I Wonder Why

Have anyone ever noticed that when an airplane lands at the airport, someone knocks on the door on the outside before someone on the inside opens it?

Sometimes I wonder how come they are smart enough to make a 50-ton aircraft fly… but not smart enough to put a doorbell on the outside?

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  1. The aircraft door is always open from the outside. The knocking is a safety check to ensure the door is set to “manual” so that the safety slide does not deploy in the event the door is accidentally open from the inside. As a double precaution, the door is always open from the outside will not activate the slide as well.

  2. Your posts seems a little shallow as you do not seems to aware the airline/aircraft procedures. Its due to safety and like what the above comments has stated that its due to the door operations.

  3. well that depends on the aircraft type really. some aircraft types like the B777 will automatically disarms the door when opened from the outsite whilst the 737 u have to manually disarm it from the inside.
    As for the knocking i think its just a sign to tell the cabin crew that the aerobridge docking is complete and the door can now be safely open for passenger disembarkation.

  4. You have a creative idea, and why dont you try placing a door bell outside an aircraft and see the consequences.

  5. haha… its AA, they’ll have to incur some kind of surcharge to the passengers should they start to use doorbells.. hahaha…

  6. putting a doorbell would be counter-productive. depending on the type of aircraft, the height and speed it cruises at, the doorbell would break within a very short amount of time which isn’t good for the maintenance cost. unless, of course, someone comes up with a high tech doorbell for planes just like some idiots tried to design a pen that works in space that costs a bomb when a simple dollar pencil would do the trick.

  7. Oh come on, don’t try to act smart, consequently behaving stupid.
    It’s just a formality to ensure that the door will be open by the airport ground staff. There’s a window that both sides can see each other.
    A doorbell? You are quite dumb. Anyway, it is not meant to be a ‘hi anyone home?’ so why need a doorbell? The door must be open and will be open. Simple knock and the cabin crew gives a thumbs up sign.

  8. why the need to mechanize every single little thing!? if a knock works just fine, why do you need a doorbell? mechanize everything in life and everyone’ll end up wimpy and obese.

  9. they knock to make sure there’s someone inside that can knock back. with so many zombie outbreaks these days, they want make sure that the airplane isn’t filled with zombies before they open it up.

  10. Lame + 1
    Fail + 1
    It seems like you’re trying too hard please disgruntled fans with funny posts. Though you did that well last time, this one failed miserably.

  11. don’t hate on Kenny he’s just trying to lighten up things with a random thought… i quite like it! hahaha… why don’t want to put doorbell… ^^ cute~

  12. Dude, have you not watch “three idiots”? ? pencil tips break like ALL the time. in a zero-gravity situation, a floating bit like that can do serious damage as the bit can easily fly into ears, eyes, whatnot holes on human bodies, or worse, into delicate instruments that’d cost a bomb (or bombs) to repair.
    So unlike the doorbell, the space pen does have its uses, & its fuckin’ damn useful.

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