Lee Chong Wei

The biggest news last Sunday was obviously our very own Datuk Lee Chong Wei defeating his arch-nemesis Lin Dan to be come the All-England badminton champion.

One man is absolutely over the moon over Datuk Lee Chong Wei’s win, and that man is none other than our beloved Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.

The PM called Chong Wei before his match, called Chong Wei after his match and stayed up all night just to watch his match.

I dunno, but that kinda enthusiasm is inching dannngerously in on man-crush territory.

Sadly, the PM stopped short on making a decision that would make me give him my vote next Elections. 🙁

He did promise that he would give Chong Wei something though.

Many have wondered what exactly the government will give Chong Wei. After all, our badminton champion already have a ‘Datuk’ title, a RM300K cash prize from his Olympic win and a RM3,000  monthly pension for the rest of his life.

He got the title, he got the money, I mean… what else could he possibly need right?




Until I saw this.

All of the sudden, the Prime Minister refers to Chong Wei as THE Chong Wei.

The Chong Wei. The Chong Wei.

‘The’, as in, The Rock.



Why settle for ‘Datuk’ when you can be called The Chong Wei?

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  2. 3000 pension money with inflation may not be able to let him survive during retirement… lets face it…. 3000 now cant buy nuts… lets not talk about future

  3. “The PM called Chong Wei before his match, called Chong Wei after his match and stayed up all night just to watch his match. ”
    I found this part amusing much and The pictures and screen shots! and its has rhythm relying between THE sentences.
    So, now THE is used to replace “DATUK”?
    I hope the foreign politicians/ppl won’t grab this opportunity to make fun of it..

  4. Najib had lunch with THE CHONG WEI and gave THE CHONG WEI RM100K and an expensive watch (doesn’t look like Rolex, maybe Tag Heuer?)
    Anyway, I salute THE CHONG WEI. He has problems regarding his coach but still get to defeat Super Dan. That is the really Malaysia boleh!

  5. Hey dude, I watched the game on youtube. I gotta say, the intro of Chung Wei was not British like, but more of a WWF match, the only thing missing is ” Are you ready to rumble…………. ?”

  6. win asean cup get PH. Win AE twice in a row no PH.
    Not like we were begging for a PH in the 1st place BUT why start it with a lowly win of some silly ASEAN CUP?

  7. Monthly pension for the rest of his life, RM300K money, “Datuk” title for a Chinese, and finally… a new title of “The Chong Wei”

  8. Too many public holidays in Malaysia ain’t good really for the country’s productivity… Although as a doctor, I would enjoy a good one day break once awhile from working in depressing hospitals.. the bottom line is, it was a wonderful victory for Malaysia…and may it motivate us to do better in the future…

  9. chong wei isn’t an animal. our PM was just referring him with the ‘THE’ to show the people how respected, powerful and influential Datuk LCW is. 🙂 You go Datul Lee! Make us proud. 🙂

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