Missing Hamster Alert

I am heartbroken.

One of my pet hamsters escaped from the cage and jumped off an open window from the second floor, thinking she’s Spiderman. (Or was it SpiderHam?)
I climbed on the roof and looked, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. I had her for only less than a month.
For now, I’m placing a tiny box with some shavings and some food in it on the roof gutter, hoping that she’ll come back one day.

I am on one of the episodes of Deal or No Deal, now showing on ntv7 every Saturday and Sunday from 8:30pm.
I wasn’t told which episode I’m in. Suffice to say, I bombed the game.

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  1. haha, hope the hamster would return after it’s bored playing outside.
    btw, please do post up your appearance in deal or no deal for those readers that missed the broadcast on ntv7.

  2. how was ur run on sunday? any entry on that?
    a trick to lure the hamster back, put his / her partner near the window. usually they come in a pair, right??? spray some HUGO X / Y will help perhaps??

  3. erm… good luck.. but since you are staying in KUCHING… most likely the little thing is in KUCING already.. πŸ˜›

  4. sad to hear that that your pet is missing. by the way, i saw u and nicole in genting highland over the weekend. were u there to cover the lion dance competition ? i wanted to take a pic with u so much, but i am just too shy to approach you. will u take pic with a stranger on the street ?

  5. Hope your hamster returns home soon.
    Anyway, I find it quite cute how some guys have completely incongrous pets eg I know a big macho man who has a small shih tzu puppy and another rather smarmy guy who has a lop-eared rabbit (!) and you with hamsters.

  6. jumped out of the open windows… hmmm doubt it will return…. meow meow are everywhere.
    Maybe u will see it carcass one day.
    I had 2 last time, they r smart… and actually know how to open the cage door, went out looking for food or hide some food somewhere then return back to their cage again … acting like as if no one knows. You know, like those in the cartoon shows?

  7. i think ur hamster died.. i had like A LOT of them… and some of them escaped.. and never came back. probably became yummy snacks for downstair-cats edi~ get a toy poodle~ its cuter and actually recognise u, and also, its afraid of height so u wun need to worry that it might try to be spiderdog

  8. Here’s a tip I learnt.
    Put some food in a bucket and stack books outside of it so that it’ll form stairs that lead up to the bucket. Hopefully the hamster will pick up the scent of food in the bucket, climb up to it and fall in and get itself trapped.

  9. Awww I am so sorry for you
    Too bad I don’t have hamsters so I can’t tell you anything about ‘luring’ them back.
    Anyways good luck and I hope that you can get her back:-)

  10. I read somewhere to leave ur cage or box door open and allow it to be easily accessible to allow your pet to climb in with stack of books etc. put their favourite food to let them get attracted to the smell of the food too.
    My ham ham jumped out just few days back, but luckily i saw it running around the house.
    Hope yours comes back soon Kenny!:)

  11. really, I think it might pay a visit to my house since every night this small creature will ransacked my trash in the kitchen.
    Since my wife is pregnant, I cannot kill this small. tiny creature.
    oops sorry it’s a mouse πŸ™‚ heh it just look the same maa

  12. awww cute hamster =3 hope she come back lur~~ i had tame a hamster… then few months give back to the pet shop i guess. sob.. =3 cute hamster!

  13. WOW!
    what a cute hamster…
    N i’m kinda hate hamster cause the female ones eat their one child(ewwww!)
    hamster are smelly(depends on how you take care of it)
    Your hamster are freaking cute!!!!
    i’m going to kiss your hamster….
    sorryyyyy Kenny…
    i can;t help u to find ur hamster cause i’m in Penang(it’s impossible for me to go to Kuching to find a HAMSTER!)

  14. i had a few hamsters last time.. and one of it used to run very fast everytime i uncaged it, and hid under the sofa, then to behind curtain..
    why not try to attract her with some cheese and pizza?
    my hamsters used to love it soooo much that they crawled up and down the cage with their nose sniffing…
    kenny, hope you could find your hamster back.. btw, what’s her name?

  15. and maybe you could put some talcum powder on the floor and leave it, to look for some trace on what are the areas she been/going to..
    all the best hunting kenny!

  16. man, your cute hamster thought it could fly, by jumping out the window πŸ˜›
    anyway, teasing aside…
    hope you find it soon, usually it wouldn’t last too long outside, esp. with cats & snakes around.

  17. Kenny, I got a method.
    You know those sticky lizard trap that uses sticky glue. Put those all over your house. I caught 6 lizards with overnight.
    Maybe you will ‘stick’ that runaway hamster of yours. haha.

  18. Aww… I’ve reared about 30 over hamsters all my life… Have lost quite a few too.
    Xiao Ai escaped while I was cleaning their cage, and thinking that she had crawled out into the garden, I found her one week later squeaking behind my Hi-Fi speakers!
    And then a few months later, her husband escaped from the cage while we were sleeping and we lured him back 3 days later by leaving a food tray near the cage πŸ™‚
    I also had a stray cat who upturned the wheel (which was an external part of one of my cages) and ate my hamster… But I shall not go there.
    Good luck with the lure… She might return!

  19. unsupervised hamster jumping out of the window = irresponsible pet owner. sorry, as a hamster owner myself, i am extremely appalled.
    well, assuming that the hamster is still around your house compound, you could try this method. get a pail and drape a long towel on the pail edge so that half of the towel is on the floor (think: ramp) and the other half is in the pail. the part of the towel in the pail should be hanging roughly 3 inches from the base so that the hamster can drop in but cannot climb out.
    then line bits of your hamster’s favourite food up
    the towel to entice it to climb into the pail. hamsters are usually crazy about dried mealworms and kuaci seeds, so you can try a combo of both.
    hope this brings hammie home.

  20. aww, don’t worry Kenny. I’m sure she’ll be fine πŸ™‚
    Your hamster’s really cute!
    Poor thing. Hopefully she will return to you.
    Make sure you pray hard!

  21. scatter around your house with pairs of sunflower seeds.
    hopefully, you can detect where your hamster is hiding so that you can set up a more elaborate trap at the right place.

  22. On 2nd thought, i just want to ask.. this hamster is as pet or what ? just curious after reading about ur article… ur Vietnam trip, and at the Le Mat, your snake eating stunt.

  23. OMG!
    Last time, one of my hamsters escaped too. Never found. They ran so fast and they are small too, so very hard to find. I remember i kept crying. even now, i hope for a hamster, playing around in my hands and running its wheels thingy….:(
    (Sorry to scare you, just a warning. Is there cats around your house?)

  24. There’s no way you can get your hamster back. I lost my hamster before and yes, it jumped off the roof when it came out of the cage. I found it dead a few meters away from the roof gutter. Most probably bitten by a cat next door.
    You may consider a replacement.

  25. muahaha~ Nonit to find dy, your hamster had been kidnapped by me, and I’ll bite it till death if you dun pay me with a tree full of leaves!! XD

  26. kenny you no la about pet there also want love also ma
    you buy the pet only one i see get one more or two pet so there dont get boring also ok
    bye bye just me jeremiah here

  27. hm…i lost my hamster (which can recognise its own name) before also…understand your heart pain. But I guess it hard to have her back lah…could have been eaten by the birds.

  28. ohh ohhhhh… your hamster might hook up with one of those rats living in your house and have babiesssss… that would be scary..
    I used to have more than 100 of hamsters in my house at the same time. They’re sooooooo cute! Some looked quite scary though.

  29. There’s this one in sg is like OMFG SUPER CUTE and its at thirty bucks each. Expensive to a student like me, but ahh you can find hamster look alikes anywhere.
    Hey its probably in your potted plants. Good luck! πŸ˜€

  30. Try looking in dark and narrow places, like pipes or drains..usually tats whr dey will hide, burrowing creatures…cute

  31. haha your hamster is dead.
    on a lighter note at least this isn’t some crap post on love advice by HUGO BOSS XX HARMONY IS OVERATED.
    btw whats with the sheep.

  32. i think u should buy a new hamster…because it might be …u know…last time, i used to rear 4 hamsters…one, run away and eaten by BIG rat..T.Tsobb…second, i bath the hamster and in the end, the hamster mati kesejukkan after the day i bought her…because the hamster is too young that time…and smelly tooo… Third, run away again, eaten by a stray cat because i saw the cat eat my hamsterin front of me . Finally, die of disease…my friends known me as PemBUnuh Hamster…T.T…

  33. So sorry to hear about your hamster. Here’s hoping it comes back soon, but truth be told, I don’t think it has much of a chance outside against predators.

  34. Sorry to hear that. It seems that the things that we’re always closes to us will always be gone, whether sooner or later. Something like this, but more precious to me, had just happened to me. I could only learn the lesson that the most important time is now – the most important thing to do now is to appreciate this very moment with the things are around me…

  35. why do i have a feeling that you actually love the idea of ur hamster having to transform into a spiderHAM? haha btw, very sheepish background u have there.

  36. sorry abt our hamster… hope it’ll be a prodigal hamster.. return to home! hehe..
    i’m currently not in malaysia.. please please.. record the episode of deal or no deal that you’re in and post it in YouTube for me!Better yet, on your blog! i really wanna watch it! heheh.. PRETTY PLEASE!


  38. i wasn’t concern too much about ur hamster now. im thinking if u can climb up to the roof to look for it, what more crazy thing u will later do.
    btw. Kenny, how heavy are u ?

  39. i had a hamster which ran away a lot of times and we did find it back a few times… but the last time it ran away, it’s still missing.. Maybe you could try finding every corner of your house, especially dark places..evry single space assessible.. they are smart creatures contrary to most beliefs..

  40. owww…we have the same fate. My hamster is gone too after i woke up in the morning and saw my hamster lost, not in the cage.. and i saw some rat’s poos around. I think the damn rat ate my hamster… πŸ™

  41. I heard that a hamster’s corpse was found in the middle of the road getting squashed flat by cars near BDC and police had already send the corpse for autopsy. you better check with CSI:Kuching.GO!

  42. Kenny, a Robo the size of a fist is really scary. Since this girl is already out of your house, I’m afraid she’s as good as gone.
    But the next time your hamsters ran loose in the house, here is what you can do:
    1) Cover up all the gutters in the toilets and kitchen.
    2) Before bedtime, place a handful of sunflower seeds (say, about fours pieces) at a corner in each room.
    3) Remember, keep all the doors closed for the night.
    4) Every morning, count the number of sunflower seeds left in each room.
    The room with lesser or none sunflower seeds means the hamster is most probably in that room. Narrow down your search to that room and look behind hard-to-reach places like cupboards and cabinets.

  43. dang. hard chance the hammie will be back since she’s out the house.Can try laying more sunflower seeds around though.

  44. my hamster is missing too and i could not find her any ware on july 29 2008 i hope ill find her to and i hope you will find yours too she is a long haired hamster she is almost well sorta and tanish color

  45. My hamster escape from her cage (and left her brown + white color husband alone in the cage)…
    After two days, i found her sitting & chewing behind my study room’s cabinet…
    After a week… she gave birth to 8 little hammies… and guess what… two of the babies is black in color… (she is cream & husband is coco & white)… i wonder who else stay in my condo?…another black hammy????

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