Kenny Sia Attempts To Write A Bimbo Blog

It’s tough job being a male blogger sometimes.
Some people write for themselves and some people write for an audience. Like most people, I do both and I reckon did a pretty good job so far balancing them.
I do have to admit though that I don’t always find writing for an audience easy at all. Most people tell me that they visit my blog for laughs. I acknowledge that. However ideas, inspiration and wit are not something that come 24/7. They go through a cyclical pattern, much like a woman’s menstrual cycle.

So occassionally during my low point I get people telling me, “Eh Kenny, write something funny lah.” I try to tell them “Eh friend, I’m gonna be very busy the next two weeks hor. Can you like, make my girl have PMS right now so we can get it over and done with?”
That usually shuts them right up.
It’s so much easier being a female blogger.
Guys can only write so much humour, politics and technology before we run out of inspiration. For girls, they can write the same stuff if they wanted to, but they can also write a bimbo blog.
Bimbo blog is a genre of blogging that’ll never go out of style. They’re characterised by the blogger (usually female) posting up half-an-Internet-full-of-bandwidth-sucking photos of themselves going about doing stuff like partying, going for manicures, shopping, partying, attending fashion shows, partying, doing their make-up, partying, meeting celebrities, going on a cruise, partying, partying, partying… zzzzzzz.

Bimbo blogs may not have a lot of substance or thought-provoking content, but you know what? They’re fun. And people read it. And people DIG those shit. I know I do. Just look at the female bloggers I linked to on my sidebar – half of them write darn good bimbo blogs.
I read a lot of bimbo blogs because I’m a hot-blooded male and I never stop being curious about the opposite sex since puberty.
One thing though. Bimbo blogs are strictly the realm of female bloggers. Guys can’t write bimbo blogs. I mean if you’re a guy and you enjoy posting up multiple hi-resolution self-indulgent photos of yourself, mannnnn… you got some serious issues to deal with, mate. Stop touching my body.

That’s precisely the reason why I can’t help but to feel envious of Xiaxue sometimes. I know it’s a bit mean for me to say this, me being her personal friend, I love her and all that. But Xiaxue doesn’t exactly write the most cheem stuff you know, and yet the advertisers LOVE her! They love her to DEATH!
I don’t understand. How on God’s Green Earth is one girl able to, just by writing a pink bimbo blog, attract all those companies giving her free T-shirts, free cruises, free MP3 players, free contact lens solution, free manicure, free hairstyling, etc. At the same time still able to earn MORE advertising revenue in a month than my monthly salary working 9-5.

Heck, I’m getting more hits now than Xiaxue when she first got her Localbrand endorsement. WHERE IS MY ENDORSEMENT DEAL?! WHERE IS MY DAWN YANG TALENT AGENCY CONTRACT!? Hello? Big time major corporate companies!? Does being the No.1 Malaysian blog on Technorati not mean ANYTHING to you???
Ok ok ok, maybe not.
My point is, I’m drowning in a green pool of jealousy at all these perks the bimbo blogs are getting. I think it’s clear.
So I figured, why not turn into a bimbo blog? I’d love to go on a free cruise. I’d love to get a free MP3 player. If they can do it, why can’t I?
I mean, how DIFFICULT could it be? All I got do is… post up many many photos of myself.
I am in a good mood today so I am going to give you all make up tips.
These are my nails.

These are my nails after I put on fake nails.

I am so pretty.

These are my eyes.

These are my fake eyelashes.

These are my eyes after I put on fake eyelashes.

I am so pretty.

This is Superstar Virgo.

They sponsored my cruise trip. I am so happy. Please support Superstar Virgo.

Here are some photos of me clubbing with my friends.

Ok gtg. In case you forgot how chio I am, here’s a reminder.

I am pretty.

I am pretty.

I am pretty.

I am pretty.

I am pretty.

I am pretty.

Don’t you think I’m so gorgeous?

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415 Replies to “Kenny Sia Attempts To Write A Bimbo Blog”

  1. HAHAHAH.. when the pink background was loading..I KNEW what was going to happen. πŸ™‚
    Love the clubbing photos man.. you can SO totally dance:) and the pretty photos too! hahahahah

  2. #1 malaysian blog? u gotta be kidding me. jeff ooi and even is ranked higher than u!
    maybe in your dreams.

    and thats a cute superstar virgo you have there! i suppose you have to minimise urself to sit on it eh? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. good job!!

  4. Lololol
    Since you won’t be using those fake lashes anymore, can post them to me? I’m all out for any freebies.

  5. OH.
    I thought what the hell happened when I saw the pink background.
    Totally agree on what you said about bimbo blogs. People just like to see pretty pics. I swear I would have a bimbo blog too if I have a camera and a pretty face. Too bad I don’t.
    I agree on XX too but I still love her! Just cos she’s so lovable! Oh i envy her like hell!
    And where did you get those fake eyelashes??
    Kenny! You’re so cute and pretty! I ‘heart’ you!!!

  6. OH.
    I thought what the hell happened when I saw the pink background.
    Totally agree on what you said about bimbo blogs. People just like to see pretty pics. I swear I would have a bimbo blog too if I have a camera and a pretty face. Too bad I don’t.
    I agree on XX too but I still love her! Just cos she’s so lovable! Oh i envy her like hell!
    And where did you get those fake eyelashes??
    Kenny! You’re so cute and pretty! I ‘heart’ you!!!

  7. You’re pretty! Yes, you are!
    I’m earning weird stares from people in the computer lab because I burst out laughing looking at your clubbing pics. Effing funny stuff dude.

  8. holy hell
    i got the shock of my life. even counter checked the url and background to make sure. only after seeing you on the main header photo made me realize it was actually
    damn,don’t this often. u’d give the weak hearted a seizure man. :p
    nice ‘bimbo’ pics by the way. confirm boleh jadi satu.

  9. cks you must be dreaming right? is ranked 194. Jeff Ooi is ranked 948. Kahsoon? He’s not even in the 3 digit vicinity!
    Get your facts right.

  10. Wei! Don’t change lar! I prefer your previous style, much much nicer. And I hate bimbo blogs. I hate it when people, especially girls like to act cute. Looks so immature. Have to admit the pictures were pretty funny too XD

  11. Anyway, I do hope that you get more advertisers on your blog, Kenny, as loreal catchphrase would be, “because you are worth it”
    You, sir, are awesome πŸ™‚
    I’d hire you, cept I’m forever broke …

  12. yeah! at last kenny got it right!~ now start a new blog category, male-bimbo blog!! nice! then i’ll never have to read ur blog! good eh?

  13. aiyo kenny i tot i went to XX blog, u nth to do isit? copy XX? Haha. Plz put more of the funny pics man.. Ur fans will like it…. U look cute lar. Can i pinch ur cheek? Next time u endorse Sony lor. Since Ipod wun gif u free stuffs..

  14. Omg I so love you Kenny! XD. Salute for your attention to details, even your watermark for the photos has the pose similar to that of XX! A great April Fool’s joke indeed~ Long live Kenny, the hottest and prettiest bimbo! =P

  15. ohmygod. this is the best post. EVER. πŸ˜€ i’m afraid my family thinks i’m crazy because i laughed uncontrollably at the computer screen… all alone. :p this xiaxue parody is so hilarious, ROFL.
    two thumbs up kenny! πŸ˜€

  16. ohmigosh u actually got FAKE lashes, FAKE nails! just for a bimbo entry !
    hahaha u crack me up man!
    maybe u shud get some cheap eyeliner, lipgloss, eyeshadow and attempt an entry on putting on makeup!
    hahahha loving this entry!

  17. siao tar po..
    wana be hot chio bu also go for some liposuction 1st lah.. lol..
    XX needs some fat reduction.. maybe she can donate some of hers over to Dawn..
    post some of ur shots with wigs.. u’d make a good ‘mummy’ in chao kit..

  18. wow u gave me heart attack la… (myocardial infarction)!
    damn… i tot u kidnapped xiaxue’s blog or i clicked on the wrong shortcut and bleh… good one!
    oi COME TO PENANG leh… always GO KL and SG!
    you got Friends (ahem, FANS) in PG oso leh
    then u can totally drown urself in cendol and ais kacang while rowing on a popiah, yum yum char koay teow!
    totally, change back to good old after the weekend (latest ok?) later my mummy oso get SHOCK looking at ur site banner.
    ah pulau mutiara awaits you, even without the monorail yet. and bring ko lo mee oso ok? green road one hehex jz jking

  19. Jealousy kills……………………….


    You actually bought those lashes and put it on?

    why didnt you do it step by step and post it up?

    you got to sponsor what…its not that bad.

  20. ur so funny, man.
    at first, i tot what the hell happenned? wendy stole ur domain name??
    ur take on bimbo blogs so darn hillarious.
    i laugh till tears come out.

  21. omigod..
    i was pretty sure i typed .. and was wondering how come it was XX’s page.. then stumbled upon ur picture.. wahuahuahuahuahua
    *laughed my head off*
    U ROCK kenny! πŸ™‚

  22. i wonder what would your mom think if she ever sees this…=)
    But haha! =) That’s all i can say =)

  23. lanchiao……….damn funny man……when like first came to the website…i thought it was xia xue’s one…….OMG………damn gayish man

  24. oh-my-freaking-gawd.
    yes. you are so pretty.
    You don’t have to remind us how chio you are so many times anyway

  25. A rather redundant entry, kenny! U r who u r! Don’t imitate others for the sake of gettin paid for lucrative endorsements! It’s kinda cheapskate.
    Wacky post though.

  26. Man, I’m sure my gay friends would love to stick their cocks up your arse (one at a time, of course).. ha ha ha.. really impressive stuff – you surely do have the X-factor, bro!!

  27. oh my, i thought i went into xx’s blog. haha~ nice one and i think u look super funny in the clubbing picture. look so ‘toot’

  28. greatest april fool pressie. *falls off chair*
    Thanks Kenny!!! My insomnia has been swept away by those beautiful pics.

    you gave me a shock!!! when i clicked on your page, and that came out, i thought i was on the wrong page! And then it occured to me, that it was indeed correct after all!!!
    hahaha. i don’t think you’re bimbo enough to write a bimbo blog, but hey, i must say this is a really good entry!!! damn entertaining!!! hahaha…
    keep up the great work!! πŸ™‚ Hehehehee…
    Mei can’t stop laughing!

  30. i swear i stared at the main picture for a full 3 minutes before i realise my eyes are not playing tricks on me.
    why the hell did you do these?
    though i found it extremely hilarious.
    i laughed my guts out! =X
    any ideas how xiaxue will respond to this? hahs

  31. damn!
    me laughed n laughed n laughed n laughed n laughed n laughed…just can’t stop laughing…damn!
    kenny da bimbo rox to the max!!!

    This is the best best post EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD XD
    *laughs till she dies*

  33. Happy April Fool’s Day to Kenny!
    wow man, that nail thing is so gei! Do you go clubbing in your underwear or boxer short? That was cool Kenny, I like it!

  34. omg omg. Kenny look SO pretty!!!
    u should get urself a caucasian boyfriend too.
    then the bimbo blog will be COMPLETE!!
    omg omg. you look SO much prettier than Xia Xue with that fake eyelashes. hehe *pinch Kenny’s cheeks* SO pretty lah. SO pretty lah. *pinches again*

  35. OMG LOL LOL LOL, really pretty kenny, REALLY pretty.
    hahahahahahahahhahahaahhahahahahhaaha nice eyelashes dude, you should go enter the mr universe if you get what i mean πŸ˜‰

  36. omg kenny! change it back, i LOVE ur style! don’t be like xiaxue just for the sake of it! that’s an april fool joke rite? LOL cuz i just realized the day u posted it was yesterday

  37. there is a story abt kenny and rockson, called humphim hill on some grunge teacher’s website..i think its based on brokeback mountain..

  38. I see. Then according to your cyclical graph, the minimum point of your inspiration levels increase as the months go by.The minimum point for your 17th month also happens to be the maximum point for your in the 8th month. Also, is the cyclical pattern exponential?

  39. NOOoooOooOo…
    Don’t la turn into one of em’ bimbo blogs!!
    And you party in red boxer shorts?? or is that some ‘beach’ shorts… and dude. u wanna get em’ fake eye lashes.. get something fuller laaa… like the ones xiaxue puts on.
    you need bimbo classes laaa…
    But its hilarious!!! wasn’t feeling all that great until i saw the blog. hahahahahaha.

  40. dude, so far, i had been an anonymous reader. but today i have to say, DAMN YOU’RE FUNNY! hahahah. I’m loving it! keep up the bimbo blogging. haha.

  41. To the ppl going on about the “Malaysia’s #1 blog” comment, chill. He’s just following the other bimbo’s “Singapore’s #1 blog” tag. Don’t take these things so seriouslylah!
    So Jeff Ooi and fans can rest easy.

  42. Nabeh! hahahah kenny! ur so the pretty lei. sure some guys PCC just looking at ur bimbo photos.
    Good post. hmmm seriously, DONT you get all the perks like xiaxue? I thought you do. Sexist aye? I think its bcoz u dont have that bombshell image with your tits half hanging out and have camel-like lashes…
    Hmm… go figure lah.
    Prolly u could get sth from OSIM πŸ˜‰

  43. hey kenny, u definately rocks lahs.. i frequent yours and xiaxue’s everytime.. you two ah!.. rock my bloggy world!!
    ps. ur photoshop skill… wow..

  44. funny kenny. but i sure hope this doesn’t mean u have turned into a cunt like your friend xiaxue. why must u be so proud about being associated with her, you make me sick and embarassed to be your fellow malaysian.

  45. forget the Stellars. Kenny’s milkshake brings all the boys to the yard! daaaaaaamn! you fierce, girlfriend!

  46. ….A bimbo blog?ugh.that sucks.I bet if u continue with this bimbo blog you’ll lose even more readers.Excuse me for a sec.I’m gonna puke.

  47. HAHAHA!! omg!! i thought i clicked on xiaxue’s blog (which i dun really like). Neways, HILARIOUS!! and you’re GORGEOUS!!

  48. ha , girl….long time never reading here….will visit more often your nice blog…. btw, y KENNY SIA blog layout SAME with you recenly?? Funny !

  49. I just decide to see what’s new on your blog, and…..BLAM!!!
    There you are stylin’ in that Sunkist Orange shirt and those LEGS!! Holy MOLEY, Kenny, those LEGS!! LMAO!!
    I really DO like this blog!!

  50. WTH was that? will have to be shut down and he will get charged for making innocent readers laugh till they drop dead and die!

  51. This is so damn hilarious.
    I don’t found it offensive as you copy the layout style as XiaXue.By the way,i love your sense of humour,even if you don’t.
    Good job!!

  52. I DON’T hate xiaxue. I just hate some of her statements but not her. I like other parts of her. Nyeh.
    Kenny sia u r hilarious….

  53. haha. no doubt its hillarious and funny~
    but i wonder how xiaxue will think abt it.
    if i was her. i would have drop dead on my bed and cry dude!
    anyway! nice post πŸ™‚ keep it up

  54. You actually look quite cute with them lashes. Strange, oh definitely. but quite pretty indeed kenny! Your enthusiasm to transform kennysia into a bimbo blog is palpable.

  55. Dun wry kenny, u’ll get ur endorsement deals, da companies jz hvta finish givin da rest 2 da other bimbo blogs…
    coz if u giv deals to ONE bimbo blog…u hvta giv deals to ALL bimbo blogs.

  56. omg. laughing really loud

  57. Now, do we really need any more convincing?
    STEP 2: Testicle reduction, followed by
    STEP 3: Nose and boob jobs. Maybe just nose. Your existing D cups are sufficiently large.

  58. “Bimbo blog is a genre of blogging that’ll never go out of style. They’re characterised by the blogger (usually female) posting up half-an-Internet-full-of-bandwidth-sucking photos of themselves going about doing stuff like partying, going for manicures, shopping, partying, attending fashion shows, partying, doing their make-up, partying, meeting celebrities, going on a cruise, partying, partying, partying… zzzzzzz.”

  59. hmmm, another way of getting girls all over you apart from joining a rock band….GET A FREAKING BIMBO BLOG! well, it works so props man. πŸ˜‰

  60. that sure made me laugh…
    your expressions are unique.
    I would usually just scroll on your blog but this one really grabbed my atention, thus, forcing me to make my first comment here…
    Keep it up, Kenny!

  61. nice superstar virgo… LOL…
    n those fake nails n eyelashes… r those ur mum’s or u really bought it? ahahahaha

  62. True..Agree 100% bout the cheem paris hilton la..u hate her guts out..waiting for a headlines to say “Paris Hilton breaks not ONE…but TWO NAILS!” then we all can laugh at her..wahaha gues that’s almost the case with the bimbobloggers..i check them just to see them make a fool of tehmselves and screw up..i do think kennysia deserves time when i open my own company, ur first on my list kenny! πŸ™‚ a piece of advice..*whisper* mayb u should pay sm1 to ‘hack’ ur account n u lose all ur priceless blogs?? *wink*wink* im lame πŸ˜›

  63. man~ u are one hell of a funny guy man!! 24/7 cracking stuff that is unexpected!!!
    thumbs up!!good entertainment!!!

  64. reading your blog isnt just entertaining but also lead readers (me) to introspect on themselves, so it’s not just plain funny, hilarious anymore.

  65. Wahaha~! Yess Kenny I really think you are gorgeous & pretty and I muz say you’ve got some gd skin there..mayb you shd endorse some skin product or even cosmestics? -_-”
    Wahaha~! I can die laughing when reading your blog.. =)

  66. Great site to laugh till ya drop~God~
    for some odd reason xiaxue…ya losing to kenny…he’s so sweet~

  67. I was reading this while trying to sneeze in peace and what happens?? A LAUGH-SNEEZE! Now my comp screen is covered in mucus (from the sneeze) and spit (from the laugh). This is one bloody funny entry, you look smashing in fake eyelashes and yes Kenny, YOU ARE PRETTY! Happy?

  68. Just an addendum to my comment above, I know why you don’t get free stuff Kenny – because you’re not using XX’s Shu Eumura fake eyelashes. It takes money to make money baby!

  69. Just an addendum to my comment above, I know why you don’t get free stuff Kenny – because you’re not using XX’s super-duper ultra-deluxe mink-nose-hair Shu Eumura fake eyelashes. It takes money to make money baby!

  70. one of the funniest i’ve read so far!!hahhaha….although i suggest you try not to be so much of a bimbo!!you could always keep genitals and be a HIMBO!!!hehehhe

  71. omg, you really imitate xiaxue! lol. Anywhere, a shocking post but dont do this in your real life ya!

  72. wah lau. this entry and change to the “Bimbo” genre surely made a HUGE impact man…
    the change has officially become a topic of discussion all the way in MELBOURNE!!! hahahahaha.
    You rawk dude!.. (or rather.. dudette!)..

  73. i think u got a crush on xx
    it is a good thg,if it works out
    we will have a joint kenny-xx blog,
    part bimbo and part gila (crazy)blog
    who knows, maybe milk powder and diapers
    sponsors galore

  74. gosh kenny! i really did double check your website. thought i was route to xiaxue’s.
    did u really manage to put the fake lashes on??

  75. o.O
    i thought i typed the wrong blog..and i got a shock when i saw u wif wings..
    hahahahahaha u made my happy day..happier kenny..haha

  76. hey kenny, sex sells. if you want to get those perks i think you should change your body. well, you’re half way there with those eye lashes and long finger nails, you just need to get some breast implants (maybe the size of Pamela Anderson would to) πŸ™‚
    anyway, this post is so funny! πŸ™‚

  77. kenny,hahahahahahah that is one funy post!!!!!! how do you put those fake lashes so perfectly???? teach me pleaseeeeeeeeee, and your skin is suppperrbbb! is it special malaysian goat milk??

  78. Γ£Ββ€šΓ£ΒΒͺΓ£ΒΕΈΓ£ΒΒ―Γ£Ββ€ΉΓ£β€šΒΓ£Ββ€žΓ£Ββ€žΓ£ΒΒ§Γ£Ββ„’Γ£ΒΒ­Γ―ΒΌΒ

  79. Yes, I think you’re sizzlingly gorgeous! Hahaha! brilliant entry! And well I can’t offer you a free ipod or a free superstar cruise. But if you come to Beijing, I can offer you a free tour and maybe a few complimentary dinners as well! And whilst you’re here perhaps we can track down furong jie jie together! That’d surely beat any superstar cruise!

  80. haiz yoz! this is damn funny!
    Well, I guess pple read bimbo blogs for entertainment lah…
    like if you finish surfing all the regulars for the day but still dun wanna log off, one would prob turn to bimbo blog for some entertainment and gosspi topics lahz…

  81. Instead of getting endorsement deals, maybe Jim Carrey will issue a lawyer letter to you instead for potraying his character in some of the pictures. Cheers mate. You’re definately funnier than him. You’re my number one clown now.

  82. wahahhahaha, as a girl. i have to admit thats so totally TRUEEEEE. Hahaha. But i’m not one of them. i swear. i think. no seriously. bimbo blogs for guys!

  83. kenny!!! read this post a few times in the past few days, and MAN it’s damn hilarious!! i’ll make sure i check on this post when i need a good laugh or basically to cheer myself up because it gives me this huge grin on my face + laughing out loud like a siow poh!! keep it UP!!!

  84. dude. i check your blog twice a week. i check xiaxue’s once a month or not at all.
    besides, u’ve got or something, no?
    yes… u don’t get 2 see the money. but what u’ve lost in cash u earn in respect. too bad u can’t trade respect for a car though.
    u’ve got substance. go to bed with that.

  85. OMG!!! lol!! i was laughin out so hard when reading this post my brother thought ive gone nuts!!! was once a blogger myself..deleted my olg blog cos i was getting sick of my bimbo bloggings…so this is what u call those posts πŸ˜‰ hahaha πŸ˜€ good one

  86. Hey just wondering…exactly how much does XX get a month from blogging? I mean, u make urself sound so pathetic…i dun think her ‘salary’ goes up to sing $4-5 K a month rite? At most, 2K plus? I guess that’s great considering she just has to take photos of herself and post something up once a week…

  87. Yes, you are pretty πŸ™‚ I do admit that I come to your website for a laugh sometimes, but, you have more than a laugh. I love the part you went through for the 42km marathon, it really inspires me.
    I have visited xx’s blog a few times. It does not match my taste and I stop visiting her blog for a long time. Yes, she is pretty and lovable, but besides partying and partying, what else can she do? Let’s be realistic, she can’t be blogging for 5 more years doing the same old thing.

  88. Mate, you have to realise the fact that you are a Malaysian blogger while XiaXue is a Singaporean blogger. The whole culture is so darn different. Look at the responses Sepet has received from the Malaysian locals and the responses Not Stupid Too has received from Singaporean locals.

  89. Oh No! Not you too. πŸ™‚
    But you got something there. I think Malaysian companies haven’t realised that blogs may be as good if not better than traditional advertising media.

  90. WaT LAU!!!
    the last few pictures really turn off lor!!!
    but it’s really very funny.
    not bad…ur inspiration nv seem to cease…
    sometimes i get inspiration to blog a lot but sometimes…things juz die down n gets boring…

  91. you got me laughing real hard, kenny. maybe the endorsements are coming in soon! you’ll never know.

  92. Bimbo blog

    Luckily I wasn’t drinking my spirulina while reading Kenny Sia’s blog, or else the drink would’ve ended up on the computer monitor! Another Kenny Sia classic – Kenny attempts to write a bimbo blog. Must read!!…

  93. haha ure one funny chap! really enjoyed that!
    i like the superimposed clubbing pics, haha..
    u look so blur in there.
    u are a qualified bimbo blogger.

  94. Hahahahahaha…cute pics! remind me of ‘beautiful eyes-how to wear fake eyelashes’ blog. maybe u can do ‘beautiful hair – how to gel up your hair’ …;p (I guess that can be a bimbo blog or better, mambo blog= man + bo …mambo does sound better)

  95. come on la kenny sia. You write like a himbo too hence you are getting hits like the bimbos do. True that XiaXue and many others write bimbo stuffs and people dig that. I dig you too because you write like a frivilous 23 year old.

  96. What a dig at bimbo blogs. Great post! =) But I must say I much prefer your blog over princess diaries any day. Hehe..

  97. my first thought after being referred to this article was ‘resentful & sexist’. but yr ability to laugh at yourself at the same time is a very good saving grace. I really doubt you wld have gotten so scoot free with your comments otherwise.
    i’ve decided to start my own pink bimbo blog, since i’m a ‘gurl’ and it must be my natural instinct to do so, and ever since I learnt through yr blog that it gets me free cruises. Will be sure to credit you for the inspiration.
    Old not-so bimbo website:
    New bimbo blog website:
    Oh, and great pics.

  98. Is that blusher that you’re wearing??? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh………. Goodness Kenny, you could put the entire female population to shame if you post an entry on how to put on make up. =P

  99. haha.. gosh, you are darn funny. I love this post.
    Bimbo blogs are “sellable”, BUT pls dun do this to yrself! haa. wun want to see kenny sia with long eye lashes and finger nails collecting a sponsored mp3!

  100. ROFLMAO!!!!!!
    Classic!!! Hahahaha…
    The funniest thing about your entry is that… IT’S so true that most girls only blog to put their pretty pics up! :p
    You rock Kenny, stay the way you are! I hate reading Bimbo blogs!

  101. oh my God. this is hysterical man.
    well. to me you are better than Xiaxue because i don’t really dig bimbo blogs myself although i’m a girl?
    haha yea.
    so not ALL of us do that shit. i’m more the avril-lavignish type. NOT bimbo. *pukes*

  102. walaoweh..very the chim ah Your Bimboness.. also very the chio. i very the admire leh. *burst out laughing*

  103. THAT was Hilarious, with a capital H (if you didn’t notice). I don’t like reading bimbo-blogs, mostly because I’m not bimbotic in the least.
    I would, however, LOVE to get free cruises, mp3 players, manicures, and guys oogling at me.
    Therefore, I shall try one day to create another blog unknown to close friends (so they don’t sell me out, lah).
    Thanks for the inspiration. I will remember you when I become Singapore’s top BimboBlogger.

  104. hhahahaa.. omg. i cant belive u did all those.
    u even ‘copy’ her logo…
    hahaha.. yeah. girls hav the right to do bimbo blogs. i m gulity of that too! loL!
    good job.. but the fake eyelash looks.. badly put!

  105. hey dude, write a bimbo blog,
    can or not, if u can write like that big auntie, then i’ll kowtow to u. if not, stick back at ur day job lar.

  106. Hey Skinny, your comments are absoulte b*** my ass Khasoon and Jeff ooi, yeah go there if you wanna get bored of politics. Be normal and enjou a good laugh away from this politics, get a life dude

  107. becoz the equation of money = breast + bullshit = bimbo blog… for you kenny..if blog doesnt give u endorsement deals you hope, then i suggest you go ask for a column at men’s magazines…. who knows kenny, who knows!!!

  108. Hahaha … funny blog you have here.
    As the saying goes,
    “Different strokes for different folks.”
    And advertisers love Xiaxue probably because she gets so much air time even though it might not be good publicity. Have you not heard that there’s no such thing as bad publicity?
    Personally, I find bimbo blogs boring BUT the target consumers are the young, the restless and the spenders who are mostly youngsters who love bimbo blogs. So, as a business person, I would go for bimbo blogs if I sell those sort of products.
    There’s nothing fair in life but if you write for money, then you have to write things that would attract certain type of people la. But if you write for pleasure, the world’s your oyster.
    Trudge on Kenny!

  109. Gosh…you really make me laugh.
    That’s hard to get from guys….
    Im sure you get alot of msn requests huh?
    gosh, would really love to chat with you online.

  110. Oh come on.. AFter all this I sure you get a few more ikan billis when buying ur nasi lemak or sth…
    keep it up

  111. Oh my my.. This is darn funny. When ppl first told me bout, i was like who the hell is that. Months later, i had nothin else to do, i finally go through your blogs. Man, it is all great great post. This one in particular rocks.
    Im a girl myself, and i find bimbo blogs darn annoying and yet i enjoy the pictures too.

  112. man… u beat xia xue anyday…
    her bimbo blog are full of bitching and advertising wei…
    so unentertaining..
    keep it good job..
    love de lashes.. wahahhaa

  113. damn, man you’re halarious
    keep it comming
    (I think you look better than Dawn when you put on those kickass lashes)

  114. Oh my gosh! Your posts are superbly funny! Not to be mean or anything to xiaxue, but your posts have the funnier touch to them. Even though I must admit that I am a fan of xiaxue’s posts as well. And ever since I read your blog, I’m definitely a fan of yours dude! Love the funny posts! Keep it up!((:

  115. Yea man..vain men scares the living jeebies out of me..but ok lah can pass lah you’re nice to see. But you know like the theory of diminishing utility, enjoying one ‘thing’ (ice cream, steak, pretty things) for too long and having too much can have you puking all over with intoxication.

  116. LOL! Oh dude… you’re funny! I love your sarcasm! xDDD
    You totally made my day! And I agree with everything you said!

  117. haha,dude,it’s just like the most popular artist aren’t the ones who sing the best or the most talented…
    and it sucks when the effort u put in isn’t yielding the results u expect
    what more can i say?
    keep doing with what u’re doing(duh…)
    when the time is right,KENNYSIA will rule!

  118. Haha…ur photos are so wrong and funny!’s ok.I still love ur blog better than hers! At least yours have originality X)

  119. gosh kenny i love your blog!
    haha!!cant get enough of that bimbo blog thing.that is soo right.i mean what the hell is it with all that cam whoring and O-pen B-ook L-ife..damn..those peeps suck!
    love you blog

  120. LMFAO
    its so bloody funny
    ok i knw, im late. this was posted ages ago
    im still laughing.
    ahaha. kudos, dude. πŸ™‚

  121. that’s not fair Mr. Sia..
    girls like to read girls stuff
    n guys like to read all the guy stuffs..
    if bimbo blogs exists, then.. bamboo blogs too.. like yours!

  122. Kenny, I have a confession. You ARE PRETTY! And DAM! That blonde hair of yours, I’ve been in LOVE with that since uhm what.. 3 minutes ago… Those pretty nails, Kenny, you are the most GORGEOUS creature I’ve laid my eyes on. Uhm.. like, SO NOT!

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