Illegal Parking

I was having lunch at the Song Kheng Hai foodcourt in Padungan earlier this afternoon when I noticed this peculiar sight.
Noodles parking
Some smart-arse decided to “park” his dried noodles on government regulated car park. For the benefit of those not in Kuching, you may park your vehicle within any parking space indicated by a yellow number, provided you place a parking coupon on your dashboard.
Yet, this guy has the audacity to sunbake his noodles on not one, but across TWO parking spaces! What the fish!? Your grandfather own the place one is it? Weren’t ever-so-diligent the parking inspectors doing their job? Sheesh…
So Kenny, being a good Kuching citizen, did his part to help this poor guy out.

Parking Coupon

P/S. Half-arsed update today. Exhausted, but felt weird not writing anything here. Full-arsed update tomorrow.

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  1. lol i bet you were thinking of your blog when you did that. typical blogger syndrome!;D lol. but damn funny nonetheless. you’re too cute already la kenny! stop!! (hehe, no, don’t stop. keep entertaining us pls..)

  2. kimcun, well technically he should, but I bet he had some sorta agreement with the parking inspectors. Maybe a bowl of free noodles or something.
    sher win, hahhah! True indeed. I shall make a mental note not to eat at that cafe.
    Jayelle, unfortunately what you said is totally true. Writing here does kinda make me do things I wouldn’t think of doing normally (April Fool’s post, anyone?). Its now a habit for me to bring my digicams around snapping photos of odd and interesting things around me. They’re useful for days when I don’t feel like writing lengthy entries or firing up my Photoshop. 🙂

  3. LOL. Parking tickets for using parking lots to dry noodles. Not bad. 😉 Do that in KL, there goes the noodles, babeh~! Kenny, I am suffering the same syndrome, digicam follows where I go.

  4. Wah biang! Parking tickets don’t cost money meh? Or did you just recycle an old one?
    Hey Mr. Sia, have you started getting the ‘I bet this is for your blog’ comments from friends yet? I haven’t even been hard core blogging for that long, but I’m beginning to get the whole ‘oh, yeah, you’re just going to blog about this’ remark from time to time, and I just sit there, snort, and think ‘yeah, you wish you were bloggable material…you WISH’
    I suppose I’m just really full of myself.

  5. bidow wa dame dame…. must call me Blackwidow. yeah, I’m kowai. Fish and E did the post too about this sun tanned noodle.

  6. ois kenny…i tink his grandfather do own the place …coz the shop opposite the car park is whr the mee is made,they are thr way b4 song heng hai foodcourt n carpark is build..and they did pay the MBKS coupon writer every month..i work sumwhr near…1 block away.

  7. FaceOff + KNY + Bidowwww, cheers for the link to e’s entry. Seems like they’ve been there forever but I wasn’t observant enough. 🙂
    Yea I recycled an old coupon. Dun wanna sacrifice myself to get a parking fine just for that photo of course!
    Jason, granted, carrying my digicam around does make me look like a geek/nerd (not that I don’t already look like one). Its not necessarily a bad thing. I’ve been looking at my photo albums from the time before I started blogging and all of them were from specific events like friend’s birthday or trips to watever places. Its bland, its boring. I’d like my camera to record odd/interesting/unusual things that I see from time to time. A photo-diary in other words.
    Schnorng, seems like we have something else in common apart from our pair of coconut-sized testicles. Not that I’ve seen yours but youknowadimean.
    Aud + others, actually I dunno if that’s a good or a bad thing. 🙂 There are no shortage of people who write about things that have happened or things that are currently happening, whereas I’m one who sometimes deliberately create a situation in real life and write about it for the purpose of entertaining the readers. Purists would say that what I did is stupid because my blog’s first and primary audience should be myself. But like most bloggers, I get a kick out of people commenting on my entries. And I’d want to accomplish that even if that meant me doing something I wouldn’t normally think of doing, just so that I can write something on my site.
    Sure, I could’ve write about my day at work or what I have for dinner. Sure, I could’ve snapped that photo of those cute ‘suntanning’ (haha, thx Blackwidow) noodles and go on with my life without placing that coupon. But I guess that would’ve been boring, ey?
    Interesting things don’t happen everyday in my life. But I’d like to take ordinary things and let my imagination run wild. Which is why apart from writing about my daily observations, a major purpose this blog serves is as an outlet for me to showcase my creativity (or there lackof!)
    Sorry for the long-winded ah-mah style reply. 🙂 Heh, I get carried away easily when talking about blogging styles! Paiseh paiseh…

  8. E, WAHHH!!! If I fly to the States, I don’t need to buy a return ticket liaw. Black Widow can kick my arse all the way back to Kuching!
    JY, you have a point…
    Chrissie, why would I wanna steal noodles with added ‘flavours’ from fumes and bird droppings?

  9. Hahah…that’s funny! I wonder how that ah pek will react when he saw the parking coupon.. should I add a few pink colored one? I’m around here too… ya know

  10. well, i think blogging is also a way to showcase creativity, unusual writing stlyle, individuality, personality…etc. I observed bloggers entry and people with sense of humar are usually positive thinking, know how to have some fun/make fun with boring life. I don’t write but i read.

  11. lol…tats funny…yup..its quite annoying for them to place the mee there esp when u cant get a place for parking.. 🙂

  12. wahahahhahh!!!!!
    tat’s one of the post stupid-est post i’ve ever read in ur blog lah! but anyway! u sure cheer me up frm my darn =( day

  13. Heee… the Ah Pek noodle going to be famous. First the tahi on his noodle, now your coupon. No wonder he is expanding his business from 1 parking space to 2 now.

  14. We have everything like the first world but we lack the mentality of first world. In fact, our mentality is that stuck in the third world.
    Do you call that lawless or stubborness or inconsideration ?

  15. Hahaha… *LOL* Aren’t you supposed to be using the red 1 hour coupon? Err… is the red for 1 hour? I can’t remember. Had been away for 3 yrs now. (T-T)

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