Of Cheese and Penguins

Alright, this is gonna be one of those what-I-had-for-lunch kinda post. Feel free to ignore if you wanna.

One of the best things about having a blog is that it does a lot of good to your stagnant social life.
Moving back to Malaysia from Perth after 8 years was a big turning point for me, because that meant losing a lot of friends and networks that I’ve built up over the years. But ever since I got readers coming to this site, I’ve been meeting new people from all over the place non-stop. And I love every moment of it.

Jasiminne the Penguin is one of the more interesting ones I met recently. At just 19, this quirky graphic design student is showing a lot of talent in photography and photo-editting. You gotta be impressed with some of her creative artwork.

Cheesie is another one. When I first mentioned her in my entry about The Stellars , she didn’t take the avalanche of insults too well and ended up feeling distraught for several days.
Who’d have thought just 30 days later, a lot of positives came out as a consequence of that entry. I shan’t divulge too much. Suffice to say, Kenny Sia here indirectly played the role of a matchmaker and *cough* found her a special someone after being featured on kennysia.com. How cool is that?

So anyway, I was in KL over the weekend and made plans to meet up with the two girls. Couldn’t get hold of Cheesie initially because she had more important things to do like attending a play.

Starbucks Espresso Tiramisu cake = 4/10.

Jasiminne and I had Starbucks and Haagen Dazs at KLCC. Camwhored a bit. It’s damn difficult to control myself everytime I meet up with a hot chick ok. It’s even worse when mildly suggestive sexual connotations are all over the place.

We had this phallic-looking bowl of ice-cream from Haagen Dazs.

And discovered there’s this new menu item called the Melon Milkshake. Seriously, wtf?

“Hi, can I have some of your Melon Milkshake please?”

We’re waiting for Cheesie but she didn’t pick up our calls.
Jasiminne’s pal Leonard was nice enough to pick us up from KLCC after work and ferry us around. We stopped by the KLPac (performing arts centre), which is a absolutely gorgeous. It’s tucked inside a park hidden away from the hustle and bustle of central KL.
Then it’s down to more camwhoring.

SEPET 3: One Chinese boy. One Chinese girl. One wardrobe malfunction.

It wasn’t until much much later that evening that Cheesie FINALLY called us. By then we’d already left for dinner at The Curve.
Kenny: “Oi! How come you never pick up my phone call?”
Cheesie: “Sorry! My phone was on silent.”
Kenny: “Where are you now?”
Cheesie: “In KLPac.”
Kenny: “Hey I was in KLPac too! Left already lah! %#$@*!”

Apparently, we’re at different sides of KLPac at the same time. Sure enough, when I looked back at the act-Sepet photo that we took…

Zoom in on the little red box. Magnify 100 times. Despeckle. Sharpen image.

Like tracing the Big Foot liddat

Holy cheese! There she is!
Finally caught up at that pancake place at The Curve.
Then it’s more camwhoring (like, WHAT ELSE is there to do har?)

Jasiminne and Cheesie knew each other through my blog. Ironically, they seem more exciting meeting each other than they are meeting me.
In fact, I think they like each other more than they like me.


Even Albert doesn’t know what to do in situations like these.
And finally, presenting…

The Stellars gone wrong. Horribly wrong.

Blog plug of the day: About Nude, Not Naked. But it ain’t a porn site. 🙁 Darn.

58 Replies to “Of Cheese and Penguins”

  1. Eh… how come you only meet up with hot female bloggers la… give anxious male bloggers such as i no hope to meet the great kenny sia in person…

  2. you went to KLPac just to take pictures or to watch a play? omg. The Homecoming is such a SICK BUT BRILIANT play!! you should have went to the Japanese House and see the late Endon’s koi fish there.

  3. Ooooh dun you think you’re an unasuming, dare I say “BLOG SEX SYMBOL” Lucky you. You know women find humour very,very sexy !!! Thats explains why you get so many leng lui’s wanting to take you on a hot date.
    Anyway I guess its great for you but not so great for your gf (if you have one??)All these attention ah, I’ll be worried sick !!!

  4. I’m not quite sure whether Melon Milkshake photo was taken with huge melons in the background on purpose… but… GOOD JOB MATE!! XD
    Ok, time to cuci mata… this post is too sexy on a normal working day.

  5. ehh.. i know that leonard dude from some christian camp thingy.. leonard getting quite popular huh? lol.
    btw, whats so strange about melon shakes?

  6. The thing that strikes me the most about Jasminne is that I once was friends with someone who looked like her.
    Unfortunately, I screwed the whole thing up and now she won’t talk to me anymore. The worse thing is, I can’t blame her for that.

  7. hihi Kenny, i love reading yr blog, it gets updated regularly and the topics are never dull,
    well, this blog is one of thosee unique ones i tink.. the way yu started and end the topic, the way yu describe and phrase those funny/sexy situations, not forgetting the way you play with english words! cool kenny, keep it cuming!!!

  8. I would love to camwhore with ya but DANG KENNY! I’m a robust American girl, I wouldn’t find a thing to wear in Malaysia to fit my Kinabalu regions. Your girls are so thin!

  9. Kenny started off as “this is one of those what-I-had-for-lunch” posts… then the next picture is about a hot chick
    Wah lan neh Kenny… why liddat? Something just doesn’t feel right…

  10. hmm…the posts tat the gals took looks very similar to XiaXue thou…
    esp the ‘It’s big!’ picture…
    anyway, e sexual connoctation part is hilarious…

  11. ZOMGWTFBBQ jasiminne is hotttttt. I cant imagine how the environment was when you took the picture of her and cheesy close to kissing each other.

  12. hello kenny…can you..i mean, can you introduce jasi to me? i don’t mind to live 1 yr shorter if i can….

  13. That is one hot penguin that I will freeze my arse in Antartica -20’C to meet!!!! =P Too bad Kenny sapu everything liao!

  14. You call that bowl of ice cream PHALLIC??!!!! You haven’t seen the “specialty” dessert offered at a Mexican restaurant in Christchurch, New Zealand. If you ever go there… it’s called “South of the border” the restaurant… and after whatever meal you have (or not) order the “Prickly Dick”. It’s a deep-fried banana in a sundae glass… standing wedged between 2 “balls” of ice cream… and topped with whipped cream (the banana) and drizzled over the “tip” with gooey yummy caramel…. and there’s not exactly more than one way to eat it…

  15. Bloody! Those girls are hot! especially jasmine!! Man, i know this website called bustyjasmine…bloody hot!! U sure u met her in kl? Kl…here i come!

  16. DIE DIE DIE LIAO!! lol, first time i’m actually posting, but after reading this i could not resist!! She can’t be the penguin!! I’m the penguin!! This world aint big enough for two penguins!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHHHAHA!! i’m jk lah =P nice to meet another penguin!!

  17. funny babes ! ! !
    cute too . . .
    your blog rocks espc when u have chicks in it !
    i kinda like the mildly sexually themed subjects . .

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