The Anwar Sex Tape Revealed, Finally

Another election, another erection.

Everytime an election comes around, a sex video tape pops up. On the day the Sarawak state assembly is dissolved, a "Datuk T" emerged, producing a video alleging "someone who looks like Anwar Ibrahim" getting jiggy with it with "someone who looks like a Chinese prostitute".

To that I say, how do they know it’s a prostitute from China? Maybe it’s his "personal friend" leh?

Suddenly, everyone is pointing fingers to everyone. Fingers are pointed to Anwar, saying he is not fit to be a leader. Fingers are pointed to Datuk T, for broadcasting pornography.

Heck, even Chua Soi Lek pointed his finger to Anwar urging him to admit his wrong.

Then I wondered. How come no fingers are pointed to the China woman for prostitution?

I also dunno. Welcome to Malaysia.

Predictably, Anwar and his supporters got into super defensive mode.

Anwar claimed that the person in the video has a big tummy, and he does not. He also claimed the video was fake, and his face was superimposed on another person.

Well, ladies and gentlemen. The speculation ends here.

Guess what? After a lot of phone calls, texts and e-mails, I managed to get my hands on the controversial Anwar sex tape.

Here it is, revealed finally, on



Big tummy.



Chinese woman.


Superimposed face.


Datuk Tua Liap Sia

41 Replies to “The Anwar Sex Tape Revealed, Finally”

  1. Whether the video is true or not,… it doesn’t matter. He dug his grave n buried him self in it on September 16th 2008.

  2. Everything is a set up lah. This clearly shows that BN is a very uncreative party. I mean, first sodomy, then SEX TAPE? Surely there’s something else in their mind that they could think of doing to bring Anwar down..

  3. kenny, you are so ignorant. You will put a lot of pressure on unfortunate chinese people in serious business opportunities and other threats too. Chinese are not much better off either!

  4. Can our lovely government be more creative? please do not reuse the same old tricks. And please do not treat us like as if we are the Stupid citizen whom don’t have brain.
    I’m sick and tire on this… CHANGE URGENTLY NEEDED PLEASE!

  5. So what if anwar is in a sex tape?
    Somehow, Soi Lek is leading MCA, leading the chinese, eventhough he commited adultery
    If the chinese are so stupid to select that as a leader, then I really wonder how it will affect Anwar. Probably Soi Lek paid a whole deal to be up there

  6. while everyone seems to praise said blog entry, i felt such post is really unnecessary. whether Anuar is guilty of this or not, I felt its not right for us to use this story as a joke for crowd puller. just that my sense of humanity is higher then my sense of humor ! 🙂

  7. keeny sia!! u rly suck sia!! u shldnt photoshop his face there even tot u dun like! wad ur brain thinking! r u recently becos idiot!! come on,dun tell me u r innocent!! stupid u

  8. Good satire !
    It is all dirty politic. But the two dirty old men ; George Chan and Tiab have the real young things at home .

  9. Kenny, I always thought you are right leaning type, want no trouble with authorities, a little polish can carry you a long way. The fact remains, the government had overstayed their welcome.

  10. Is this something that passes for comedy these days? It’s hardly surprising that nobody reads this blog anymore.

  11. First, he’s gay & sodomizes guys.
    Then, he’s straight & bonks prostitutes.
    Either someone is lying or is he’s bisexual ? WOW! What a man!! ;D

  12. Hehehe.. as you know (yet!) this guy can get whatever he want.. but something wrong here, believe me.. there is somethings missing.. emm.. i wonder where that “FREEDOM” has gone.
    Political issue nahh’ We’re not fit to judge! we’re only say the repeat answer, we didn’t know what is right nor wrong, the only way to prevent this from happen is by “STOP” the political issue amongst us, we need steady country to lived on happily, WAR is not a solutions – But if that WAR give something good in future, we still can FIGHT! The only way to the FREEDOM is choosing your own BATALION! i’d rather choose god than choose human that has been treated this way! – Whow knows someday he will be the one!
    Sorry guys im not into politicians issue just for an apple mind for an apple star for you guys.. stay apple, stay young.. LOL!

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