Gone Saratok

I’ll be absent for 3 days. Project #2 is happening in this small town called Saratok, about 6 hours drive from Kuching city. Not sure what I can expect over there but I’ve been told ‘not much’. *groans*
Be nice to each other while I go prostitute myself to the corporate world.

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  1. Don’t worry, we’ll just let the International Website Deforming Hackers Association (IWDHA) know that there is a website here without proper webmastering for 3 days 🙂

  2. hey, is that a one way ticket taht i c?
    hope ull be able to get a return ticket home on time. Well if ure able to update ure blog there then it doenst really matter 😛

  3. Remember not to seduce the local girls. Jealous men will put a ‘jampi’ (hex) on you…. from coconuts, you will become kachang puteh.At least thats what I’ve heard about these mysterious ulu places anyway. Fucking scary.

  4. HAHAHAHHAHA…. is funny to read this… the opposite restaurant is my high school… i knw the actual story(since i was studying in saratok)… i knw the actual story.. but i prefer urs….lol..(kekkeke)


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