LG Chocolate Phone Review

I tell you ah. Last time, chocolates cost only RM1 for one whole bar. Today, Chocolates cost thousand ringgit over and is so advanced that you can use it to make phone calls.
Technology sure has come a long way.

I’m of course talking about LG’s latest foray into the sleek and stylish fashion phone market – the LG Black Temptation Series ‘Chocolate’ Phone.
Like most people I tend to favour European-made phones, preferring Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola over Samsung and LG.
This however, is different. If you haven’t yet caught on to the hype, the LG Chocolate (also known as LG KG800) is dubbed as the latest mobile sensation set to take on the world by storm.

That is no exaggeration. Already 400,000 units have been sold in Korea since its launch. If all indications are true, the Chocolate’s signature red glowing keypads will soon be illuminating clubs and restaurants across Singapore and Malaysia.
Make no mistake about it. This is one helluva sexy phone. It is arguably the best-looking phone in the market today and you would WANT to show it off to your friends – something I’ve been doing since the moment I got it. This review unit is courtesy of LG Mobile Malaysia.

With its elegant black exterior, you’d be forgiven if you mistake this as an MP3 player on first glance.
There isn’t any protruding buttons visible on the front; even the LCD screen blends unsuspiciously and seamlessly into the face of the phone. The end result is a minimalistic, PSP-inspired design, accentuated only by the silver rim on the centre of the phone.

Press a side button or slide the keypad open and the phone comes alive.
The 2″ 256K colour LCD screen on the LG Chocolate is crisp clear and the smouldering red touch-sensitive keypad is the epitome of the phone’s cool factor. To use, just give it an effortless touch. It does take some getting used to at first, but I can’t get enough of it after a while.
This is the first time a heat-sensitive keypad is incorporated into the design on the phone, and I’m sure this has set a precedence in phone design that will be repeated many times in the future.

Slider phones seem to be the trend these days and LG has implemented it flawlessly. Opening and closing the keypad is one smooth motion. I like how the sliding mechanism satisfyingly “snaps” into place when activated, a feeling that can only be described as… orgasmic. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The size of the Chocolate is only slightly bigger than two iPod nanos, making it extremely small and forgettably light at 83g.
Slim, sexy yet solidly built, which makes it the closest thing next to Jessica Alba.

Feature-wise it isn’t as jam-packed as its rivals though all the basics are there. Call quality is excellent and texting is fairly intuitive. Battery life is 2 to 3 days on moderate usage, less if you’re using power applications like the camera or MP3 player. Then there’s GPRS and Bluetooth for connectivity, and a Java backbone to run your fancy little games and apps.

The MP3 player, camera and video camera features are activated by a button on the side of the phone. The ‘hang up’ button is relocated here instead of on the touch keypad to prevent accidental hang-ups when answering phone calls. There’s a flap covering a multi-purpose port for charging, headphones and USB connection to the computer.

The embedded 1.3 megapixel camera works like a charm. It even comes with an inbuilt LED lamp to illuminate your subject at night. 128MB of onboard memory should be more than enough for the vast majority of people.
Personally, I’m surprised at how good the pictures turn out.

Click here to see it in full resolution.

All in all, love it!
If you’re looking a swanky phone with a decent multimedia package, then the LG Chocolate is definitely one desirable candy that’s guaranteed to turn heads. It’s black, red, very shiny and one sexy-looking phone to crave for.

The only downside is that this droolworthy Chocolate not edible. Just thought you might wanna know in case you took a bite at it and got disappointed at the taste.
LG Chocolate will burst into the market in a nationwide launch covering 9 cities from May 29 at KL, and is expected to fetch a price tag of around RM1,500. Sweet.

Mmmm… Chocolate. ๐Ÿ™‚

I didn’t know how fluent in Malay I was until the chit-chat with the police inspector yesterday turned out so… natural.
The car’s going into the garage. It’ll stay there for some time. Insurance is gonna help me recover some costs, but the player is gone, gone forever.

148 Replies to “LG Chocolate Phone Review”

  1. sigh… so shamelessly commercial. It will be a sad day when people log in only to read kenny blogging about his latest endosement products.

  2. hmmmm nice n sexy, i’m holding out for the latest Sony Ericsson though, with the cybershot built in. Hehehe kill 2 birds with 1 stone ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. It looks very nice. Quite handy for girls.. hehe. i like it. BUt too bad, i just bought w800i last few months. No plan to change hp this moment.

  4. nv ever buy Nokia stuffs. Inferior quality goods at a high price. And depreciates v v fast. Kenny did u zhng ur nose in the pic? looks kinda weird. haha

  5. LG looks yummilicious but I’m gonna get the nokia N80. That’s an N-itch with 3.0 megapixels, baby! Delish!

  6. sweettt~
    but.. LG worr… I’m a Nokia/Motorola person only.. very spectical about LG. But I have to admit, the design is sweeeeettttt~!
    and I agree with Cely, handy for girls. lol…

  7. sure this chocolate looked yummy….
    btw, what happen to your Eten???
    i’m used to pda phone nowadays..thus such phone is hard to swallow…but sure i would like to have one..
    its been ages i used nokia…samsung rocks too!

  8. Couldn’t you have been a bit more subtle in your endorsement?
    In fact, this posting is so different from your usual style I wonder if you’re being ironic here.
    So what you’re really saying is this chocolate is actually lemon-flavoured eh? And you still get to keep the phone.
    Sly, kenny. Very sly ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Somehow the orange-ish building in the picture looks very familiar. I get the impression it’s near the river.

  10. รฃยโ€šรฃยโ€นรฃยล’รฃโ€šยรฃโ‚ฌโ‚ฌรฃยโ€˜รฃโ€šโ€œรฃยโ€žรฃยยก says:

    The only part which makes it interesting will be the design and the lights. SO, i shall say majority of the money is paid for the design.

  11. Kenny, if you start review about, let’s say, the toilets in KLCC, then be careful, cuz ppl might say you’re endorsing it.

  12. Oo i saw the ad for this hphone…sth like “iChocolate” if im not mistaken xD so..so…so…nice and..rich…T_T I don’t even have not more than RM5 in my wallet now..

  13. eh eh.. y u take pics din sensor the car plate no?? that’s my car u know? haiz..
    just kidding.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  14. the phone doesn’t look THAT great. the keypad with the red LED illuminated buttons spell one thing: Cheeseeeeeeeeeeeeeee…….!
    Sony Ericsson has the nicest designs.

  15. Come on Kenny… you’re better than this… man u’ve just wasted 2 mins of my time scrolling all the way down to type this…

  16. hidden advertorial… kennysia so money-face one. shame on you.
    [KS: one comment is enough dude. don’t need to hide behind multiple nicks with the same IP]

  17. Kenny, what if Victoria Secret approach you tomoro and offer u some of their latest collection? ~lalala~ are u gonna use this “chocolate” to snap some pics of u wearing VS and post it?

  18. Cut the guy some slack. How do you think he’s paying for maintaining the space for this blog? Using his hard earned wages? I’d be damned. He isn’t Santa u know… A product endorsement after about a 100 or so entertaining posts is fine by me.
    If someone paid me to endorse their phones, I’d jump on the bandwagon. Consider a part of my soul sold. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Hmm… not bad. the phone is very nice and the price is favaroble.
    But lack of video call and ah~…1.3 megapixel camera is a bit not enough, 2.0 should b juz fine.

  20. Malay’s a pretty easy language to speak, so you’d probably do fine with it long after school. The only time it gets difficult is when you need to sit for the exam.

  21. Just noticed a comment where someone said he was “spectical” about this LG phone ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Looks nice. But then again, it’s LG. I agree with Evan. If someone approaches you to review their product, then review it. I would. Afterall Kenny told us that the LG phone has not got all the features other phones have and all. I think it’s a decent post. The screen looks cool but i think the the downside are the keypads and the interface.
    I wish i could get free phones too ๐Ÿ™‚ haha

  23. Well done kenny! cool review! I seriously thought of buying one, but when I saw the price……..
    [i not cheapo, i just have no income…]
    and btw ur photo at the end where u hold the phone u look kinda not real? I mean ur expression, no the photo. i think it would look better if u slightly pouted ur mouth?with the corner of your mouth slightly upturned on 1 or both sides…lol. seriously.

  24. take care of the phone lest it gets stolen no?
    you people slamming kenny about endorsement should just get the green monster outta your heads.
    love the photos of the phone btw.
    always a good read this blog of yours.

  25. stoney + boringest + uglyfatchick + Aaron Tan, it’s not a free phone lah! Have to give it back one.
    Dave, I think anything if done in moderation is fine.
    Cheryl, my nose? no lah! I think it’s the lighting. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jerry, yeah all the big guys are coming out with slider phones. But if you compare them side by side I think it’s pretty clear which one comes out top based on looks alone.
    tina + Cely, I know a lot of girls who went for the Motorola RAZR based on looks alone.
    Leonard, my Eten’s screen screwed. ๐Ÿ™ I uhh… sat on it. Darn.
    Visitor + stupe, it’s not an endorsement. A positive review is not an endorsement. If that’s the case you can blast CNet and HardwareMAG’s top reviews as endorsements too.
    Felicity, well I reviewed the circus show and some ppl didn’t like it when I barely even mentioned their bad points.
    bart, geez you just wasted 30 seconds of my time reading your comment.
    moneyface, you are moneyface also ah? Why are you reading my blog when you’re working at HP. I report to your boss hor! ๐Ÿ˜›
    Micassa, I won’t be wearing it but I’ll get a girl who’d do that for me. heh heh
    Cheesie, they don’t have cheddar flavour but they have bluecheese flavour. Comes with bluetooth.

  26. Well, I still prefer the conventionality of Nokia. Have had very bad experiences with LG phones…

  27. hehe..nice phone man…
    eh..how come u became a handphone reviewer adi ar?….;)
    man i feel the pain of having my car window broken like ya man…i kena thrice!damn shitty wey….
    zickleer okr

  28. i have this phone!! got it for free on a 12 month plan and so far so good, no complaints except that it takes getting used to as i was using the samsung d600 before.
    somehow i prefer my samsung’s photo quality though.

  29. Jeepers Batman, heat-sensitive keypad!
    Merged with the mirror PolyLED on the Philips 639 it would throw Motorola out of the sleek championships. The End Call placement is smart, but I imagine the BIG cursor keys would be a nuisance though. I spotted fingerprints LOL!

  30. oops.. my bad.
    Sorry lah..
    Dun angry lah..
    My phone is so going to die off soon. and I still haven save enough to get a better phone lah. ๐Ÿ™

  31. im using a 3g mobile now currently studying in aussie. 3g phones are getting more and mroe functional with the ability to watch TV, see LIVE traffic reports and more. the motorola V3X and nokia 6280 are really nice looking phones with extremely good functions. my v3x doubles as an mp3 player with my 1 gig card n wireless bluetoothe motorola stereo headset. with a 2 megapixel camera and video recording device. the nokia 6280 can support memory of up till 2 gigs. which is even better

  32. Unarguable it’s darn sexy, but in last century. Where is all those wonderful new features?
    Kenny you didn’t post the chocolate eating pose?

  33. kenny, which cafe were u in? looks kinda nice and havent been back in kuching for a long long time so not familiar with all the cafe’s interior…:)

  34. hey kenny.. the reason why i keep coming back to read you is because most of your posts are hilarious and whacky… not tacky, like this one is.
    oh well.. but maybe i’m just jealous because no one ever pays me to review cool stuff.
    even so, i don’t like chocolate. i’m a nokia fan. die die must be nokia.

  35. omg, you call this a review?
    Not a single negative remark? How wonderful is this phone, eh?
    Come on Kenny, it’s full of BIAS!
    You didn’t even mention the keypad is without backlight.
    Sure the quality of the picture is good under natural sunlight. Try to shoot something indoor and see!
    My honest opinion is to take off the word “Review” in the title if you are gonna advertise something. It’s totally unfair to use the word at all.

  36. j.alba … dude says who the keypad is without backlight ?? off ur power saving and there u will get to see the backlight turned on … -_-” … do your homeowrk b4 u start flaming ..

  37. wah lao you ppl.. he try to earn a lil money for his site also can not ah? this is HIS blog ma, did u pay anything to view it? No.. so stop complaining, its u who wanted to view it nobody force u
    in fact i always wonder why dont kenny use his blog to earn money more often

  38. I agree with alex_v.
    Personally, That LG Chocolate doesn’t taste too well for me!! The price ain’t that cheap. I think it’s should be below rm1.5k. Probably Rm1.2k is best value. Don’t compare to k750. K750 is an ancient phone, man!! At first, K750 is sold at Rm1.89k. >_

  39. yes the phone is cool. but, there are some negative feedback. my friend was about to buy the phone last week. the shopkeeper told her tat many complained bout the over-sensitive touch pad.

  40. hey kenny im back in Kch for good now. Heh. By the way, I still prefer my phone (V3x) over chocolate. The phone i mean. Gimme real chocs any day. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  41. damn it!! sigh… looks guuddddddddddd!…
    i still like my samsung er…. SGH E730….
    of course lar… coz i bought it for RM1450 + 1 1/2yrs warrenty and bluetooth device… mid september last yr…. and now… it cost less than a thousand bucks! :~~~
    that’s the thing about new models… the price drop is drastic. this goes to phone n compact digi cams.
    i’m planning to buy the sony cybershot T5… (it’s an old model though) and it cost RM1299… may i have some feedback?… actually my budget would be about RM1100… less wud be good…
    i prefer the SLR nikon D70s though… but i got no money ๐Ÿ™
    i’m really a gadget freak… wish i cud settle for the new macpro book… fuuu yoh!! (but RM8100++)fck!!… or the mac desktop (RM5100++)
    in the end i bought the acer aspire5560…. i shud have gotten a compac… the white one… damn it!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™
    o yeah… one more thing… tehre’s a new colour for the ibook… 80GB 15′ in black… awesome! but RM5999…. aiks!!
    ok lar… enuff with the gadget talk…
    sigh, not like it wud appear in my hands…

  42. I only like the phone when it is in “sleep mode”…other than that i think it’s a bit too expensive for a phone like this. And the keypad is not so nice.

  43. still remember LUCKYSTAR??…the company that goes bad?…that’s LG’s previous name..according to wat i know
    btw…is there 3G in M’sia already?…

  44. “Dave, I think anything if done in moderation is fine.”
    i bet that applies to beastiality as well? so id expect a post in the distant future somehow promoting the abovementioned.

  45. well…i think he deserves getting rewarded financially………go on getting endorsements kenny.!!!! you dont owe any of us anything

  46. Comon… do research on wat u wish to say then only u post it up else it would turn out to b shame not FAME…
    “Like most people I tend to favour European-made phones, preferring Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola over Samsung and LG.” – kennysia
    Try search on the net if ur statement above is correct… LOLx
    NOW,u dun have the FAME but got the SHAME and your blog is so LAME!

  47. to mr/ms anonymous @ 030606 4:03pm…
    he didnt look 4 fame, fame came a knocking. he didnt even advertise his site anywhere, readers flocked here only by e word of mouth.
    n abt shame… need 1 b ashamed of such mistakes? need every entry b 100% free of errors b4 posting? wat e hell! dis IS a blog, not a law document or an accounts sheet! if u spot any mistakes, jus kindly point it out, need u resort to sneers n jeers? i guess ur e type who onli learns when ppl laugh at ur mistakes and u feel ashamed eh? poor u…
    ever heard of constructive criticism? urs certainly dusnt qualify as one.
    If deres any1 lame or ashamed here, perhaps its u. my advice: grow up, find out wat learning is abt, and get a life

  48. Chocolate has just been released in Singapore about 2 weeks ago, only some of the mobile vendors carry the product. It’s a pretty cool phone with sufficient features & functions if you are not an extreme mobile critics. Not to mention the mesmerizing facade, it’s enough to drool each & every passer-by to cast a second glance whenever I use it in public. In all, it’s a really SEXY phone, no doubts!

  49. WHAT??!?!?!????????????????????????!?!?
    this phone !!! saw befor , my friend have it… but its samsung.. design all same wtf..

  50. Remember last November when LG Electronics unveiled its “Chocolate” mobile phone? It seems that the market response has been positive, so positive that the company is set to release another flavour, so to speak: “White Chocolate”. The LG SV590 shares a similar feature set as its black cousin, except the keypad is scented with lavender. Yes, scented.

  51. hi this fone is complly up wit my hiphop urban look u c wot im sayn my brothers ans sisters it has gt it goin on no can mka bad pop bout it me gizzel laters blizard

  52. Your blog is good and impresed with it Mobiles11 is also offer Attractive mobile
    deals Latest Handsets Cheap Orange Mobile with Lg latest mobile handset.

  53. -__- yo u guys
    im korean
    and those of u who criticize LG phone
    u know nth okay?
    dun just say i hate LG
    coz LG was not very active in international phone market in southeast asia
    but they do have many cool phones in Korea
    GSM is sucha bad system -_-..anyone just stealing and shite..
    this phone came out in korea a yr ago
    and there are white and pink version now
    and they made chocolate2 but i think it doesnt
    look so good… anw whatever -_-;;

  54. hi im 9 yeers old and i want one of your chocalotte phones my friend has has one its not fair pritty please can i have one luv princess xxxxxxxx

  55. nice design and function…but it’s quite expensive for the features that phone has..currently using Motorola SLVR L7..and quite happy with it..slim design for only rm 700


  57. I do agree that Samsung is the No.1 brand in LCD TV as well as other electrical appliances. Recently furnishing my new home with an 40″ Samsung high definition LCD TV, Silver Nano Front Loader & a Refrigerator. It’s too good to be true & the most regretful thing I told myself was “mann.. why didnt I discover the beauty of Samsung earlier?” Trust me, it is THAT GOOD!!

  58. Why dont the number buttons light up in the dark???You CANT type in the dark…if you can where do you go on the phone to do so PLEASE ANSWER THIS??LOVE the phone anyway=)

  59. there’s a phone out there…
    nokia 8801. check it out. you might consider going on diet (i.e. throwing your chocolate away) after that.

  60. Ahahaha. i’m a Korean too.
    AND i’m using the chocolate phone right now. bought it in feb this year. Although i really like its sleek design and all but frankly speaking the touch pad is kinda troublesome at times. bleah.
    But at least it looks PRETTY!!!!!!! and that’s what matters the most to me.

  61. Because it’s on kennysia’s website, i am totally gonna get the phone…………….
    but the promo girl in IOI was kinda cute. Maybe I should buy from her.

  62. superb review of the candy bad choco . .
    you almost made me hungry just from looking at all your photos ! ! !

  63. First thing first, I just wonder is Kenny Sia related to Andrew Sia (the Teh Tarik columnist)? The latter is a great writer – his views about Malaysia “boleh and tak boleh” happenings are hilarious and worth reading at the same time.
    Now, about this blog; I just stumbled upon while searching for phone reviews. nothing special though but I must say ‘please give the reviewer some credits he truly deserves’. What the fuss over a person doing something in his own blog?? It’s like what you gonna do at your backyard is nobody’s business!!! You can even get naked! But beware of the paparazzi though – heck if you are not BRAD PITT, who cares then! Know what i’m sayin’?
    So, to those who talk nonsense here, please use your given “noodles” before you speak. Keep it up bro Kenny.
    P.S. I want to get a phone – at a budget of RM500 – RM700, what can I get best? What brand? I welcome advice from you great phone geeks outhere.

  64. 128mb…. SERIOUSLY NOT ENUF!!!! how many decent quality mp3 u can fit in that….. =.= and after u fit the mp3 in how much space u will left for taking photo….
    sure it’s ok for u lar…. since u own a camera and ipod……
    if this phone release a version with external memory support then it is acceptable….

  65. hey~ does any1 kno why does the lg white chocolate look different in some pics?? example lik one pic the top where the speaker is says “cyon” and sum says “lg” wit a symbol?? wut’s the diff r they still the same company or one is fake?? =/

  66. i got this the lg choco phone the other day and im jus wundering how do you get the keypad lights to come on when you slide it open because i carnt see what i am typing in the dark. plz help me

  67. Kenny, one day people might make a book out of your blog. Please dun overcommercialise. Ruin your name and people’s love for your genuinely nice character.

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