dan halal dijual adalah harus dengan syarat adakan pasangan masing-masing.
    Manakala memelihara binatang peliharaan yang tidak halal dimakan seperti kucing adalah diharuskan sebagaimana mengikut sunnah Rasulullah SAW.
    Sebaliknya menjual hamster, kura-kura, labi-labi dan seumpamanya adalah haram kerana binatang itu dihukumkan bangkai..
    Source: http://baheis.islam.gov.my/web/musykil_new.nsf/5bf3fb7251836f9a482567f20004d104/24d041f6bd5be26e0025729f00072707?OpenDocument

  3. Shock and surprise Kenny.As a Malaysian Muslim I must say that I was offended by your latest posting. Born in Sri Aman Sarawak my parent always remind me of not mocking other religions or race.Why? “Because we are Sarawakian.” I was dumbfounded then Kenny but now I understand why they said that. Studying and living in West Malaysia made me understand how big the gap of race tolerance there compared to Sarawak and Sabah. I must say that eventhough Malaysia not as advance or faultless as Singapore,like it or not,we must love our country first and foremost.
    Malaysian Chinese regardless of their religion do have their own do and don’t.I am not denying the fact that are some non-Chinese including Bumiputera do not understand the rationale behind certain beliefs but it normal to have certain segment of group who are ignorance of race and religion tolerance.
    You used to be my favourite blogger because I thought all the while that you don’t have any agenda against any race or religion in Malaysia. Now I know your stand Kenny. As a responsible blogger sometimes certain thing like pig should not be taken as a joke because any comment from your blog will certainly influence other too.
    I don’t know what are you trying to prove Kenny but the Santubong hamster posting, for me you have sent a message that are stupid Muslim in Santubong Suites which you cannot accept because he or she is a Muslim and futhermore to add your dissapointment the restaurant is halal which you hated the most because halal word always link to Islam.
    I know you are trying to be funny Kenny but please don’t show your true colour to the public as it will encourage more people to vent their anger or hate certain individual because of their religious beliefs.
    I know you will come up with 1,000 excuse or reason after reading my comment but honestly Kenny how do you sleep at night knowing that you have literally made fun of Islam and Sarawak muslim as a whole. Forgive my English Kenny because I a Muslim and for your Muslim is stupid.
    Ardyla Hamdan
    Proud to be Sarawakian

  4. oh my… I as a muslim never heard of hamster as non-halal in touching. I supposed pig are non-halal, as in eating and touching them.
    But hamster, I’m not sure if I can eat them, but touching them i am sure it is fine.

  5. Hamdan, you are simple way….too…. sensitive to the posting… I couldn’t see any discrimination or un-tolerance by kenny… Its not sooo big deal…zd

  6. Wow! Ok, I definitely didn’t find the entry offensive. And er, Ardyla, I don’t think there was any mention of the race of the manager. Oh and lastly, as a Singaporean, Singapore is DEFINITELY not without faults and flaws….

  7. Ardyla Hamdan,
    Da whole blog was about a hamster n a manager, and u made a statement tat u r stupid?…I wonder why u like people to thik that about u? Actually u r one big Genious~

  8. erm seriously, why bring the hamsters into the restaurant in the first place? -_-” then none of this would happen. duh

  9. Kenny is confuse so he try to tell us about it.. and it’s up to us to correct it :-p .. but i dont think kenny is a mean guy 🙂 .. Proud to be Malaysian and Sarawakian.. and a muslim too .. :-p “APAISALOI”

  10. Hhahahahaha….LOL…Its funny. Anyway Muslim or not its just a joke, take it easy man. No one insulted anything so u skip the whole essay thing.
    HAM-STERS.. i never notice that. Good one Kenny.

  11. Hamdan,
    I think you are too sensitive…Kenny just confuse why hamster is non-halal. As a Muslim you should explain to the non-Muslim why hamster is non-halal. Don’t just blame people.
    Anyway, i learn smth today from kenny…..

  12. Yea, I’m inclined to agree too that Kenny’s post wasn’t offensive at all, and neither did it poke fun at any race/religion.
    Ardyla Hamdan, relax! Did you see Kenny posting anything about him hating muslims? No. Hating Islam? No. Hating Halal food? No! He was just curious and possibly expressing disbelief that Hamsters are considered Non-halal.
    Perhaps the manager took advantage of the fact that Kenny was probably a non-muslim and just came up with a convenient excuse? But then again, would any muslim friends here be kind enough to clarify on this matter?

  13. Kenny,
    Can you give me the contacts of the mentioned hotel? The restaurant manager needs some education. People like these are the ones that give a bad vibe to the beautiful religion. These people don’t realize the harm they are doing by simply using the term halal and cause misconception.
    There are two concepts of halal we first need to understand. Halal for consumption and halal (permissible) to touch. Point, that hamsters are non-halal for consumption. So are cats, rats, snakes, bats, turtles, eagles, among other things. But there’s no problem keeping, petting, heck, even fondling the mentioned animals.
    Slightly different for dogs and pigs. They’re both haram (forbidden) for consumption and to touch. But then again, in my opinion it’s not a sin to touch a pig/dog (correct me if I’m wrong my dear fellow Muslims, I’m nothing but a humble student of the Deen). Proof? Muslims can use hunting dogs, and that was mentioned in a hadith. It’s just that when one touched a pig/dog, we need to clean our hands in a certain way, which can be quite cumbersome. Which is the reason why most Muslims run away from these two animals (oh we love running away, don’t we?). A wrong reason I must say.
    I will accept the manager’s action if he says the hamster can get smelly and dirty. But to use halal in this instance, is simply out of context.
    So please send me his contacts so I may correct his error. You know where to write where I will definitely read. No plug-ins intended.

  14. I guess Hamdan learn some UMNO style since he study at West Malaysia too long.
    Quote- “You tak suka, You keluar”
    UMNO – “You touch Islam, you die”
    Remember Hamdan, You are Sarawakian….

  15. Azman, pigs and dogs are not haram to touch, we just have to samak later.
    I agree with your other points wholeheartedly though.

  16. kenny.if you are in S’pore,i guarantee you also be kick out from the restaurant,even in the open air foodcourt are not allowed to bring your pets. for, halal=hygience.it’s common sense,pets are not allowed in restaurant premises.

  17. hamdan,
    ppl are confused about the hamster issue. no one saying anything about muslim stupid. why you so sensitive one ?
    and we all still sleeping peacefully after commenting on all this.

  18. hamdan,
    the blog is about hamster being label non halal, no mentioned of any other things you delusioned.
    you got some hatred problem, go get help…
    halal or non halal, i wouldnt want some pets in the restaurant that i am eating… your hamster or birdie might be cute, but i am not sure whether they are clean…

  19. I am non a muslim. I think this blog is merely for entertainment. But I also think there should be some limitation to jokes especially related to races and religion. Certain jokes can be nothing to us, but to the party concern it could be quite sensitive. Lets change position, and you know what I mean. And it is not a polite thing to tell people to get loss if they don’t like it as this is not the Malaysian way. The Manager who told you that the hamster in non-halal.. maybe he just wanted to make things easier as he expect you to understand and do not make a fuss about it. I think they must have experience alot of difficulties especially handling customers, and probably to cut it short, this will be his best answer. Unless he really don’t know about halal and haram. Perhaps he should just tell you that pets and animals are not allow in this restauraunt. As per hamster is halal or not, we have lots of Muslims rearing hamsters over here. As such, I am sure it is halal to rear and keep as pets. Lastly, I pity the Manager as he didn’t know who he is talking to, and his mistake ended up in the most viewed blog at kennysia.com . I just wonder what will happen to him if his boss happens to be a blog reader and is a pain in the ass type.

  20. Azman and aman23.i respect boths of you,i can show you,some muslims in my hometown sarawak keeping dogs as pets.

  21. all these stuff are so funny.. especially Hamdan touching on religious issues. Haha.. LMAO..
    For animals that have fangs, are considered as non-halal. They can keep them as pet, but not for consumption. that’s all.. o.O

  22. Take it easy, man! Its just a joke posting.
    Though, I remember my Muslim friend used to tell me that you are allowed to touch Dogs IF your hands are dry for that the “dirty” stuff will kena your wet hand and stick on it.

  23. omg i think there’s a BIG misunderstanding..
    Saya amat berminat untuk membuka kedai binatang peliharaan yang halal (ayam,arnab,ikan air tawar)dan tidak halal dimakan (kucing,hamster,kura-kura dll). Masalah saya kali ini adalah bolehkah saya makan hasil daripada jualan haiwan perliharaan tersebut.Bolehkah pihak tuan bagi pendapat tentang masalah tersebut. Terima kasih.
    Memelihara dan menjual binatang yang halal dimakan dan halal dijual adalah harus dengan syarat adakan pasangan masing-masing.
    Manakala memelihara binatang peliharaan yang tidak halal dimakan seperti kucing adalah diharuskan sebagaimana mengikut sunnah Rasulullah SAW.
    Sebaliknya menjual hamster, kura-kura, labi-labi dan seumpamanya adalah haram kerana binatang itu dihukumkan bangkai..
    THE ANSWER DOESNT EVEN ANSWER THE Q!!!!that person is asking whether he/she can EAT from THE MONEY GAINED from SELLING animals muslims cant eat!!!he/she wants to open a PET STORE!! while the answer thot the person WANTS TO EAT WHAT HE/SHE IS SELLING!!!
    (Muslims cant eat pets as we already love that animals and is considered friends to human so WE CANT EAT THEM out of kesian..MEANING if we keep a chicken as a pet and give love and care n gv name n treat is like a cat, WE CANT EAT THAT PARTICULAR CHICKEN..and we cant eat kura2 as it lives in 2worlds…like frogs.)
    As for the hamster….that person is a real dumb ass.hamster is not non-halal.we just cant eat them as its a pet.i hv 20hamsters as pet so hahah seriously that person must really thot its a ham-ster so its non-halal.sheesh.some ppl just gv their religion a bad name.

  24. Bringing a pet to a restaurant??!!
    If I were the manager, I’ll kick your ass instead.
    It’s way too unhygienic. ewww……

  25. LOL cute hamster ! X3
    By the way heres my point of view.
    It doesn’t matter whether hamsters are halal or not. It was just a quick excuse that the manager used to make you get that hamster out.
    What matters is the fact that you tried to bring a hamster into a restaurant ? Dude, what if they shed their furs into other people’s food ? It would totally ruin the restaurant’s reputation.
    Hey kenny a word of caution, don’t piss off any religion mindlessly even if you’re joking. Especially Islam. It could very easily be misunderstood as an attack against their religion. Just like that teddy bear case. (Gillian Gibbons)
    Imagine if the reason you got JIHADED was because you questioned the fact that a cute furry little hamster was halal.
    It could happen. o.o

  26. Well, this is of course not a direct insult to Muslims.
    However, seeing how pets are not allowed into restaurant premisses, its not surprising one could easily interpret this as an insult to the Muslim religion, since you somehow made a very big fuss about the fact that the manager said,’ we operate as a halal restaurant. You cannot bring hamsters in here.’
    I’m just curious wheter you were more surprised that the manager said the hamster was non-halal or the fact that pets aren’t allowed into a restaurant in Malaysia.
    I’m not Muslim but I feel like you had crossed the line. This is just my opinion though, I’m sure most people just think this is suppose to be funny.

  27. This is just a blog for goodness sake…it is about the hamster being not allowed in a food chain/restaurant for health and safety reasons and nothing about islam/religion has been tapped into in the content…have a good day all kennys blog readers…i for one enjoyed every piece of article he posted and i stumble and found his blog site by chance in october and i have enjoyed his blog…keep up your dry sence of humour ,kenny…love you

  28. Kenny shouldn’t have brought the hamster… and what’s there to be offended about this post.. I don’t get it … There’s nothing offensive.. Stop being so sensitive.. kenny’s just implying that he is fat.. ahaha

  29. Seriously… what’s wrong with this post. Muslims are such extremists. The joke is on hamster being halal or not. Not about Islam.
    I’m seriously feeling that most muslims are terrorist already. Any irrelevant associations with Muslims whether good or bad, they just wanna strap bombs on themselves and kill innocent lives so they can go to heaven.
    I seriuosly wonder what’s in their brain.

  30. i think that’s a pretty darn silly excuse. i would understand if the manager told me that “no pets are allowed”. if it were a “non-halal” issue, so what about us, chinese people (generally speaking)? we are definitely not halal either. lol.

  31. The only offensive thing that I found in Kenny’s blog –> he tried to bring a hamster into a restaurant!!!
    So inconsiderate and ignorant, won’t you say?

  32. Ardyla,
    Apahal dengan kau tok? Kau sakit ka?
    Kau sik sekolah ka? Sapa yang cari kelai, kau ka Kenny?
    Baca balit post iya betul2. Cerita dalam post iya langsung sik ada kena mengena dengan komen kau.

  33. Ardyla Hamdan,
    HUH!??!? Explain to me please how exactly I made fun of or insulted Muslims?
    Kenny Sia
    Proud to be Sarawakian

  34. Just clarifying as a Singaporean. Allowing pets in restaurants, even on beaches is a current debate. Most don’t want dogs eating in restaurants. Fair reason since hygiene is critical. As for letting dogs loose on beaches, a 3 year old got attacked recently. So it’s safety issues. But other reason being respect for other religions like Muslims who share public spaces. I think it’s more for the sake of being considerate to others regardless ur race/religion. Don’t think just you are dog/hamster lover that others are as well. One man’s meat(or pork in the case for HAMdan), is another man’s poison.
    Personally, I like Kenny’s hamster. Just not on my plate or near it… 😛

  35. Let’s recap what the post mentioned:
    1. Pet Hamster
    2. Manager not allowing the hamster to be brought in, the restaurant is non-halal
    3. Kenny wonders why hamster is non halal, is it because of the word ‘ham’?
    Which part of this a an insult to anyone or any religion?
    Try not to make things up in your head, maybe you will be happier that way

  36. Hi Kenny, maybe they thought your hamster is a guinea pig! (which is technically a rodent too, not a pig). Hence, not halal. cheers, coldspring

  37. come on..orang Sarawak..sikkan dah kena influence by melayu org semenanjung? sidaknya sensitive..ko yg padah dolok…we are Sarawakian…we are better than them..apalah…ko sik nangga the big picture…
    nasib kenny org sarawak..mun nya org semenanjung,….kali udah dibuang negeri!

  38. sometimes it’s juz dam screwed up.. i was playing cards with my friends in long john silvers (singapore) then the manager came up and say “sorry u cant play cards here, this is a halal outlet”
    seems like they dont even understand the meaning themselves

  39. It is not easy to get Halal certification and it is understandable for the manager to be extra cautious to maintain and protect the the Halal certification. If the restaurant is to lose the Halal standard, Kenny’s hamster will not be the culprit and the manager himself. His job, his family’s income will be affected. Can’t blame the manager for being extra cautious or even paranoia but Kenny, you being a well travelled person, should learn not to bring any pet to the restuarant.

  40. For hygiene and other diner comfortability purposes, i think pets should not be allowed in the restaurant. I hardly see restaurant that allow pets even in Europe, US and Canada. Some restaurant actually place a sign saying no pets is allowed within the restaurant premises.
    Anyhow, your hamster is so cute. But still don’t think it is appropriate to have him/her in the restaurant :-p

  41. Not only Kenny is confuse, but the manager too. I wish I know what exactly transpired during that time. But I must believe that the manager doesnt want to offend Kenny and believing Kenny wouldnt really understand what is Halal or Non-Halal. He must have created such “ultimate” excuse for him to leave the hamster behind believing it so that Kenny will accept such kind of excuse as it will offend any muslim’s customer who is sitting inside the restaurant.
    Be cool guys. I understand what Kenny want to say here, but then Kenny please do not mock about something which you are not really understand. The word Halal in islam is very very sensitive. Not matter what you think or your perception on this issue, but please be mindful, you are playing with the religious issues here.
    I wish to reiterate that hamster is Not-Halal as food intake for muslim. But considering the rules of Islamic jurisprudence that accepted in Malaysia, it permits the muslim to touch it and no where to be found that says its forbid muslim to touch it.
    Perhaps, the manager need to explain more about it, but maybe, just maybe he does’nt want to offend Kenny (bringing in his loving hamster) he trying to pull off some “halal” issue in this matter so that Kenny would think that such excuse to be ultimately accepted although not knowing the actual islamic principle behind it.
    But I must say, Kenny had agreed with the manager not to bring his hamster in, and that’s good enough for being tolerance. As such, I dont think this hamster’s issue is big issue and neither Kenny’s entry is some sort of mocking other religious belief. But seriously Kenny, the public had signaled to you that this is your borderline of putting up your stance on religious matter. So next time, be more careful..

  42. lol…i think u guys shud give hamdan a break…he probably misunderstood the post and thought kenny had a diff motive in his post…its allright, everybody makes mistakes when reading, sometimes get over sensitive when it comes to religion…
    now that u mention the manager is chinese, he was quite noob not knowing facts before saying it out…

  43. it really get me thinking what is the clear line of SENSITIVITY? a harmless post to me could be an insult to certain persons.
    anyway, i am glad that some muslim friends speak out n explain the meaning of Halal to us. i hope that despite of blaming n cursing, we could have a platform to know each other better, n Kenny’s comment space should be the platform instead of a place of war.
    proud to be malaysian cum sarawakian!

  44. agree with owllow above….i actually learnt sth through the comments! there’s actually stuff like halal to consume and halal to touch….never knew…

  45. There several points I want to make here that would make me sound like an old man:
    a) First of all, Kenny please don’t bring pets into restaurants anymore unless the restaurant is stated as pet-friendly or allows pets. It is COMMON SENSE that pets are not allowed in restaurants and other eating outlets.
    b) Second, the manager needs further education in hospitality lessons. Halal / haram issues and how to answer clients properly.
    c) Thirdly, to all Muslims, lighten up. Don’t have to be so sensitive all the time. Please give people the benefit of the doubt. If you think others have wrong remarks about Islam, educate and explain first without taking offense. It could be just a simple problem of misunderstanding or ignorance which do not warrant such harsh response. There are more than enough examples of extremely harsh response to very simple perceived infringement on Islam e.g. the teddy bear case in Sudan, crosses, statues in mission schools etc. All these only cause Muslims to be perceived as intolerant or even barbaric.

  46. Ardyla,
    if M’sia contain 30% of people like u, we will be living like in Iran or Afgan…coz you are just too too too sensitive about religious…
    lol..this blog has nothing to do about religious at all…”Halal” word is just a word tht link to Islam lo…or just like the other commenter’s said , halal = hygiene …
    so i think your brain ain’t so halal lor…think so much of dirt here …go clean your brain and read this blog again ..really really nothing have to do with insulting any religious lo ..lol..
    btw, i love the 2nd pic of the hamster is taking nap … so fcuking cute ..roar …
    proud to be East M’sia

  47. stupid manager
    animal r not allowed in restaurant 4 HYGIENE factor la stupiak ..even if da animal is halal it still cant b there wat
    ignorant n arrogant kennysia
    can i bring my chicky in da net as well..its locked wat….tiu nia sing
    highly sensitive n agressive mr hamdan
    memanglah engkau ni terlalu sensitive..if av1 as sensitive as u …wat da world gonna b kan…u gotta get a MS Universe to utter “world peace” to u every minute!

  48. Thank You For All The Feedbacks,
    Kenny said the restaurant manager is a Chinese. WOW how naive I am…….
    Ardyla Hamdan

  49. To Arydla Hamdan,
    hi dude, take it easy. The context of the blog is relatively harmless. Plus, the guy has loads of muslims friends back home and is a stand up good guy.
    I have a muslim gf(I’m chinese btw)and she reads Kenny’s blog religiously and in this particular situation she could find no fault; only laughter at the manager’s actions.
    So do please have an open mind and just read. Kenny has done a magnificent job so far. Do try to enjoy his work of art; trust me; the guy is pretty insightful into alot of things.
    Also, bear in mind he popularize our hometown. My friend’s in Canada didn’t know where on earth Kuching was. And, they are keen to come over to try all the local delicacies. How good is that?
    Ahhh…..all this typing has made me thirsty. Gonna cheat on Sprite today. Where’s my Coke…..

  50. My father used to tell me stories of how he and his Sarawakian Malay friends could sit down together in a coffee shop and eat together. Whether the shop was halal or not did not matter. If it was selling mee kolok or anything with pork, the Sarawakian Malay would order something else from another stall which was halal. That is true integration. Now, with all this unnecessary sensitivity, there is much segregation among the races. When the various races cannot it down to enjoy a meal together in peace, what hope is there for integration. Religion is a personal thing. Keep it at home.

  51. I thought your hamster ran away or something? Nolah, I think the manager didnt really mean its not halal, just that its not hygienic to bring a hamster cage into a restaurant I guess.. He probably duno what else to say, first time got people bring hamster to his restaurant mah 🙂

  52. Lest RECAP
    + hamster is HALAL to touch, but HARAM to eat.
    so it ok to keep it as pet.
    + And for muslim who keep dog as pet(unless for hunting), then their only muslim by name.
    + its not SINS to touch DOG /PIG but muslim have to wash it certain ways.Both are HARAM to eat.
    + pets are not allowed in a restaurant except stated
    + the manager don’t know about the term HALAL, he is just using it
    ++ so blame the manager, not the hamster not kenny
    :)) lankapo

  53. After reading the post and comments here some of my conclusions..
    1. The manager are totally ‘STUPID’! Why on earth
    he used the terms of ‘HALAL’ instead
    of ‘HYGENE ISSUE’?
    2. We Sarawakians has the 95% of integration
    compared to 65% in West Malaysia. So please
    don’t spoil it.
    P/S: The percentage was given by Kementerian
    Kebudayaan, Kesenian & Pelancongan. Told by
    the minister himself.
    3. Hamster is ‘HALAL @ CAN’ be touch by Muslim
    but ‘HARAM’ to eat it!
    4. FCUK THE MANAGER !!!!

  54. so kenny,
    bottom line is you should never bring any animals into a restaurant whether its dogs, rodents, ruminants or babies.

  55. i am a muslim malay from singapore and i’m slightly perturbed by the attitude of the restaurant manager.
    i know hamsters r not halal to eat but i dont think its against us to keep it as pets. some people i know have hamsters as pets. some people r jus ridiculous.
    n kenny, i dont think yr entries are offensive in anyway. its jus dat some people do not have an open mind on things.

  56. yea, i guess the manager didn’t expect Kenny to bring in a hamster into the restaurant. And not knowing what to say, he blurted out the word “halal” instead of saying something else like hygiene issues.

  57. Yesterday i brought Cheddie to an atas Chinese dimsum place in a shopping mall (that clearly says “no pets allowed” muahaha)! The restaurant manager was super xing mu. I told him she will just be in my bag. He took a look then signaled me to go in, and said, “dang wo mei kan jian ba”! 😀 😀 😀

  58. omg don’t post pictures of your hamster already. ESPECIALLY the ones with the paws seen so clearly. it’s so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. To Ardyla Hamdan, u are obviously making a fool of yurselves!!!! Stop this nonsense!!.. This posting is about the manager and the hamster.. READ AND UNDERSTAND!!
    Being a fellow muslim, I’m a Singaporean.. take my advise to understand the posting.. What the manager meant is.. the hamster is not clean to be in the restaurant, more to hygiene.. nothing more, nothing less.. Probably, he do not know how to explain it properly to Kenny and frens..

  60. The one to blame is the restaurant manager for misused the word “halal” and not Kenny. although i’m a muslim i will definitely become confused just like Kenny when i heard what that manager said @_@

  61. Arydla Hamdan, u’re so narrow minded. Most of the Muslim’s Sarawakian that I know is not narrow minded as you and I thank God for that. Kenny’s intention not to offend anyone but just in doubt whether his cutie hamsters is halal or not halal. Rather than attacking Kenny Sia for his question (even I also wonder whether hamster is halal or not from Muslim’s perspective), I think you should be just like Azman who share his knowledge what actually it’s all bout & to clear all the question that inside our head.
    Kenny Sia, I love your blog & just be yourself.
    P/S: Your hamster really cute, adorable.

  62. aku sik sokong sapa-sapa baik kenny baik ardyla tapi aku rasa lepas tuk kenny patut pikir benar-benar mun nak molah lawak jangan kait dengan dengan pantang-larang berkaitan dengan budaya dan agama org lain.Aku nangga org manyak yokong kau kenny pasal hal tuk tapi aku rasa pelik jak.Kadang-kadang aku rasa semua komen-komen menyokong you ya macam kena suruh untuk cover u ajak?Ardyla rilek pok jgn marah-marah…….
    Anti-Diskriminasi dari Kuching

  63. in actual fact, hamsters are non-halal. apparently all foods are halal except those stated in Quran as non-halal – one of those listed is are repulsive creatures such as insects, pests and rodents. since hamsters are actually rodents, they are actually non-halal…no offence to your cute hamster.

  64. The heck with them. It’s a good thing non-Muslims are spoiled with choices of meat.
    Besides chickens, ducks, fishes, cows (Hindu exempted) and goats, we’re also free to each pigs, parrots, sharks, cats, dogs, eagles, zebras, lions, whales, rhinos, elephants, cockroaches and hamsters.

  65. pity u la,after reading this post, i researched in the internet and also asked a fren of mine whthr a hamster is non-halal..
    and this is what i get:
    1) Alcohol
    Alcohol is a colorless liquid, produced by the fermentation of sugar or starch, that is the intoxicating agent in fermented drinks and is used as a solvent. Also called ethanol and ethyl alcohol.
    2) Animal Shortening
    Shortening is a type of fat such as lard that is solid at room temperature, and is used for making pastry.
    Vegetable shortening is halal.
    3) Animal Fat
    May be consumed if from Halal, Zabihah, animals.
    4) Bacon
    Meat from the back and sides of a hog that has been salted, dried, and often smoked.
    5) Broth (from animals)
    A liquid made by cooking vegetables, meat, seafood, or poultry in water for a long time, used as a base for soups and sauces.
    6) Enzymes (Microbial Enzymes are okay)
    A protein substance produced in living cells, that influences a chemical reaction within a plant or animal without being changed itself; an organic catalyst. Enzymes help break down food so that it can be digested. Pepsin is an enzyme.
    7) Ethanol
    Alcohol is a colorless liquid, produced by the fermentation of sugar or starch, that is the intoxicating agent in fermented drinks and is used as a solvent. Also called ethanol and ethyl alcohol.
    8 ) Ethyl Alcohol
    Alcohol is a colorless liquid, produced by the fermentation of sugar or starch, that is the intoxicating agent in fermented drinks and is used as a solvent. Also called ethanol and ethyl alcohol.
    9) Gelatin
    An odorless, tasteless, protein substance like glue or jelly, obtained by boiling the bones, hoofs, and other waste parts of animals. It dissolves easily in hot water and is used in making jellied salads and desserts, camera film, and glue.
    10) Gin
    A strong colorless alcoholic drink distilled from grain and flavored with juniper berries.
    11) Ham
    Meat cut from the thigh of the hind leg of a hog after curing by salting or smoking.
    12) L-cysteine (if from human hair)
    L-cysteine is an ingredient which is used in bakery products as a dough conditioner. It is often used in pizza crusts, pita breads and in bagels. It is made from human hair, chicken/duck feathers and synthetic materials. L-cysteine from human hair is Haram and must always be avoided. Synthetic and chicken/duck feather L-cysteine is Halal and may be consumed.
    13) Lard
    The fat of pigs or hogs, melted down and made clear. Lard is made especially of the internal fat of the abdomen and is used in cooking.
    14) Lipase (Only animal lipase should be avoided)
    An enzyme produced by the liver, pancreas, or stomach, or by plant seeds, that breaks down fats.
    Animal lipase should be avoided.
    15) Pepsin
    An enzyme in the gastric juice of the stomach that helps to digest meat, eggs, cheese, and other proteins.
    16) Rennet – All forms should be avoided except for plant/microbial/synthetic.
    Substance containing rennin, obtained from the stomach of a calf or other ruminant, used for curdling milk in making cheese and junket.
    17) Rum
    An alcoholic liquor made from sugar cane or molasses. It can be clear but is usually colored brownish-red by storage in oak casks or by the addition of caramel.
    18) Stock (from animals)
    A liquid made by simmering meat, fish, bones, or vegetables with herbs in water, used in soups, stews, and sauces.
    19) Wine
    Alcohol fermented from grapes: an alcoholic drink made by fermenting the juice of grapes.
    Alcohol fermented from other fruit: an alcoholic drink made by fermenting the juice of fruit other than grapes, or the juice of other plants.
    20) Tallow
    A hard fatty substance extracted from the fat of sheep and cattle.
    21) Vanilla Extract/Flavour
    A flavouring extract made from the vanilla bean and used in candy, ice cream, and perfumes.
    The flavour extracted from vanilla beans is most commonly dissolved in alcohol. Documentation from a distributor of vanilla extract showed that the ingredient contained 50% alcohol.
    22) Whey (Should be avoided unless the rennet used in its production is plant / microbial / synthetic.)
    The watery part of milk that separates from the curd when milk sours and becomes coagulated, or when cheese is made.
    Rennet is used to curd the milk. Whey should be avoided because the rennet used to curd the milk could be from a haram or non-Zabihah animal.

  66. Its funny that everytime any word related to Muslim pops up.. there sure to be some ass (keldai) coming in and screaming that their religion was mocked at. If your religion teaches you to be so sensitive and always going into war with others.. than the religion you believe in is a religion of the Devil as only the devil advocates killing so that more may join the Devil in his land of fire. I believe Islam dont teach you that right.. ? Or am I wrong?

  67. Oh.. and if my comment is also sensitive.. feel free to delete. What a sensitive world it is now.. how to acheive Merdeka if all Malaysians are like such.

  68. I think what kenny is talking about is the indiscriminate use of religion and the lack of study in the religion of the person. Not Islam itself cos he was not talking about the rules, just the person who doesnt seem clear of the rules.

  69. bringing animal/pet inside any restaurant, be it inside cage or not is unhygienic. Has got nothing to do with halal or not. Common sense..
    Quoting “Just for fun, we brought along our pet hamsters with us” already hinted that youre expecting some trouble.
    As for the knee jerk reactions. I’ve no comment. Naming a teddybear also almost kena hang in Sudan. Just be careful there dude. Dont want to loose my favorite (sometimes lame) blogger.

  70. the point Kenny here is, DO HAMSTER IS NON-Halal?
    okeyh. Hamster is halal to kept as pet but it is haram to eat.
    and the manager btw, i think he doesnt know how to reply you. aiyohh.
    apalah kitak orang tok. mun bena2 islam jawab lah bebait+tolerance. Nabi xda molah kedak ya eyh. jangan medo jak kawan keyh. kita ada akal sama2 tuhan merik.

  71. 3 things –
    1. i guess the manager tersasul/ter-opps and said halal because he was nabes (nervous) to see kenny sia the celebrity blogger?
    2. hamdan,kau emo pahal? ur comment kedak org berhujah dalam parlimen jak.u’re the one trying to create an anti-muslim atmosphere here,not kenny…
    3. last but not least,kesian kenny sik bersalah.leave him alone!!!
    c’mon now people…stop hating each other!

  72. _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/
    Lest RECAP
    + hamster is HALAL to touch, but HARAM to eat.
    so it ok to keep it as pet.
    + And for muslim who keep dog as pet(unless for hunting), then their only muslim by name.
    + its not SINS to touch DOG /PIG but muslim have to wash it certain ways.Both are HARAM to eat.
    + pets are not allowed in a restaurant except stated
    + the manager don’t know about the term HALAL, he is just using it
    ++ so blame the manager, not the hamster not kenny
    :)) lankapo
    Hi Azlan/lankapo,
    Referring to your point No.2 and No.3…
    Why are Muslims who keep dogs as pets only considered Muslims-by-name? You said it’s not a sin to touch them and you just have to clean them accordingly. So,no sin, what’s the problem here?
    Looking forward to your explanation so that we all would understand Islam a lil’ better.

  73. From what I see, Fact being Kenny Sia did not actually argue back to the manager shows his respect towards this whole matter.
    Whatever proceeds afterwards, I suppose, is just for entertainment. Well, and I’ve to say I’m indeed amused by this.
    So yeah, chill dudes.

  74. Kenny,
    You had just revealed how below IQ you are. Did you find out why the hamster was not allowed in? Or you had made your own conclusion?
    I had blogged about your entry here.

  75. What’s the big deal with the posts blasting Kenny? Not like he’s making a scene at the restaurant after the manager said that. Get a life, haters, just because its halal-non halal thing he’s blogging about here doesn’t touch anything about religions. Dumb sensitive asses.

  76. En Arip,
    What you have mentioned did reveal your level of IQ as well, of course personally I’ve expected and paying respect to this level. A “reasonable” man wouldn’t take kenny’s statement seriously, if you’re having some poor eye sight, we wouldn’t blame you. in order to prove this, allow me clarify something for you, kenny did mention that
    “Maybe they just think I’m a pig.
    That’s why I’m also not halal.”
    Did you take it seriously? If not please, read and have some laughter off, instead of treating it seriously.
    And btw, I don’t laugh at other’s for how stupid they are, though I can LMAO on you as loud as possible, but I’m trying to be kind here, since I have high tolerance on your stupidity, have a nice day 🙂
    Oh sorry kenny, used up lot’s of space here, hope this explanation is useful for particular guest here.

  77. oh my God, what a stupid manager! for him to easily labels something as halal and haram. who is he? a syaria member? i mean, come ON! it’s not like you were going to eat your own PET hamster, which is obviously not of the swine species. kofkoff. what i think he was trying to tell you is that hamsters are unhygienic, since they belong to the rodent species, and rodents aren’t exactly what you want to see next to your plate of french fries.
    the term haram cannot be generalized as everything inedible. there are specific guidelines which defines one as halal or haram. if,IF anyone would ever consider eating a hamster, it could be considered as haram to muslims because rodents, as we know it, eat parts of their excretion back, thus, unhygenic.
    but yeah, i’d say before you consider stir-frying your comot/comel/ahmeng, maybe you should pencil in a psychiatric appointment too 😀

  78. and for me to menyebok again, to touch a dog or a pig is not haram laa sengal! which kitab did you read that from?? even a sahabat Nabi was known as to pet a dog in the history before. as long as the fur is dry, and you don’t touch the saliva or any mucous membrane of the animal, you don’t even have to samak (a process where you cleanse the body part which comes in contact with the animal) yourself. so if you want to pet it, nuzzle it, go ahead, but pandai-pandai laa make sure. if you’re was-was (doubtful), go ahead and samak.
    and who are you to call others “Islam pada nama/kad pengenalan”? stop with the fitnah, and please, oh please, stop with the stupidity.

  79. When I read the comments over here, I just have to laugh. Reading the comments seems to be so entertaining.
    By the way, I don’t get the fuss what’s so sensitive. I think it’s the mindset.

  80. Actually, the manager is a “she”, not a “he”.
    Aiyo. I blogged about a restaurant manager of a halal restaurant and automatically people assumed that its a male Muslim. She’s a Chinese female auntie lah.
    Please don’t flame the restaurant manager. She did nothing wrong.

  81. Seriously… what’s wrong with this post. Muslims are such extremists. The joke is on hamster being halal or not. Not about Islam.
    I’m seriously feeling that most muslims are terrorist already. Any irrelevant associations with Muslims whether good or bad, they just wanna strap bombs on themselves and kill innocent lives so they can go to heaven.
    I seriuosly wonder what’s in their brain.
    Posted by: WTFnoob at 04 December 2007 5:16 AM | Link to comment
    Thats gone WAY too far. Too. Far.

  82. Its funny that everytime any word related to Muslim pops up.. there sure to be some ass (keldai) coming in and screaming that their religion was mocked at. If your religion teaches you to be so sensitive and always going into war with others.. than the religion you believe in is a religion of the Devil as only the devil advocates killing so that more may join the Devil in his land of fire. I believe Islam dont teach you that right.. ? Or am I wrong?
    Posted by: jd at 04 December
    Well..Bush is oversensitive and overanalysed a bunch of terrorists as THE WHOLE OF MUSLIMS AND IRAQIS…and then he goes into war..he said its a calling from his god….so then Bush is under the religion of the Devil then jd?? yehhh if im thinking like yu..then def lahh..i always thot hes a devout catholic…
    come onnn jd..
    I’m seriously feeling that most muslims are terrorist already. Any irrelevant associations with Muslims whether good or bad, they just wanna strap bombs on themselves and kill innocent lives so they can go to heaven.
    I seriuosly wonder what’s in their brain.
    Posted by: WTFnoob at 04 December 2007 5:16
    ohh dun get me started.hv u ever put urself in their positions??the suicide bomber?im not advocating them but desperate situation calls fr desperate measure.and ISLAM absolutely FORBIDS suicide and killing innocent ppl!! we’ll straight away go to hell.i dun think its out of islam they do it.its more lk theyre desperate and its in their culture to sacrifice stupidly as they think it’s holy plus they dun really hv good education. u dun see Muslims in singaporeor msia or indon bombing themselves.bcos its not in THEIR CULTURE!!!ppl should really separate religion and culture.dun generalise ppl.
    Islam is all about toleration. I’m sure all religions are.Some ppl are just making religion excuses as they think its easier.Pls dun insult ur own God. I dun think any religion thot its followers to think stupidly.
    Im a muslim.I keep hamsters. And kenny..wth were u thinking bringing hamsters??aiyo u aa..

  83. HAMDAN,
    I’m no fan of kenny but i do read his posts now and then .. some funny some not..but this time I think its you who give Islam a bad name by your over-sensitivity.

  84. Kenny, naive and narrow-minded readers are just not worth keeping. I can see how hard they are trying to make things difficult for you.
    All those who are level-headed should know where you are coming from.
    Happy Blogging!

  85. Malaysian Muslim. Not offended.
    Don’t worry Kenny, this happens all the time. Like another commenter mentioned, the restaurant owner is just taking advantage of the fact that you wouldn’t understand the halal/non-halal fully and that the hamster could leave the restaurant with minimum fuss.

  86. What the restaurant operator meant is not about hamster being halal or not but really about the criteria for a restaurant to be granted a ‘halal restaurant’ status… kenny, if ur ignorant, better not joke about it but get ur facts right instead… halal is not just about pork or dogs..if u can’t bring live animals into the restaurant, just follow the rules lah, is that so difficult???

  87. kenny’s blog entry are becoming lamer and lamer… u got no more ideas ah kenny?? even small small things also wanna complain or comment…

  88. Kenny, it’s a HOTEL. dude, unless u r a billionaire n can easily tip that manager a few hundred bucks to shut his mouth.. well, i dun think hamsters r hygenic for a restaurant lo.. it might spoil the reputation of the restaurant as well. i know it’s just a joke here, but at least u educated some kids not to. a, take care

  89. He must be creating non sense excuse then. He should have just say no animals in the shop and that’s the rule. What non halal, halal…weird..
    Your hamster very cute la. Then it stay in hotel room la?? Hmm..the smell….
    p/s: Thanks for your talk that day. I enjoyed it a lot!! It’s great!! 😀

  90. what the hell wrong with the manager?
    was the hamster running on the food of other customers or in danger of being cooked and served?

  91. next time i wanna bring my dog, cat, fish and whatever animals i can find into the restaurant!!! oh yea, my pets are really cuteeeeeeee too but why can’t i bring them in??? 🙁 oh yea… COMMON SENSE tells me that i’m not allowed to!!
    so what made smarty pants bring the hamsters into the restaurant? if he hadn’t, this post wouldn’t be here and everyone would stop b*tching around.

  92. Gosh! another >100-hit reply entry…because of religion/politic related post AGAIN!!
    p/s: wops! It’s related to hamster this time!

  93. just a note…. i realise there’s a stereotype going on here. the non-malays eg malay or eurasion seems to be equated to being non-muslim and the malays r muslim. darlings, race n religion r 2 seperate things. U may be a chinese and u can still be a muslim. chinese is my race. islam, my religion.
    And with regards to the replies to this post, its like a piece of elastic stretched to enormous proportions(think balloons) Its mindless… kenny’s post is harmless la. dont get ur knickers in a twist u muslims. 🙂

  94. sigh. it always happens…when we talk about muslim, they feel offended.. so we just shut up and dun say anything about them then we can have a peaceful day de ok?

  95. since when did kenny said he thinks Muslim’s are stupid? since when?? ‘siapa makan cili diala rasa pedas’.

  96. lamekenny, if u think this blog getting lamer, don’t visit. small things like that also u wanna complain/ comment. no one forced u to read this site anyway. it’s not ur blog -.-

  97. the manager should say… animal are not allow to bring in the restaurant , will cause others customer feel uncomfortable, and less hygience …..
    the manager luan luan say

  98. @ ahboy
    maybe the manager said playing cards in the restaurant is not halal because he thought u guys were gambling? and gambling is prohibited.

  99. At the age of 24, you ought to have known better dude. You dont bring any pets into restaurants – be it small, large, halal or non-halal. There should be no exceptions.
    It’s being called “considerate” to other patrons – empty restaurant or not. For you to expect the hotel to bend backwards for you – and then bitch when they don’t – now that is selfish and inconsiderate of you.

  100. Halal and haram is not just about avoiding pigs and slaughtering birds and quadrapeds. To be halal, food must also be clean in terms of its preparation and presentation.
    Bringing an animal into a restauarnt where food is displayed openly, buffet-style, may compromise hygiene.
    That was what the Manager was getting at. If you bring your pet to the dining table, cage or no cage, even I would tick you off.
    Duh, Kenny. DUH!

  101. Ha, since we at this, I have a question to ask: is it prohibited to order a drink from a chinese restaurant?
    i) order drinks prepared in the restaurant with their own glass?
    ii) order can drinks?
    iii) siting next to people who drink alcohol?
    iv) using utensils from non-halal establishment? Like my house?
    iv) cakes baked with utensils from non-halal house?
    Appreciate if someone can answer this. Very curious. I get varying answer for this BUT I get the same reaction from friends/family friends around me: they don’t come visit you at your house anymore. Period.

  102. BTW, when I was studying in the States. Friends around me have no problem at all, but here….. BIG problem. I thought the Jewish has stricter diet than the muslim, but still, it is the FOOD that they can’t eat, not the utensils that we use. I have many muslim and jewish friends in the States but sadly to say, i found none in this country. Those who are friends with me are either: 1st generation of muslim convert and people who has mixed heritage.
    Tell me, what i need to do in order to invite muslim friends to my house and have dinner with me? Need to be halal certified? I am pretty much vegetarian so, pork or no pork in my fridge is not an issue here but the pinggang mangkuk at home sometimes do serve pork on it. And of course, some condiments i keep at home are not halal but i know what to use and what not to use to prepare food.

  103. It’s funny how people like Lala Hamdan can argue over small little things. It just shows that Malaysia Boleh and Malaysians Memang Boleh Bertengkar Tak Habis Habis! What a waste of time.

  104. I found this from Google:
    Saya amat berminat untuk membuka kedai binatang peliharaan yang halal (ayam,arnab,ikan air tawar)dan tidak halal dimakan (kucing,hamster,kura-kura dll). Masalah saya kali ini adalah bolehkah saya makan hasil daripada jualan haiwan perliharaan tersebut.Bolehkah pihak tuan bagi pendapat tentang masalah tersebut. Terima kasih.
    Memelihara dan menjual binatang yang halal dimakan dan halal dijual adalah harus dengan syarat adakan pasangan masing-masing.
    Manakala memelihara binatang peliharaan yang tidak halal dimakan seperti kucing adalah diharuskan sebagaimana mengikut sunnah Rasulullah SAW.
    Sebaliknya menjual hamster, kura-kura, labi-labi dan seumpamanya adalah haram kerana binatang itu dihukumkan bangkai..
    Someone please tell those idiots at JAKIM (answer provided by a PANEL!) to read the question PROPERLY and answer them PROPERLY too!
    And look at their disclaimers:
    1. Jawapan kepada soalan disediakan oleh Panel Kemusykilan Agama, JAKIM
    2. Setiap borang yang dihantar hendaklah mengandungi hanya satu soalan sahaja.
    3. Jawapan yang diberi adalah berdasarkan Mazhab Shafie kecuali dinyatakan sebaliknya.
    You would think they have considered the questions carefully….
    Apparently, we can’t do browsing based on this address:http://baheis.islam.gov.my/, so, no way of reaching whoever is maintaining that site.
    And someone please tell Mr. Sulaiman bin Sulong (poor soul who posted the question and couldn’t get his answer) that we feel his pain for having to deal with this kind of people. It makes you wonder about the qualification of those people (their BM qualification, please, people, learn to read and understand what people writes!) who are supposed to be ‘experts’, isnt it?
    ** sigh**

  105. It is known to all that “NO Pet Allowed” in any restaurant irregardless of halal or non halal.
    Dont press your luck kenny, please do spread the words around to boy and girl, uncle aunty, ah gong ah ma, everybody, that NO PET Allowed in restaurant. You are the living prove to tell hehehe.
    Perhaps you should post more nice view from the hotel, like that, maybe next time can get FREE stay from the hotel as usual you got many free things and goodies from the sponsors…rather then creating this avoidable misunderstanding…

  106. Hahaha! This is so funny! Hamsters are not HALAL! But seriously why can’t you bring yr caged up hamster into the restaurant? Don’t understand…. But it’s a funny thought… HALAL hamsters… Hahahahaha!

  107. First and foremost I wish to say something to ardyla,please grow up lah brother (sister?).Secondly to Kenny Sia (Sial!!!) I hope you learnt valueable lesson from this episode. To all, this is typical “divide and rule” tactic to incite the feeling of hatred among each others.Please be rationale my brothers and sisters. Kenny I guess you are proud what you are doing now and Ohh! Kenny you can now make a quick phone call to all your friends so that they post their “I-will-support-you” comment at your blogsite just to cover up what you think a very funny “Hamster and Halal Incident”. Hmmm what next Kenny Sia (Sial!!!!)?
    Love Peace Not War from Limbang

  108. The almighty u believed in was known to be the mercyful and taught his servant thru the scripts to behave like one too, yet I see lots of the follower not getting the message right. Thats why today the word “Jihad” was wrongly interpreted. Left alone “Halal”. Thats why the world still at wars, big or small, thru arms and words. WAKE UP TO PEACE NOW.

  109. dear my friend.
    i am no Ustaz here, but i will try my best to explain and please respect and understand and not questioning why Islam is like this and like that.
    + ok, it’s not haram to have dog in your house, but how SURE are you? that you can perform prayer and ibadah in the house.
    Name: Reen
    Question: Assalamualaikum, Ustaz, Why Dog is Haram as pets in Islam?, why it is so?, I just wonder how to explain when some fellow non-muslim asked me this question..what should I answer in order to give valid reason why dog haram to have?
    Answer: I cannot say to you that having a dog as a pet is haram. If you have a dog, you should have a separated place for it, but not have a dog to live with you in the same room. Muslims don’t have dogs as pets because of culture, more than a matter of religion. Muslims discourage having a dog as a pet, but they can use it for games, for shepherding or as guard dogs, or different other purposes. Having a dog just for fun is not recommended. Of course, if a dog licks at a bowl of food or drink, you should wash that bowl seven times with water. There are certain restrictions in having a dog, but again I say that it is not haram.
    + FYI, JAKIM is rite, you cannot use/eat the profit from selling (haram to eat animals:snake,hamster,labi-labi,harimau,)

  110. I get slightly confused when reading Kenny’s entry. But I think the blame is solely on the manager side for being an ignoramus and lacking in communication skills.
    Kenny statement regarding “Maybe they just think I’m a pig.”.. not that I think it is offending (he is referring to himself anyway), but were you mad, Kenny when writing this post?
    Reading all these comments, God. People are just so quick to jump on each other throats on the slightest of offence. Take a moment and think before you type. (referring to all , muslims and non muslims included)

  111. Don’t be skeptical about halal… When talking about halal is not about Pork…
    Halal is another way to consume the food in Hygenic way..
    When he said “this is a halal restaurant” meant they follow the rules stated in Malaysia Halal Certify restaurant.
    Definition of halal
    Halal is an Arabic word which means lawful or permissible by Islamic laws.
    Definition of Halal in accordance to Trade Descriptions ( Use of expression “halal” ) 1975 is as follows:
    When used in relation to food in any form whatsoever in the course of trade or business as or as part of, a trade description applied to the ffod, the expression “Halal” , “Di-Tanggung Halal” or “Makanan Halal” or any other expression indicating or likely to be understood as indicating that Muslims are permitted by their religion to consume such food such expression shal heve the following meaning, that is to say the food in relation to which such expression or expressions are used:
    a) Neither is nor consist of or contains any part or matter of an animal that a Muslim is prohibited by Hukum Syarak to consume or that has not been slaughtered in accordance with Hukum Syarak.
    b) Does not contain anything which is considered to be impure according to Hukum Syarak.
    c) Has not been prepared, processed or manufactured using instrument that was not free from anything impure according to Hukum Syarak; and
    d) has not in the course of preparation, processing or storage been in contact with or close proximity to any food that fails to satisfy paragraph (a) (b) or (c) or anything that is considered to be impure according to Hukum Syarak.
    You can check at http://www.halaljakim.gov.my
    If you have chicken as a pet… You bring it to there. That guy still saying it it’s a halal restaurant. Keep the place hygienic and healthy is a real meaning to “halal”. Does it look clean if customer keep bringing pet into those places. I believe it is appropriate things to do.
    Try to understand the meaning before make a assumption. I guess this is your way showing affection to your blog reader.

  112. Come on Kenny.. Halal or not if i am a patron definately i wouldn`t want to see pet/s of any kind more so in a restaurant. Hey , aren`t restaurant supposed to be pet free zone ? I believe they forgot to put ” No Pets allowed ” sign. I know yr hamster looks cute but as far as to most of us they look like rats.

  113. i have to say it’s is in appropraite to bring a pet into a restaurant.due to hygine issues lah
    but not halal? does that means that Hamtaro is not halal also? 0.o

  114. but, how can hamsters not have neck? lol so i presume they don’t have throats then? and, its not anything without neck is not halal. it’s because pigs aren’t the cleanest animals in the world. they don’t eat clean produce. dogs are known to eat faeces, but i don’t know about hamsters though.

  115. _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/
    dear my friend.
    i am no Ustaz here, but i will try my best to explain and please respect and understand and not questioning why Islam is like this and like that.
    + ok, it’s not haram to have dog in your house, but how SURE are you? that you can perform prayer and ibadah in the house.
    Name: Reen
    Question: Assalamualaikum, Ustaz, Why Dog is Haram as pets in Islam?, why it is so?, I just wonder how to explain when some fellow non-muslim asked me this question..what should I answer in order to give valid reason why dog haram to have?
    Answer: I cannot say to you that having a dog as a pet is haram. If you have a dog, you should have a separated place for it, but not have a dog to live with you in the same room. Muslims don’t have dogs as pets because of culture, more than a matter of religion. Muslims discourage having a dog as a pet, but they can use it for games, for shepherding or as guard dogs, or different other purposes. Having a dog just for fun is not recommended. Of course, if a dog licks at a bowl of food or drink, you should wash that bowl seven times with water. There are certain restrictions in having a dog, but again I say that it is not haram.
    + FYI, JAKIM is rite, you cannot use/eat the profit from selling (haram to eat animals:snake,hamster,labi-labi,harimau,)
    Ok. Appreciate that.

  116. Sometimes I wonder why people can be so insensitive on the internet. I read a blog post once about an American tourist who went to China and documented about the culture of eating cats and Monkey brains over there. He also snapped wonderful pictures that depicted the process of catching, slaughtering, burning (gotta remove the skin and hair y’know) and let’s not forget eating the wonderful delicacies. At that point my Chinese friends all screamed in horror when I showed them the pictures and they were saying things like “We Chinese don’t eat things like that!! only some do!” And this “some”, taking into account it is China we’re talking about, might be around just less than a billion people; give or take a few.
    Now, I ain’t judging mister superblogger kennyboy. But the difference between us ‘Malaysians’ and the rest of the world is that we respect each other well enough not to humiliate a fellow Malaysian Muslim on a blog that is read by thousands everyday. He may be dumb and his statement incorrect. But that’s what he believes in, and be it right or wrong, its his monkey brain and cat stew; and not ours to laugh about over our morning coffee.
    At least the Muslims don’t eat stuff rather than ‘eat’ stuff. Sorry, had to sneak that one in! haha have at me you guys!! I LOVE the attention!

  117. @Ardyla.i think your mind set already corrupted by the politician in the semenanjung(west m’sia).i hope you woundn’t bring that type of over-sensitive attitudes in our beloved sarawak state.you should be more open minded,i’m also living in the west m’sia and s’pore more than 10yrs now,i can compared this.the society in the west,east m’sia and s’pore.if we talks about intergration.i can tell you sarawak is the most harmonious and muhibah state in m’sia.i saw it s’wak and s’pore are quite equal about intergration but for west m’sia it become far far aparts,west m’sian should learn this from s’wak.i hope s’wak peoples would not let umno step in our soil,the umno agenda will devide us like we saw in the west m’sia now.for our friends in sabah it’s just the beginning.we are multi-ethnics society,more than 20 ethnics in our s’wak state alone and also multi-religion,we can’t let this sentiment spoil our mind and our state.
    PEACE! Proud to be SARAWAKIAN!

  118. I think you guys need to get your halal and non-halal straight before supporting or flaming kenny / the manager.
    anyhoo, I seriously hate those who bring their pets to restaurant, it is not clean no matter how you argue that your pet is clean!

  119. I’m a muslim and I used to have a hamster as a pet. They just so cute.
    As for the halal issue, most of the comments here have already explained what halal means. Most of us Malaysians have already understand in one way or another what halal means. Yes, basically it means clean. In the Quran, it is said that muslims are forbidden to EAT pork and dog meat. Thus it is haram for us. Touching them? Well, it is not mentioned anywhere that we’re forbidden to touch them.
    As a human being, if or when we see an injured animal such as dogs, we can at least help them by nursing them and give them food, which I did many times. My uncle had a dog, my dad helped and feed a stray dog. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. But, there is a rule we must abide when we come in contact with a dog or pig. That is we must wash the contact part known as “samak” which is 7 times with water and once with dirt (tanah). It is all so simple if you really understand the rule.
    As for the restaurant manager, I think he shouldn’t have said it in terms of halal or haram. Just a simple, No Pets Allowed would be good enough.

  120. whoa. no one’s blaming you, kenny, nor the auntie manager (since you’ve explained that she was a non muslim so she was probably none the wiser, therefore i apologize for the ‘stupid’ comment). i think well-versed muslims don’t take any offense from your words. muslims can too take a joke. but you have to know there are ppl out there who likes to berlagak pandai and start issuing out their own hukum aka rules. and i agree with the comment regarding the high level of interracial unity within sarawakians. i’m an ‘org malaya’, who spent my sekolah-hood in sarawak, and i couldn’t be any luckier. unity in semenanjung? fat chance, unless you go and rake the glamour2 school (st. john, st. marys, BBGS, etc) for any example. so yeah, preserve what you guys already achieve, and rather than creating a bigger gap with ludicrous arguments, why can’t we just tolerate and understand each other better?

  121. *sigh* everyone seems to take this matter a liiittle bit too much isn’t it? *siiiiiiigh*
    WTFnoob – you’re being a meanie here…. saying that mosy muslims are terrorists already? man..that’s just plain ignorant… really… just stupid…
    well,this post got nothing to do with islam.. it’s just that kenny was just trying to make sense why he couldn’t bring his pet hamster into a restaurant (which was a stupid move btw)…but all was taken out of context… pls… stop jumping at each others throat for goodness sake..
    respect each other’s religion and don’t say ANY hurtful stuff about ANY religion… in case it got misunderstood again like poor kenny here… but really kenny…..dumb move trying to get ur hamster into a restaurant…even though not much ppl are around ;p haha

  122. HMMM
    WHERE R U??

  123. Hmm.. I think the manner of how you wrote the entry could sound a little offensive to the sensitive minority, because it sounds mocking.
    However I do believe you are ridiculing the man, and his ignorance, rather than the religion. He could have put forth a better arguement rather than the most convenient one (Unhalal Hamster).
    Many restaurants do not allow animals into their premises, unless you are dining outside, and even so, very few still allow it. Common sense would dictate that allowing animals (regardless if in a cage) near foodstuffs or even near utensils could increase potential health risks, as they could sneeze or the wind blowing into their cages could spread their feces through the air.
    Therefore I am a little surprised you tried this stunt, especially at a resort’s restaurant where they have to keep up an appearance of high cleanliness, high standards, high everything.
    However it was also wrong for the man to rely on that excuse. He probably did not want to argue with you any more than he needed to, and used it thinking that you wouldn’t know any better.
    No points for either of you!

  124. You are bluffing Kenny…this was what actually happened :
    Waiter : Mintak maaf tuan, hamster diHARAMkan di sini.
    What he mean was, HAMSTER IS NOT ALLOWED there, not hamster is HARAM.
    Don’t confuse us please.

  125. If kenny dun try out those stunt that normal ppl wont do, kenny got nothing special to blog le.. hahaz.. i bet u dun wanna read bout ‘manager say hi to me this morning in the resort restaurant’ sound boring..

  126. I really wish everyone would just calm down a bit and stop making such a huge fuss about everything. It’s a funny post about an entertaining situation. This isn’t about religion, nor is it insulting in any way. In fact, Hamdan, you taking offense so quickly and blowing up matters beyond propotion is in fact more of an isult to you than anything Kenny’s said in his blog.

  127. NEWS ALERT!
    Nobody win on the hamster vs halal issue here.The winner is Kenny Sia as his blog getting more popular. His wallet getting fatter due to many ads coming in due to the latest controversy and because the way he manipulated his blog reader in courting the anger among the so-called “extremist” and “narrow-minded” view of his blog readers. The fact he still joked about it proved how sincere he is trying to cool down the situation and even asked people to defend him.Nice works Kenny what next? Joke on Jesus maybe. Boy I could not wait.

  128. NAH who the hell cares if the hamster is halal or not as long as it is cute and adorable ~!!!
    Kenny’s hamster is sooooooo cuteeeeeeee !!!
    i love ur hamster

  129. OMG I used to have a girlfriend who loved hamsters and one day for no reason she decided that it would be nice to dry out the cage in the open for whatever reason at around 9 am in the morning. She said they could use the fresh air. Long story short, at 12 pm when I arrived, I saw the cage on top of the car outside under the sun and asked her why the cage was there and she screamed, ran to the cage brought it in, took the two lil tykes out and one was dead. The other one was fighting for its life…! so the sis and she tried to resuscitate the hammy and it didn’t make it sob..sob..
    Moral of the story.. God hate hamsters HAHAHA saw the opportunity and ZAP! lightnin bolt babey! Fuuunny shyte mang

  130. now i know why the comments of a hearty joke reached 200+ after going through some of the comments. shit lah…
    to Hamdan,
    you tak suka, you keluar. – a comment once said by a great Muslim leader. if you are so in love with your great religion and are highly offended, follow his lead! so, get your butt out of here if you find this offensive. *rolls eyes*

  131. lol Hamdan you need to chill. The main point of his post was the hamster and the manager. Nothing to do with religion at all. Using the Halal word incorrectly is teh mistake of the manager,and we are talking about the manager and his mistake, what has it got to do with islam?
    and what has it got to do with sarawakians roflol

  132. Maybe this A.D Hamdan is actually Kennysia himself making a bold statement so that we all can debate. Hehehe. Just kidding, Kenny. If it’s real, then you did it with style.

  133. dude malay muslim is the sensitive bunch trust me you wont get any straight answer from them, hit me back in case this things still haunt you.

  134. the manager should give better reasons than to use the word “halal”…
    however, even non-halal restauants don’t encourage animals to be brought into the restaurants…it’s a matter of hygiene…

  135. gosh the word “halal” is everything huh… hamster oso don let go… btw, do u have wheels for ur hamster to keep running?

  136. Awww.. they’re so cute. how could they refuse the cute little fellas.
    I’ve seen restaurants in france which have doggies sit at the dining table like their owners.
    PS. looking fwd to meeting you finally too!!

  137. Frankly Kenny. If I’m also a customer who happens to dine at that restaurant the same time you’re there. I’d have walked over to you and tell you to leave the animal outside. You may like to eat with your animal, most people don’t. Cute or not, animals should just stay outside eating area or left at home. The last time I went to Germany, where they allow pets in the restaurants, one owner had to clean up the poop his little pet left behind. Now that totally ruined everyone’s appetite.

  138. in the first place..u shouldn’t bring pets in a restaurant. But I could understand if you do it cause u didn’t want people to steal it or play with it.
    like u mentioned..u don’t mind cooperating with the manager if you’re told to leave the hamster outside..and u did..so there’s ntg wrong
    is just that the dumb manager didn’t know what he was talking about

  139. this post is entertaining.
    the comments even greater.
    Posted by: harrytee at 05 December 2007 5:30 PM | Link to comment
    I couldn’t agree more of what you said, harrytee;p

  140. to “I’m A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK!”, you do know that you’re like a spammer talking to a blank page, do you? I am just surprised how much ample time you have just to criticize Kenny and his blog.

  141. Why would you even want/need to bring your pet hamster to a restaurant in a resort in the first place anyway? And i know of grown men who have Dogs, Cats, Reptiles and even Fish for pets but Hamsters? Geez Dude. Sometimes i worry about you.

  142. If you think this is too much, then you are really sensitive (in various name of upholding religion, no tiny taint condone..etc)
    religion is 4 oneselve n 4 the understanding, guidance n practices of oneselve, NOT 4 any1 2 impose rules on others n 2 regulate others, n tat ur religion is overweight others, tats juz disgrace 2 ur own religion

  143. yo Jean, come on, if you’re talking about dogs and cats and others, then that’s a fair comment. but hamsters? Kenny said he left it in a cage. somemore the fella is so minute, whatever he’s doing, it can’t be seen by the diners. i don’t think it produces a strong odour as well.

  144. I just think we need to talk to the hamster. Find out what his view on all this. Probably would go like this
    “Damn man I am so popular these days but the thing iz it only benefits my owner innit? I mean, ‘the hamster is so cute thing’ gets him the punani and I am ‘ere stuck in me cage lickin me own erry ballz.. Wer’s me share of the erry muff eh?? Sumtimes i wish i wuz halal and that the people just get on with it a grill meh! better than lickin yer own erry ballz”
    – The Hamster memoirs
    p/s: Sorry, i always thought that hamsters were tykes; this is not a racist comment watsoever 😀

  145. Kenny, do something. Your avid fans/readers/haters are more entertaining than your posts sometimes 🙂
    And I really think this was just a harmless joke. Why bring in all these debates? Some of you would make excellent lawyers 🙂

  146. kenny, contradict to what others think, i find the restaurant manager statement to be quite understandable although a bit mislead. u did not ask for any further explanation either from the manager hence i don’t think its fair for other readers to judge the manager as lack of knowledge in Islam
    from his statement “I’m really sorry, but we operate as a halal restaurant. You cannot bring hamsters in here.”, when he said that they are operating as a halal restaurant, the term operating concerns of operation activities (preparing food), restaurant image and many more. in this case, i think it concerns more on image issue. A halal restaurant (especially with those certified frame) need to ensure cleanliness as part of its requirement. Similar to ISO and the need to comply to it.
    Hamster is considered mouse, and put simply not considered clean and does not meet the Halal restaurant operating requirement. I think you jump into conclusion over the hamster issue too fast and make fun of the issue through a narrow perspective. lesson learned rite!

  147. haha at end of this month,
    kenny will rent a nice 5 star hotel room only for his hamster with VIP treatment and tell his cute hamster
    “I knew you would be popular than me someday ”
    lankapo again

  148. LOL there’re so much comments about religious problem here hmm.. anyway they’re over re-acted. go n have a life man . keep on postign comment about soem religious thingie here ? dont u know we’re all focused on the cute lil hamsters only ? Kenny ! There’s a few videos in YouTube about hamsters eating cricket , lizards and baby mouse , it is so disgusting but the hamster that eat those disgusting thing is so cute . Kenny , can I know what is the breed of ur hamster ? When the first time you bought it , does it bite ? or u tamed the hamsters and do u give bath to them ?

  149. i am not quite sure how someone can garner hate from this post at all. i don’t think kenny mentioned he hated “halal” but that he might not be liked since he = pig (aka kenny thinks he’s a pig or something along that line).
    also, there’s no mention of if they are muslim, they must be stupid. so hamdan, please quote those lines of where he mentioned either issues.
    if it was a jab at islam, we would all have noticed, and i can assure you there’s enough malaysian muslims on the blogosphere that will raise a heckle at kenny.

  150. -SUMMARY-
    1) Both are stupid.
    2) The manager dunno what is term of Halal.
    3) Kenny don’t understand what the hell the manager was saying.
    4) Then Kenny assume hamster is not HALAL!
    5) Kaypoh to everyone for his misunderstanding (Even he didn’t admit it!).
    6) Now everyone fighting each other just because the stupidity of this TWO!
    *Don’t overuse your humour until it show your stupidity!!!!*

    Please stated earlier in your post that the manager is chinese and she speak in Mandarin!
    Now you confusing everyone…not wait until people started to fight and started to mix up with religion thingy THEN you say the manager is chinese and speak Mandarin!!!
    Kennysia@small boy nice try but it still show how inmatured stupid you are.

  152. For goodness sake, it’s just an ordinary post, stating his own experience and confusion. Why make it seem as though there’s no unity among Malaysians at all?
    The bottom line is, I don’t think anyone here INTENDED to mock anyone else. It’s probably just a slip of the tongue, even for the manager.
    But after all, it’s his blog and he paid for it. Let him say what he wants. If you feel so insulted then just stop reading his blog.

  153. dogs is haram ?
    Surah 5:4
    They consult you concerning what is lawful for them; say, “Lawful for you are all good things, including what trained dogs and falcons catch for you.” You train them according to GOD’s teachings. You may eat what they catch for you, and mention GOD’s name thereupon. You shall observe GOD. GOD is most efficient in reckoning.
    from what i know, animals are ummah (communities).
    Al Quran doesnt say this animal is inferior to other animals or vice versa.
    6:38 All the creatures on earth, and all the birds that fly with wings, are communities like you. We did not leave anything out of this book. To their Lord, all these creatures will be summoned.
    but unfortunately, uztaz will tell others dogs must kept in a proper place outside the house. and when the dog came back with the prey in its mouth. Only one bitemark is allowed on the prey. Otherwise its haram (filthy). and cant be eaten.
    Now, how does a dog bringing a prey with just a bite ? doesnt make sense here.
    In turkey, the Turks show off their dogs without any problem. They even have this Kangal Dog Festival. any OIC members complaining ?
    poor dog.

  154. hahaha.. the hamsters are cute.. mebe after watching the movie they feel threaten and decided to relate piggies with HAMsters…

  155. kenny,
    just want to add my 10cents worth. yes, reading this is entertaining, but it is also uncomfortable for some Muslims. pig is a sensitive issue, and I know for others, this seems like a small matter, but reading from a different perspectives, it does seems like you’re implying the stupidity of using the word halal/haram.

  156. i think u should just say that your blog is not for muslim readership.. thn u won’t get attacked so much? lol..

  157. This entry just simply reflects the lack of knowledge by the poor Kenny. So insensitive and does not know anything about when it comes to blogging related to this issue. I personally say that the manager have the wrong reason for saying that, but taking an advantage to make a fun joke about it? This doesnt seems to be the right way of blogging. No wonder you sounded offended when the pro blogger call himself a professional blogger.

  158. Lil’ boy name Kenny,

  159. Lol, I’m pretty sure Kenny was just pointing out how the Manager, in trying to get the hamster out of the restaurant, slipped in his words and gave an excuse which turned out to be incorrect. I’m sure he didn’t mean anything racist nor religion-ist.
    & For those who mentioned how he shouldn’t bring the hamsters in the premises in the first place, remember the Manager didn’t explicitly say, hamsters are not allowed.

  160. “For those who mentioned how he shouldn’t bring the hamsters in the premises in the first place, remember the Manager didn’t explicitly say, hamsters are not allowed.”
    use your common sense laa…pets are not allowed in any restaurants!!!!!! Even starbucks at ikano allowed pets but at outside table okkkkkk!!!!!

  161. Lighten up guys. The world doesn’t need too many overly sensitive people who judge and criticise every small politically or religiously incorrect posts.
    Sheesh – it’s just for entertainment purposes. I don’t see people screaming for the movie “Kingdom” when those terroists scream “Allah is great” after killing every person.

  162. Hrmm… I think some people are being too sensitive. Kenny is just trying to express confusion over the rules of regulation of a religion. I’m sure his intentions are not purposely to mock or degrade a religion. Please lah. Don’t be so sensitive… if not, how to live in harmony?
    If wanna keep score fine lah, as a buddhist, I ask, why cannot eat beef when its such a great source of protein? There i said it.. Not offensive at all. (by the way, i cannot eat beef)

  163. It’s not wrong to handle a hamster.. Muslim can keep them as pet.. It’s just wrong to eat hamster.. I guess the manager thought Kenny wants to slaughter the hamster and put it inside the burger.. Haha.. Who wants to eat them? There so cute and adorable..

  164. Hey, don’t mess with this halal stuff, dude. It’s kinda sensitive. On the other hand, the manager is somewhat an oxymoron for relating pets with halal. It’s totally a hygiene and health issue. Geez.

  165. i tot reading Kennysia.com already is entertaining enough.. NO..
    the commentors are way better than kenny’s write up!!
    Hamdan got the word ‘ham’ hahaha
    Kenny correcting people that manager a she not he and chinese not malay.. haha
    funny.. bunch of Malaysians.. i love.. 🙂

  166. that is quite humorous (HAMster)… perhaps it was some sort of pun on the managers part. but seriously kenny… who the hell brings a rodent to dine with them?

  167. taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halal
    “Forbidden to you (your food) are: dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine, and that on which the name of other than Allah hath been invoked; that which hath been killed by strangling, or by a violent blow, or by a headlong fall, or by being gored to death; that which hath been (partly) eaten by a wild animal; unless ye are able to slaughter it (in due form); that which is sacrificed on stone (altars); (forbidden) also is the division (of meat) by raffling with arrows: that is impiety. This day have those who reject Faith given up all hope of your religion: yet fear them not but fear me. This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed my favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion. But if any is forced by hunger, with no inclination of transgression, Allah is indeed Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful”[Qur’an 5:3] [4]
    “This day are (all) good things made lawful for you. The food of those who have received the Scripture is lawful for you, and your food is lawful for them. And so are the virtuous women of the believers and the virtuous women of those who received the Scripture before you (lawful for you) when ye give them their marriage portions and live with them in honour, not in fornication, nor taking them as secret concubines. Whoso denieth the faith, his work is vain and he will be among the losers in the Hereafter”[Qur’an 5:5][5]
    “Say: I find not in the message received by me by inspiration any (meat) forbidden to be eaten by one who wishes to eat it, unless it be dead meat, or blood poured forth, or the flesh of swine, for it is an abomination or, what is impious, (meat) on which a name has been invoked, other than Allah’s. But (even so), if a person is forced by necessity, without wilful disobedience, nor transgressing due limits, thy Lord is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful”[Qur’an 6:145] [6]

    I felt bored bout tis topic all lady.eeee


  170. For my opinion,someting is bad than animal is rokok……….i hate rokok… it kill people!!!!!
    Want to becomes “frog in well”………..just live away from here.This is between u respect to me and i respect to u.
    Religion?…follow it with stop if u should stop.Except u don’t know how to think…
    Sensitive? is u sensitive or your religion sensitive?u know ! religion can’t survive but human need to survive.
    U know animal borned with real …can move…can reproduce …so religion and animal is not the same topic la.
    hate religions?is your religion teach u do like that .Why kenny give this opinion……think….he help u to improve u knowlege and bring out your spirit.He not hate u religion he just ask for why
    ………for me i also……… while i am mixed blood……
    Isn’t comments and opinions must contain good and bad …..for me both are not.just to learn more….!!!!
    Halal VS hamsters is ord out of minded la.
    why don’t use u sensitive in your jod .may be u can create out “GUMDAM”. we use minded to fight not religion .seee!!!!!!!!

  171. Yes ,for me …in this case no body is wrong.just learn ,this is my survive point.Kenny also do like this()……Somebody who laugh me is the “bang jing bang liang”….and don’t think u self is good.i’m also …
    Mirror?talk to my self?, yes.Listen!!!…before u say other people try to say to u self frist….who really u are!!!!so it is fair to me and u …….i just talk too mirror ok!!!!

  172. i wonder why people get so furious over something that din exist? it seem that they din use their brain to think the bad and good side…so sad to see war happen here n there. Haiz..by the way Hady Mirza(Singapore) won the Asian Idol…shit la…..cant believe it…stupid !!!!!!!!!Jaclyn Victor should win it!!!!!!!!!

  173. Chee Yow Char,
    How stupid are U?U fuck your mother and sister every nights yeah?I think your mom felt very sorry for giving birth to you.AIYOOOO

  174. To: Cheew yow char
    May i ask have u been fuck your mother and your sister?You = Hamsters ?so u born from animal ah?so U is the Halal one nah?AIYOOOOO!!!!

  175. To: Bananaman
    Thank you.but take care to your self frist la .you take care to Jaclyn Victor but he won’t take care to u….u exist for other people?it is call survive?

  176. Dear Hamdan,
    Do you think Kenny is gonna read your comment and feels sorry that he “somehow offended” your religion ar?
    The reason he posted this blog is because he thinks he’s right.
    He’d probably ignore your comment, doesnt read your comment at all, but i’m sure as hell he’s sleeping soundly every night.
    And this whole islam issue, you guys needa be open minded abit. it’s 21st century, yo.

  177. Dear Fragile,
    I thought this religion issue sudah abis.What wrong with you?Nothing better to do ahhhh or Kenny and you hmmmmm,, ohhhhhh!?.Now I understand.OK Just practice safe tut!tut!tut! (cannot say) censored looooo.
    anti discrimination from Limbang

  178. Kenny, hide it in your backpack next time. Like what I did. Lols. Anyway, he’s touching no religion issue here. Bring your pet only if the restaurant allowed. If not just leave your pet in the room. No big deal. Chill!

  179. I had a hamster before called fudge and as far as i know they are not edible xDDD
    and ummm,maybe the restaurant owner is a bit dimwhitted and doesn’t really know his stuff,because i’m musim.oh-maybe he was just scared of it,cuz lot’sa muslims i know are shit scared of hamsters….but then again it could consider hygiene issues..tsk.

  180. WTFnoob comment is extreme. That is what you call touching sensitive issue such as religion and racial thingy. Generalise Muslims as terrorist??? You really do not know how to use your brain, aren’t you? God give you a brain. Use it. Generalising things are for kids not for adults. While as for kenny’s issue on bringing his pet, is just plain stupid. Why the hell did you bring a pet in a restaurant???

  181. Dear I’m A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK! ,
    I’m not like you, see, spend every goddamned second stalking on Kenny Sia’s blog, let alone getting offended by one random blogpost.
    oh wait, maybe u’r having a crush with kenny sia so u’r accusing me with slanderous remarks?
    i only stumbled across this post on one fine day looking for amusement, saw ur comment, and was laughing my ass off. seriously. the blog wasnt that big a humour. ur comment cracked my day. freakinoversensitivefucktard. chicken. the name really suits u.

  182. btw, SEX is not a cencored word. we KL people learn about sex in secondary school, in case u spent ur schooltime in the ancient times where english ppl fucked under the consent of the King. dumbass.

  183. Dear fragile
    That show how CHEAP you are.I bet you don’t get …….(toot) from Kenny last night.Too fragile at certain vital part maybe. Poor fragile.OMG

  184. Dear chicken,
    roflmao. u call me cheap when u dont know me in person at all and u’r judging me cheap. so farney! downright fucktard. and note that it wasn’t i who started this whole malay/islam issue. i never left my comments on any of kennysia.com blogs, until i saw hamdan’s comment and i tot he was a funny guy so i left a friendly comment. bet my comment was more civilized, unlike SOMEBODY. anti-discrimination from limbang konon. which part of my previous comment indicated racial discrimination or whatsoever? the blog was funny, the comments were good – until the fucked up Hamdan aka the attention seeker posted his hatred comment. and u’r picking a fight against me? brilliant!! =D
    seriusly, i reckon u get a thourough brain check-up or IQ test for all sincere reasons, dahling.
    p.s.: i reserve my rights to prosecute legal actions against you for the libelous statement that you published.

  185. i think chicken is going out of topic here. what’s sex got to do with a hamster being halal issue? get your head straight, even if you want to blog-stalk. don’t tarnish the blogger’s reputation with slanderous accusations. And it’s not even funny. you want attention? go dig yourself a playland someplace else.

  186. Dear fragile,
    sorry if I have offended you.I think my joke went too far. Again please accept my humble apology. (sorry typo errors)

  187. People dont know what do you mean by halal…Just explain lar…Simple as that. If you are good in halal and haram… then explain to them… thats all. Why so sensitive…why talk about anti-religion…stupid…

  188. straight to the point—->unhygiene food is not halal..that hamster could contaminate the food they serve there..

  189. whawww…such post with such comment..hahaha..
    and ya, the ‘hamdan’ part is very interesting..the ‘fragile-vs-chicken’ is wayyy weird..
    I guess this post are more to
    hamster + halal= funny post + people getting annoyed + weird comments
    well..actually, it’s no big deal. The post is not offensive. It’s a normal post from this blogger (the typical Kenny..hehe)
    AND please don’t put the statement that Muslim are EXTREMIST (posted by WTFnoob)..please la, if it’s so damn true, I bet all of my friends will be dead right now (since I am a Muslim). Bumi Malaysia belum gik ada crita org mati kenak bom. All the PM also hidup dgn selesa..
    Drop in some knowledge. There’re a lot of thing that could be considered as not halal TO BE CONSUME/EATEN:
    1. as we all know..PORK n DOG, genuine or hybrid (dan yg sewaktu dengan nya)
    2. Binatang dua alam (frog, crocodile..etc)
    3. animal with claws, sharp teeth (mostly carnivore such as eagle, cat, tiger ..etc)
    4. Anything poisonous (animal, anything from drug-store)
    5. Things that make you go totally out of your mind no matter how good it make you feel(drug, alcoholic stuff)
    6. Dead animal a.k.a bangkai (except fish n belalang)
    7. Animal that has not been slaughtered in proper islamic way.
    8. Dirty stuff (shit?) hehe…
    9. Human being (any part of the body…)
    10…hehe..I can’t think of any more un-halal thing..
    anyway, sorry if I bored u with this list, since I’m already bored..

  190. No animals should be allowed in any restaurant because of the stench they bring though their urine and feces. You don’t want your restaurant to stink while other customers are eating.
    Common sense la.

  191. I agree with harrytee.. The comments are more entertaining than the entry at times.
    What I find ironic: people bring serious issues into a leisure blog. kennysia.com has a whole archive of evidence to back the leisure bit. The next thing we know is they’re demanding MTV to show stock reports every five minutes!
    This blog represents democracy at its best. When they don’t like the blog, they start whining and complaining. They begin flaming and condemning. Certainly they are the best example of “peace-loving advocates”.
    Thanks to one insensitive (or rather oversensitive and ignorant) commenter, this entry becomes the umbrella for a religious debate. Some even go to the extent of using the “conspiracy against religion” theory! Truth be told, from the sidelines, these individuals seem to be the ones who are acting with a hidden agenda.
    Good post. It’s too bad some people couldn’t appreciate the humor. Any update on that hamster?


  193. the manager doesnt understand halal. thats it!
    In food, we have halal, and thoyib (good).
    Some non muslims mixed that up.
    for example, in bali there’s a snack made from pig skin labeled halal by the producer. This is caused by the ignorance of the producer, thinking that halal mean “clean”.
    angry because something we love get insulted is a good thing. But it doesn’t mean that we should become reactive. Try to be more proactive, do some confirmation, try to understand why people do that… then use the power of anger in an constructive and effective way to fixed the problem.
    Key of life: be proactive not reactive.

  194. hello can anybody tell me if having a guinea pig in your house as a pet halal or haraam??? thankyou

  195. hi all..
    let me explain why the hamster is NON Halal. There are many types/categories of Halal and Haram. The opposite of Halal is of course Haram or aka Non HALAL.
    Below are some of the type of HaRAM..
    1) HARAM to eat – eg:- snake, pork, frog, hamster, rat etc.
    2) HARAM to touch – eg:- Pig, Dog etc
    3) HARAM to see – eg: PORN!! etc
    4) HARAM to speak – eg:- F*&K, mengumpat etc
    So, since Hamster is part of the Haram category, thats why the managers request Kenny to bring out the hamster. Since its a restaurant, so it wont be appropriate to bring in a hamster.
    But it is okay to touch a hamster. I really hope that my statement will make the issues clear. Thanks..

  196. I think that hamsters r halal except for dogs and pig because pig is more often use by many american people and the meat is not even cut well cuz theres blood inside it when they cut it half way through, dogs are not allowed in islam for sure but hamsters seem halal to me =)

  197. …..
    Maybe they just think I’m a pig.
    That’s why I’m also not halal.”
    for my point of view,this statement is the troublesome part.
    Why did kenny say this?”…they think..”
    come on,please dont make fun of us by saying this.i have lots of non-muslim friend and NEVER regard them as a pig. u mentioned halal words here which linked mostly to islam.yet,u said something above.
    this is the offensive part that i felt.

  198. I think what the manager meant was the hygienic part of it..not because you cant touch the hamster or you’re gonna eat that thing.
    it would be unhygienic to bring any sorts of pet into a restaurant..rite. I came to know that hygiene is a very important aspect in Islam.
    Come on..I’m not a Muslim but that is common sense lah dude.

  199. Don’t blame the cute animal, it’s a pet and not for consumption unlike pig even though some may keep them as pets.
    The hamster is a pet, period.
    Yes according to some explanation, halal also include clean. Nowadays cow are also unclean as well as chicken as those running around can consume anything on the ground in the kampung. Cow has mad cow disease and chicken has many types of deadly flus. Please leave the pet as a pet and for this matter it is a hamster not a hamburger! For all we know it could have come from the hamburg and not ham burger though the people of hamburg(Germany and the whole country) staple meat is pork. One main poison is another man’s food. I guess the germans are like many other pork eaters around the world including those in Malaysia, non halal but not unkind.

  200. Just leave the animal out of those places or go for other choice of places.
    No need to argue with the restaurants’ house rule.

  201. why there are so many s0h@i giving such long s0h@i comments ???? really regret for reading comments……it shows why there are different classes of human being, rated with characteristic.

  202. Hello. I know this comment may be too little, too late, but I came across your blog through a friend’s (I can’t remember which one exactly now).
    I’m a Muslim, and I don’t find this blog post offensive (since I’m certain it’s written in pure jest). Although I’d like to clarify that it’s common for high-end restaurants that don’t serve pork or lard to immediately lable themselves as ‘halal’ eateries.
    Contextually, ‘halal’ in Arabic means ‘clean’. So, perhaps the manager was concerned with the general hygiene of the restaurant, since rodents are inhabited with bacterial micro-organisms and such. I personally think he could’ve just settled with the word ‘clean’. Oh, well.

  203. im a muslim and i too dont consider this offensive 🙂
    but halal and haram doesnt have to do with just eating. Hamsters are related to the rodent family and islam considers the rodent family “unclean”. Its really up to the person to decide. I belive hamsters are a long way from rats 😐
    oh and your hamster is adorable 🙂

  204. to hamdan – it’s narrow-minded, oversensitive people like you who give your religion a bad name in the rest of our minds. he’s just posting an entertaining anecdote on a HAMSTER and you consider it the mother of all insults to islam? gosh.
    kenny – your blog is awesome and your hamsters are cute beyond words. nuff said 😀

  205. there’re only 2 animals that are haram to touch, pig and dog. Hamster is halal to touch, and guinea pig too..;)
    …then ,other than chicken, cow, and ect. u can’t eat it. Haram to eat animals such as cats, turtle, hamster,pigs, dogs ..
    so, what creating the confusions are between haram to eat and haram to touch..simple maaa….

  206. Hello, made ??in, I is not well understood, the hamster is really haram?
    and if so, there is no way to be able to keep it even if it is haram?
    sil Please, help me, because I have one and I do not know what to do = ‘(

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