Malaysia Bans Boring Movie

There’s this movie created by a Malaysian about the history of Malaysia but banned in Malaysia.

I’m talking about “The Last Communist”, a musical documentary by director Amir Muhammad inspired by the life and legacy of Ching Peng, exiled leader of the banned Communist Party of Malaya.
Despite the fact that most people who’ve watched the movie in a private screening thought it was boring, uninspiring and uncontroversial, the movie was still banned by the Home Ministry! And that made a lot of people very angry!
“Damn you! Damn you for denying our right to watch boring, uninspiring and uncontroversial movies!” they yell in perfect unison.

For the first time ever in Malaysia, there’s more drama surrounding the release of a movie than the actual movie itself.
So it’s a bad movie. Feedback from everyone who watched the movie didn’t like it. Roger Ebert wouldn’t give it a “two thumbs up”. He wouldn’t even want to lift his toes. I fear that even if the ban is lifted, the same people who initially wanted to watch the movie might call on the government to ban the movie after they’ve watched it.

Still, no one seems to know why the movie is banned because there’s no content glorifying the communists. Then on Tuesday, the Home Affairs Minister decided to come out to shed some light on this matter.
He said even though it was NOT about the struggle of Chin Peng, the title of the film itself was provocative.

Of course!
It was never about the content of the movie, it’s the TITLE!
How dare you Amir Muhammad for using the word ‘communist’ in your movie title!
Don’t you know that communists in Malaysia were the ones responsible for the creation of the Internal Security Act (ISA)! ? Don’t you know that this is the same Internal Security Act that my readers now threatened to use against me everytime I write something mildly controversial and anti-government!?

But hang on, if this movie is not about Chin Peng, then what is it about?
According to a a reviewer in The Star who’s watched the movie, he said “if not for this Amir Muhammad film, I would not have known that there were three types of petai and two types of pomelos.”
Silly director. Why title it “communist” when it’s about pomelos!? You should’ve just changed the title of your movie to something more relevant.

Then we wouldn’t have to sit through all these mess in the first place.

So many good movies coming out and no one to watch with. 🙁 I need a movie date.

74 Replies to “Malaysia Bans Boring Movie”

  1. WHO is offended by the prospects of the younger generation learning about communism, the part communists played in the history of Malaysia, why they did what they did, and the notion that these people did not exist in the world by setting out to kill people and destroy the nation?
    How many people really think of communists as *evil* people? (As opposed to *different ideology*.)

  2. seems like some people just doesn’t accept history. They seem to try to wipe off history that they don’t fancy by preventing the general public to have an access to it.
    Like changing the colonial time street names to some so called heroes that nobody knows..
    Why don’t they just accept the history and take it as a lesson for the future? It’s not that embarassing right?

  3. This isn’t the first time Malaysia has banned a movie for it’s title.
    DareDevil was banned because of the “Devil” in it’s title (which translates to syaitan). Yeah I know, they gave us the crap about excessive violence. Watch some of the other movies…
    I reckon DareDevil was less violent than The Exorcist or possibly The Underworld.

  4. Just so happens that all the commie systems that had come up to date tend to end as tyrant regimes that get written up in Clancy novels. It’s actually not a bad ideology, but on the movie, I haven’t seen it, but there’s another one that Amir’s made. It’s called the Big Durian, and from the synopsis, it seems pretty interesting.
    Still, it’s sad to see crappy movies get in and good movies thrown out (not to say that this is a good movie, I haven’t seen it) on very vague and obscure guidelines.

  5. The more they ban, the more pirated Dvds we will buy.
    As for the last pamelo zhang ziyi, is that supposed to be funny or what?

  6. Malaysian authorities are idiots. And they reinforce the views of the people of their moronic tendencies by doing things like this. Good job Lembaga Penapisan Filem … you fools and you nincompoops. I am so proud to be a part of this country.

  7. maybe the government thought we’re all born stupid and retarded that’s why they need to decide for us what we should or should not watch.
    btw, since the movie is banned and some ministers actually watched it, shouldn’t action be taken against them for watching a banned movie?

  8. the pomelo joke? hoohum.
    but all the fuss surrounding ‘controvesial’ titles and potentially-offensive content (about race, idealism,etc) has been discussed in Yasmin Ahmad’s blog.
    she was actually labelled ‘pencemar budaya’ (corruptor of culture) because Sepet potrayed a ‘Koran-reading Muslim girl ‘ falling in love with a ‘chinese infidel’.
    (btw if you want a movie date,fly over to KL to see me on your magic coconuts.)

  9. I think the ban (from national radio and tv) on many Christmas carols containing “sensitive” words like Christ is King, or things like that, is still in effect.

  10. Its simply unfair to ban any movie just like tat..Somehow Msian’s film authorities shd just let the ppl in Msia decides whether its boring or not..& I reckon there’s a few gd movies which are not showing in Msia bcos they’re either too violent/R[A]-rated/wat-so-ever..It maybe gd in some ways..but rather feel tat Msia shd be more open-minded since its the 21st century now..ppl in our generation are more educated & have their own opinions to decide on their own.
    Keep it up Kenny..ur posts are alway keepin me entertained while away from hm due to Uni in Aussie..its great tat u alway update regularly! =)

  11. omg…. the beautiful Zang Zi yi Became Lizard yi… Kenny, you are OVER this time…
    How can u make such a beautiful geisha into liza!

  12. ah.. double standard. da vinci code which is CLEARLY controversial was allowed to screen WITHOUT censor. Oh wait, maybe the title not controversial? No ‘devil (Daredevil)’ ‘Morphine (Power Rangers) ‘Komunis’ word in the title.. I see I see.. so smart of them.. hail the home ministers!!

  13. (Well, well, how would Amir react to this post?)
    The Censorship Board actually gave this whole film a go. Then a menace to society pretending to be a newspaper called Berita Harian criticised the move and pushed for a ban, even though nobody involved had even seen the movie for themselves.
    Quote Amir: “central to Berita Harian’s objection to Lelaki Komunis Terakhir seems to be that Chin Peng is an ethnic Chinese. I was ‘advised’ in these articles to concentrate on Malay characters from now on; even if they are radical or communist it’s OK!”
    Same goes to whoever it was who actually listened to BH and called the ban.
    Re: Daredevil
    That movie wasn’t the only victim — Hellboy got renamed to Super Sapiens, for the obvious reason.

  14. How come he looks a bit like Tom Cruise in the poster? Or was it edited,…hrmm
    THe Last Samurai?…

  15. ISA! Must ISA Kenny Sia…
    ..for making sexual innuendoes with teh tarik mugs in public. Pencemar Budaya..
    (refer previous post)

  16. Let’s call it Lelaki Komunis Terakhir aka Pomelo aka etc.
    BTW, yes, Garmen think we stupid one. Last time, they renamed “Hero” starring Dustin Hoffman, “Accidental Hero”. Just so we “get” the point in the movie. Very protective, our Garmen. Always looking out for the stupid people among us.

  17. ASK da old GENERATIOn and they will tell you who is da one who really fight for bolehland independent (semenanjung will feel da most )….after u heard wat they say..u will feel..( jeeze, tat not fair man how come we die die fight for da thing and other potatoes senang senang get it )
    JUST in CAST u DOUBT it or WANNA “DIU” me for giving wrong info..THINK OF THIS…..DA Hstory u noe about, IS all BULLSHIT….AND belive me winner get to ALTER it..kKK TAT all

  18. DVDs lah…btw…how come chin peng and pomelo have grey eyes ah? They realli know how to pick contact lenses lor…LOL

  19. Look like UMNO always has the last say on all things. What a circles we live in, a political party has the influence of making decision that superseded the government rulings. One really wonder is this country is heading anywhere?

  20. wonder if ur parents name u kote or pussy or sex, wil the govmen rename u???
    Posted by: Anonymous at 28 May 2006 2:51 AM
    U WANT DA ANSWER?? YES they do…BEFORE u realise
    everybody start calling u YB, YB and guess wat…ppl dun call U YB because u YB.ppl call u YB because u REally R YB. u get wat i mean…NO!! then better i tell u before u get to proud..YANG BODOH..instead of YANG BERHORMAT..which explain da JOKES they make everyday in ur daily newpaper get it??anonymous wat so ever..

  21. Is that what the hype’s all about? MUSICAL about Chin Peng?!
    Ehh.. Who cares about the so-called controversial title? The idea of it being a made-in-Msia MUSICAL about a relatively obscure (by international standards) figure in M’sian history is enough to be a TURN-OFF. ~_~;;;;
    Tsk.. Hellboy’s altered title to Super Sapiens was one heck of a LAME JOKE. M’sian Censorship Board members ought to be shot. At point blank. Dumbasses~!!

  22. Shouldn’t they ban the word ‘China’ too?
    Since China is usually associated with ‘Communist’ too, oh, they ARE Communist.
    Stop Trading With CHINA!
    Oh, Ban every other country that has ill-intention towards our country in the past, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and basicaly the Rest of the world. Then we’ll be even.
    “Never Underestimate Stupid People in the G-O-V…”
    – quoted by Me!

  23. wenjun, I don’t think this one is gonna be available in pirated DVD version. It’s a musical documentary you know?
    Jarod, it’s a private screening.
    Jasiminne, ahhhhh how I wish I could. 🙂
    suertes, noooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    CHI bai, from what I know about History, the Communists did fought against the Japanese, but after they’d won they became greedy and wanted to take over the country. I don’t know about you but I’m happy Malaysia is not a communist country.
    Asa, apparently it is but rumour has it that they just couldn’t secure a distributor.

  24. kenny,to talk in this is darn darn long story lahh if got chance i meet u personally and talk about it lahh after all,u reside in kuching wat..

  25. This whole issue started when one numbskull by the name of Akmal Abdullah started a smear campaign, back in early May, weeks before the film’s release.
    I’ve covered this on my blog extensively – particularly the Akmal “Dumbf**k” Abdullah angle – and you can read all about the saga on Amir Muhammad’s blog.
    The most sickening part is that the real reason is sheer ignorance, stupidity, and the blatant unwillingness of some people to move Malaysia towards First-World mentality.
    I suppose Third World minds are much easier to control and satiate.

  26. you just can’t simply blame the government and call them dumb because they’re banning movies. i do realise that malaysia does ban a lot of movies, although they’re actually good like the south park movie, bruce almighty, kill bill, saving private ryan, 40 year old virgin and etc.. for the full list:
    but consider this, (i’m saying this from a malaysian viewpoint) most malaysians just aren’t ready for violence,gore and sex. believe me, i know this.
    i have organised countless movie shows during my schooldays for the borders living in the school hostel. a very simple short kiss would make the audience go wild as they catcalled and woooed. it would make the case worse if you try to skip the “part”
    do you want to watch a love scene with your mother? until then, malaysians are still not ready for the change.

  27. Man.. narrow minded people. If people dont learn, how can they ever improve through reflection? The old ministers learnt about nationalism from the west and only then learnt to fight for freedom. Freedom” which they now have stripped away from their own people. Why sing about freedom when you dont intend to give all of it.
    These bans anc cencorships make people ignorant. Imagine if u had a baby and kept the baby in the house during his/her childhood life (hypothetically), teaching him (i’ll say him to make it easy) what u want him to learn. Once he turns into an adult and learns to step outta the house, imagine what an idiot he;ll be. Who is the government to judge what values are good or not? They are but an office of humans like us. Not perfect and have preferences.
    How can a country grow if they are racist, corrupt and of the sorts. How can people proudly call themselves Malaysians if each and everyone is treated differently. An idea of a country is unity (ok i’m branching off from the main topic here.. but oh well), if this were to have gone abit more extreme, they are stepping on the lines of Nazism.
    Anyways… they should not hsun their people away from things. I understand if the a film discriminates against other ideaologies or nations to be banned. But if its a life story.. (and a freakin musical), i dont see why this man’s testimony cannot be shared.

  28. censorship in malaysia is really a shame to the country. reasons given for banning movies are as idiotic as a 4yr old’s excuse for eating sugar

  29. yeah . . .i would have to definitely agree wif you
    if i he had made some sense in naming the bloody damn thing ! ! ! they he would have been making thousand of bukcs alreayd . . .
    exposure is the key ! !!
    so the directore better know how to market this movie !! !
    its gonna be a hit ! ! !

  30. Aaa………YOU SAID…….
    “those fucking malay always scared of CINA ppl,!!thats why they try to set all the rules and regulation to protect their fucking malay group to against chinese”
    Posted by: aaa at 13 June 2006 5:13 AM

  31. “yucks! fucking chinese like fucking pigs”
    Posted by: ahaks at 23 June 2006 3:50 PM
    yeah, us chinese like fucking pigs..but i did withness malay like pet dogs as well…dun belive me go visit johor and u be surprise….and dun denied some of urs i met do report urself early in da morning near pudu corner there for wantan mee and bak ku teh section….yes…i did saw it with my own eyes…and when ask how da taste?…..banyak sedap lahh is wat few of urs say..
    DUN TELL ME U NEVER QUESTION CHINESE PPL HOW GOOD DOES DA PIG TATSE…SOLI to say i noe few OF URS ASKING …so BRO next time u wanna associate CHINESE with PIG grow brain first before asking…or even quoting

  32. You guys want to cool this off….can…..
    Apologise for the earlier statement….don’t remember? This one……..
    “those fucking malay always scared of CINA ppl,!!thats why they try to set all the rules and regulation to protect their fucking malay group to against chinese”
    Posted by: aaa at 13 June 2006 5:13 AM
    Aaa…….you started it….might as well you or someone on behalf ends it too…..
    Ohh…Chi Bai…..
    Doesn’t matter whether those guys want to eat pig kaa….or they want to touch dogs… far as I know we can touch dogs……cause know what, God created them…….it just goes back to cleansing and certain stuff after we have touched dogs…..we have nothing against dogs…..
    As for those guys who eat bak kut teh… sure they are Malays aa…..or you just ASSUME? Well, even if it is true….then it’s up to them….
    Just remember again, what began here was due to the earlier post by Aaa…..slanging Malays….so better stop it…..
    Don’t ask for problems you don’t want……ones that we don’t want too….

  33. The Malaysian Censorship Board is clearly superficial. I think that there shouldn’t be a single muslim on the board. What’s so scary about a name like Hellboy or Daredevil! You don’t translate daredevil to syaitan! It just means someone brave.


  35. hey hey hey….
    so did anyone changed anything? DID ANYONE changed the end of the story except complaining? this n that this n that?
    r u worth it to change anything from your complains?
    tell u wat, this is BolehLand for the Boleh people. That is what it means. While u slam Malay for being Malay, you supported a Malay in this one and posted up ur idiocracy. Hah!!!
    told ya this is Bolehland.

  36. it’s rather ironic that malaysia would ban a boring movie. malaysia in itself is one fucking boring country. for it not to be labeled a communist country appalls me, there is less freedom, more censorship, a dictatorship of a government to say the least which controls their people much more than neighboring vietnam or china. and the earth-shattering history of this country? what a joke? try and release the movie here in this country, it would not be banned just no one will go see it.

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  38. Why should I watch Chin Peng/communist in action. It doesnt worth my money to watch someone like HIM.

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