Guys’ Priorities

Friend of mine messaged me on MSN late one night.

Jane* (not her real name): Can I ask you one question?
Kenny: Go ahead.
Jane*: You’re a busy guy right?
Jane*: Let’s say you have a girl, who needs attention, who is away for vacation… Then she is online one day. But you have a friend at your place. What would you do?
Kenny: I would entertain the friend first.
It’s an easy decision. With girlfriends you can always call them later, but a guest at your place needs to be taken care of first instead of leaving them hanging. Right?
Jane*: Yerrrr… then?
Kenny: Then when the friend leaves, I’ll entertain the gf lah.
Jane*: Yerrrrrrrrrr!!! But the gf waited the whole day dy!
Kenny: I ask you lah. When you have a friend coming over to your place, are you gonna chase her out just because you wanna talk to your boy boy? Or maybe turn on Astro and ask the friend to entertain herself?
Jane*: Yea I’ll do that. lol
Jane*: I won’t chase them out but they can take it like their own place. Then I go talk to my boy boy for 10 mins. Instead of just telling her, “I have friends over. Gonna watch Man U. Probably can’t talk to you right now.”

Kenny: My gawd. Guys don’t function that way.
Kenny: If we show our soft sides in front of our guy friends, we’d automatically lose our dicks and become sissies.
Jane*: Testosterones!! Why guys so difficult one. -_-
Jane*: Would you call your friend a sissy if you were the guest and he left you with Astro?
Kenny: Yeah, I would.
Jane*: -_-
Kenny: ‘cos I only disturb him probably once a week. Maybe even once a month. And he wants to use buddy time to chat with his girlfriend? wtf man.
Jane*: It’s guys like that which makes us girls cry because bf doesn’t want to be a sissy =(
Why would any girl wanna date a sissy ANYWAY?

Kenny: Well, we put up with your many things also.
Jane*: hrm… like?
Kenny: Like… tantrums.
Kenny: Like spending money on handbags and shoes.
Kenny: Like being fussy about every single thing.
Jane*: I am only guilty of the last one. =\
Jane*: Maybe i should also be guilty for the first two to get even.

Jane*: Leaving the friend with Astro for 10 mins also cannot. =\
Kenny: Not cannot. ‘cos women’s clock is different.
Kenny: 1 minute is 10 minutes.
Kenny: 10 minutes is 1 hour.
Kenny: 1 hour is half a day.
Jane*: hrm… how long is 10 mins to a guy?
Kenny: Depends on what we’re doing.
Kenny: If we’re having fun, playing games, watching football, 10 minutes feel like 10 seconds.
Kenny: If we’re waiting for food, waiting for TOTO results, waiting for girls to shop, 10 minutes feel like eternity.
Jane*: No wonder last time he was late. HE WAS AT HIS FRIEND’S PLACE PLAYING COMPUTER GAMES!

I learn a new word today. “Waterfish”. No, not the kind you’ll find in an aquarium. A “waterfish” is a guy who goes to bars or other waterholes and pays for the drinks for the girls, and maybe her friends. A lot of girls these days, hot young ones usually, seek out “waterfish” and exploit their generosity to the max.
Don’t know how right this practice is. Is the girl to blame for using men like ATM? Or is the waterfish to blame for being stupid?

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  1. *pengsan*
    Who ever *Jane is…pls be reminded that not all guys are like that one 😛
    i´m for one would spend more than 10 minutes to chat with my gf 1st and ask my friends to wait a bit…
    good guy friends would understand 😛 and pls don´t label these people as being sissy, they are being sensitive =)
    btw, “sui yü” (waterfish) in cantonese basically just means anyone who willingly let themselves be “tiok” (chopped) by other ppl…usually gals le 😛 keke!

  2. That last thing bout how 10 minutes can be felt like eternity depending on how it’s spend is true though.. ^^
    but girls memang very hard to understand one -_-!

  3. not when ur gonna marry the girl..
    when ur older, everything u invest in a relationship goes to the ‘marriage’ fund. u know she’s de one and she’s worth ur every dime and penny.
    BUT individuality is also important. give and take. this goes for both sexes!

  4. Guys and Girls both have some part to play in this area.
    Guys… calculate your girl’s clock and take notice of it. 😛
    Girls.. don’t always be such a “I’m no loser policy type”. Sometimes your could be wrong. 😛
    And they will live happily every after. 🙂

  5. hehe…some hot girls will look for “sui yu” at the pub…
    if the gf in overseas, and you rarely see her, I’m sure you will miss her very much as days goes, you will automatically chat with her first before entertaining your guest. unless your relationship is not deep/stable enough, so you will entertain your guest instead of your gf.

  6. I’m sorry whoever Jane is, she sounds fucking dumb man. Whats up with that, eww. Get a life, if you’re so spineless and needy no wonder your bf thinks MU is more interesting than you are.

  7. In order to have a girl friend that is VERY understanding, find one that is fun loving and independent, a.k.a. a smart one. A guy like you needs this kind of girl.
    As for me, I prefer guy who LEAVE ME ALONE when I’m spending time with my girl friend, and not annoy me with language I can’t understand.
    And I hate boyfriend/girlfriend when the girlfriend/boyfriend is having a good time with her/his friend. That would be such a turn off, man!!!
    So, good luck in finding such girl because there hardly any left. All the good girls are either married, or they are lesbian 😉

  8. Some said men and women actually come from different world. If there is a gal saying tat she found a guy who really knows wat she wants, and the guy seems to really knows wat she wants, well, that is simply by coincident 😉

  9. well, i’d be really upset if i made the effort to stay in the whole day awaiting his attention only to be dismissed by a “not free for u now” one-liner. It doesnt take a protege to realise that its not about the duration of the chat but the guy’s sensitivity to his partner’s concern.

  10. i dunno bout other gurls…but i do agree with u kenny…its really rude to have ur frens come over then leave them ther watching astro or whtever stuffs u ask them to do. as a bf/gf.. they shud understand the situation no matter how far apart they are.
    if small things like this also dun understand, then i’m nt sure if i even wanna be with them. ;o)

  11. water fish(sui yu) = “gold turtle”(kam goi).. izit the same meaning???
    in hokkien we say waterfish as “chai tao (vegetable’s head)???” right??hehhehe
    not very sure also la.. have to ask kenny~~

  12. I learned a new word too!
    BTW, what do you call a guy who keeps asking you out to bars so that they can pay for your drinks while ogling at you in a short skirt and hoping you’ll get drunk soon?
    Not that they succeeded la.

  13. lol. This is stupid. I’m a girl. If I had a friend over, I’d definitely entertain my friend first. Priorities for the guest. To me that’s basic manners.
    Doesn’t matter about pride or being called a sissy or wuss.
    If my guy had friends over, I’d expect the same thing. And I won’t make a fuss if he’s not interested in chatting on msn with me? =S
    And I don’t like generalizing with terms like “all men”, “all ladies” and this like. It’s a fact that everyone is different.

  14. Yeah, Kenny, you’re running out of things to blog about.
    And, [B]Laynie[/B], you call that a nice guy, go get drunk soon!

  15. wow this story…..
    happened on me also
    when i’ve friends in my house, i leave my bf waiting and he is unhappy about it. LOL

  16. *agree with comment by Ivy below*
    if the gf in overseas, and you rarely see her, I’m sure you will miss her very much as days goes, you will automatically chat with her first before entertaining your guest. unless your relationship is not deep/stable enough, so you will entertain your guest instead of your gf.
    Posted by: Ivy at 24 January 2007 9:43 AM | Link to comment

  17. My mum used to say that if I’m in front of the computer playing, I don’t even know what my own surname is. Then I guess if I’m playing with a buddy, I’d probably don’t even know I have GF!

  18. Haiyo….How can the girl be so selfish to think that the boyfriend must talk to her first? i’m embarrased! Do not generalize girls based on that okay??
    There is a guest in the house lar…..leave him alone to go talk on the phone would be so RUDE!!!

  19. lmfao… XD now that’s how guys and girls function…
    to be frank, i can’t understand girls that well neither…
    nor do I guys…
    cuz i’m stuck in da middle XD
    p/s: 10 mins wif ur bf won’t kill your buddy right = =”””

  20. u not scared ppl steal ur pig picture put in the Star then win RM50 ah? better put ur kennysia logo bigbig in the middle ma

  21. Kenny, boys and girls are the same lah. They have the same attitude as “Jane” lah. Depend on whether “who crazy over who more”. If the boy is crazy over the girl more, then that boy has “Jane’s attitude”. Likewise with girls. Simple logic, nothing difficult to understand boys or girls. They are human being after all, right?

  22. I think waterfishes are smart. It’s an investment. It’s just maybe others don’t see the rewards they get in the end. Well, that’s just my opinion. I married the biggest waterfish in my life!

  23. i hav a fren dat thinks guys dont mind pissing on the ‘stand up thing’ wif gays…. o___o n when i told her we dont! its like girls pissing wif lesbian! she thinks its different! o___o???

  24. you kiddin me? come on guys already spend hours and hours on the phone with the gf. when the gf asks for some personal space, he has to abide by her wishes and do so. so i dont see why she can’t leave him with some personal space so he can spend time with his mates. ain’t nothing wrong about that. dont give a guy enough time with his friends and he’ll end up a loser. to be honest, a guy needs his friends to be a guy. no friends = no influence to be manly in front of others..and that just kenny’ll end up a sissy.

  25. exactly how true it is… but, lucky my bf, coz i am not that kind of girls who needed all his attention. i can tolarate if he wanna play computer games, go beer with friends… he got all the time he want and spend with other ppl.. i dun mind 🙂
    but he gotto be smart and spend some time with me

  26. learn how to play Dota while taking to your girl on the phone. lol
    i think thats the single most precious skill my roommate taught me

  27. oh my god~~ how come terbalik one?? i’m the one who always play game n ignore my bf wor.. and he keeps on camplaining said that.. i played game is important than the relationship.. even quarrel with me about this… am i bad??? 🙁

  28. why worry. there’s more fish in the ocean, sui yue or not. heh. if this fish cannot stay in the tank alone for 5 minutes, then better go buy big ocean fish.

  29. =\
    I am not like that everyday, people! I did not talk to him for 10 days okay. Then that one day I could go online. Just quite dissapointed he did not spare 10 mins to talk to me first then he can watch tv whole night if he wants.

  30. gosh, guys do not knw how to prioritise ! why cant they be more alert to womens’ needs? gf is definitely more important than football match, computer games, mamak session with the guys etc!
    sigh, guys dont equal to girls.
    what can we(girls) do?
    sad case..?

  31. Niaseng…you men are all herpes fucking kukujiaus who only knows how to fuck your gurl. After satisfying your lust, you forget everything about her..feelings, needs.. fuck you all dickheads, man! When you feel horny, then your gf’s picture comes to your mind..or any other pictures of other gurls if your gurl is not around you, cause all you need is to FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! So you call yourself got attitude? TIewwwNIAMACHAUHEI!!
    P/s: Lemme teach u one new word la. “HAM GA FU GUAI” means whole family prosperous. Noob!

  32. Jane* is being ridiculous. Of course, we can’t leave our guests with Astro. They can watch Astro at home. I won’t ditch my friends juz to have a chat with my bf. I’ll juz tell him that I have guests over here. and, have fun with my friends! haha

  33. do u know how manly it is to actually tell your friend that you need to tend to your girlfriend’s needs first and not be afraid of being branded a sissy?
    tat takes more balls than you tink.
    you make sissy look cool.

  34. Kenny, the guy that sent u the hate mail in your 21st jan short talk is an idiot. he is sooo obviously jealous of the fabulous life u lead that he finds the need to insult u about it just to get some attention. he is what people call an attention whore. obviously he has a pathetic life and feels the need to make others feel the same. you are right, u dont have to bother with dolts like him. keep up the great work and let those idiots and morons humiliate themselevs with their pettiness and stupidity.

  35. such a typical guy you are Kenny *sneer*
    I don’t think letting your friends know that you actually care about your girlfriend is considered ‘sissy-like’
    Whatever happened to New Age Sensitive Guy?
    I believe if you really care about the relationship, you won’t think so much about what your friends’ going to say about that.
    Waterfish, new term, not so new phenomenon, I believe I’m guilty of doing that in separate occasions. Unintentionally of course, all in the name of fun with a bunch of chick friends. .hehe.

  36. yeah rite!! guys dun do tat? i have sissie frens who would rite in the middle of a dota game, go afk when their gf call.

  37. it’s common sense that have to entertain guests first. what’s there to be unhappy about? be understanding.
    gals or guys, both need to have personal space.

  38. WOi! u childish, immature and testicles-less dickhead! Are u still sucking ur mom’s nipples? Or are u still wearing Mami-Poko diapers? Yes, I think u ABSOLUTELY are!
    This kind of stupid sentences will never jump out from the lips of an emotionally stable, mature and committed man. If u don’t plan to invest ur time with the girl u love (and I don’t think u do) and plan to marry, then u shouldn’t have dated her at the first place.
    U’re not even worth the girls’ single precious time, her youth and virginity to waste with. Know y? Cos u ain’t a man mean for real business, she’s just merely ur play doll or worse still, ur sex toy!
    Hang out with so many guys grill testicles and fry hotdogs ar???!!
    I have good advice for u, Kenny. Join the homo club and be a gay instead so that u wont be called a sissy no more, or lose ur dick cos u have non! And the gays will treat ur body even better than ur so-called manU/beer/footie, honey! Go get a life, u pacifier-sucking moron!

  39. looks like someones *point to comment of above* got issues…
    anyways i agree with that post and that post even sparked a lil argument between my bf and i
    guys and girls just function differently.

  40. ………………………………………….
    “I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals, to honor and respect you, to laugh with you and cry with you, and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live.
    …….till death do us apart.”
    Let me just ask you 1 simple question, Kenny. To whom will you solemnize this vow with? Think!
    Unladen Swallow: God have proven you wrong! May God forgive you.

  41. kenny, when i look the pics of ut nephews (i think so),i just wondering.they are not drinking those bottled-stuffs rite?

  42. did u guys really pay for gf’s shoes & handbags??
    Did u pay it without asking or with asking?? Im wondering, cos I nv have my bf to pay these for me…… -_-

  43. HAHAHA, kenny, you are sooo dead la, btw, really la, girls can understand if you need some time with friends ok, we don’t pasang all the time you have alrite, imagine where all your time went ar. if your friend cant wait 10 minutes for you to talk to your friend,i ask you why is he there ar..

  44. I so fucking agree with you! girls are problem. I’mma girl but I don’t give men problem like this. I’m like men; I give women problem.

  45. actually is more of self awareness.
    guys like girls who are “sik jou” (smart and tolerance)
    girl : nvm, u hang out with ur buddy 1st. i can wait. love ya.
    guy : (feel abit guilty). oh, no prob, i can anytime chat wit my buddy. gf most important to me. love ya.
    guy : i chat wit my buddy. sry ya. i will chat wit ya later. love ya. (feel happy coz gf so considerate and nice.. every guy want nice gf)
    girl : im ur gf, u spent time with ur buddy and not me. they more important or me ? i hate u . bla bla…
    guy : *diam diam la… *
    why all girls wan manja2 and do little2 things to annoy guy. it shows immaturity and sense of desperation.
    guys like steady, nice, girls.
    not those… miss u, love u, muax evinite…. or buy me teddybears, flowers, bla bla.. bring me go ere n ter..
    it’s not only bout girls.. guys oso had their ego. but girls are naturally more emotional being rather than logical.
    imperfect world.

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