In The Media And My So-Called “Fame”

I’ve been collecting newspaper and magazine articles that mentioned me for quite some time, but it is only until now that I decided to post them up.

September 2005, HardwareMag Malaysia. Also appeared in HardwareMag Singapore (scan thanks to Mr Miyagi).

Being on semi-hiatus can be quite therapeutic in a strange kinda way. It certainly is blissful to stay away from all the limelight, all the ugly bloglitics and return to blogging at its most basic level – updating whenever I want without putting in too much of an effort to think of a punchline or be entertaining. Admittedly, doing so has made this blog stale and it has lost me a couple of readers.
That’s ok, at least I hadn’t received a single negative comment against me since World Toilet College.
I remember it didn’t used to be that way.

15th June 2005, The Straits Times (Singapore). My virgin appearance on a national newspaper lost to Ms Melissa Lwee – the journalist who gets paid to read blogs.

There was a time when I was able to write whatever I want sincerely and honestly without having to see critics jumping and posting retaliating entries against me on their sites. There was a time when I noticed that almost every single day, minishortsand Wendy‘s blogs would be filled to the brim with entries of them responding to their critics. Secretly I’d be rejoicing inside knowing I don’t get attacked the same way they did.

4th July 2005, LianHe ZaoBao (Singapore). The day I was mistaken as a Singaporean. Click pic to read.
Translation on the caption: “Local [Singaporean] blogs are actually very funny! Kenny Sia ( quickly paid tribute to SPG, and took a photo in a similar but shocking pose.”

I was still writing as an asshole, but I still made people laugh and to my knowledge there wasn’t anyone out there openly declaring their hate against me. Comments by anonymous trolls are always present but they were mostly far and few in between and too easy to ignore. I considered myself very lucky I wasn’t involved in any bloglitics. I never wanted to be.
Things then started to go awfully wrong.

20 June 2005, StarTwo insert of The Star (Malaysia National). By Michael Cheang.

“Are you ready to handle fame?” Michael asked.
I scrunched my eyebrows quizzically, “Huh? Fame?”

At the dawn of the SPG controversy, Michael Cheang’s StarTwo feature on four Malaysian bloggers (the other three being minishorts, Peter Tan and Suanie) drew mostly praises for his attempt at “fixing up” the blogosphere. However, my decision to accept Michael’s request for an interview in turn, raised the ire of some bloggers and I subsequently received my first online spat from Su-Yin, Michelle and Tim.
At this point, I wish to urge readers who clicked on the links posted here to just read what they wrote for an ‘alternative point of view’ about me. But please, DO NOT attack the bloggers and DO NOT engage in meaningless online bitchfight. I’ve gotten over it a long time ago already and I do not wish to add fuel to an extinguished fire. Its not like I still bear any grudges against them. Besides, Su-Yin got into a car accident soon after that entry, so all’s fair. (I take that back. Sorry I stepped out of line.)

August 2005, KLue Magazine (Klang Valley, Malaysia). Click pic to read article.

For days, I sank into disillusionment . I simply could not fathom why people would so viciously attack me like that. Unlike anonymous trolls who disappeared as soon as they jabbed, these are actually real life flesh-and-blood people with their faces and real names attached to their blogs.

September 2005, KL Lifestyle Magazine (Klang Valley, Malaysia). Click pic to read article.

It hurts a lot more when attacks like that came unexpected. I did not write anything controversial, I did not insult their grandmother, and I most certainly am not fame-whoring. My only crime was that I politely accepted an interview when a journalist requested. What am I supposed to do? Turn him down?

29 June 2005, Today (Singapore). Reprint appeared on ChannelNewsAsia. Pimped by Mr Miyagi. Click pic to read full article.

I never think I’m famous, nor do I regard myself as a celebrity. For the record, it wasn’t me, but others who jumped in and described me as “Kenny Sia, famous blogger”. It’s not entirely true. I can always argue the accuracy of that description, but who am I to do that?

7 August 2005, Today (Singapore). Original blog entry here. Click pic to read full article.

The PPS 2nd Anniversary Bash marked a turning-point in my blogging “career”, if you could even call it that. came in as an underdog finalist for the Blog of the Year (only because Jeff Ooi pulled out) and stole the award. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I do not feel I deserve this award.

30 June 2005, Star InTech insert of The Star (Malaysia National). By Shom Teoh. Click pic to read full article.

No, I’m not being modest. I know I’m supposed to be proud and all that for winning. I know its common for bloggers to put up buttons on their sites flaunting their awards. But for months, I did not even want to see that button up on my blog proclaiming how is Malaysia’s Blog of the Year. The way I look at it, being Blogger of the Year is more like a weapon others use to attack me than an award I can truly be proud of.

21 July 2005, The Star (Malaysia National). Actually I took it down to protect the innocent parties from getting shit-slunged. It has nothing to do with the furore. But never mind. πŸ™‚

Even my patriotism gets questioned. “He kept saying he wants to go back to Perth. So much for Malaysia’s best blogger.” said one commenter.
Things went downhill since that initial trip to KL and Singapore. I carried on blogging as usual, only this time I got a lot more critics nitpicking and scrutinising my every word. Links were pulled. Friendship lost. Strangers who once stood by my side during my toughest times, suddenly turned and stabbed me with a knife on my back.
I was lost. I didn’t even know what I did wrong. Once again I did not write anything controversial. All I did was writing about my trip to KL and Singapore, and I didn’t even say Singapore pretty much sucked.

21st July 2005, Star InTech insert of The Star (Malaysia National). By Associated Press. Reprints appeared in other Associated Press affiliates.

It got so bad that at one point, I couldn’t even post an entry without expecting someone to get upset over it. Bloodthirsty commenters on xlx roared to put me up for public execution. Even my work on charity got brushed off as a personal agenda to advance my so-called “career”. If my entry on Furong Jiejie or SPG rubbed people off the wrong way because I came across as being harsh or sleazy, I can understand. But I know I’m fucked when even a review on hair salon would make people angry.

4 August 2005, The Borneo Post (Sarawak, Malaysia). Click pic to read full article.
The BloggersAreMorons crew also appeared in 7th August edition of The Star.

The point of this entry isn’t to gain sympathy or what not, so with all due respect please save the “ignore them, we still love you” comments. Critics aren’t meant to be ignored. They’re meant to be proven wrong. And this is what I want to say to my critics:
I didn’t choose the attention, attention chose me.
I didn’t ask people out there to talk about, they just did.
I’m not famous, people just say I am. I never once said that I’m famous on my blog. Never. So spare me the “Fame has got to his head” comments EVERYTIME I wrote something you disagree with.
I didn’t choose fame. Fame came knocking on my door and I had no choice but to answer it. Unless I go on Malaysian Idol, I don’t think its even remotely possible for someone to choose fame.
If I can put fame for sale on eBay, I’d sell it off to people who can choose fame and make a handsome profit.
Strip me off the glitz and glamour, the vanilla and the icing, the awards and the connections with femes people. You’ll find that I’m just a plain and regular guy working 9-to-5 (sometimes 9-to-10) documenting his life much like what everyone else is doing. Why are you so upset at me?
There’s no “blogging career”. There’s nothing special about Kenny Sia. There never was.
I just write.

165 Replies to “ In The Media And My So-Called “Fame””

  1. Kenny,
    Don’t stop writing. You have a wonderful sense of humour and I enjoy all your parodies. Ignore your critics leh… some of ’em are probably just riding on your fame.

  2. I’ve been reading ur blog for sometime…well, ur a smart person, and i like ur post..declined to comment so many times coz of what happened(ur description on ur post).
    Well, u know la..alot of people out there nothing better to do

  3. No doubt you like to “bio” cha bor… But I still like you very much.
    Haha… This entry just prove that I’ve not been reading newspapers. I didn’t know so much attention were given to bloggers. You know, until recently, 3 bloggers in Singapore were sued?

  4. The best can describe you is same as in football phrase:
    “Form is temporary, class is forever”
    And you are a classy blogger. πŸ™‚
    So just be yourself, do what you want. This is what makes you to have so many avid readers.
    This is your life, this is your blog.

  5. I remember that there was a time where I wanted my blog to be in the limelight so much that I almost forgot the real reason why I set it up. Fame is not what I am looking for…it is something that can sometime kill me ( at least that is what I think ). I am grateful that I have finally figure that one out. Now, I prefer to blog for the pleasure of my own, without even worry about being famous.

  6. Whatever you do, you’ll still be number one =D
    And since the world ain’t really that much of a place, I reckon that you just write what you want. Why bother with what they say!? There’s always SOMEONE out there that’s ought to oppose you in ways.
    But if people around the world share the same views as us, then there wouldn’t be wars and other craps right?
    To the people who find entries from this bloke offensive, this blog is not a weapon. It’s only a blog! A journal! It’s meant to be what Kenny thinks. Not YOU! So go screw yourself if you find his entries offensive and never come back here.

  7. Yo kenny, never stop writing yah. I know it really hurts inside when people get really really nasty but do not be overly affected. Know that by being who you are and bloggin’ bout it makes others happy too. Your blogs are very very interesting too read and funny as well. Although I may not personally agree with everything you write, but I can accept that it is your opinion; yours alone and no others.
    Well, hope to make your year lighter, you are one of a few bloggers whom I’ve read off and on and has sorta influenced me to try my hand at blogging as well. (I am NOT trying to shoe shine ah, don’t get me wrong =p) Frankly I’m normally just too lazy to blog properly, I’m more of a blog-browser than blogger so please do maintain your writings as it helps me deal with life’s ups and downs.
    An indifferent blogger.

  8. Haiya…when people cant write good enough to attract enough attention for their blog or life, what do they do? Attack the popular ones lor. You must be glad for their actions cause for your little effort, it gave them so much dissatisfaction.
    However, you cannot deny fame as, indirectly, it has reach you. take it as a gift and make good use of it =P

  9. I daresay that you simply weren’t ready to deal with the fact that suddenly, so many people cared about what you had to say. That is all. Anyone in your position probably would.
    Do not deny your talents, for they have got to be real to have mattered in the first place. Just because people now have an opinion about you and aren’t shy to tell you so (that includes me) does not change who you are, wipe away your life’s problems or make you a vainpot (at least, it shouldn’t).
    The fairytale says that the Princess’ kiss transformed a frog into a handsome Prince. The reality as you and I know it is that the frog’s never going to grow 25 times taller or nice hair just because some girl kisses it. So, imagine that you are the frog. Now, do you go and behave like you’ve become a Prince Charming (ie asshole) after being kissed by the Goddess of Blogfame, or do you accept that you are, after all, the same green thing with big thighs?

  10. I have been a reader for awhile now, and never felt inclined to comment, but I’ll just like to venture out and say this – There are always people who will make a mountain out of a molehill, or read into what’s not there, the best you can do is do your level best to be true to yourself.
    And I see that you have.
    Chin up!

  11. just ignore them… they can’t get into the spot light and they “green face” …..hehehe
    keep up the good work…. πŸ™‚

  12. Hi Kenny, I’ve been a reader of your site since you parodied the xiaxue post ;P
    You have been through alot of blogging shit and I’m quite surprised you still carry on actually. But I believe for every one of the malicious comments/posts about you, there are many other silent readers who would want you to continue writing.
    It is an interesting thing to read about other people’s lives (if you’re voyeuristic, that is) and your posts are really insightful at times. Funny, touching, witty, and stuff like that.
    Take care and don’t let the bad stuff get you down.

  13. Stay true to what you’re writing and have a clear conscience.
    God. Don’t you feel that whatever you write on the net you gotta explain yourself explicitly(when it’s just a simple thing) lest others take it the wrong way(which many most probably will)?

  14. been reading ur blog for some time but it’s the 1st time leaving a comment. saw a similar topic on and you may want to see how he looks at attacks from readers of his blog. it’s so true that some people just like to criticize with the belief that they live in a perfect world and you live in a fucked up world, but the fact is all our lives are fucked up in one way or another. it’s just that these people fail to see that or admit that themselves. so just let them get on with their lives and you get on yours. don’t even bother to prove them wrong b/c you never can! just say WTF and move on.

  15. You should realise that knocking other ppl serves multiple purposes.It nevertheless usually relates more to the knockers sense of self than to the target.After all why should anyone have strong emotions/opinions about someone they don’t know and aren’t close too ? :S

  16. malaysians are funny lil people, some if not all, just love to bring other people down once they feel they’ve reached a point where they themselve will never get, we are also a blame somebody else country. which is sooo idiotic.
    buck up malaysians, change..

  17. I do not have a blog and am not inclined to have one. I just read them and sometimes drop in a comment or two.
    Your blog is one of the few I read frequently and enjoy and that’s good enough.

  18. Kenny, although this is the 1st time I m leaving my comment, I just like to thank you for the wonderful blog which never fails to brighten up my day. Your writing evoke emotions in me.
    Fame comes with a price. Being in the public eye will definitly bring you postive and of course negative comments. I believe that the true moviation of you blogging is not to acheive fame. Unfortunatly, fame seems to be smiling on
    One cannot please the whole world, people have different perceptions and thinking. It really sadden me when bloggers suddenly lose their freedom of speech and isn’t that the fundmental reason why we chose to blog? To share our personal thoughts, perspective and experience? We do have a right to say how we feel and i believe most bloggers also take responsibility with their comments. Thus, I just hope that you would not take those negative comments personally. Be YOURSELF, this is wad we treasure most of KENNY SIA.

  19. Hi Kenny, for every one person that has something bad to say about your posts, there are probably 10 more that are chuckling away. Keep up the good work, you’ve done a great job so far!

  20. I’m not gonna ask you to ignore them, not gonna tell you that I love you (you shld know by now that I do), not gonna ask you to keep on blogging, not gonna tell you that you can’t please everyone and you shld only please yourself.
    What I’m gonna tell you is that even if you think you’re not special to yourself, you’re special to me. Because you’ve made an impact to my life which is too significant to be ignored (even if you choose to think otherwise).
    I don’t know exactly how much I know about the real Kenny’s character. I wish it’s more than 2 on a scale of 10.
    Actually, I still believe I know you more than 2. Somehow. Maybe because almost nothing you wrote in this entry was new to me. I never thought you chose fame, and I knew you would feel that you didn’t deserve the award.
    I shall save the talk about what I know of the real Kenny Sia and his coconuts (which are actually just normal balls).

  21. Oh Kennyyyyyyy ignore them, we still lubs you very muchhhhhhhhh.
    I think you have coped incredibly well with the flamers though. πŸ™‚

  22. I think you are wrong. There’s something special about Kenny Sia that makes thousands of people keep coming back to your blog everyday – even when you don’t update πŸ˜‰
    You have a great humourous writing style and back it up with crazy pics. People try but they simply can’t copy you. You are unique.

  23. kenny,
    if i’m not mistaken, you’ve planned for a trip to shanghai right? is it too late for me to convince you to drop by beijing instead? it would be a laugh, i’m sure. dont fret, i’m not gay. just someone who have spent the whole afternoon reading your blog in the office when i should really be acting busy.

  24. hey kenny!
    It’s not your fault ppl read your blog. Those sourpuss who criticize are usually ppl who hate seeing others getting recognition and think everyone in the world is doing everything just for fame or fortune.
    It’s nice to know that you sometimes try to inject more humour into your writing. This shows that you care for your readers, hoping to cheer them up, leaving a smile on their faces everytime they come here. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to entertain ppl a little more. With all these negative ppl around us shooting at your every move made me realise we need more delightful posts and not some moodswings-induced posts that badmouths everybody.
    Someone once told me this quote, “i do not know the formula to success but i know the formula to failure, which is trying to please everyone”.
    So what if some ppl hate what you’re doing? As long as you enjoy writing what you write, by all means, just do it.

  25. very deep insights on such a shallow topic.
    i wanted fame. then i realised it was too much a hassle ruling the world if everyone recognized you. meh.

  26. Hi! I am a senior citizen and I enjoy your blog. One thing I’ve learned in life; no matter what you do and how honorable your motives are, there will always be people who will be against you. Know why? Ya, ’cause they’re sick up-stairs in their coconut.
    Keep up your good work.

  27. A long blog, but obviously whitewashed to eliminate all traces of your trail of shit, such as the crude topless photo with sarongpartygirl (which should get you into serious trouble with the authorities) and the desecration of Singapore’s skyline. What else does self denial for you? As one put it, “infamous” is not the same as “famous”. Kena Sai, indeed.

  28. Oh Ah Ken, you’re a true original msian writer.
    Living in the UK, I’m homesick and your blog cheer me up when its cold and freezing. Its as if “I know and share your thougths and feelings” I dont’ mean it in a creepy way. Don’t worry I’m too far to come to stalk you.
    These ppl
    Su Yin – Trying to sound like an ANgry Black American Gangsta Rappa. Very Disrespectful calling nice Penang Char Kuay teuw Aunty “HOE” I’ve told hoe off, pls read (Don’t worry nothing to do with you) This poor girl is very confused, she’s never been near a real Ghetto but thinks its cool to sound like one.. yet without the expletives she sounds like a nice well read middle class girl with good education who spells beautifully.
    Michelle – I’m shocked she’s a girl. Want to sound like a Bored ANgry violent American boy with a creative imagination on sex with animals. Why would anyone want to copy those sick Americans ah…. The world is full of sickos already and we don’t need a nice slim msian Girl evolving into a Hairy, fat sicko that sits hunched up on the computer all day doing funny things. And also she’s fixtated to anal sex but thats reserve for gay men and porn stars. If everyone do anal there’ll be no more straight men left and they’re will be a shortage of pampers for adults. OMG Even Ah Pek from Swee Mei will turn Gay if he sample some forbidden stuff. Saloons brylcream as lubricant can do,ah?
    Tim – Very rude to greet ppl “Welcome Wankers” aka Ghetto talk, on his blog and suddendly sound like an English country gent by ending with “Cherrio”. Normal English ppl don’t greet each other wankers. “Wanker” is used exclusively when they’re extremly angry/offended or very drunk about to get into fights. Also another very confused angry person, trying to sound English as an englishman can be. I bet he’s studying in a Uni somewhere in the middle of a quaint English countryside wanking er,I mean walking.
    The conclusion is all these ppl are ANGRY, CONFUSED,HUMOURLESS AND WRITE LENGTHLY BLOG MOSTLY ABOUT THEMSELVES. Why want to sound like Ameriancan or English, I don’t understand, just be yourself !! God bless them and please, please repel their anger into the realms of hell and let a guardian angel guide them to the path of goodness, calmness, peace and plain humour.
    But you Ah Ken, straight to the point with a quick punch of humour that makes you superior than the rest. Because you are not nasty nor angry these angry ppl got clash of personality with you. You see the world as humourous, satirical and in a non-judgemetal way. Just clear, plain and simple like mummy’s homemade clear chicken bones soup that warm the soul.
    I’m so glad i found you. Not that i’m interested in you, I’m married !! But Neverthelss keep up with the good stories!
    Auntie Ning Ku

  29. hey Kenny, u helped make Kuching better known in the local sphere and beyond. I think that deserves some credit.
    and hell, you’ve got a good sense of humor to boot. just continue doing what you like.
    (some comments are friendly fire, dun take them so seriously)

  30. Oh man, now I feel bad…
    but I do second bawangmerah for what he said. it would have been far easier to screw it all for a lark and blog anonymously for a change…
    For the record, you COULD have turned it down you know…. πŸ™‚

  31. kenny,
    dont ever stop writting. i use your fame. i always use it. ‘i KNOW kenny sia.’ hahaha.. my very own pick up line.
    and you know what? even people here in NZ know who you are and are like ‘wow!!!!!! you KNOW kenny sia..’ luckkkkky you!
    so dude, dont stop. screw em.. thats what i think. hehehehe… keep it up ok!!
    (im just being an ass, i dont actually know u la.. i just made full use of you.. you are a ‘good’ survey-asking person. hehe)

  32. I guess there will always be insensitive, mean people who criticise and hurt for either the fun of it.. or.. they’re just being mean. Don’t take untruths to heart, don’t let them get you down.

  33. *dush*
    people who criticise you, are in fact probably the most stupid. i mean constructive criticism is alright. like
    “kenny, i think your background isn’t nice.” or something like that.
    but stupid criticism like
    simple. don’t click la. not like you wanna make them visit ba.
    and you totally roxors.

  34. ‘ve been reading your blog and noticed that there were blogitics going around but i never realised it got to the point whereby you were so affected. though i don’t know you personally, i could see that there was no ill-intention on your part. had you not been so popular in the sense that so many people visit your blog everyday, your entries would have been just laughed off and treated as a joke by your friends who visit this site.
    popularity comes at a price, and that’s why we see blogicides around.
    i don’t foresee you killing off this blog, but you seem to be witholding a lot of information from the time things got worse. *sigh*
    hang in there. there’re still a lot of people like myself who are supportive of you. i know it’s hard not to let those rumours and stabbings get to you. cheer up yar?

  35. Can I have like 15 seconds of fame here, Kenny?
    Yeah, I’m using to get some fame, so come screw me, you shallow jealous fame-attention people!
    Kenny, though I dont comment here regularly, I read your blog everyday coz you talk about Kuching frequently and it made me realized how much I (as someone who spent me entire life in Kuching) dont know as much about Kuching as you (some who spent the last 8 years of his life outside Kuching) do. I look up to you, man! Not to mention, proud to be related to someone so famous and respected! lol
    Just keep ‘writing’ for the majority who loves your blog!
    Your cousin who just went to Perth…

  36. I’ll be honest. This is probably the first post in a long time that I’ve actually sat and read through word by word. I do miss the old blogging Kenny a whole lot.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you haven’t been making the right decisions. You do what you gotta do right? πŸ™‚

  37. my comment wasn’t meant to harm.
    if it did offend, i apologise.
    but basically i’m just voicing out what many felt. still, patriotic or not, is a good read.
    keep it up

  38. I understand your situation Kenny. Nowadays because of the “Blogger makes racist remarks” incident, people are attacking us bloggers as people and what we love doing which is blogging.
    It is true that there are some boundaries, but a blog is like a storybook of your life and is shown to whoever who wishes to view it provided it is acceptable by their standards.
    Keep the phenomenal work up and if anyone brings you down, just remember that you are writing this blog for yourself and no one else because that is what makes you happy.

  39. hey kenny..i wanted to give you some words of support and all, but i realised, 60 or so of your readers already did that.
    but oh well
    keep on blogging..we read em not cause you’re famous..we read em cause we relate our lives to yours, which in your words, is just Ordinary…like all of our lives.

  40. Um, for what it’s worth I don’t really consider you to be famous but I still read your blog anyway. I have never heard of most of these publications you put up.

  41. “Besides, Su-Yin got into a car accident soon after that entry, so all’s fair.”
    For shame kennysia, that was a low blow, an online diss is nowhere near the same as her bloody car accident.

  42. O_o
    I just noticed the Ning Ku reply….it….doesn’t….sound….Malaysian? Not the type of “Malaysian” she seems to want anyway. Unless Malaysian means to cuss with KNNMCB, if we must.
    Anyhow, Kenny, you are famous in comparison. None of the rest of us have had as much exposure over the news as you have.

  43. whatever u write.. as long not insulting, not too-attacking, not writing out a ‘crime’.. its all fine I think. Its like tt, when more ppl get to know ur name, u’ll always get the positive & negative feedback. Who cares~ Do keep ur blog alive!

  44. haters are very annoying – it’s as if these ppl have nothing better to do than to nitpick others. i started reading XX’s blog a few months ago, then yours. ive seen no reason for ppl to flame you guys’ entries, but they still do. This just proves the fact that no matter what u do, ppl will still be able to critisize u and be vindictive if they want to. Dont let em bring you down. You’re a guy with a great sense of humour. Too bad the haters don’t see that, cos 99% of us do.

  45. Kenny I can sympathise with you becos that’s what happened to me as well.
    The problem does not lie with you but the commentators.Malaysian bloggers in general,just can’t seem to accept the term “agree to disagree”.When I blog about something that is way beyond the norm,I get spam.When I posted a negative comment on something,I get spam.
    There really is no way to blog to satisfy everyone.
    So just blog and be yourself…

  46. Hi Kenny
    I came across your blog one day. Your blog is fine and very interesting. Pity n shame on those who bitch about you. Like those ones who read n support you say, stuff them. Thats wat the your blog is for, to keep your friends up to date. somehow, you ended up getting more than attentions that the others. your blog is very funny. Keep it up Mate.

  47. okie, i have alot to say (like i do in real life). just bear with me.
    Kenny, you are cool * *, your lame jokes are cool. We all (i am not sure if everyone with me, at least me and my bf are hooked) like your blog. Keep doing it. Do what you believe in, and dont give up.
    The are plenty of fxxking d*ckheads out there who just “boo kam buan” to your popularity. so what? if they “jealous”, they wanna throw sh*t to you, fxxk care them!if you get thrown, but still able to do well, means you are really good!me 2 fingers salute!
    Im so “grilled” now. I dont know why .. ppl are so stereotyped, they are conservative– so refused to change. ? I seriously duno why.
    I know it is easy to say what.. like “be yourself” ” dont care others” or something.. it took sometimes to do it. I am sure you will get there very soon.
    Go ahead with what you love! Keep blogging! If you can really tell your how much your readers love you (cos you havent seen all ur faces), but at least i know Nicole, your family is there for you!
    Good luck dude~!

  48. The world would be a better place if people can just judge less and envy less. Some people just know how to judge a person without having themselves in the other person’s shoe.
    Sometimes, there are things which you just have to care less. If your blog is about your life, let it be about your life, and worry not what people outside say about it.
    All the best Kenny =)

  49. Why self-gratify when you can have the masses get it off for you, hor?
    Only a self-absorbed narcissist would think this was like, so cool dude –
    “Besides, Su-Yin got into a car accident soon after that entry, so all’s fair.”
    Save the ululations people. Of course he’ll be back. After that cigarette’s been savoured.

  50. Aiyo, you bozos!!!!!!:
    ‘with all due respect please save the “ignore them, we still love you” comments.’
    I do feel for Kenny, because half his readers severely lack reading comprehension.
    But then again, if most of the readers were smarter than Kenny, then the readers wouldn’t be impressed with Kenny.

  51. Just write what you like lah. I’m not bothered with who reads and comments what the heck i choose to dish out. As for the fame part, it’s up to you how you want to interpret it.

  52. kenny, you’re one of the most honest bloggers around and i’m sure many of your fans appreciate that. who cares about the rest? be true to yourself. i personally love your entries, and yes, i’m prolly one of those who’d approach u to say hi if i were to c u in kch. or anywhere, for that matter. thanks for making a lot of my days. πŸ™‚

  53. I wouldn’t really call what you have as fame…an overload of public attention is more like it. Take the criticism as it comes, and the best way to live it out is to ignore all that is going around you. Just write what you want…that’s what blogging is all about

  54. “Besides, Su-Yin got into a car accident soon after that entry, so all’s fair.”
    That is a fucking malicious thing to say. Let’s hope you drive off a 40ft bridge the next time you disagree with someone online; then you guys can call it even, k mate?

  55. ah… been a while since i commented πŸ™‚
    to each their own. you can’t please everyone that drops by your blog, or is ok with whatever you write. they would think stupid shit, and all you can do is just ignore it or defend youself.
    to which they would probably say more shit and inflate their e-ego.
    i am not famous, but i love to just yap on my blog. and i am sure you do too. just write what you will, complete with broken grammar and stuff, because that’s just you, if that’s you.
    for many bloggers out there, when they first started 3-4 even 5 years ago, they never expected fame. it all came knocking their way. even if they avoid it, it all would hit the rood.
    for you, and almost every other blog i read, i had say, thanks for showing us every bit of your life. even if it’s just a pict of you being weird, even if its a story of how u woke, took a shit and went back to bed,
    thanks. because it’s still sharing your personal life πŸ™‚

  56. Dude, I never really follow your blog and all the fame/hate shit…(I’m having insomia WTH..)but this one post really shows how far you’ve sunk since taking urself (and yr blog) to the public limelight. Get hold of yourself dude. When your online life starts to take over your offline one, you better be doin’ something about it. Hell, enjoy the publisity and fame. It’s free anyway.

  57. Hi Kenny,
    A Cat City “senior” citizen here. Don’t give a damn about what others think or say about you. You’ll never satisfy anyone in this world, not even your spouse for that matter. Take it from a married man.
    It’s just human nature to be jealous of someone who is famous/rich/popular/powerful. Just carry on with your writings, man. I enjoy them and try my best to read your blog everyday. You’re great, man and at your age, I guess there’s plenty in store for you. F***care about those f***heads and just carry on.

  58. Heya kenny… many of these so-called critics don’t really understand how much effort is actually required to maintain a blog. I mean…it’s not that they are paying you to blog, rite ??
    I had my little brush with blog-little-tits regarding some stuff I wrote. Sighz…I don’t understand these people….SEriously.. we can disagree with others’ views etc but let’s be objective and stay away from personal attack…pls…..

  59. this is gonna sound really kiddy, but oh well…
    kenny, Γ¦Λ†β€˜Γ€Β»Β¬Γ¦Β°ΒΈΓ¨ΒΏΕ“Γ¦β€Β―Γ¦Ε’ΒΓ€Β½Β Γ―ΒΌΒΓ£β‚¬β‚¬:)

  60. in my opinion, u r very famous. comments to ur blog alone need effort to read. i love to read ur blog coz what u write make me laugh. just continue what u feel like writing, that’s the most genuine.

  61. i guess there is only so much you can say or do, people will still do what they wanna do… just be true to yourself and blog as you always do… fame comes and goes… so relax and enjoy the ride… things will be back to normal soon… πŸ™‚

  62. As quote “Besides, Su-Yin got into a car accident soon after that entry, so all’s fair.”
    tsk tsk tsk.
    So you think she deserves the accident that nearly torn her into pieces just because she scorned at you?
    Just like how Kimberly thinks I should deserve breast cancer(which I didn’t) just because I critisized her legs.
    Just my piece of 2cents. This is just plain wrong.

  63. Nope.
    I never said I think she deserves the car accident. She doesn’t.
    I’m just saying in light of what she has done that I don’t feel a shred of sympathy for her. At all. I cannot feel sympathy for someone who so ruthlessly humiliated me you know? Its not like I’m Mother Theresa.
    Besides. Please don’t take that line I wrote too seriously. Hey, I’m merely just dissing her online.
    It’s not wrong. It’s just a normal human reaction.

  64. “Its not like I still bear any grudges against them. Besides, Su-Yin got into a car accident soon after that entry, so all’s fair.”
    DUDE. This is in bad taste even if it is tongue-in-cheek. And if it isn’t, well, I guess there’s a level in hell especially reserved for self-important and overly-sensitive bloggers with such fucked-up ideas about moral equity.
    And geez,”I didn’t choose fame, fame found me” and “attention came knocking on my door” or whatever crap that was? Face it, everyone who blogs is a famewhore at heart. You like the fame and you wanted it. Why would you start a blog otherwise? And there’s nothing wrong with that. But don’t play coy, and don’t disingenuously claim otherwise, like “oh, I just started this blog one day for no reason at all just for my own pleasure even though a personal diary would’ve done the trick and hey, look what happened! Oh gosh, oh gee, they love me, they REALLY love me!!!*cue Oscars-style weeping and airkissing*” bullshit.
    And then the exeunt “beneath all the glitz and glamour, I’m just a regular joe like you!” identifying-with-the-masses, poor-little-rich-girl posturing. Gimme a break.
    Yawn. Whingeing and self-pity. This blog has really gone down the drain. Oh for the days when it still was funny.

  65. P.S. Su-yin is cooler than you’ll ever be. No one expects you to be saintlier than the saints, but being so intentionally callous while you’re rallying for empathy and support from your readers is not exactly, you know, putting you in the best light possible.

  66. “Its not like I still bear any grudges against them. Besides, Su-Yin got into a car accident soon after that entry, so all’s fair.”
    All’s fair because Su-Yin got into an accident that almost killed her? She disses you online, nothing personal but it’s ok coz she was almost killed?
    If she disses you then take it like a man and diss her back lah, but that comment was really low and uncalled for. REALLY low.
    “Please don’t take that line I wrote too seriously. Hey, I’m merely just dissing her online.”
    That was not a diss. It’s downright callous and just childish. You dissing Su-Yin with that comment is the same as anyone dissing you over something very personal, like your late father.
    No disrespect meant to your late father as I sympathised when i read your blog, but as a reader who comes in every now and then i am rather disappointed with you.

  67. Hey Kenny,
    I’ve always enjoyed your posts, and so do many of my non-blogging friends. I do feel that all this backlash is uncalled for, and unfair. It’s like all of a sudden the blogosphere is full of pricks and self-righteous elitist wannabes.
    You’re a good guy. That can really be seen from your posts. You can’t stop those people saying things about you or stop them from taking you out of context, but I admire you for always standing your ground and still being a nice guy no matter what.
    You’re not the only one who’s fed up of all this. Keep on blogging, Kenny. You still have your loyal readers, and people who genuinely care about Kenny Sia the person not Kenny Sia the “Famous Blogger.”
    Take care eh.

  68. Heh, like those of you who criticize Kenny never have an ill feeling towards an enemy, rival or business competitors.
    Even if you all don’t say it, you’ll surely have such feelings deep down inside each of you, whether in the past, at present state or in the coming future. Deep down meaning you only keep it to yourselves.
    Kenny’s just exposed one of the weak side of us humans.
    Please don’t blame Kenny for it. All of you have done it once in your lives, and if not will surely do it in the future. So, get over it and move on.

  69. And I just realised how very serious the thread of the previous comments seems to be. Err, on that note, I’d just like to comment that the discordance between the real self and the self perceived by…
    ‘S no use, I can’t keep it up.
    I’m just interested in how long you practise in front of the mirror. From one camwhore to another.

  70. “Its not like I still bear any grudges against them. Besides, Su-Yin got into a car accident soon after that entry, so all’s fair.”
    Who are you to be the judge of what is fair? You may be a piece of ugly piece of shit who rides on the fame of others, but never in a million years would we say “It’s fair” if you got a heart attack because someone bought you a mirror.
    Your intentions were malicious, and downright childish – using an almost fatal event to justify your actions.
    It’s just disappointing human behavior like this that makes the world a shittier place to live in.

  71. i agree with missy. a misunderstanding on the internet shouldnt be justified by an accident. that line pretty much sums up how evil and arrogant you are as a person.
    and also, you say that you didnt choose fame, attention and all that jazz. but here’s a fact. you do know that your site is visited by thousands of readers. if you knew that and NEVER wanted to be famous, you could’ve done a million things to NOT be famous if you’ve intended to stay on a low profile from the beginning. but guess what? you embrace the fame and choose to lead its way. ultimately, it is your own doing that brought you to your never-ending criticisms(just like mine), because your own actions itself created the ‘online-celebrity, Kenny Sia’.

  72. From one Kenny-apologist:
    “Even if you all don’t say it, you’ll surely have such feelings deep down inside each of you, whether in the past, at present state or in the coming future. Deep down meaning you only keep it to yourselves.
    Kenny’s just exposed one of the weak side of us humans.
    Please don’t blame Kenny for it. All of you have done it once in your lives, and if not will surely do it in the future. So, get over it and move on.”
    Sure, we’ve all felt that way before, And yes, we’ve kept it to ourselves. But let’s ask why we keep it to ourselves, eh? Oh, I know! It’s because most of us are smart enough to know that feeling that way is petty, uncharitable, irrational, and most of all, WRONG. Most of us can’t justify broadcasting that feeling all over the internet, right after claiming that “oh no, of course I don’t hold a grudge against her!” and then breezily dismiss it as “just a diss” when called upon it.
    Hey dumbfuck, it’s not a diss. A diss would be to spit a gob of tobacker and pull up your breeches and take it like a real man and call the girl in question a fame-envier, sour grapes-eater, a ho, a bitch, a skanky ho-bitch and whatever variations you can think of on that front. A diss is not to feel happy (or at least, righteously vindicated)that said girl almost frickin’ died after she’d badmouthed you. As if your humiliation is so important in the grand scheme of things that it warrants such a retribution. As if karma is a divinely-appointed bitch at your every beck and call.
    What if some blogger you’d hypothetically badmouthed wrote, “well, Kenny Sia said this-and-that of me, but hey, it’s all good! ‘Cause you know, his old man just up and died.” Pretty callous, no?

  73. “Besides, Su-Yin got into a car accident soon after that entry, so all’s fair.”
    So, so, so way out of line.
    So she cussed you online, get some balls, she ripped a few people, does that mean she deserves to be crippled and disfigured? I may not like what she says, but well I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. That is most certainly NOT fair.
    And this whole post is blog-whorish, if you didn’t want the attention, you wouldn’t post shit like this.
    Make up your mind puhlease, this whole thing is hypocritical.

  74. “Besides, Su-Yin got into a car accident soon after that entry, so all’s fair.”
    There are so many things I could curse at you, but it wouldn’t do any justice to that comment you made. Were you there, Kenny, when she was lying in the wreck, unconscious and bloodied while scavengers took off with her valuables? Were you there when all her friends and family members crowded the hospital in an ungodly hour of the morning, praying for some sign that she would wake up? Were you there when we saw her later, barely able to move or even speak but mustering all her strength to assure us that she was ok?
    I have read your blog on and off, Kenny, and I’ll tell you this: you have lost all respect or regard I’ve ever had of you and the drivel you post on your blog.
    You said, “Unlike anonymous trolls who disappeared as soon as they jabbed, these are actually real life flesh-and-blood people with their faces and real names attached to their blogs.” That’s because they – my cousin in particular – are not cowards who hide behind pseudonyms. She speaks her mind and does not apologize for it. If you knew them, you’d know that they laugh and take jabs at everything – including themselves. If you can’t take some harmless dissing in stride and start to whine and rant in your blog, it’s your prerogative – but you lose any shred of decency or dignity or good reputation you have by saying what you said.
    “Besides, Su-Yin got into a car accident soon after that entry, so all’s fair.” – Kenny Sia, renowned and charitable Malaysian blogger.
    Gosh. The sheer fucktardness of that comment. I’ve known her all my life and it’s the worst thing that can ever happen to someone you love and I can’t believe I’m wasting time on this blog feeling such an unspeakable rage at that thing you said. You owe her an apology.

  75. I’m not bitter about it. I’m not seeking a revenge. I’m not hoping for her downful. I took that blow and I didn’t flinch. If I were bitter about it I would have got all riled up and reacted 3 months ago when I read what she had to say about me.
    3 months ago, I smiled and walked away when a bully spit me in the face unprovoked. If that same person gets knocked up 3 months later, I’m not gonna say “Oh you poor little thing. Here, lemme give you a hug.”
    But you know what? No matter what I say, you’re still gonna call me a callous, heartless, low-blower and no matter what you say I’m still not gonna pity her for getting into a car accident. Its clear that she doesn’t like me and THEREFORE I do not like her. I couldn’t care LESS if she got into a car accident. You may find her funny, but I don’t. You may look up to her, but I don’t.
    “Yeah, it is perfectly fine if she disses every innocent thing in her path with no regards to THEIR feelings, but everyone should all smile cheerily and give her flowers because dammit HER feelings are important.”
    No, she does not deserve getting hurt physically purely because she went around attacking me when I didn’t even do jackshit to her. She didn’t ask for her car accident just like how I didn’t ask for her bitching about me. All I’m saying is that I feel no sympathy for a person who has no sympathy for other people.
    Yes, I admit my remark was low-blow. But I sure as hell am not gonna back off from that ONE SINGLE REMARK after listening the tits-of-fury-sized barrage of bullshit she had to say about me in her entry and in comments she left all over the place. Till then, stop trying to even JUSTIFY her actions by saying what she did was saintly ok AND THEN telling me how I should react.
    She low-blowed me. I low-blowed her. All’s fair. And our nuts are already pretty sore after this exchange.

  76. Out of curiosity, do you control your road rage? *Grin*
    Better practise yourself more in front of your mirror for future rugby tourneys *grin*
    Ooh. Ouch.

  77. Clearly, the apologists have no clue about the extent of su-yin’s accident. Those who did read the horrific account but still think “all’s fair” are obviously as shallow-minded as their object of affection.
    I thought the “let’s all lynch ugly ass furong cos she humiliated me and xx” saga (including our interesting email exchange in respect thereof) gave a clear indication of your juvenile pettiness.
    I was mistaken. Even Su Yin’s most ardent trolls had a better sense of humanity.
    Everything is clearly all about you.

  78. |||Sure, we’ve all felt that way before, And yes, we’ve kept it to ourselves. But let’s ask why we keep it to ourselves, eh? Oh, I know! It’s because most of us are smart enough to know that feeling that way is petty, uncharitable, irrational, and most of all, WRONG. Most of us can’t justify broadcasting that feeling all over the internet, right after claiming that “oh no, of course I don’t hold a grudge against her!” and then breezily dismiss it as “just a diss” when called upon it.|||
    I said MOVE ON…this is done no point going back and moan.
    Kenny-apologist? err…prove it.
    So consider this, it is WRONG for someone to bear grudges against a terrorist who just murdered his pregnant wife?
    So you are right then, Kenny is WRONG to think of misfortunes to befall Su-Yin. But does Kenny show any signs of “intention of murder?”
    Well there you go, Kenny just said that he had war of the words with Su Yin. Happy enough? No?
    Or do you want to see gladiatorial combat between Kenny and Su-Yin? *think Kenny in net and trident and Su Yin in the helm with a sword*
    So this is wrong then now…but to the Romans 2000 years ago, this is not.
    I hope it ends here and let peace grow. Oh, is it WRONG to think of PEACE?

  79. Kenny, you call what I said about you a ‘low blow’? If I really wanted to do a low blow I’d make the same comment you did on my accident, except replace it with your father’s death.
    I diss everything, yes. I deserve bad shit happening to me, yes. But I don’t revel in other people’s misery and misfortune.
    Stop being a whiny little brat. Some people don’t like you, too fucking bad.

  80. You are such a dick. Posting exerpts of newspaper articles featuring yourself just shows that you are completely aware of the fact that you are ‘famous’ and loving it. Otherwise why would you be collecting all the articles with the mere mention of your name? Stop saying that you never meant to be famous. Accepting that interview as you mentioned in your post shows that you did want the fame. If you didn’t, why did you accept it in the first place? You really could have said no.
    Your posts, as you have mentioned before, are written to cater to your vast audience who seem to prefer your humorous posts to those about your life. That’s definitely not writing for yourself and for your pleasure. You obviously care about the increase of your readership and therefore would only post what people like to read.
    In regards to the Su-Yin comment, you didn’t need to even mention that you thought she got what she deserved. Anyone reading your post can see that you thought exactly that. Of course no one would expect you to take back what you said. Seeing that you don’t even like her, taking back what you said and apologising would mean that you would lose what dignity you have left.
    To Ning Ku who took the trouble to vist Tim, Su Yin’s and Michelle’s blogs, please. So what if they talk like angry cussing rappers? Maybe they hang out with gangster rappers all the time. At least they don’t fill their blogs with trivial crap so that they readers would love to read what they wrote, like Kennysia does right here.
    One website with Malaysian triviality is really quite enough, thanks.
    I don’t think they are jealous of what success you have. I think they are just sick of hipocrisy dribbling all over your blog.

  81. “No, she does not deserve it purely because she went around attacking me when I didn’t even do jackshit to her.”
    My grasp of semantics is pretty tenuous, but pray do tell what *other* way is there to construe “Besides, Su-Yin got into a car accident soon after that entry, so all’s fair” than “bitch had it coming ’cause she insulted me”? I mean, are we misinterpreting your words, or are you just a suckass writer? Sounds like you’re far from “over it”, huh?
    I’ve read her entry, and yes, it was mean, nasty, and unprovoked. But hm, I seem to recall an instance in which you had no scruple in tearing into another blogger with vicious glee and unprovoked abandon and plenty of character assasination and creative photoshopping. And certainly XX, one of your fairhaired cohorts and the gleam in your eye, does it often enough. So Su-Yin is hardly the only (nor the biggest) bully in the playground.
    “So consider this, it is WRONG for someone to bear grudges against a terrorist who just murdered his pregnant wife?
    So you are right then, Kenny is WRONG to think of misfortunes to befall Su-Yin. But does Kenny show any signs of “intention of murder?”
    OMG LOL WTF. But hey, a Kenny vs. Su-Yin gladiatorial deathmatch sounds like a GRAND idea! I’d pay tickets to see it, if not for the suspicion that people like Su-Yin eats Kennies for breakfast.

  82. “Besides, Su-Yin got into a car accident soon after that entry, so all’s fair.”
    All is fair? Su’s right. We diss anyone we feel like dissing, and that’s not very polite, but at least we’re decent people. Because we never sink so low.

  83. Su Yin got a car accident … Did anyone ask how the accident happened? She was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
    “C’mon kenny feel guilty now? I’m sorry there’s nothing for him to feel guilty, its not as if he ram into her car and nearly killed her out of provacation over some petty dissing.
    The blog is great – you can write anyting about anyone, critise as much as you wish but please do not blame someone’s unfortunate incident on Ken…. He’s got nothing to do with it. He just wrote what he honestly thought… or else whats the point of blogging if you take things so literally.
    Though I do not know Su yin, all my symphatise to her … Hope she gets well and she can come to visit me in the “Real Ghetto”. Where gansta broil in their crack houses and bitches breed.
    Auntie Ning Ku
    Msg for Ken: Just ignore these ppl. And carry on as normal. Abit of sabotage is expected, though you’d like to think you’re average KEn/Joe but you’re not. Now you’ve got to live and take it like a Celeb. Even Madonna got booed at for something she wasn’t involved, at the opening of her husband’s movie premier. Those ppl hasn’t even seen the film!

  84. no matter wad others sae.. it doesnt matter cos u noe urself best.. don b bothered by them.. for.. if u hab no plans to fall.. u won fall.. cheers kenny.

  85. Kenny Sia,
    I seriously think you are DAMN CHILDISH. DAMN DAMN CHILDISH.
    Got your attention?
    I have been keeping quiet since-god-knows-when you have started defending yourself againts trolls and flamers. Is it necessary for you to create so many entries and comments to defend yourself and expresss your annoyance?
    Do you know why i don’t like to read xiaxue’s blog?(i’m not one of the hater, as i won’t usually bother to leave comments in various blogs) It’s because she keeps defending herself. Do you know that a person will sound really childish when he/she defend themselves againts some flamers/trollers? Coz troller/flamers are childish themselves and you are actually responding to them.
    Just watch Apprentice. When the colleageus backstab each other, you will start to wonder why all these professionals are all so childish.
    You will be on the verge of becoming Xiaxue #2 which will be a disaster if you still don’t realize the childish nature of human. Have a look at Simon Cowell. He is hated by many, people pour water on him, he has so many hate sites, he is so often criticized. But LOOK AT HIM PROPERLY, he is of the most respectable person in the music industry. He understand he won’t be able to please everybody, so he will just be himself.
    If you don’t bother to look at angmors,just look at our local Jeff Ooi. The most he will do to defend himself is to state his point only ONCE in the comment section and he won’t be repeating himself anymore afterthat. And also he won’t purposely create an entry just to tell how much he is annoyed by trollers/flamers. This is what you call professionalism.
    I love your humour. And i think your blog is one of the best around. But your repeated defence in both the comment sections and in some entries are seriously childish. Don’t lie to yourself, the main reason you keep defendin yourself is because your wanna protect your ego. But sad to say, the more you defend yourself, the more childish you seem as you expose more and more of your weak side.
    Be professional. Just defend yourself once and that’s it. The majority of your readers are behind your back, supporting you. THINK OF YOUR DEDICATED READERS AND NOT THE TROLLERS. Childish people are all around, you can’t stop them. So stop wasting your time thinking how to be a perfectionist by pleasing every single species in the world. Be yourself, and write all the sh*ts you want. Put a disclaimer if the issue is sensitive.
    Im looking forward on your next entry. I want to laugh.

  86. I take back what I wrote regarding Su-Yin and her unfortunate car accident. It was certainly out of line, and I apologise to Su-Yin, her friends and families.

  87. There is no running away from all this, as you said Fame came knocking and with that comes public scrutiny. Lucky you don’t have paparazzi taking candid pictures of you like how they are doing to Britney Spears. This is the price of fame, in short deal with it because it isnÒ€ℒt going to go away.
    So what can you do now?
    A)If your main intention is to write without the fame, close down this blog and start another. Make sure the new blog has nothing that ties back to you.
    B)Disallow comments, just write and turn a blind eye to all.
    C)Stop blogging altogether
    D)Continue with your current course of action. As I can tell, you are no more able to write what you like or as free as you like. You do try to please all but as the phrase goes
    “You can’t get everyone to like you, but thank god you can’t get everyone to hate you”
    With that said, you’ll forever have critics and have supporters. Along with arguements and disagreements. So if you can continue tolerating this, then go right ahead.
    Make a choice and bear the responsibility and consequences. Good luck.
    p.s. If you ask me, this whole fiasco is a waste of time. Unless you are making this your ‘career’ and income, its no point for such hassle. What do you get after justifying yourself? what do you get after the argument? You can win one, but to win all year every year?

  88. suyin – stop fucking whining just because you’re a female. doesn’t give you the right to throw a hissy fit – you make ladies ashamed of you, chica.
    kenny – you remind me of this singaporean dj called dan ong who got suspended for making so-called lewd remarks. sure we can argue about whether the suspension was justified, whatever, but it really seems to me that dan seems a lot more subdued these days.
    likewise, sometimes when you write entries like that, i guess your loyal readers all feel the tinge of sadness that you feel. if it’s any consolation, despite that(the sadness), we still read your blog for -you-, and not only for happy you.

  89. Its one of these papers that I found you. Also having alot of kucing friends prompting me to check your blog, have always came back here ever since. I’ve got to say I love your KNNCCB post, laughed my ass out when I realised wht it meant.

  90. Stop whining and grow up. In case you haven’t noticed, the internet is a public thing. Anything that goes on it can, theoretically, be read by anyone at anytime, anywhere. If you didn’t want to attract attention (or even risk it) then why did you start a PUBLIC blog? If you don’t like your current fame status then why don’t u just shut it down and restart one that it can only accessed by people you know?
    You always say (in many of your posts), that you are forced into doing things. Staying in Kuching, working in your family business etc etc. Now it’s that you have been forced into being famous.
    Bull crap if you ask me. It0s always easy to point the finger in another direction. Yes, you could have turned down the interview with the journalist. You could have NOT posted up that silly photo with SPG’s boobs. You could have chosen not to go to Singapore and fratenize with the Singaporean blogger jet-set. Or you could have just fratenized with the jet-set and NOT publicized the fact. You could have chosen not to do many things. But you did. Because you wanted to (yes, you did want to unless there is some pontianak lurking around you phsically forcing your hand). Noone forced you. Now just live up to the responsibilities of being famous and funny and stop whinging away like a baby.
    You are a funny boy. And a talented one. There will always be people who say stupid things about you. So what? That’s just part and parcel of life. Deal with it like the adult you are supposed to be and stop blaming everyone and everything else.

  91. Hey kenny, i fell in love with your blog months ago. And i still love it now. I bet there are many people out there who enjoy reading your blog as much as i do, so don’t stop writing yeah?

  92. “I take back what I wrote regarding Su-Yin and her unfortunate car accident. It was certainly out of line, and I apologise to Su-Yin, her friends and families.
    Thank you, Kenny, it is decent of you to say this. I’m sure her friends will appreciate it as well.

  93. I have never read your blog.
    Besides, Su-Yin got into a car accident soon after that entry, so all’s fair.
    But that is fucking inhumane. Perhaps The Star would like to republish this.

  94. shez, it might not have anything to do with fame you know? It could just be courtesy to the journalist. It could just be helping to put some good light on this hobby after all its negative publicity. It could just be for the want of trying something new.
    For the record (and Michael Cheang can testify this), I did ask him not to publish my blog address but he called me the day before it was supposed to go out and said “No choice lah, editorial team said have to publish.”
    All Michael’s fault. πŸ˜‰

  95. Hey Kenny, Maxims just published a piece on sexy singaporean bloggers. Time for you to trot out those hairy nipples for a parody again.

  96. Kenny, you are the most narcissistic blog-whore in Malaysia. And them coconut-sized balls are just masquerade to your chicken shitness! You’re nothing but a sore puss – and oh how ironic, where are you from again???

  97. Haiz…dont be so emola…you know a lot of ppl like to dislike ppl for the sake of disliking ppl. Then they must come back and read and irritate themselves on purpose coz they are sadistic and like torturing themselves.
    At least you know a lotta ppl still wana play with your coconuts…Of course some ppl wana kick them alsola. But what to do? Haha. At least some ppl wana help you kiss away the pain

  98. Hi-dee-ho Kenny.
    I just started blogging a few months ago and there were many times when I had to think what I can and cannot write and consequently publish online for all the world to see.
    What can I possibly write about? My thoughts, my observations, my opinions about a particular matter? Will people read it, will people like it, will people find it to be a waste of server space and bandwidth? Will I offend anyone, will the Home Minister send Pak ISA to my house after finding my IP address?
    I don’t know, man. I had to think many times before putting my fingers on the keyboard. I mean, I just write for the heck of it. Sure there’ll be trolls and hecklers who will find the smallest fault and slam you for it. Anyone who makes their writings public will face that.
    These flamers should realise that isn’t necessary to be hurtful. From what I’ve gathered from the comments above, people have been judging you and resorted to name calling.
    As for me, I’d just shrug it off. As long as you continue to write, I’ll keep clicking on my bookmark. Entertaining, amusing, at times thought-provoking. Surely not a waste of my time.

  99. kenny…..i love your blog!( i know love is such a strong word, but i do!) keep those hilarious takes on all things malaysian coming please! loved the swee mei post, reminded me of my younger days when i used to visit those uncle barbers meself! btw, you should keep that brylcreem n side parting look…haha. keep blogging man…

  100. “Its not like I still bear any grudges against them. Besides, Su-Yin got into a car accident soon after that entry, so all’s fair.”
    It’s just a fucking sentence.
    Su-yin had wrote more nasty things, why dont all of the fucking dumb-asses scold her too?
    It’s like, I dun fucking like Suyin, so I dun give a FUCK if she DIES in the accident.
    If Suyin wants to write bout Kenny’s dad, maybe she can. It’s up to her.
    I just dun see why becos IT’S FUCKING FAMOUS “MR SHOULD BE GOOD” Kenny Sia who wrote this fucking sentance that all the fucktub minds out there wan to roast him.

  101. “But you know what? No matter what I say, you’re still gonna call me a callous, heartless, low-blower and no matter what you say I’m still not gonna pity her for getting into a car accident. Its clear that she doesn’t like me and THEREFORE I do not like her. I couldn’t care LESS if she got into a car accident. You may find her funny, but I don’t. You may look up to her, but I don’t.”
    Sorry but that just doesn’t make sense, in all honestly Su-yin has said nastier things about me than she has about you, but well I wouldn’t wish upon anyone what she has endured.
    This is the Internet, people spout a lot of crap, in no way shape or form is it thus fair for them to get mangled in a fucking car crash.
    I don’t like her…but well doesn’t mean I wish her ill.
    It’s like the thing with XX, so I attacked the pink poodle of singapore, does that mean I deserve to die choking on a plate of singapore mee tommorow?
    I think not.

  102. Hi Kenny,
    Just face it, you’re famous! (in blogsphere at least) And must say your blog is pretty keep writing away.
    Anyway, just want to say `hi’ as i have been reading u for sometime.
    Oh btw, I’m the writer of the KL Lifestyle article on blogging. And if u have time, check out my humble blog. πŸ˜‰

  103. That’s the trouble with being ‘Famous’, everyone expects different of you. You just be you and let the good, the bad and the uglies comment all they like, at the end of the day, it’s your blog and your views and it’s their comment and their view. No 2 man think alike or share the same point of view.
    Just be happy being yourself.

  104. I figure why Su Yin is so angry all the time. Here’s what I wrote in her blog: –
    Swettie I know why you’re so angry all da time, I know whats bothering you … you need SEX. OMG do you know how much money you can make in the net. WEB-Cam yourself and whoever having sex with you with your neck brace? Do you have leg plaster as well. Oh good can do uncomprising position.
    THINK OF ALL THE SICKO’S WHO WOULD PAY TO WATCH THIS ??? I am serious … its never been done!! You’ve got pregnant women, grannies, midgets etc,etc but not a real genuine person with broken limbs. Pain, pleasure and torture its beautiful… can chuck crappy car and buy Ferrari ..
    As a Chinese saying goes : With disaster there’s opportunity!!! Watch out for a red Ferari with number plate “SU-YIN 888”

  105. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. U’re the Eminem of Blogs.
    Say what you wanna say. There’s no pleasing everyone.
    There’s more happening in the comments than the main entries. Sigh. Commenting on another person’s blog is a priviledge, not a right. And either way, it shouldn’t be abused.
    Do what YOU want to do, not what others want you to do. You don’t get paid for doing this.
    Either that or close the site down if you don’t think all this is worth it. This site is yours, remember that.

  106. You can be quite laughable. You dismiss criticism as vitriolic and senseless trolls at work. Didn’t you also poke fun at Furong Jie Jie? Don’t you poke fun at sg? I’m just saying, if you want to dish it out, you must be able to take it. Honestly, you don’t seem to be a very nice person either. Your pattern is basically to say something thoughtless, do something ethically questionable (like the spg incident), and then apologise and say that you didn’t know your actions would cause controversy.

  107. OOOOOOOHHHHHH THAT’s why that dead link from paul tan’s site suddenly showed up so much in my referrals. I was mildly curious about that.
    Ay boy. That was not stabbing in the back mah. I already comment on your site a few times about how you seemed to be getting a bit “bitch slap petty girly venomous funny” instead of actually just funny.
    Anyway dude, I have not much left to say to you or about this matter that everyone else also not said. Truth be told, in my personal opinion, if a person is up to “respecting” and taking advice of certain types of people… well, not worth my time to provide counterpoint povs, because it’s an indication of their level of maturity. Fart in the wind ya know.
    You probably don’t get my drift, but hey – I still think you’re basically ok and I really enjoyed your (very) early entries. Not that you should care what I think, but you obviously did!

  108. you are a easy going and funny guy. Of course people who take things too seriously get pissed off by your comments once in a while. In my opinion your blog is one of the most entertaining ones that I’ve read and your views are pretty fair objective.

  109. hey kenny, it take a lot of courage and wisdom to make life “relax” esp it is others. only wise man knows how to make humourous life. and indeed i repect the way u position urself and voice out ur opinion, to tell others this is wot kenny sia is all about. good move and salute u. motivate me to write. thank you.

  110. A quote:
    “Unjust criticism is often a disguised compliment. It often means that you have aroused jealousy and envy. Remember that no one ever kicks a dead dog.”

  111. Hi Kenny. I didnt finish reading this post.. But i’d jus like to say.. I used to love reading ur blog.. for a while.. before it got too famous..too comercial.. After that.. it jus seemed like you were trying to hard sometimes.. n it wasnt tat interesting (to me) anymore..
    But i jus read ur meme post.. n liked it..
    its nice to know (here) that ure not trying to hard to be entertaining..
    i know you have plenty of fans.. n im not here to diss u..
    Jus my personal opinion on ur blog..

  112. Hi Kenny, frankly I haven’t visited your blog for quite some time now. Didn’t realize that you have this thing going on. Really sorry that this has to happen.
    I’ve been reading your blog before and after you got ‘famous’. And I can say that you haven’t changed much. In fact I think you got even funnier. But I do hope that this thing will blow over soon because I know it kind of strangle your creativity and break your funny bone. I agree that it is serious when even a hair salon review can invite negative reamrks.
    No advice from me. You’re doing well on your own. I just wish this thing will blow over soon.

  113. ah. there are reasons why people enjoy kennysia’s posts and some enjoy su-yin’s and some enjoy xia-xue’s and the list goes on.
    so why not we just run along, reading whichever blog we like, and not be so fucking defensive?
    and people, don’t be daft lah. don’t act as if your opinion is the only-fucking-opinion that matters.
    “At this point, I wish to urge readers who clicked on the links posted here to just read what they wrote for an ‘alternative point of view’ about me. But please, DO NOT attack the bloggers and DO NOT engage in meaningless online bitchfight. ”
    gawd, and you people say you are readers.

  114. kenny, you make me laugh and entertain me endlessly with your great entries. when things don’t seem to go right once in awhile, remember that you have a whole buncha readers out there that truly enjoy your writing

  115. mmm, honestly, i think everyone’s entitled to their own opinions.. you have a point, critics are not meant to be ignored, they are meant to be proven wrong. i’ll take this into mind.

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