Korean Gym

I’m in Seoul right now to participate in the upcoming marathon.

To prepare myself for the big race, I went to a Korean gym yesterday.

It’s called MF Fitness. MF here stands for Muscle Factory – as in, you go in there to build muscles. Funnily, upstairs from the gym is a pub.

The tagline of MF Fitness is "Pride Your Body".

Or in Korean pronunciation – "Pry Yo Burreh."

Two things I learnt while I was working out here.

First, I realised Korean men don’t cover up their bits when they change. I tell you, when I walked into the changing room, I felt like my eyes were soaked in kimchee.

It was horrible. I can see the "seaweed" on their "bulgolgi" all dangling out.

I don’t want to look, but when it’s in my face like that I can’t help but to see and compare.

Second, I am glad I do Malaysian men proud. 😀

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  1. Once, at Bukit Jalil pool (the Commonwealth Games one) there was this bunch of PRC Chinese men swimming. The moment they got into the men’s room after swimming, off came their trunks, as they walked between the locker area (to get their stuff) and the showers.

  2. hey kenny, im one of your frequent blog reader and im a malaysian student studying here in seoul.try going to a place called ??? or called “jimjilbang” in english.u will find way more seaweed and bulgolgi there.have fun in seoul

  3. I lived in HK, Singapore & Australia. Men don’t cover their bits when they are changing in the change room. Why would they need to? They are in the men’s change room, right?
    Are you saying that men in Malaysia actually bother to cover themselves while they are chaning in the change room? Do they have something to hide? Are they ashame of their package?

  4. Hm, I don’t know why you had to make fun of a whole nation’s English pronunciation.
    I mean, that’s not very nice is it?
    Considering your blog is often riddled with grammatical errors.
    I’ve lived in Malaysia before and your country’s pronunciation isn’t something that’s particularly great.
    In any case, good luck with the marathon.

  5. sure got realize, they took out measuring tapes to compare the length, almost the same. but when it was time to compare the diameter, Kenny whipped out his vernier calipers. The kimchi guys took out their micrometers. We all know the ending to that.

  6. You goes to place where peoples speaking not goods engklis. There are alots of peoples speaking pletty good engklis. Me ofis got them people. You shutted your eye, you thinks they amelican. Also, we plefer to read thing we cans associated to. Sometink local. Sometink Maraycian. Wan good engklis, go read foleingn news/ blogs (how to spell foreign in engklis ah?)!!!
    No need luck, if you think you can, you can!

  7. let me guess Kenny, you had a bad day so you created this post to boost your ego and show off your manhood? how low can you go?

  8. I’m a Malaysian myself and it’s really sick to see a fellow Malaysian making a fool of himself.
    Hello! That guy is trying to convey a message not to make fun of others la! Cannot understand ar, fellow Malaysian.

  9. Not scare the Korean men who go for national service and have black belt in taekwando will beat you and your sneaky iphone4 camera up? Try be funny in foreign country? Really a SUA PA LAO

  10. In Europe we always go in the changing room like that.
    For me it looks funny when in some Middle East or Asian or US hotels I see some changing cabin where guys queing to hide.
    As well, here in Europe we do not hesitate neither about length nor diameter of.

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