My Car Got Broken Into


My car was broken into last night! Damn tulan ok!
I was in the Satok area visiting a friend for dinner. Barely one hour – ONE HOUR – I was away from the car and I returned, much to my horror, to find the car window smashed, the dashboard torn and inside a complete mess.

The culprit gained entry into the car by shattering the passenger side car window with what I suspect to be a hard object, maybe his head. He sure was hard-headed enough judging by what he did to my car.

The car alarm went off, but no one was around to react to it. My car was parked in an alleyway behind a row of shophouses and we were all in the house talking about the finer things in life like beer, women and vibrating cock rings.

The first thing I noticed missing was my car stereo. I had a sweet Pioneer MP3 CD Player that costs me RM1,500 and now it’s gone. Fucking gone. Stolen from right underneath my nose. What the hell, I’ve only used it for less than 2 years!
What made me even more upset was that my brand new Jolin CD was in the player before it was taken away. I’ve only had that CD for less than 2 hours can!

This is what the dashboard of my car looks like right now. Ripped clean right off from its fixture.
I always take it for granted that no one’s gonna steal my player because it’s not easy to remove it from the car. Last time I tried it, it took me close to an hour. There’s a lot of hidden screws to undo before I can access it.


Never have I imagined that a thief could be so desperate he tore the whole dashboard apart. He went right after the CD player ok!
Dammit when the bastard tore the CD player out, he didn’t just tore away a very expensive piece of electronic equipment. He tore my heart straight out of my body!

Ok lah not so dramatic. 😛 Cheesie did say I deserve to appear on the Borneo Post’s Page 4 Headlines though.
Strangely, he didn’t go for my money, nor the Rayban sunglasses, nor the iPod nano i carelessly left in the car. I count my blessings. Can die straight off if my iPod was gone.

Quote of the day goes to my mom.
Kenny: “Mom, my car got broken into. Stereo gone.”
Mom: “You see lah! You write all these things in your blog that’s why people break into you car!”
Kenny: “Huh? What does this have anything to do with what I write on my blog???”

Maybe she thinks is so popular, even a common thief knows exactly which car I drive.
Our friend did leave me a little souvenir before he scurried away though.


For a moment, I contemplated sending his blood samples to a lab, extract his DNA, clone an exact copy of that bastard, wait for him to grow up and then WHOOP THAT SON OF A BITCH’S ASS!
I know, I scare myself sometimes.

Blog Plug of the Day: IngHui, spunky hot lass from Miri with a wicked sense of humour to boot. Here, she attempts to write a sex blog, unsuccessfully.

196 Replies to “My Car Got Broken Into”

  1. How many stereos did you have?
    He ripped the middle part and the part on the right of your steering wheel….what was there??!?!

  2. Glad you can still see the silver lining in this dark cloud, if it happened to me I’ll be cursing and swearing at his whole family, much less think about blogging. Respect, dude.

  3. Hmmm. I once smashed somebody’s side window before, but that’s only to disengage its handbrake and pushed the car out of the way because that inconsiderate asshole was parked behind me and I couldn’t reverse out.

  4. aww crap! i got this kind of shit once also..luckily that stupid fella left with nothing…bloody bast@ rt! CURSES!!!

  5. d blood could contain HIV.
    so wat happend nxt? did u report it 2 d police.. or did u blog 1st about it?

  6. well, since he left he blood sample there, you could go get a DNA done and then find that fucker…

  7. Mr Sia,
    you parked you car with the gear in Drive shift?? or was it the thief who helped u change it?

  8. poor you. hmm, my boss car just kena last 2 weeks, left the car less than 5 minutes, went to pick his son from tuition centre (that time around 7pm. When he came down, (tuition centre located at 2nd floor) passenger side car window smashed, laptop + camera + office documents + cheque book gone. LESS THAN 5 MINUTES!

  9. hey Kenny! I just like reading your blog and boy, did i laugh out loud when i read your mum’s response to “Mom, my car got broken into. Stereo gone.” Aren’t all mums the same? They make weird conclusions. Blame it on so-called experience.

  10. somehow, wat ur mom have said is making sense. =) sorry for ur stereo, BUT, at least ur ipod nano is not gone…=)

  11. why the hell did you buy the 8650 if you didn’t even use the advanced cross-over settings as well as time alignment features?! you’d be better off with a 400 dollar 1650 which could still play mp3s.. only without the fancy OEL screen… damn.. should have given it to me!

  12. kenny sia ah. dont bluff ppl luh. how come ur ipod nano is placed there nicely without any pieces of broken glass on it. FAKE ONE DUDE !!! U can fool others but not me. muaahahahah !!!

  13. my fren always say i’m showoff coz everytime park my car at roadside and yellow line…now u ppl know why i park my car at illegal place…i rather pay summon rm70 and being complain showoff…even i go watch movie i dont park my car in carpark…
    go tinted your car so they cant see what you had in your car…

  14. Sorry to hear that ur car has been broken into. By the way, i disagree with ur mom. Ur blogs do not have anything to do with this i am sure.

  15. i agree with Peter.. Go CSI that arse!
    But Malaysia ader ker??
    *hugz* nano still with you! =) maybe that fella dunno the value of an ipod..

  16. You know.. I bet you didn’t take out the player’s interface cover that pioneer so conveniently provided to avoid this kind of thing happen. Also the fact that you left the iPod in the car just like that shows that you’re careless. Let this be a lesson to all of us when we’re living in a country like Malaysia.

  17. huh blood? u think he zhng-ed something on his way out from the car? better check if there’s kulit around too…erggh!!

  18. holy crap, that’s really something really suay and bad happened to you…
    that fellow aim the HU nia…even your iPod neber take..that fellow also damn aggressive as he rib off the whole dashboard..dunno he’s juggernut anot…
    with the blood, i think the culprit can be found… all the best to the police to solve the crime for you….
    poor Jolin also kena kidnapped…sigh!

  19. barffie, why you want him to take my iPod!?!?!?!?
    Keeky, what would his wife’s period blood be doing in my car?!
    WTJ, him poor thing!? What about ME!
    Cocka, that’s a bit drastic right. Then again, he deserves it for blocking your car. 😀
    Anonymous at 2:40am, I don’t bite that. It’s like that due to dryness I guess.
    Name + MadEurekaLaughs, oh yeah. 😛 I forgot.
    itoou, karma for what? I never stole other people’s cd player. :/
    AiSM0, what makes you think I don’t use all the stuff you mentioned?
    kennyisaliar, you think I’d leave my nano in the car after what happened?!
    AvatarStormBringer, yea I know. I took it for granted that it’s not gonna be easy to take the whole player from the car. My bad. 🙁 Time to go car stereo shopping though. hehe

  20. Hey hey…. old one don’t go new one don’t come. Time to find people who wish to sponsor or advertise at your blog. Perhaps you can go back to Hyundai and ask for a new dashboard in exchange for some free advertisements.

  21. walaueh, i just went to satok with my dad few days ago! T_T scary. It’s none of your blog’s business lar,I don’t think thieves do read blogs. XD

  22. Kesian man you… reminds me of a time when a bloody thief broke into my house, took my laptop, phone, RM400, wallet and new watch.
    Damn them

  23. ouch.. its like suppose to rip off ur nose, but ended up rip off the whole face.
    lucky the thief stupid enuf to leave the ipod alone.
    but the whole damn thing would be very costly right?

  24. OMG. Kuching ay?
    My friend’s car window was smashed and guess what, he lost his flashy car stereo too. And yes, that happened recently.
    There was a time when they go after Wajas. And now they are hunting for car stereos like WTF??

  25. Tough luck dude…u were in a house with a fish pond at the back and front? Opposite the shops rite? heheh. If i were u, i’d just send the blood stains to some bomoh and the thief will be returning your stereo soon.

  26. Hm….on the coming “festival” if you heard a fellow dude at a rumah panjang playing Jolin’s songs, you should pay him a visit and ask for some tuak XD

  27. Maybe you can use the DNA samples to nab the culprit?
    Would the police in Kuching care enough to do that?
    Those in Sg would.
    Poor you Kenny. *hugs*

  28. i would have thought that your 1st instinct when u saw the blood wld be to send it for DNA analysis or whatever to identify the thief.

  29. omg! if i were u, i will send the blood for DNA … u haf to catch him/her! he may do it to someone else..maybe he has ipod nano already.

  30. you can send the blood samples to the lab and extract the DNA, not cloning the person, but get the DNA finger printing. then you can track down the thief!

  31. Sorry to hear what happened about your car!!! I know how you felt. I live in JB, my car was broken in 7 times in 2 years. Trust me, Malaysia is no longer a place you can stay.
    Save lots of money now, migrate! New Zealand or Australia is a good choice.

  32. I am sorry about your car and stereo and Jolin’s sad that these people do not think about how hard we work to get whatever we have. My place was broken into end April – the whole damn window grill taken out and house ransacked. Laptop (less than year), camera Nikon S1 (less than 6 months), 2 Montblanc pens, a Coach watch, my 2 coin boxes full of 50sen coins. Heartsick. Sickening feeling… And the inconvenience to clean and fix the mess they left behind….

  33. Sorry to hear about it dude. Mebbe you should try tinting your windows and windscreen. They might make it a little hard for smash and grab incidents in the future.

  34. Aiiyyee….sama ler kenny!but mine was in 2004,not a car but a house broke into!lost my home theathre set ( 21″ tv,amplifier,speakers,dvd,hi-fi),Nikon Cam ( worth +/- RM8k..arghhhh!!! ),watch collections ( CROCODILES,EMPORIO,SWATCH),coins saving…i feel like i have the license to kill!we did lodge a police report .. but that’s it!*sigh*takpe..sabar!

  35. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, you listen to Jolin!!! So yucky can die.
    Your cuticle looks kinda gross, by the way.
    Oh, and my deepest condolences yadda yadda for your loss. I’ll click on your AdSense a couple of times to help, ok?
    Aren’t I sweet..

  36. these thief only takes 15mins to take off ur stuffs… but mostly done by drug addicts. I used to loose 2 players in a year.

  37. Hey, why don’t you just take your car to a police station so they can take a sample of his DNA? And do you have insurance?

  38. u guys are damn dumb with the DNA analysis thing. wat u think malaysia is? send for DNA analysis?? wat the hell for? pay a couple of hundred for test results and for nothing to compare it with?!?! OMG! numb-nuts! stop thinking this is CSI. DNA analysis can only be used for certain cases. that is, serious cases like rape and murder. besides, not many labs are capable to do an appropriate DNA analysis anyway. and Jabatan Kimia ain’t gonna do no DNA analysis on freakin car break-in. it’ll probably cost more then the actual damage loss.
    the only ‘clue’ the police can take off the car is finger-prints. even then, malaysia don’t have a fingerprint database to compare it with.

  39. oh btw, sorry to hear about the whole incident, Kenny. look at the bright side, worst could have happened.

  40. Hi Kenny, my car had been broken into 2 weeks ago, also at Satok area (near Celcom). I suspected they did it around 11am close to lunch and my car alarm didn’t sound as I got no motion sensor in my car. They crawled in, grab my headunit, Oakley, gauges and tweeters then crawled back out (crappy cheapskate alarm that time). They even bloody took my coinbox!!!
    Anyway, I just installed a new alarm system with both shock and motion sensors (Cobra brand, you can mail me if you want to know where I installed mine). Now, everywhere I go, I’ll take off my headunit faceplate and park carefully. Need to make it a habit!! 😀
    FYI, they usually kicked your tire first to see whether you got good alarm, so better equip yourself with a loud siren+airhonk and always park your car at a better place even if you need to drive around a few times. Cheers!!

  41. you can have his blood to make kongtao
    or clean his blood with a cloth,than make a doll with the cloth,and use needle to kena his heart,maybe he will faint on the road
    hahaha,poor jolin

  42. Agreed with CSIWannabe, I felt more sad and relunctant to make a call to the police as I don’t really have confidence on them to catch the bad guys. We are like 10 years behind the technologies of the US police department. Another thing I noticed is most headunits being stolen are either Pioneer or Sony. Kenny, maybe you can get other brands of headunits now!! Apline or Eclipse!!!

  43. to CSI wannabe. you watch too much telly. first off, if DNA analysis can only be done for cases like rape and murder, there obviously is a DNA database. And DNA analysis is not THAT complicated as long as you get your list of suspects and the corresponding DNA runs. It’s just electrophoresis. I’m not even out of high school yet and i’ve done electrophoresis. so don;t think you’re so high and mighty just because you watch CSI. CSI is unrealistic.

  44. ‘Mom: “You see lah! You write all these things in your blog that’s why people break into you car!”
    Kenny: “Huh? What does this have anything to do with what I write on my blog???”‘

    It was some girls after a lock of your hair, when they discovered they couldn’t find one, they trashed the place!
    Anyway, condolenses on havin you car trashed. I’ve had the same sort of thing happen a few times. I still haven’t replaced my stereo from the last time! [Which was in 2000 or 2001 I think!] Probably time to replace it!

  45. car break-ins are as common in NZ as it is in Malaysia.. you’ll just have to watch where you park your car..
    as for the new stereo…
    9855 ftw!

  46. My sympathies… but I went “Ahhh” when you mentioned Pioneer, because it’s very typical to get this brand stolen. It’s the most wanted brand.
    *LOL* Your mom’s comment is very cute. Like as if anyone would be idiotic enough to publish on their blog – I drive a Hyundai XXXX, car plate XXXX. 😀

  47. Even if the person wants to avenge you for writing stuff that displeases him/her online, that doesn’t excuse an outrageous criminal act.
    File a police report. Stupid son of a bitch – the criminal!

  48. stupid asshole. It would be nice if you can find the culprit soon. And then you can blog abt him Kenny!! Post his big fat ugly face up your blog and dang! Instant popularity for him. haha.
    He shall be known as The Guy Who Broke Into Kenny’s Car, Mr XXX. Cool. someone’s famous because of u kenny. Or not.
    I had a long day. I think I need to go sleep now.

  49. Chai Kiat, obviously I won’t migrate to another country just because my car was broken into right! Anyway, it’s a myth that Australia or New Zealand is safer than Malaysia. My car was broken into 3 times and my house 2 times within the span of one year while I was in Australia. I was threatened in broad daylight by a druggie with a syringe when I refused to give him money when I was in Australia. I never experienced any of these in Kuching until last Saturday when my car was broken into. So from my experiences, Malaysia (or at least Kuching) is a safer place.
    Karen, omg you had it much worse than me. I hope you had insurance. 🙁
    Skyler, you’re the sweetest person and the best tag-board moderator I can hope for.
    Steven, thanks for the tip. Time to zhng my car with louder alarms.
    Dabido, I don’t think I can even drive a car without a stereo.
    Nanonano, how’d you know where I was!

  50. to ailin, u prove your ignorance. DNA analysis for rape and murder cases is done to match with DNA from suspects and the victim. and i quote by you, “DNA analysis is not THAT complicated as long as you get your list of suspects and the corresponding DNA runs.” so your comments are contradicting.
    there is no freakin DNA database here in malaysia. it’s too costly to run such a program. heck, we don’t even have a fingerprint database. the only way we solve crimes here is by beating the hell out of them until they testify.
    but i do agree with you tho, a DNA analysis is not complicated. but then again, i didn’t say it is. it is just very costly.
    btw, a simple electrophoresis alone does not yield a DNA sequence. DNA profiling machines are extremely costly. i believe, only jabatan kimia has them in malaysia. maybe some of the universities as well. the method you’re referring to is probably just to differentiate species, not to create specific segmentation profiles. besides, i dont believe your school even has a simple fluorescent x-ray viewer.
    DNA analyses are highly complex. costly machines and one-off consumeables are required, therefore increasing the cost of performing each DNA analysis. and to do so is unnecessarily a big waste of time and money for all parties since the crime involved is not serious. and i haven’t even started with the legal complications of obtaining DNA samples from potential suspects.
    on a final note, how is it that i’m “so high and mighty just because [I] watch CSI” since im trying to debunk the myth that DNA analyses (a common phrase in CSI shows) are unrealistic in this case, which so many ignoramus ppl are suggesting. grow up kid, you’re the one who’s watching too much telly.

  51. U shld send the blood to the lab and catch the mutha farker culprit(s). And castrate them, I nv like Malaysia, this is a third world country with ppl of 3rd world mentality, curse Malaysia to be struck as a third world society. Burn my passport, I hate Msia

  52. Know what you should do? Have a grenade sort of “tied” up to the stereo. Sort of the grenade will explode if someone tries to tear down the stereo by force.
    Next time if someone tries to break the glass and steal the stereo, we’ll be singing:
    Knock knock knocking on heaven’s door…
    cool huh?

  53. Hey Csiwannabe,
    I can’t comment on what things are like in Malaysia, but in Aus the Police would take a sample in a case such as this. The country doesn’t have a full dna database yet, but it’s getting there with each lockup and has resulted in a large number of historical cases being resolved (including car breakins & burgs). It’s definately worth getting a sample taken by the Police – while it may not result in an arrest anytime in the next few years, the offender may be located in the long run (not much help to you kenny, as you’ll be using a new u-beaut system by then). And, csi-dude, that info comes from 7yrs in different Aus police agencies including work on dna databases.
    Bad luck kenny, hope some good luck comes your way!

  54. hey, so sorry abt the car, the player, as well as the poor cd. kesian aje… they must’ve really wanted that player bad….sampai their eyes were blinded to everything else. well, thank God for that. you never know when u’ll next need to run 12km and need a companion. hehe.
    i heard some rumor that the govt actually bought some canggih-manggih equipment to test dna and trace and such. but of course, there’s no database for it, so it is absolutely useless la!
    heh. dunno if that’s true la.
    but maybe u shld dust ur car for fingerprints. at least there’s a database for that when u get ur IC done la. hehe
    ok i think MAYBE i’ve watched too much CSI. hehehe

  55. Sorry to hear about your loss. Does your insurance cover theft? I think you you can recover the damages and loss of property if you are…

  56. I don’t understand how a car break in post turn into a “I hate Malaysia” and “Malaysia is not safe” and “I am glad I don’t stay in Malaysia” comments going around.
    Sometimes, we all should get our facts right. Third world country or 1st world, crime still happens. You see it more in the country you stay, obvioulsy, but it doesn’t mean it does not happen or is not worse in other countries.

  57. of cos the person would be targeting that player.. its practically identical to the top of the line pioneer… with quite a bit of SQ features…
    if i could’ve easily found one in kuching i would’ve bought that instead of my alpine.. =(

  58. those “I’m glad i don’t live in Malaysia” comments..
    eh! it happens everywhere laaa… malaysia is just another country with crimes.

  59. . how the hell did they rip out your stereo. maybe it’s one of your fans going around.

  60. OH NO!!!!! Poor Kenny!
    Did you have insurance?
    As for your mom’s comment, it’s priceless! Why do moms think that everything single thing you do that attracts attention (either online/ in real life) will bring misfortune on your head? 🙂
    Eg: When my cousin got her necklace snatched, my auntie’s first reaction was: “I told you NOT to walk around in a shirt that is not collared! You see, drawing attention to yourself only!” Btw, she was wearing a high, round-necked t-shirt at the time, totally modest ok? 😛

  61. poor kenny. there goes the money fixing the window n getting a new player. thankfully the ipod n glasses are still there. the thief’s pretty stupid, aye? *giggles* oppss sorry.

  62. if you have cd-kei in your car…must take out the interface and keep wan…if you put like this..sure kena break in…haih~~~~
    so many ppl kena outside my office…parking under the tree..never learn…

  63. First of all, we must know where you parked your car. If it’s beside some yellow line, then u deserve it. Secondly, if i were to keep expensive stuff like an ipod nano in my car, my car definitely deserves a whoop-ass break in. Really, you definitely shouldn’t take anything for granted….

  64. dude.. count urself lucky! my dad had his car stolen in miri. imagine walking out of da shop n finding out tat ur car is no longer there! i think i wud sob my heart out.

  65. omigod .. feel so sorry for you!!! *hugs*
    .. hunt them down I say! kill kill kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Ouch, sorry to hear about the damages.
    Hmm… who knows it could really be a disgruntled/desperate/demented reader who did this? :S

  67. Gosh, he knew the worth of your stereo. Probably he didn’t know what is IPOD nano and suspect that your sunglass is from the pasar malam.
    It’s a horrible experience though. I had my car broken in twice in KL. The stupidest thing is that they smashed both my passenger side window and the driver’s side and only got away with my smart tag leaving my CD player intact. No doubt they ransacked the whole car though.

  68. My sympathies too – thieves are the Shiat. Maybe, for your next car stereo, you could get one of those with a cover – really not sure if it’d help, though.
    And as for the DNA-blood sample debate folks – look, even if the PDRM and the Jabatan Kimia has all the fancy equipment ala CSI, the real problem would be the people manning the systems. They’d just as soon match those blood samples to an 8-months pregnant woman who hasn’t left Pedas since the New Year as they would match it with the real McCoy – that’s just their style nowadays.

  69. Referring to the Borneo Post thing. My house got robbed by Indian men who just jumped over the bloody gate. We lost two cars (Merc and Jazz), cash, and watches. We didn’t appear on the freakin’ newspaper!! ONE pathetic policeman showed up on a motorbike so slow that my grandma could have out-crawled it. The dumbass Indians used the Smart Tag which was in the cars and GUESS WHAT. The police still couldn’t find them. THAT explains why rubbish of the society can just go around murdering, raping, and robbing in broad daylight without using any mask, gloves, or whatsoever BECAUSE THEY’LL NEVER GET CAUGHT. By the way, maybe you should do some African voodoo on the blood. MUAHAHAHAHA…

  70. ailin, CSIwannabe has his/her points. We don’t even have a complete fingerprint database in Malaysia whatmore DNA. Therefore, the chances of getting a match would be very minimal and costly as we do not have the sophisticated equipments to do it. Peace

  71. actually, we are capable of implementing a largescale fingerprint database because.. u guessed it, the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara, has a record of pretty much every Malaysian, thanks to the IC system. this is actually one of the reasons why some countries are against such national identification systems simply because of privacy issues. but im quite sure that the gov does not have the capabilities to use fingerprinting identification and matching. even then, again, legal implications will set a precedence to how criminals can be prosecuted.
    that brings me to my next point. pattern matching is very complicated, and requires expensive hardware due to heavy processing power requirements. conversion of analog data to digial format for computers to understand and find a “match” is a huge task. and that’s just for something as simple as image recognition and processing, in the case of fingerprint id. comparing DNA data is even more complex. here, the bioinformatics field comes in. and this is y i come to the conclusion that we are just simply incapable of having such a system. our basic police force is already so outdated.
    but, we may never know wat goes on in the bkt aman. i’ve heard that the computer forensics team is actually quite good. so, a word of caution to paedophiles and future hackers. u might get a friendly knock at the door from your neighbourhood police force in the future.

  72. Hi, your blog garnered too much attention and thus leads to such unexpected incident. You should adhere to your mother’s advice!!

  73. Kenny ooo Kenny. C… is a punishment. y y y y… coz u wanna “hurt” ur kid(aka birdy), based on ur previous post. hehehe….
    *juz kidding, no offence ya*

  74. omg, I’ll help you curse that god dammit!
    I HATE THIEFT!!! after ecountering so many of them!!! Just heard the word thief made me mad!!!
    hope that they will crash by lorries, train, bus, cars or motors!!!
    steal others ppl things bloody hell!! i know how you felt Kenny… huggss*
    btw, maybe they are non-chinese and think that Jolin cd is porn movie or something… because her album cover is a bit sluttish… lol… but i like it.
    pity Jolin, hope they will not fantasize her..

  75. just read all the comments, & gotta agree with CSIwannabe. damn, i’m so ignorant!
    Kennysia, hang in there…. we’re all backing u, just tell us who & where.

  76. Pity u… but the thief is kind da stupid la… maybe he donno wat is ipod nano, maybe the thief never heard of ipod… “Sakai”. But bcoz of that, ur ipod is safe~ :] Such a stupid thief will do anything crazy, n maybe he is really using his head to bash the windows… hope that he is still bleeding and NEVER stop!!!

  77. i teach u a way to get that thief go and look for this lemon and get the lemon juice mix with the blood that thief left that the hantu will go and look for him …up to u want to belive it or not

  78. Sorry to hear what had happened to you, if it happened to me, I will surely very very tut tut lan…

  79. that person must be too desperate.. and the dashboard… 0.o” he must have been too stupid to know what a nano is..“eh, remote control.. no need to take lah”

  80. i got it a month ago. but mine was just a kelisa and they stole away my rm700+ jvc player. that’s not all. those idiots had to steal my wiper’s blade and carclock as well. ish ish!

  81. count your blessings… at least your car is still in a okay state 😛
    it’s amazing what extend some people go to get the things they want

  82. Hey Kenny!

    Sorry about your car man. I have an almost similar model Pioneer CD player (6800MP) and the thing comes with an auto-slide face as well that is removable. I take it that you didn’t remove the face plate before you left the car huh….?:P

    To all you readers out there! There is a reason why they made the face plate detachable in the first place!

  83. This happened to me about 1 year ago too, but it was in my house compound sometime in the wee hours of the morning. My Sony mp3 stereo set was gone, but was my fault for not locking my car. The sense of security is totally gone and the feeling of having your private property invaded is bloody shitty.
    I think if you check around, there will be more than 1 of these cases at your area. Because i think it’s a syndicate working together. There were like a few car stereo sets stolen that night, one was my friend’s and mine, and some more i don’t know.
    Aihhh, everytime i look at that gaping hole where my stereo was in, i was damn pissed. Had to go find a replacement asap. Now i’m on pioneer too

  84. KNNCCB that thief..
    let’s us curse him till death…
    Collect his blood …and do some KONG DAO..

  85. i understand what you all are saying. but once again, if DNA analysis is for rape and murder cases, then there must be a DNA database in Malaysia otherwise you cant analyse DNA for those big cases. i do admit im wrong about the DNA equipment used, but electrophoresis is not about comparing species. I’ve done it before. and GTAC is within my school compound. so our equipment is not that limited. I suppose i just dont understand how Malaysian stuff works. like tone said, in aus, the police will damn well take a sample and track the bastard down. so, sorry for that.
    alright i see now that all you wanted was to debunk the myth, csi wannabe. but i just got pissed off when you said something like “omg you guys are damn dumb about the DNA analysis thing.” and calling people “numb nuts”. It’s good to know more than other people, but really, degrading language is not nesscessary.

  86. ipod and all the expensive stuff not taken?
    confirm is kampung malaysians with fkin modified cars.. HAHA

  87. he going for ur stereo, why the heck that bastard ripped off the dashboard for?? can sell one mer? blood? better check ur car boot whether got dead body or not? Anyhow..take it easy…this kind of thing happen. ^_^

  88. kenny, a fren of mine also got a car break in last week(wif a broken window), in front of st thomas CHURCH!!! wtf? in the middle of the day, and on the roadside!!! also got his pioneer player stolen(aged less than 2 months) wat the hell??!!!

  89. hrmm remembered the time my mom’s car got broken into and you left a comment..
    same ol’ same ol’
    shud be soaking the blood in a voodoo doll and curse him.. OR .. it’s high time for you to be buying the MPV u checked out..

  90. my deepest condolence to u….:D
    one thing for sure, they ain’t educated enough to steal the other valuable things, are they? Poor them!

  91. You are damn luckly.. maybe it is a sign to strike as a MILLIONAIRE.. Go and buy your car plate no. The result for 4D opens tonite 😀

  92. I HATE THIEF too!!… goddammitt.. my phone(miss miss*) kena stolen too.. last month.. i just went printing something and i left my phone in the car i think. and its lost after 15min i returned from printing… grrrrrrrrr… *curse curse*
    anyway.. maybe ure too famous that ppl jelous of u or wat.. cuz ppl read from ur blog’s posts.. they got jelous.. as u knoe.. u are famous wat…. and so yea.. try to do something to ur stuff. (ur car’s player)
    or maybe.. bad lucks..
    and.. do becareful.. who knoes. ur WHOLE CAR is their next target!! =)

  93. The thief must be pretty much of an idiot, to miss the ipod nano and branded sunglasses like that. But I say, cheers to that idiot and lucky you. Poor you, to join one of the lucky ones to get their cars broken into :p Heh, NEHMIND your baby can be repaired right? So no harm done, except maybe a huge whole in your wallet :X

  94. Jolin…
    *sniff sniff*
    probably hadnt even finished listening at that point…
    oh.. sorry bout the player too… n the dash…

  95. My car got broken into before too in PJ in front of the mamak. RIGHT IN FRONT of the mamak and no one saw it. These dudes blend in regardless if its day/night/busy
    Be thankful that your car wasn’t stolen.

  96. Blood! Best agents for Kang-Tao. Go curse him KKC stop function for 1 years whenever he steal a car stereo. ROFL.

  97. Me from UK ^^ I love your car broken incident. It’s so funny. Do send my regards to your mum! Ha ha ^^

  98. My friend’s car got broken into in Australia – parked right in front of a churhc he was visiting – and all they took was his leather bound bible! :p

  99. country like this, half the crooks are kids of the police force. my car had a breakin once too. lucky the laptop wasn’t in it but lost the bag and cheque books and other vital docs. police report? HAHAHAHA… no one in the police station cared when i went in there to try to file a report. blame it on the NEP. Malaysia BOLEH!

  100. hey man i feel for your loss there.. those asshole.. i had my car window shattered once and those fuckers just did it for fun!! i m not a racist but some fucked up kampung malay can be such idiotic assholes!! (and no i m not just simply blaming cause my neighbour saw them -all long hair and riding motor with a fucking rod metal) well anyway i hope those fuckas who hurt our beloved darling will fall from their bike and torn all their limbs before goin blind and die from kidney failure~

  101. Dear Kenny, Hopes this reach you. FIY, mine was 4/2/06 at 2am. at hill to hilton, and i do deteched my faceplat. they still took away my sony vcd mp3 with 7″ LCD screen. i make report, the police cought the theif and guest what? release after 1 week, no case, no evedince… ps:sorry for my poor english

  102. My car genna twice. Last month and this month. That idiot never get anything from my car, even a single cents. Very interesting, he don’t want my CD player, maybe that is an very old one, and the cd player can’t play anymore, how come he know leh.. and i spend RM400 to replace twice, damn expensive. Can you ask those ppl stop break into those car without any valuable things, that is too troublesome for him and also for us.
    So shall we just leave the window open, and leave nothing inside the car???? I am so worry they break the window again, that is very costly leh.

  103. My fuckin car got broken into last night/this morning too! I’m so pissed. They brokek my pasenger window, took my CD player, took my amp, and just screwed up everything. I’m gonna go search at Pawn Shops and see if I can identify my stuff.

  104. thats messed up my ipod nano that i got for christmas from my grandma got stolen and it was in my house u know u shold be able to set some thing down in ur own house without it getting stolen i still havent got it back from the person that stole it from me and i know i wont eathier

  105. man my car got broken into last week. fuckers bent my door back got in stole my cd player my parcal shelf which had my 6x9s in and my sub!!! my car officialy soundless!!
    i wish there perants die from aids!!!

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