The Kuching Food Awards

A lot of tourists come to Kuching City not knowing what to do.

Truth is, there isn’t a lot to do within Kuching City. Most of Sarawak’s natural charms are located outside the city limits, towards the beaches in Damai, the mountains in Santubong, the hot springs at Annas Rais, the caves at Bau, and the jungles at Batang Ai. Not inside Kuching City.
If there’s any reason for the average tourist to stay in Kuching at all, it is for the amazing array of delicious local food. To honour the unsung heroes of the Kuching tourism industry, I think it’s high time to give out awards that the Sarawak Tourism Board had forgotten to give out on their glitzy Awards evening.
It’s time for…

After reading this entry, I bet all those Kuching people living overseas must be desperately trying to book their tickets back home now.

Best Fine-Dining Restaurant

Magenta Restaurant, Jalan Nanas
Lately, there’s been a lot of new fine-dining restaurants popping up all over Kuching. One dish there would cost about RM40. It is so expensive but these places are never empty. Kuching people must be getting richer and richer.
The problem is, most of these restaurants don’t get the concept of fine-dining. It’s either the service is crap, or the food tastes like shit.

Magenta has been around for a long time and I reckon they’re one of the few who got it right. It’s the best place to bring a date out for a romantic dinner. The food here is delicious. What’s more, their dishes are so well-presented they look more like sculptures from an art gallery, than food you can actually eat.

Best Bar

Links, Kuching Civic Center
If you like to be in the company of a rowdy crowd, go to SoHo. But if you enjoy a relaxing and exquisite environment, go to Links. I’m not saying this just because they did a great job hosting my 24th birthday party. But seriously, where else can you find a nice bar playing sweet house music perched on top of a tower overlooking the entire city of Kuching?

Best Place To Have Breakfast

Kaya & Toast. They got two branches. One in 3rd Mile, the other one closer to the city in Wisma Nation Horizon, Jalan Petanak.
Their soft-boiled eggs are the best in town and I simply love their curry rice.

I come here so many times that even the staff recognises me. Not only that, they also developed some sort of psychic powers. I don’t even have to open my mouth and they know what I want to order already.
If they see me walking in sleepily, they’ll know I want my coffee. If they see me walking in with saliva dripping down my mouth, they’ll know I want my curry chicken rice. Damn power.

Best Food Court To Try Almost Everything Under The Sun

Jalan Song Food Court
With three major food courts packed into one area, no wonder is placed is always decked out. They are only open at night and the only way tourists staying in the city can get there is by taxi. Whenever I have friends coming over wanting to try a bit of everything that Kuching has to offer, this is where I bring them to.
Seriously, this place is so freaking huge, it’s like the 1Utama of food courts in Kuching.

Best Roti Canai

J&J Cafeteria, Jalan Setia Raja at Tabuan Laru
Roti Canai isn’t very popular in Kuching, no thanks to the longstanding rumour that Indian roti canai makers who wear big rings on their fingers may have shit stained hands. Most Indians wash their ass with their hands instead of using toilet paper, and you won’t wanna eat the roti canai made with those same hands.

Well, if that rumour is true, then the shit of this roti canai maker must taste really good. Every morning J&J Cafeteria is packed to the max.

Best Teh-C-Special

Fresh Food Court, Lorong Liu Shan Bang 3A, Kota Sentosa (aka 7th Mile)
Sarawak is the only place in Malaysia where you can get the Teh-C-Special, otherwise known as the three-layer Teh-C-Peng. This drink is served with three distinct layers of tea essence, sugar water and ideal milk clearly seperated in the glass. You’re supposed to stir it up before you gulp it down.

The delicious concoction of drink is available in almost every single coffee shop in Kuching, and and it tastes pretty much the same everywhere. If you believe in the doctrine that “Original Is Best”, then go to this shop in the 7th Mile near the wet market.
Just like how Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus, Fresh Food Court in 7th Mile is the birthplace of the Teh-C-Special. It’s where the citywide craze all began.

Best Sio Bee

Sin Kwang Heng, Open Air Market
The owner manager of this sio bee stall is a Kuching legend in his own right.
Almost never seen without a cigarette hanging from his mouth, the guy must have violated hygiene laws in at least 70 different countries, including Malaysia’s. But Kuching people very power one. If something is good to eat, we will risk life and death to eat – even if it has cigarette butts in it.

The owner manager of Sin Kwang Heng is also famous for shouting at you when you make your order. Try standing in front of his stall and he’d shout “LU AI HAMIK!?” (WHAT DO YOU WANT) like you had insulted his grandmother. It’s funny, but a bit ridiculous. Wanna buy sio bee also kena shouted at. Like you owe him money like that.

That aside, the sio bee here is a long-time Kuching favourite. They are so good that Sin Kwang Heng have begun mass-producing and supplying them to kopitiams all over Kuching.
The only thing Sin Kwang Heng could possibly do to make it better is if they follow those KL franchise like Strudelz and Baoz, and change their name to Sio Beez.

Best Beef Noodle

Ah Mui, Open Air Market
Another long-time Kuching favourite. With some luck, you might be able to order this dish served with bull’s penis.

I’ve never tried it before myself though. To me, eating a bull’s penis is too much like giving dead animals a blowjob.

Best Tomato Kueh Teow

Hap Hap Hin at Kenyalang Market
You can get Tomato Kueh Teow almost everywhere in Kuching, but only this stall does it to perfection. Come early, because they are so popular, they sometimes sold out before noon time.
This is what Sarawak’s Tomato Kueh Teow looks like.

Other people seems to have a different intepretation of what “Tomato Kueh Teow” means.
Last time I ordered “Tomato Kueh Teow” in Singapore, they gave me a plate of Fried Kueh Teow and a bottle of tomato sauce.

Best Belacan Beehoon

Padungan Belacan Beehoon at Song Kheng Hai Food Court, Jalan Padungan
This is my favourite dish! I always order it with extra cuttlefish and century eggs. This stall at Song Kheng Hai serves pretty mean Sotong Kangkung as well and the drinks stall next to it can make excellent Honey Sea Coconut.
The drinks stall owner next door has a pretty lame sense of humour. If something costs one ringgit, he’d come to you and ask for “one thousand ringgit.”

Belacan Beehoon is one of Sarawak’s most legendary delicacies, although it can’t reach Sarawak Laksa in terms of popularity. Nowadays, it is not so easy to find Belacan Beehoon in Kuching because not a lot of people can stand its pungent smell.
But for people like me who love this dish to death, we won’t find it smelly at all. I had it for lunch with Jojo the other day and she complained about it.
Jojo: “That’s gross. How can anyone stand eating Belacan Beehoon? It’s so smelly!”
Kenny: “I put up with your smoking all the time, and you can’t even put up with me eating Belacan Beehoon?”

Best BBQ Rice

Wan Nurn Barbecue Specialist Duck & Chicken, Jalan Padungan
They are within walking distance from the city centre, located right opposite Memories Cafe.

It takes a lot of balls for someone to call themselves a “specialist”. Luckily, Wan Nurn lives up to its name. I especially like their BBQ pork selection. Served with their sweet homemade BBQ sauce, it is absolutely heavenly. Just remember not to take too much from this BBQ “specialist”, otherwise you might have to make a trip to visit a cancer specialist.

Best Chicken Rice

Good Thumb Food Centre, Jalan Dogan, Batu Kawa
This place used to be called Big Mouth. But then the popular chicken rice stall there had a dispute with the landlord, so they moved next door and call themselves Good Thumb. Why Good Thumb? Because the Big Mouth can suck on the Good Thumb and shut up.
Regardless of what they’re called, the chicken rice there is still hands down the best of the best in Kuching.

The most important ingredient of a chicken rice is the chilli sauce. Good Thumb’s chilli sauce is so damn good, they might as well package it and sell it off as can drinks. I’d drink it everyday.

Best Kolo Mee

Ah Ping Mee Stall, Siang Siang Food Court Tabuan Jaya
There are no decent Kolo Mee stalls located within walking distance of any of the hotels here. For a real taste of Kuching, you must travel out to the suburbs.
Trust me, it’s worth it. You hadn’t really been to Kuching until you had a taste of Kolo Mee. And please, eat it like the locals do. Don’t mix it with dark soy sauce like how the KL people does, or mix it with sambal like how the Singaporeans do.

Actually, I still think Kuching’s best Kolo Mee is at KY Cafe on Sekama Road. But too much of the same thing can be monotonous. For a change, I recommend this stall at Siang Siang Food Court in Tabuan Jaya. When I was staying overseas, my dad used to “ta pao” the Kolo Mee from this stall and bring it over for us. It’s the only thing we look forward to.

Best Lui Teh

A residential house at the corner of Jalan Intan and Jalan Tengah, off Green Road
Lui Teh is a Hakka dish that normally tastes very bitter. Somehow the Lui Teh at this place is different – it doesn’t even taste bitter at all!
I wouldn’t even know this place existed if it weren’t from Francis bringing me out to lunch here.

This place so well-hidden inside the residential area it must be Kuching best kept Lui Teh secret.
It’s puzzling why the owner didn’t wanna set up a stall at a food court to attract more business, especially since it’s obvious that his Lui Teh recipe is so popular. Sometimes, his eatery can be so full that people have to wait outside to get a seat.
Even more puzzling is – why don’t he serve drinks to his customers to earn more income? I think maybe he knows his Lui Teh is so good, his customers are gonna salivate so much that they don’t need to order drinks anymore.

Whatever it is, you MUST try the Lui Teh at this place. Some people call it delicious.
I call it, Lui-Teh-licious.

Best Seafood Kolo Mee

Hong Yan, Jalan Kuek Sik Fong off Jalan Sekama
The place is two shoplots big and the only thing they sell there is Seafood Kolo Mee. RM5.50 is pretty expensive by Kuching’s standards, but Hong Yan makes every single cent worth it.

You don’t see the customers there complaining. Eating the Seafood Kolo Mee here makes them happy. Don’t come after 11am because I guarantee you it’ll be sold out by then.

Best Kueh Chap

Lau-Tee-Fang, 4 1/2th Mile Commercial Centre
We call it Kueh Chap. Other people call it “The Pig’s Spare Parts Soup”. Kueh Chap is made by chopping up every single internal organ of the pig and served in some black-coloured soup. Salty, but lovely.

Just like the Seafood Kolo Mee stall, the Kueh Chap at Lau-Tee-Fang is usually sold out by 11am. I wish they could make more for lunch, but they are open for breakfast only so come early.

Best Sarawak Laksa

Chong Choon Cafe, Jalan Abell.
These guys have been around for ages and they really know their stuff. Located smack in the middle of the city, they are easily accessible to tourists staying in the hotels here. The 8TV crew has been here before and they love it. I brought every single one of my friends from overseas here and they love it. Their laksa is so good its addictive.

Chong Choon is open early in the morning and their laksa is all sold out before the clock even hits 11am.
If you realise, all the good eateries in Kuching are only open for a few hours. They could’ve make more money if they are opened a bit longer to serve the lunchtime crowd, but these people don’t do it. I don’t know why.
Maybe Kuching people just don’t know how to do business.

A comment from my recent entry about my trip to KL:
“Kenny, you’re just one pathetic kid trying to seek the media’s attention for that so-called fame when you’re trying too hard to hook up with those celebs.(Probably because you lost your father, you desperately need to show the whole world what you’ve GOT!)
I didn’t know writing about my holiday could offend anyone. Tell me, guys. Why do I have to put up with this?

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  1. I agree Chong Choon has the best laksa. You wont believe it, but ppl willingly stand and wait for seats just to eat laksa. Tells you how good it is… But Foody Goody near Choice Daily is pretty good too. As for kolomee, you should try lao hang zia’s(Expert) one too. Its opposite 688 and Everrise.

  2. this brought back fond memories when i was 3 years+ in Kuching. Some of these places were my favourites when i need real food 🙂 Glad to see you made such a comprehensive list… thanks.
    the packing of kolo mee is exactly what my roommate did for me – he basically packed kampua hot and fresh from Sibu everytime he flew back after semester holidays…
    btw, why not green road kolo mee? that was our favourite all the while 🙂

  3. thanks for introducing the wonderful food!
    have been reading your blog for quite awhile now…
    btw regarding that inconsiderate person who left that comment… please don’t think about it! you couldnt have offended anyone! he is probably sick in the mind..
    do take care!

  4. wonderful database of food recommendation.. u can start a book! great blog.. my personal fav.. maybe kuching ppl noe how to appreciate a simple truth in life which is to be satisfied with one’s life.. =)

  5. Re: Kaya & Toast, I thought it was just me. I walk in and they know what I want too.
    Gotta go try that chicken rice at Good Thumb then. Need to know if it beats my current fave at Green Hill. 🙂
    Damnit, this post’s gotten me hungry!

  6. congrats! keep it up man!
    i’ll bring my WM friends there. thanks for helping us to choose the best of the best makan places.

  7. Way to go Kenny hope got part 3 about Kuching interesting places to visit. Different people different taste, most of the places you recommended not all are that good. For example Kaya and Toast, tried their Mocha bloody tulan with the drink. The Abell road laksa not as tasty as last time, I don’t think they serve the best laksa at Kuching. You should try the laksa at the kopitaim near 100% Jalan Keretapi. The chicken rice you should try Ah Boon chicken rice at Satok. One thing I agree with you is Kuching plp don’t know how to do business. Guess 1/2 day enough for them.

  8. If I know all these best food 6 years ago when i was in Kuching. 2 years life there won’t be that miserable. As an ‘expetrate’, we used to go Hoi Par Wong for seafood, Japanese and Thai restaurants. I won’t deny that the Sarawak Laksa is the best that I ever had in my life. Miss that very much!

  9. quite agree with what u said..
    since all the place u mentioned i ever went to try the food…
    im so proud of u kenny..u even know the Jalan Tengah Lui Char haha..
    I live near there =)

  10. it’s really great that you’ve taken the time and put in the effort to compile such a comprehensive list, especially when it’s not written as a professional content for magazines, i’ll gladly click on the ads to reward you monetarily hehe
    hehe the next time i visit kuching i’ll know where to go with your guide, thanks dude

  11. That guy comment on your trip is pathetically sick and need attention of the public. He is trying to show himself that he is sick and got downward life. He got envy on your colorful life that he has non. So don’t worry kenny. Supporting you.
    Great work on this blog. Makes me so hungry. I would go the next trip to Kuching.

  12. That guy comment on your trip is pathetically sick and need attention of the public. He is trying to show himself that he is sick and got downward life. He got envy on your colorful life that he has non. So don’t worry kenny. Supporting you.
    Great work on this blog. Makes me so hungry. I would go the next trip to Kuching.

  13. as for the asshole who wrote that stupid comment, just ignore him, there’s bound to be haters who hate you for no good reason other than some petty jealousy when one has gained fame

  14. Chicken Rice:Carpenter street:Aladdin
    Laksa:agree with u
    Kolo Mee:agree with u (KY)
    Half boiled Egg:Spring Garden(next to Grand Continental hotel)
    Kueh Chap:Shan Shan Kopitiam (opposite mei-ling’s shop)

  15. WOI kenny!
    adui ur kolok mee siang siang or merrypark ler? ur bowl is siang siang bowl but your pic merrypark’s ler. Confusing u know. But i bet it’s siang siang hahaha cos i’m his regular customer :p
    as for laksa go try the one at Sekama JIN MING cafe
    as for seafood noodle try the one opposite everise at padungan. Much worthwhile than ur RM5.50 i pressume la.
    As for others too many liao can’t think of it but good job done 😀 almost reach 80% of the nicest food in kuching liao la
    oh ya try the laksa at FOODY GOODY tabuan laru ya ho ho ho

  16. mannnn u make me wanna go back to kuching so bad…..i misss all the foood there. we dont get that quality here in perth!!!

  17. hungry d!! X_X but the laksa so diffrent wif penang’s1…. got try b4??? hmm……. where should i stay in kuching?? we wan to know abt :
    place to stay
    place that nice to play

  18. Hey, this is my first Comment on ur site haha truth is have been peakin once awhile see hows Kuchin in ur page lolz, anywho i am sad to hear terrible comments on u some ppl are just not sensitive and Jelous… of what also i dunno shud noe, Heh! what i wanna complain here is that! WHERE is the Carpenter Street “cheng” a.k.a 1 Hour Noodle Shop? its not on ur list? why why why?? why? hahaha obsess abit and oh ya the Chicken Rice Behind Hock Lee… mana? saya tidak nampak langsung.. ops ok enough for now..exageratin on my first comment.. well Take care and Keep up the Good Work! 🙂

  19. HEy dude, “I put up with your smoking all the time, and you can’t even put up with me eating Belacan Beehoon?” Very cool !

  20. there’s another shop that sells delicious kolomee.. so delicious that i’ll always eat at least 2 bowls. for me, the kolomee stall at kenyalang market, min kee, is the best. Then followed by the Tabuan Jaya one recommended by kenny.
    min kee is opened only at night on weekdays, with the exception of Tuesdays. On Sunday, it opens in d morning. Kch ppl should try it.. It’s super delicious. For those who don’t like too prominent pork oil taste, this shop is the best!!! haha yum yum

  21. andrew: hock lee hong yuen? I tot it’s fang yuen?
    Anyway for best char siew if u willing to
    pay i would recommend the one beside the
    padungan police station. The stall will have
    PLANTA this word. We call him uncle planta
    haha if u wan to get char siew rice go
    before 9.30am if not sometimes 10.30am it’s
    GONE!!!!!! if want curry then go on a SUNDAY
    And i totally agree that kuching ppl memang only do biz 1/2 day. but i wonder is it the rest of the 1/2 day they gamble away? haha well as long as they still keep on their biz i don’t bother what is their fav pastimes.
    Laksa if u wan the laksa lemak type can try the one at Chonglin park. It’s same row with LUCONIA but it’s the other end.
    Best beef noodle i would recommend Lam’s Place. It’s at Chonglin park as well. But it’s taiwan beef noodle though.
    But that lui cha it’s new to me will surely tapao for my mom and try one of this day. If i can find the place as i don’t stay near green road sighhhhhhhhhhh!

  22. Davin: Ya i TOTALLY agree why no bishopgate’s ‘cheng’ noodle? hahaha u call it the 1 hour noodle. I call it the King of all noodle -.-
    But honestly that is meant for those who WILLING to wait cos that Ah KOK(guy taking order) also damnnnnnnnnn rude haha.
    AIya i think i better go to bed before i pop out another COMMENT -.- anyway wish there’s another food galore haha

  23. Me: Ah.. Uncle, Why don’t you sell more and provide lunch as well?
    Ah Pek: Lu Siao Ar? Beh Sai lar! (Are you mad? I can’t do that.)
    Me: Why not?
    Ah: Gi Na Lang bay hiao. Wa ah neh kuan beh, lang lai ciak, kat teh pat mar. (Young man, you wouldn’t know so much. It would be more special if I were to open only for certain timing.)
    Me: How come?
    Ah Pek: Siang Kah Horlimpik, si ni chi tao, si em si teh pat? (Just like the Olympics which is held once every 4 years, isn’t it prestigeous?)
    Me: I see I see. You would like your food to be exclusive then.
    Ah Pek: Gao! (Smart boy!)
    Me: (Turns to video camera) This is Teddy Cuddly Bear, Reporting from Kuching, Sarawak, for KennySia TV signing off.

  24. that guy who left the comment is obviously jealous of u…any educated n civilised person would know not to involve one’s parents moreover when they r’s just plain immature n rude…
    hope u don’t mind me making a little correction but the name of the coffee shop where the kolo mee stall is located is actually merrypark…siang-siang is opposite…hehe…i know coz i thk it’s the best too…their laksa is not bad too…oh n just some extra infor…the coffee shop closes on tuesdays 🙂 peach garden at jln song also has a good kolo mee stall (next to cha kueh stall)
    for me best laksa is ah chey’s laksa at jin ming coffee shop at jln sekama behind culture inn…they have another stall at jln setia raja a few shops away from garden park cafe which imo has the best sio bak in town as well as very good curry (chinese style)…
    and my fav kaya toast is at the coffee shop which also has a famous laksa stall(tho it’s not nice imo) next to continental hotel…they have great popia too…
    oh n my fav chicken rice is the one behind hock lee…another good one is at jln ang cheng ho…home specialist coffee shop i think…corner shop which sells pau n sio bee…in front of the coffee shop famous for their foochow noodles…but only sells at night…

  25. Kenny, you’re just one interesting kid trying to seek the people’s attention with that so-called wit when you’re trying hard to hook up with those kolo-mee selling ah pej.(Probably because you lost your belly, you desperately need to show the whole world what they’ve GOT (to eat!)
    and doing a great job of it …
    aiyah now only tell where to eat..
    las time i went kuching…just simply see kolo mee…thn order ..kolo mee..order..
    the only food expedition i remember doing in kuching was going to Kings food court and almos got lost.
    no wonder i din enjoy my food in kuching..i loved bako though…

  26. You make me wanna visit kuching again!!
    Tried pork satay while I was there last year, so yummy! forbidden is delicious =P
    I thought kuching laksa in some golden arch place is the most famous one?

  27. Woah, quite a lot of recommendations. I’ll be sure to try them out. Thanks Kenny. Will there be a “The Kuching Food Awards 2” in progress? Cheers.

  28. i’m gona print this out and bring my friends to all these places next time they come to kuching. must must must!!!

  29. ohyea..
    i like the tomato kueh tiaw joke…
    it’s very very funny for a typical kuching-nite like me…
    p/s: i stay at tabuan jaya so the kolo mee stall is very very true…my family used to tapao 20 packs of it when we go n visit cousins sumwhere outside kuching.

  30. Ahhhh .. reading this post really made me want to go back to Kuching for Chinese New Year !!!! Bahh … too bad I already made other plans …..
    But great work !!! I will bookmark this and visit ALL the places my next trip back. Well done !!!

  31. dude dont bother that guy’s comment. he just get fucked in his neck, thats all.
    the list of food is so complete, u can be a damn tour guide man!
    keep the originality, keep up the hard work boi!

  32. Sweet!
    I love this entry! Because I love food! Now I KNOW where to ask you to bring me to go the next time I’m in Kuching (again!)!
    You’ve brought me to that tomato kueh tiaw stall I think, the very first time we met! IF my memory is still right lah.
    Hugs. See you soon, Kenny

  33. haha… nice post…
    but how come i never see any “how much did they pay u” comments here like in the prepaid wars post?

  34. All of them look so tasty. Makes me miss food back home, although I’m actually from PJ. I’ll make my first visit to Kuching just for the food when I’m back in Malaysia. I know your recommendations are good for sure because your blog on food around Perth did not disappoint me at all.

  35. After reading this entry, I bet all those Kuching people living overseas must be desperately trying to book their tickets back home now.
    Ugh, I just got back to Perth, didn’t even taste any of the stalls you issued the “awards” to 🙁 *sighs*

  36. just ignore that idiot.
    U can have perfection in this world.
    No matter how well u did, there are dislikes.
    If more than 50% agreed what u have did, then just do it.
    all the best

  37. From your small talks.
    Just ignore those pathetic losers kenny.
    You did ntg wrong!
    I love reading your blog and i was seriously inspired by your entry “Trip to KL”

  38. walaueh, u so brave la to write abt the washing (_i_) with bare hands thing, LOL!! hafta admit it’s something that’s on many chinese’s minds but not said out loud!

  39. Kenny, how can you do this to me? While I was at Kuching 1 month ago, you never bring me those stores to eat all the best food at Kuching. We only went to Magenta. How many years I should wait from now for my next trip to visit Kuching again!! Jayden and Kirsten miss kolo mee, you have to ta-pao for us next time! Our saliva is dripping now after seeing all the yummy food photos. Too bad, we are in New Zealand now. Miss Kuching so much.

  40. Hello Kenny!
    I really enjoy reading your blog and am planning this year just to visit Kuching for the food and it would really come in handy if your wrote another entry on places to go AFTER 11 a.m. so I dun have to starve until the next day.
    Thank you.
    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  41. MMmm.. Makes me salivate nia~! miss kuching, miss kolo mee!! haha! hey kenny, u shud try the kolo mee n kiaw in one of the houses opposite sk ong tiang swee! it’s nice! and the kiaw is so much bigger than the ones in kopitiam! =P

  42. Hi Kenny,
    Well Let me tell you something, the best cha sio and sio bak you could get in Kuching is the one next to padungan central police station Ah Lok restaurant.Everyone in my family loves it,even my gradparents.
    The best Kueh Chap is the one at Lau Ya Keng,the theater place opposite the temple,the temple is opposite star cineplex. Use the road next to the main post opis and the store is there, the lady there serve the best kueh chap and the guys there selling fish ball serves the best fish ball and Thang Hun soup,expensive but worth it! the Kolo Mee stall is also not bad especially the soup.
    Do you know aboout the fat old lady down the road that sells nice mee as well and the best ice-lemon tea in town!Its always hard to get place to sit there and it takes ages to get one and mind you its a long wait before you get to eat it!!but as usual patience pays!!
    The best Pork leg rice is at padungan as well,where the cat is i think its the 3rd of 4th stall,its Lau siong pork leg rice, its the best.
    I guess thats all i can think of,you are making me miss kuching food so much more!! ARRRRRGGG!!! oh well another 2 LONG years!! Take care Kenny!!

  43. You are very right Kenny… After reading this entry, i feel like i wana fly to kuching from UK just so that i can enjoy the delicious array of food back home!! yummy yummy.
    Your list of recommedations is great man! i have tried most of them myself.. and there are a few extra suggestions i want to make: i agree with thien that u should try the kolomee at the 41/2 mile lao hang zia (expert), its one of a kind.=)And maybe u can try the kueh chap at tabuan jaya’s thomson corner. Its cheap n delicious!
    for Laksa, i would vote for foody goody cafe. Ice kacang: song kheng hai (think the same one that makes your favourite honey sea coconut drink).
    Well, am a bit dissapointed that u dont make any comment on the best place to have cha kueh. haha. dont think i have seen this dish outside of kcg (especially the sweet cha kueh).
    Anyway, well done on ur blog. U make us kuchingnites pround;p

  44. Kenny, just ignore the lame loser you mentioned in your smalltalk. Using that statement to attack you is just too ….. how should I put it… Loser.
    I would vote this post as the BEST OF MALAYSIA FOOD REVIEW. You make me want to go back to Kuching to try those food that I missed during my previous visit. When I was there in the Kuching town area, I saw many of those stalls that you mentioned. Haiya, I should have walk into those shop and eat.
    BTW, during my last trip there, one of my friend brought me to this restaurant called “THE JUNK”. They serve fusion food and I would rate them as top 10. Nice and cosy environment with so called “junks” from the past. They are actually relics from old times, such as toilet bowl, bicycle, barbers’ chair, and so on donated to the owner of the shop by locals there. I miss that place. 🙁
    You did great Kenny. Love you always.

  45. Much I appreciate your blog and I read it regularly if not daily, having to look at all those mouth watering home food make me more homesick! Grrr…

  46. This may well be your best entry yet! Well done!! Makes be damn proud to be a Kuchingite.
    Anyway, I think the best kolo mee is from Expert Food Court at 41/2 Mile Penrissen Road. Ah Pit’s kolo mee. There was actually an SMS poll conducted by a local chinese daily some time ago and its official, people in Kuching think its the best kolo mee here.
    For chicken rice, I prefer the chicken rice from the shop behind Hock Lee Shopping Centre.

  47. kenny, maybe u can try kueh chap at taman riverview (aka bintawa)… it’s so delicious that ppl from batu kawa also go there to eat 🙂

  48. Woi Kenny could u?!! how could u lure me like this?!!!!!
    Like u said, i surrender–i succumb to the food.
    Summore that Ah Ping Kolo Mee is the stall i attent to from monday-friday ever morning..or sometimes twice a day !!
    Its a super duper great recommendation..i thought only me like its in so proud being a Tabuan Jaya dude who stays there.
    And regardring the Thumbs Up chicken accurate is your rumours? was it argument with the landlord? or because one of the chicken chopper chopped off somebody’s hand?
    ANyway, kenny this is a good entry!!!!make my saliva drips..

  49. u forgot the best chicken porridge near JLN Nanas who only starts bisiness after 7:30pm but the crowd would come before 7:00pm to queue up.

  50. I WANNA GO BACK HOME NOW!!!… oh man… looking at all that food from my home town makes me so home sick. but for Kolo mee. my personal fave is the one at the old General post office temple grounds. only in the morning. it’s run by 3 sisters and their mum i think. and i love their mixed soup with everything thrown in… musn’t forget the pig blood :$~
    how about that really famous chicken congee? i cannot remember where it is now, but many years back they used to be only a push cart but now they have their own coffee shop selling only chicken congee

  51. Kenny,
    Recommend u to try roti canai at the back of SUZUKI showroom at Jln Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce (ex Jln Keretapi. Coffee Shop near housing area.They servie 17 types of roti canai. I like their roti sadine, roti cheese daging, double egg roti and few more. It taste good, yummy yummy……
    Good entry !!!!!

  52. Yo!Kenny, u miss-out a lot of other goodies on your list la. le, like tau-gey-mee, rojak, cha-kueh, cha-kueh-teow(ala Kuching style), bak-mueh(congee), ice-kacang(ang-tao-chian-luk) get them on your list for part 2 man, and make everyone nuts

  53. Kenny,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a looong time but never found a reason to comment. Until now. I’m from Kuching based in KL. Woke up this morning, saw all your pics of food and desperately wanted to go home.
    Got a suggestion – why not do a poll on favourite eating places in Kuching? See what comes up.

  54. wow…i thought the kolo mee in tabuan jaya was an undiscovered treasure…i practically grew up on it…now i miss it…there’s nothing remotely like kolo mee where i am now…

  55. Hey, you’re not supposed to let people know that I’m a smoker, I just realised all the good single men r mostly non smokers ok 😛 I totally agree with you how Magenta really rocks. It’s my all time favourite restaurant. Beautiful place, beautiful hospitality, excellent food, superb portion… Oh my, like I always stress, I must take you to BDC for the kolo mee.. it’s also Isaac’s favourite place and all BDC ppl’s (I was proudly 1 BDC kaki)

  56. Kenny,nice post:)That guy probably doesn’t know what he’s takling about so it’s best you forget bout it..Best Porridge?

  57. YOu have always done a great job promoting Sarawak and i guess you should join STB….can consider….
    Anyway as for your short talk…..that guy really dont know what he is saying man…..really screw him up if i see him ( Taking about people dead father again……he is too much)…..

  58. Hey..u got the sio bee owner wrong. He is just the so called manager over there. The owner leaves some where green road area. N the family drives a Mercs. I always buy the sio bee factory price at 0.40cents instead of market price. Why, because i know their daughter and i buy direct from factory.

  59. drools.. good job kenny in taking those foody photos!! anyway, did you order and finish all those dishes in one day?! Don’t man! you look hot in slim!

  60. “Maybe Kuching people just don’t know how to do business.”
    well, regarding this statement, i totally agree with it. why? it’s obvious isn’t it? let’s look at the souvenir shops opposite waterfront, selling overpriced souvenirs to tourists. some might not care bout it due to currency, but to some, they did notice. n they r fucking expensive with all the shops selling the same stuffs in rows. wat’s the point anyway?
    if one is smart enuff, they would hav did it the airasia way, lower the price, get hell lotsa customers n make a fortune.
    btw, a lot of shops also selling overpriced stuffs such as clothes, gosh, kuching is such a disappointed place for shopping.
    n now, we’re all putting our eyes on the upcoming “the spring” n boulevard, hope they wont disappoint us anyhow.

  61. hi Kenny, thanks for posting this up. I never thought Kuching would have so many places to go for good food!
    I haven’t been to Sarawak before, but now I know if I plan to go there, I shall bring this along as my food guide!

  62. Hey, i agree with all your choices, but do try these places too..
    kolomee: Sin Lian Shin (opposite Green Road Secondary School)
    kueh chap: behind shophouses in Poh Kwong Park
    green & carrot kolomee: Chong Choon (central park)
    and yes, the sio bee owner is not that guy.

  63. Weird, why Kuching people place chili sauce as their priority for chicken rice? Us KL people judge the yumminess of a chicken rice by it’s gravy… char siew chap specifically…

  64. I am not sure why but being a conservative writting style that kenny has adopted now compare to entry kenny has started off seems pretty dull now~
    still keep up the good work as i also a sarawakian!

  65. Oh, my mom loves that “LuiChar” at green road. One time Brandon was with me n my mom when she went there to “tapao”. He was going on and on for as long as my mom was waiting for the “LuiChar” about how bad the location was, not famous at all, don’t even know what “LuiChar” is, it smells etc… man Kenny, would you teach that boy how to pull that tampon outta his ass?

  66. well…i went to magenta once with my hubby and 2 of our friends (a couple) and guest what!! all of us got diarhorea after dine at magenta. so watch out!

  67. Best Roti Canai at J&J? Are you kidding? One time it was sooo hard I dumped it on the stray cat under my table and there was a ‘splunking’ sound. Even the cat was surprised for a while…
    Nah, Best Roti Canai is at Cili Padi, Simpang 3, near the EPF building.

  68. Oh Kennysia..ur making me so Hungry now!! Was bout to go to bed and decided to check up and see if u’ve any new post..sigh…Now I miss home so much!! Tomorrow morning will boil eggs for breakfast before heading to school for my french exam. Will eat 2 eggs! I get 100..n not 0% buahaa..ya..maybe add One hotdog also. Cham…getting hyper already..Okies..heading to bed. NIGHT!~

  69. Oh Kennysia..ur making me so Hungry now!! Was bout to go to bed and decided to check up and see if u’ve any new post..sigh…Now I miss home so much!! Tomorrow morning will boil eggs for breakfast before heading to school for my french exam. Will eat 2 eggs! I get 100..n not 0% buahaa..ya..maybe add One hotdog also. Cham…getting hyper already..Okies..heading to bed. NIGHT!~

  70. it comes to my mind that maybe you can allow/make your commenters categorize their comments, such as the one eBay has – see what they say and make a rough gauge on what they (negatively) think 🙂

  71. Can you make a suggestion travel plan, like how to taste ALL these foods in 2 or 3 days? ^^
    Like; breakfast: Kaya & Toast, Bruch: ___, Lunch: ___; Tea Break: ___
    Seriously, pls make one, ok? hahaha

  72. best kueh chap in kuching still CANNOT beat best kueh chap in the whole of sarawak in lixiang cafe miri. that fella sold out by 9am ok!! he got PMS all the time also.
    i like the laksa in the kopitiam directly behind hock lee centre. the taukeh neoh also alw PMS. 🙁
    u forgot the best FAIR LADY (from the drinks stall with the lame sense of humour lar)!!! no other place got this drink at mamaks and kopitiams. even the nice eateries in kl dont have it. 😀
    best lui cha is still my grandma’s 😛

  73. “Most Indians wash their ass with their hands instead of using toilet paper, and you won’t wanna eat the roti canai made with those same hands.” Disguising it as a joke doesn’t hide the fact that you are racist. Lose the prejudice and cultivate some standards.

  74. wui… I live @ Jalan Tengah! hahaha!
    But the best KOLO mee is @ Green Road there nearby the road side (only 1 stall). Go there and try! You will faint for hunger because I ate for like 23 years oledi! LOL!

  75. Again, the best Gu Bak Mee is my ex-colleague stall. The couples (his wife from taiwan) opened the stall @ Sekama there.. 2 blocks nearby the place where ppl “chuk sua” / temporary funeral ceremonial… I forgot the name… but if you say Taiwan Beef Noodle… oh yeah!

  76. aiya chicken shut up la like you very holy and not a racist even one bit… ppl joke also you want to complain what a chicken!

  77. Kenny, you drew the map not informative enough. There is supposed to be some small roads nearby Jalan Intan and Jalan Tengah. But the House is nearby the Jalan Tengah Roadside which is visible to everyone. It’s a Terrace. 🙂 Bravo food anxieties….

  78. I’ve been to Kuching twice before and have tried some of the recommended food. I love best is the Special Teh-C in 7th Mile. I kinda miss it now already. =)

  79. So, so yummy!! But I’d have to disagree with your choice on “Best Belacan Beehoon” though. There’s one place that serves THE best belacan beehoon and that’s at the hut near the Sarawak Museum. Best lip-smacking belacan beehoon ever! Especially when eaten with their “careful-or-it-might-burn-your-lips” sambal.
    Though everyone’s taste may differ, give it a try. Who knows? They may be “nominated” for The Kuching Food Awards next year. 🙂

  80. a riddle, hope u get answer n post abt it.
    im a word thats hardly there;
    take away my start n im a herbal flair.
    what am i?
    hint: pls eat sweets!

  81. eh. my teacher also told us the roti canai-ring-taik thing in class last week! lol. it’s not a racist thing to say la. but i dint know it happened in sarawak.

  82. kenny, u made my life so much easier… altho i know most of the best in kuching, itz best i have some reference. thanks again!!!

  83. Wow~
    That Teh-C-Peng looks pretty instead of delicious…
    Dad was thinking of bringing us to Sarawak for holidays lately, I used to think it as a erm… ‘hutan’ (no offence k? lolx)
    Now, I think it’s a hutan makan…

  84. Wao, thx for the info~ the food look very delicious~! maybe u can try review more shop or put more category of award! N about the short talk, that person is juz envy about u, that kind of rubbish no need to care so much de la.

  85. Damm the FUCKER who wrote that remark in the short talk column. His JEOLOUS and SUCH A LOSER!
    Kenny…you ROCK big time. Continue writing and entertain us ok!

  86. your post just made me hungry again….. wish i’m back home instead oh in kl. hehe.
    the kueh chap at teochew association is also quite nice.

  87. Tried the Kaya&Toast place at Petanak at 1pm today (Mon 22Jan). Sorry lah,but the Kopi-O was lukewarm and tasteless; the curry chicken bland and dull (one leg at $4.50) c’mon man… anywhere else for $5 you get 4-5 juicy pcs and nice gravy. Gave me rice in a kiddy-size plate; 3-spoonfuls and you’re done.
    Don’t be conned.
    Laksa, best place is still JIN MING at Sekama, behind the old Hollywood East place; they have a branch now at Tabuan Laru near the Kuching Specialist Centre, called “Foong Lai”.
    Foody goody’s too sweet; Chong Choon too stingy with the gravy.
    Kolo-mee? Try the stall “Ah kiaw” at Lorong Sungai Maong,off Green Road; or the Coffeeshop facing the 7-story flats at Ban Hock, behind the Ben Bow Kopitiam,can’t recall it’s name.
    Sio Bee has to be either Fook Hai (Hock Hai opp Sky Bookstore) or Sing Kwang mid-Padungan, where their char-siew pows are also excellent.
    Chicken rice place, behind the Hock Lee centre, next to the big Vegetarian place; excellent chix and curry! Great sambal for both.
    Your takes on Kueh chap, Magenta, prawn noodle, and Lui Char I totally agree!
    Never been to LINZ pub heard it was totalled…maybe out of action by now?
    Ex-con moury running it?
    New pub, no-name but BAR JUNK, inbetween Junk and Havana, is pretty cosy and good. Small enough but friendly owners and crowd. Try it.

  88. Ma bro ordered Tomato Kueh Tiaw in Sabah couple years ago, they gave him a plate of pale white cooked with boiled water Kueh Tiaw & 2 fresh tomatoes… XD

  89. Hmm..chicken was right in the sense that kenny is not supposed to mention the “roti canai making process”. Cos it sounds a lil insulting to the public, u know..this is Malaysia..a multi-racial country. So, please watch your some respect in your joke. Or you might be the next blogger who will get sued to court. 🙂
    And besides, you are a chinese so I don’t think you have done a fair job promoting food in Sarawak. What about the bumiputra’s cuisines? Indian’s delight? Fusion delicacies?
    So personally I wouldn’t vote this blog as the best FOOD REVIEW SITE, as it’s merely your own food preferences. Hahaha.. cheers!

  90. cheap cheap cheap! veli cheap food!!
    Quite confused with the “father thingy” though. What does father has to do with your..ehm..appetite?
    prolly it’s wrongly posted here.. anyway, do you know that Sarawak is not the ONLY place with that 3 layers so called Teh-C-Special? Even it’s vastly popular in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah! Go to Damai, Luyang and the Waterfront, KK. Even cheaper and more authentic! You should visit Sabah someday, son.

  91. I tell you, being a fellow Kuchingite and staying there for the past 22 yrs, looking at this post just makes me plain hungry. I miss kuching food. I m in KL now. Kenny, bugger you for putting this kinda post. I am salivating on my mouse and keyboard as I am typing this now. You’re everywhere huh Kenny? All the places, but of course I have been to all of them.. muahahaha…

  92. quote from Kenny: “Most Indians wash their ass with their hands instead of using toilet paper, and you won’t wanna eat the roti canai made with those same hands.”
    I’m gonna sue you with this line..
    how dare you insult the Indians like that?! We don’t use our hands to wipe shit off our ass, you know! There are objects called water hose and tissue paper in this world, why would we stain our hands??
    Didn’t Your mama ever teach you how to talk politely? Your primary school moral teacher never taught you about manners? You gluttonous chinese pig!
    What else do you know besides “EAT” & “SHIT”?? If our food is so dirty, why do you still eat, apek? Do you think chinese people are very hygienic? I don’t think so! Don’t think you have bigger population here you can bully us Indians. You don’t know who you’re insulting. Better watch your back, kiddo!

  93. I think hindiana44 is over reacted…
    Anyway, instead of “Maybe Kuching people just don’t know how to do business.”, how abou “Kuching people really know how to enjoy life.”?

  94. Hindiana44: Show some intelligence and re-read the phrase KennySia wrote about Indians. And you’ll know you are making a complete fool outta yourself.
    Kenny: Ignore those people who knows nothing more than to judge others. To these people who only condescend others, the world is such a horrible place to live in……..

  95. WOW.. that was a really long post about food. What I wanna know is… have you been running around collecting photos all this while, planning your great food recommendtions.. or did you just do that over the past week?? Either ways, great stuff…. now I’ve gotta find a way to get myself over to Kuching to check out your recs!

  96. hindiana, screw you. Didn’t your mama ever teach you how to read English?
    I said wash.
    WASH means water is involved ok? How can anyone clean anything when water is not involved? Use a bit of common sense.
    I didn’t mean “dig out the shit with the fingers”. You’d think I’d still be shaking hands with every Indian I met if water is not involved?
    Washing the butt with a water hose is an Indian PRACTICE. Just like burning joss sticks and making loud noises during funerals is a Chinese PRACTICE. It’s not racist to mention it.
    It would be racist if I precede the word “Indian” with the adjective “fucking” or “bloody” or “gluttonous”, but it is NOT racist if I merely mention an Indian practice. I don’t see why I have to apologise for that.
    You, on the other hand, called me a “Chinese Pig”. THAT is racist. THAT is insulting and I will not tolerate that. Apologise, or you watch your back, kiddo.

  97. For your information, hindiana44 – this is from
    WASH, verb
    1. to apply water or some other liquid to (something or someone) for the purpose of cleansing; cleanse by dipping, rubbing, or scrubbing in water or some other liquid.
    2. to remove (dirt, stains, paint, or any matter) by or as by the action of water (usually fol. by out, off, etc.): to wash grime out of clothing.
    4. to bathe, wet, or moisten with water or other liquid.

    Still wanna dispute?

  98. best kolo mee should be the ones at green road Shin Lian Sin’s kolo mee and Ah Kau’s kolo mee(somewhere near gold jade road the stall beside a shop) …they’ve been selling for more than 20 years and earned their name in the kolo mee business long time ago

  99. I’ll have to say the comment hindiana has highlighted sounds a little racist (no quotation marks, your rebuttal is below the picture so it is fairly far away), but talk about overreaction. Then again when I saw that line and how it wasn’t clear, I knew you’d get a few of those.
    But anyway… gosh… I have lots of saliva in my mouth now. Haven’t been to Malaysia for 10 years… I remember the delicious fooooood mmmmmmmmmmmmmm 😎 Thanks for the memories.

  100. hey hey!!! not only teh c peng special got 3 layers! u wan 5 layers also can get ar!!! can get it at jln. song’s Expert Food court!
    and at jln song food court u not only can eat anything under d sun but also get to see pretty gurls from china selling cheap DVDs! porn pun ada!!! if ure lucky, u get to see some action where d polis serbu d place!!!! hahahahhahah!!!!!

  101. Damn, now you introduce the Kuching food. Sure wish you did it before I went there last year. Well, good enough reason to go there again.
    The non-existent public transport didn’t help a bit while I was there too.
    Damn Germany. If only they have that many types of food as there is beer and sausages.
    Great article by the way. Thanks.

  102. “Don’t mix it with dark soy sauce like how the KL people does, or mix it with sambal like how the Singaporeans do.” At “wai sek kai”(cantonese) or wai sek street at pasar pudu (KL), got also kolo mee which didn;t mix with dark soy sauce. It only see at morning and afternoon. Usually finish sell at afternoon

  103. miss kch badly now!! argh…1 more month to go before im going back..yippie!!
    btw, kenny..u missed out on best kch rojak – at batu lintang; d owner has a long long beard one
    AND also best nasi briyani – at tok janggut, near waterworld there

  104. Don’t feel discouraged… whenever you meet success there will always be ppl that hate or dislike you.. don’t make that bother u… u have ppl like me that love what you write! =)
    btw.. what is sio bee and lui teh? Haha.. they don’t have it in KL…
    Weird.. looks nice though..

  105. and best duck noodle –> d corner shop at king centre..forgot d name..
    btw, thr’s a shop in KL at setapak area selling Sarawak noodle..nice but still not comparable to kch’s original kolo mee..
    and sio bee is similar to siu mai

  106. damn u.. now i can’t wait to go home to eat! but i gg home during inflation period i.e. CNY.. sigh… haven haf belacan beehoon in almost a year…..
    sob… I wanna go home!!!!!!

  107. not kuching pple dont know how to do business. The fact is they sure know how to do business with that few limited business hours. Ever heard of 物以希為貴? Limited supply is to lure more demands.

  108. Just wanna comment on the little note you wrote above your post.
    This is probably one of those people who are green with jealousy on your star status due to your creative writing.
    Hope you continue writing for the rest!

  109. Kenny,
    The person that made the comment about your late dad is obviously immature and incosiderate. Just move on and ignore his remark. Other than that, I always enjoy your blog and all the pictures that goes with it. This latest entry is one of my fave since I lurv to eat. I have never been to Sarawak and would love to go there the next time I go back to Malaysia.

  110. aiyoh kanny u making my tummy growl now la…so wrong! i wanna go Kuching to eat myself fat now all coz of u… >.

  111. Roti Canai isn’t very popular in Kuching, no thanks to the “longstanding rumour that Indian roti canai makers who wear big rings on their fingers may have shit stained hands”. “Most Indians wash their ass with their hands instead of using toilet paper, and you won’t wanna eat the roti canai made with those same hands”.
    “Well, if that rumour is true”, then the shit of this roti canai maker must taste really good. Every morning J&J Cafeteria is packed to the max.
    read properly.. nothing degrading or racist… he didn’t say it was disgusting or wrong to wash ur ass with ur hands… know how to read ppl… and he’s obviously trying to joke… stop taking things personally…

  112. Hey sweetie,
    wow. it looks as good as the food they have in Penang! hmm. will prolly plan a trip there then! 😀 ah and about those annoying comments, take it easy k? remember what you told me? “they’re anonymous in your life.” 🙂 you still have so many people around you to prove that you’re just plain you. 🙂
    miss you. muaxxxy

  113. hey kenny. have u tried ah yew laksa at the coffeeshop beside celcom opposite crown square? sorry forgot the coffeeshop’s name. its better than ah yew at bormill. also try laksa at the coffeeshop below longhouse hotel. i agree with sio bee, lui teh, teh-c-peng, jln song and links (OMG). and kolo mee should be that shady middle coffeeshop in front of chonglin plaza. as for indian food, please, go to amar curry house behind impiana hotel. Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat are nasi briyani days and nasi lemak there is so mean! tose and canai are great too. avoid lunch hour. drink plenty of water.
    i’ve asked a lot of ppl in kuching and i can see a distinct line between those who support the junk and those who support magenta. i’m torn between these two so havent set foot in either one. please advice. start a debate. anything. one thing i’m very concerned with, much more than the food u might say, is service, though i heard from friends that magenta is right up there (better than hilton’s steakhouse), especially its one and only waitress, annie or something, who has good humor, excellent PR, the works. so, whats ur take? i dont think u made a reference on service before. thanks

  114. Kenny r u alergic to seafood? y u never blog about seafood? btw, about the Song Kheng Hai outlets there, y dun u ask them to make u a Laksa Belacan Beehon!! there’s a stall selling both, u get them to mix them for u. i guarantee u will luv it!

  115. that’s a looooooong post! makes me wanna hop on the next plane to kuching….lol
    noticed what u wrote up there in the short talk. that really sux. ignore the asses.

  116. Catalyst: I personally support the Junk! u shud go there la. It’s like getting your money worth and portion is big some more 😀

  117. hi chicken
    The famous chicken congee is the one I mentioned. It is at the corner shop between Rubber road and Nanas road. They have moved from the Carpenter street for a few years already. They only start business after 7:30pm but u have to be there before 7:00pm to avoid disappointment. The shop is called Kuching Chicken porridge.

  118. Those are yummy. BTW can you reccomend me some good halal food? Most halal food outlet that I went to charge too much with kiddy helping and not-so-delicious compared to non-halal one.

  119. perhaps the best entry of this month… it would be heaven to me when it comes to food. thanks for the selfless contribution u made and it really made my day!!

  120. Well done! I hope all that ‘exhaustive’ research hasn’t done anything exhaustive to your cholestrol count! Your last comment,”Maybe Kuching people just don’t know how to do business.” is exactly what my wife says each time we go somewhere for grub and it’s sold out. She’s from Klang.

  121. I agree for most of the best food awards featuring here… thought some of it i havent tried… will go and check it out. if no good i’ll complain to u instead.. haha..
    btw, why the owners dun wan to open a bit longer for more biz or make more $$.. well, if they make more or extend their biz hour, then it wont be so special anymore ma. so that you’ll hunger for more and make sure you go back again.. and if they prepare more and couldn’t finish selling, it wont be fresh already.
    do you know that the laksa at the longhouse hotel and chong choon cafe are the same? brother and sister…

  122. Kolo mee of KY Cafe is good? Nah..know that KY cafe too well, just mediocrete lah only that Fatty is very polite & obedient.
    For me, the best Kolo mee has to be that one at the corner of Bishopgate street at carpenter street. You have to be very patient though to have the kolo mee threre…first-wait outside the shop, second-hunt for empty seat whenever some is leaving,third-table sharing is a must if you wanted to have the best kolo mee in Kch

  123. padungan song kheng hai belacan bee hoon where got nice…lol…u try go to ABC belacan bee hoon baru nice.. near Lok Thian there..have a try

  124. oooh you had not mentioned a few of my favourite favourite food :
    1) sotong kankong at open air market, only open in day time. it used to be operated by an old uncle but i’m not sure about now
    2) duck porridge : both lau yar keng and open air market are good. Petanak market is not bad too
    3) prawn crackers : used to located in Old Rex but now in some where near Satok
    4)pork satay : trust me, not many place in Msia selling pork satay.
    can’t wait to try them when i go back kch next month!! :p

  125. Kenny,
    Have you try Guang Dong Cha shi Before? (opposite shang xiao)
    Very nice the food here….i never miss eating the food there everytime i come back to kch..

  126. wow Kenny! I’m impressed not by the food but your efforts (for such a good food research and detailed information). It’s always so enjoyable to read your blog, and you as a blogger(for your attitude and dedication) has always been a role model for me. Thanksss so much, I really mean it, not jz “hey thanks” but, from the heart, thanks 🙂

  127. Ok Ok…now I know where and what to “makan” in Kuching…At least, I found this dish called kolo mee the last time I visited Kuching.
    Hi Kenny, why kolo mee is called kolo mee ah?

  128. I stay half my life in Penang & Kuching. For me, I would say Kuching’s foods suit me better though Penang ppl always proud of their foods. However, it is the case of `one’s home food is always better than the others’. Kuching ppl would always prefer their laksa to that of penang & vice versa

  129. Now we know where’s the best places to savour the best meals. So, what’s next? Hope you can introduce the best interesting places in Kuching. Nice post. I am your frequent blog reader, Kenny.

  130. i’m actually writing all this down now! i’ll be in kuching on the 9th. yay! hope to be able to try them all! >_

  131. Some just wanna put you down cos then just maybe, they’d feel a little better about themselves. So don’t let comments like that get to you, we all know what jealousy smells like.. 😉

  132. Eh, sooo much food .,…. I’m hungry 🙁
    The char siew looks so tasty, i want to lick the computer monitor right now, but that would be a bad idea coz these college computers has been through thick and thin…
    Btw, it’s West Banana road 😛

  133. it’s great that you’re promoting Kuching’s local food.maybe i’ll go and have a try when i have the chance to go Kuching.=D!just surprised that how you can take so many photos in those shops just in a short time..lolz

  134. what a great post. i think there’s another part2? coz i think there’s still a lot about food in Kuching. Anyway, hope Links is going to be more happening lahh, been there on weekdays its totally empty(beside the crews). anyway good job, u shud b appoint as the tourism ambassador of Kuching… cheers!

  135. I’m diet now, so everyday i try to see this blog to make myself feel full… still starving! make me more more more hungry ler…

  136. my God, you’ve seriously should consider doin Jalan Jalan Cari Makan Kuching version. Paisei..I’m a Kuching-ian that doesnt know half of the places mentioned.

  137. oh yah, u make me think of tau hu hua in kch~ yummy!! especially the one wif a man pushing the cart to the 7 cherng lou every morning yellin ‘TAU HUA..’ but have not seen him nowadays. and boy, his tau hu hua is the BEST in kuching.

  138. so kelian ah kenny..
    first you try to be nice to recommend good food, and now they’re asking for you to plan their journey in order to get to east everything..

  139. Kenny,what about ABC??? ^^ there’s a nice place called Swee Kang [if im x mistaken.huhu].use the road opposite Jln Hj Taha,going to India Street.there’s like a house but actually ABC shop.very fren said its Kuching legend for ABC ^^

  140. N forgot to mention,u ever tried the Good Days restaurant???u can see it from the roundabout around’s opposite there very nice ^^

  141. Refering to your 21st january short talk
    The only reason that crossed his little puny mind was because he is undoubtedly a fool. I have my reasons for saying this too. I mean, you were mearly trying to convey (to your best potential) your hollistic experience during your trip to KL which fortunately enough for you crossed the path of several celebs. I mean why do people regard celebs highly? There is no logical explanation to this fact. Just because they earn more and are well known ? It is not a dogma that they should be viewed as divine. I say keep doing what you have been and if there are a few whom are jealous, let them be because the are still plenty of us that still enjoy reading the various occurence you face on a daily basis

  142. well done! kenny! but in another way make me wanna go back to Sarawak for good!!! unfortunately will hv to leave it for a while as busy working abroad… such a shame that could only admire the pictures but still could imagine the taste of those delicious foods from our lovely state!! hooray!

  143. kenny, its lui charr la not lui tehh….
    and and…
    go jalan song there TOP TEN FOOD COURT try the FISHBALL SOUP also very very SHIOKKKKKK!
    hahhaha… nice post kenny. lovin itt!

  144. Absolutely excellent selections! Although leaves me starving now! and I now miss my home Kuching so much, many pictures I see I can just imagine myself live being there and the voice of those Open Air’s tauke!
    Greetings from the San Francisco!

  145. Hey Kenny, I’m a regular reader and I just want to say that I hope you do not take the harsh comment above to heart. It’s a childish, baseless attack, probably a result of jealousy. I want you to know though, that I enjoy reading your posts and I think you’re very interesting and at the same time you take caution in blogging but never denied yourself from the freedom of speech. Hope this brightens up your day a little 🙂

  146. i miss belachan beehoon
    you should bring me to belachan beehon last time
    i did not have a chance for it when i was back
    you know,the ah mei gubak mee(ox penis one) young taokeh is older than you just 1 year?
    coz he was my ex classmate in highschool

  147. Hi Kenny, your Kuching Food Awards made me feel so hungry when I ran through your blog. Well done. On top of this, could you list out some more, where is the cheapeast stall available in Kuching?

  148. Best Kolo Mee is at Jalan Ang Cheng Ho opposite MBKS at the roadside, a few shops after Patio.. The Best Kolo Mee ever made in human kolo mee history..
    Kenny, go try it first! Especially the Fried Chicken Kolo Mee

  149. This is a fantastic guide. I never thought about visiting Kuching, but after seeing all the fabulous food, I am paying a visit to Kuching very soon!

  150. It’s endearing how you constantly try to market your kampung as a happening place. All the food you mention are merely high in salt or sugar, which of course keeps people coming back for more. Can you tell me why someone from a big (albeit a) kampung would feel the need to compare itself to Singapore rather than another big malaysian kampung? Surely if you think kuching food is in a league of its own, you wouldn’t compare it to bad food, now would you?

  151. Hello I.
    (1)Read second sentence : Truth is, there isn’t a lot to do within Kuching City.
    Mana ‘happening’ idea come from?
    (2) ALL popular food are high in salt or sugar.
    (3) Let’s not be so literal. Because Kuching isn’t so happening, the main thing that a tourist can do in Kuching is try the variety of food. I suppose Kenny’s just listing his favourites.
    Chill lar. 🙂

  152. damn u kenny for posting these…
    and damn me for reading it…
    its 2:15 and u just make me feel so damn hungry… where to satisfy my cravings this time of the hour??? kolo noodles… beef noodles… laksa noodles…
    render me sleepless… … … …

  153. Kenny you asshat… Now I’ll never be able to view those Indian roti flippers without thinking about shit hands. I’m abstaining from your blog for a month. x.X

  154. hi Kenny,
    jes wanna encourage u to keep writing up on the blogs(ignore those discouragin bastards), been readin it since i’ve known bout ur existence like 4-5 months back and it takes me until today to read the whole archives and this is gonna be my virgin comment hahaha(u’d b so.. very responsible if my eyes got worsen!! :p)
    See I spent like 5 years of my life in Kuching (I’m Indonesian btw) and travels back every once in a while for the past 3 years (cus I was in KL, now not there anymore liao) that it feels more like my actual hometown than my Indon hometown. So when you write about Kuching occasionally I can’t help but reminisce bout those jolly days I had… *sigh*
    I’m so in for the good food in Kuching but I was a teen when I was there, so wasn’t so free as to be able to roam about checkin out all the droolin-food u listed up there, prolly when I hav the chance the next time i go there.
    (Explains my unfamiliarity with the road names and all)
    Agree with you for best Laksa (Tried Penang Assam Laksa, Katong Laksa, and whatever laksa, but i still like Sarawak laksa best), I dunno bout the one in jln Abell but my fren always brought me to the one in Ban Hock, it is supposed to be a kopitiam with stalls like popiah, kolo mee and porridge. Their toasted bread not bad either.
    Also agree with the preference in sio-bee and Teh-C peng.
    As for BBQ rice, my fren wud bring me to Fang Yuan behind Hock Lee (notice some of the commenter agreed too) or the one opposite Tun Jugah, next to some camera shop.
    As for Kueh Chap we’d always have ours at this stall (there are few stalls that sell kueh chap there but i’m not sure which one :p but the one with tastiest fried garlic) that opens only at nite opposite Sunny Hill (ooo and sunny hill’s ice cream is pretty darn good too..)
    Alladin fried chicken rice is good too and I think I read somebody said bout Curryhouse’s canai, not bad at all, shud try the briyani i guess..
    Well i wudn’t emphasize that mine’s best cus everyone has different likings and everyone’s preference might be subjected to certain circumstances (like how i live in green road and i wouldn’t go travel all the way to tabuan everytime i wanna eat laksa rite.. waste petrol lerr)
    ANyway this kind of food thingie needs a lil effort in exploration since Kuching ain’t exactly a small town and the good food are scattered around the town, u’re practically cacat without some sort of transportation (and using taxi.. by the time u reach the place the money wud pretty much end up on the fares)
    Ahh it really brings back the memories..
    All in all, I like what u wrote all this while regardless of what others been shootin at ya..
    Keep updatin bout Kuching (places and food so that i’d be able to jot em out on my notes ^0^)yea
    Cus u’d probably be the only way for me to find out the happenin things goin on there…
    Three Cheers for yer COconuts

  155. Thanks for the valuable advice on Kuching’s eating outlets. I’m sabahan and used to study in Kuching from 1993 – 1996. I remembered that I really ENJOYED KUCHING food. Now I’m in UK for almost 10yrs, I miss these food and thinking to visit Kuching this year(maybe..) Thanks Kenny.

  156. it was really a good post! u’re really doing a great job promoting kuching.
    wonder when they’ll name u a kuching ambassador..hehe.
    damn..hungry d.

  157. cool.u nv seem to run out of ideas of wat to u?
    v nice post..visiting ur blog is a great way to kill time.
    and get v hungry too..

  158. Sio Bee is Siew Mai. Found all over the world. 😛
    What’s funky about Kuching dim sum joints is that they make a small variety of stuff. Think there’s only siew mai, fishball, charsiew bao and loh mai kai and you have yourself a dim sum joint. But then again the last time I’ve been there is 2 years ago la.
    Great post Kenny. You should do more of this. Give yourself excuse to go Melaka Penang etc. 😛

  159. to me….
    best chicken rice = corner shop opposite old AK47 pub. nenas road.
    best ‘spare part’ kolo mee = near bishop gate, carpenter street.
    best normal kolo mee = near petanak market. after the bridge, if u r coming from the condo, the turn left. the only coffee shop on your left side, first row of shop. kolo mee finish around 10 am… tats how good they r. 🙂
    best char-sio rice. well, use to be fang yeun behind hock lee center. but i think they r not that good nowadays. hong kong noodle house padungan rd is good.
    best kueh chap = 3rd mile. opposite golden wheel which is opp the 7 day adventis church. another to try, poh kwang park. night time only. behind the shops.
    best beef noodle…. emmm this one is hard….
    taiwan style = spring cafe, behing kuching park hotel
    kolo style = open air & corner coffee shop opp star cineplex
    dunno wat style = big potato coffee shop (only at night) turn right after shell station after hong kong bank. drive straight for about 100m n notice on your left hand side. another to try, mdm tang, near wisma horizon, ang cheng ho, near kaya n toast

  160. tourism dont really promote our food cuz the tourism r run by a bunch of halal people… so they r really not TOURIST friendly la.. 🙂 …. seriously… u think they know where to get the best kueh chap mei????

  161. hello I
    Sometimes i wonder how come ppl could not accept other ppl’s compliment on something. it is so hard to accept that there are better things out there as compared to where you coming from???
    and have you realy tried those fod? if you havent u really have no right to criticise them as being high sugar and high salt
    and so what if kuching ppl love high salt and high sugar? kuching girls were still so slim regardless how much we ate… unlike some s’pxxxx girls, want to eat yet cannot scared.

  162. kenny
    also the spinach and carrot kolo mee near 3rd mile (sorry i’m not familiar wiht kch’s road) is very very healthy and delicious too
    try them! 🙂

  163. OMG!!! somebody actually suggested the Poh Kwong’s park..
    I wanted to suggest that place since it’s always been my hang out stall, but I’m afraid that the foods there aren’t nothing to be bragged bout tho
    I think the food there aren’t bad.. up to standard when u’re hungry larr, ahahaha…

  164. Thanks dude!!!
    Looking at all the food makes me yearn for Kuching (I’m a KL-ite though). Especially more when you’re far away from home for now…
    I’ve got friends there. Will test them gao gao to see if they know where all the best food is. 😛
    If not ngam, force them eat beef noodle with extra bull penis.. WAHAHAHHAAHHA

  165. Well done Kenny! Overdue post, shud hv been there long ago. I know there are far too many eating places to include, it is a sin not to exclude fishball soup & Satay at “Lau Ya Keng” Temple at Carpenter St. It is the Mecca of food to me whenever I am back in Kuching

  166. wow.. thanks for all that info.. me and my family already planned to go kuching for CNY.. hopefully the shops would be open during that period. lucky ne..well definitely wouldn’t know if we just rely on the tourism board.. and this is the first time i read your blog.. and its about kuching.. thank you!

  167. It’s not that Kuching ppl don’t know how to do business… It’s because Kuching peep likes a lay back SIMPLE LIFE. For those who want to earn more, they’ll choose to migrate.
    If anyone from any other places who travelled to Kuching & can’t find the food in time, you’re just unlucky coz once again…. if you want it available 24hours, you should stay at home at the 1st place.

  168. Catalyst: debate between Magenta and JUNK.
    IMHO, Magenta has the best steaks (tho not cheap) and nice service, good food presentation and great chef (think her name’s Sarah).
    JUNK has nice atmosphere,large portions, food’s okay but not great,too much same type garnishing for all dishes; slightly cheaper booze and nice PUB next door, and exclusive room too.
    To each his own I suppose. Magenta has lots parking,Junk is always a problem. However JUNK opens late (sometimes chef still fulfils orders at 11pm!) and owner George is very jovial and pleasant.
    Thanks Kenny for a GREAT POST…looking forward to Part2.

  169. Damnnnn… i was in Kuching for 5 weeks last year and i had kolo mee for breakfast every single day…and I still miss it the mostttttt… reading this entry is not good to my health!!! I so want to go back home now… and damn this freezing winter, i can’t help but think about food all the time!!!!!!

  170. what about the pork satay at hui sing open air, tabuan jaya siang siang, central park burger with potato (just after the bridge) etc etc.

  171. come try our sarikei Hiek Lik cafe’s kampua pean sid (kiaw/wantan) and open-air ah cheng’s char mee(with tomato ketchup not soy sauce). mix them and you get THE HEAVENLY NOODLES! =)

  172. wan burger is the most famous one in pineapple town. u can order through hp too. still, i prefer my hiek lik kampua cham pean sid.

  173. oh yes, the siew bee I love very very very much… everytime my friend go back Sarawak, she will cart back around 50 of those buggers back… and we will all fight over it.. how come they don’t sell it at Sri Petaling pasar malam…

    not to mention tabuan jaya market’s white lady.
    or hui sings char kuay teow.
    but i agree with most of tat. 🙂
    lui cha especially.
    But the laksa… is a toss up between Chong Choon and Choon Hui on Song Thian Cheok road… As featured on Anthony Bourdain:No Reservations.
    The Roti kiap there is nice too. 🙂

  175. Wow, what a great job describing all the food. Malaysia is best for all kinds of hawker fare. I missed Penang when I went there… now I want to go Kuching too~!

  176. i don’t really agreed with u for award good thumb chicken rice da best! kuching got alot much delicious chicken rice beside the one kennysia mentioned! anyway! others food i quite agreed with u kenny!….btw! this is best award! not mine! hehehe…


  178. Thanks for the information….
    I love 3 layer teh c peng….
    I agree with you that the original is always the best…I tried other kopitiam’s 3 layer or 5 layer teh c peng….althought just copy right… but still not good enough… some more their tea siap siap one….
    Can go try the new chicken rice at 2 1/2 miles. Somewhere behind KFC…
    Kenny, how about “White Lady” at Hui Sing garden???

  179. man, 1 week on-site training at KL really make me out of track on update..
    btw, kuching F&B…i mean the choice of foods is totally a nightmare….espeacially the tomato kuey tiaw, last time i ate at 3rd miles “huang shang huang” there, on the spot vomit once i put it into my mouth…terrible. well, i am not picky, but in fact it just sucks man….
    and futthermore all foods in kuching, the hawker just simply put many many pepper into your dishes..feel that pepper cheap sale and no need modal that kind…
    but kuching’s chabo standard…..hmm, many many OK..hehe

  180. i like Belacan Beehoon. look like so tasty althought i never taste it before. want taste it now!!!!!!!yummy yummy….

  181. This is a bit late but this Sunday I just saw chef Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation on tv here and it was about malaysia. The first half hour was about KL but the second half hour was about Kuching and the jungle.
    Anthony’s guide was some tattoo maker Iban guy Eddie and he took Anthony to the Choon Hui restaurant in Kuching for breakfast laksa. Eddie claimed that laksa originated in Kuching. Excuse me!!! Laksa invented in Kuching?! I thought in Melaka as a nyonya dish lar dey!
    Anyway, he later took Anthony deep into jungle to a longhouse and the guest of honour had to slaughter a pig by spearing. Pretty interesting. The KL part was about eating fish head curry from some stall under a tree and Batu Caves.

  182. OMG!!
    I’m freakin’ hungry right now after looking at all those pics posted above.
    1.teh c peng-ahh
    2.honey sea coconut-ahhhhh
    3.tomato kueh tiaw-ahhhhhhhhhhh
    3.kolo mee-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  183. oh NOOOOO!=(
    The chicken rice looks really tempting as well.
    Actually,there’s this stall near 7th mile selling really nice Kolo mee.
    (Been there once only and can vaguely remember the name of the stall)
    Anyway,It comes with home made fish balls and the noodles are just simply delicious.
    (Shoot!if only there’s ice kacang next to me now.)

  184. kenny,u missed out char kueh…I recommend u at Da Fan Shu behind Hong Kong Bank there…& Mouse Noodle (called Lo Shu Pan in Hakka)…for me i think if u wan kolo mee special i think Bishopgate oso not bad…=)

  185. Kenny!! u are so bad!! i can see but cant eat!! im oversea now! how to eat!! delete all the picture!! dun remind me anymore!! sob sob!

  186. Kenny, you forgot about white lady in Hui Sing Garden! Aww you make me wants to fly back tomorrow morning and eat all the food! Please add in White Lady leh…

  187. Hey, you guys really want to eat kolo mee? Check out Ta Wan Kung opposite Dewan Masyarakat along Jln Datuk Wee Kheng Chiang. Take the normal kolo me, I think it is the best in Kuching.
    If you fancy “cheng” plus kolo mee, try the one at Petanak Road, obliquely opposite Wisma Nation Horizon, corner one shoplot coffee shop (forgot the name), only one stall there selling only kolomee with “cheng”, stall owner is thin, fiftyish Teochew (I think), assisted by wife. The mee is awesome, I always go there.

  188. 2 things left behind.
    Mee Kari stall behing AmBank, Abell Road next to Homecook Chicken Rice Shop. Only open morning till 10am.
    Rojak Kucai just at the back of Koperasi Guru.. old shoping lots and foodcourt near or oposite to Wisma Saberkas. Open morning as well.

  189. Im an overseas reader of ur blogs and I’m drooling everytime I read them. I am from kch and at first I feel weird that I dont recognize half of these stalls that u mentioned. at first I thought I had not been back for quite a while and some new shops had sprouted everywhere, but in the end I figured that used to mostly go out to eat at night time. Hey there’s night time eatery places that are famous too and some of them are only open at night and close by daybreak. Why dont u introduce them too?

  190. LUI-CHA WARNING: After reading your entry on the supposedly “best” lui cha in Kuching, my family and I decided to give it a try and drove over to the house. We arrived at about 12 noon and true enough, the crowd was there. We managed to find a place to sit and then pushed our way into the stall area to order. I say “pushed our way” because the stall owners have no sense to have any system for taking orders, or serving, or seating their customers. Latecomers can get served first, and those there first (like us) sat there for almost 1 hour and a half growing more and more agitated with the lack of system. The dish, in the end, turned out to be only so-so and not as you described. What’s worst, the whole experience of sitting there, and seeing your order being ignored and having to get up to go remind the stall owners over and over and over about your orders just made the experience a very negative one. In the end, I did not enjoy my meal, no thanks to the long wait and crowd of complaining negative and impatient people. I don’t understand why the owners can’t solve this simple situation by issuing numbers or something, at least get some sort of a system going.
    4 bowls of lui cha, and we waited 1 and a half hours. Ridiculous. Unless you want to be angry when finally eating, I’d recommend you go elsewhere for lui cha. This place is simply overrated.

  191. Hey kenny, you bastard, eh. Made me sleepless last night thinking about all the unique local food, eh. Good thing I will be going back in April, eh. I missed the food, the jungle, the beaches, but not the heat, eh. TG 4 AC, eh. Jit sin liem liem, tiem tiem ai junk ek, eh. Probably see me around with a small wet towel, eh (not hanky, eh), wipe the sweat from my botak head, eh! D’Oh, eh. You know you reminds me of a young Homer Simpson, eh. Cheers, eh.

  192. Hey Kenny, forgot to mention that there are some offering of M’sian food in Canada, eh, but most run by Singapore lung, West Malaysian lung or even Hong Kong Lung,eh. Bee bay siang, eh. Bay ho jiak, eh. For me it has to be authentic or nothing, eh. First order of business when I get back to Kuching is satay, eh. Mmmmmmh….augh, eh! D’Oh, eh! Still 61 days and counting to go, eh.

  193. 1st visit to ur blog (per my sis recommendation during my recent CNY trip back to Kch)..Sound & look not bad though!!! I suppose u forgot to include “Tu Kha” Rice in this entry.. Per ur listing…not too bad though, keep up the good job ya!!!

  194. oh in aussie now n i miss the food in kch after looking at all those pics n those familiar places i used to go!!!

  195. yeah..good food. too bad I m stranded in bloody London because of my pregnancy! I miss kuching food so much! craving for kolo mee at the moment, and char kueh tiaw!
    help me god.

  196. OMG!!! australia dont eben have a decent kolo mee stall man! no sarawak laksa no char kueh no sefood kolo mee no cha kueh….*sobsobxxx*
    thanks for the post, can imagine myself makan ==! pathetic =P

  197. Well , that man….the guy u said shouting “LU aI hamik” that’s not the taukeh of sin kwan heng…that’s only a worker who worked for a very very long time i know his sons… the taukeh dont look after stalls but his workers do (he drives a mercedez)

  198. this msg is to kenny and everyone else..
    i think i should just get everything right here about Sin Kwang Heng. First of all..the man you thought was the boss, IS DEFINITELY NOT THE BOSS.The actual owner of sin kwang heng does not even smoke or sell sio bee himself at the stall before because he is too busy for that.
    He employs people to work for him and run the business for him.ALL he does is making sure production runs well at home and getting wholesale business.
    The guy that you might have shouted at you or smoke all the time..thats just an ordinary worker whom have been working for ages there. HE’s got warned many many times about his attitude and is on probation currently.PLs note that they do try to make things better but its just not easy employing people nowadays especially those willing to work long hours.
    HOw i know that? i am the daughter of Sin Kwang Heng. so kenny in future, if you have any queries at all about sin kwang heng, pls do not hesitate to refer it to me at and i’ll try to make things any better. all i want to say is please do not assume it by your own because you’re getting bad reputation for my father.
    I appreciate that you advertise and praised us for our sio bee but in the other hand, could you please amend and update your blog about us where you comment on my father which is NOT him. i would kindly appreciate that.Just bear in mind, its only the workers working at the stall every single day.

  199. its a mind game they’re playing. if they are open all the time then people would get sick of the food. They lowered the supply and increased the demand. and i still havent tried the laksa myself!!!!!!!!

  200. 4 tomato kueh teow,or tomato noodle. may b u can try my parents one at No.9 (HUP GHIM HENG) HUI SING HAWKER CENTRE. haha! 10s~~

  201. i just discovered the best belacan beehoon, sotong kangkong & rojak in Kuching. It’s at Yong Siang Corner MJC

  202. Kenny,
    I hope you get the chance to read this.
    First of all, I think you’ve got some pretty interesting story to tell but your story may not always be accurate. Take Sin Kwang Heng, Open Air Market for an example – the person who has a cigarette in his mouth all the time is actually an employee, NOT the boss. You might want to do your research more thoroughly before you give any misleading information to the public. I’ve known the boss of Sin Kwang Heng for many many years. I do agree with you that the sio bee is the best in Kuching though. There’s no doubt about it.

  203. Had the gu bak mee and sio bee at open market last so only , overrated. foody goody laksa is v good and also v expensive. the lady will serve you 4.50 laksa if u just said one laksa!! instead of normal 3.50… at foody goody u will find a popular u char kui store (morning only) and ‘hing hua’mee.

  204. sholud try spare part cm seafood soup at Tabuan Laru, just next to Choice Daily supermarket, Chee Yung Coffe shop. Their ‘Cheng’ soup come with kolo mee or rice is one of the best n Kuching.

  205. Hi Guys…wanna kill few birds with one stone ?? hehe…means to say try few types of good and famous local food at one shop lar( good laksa, kuih chap,chicken rice, kolo mee,pork porridge and mali cai meehoon) Yes… u can try it at one of the coffee shop in BDC by the name of Yin Jia Zhing( direct translation from Mandarin) The coffee shop situated at just right opposite Stampark then u can see a row of shop, this cofee shop is the middle shop..anyway you can see a lot of people overthere. Just park your car somewhere near the tennis court then walk down. FYI, the coffee shop operate their business in the morning only.Yummy yummy…in kuching this is the only coffee shop where you can find all the good food at the same place. Hi Guys please comment after testing the food there.

  206. omg im overseas right now and just seeing home food is making me cry and my stomach too! ahahah i miss home only for the food defitnaley!!!!
    hahaha talk more about home kenny!

  207. went to BDC yin jia Jing and tried their laksa, chicken rice and kuih chap. Surprisingly all the 3 taste super good OMG ! Just got back from Big Thumb Jalan Dogan ( best chicken rice in town) thier kaya toast with butter again OMG. Ladies & Gentlement, the best kaya toast in Kuching.( Finger licking GOOD !

  208. yorrr… you very bad wan lor, Kenny…
    always post foods entries make me so hungry after reading your blog… make me wanna find foods to eat after reading… i’m on diet ler… haha

  209. waaaaaaa kenny,u make me miss all my hometown favourites…so bad leh you…the food makes me wanna go back to kuching asap….hehe…:p
    thanks for the information that we can get ‘lui teh’ in jalan tengah…when,i m back home,i always drive all the way to serian to ask my friend to cook for it me…i love to take it hot(soup) esp. i hv flu n fever…unfortunately, some of my taiwanese friends and friends from sibu doesn’t know how to take them….well,its ok for me,cos,not everybody get use of the taste or smell,like what jojo did to d belacan beehoon…
    kenny,is there any place that serves delicious n yummy ‘char kiuh’ besides siang siang court?
    i have one from jonker walk in melaka(2nd june 2007)…it isn’t delicious at all…:(
    kenny,your blogs give me a good idea where to bring my friends when we are hungry….
    well done, kenny…:)

  210. sorry guys the above comment is post by me,not Tommy,cos i was disconnected from the internet earlier..and hv no idea why…it was posted by:Tommy…sorry for the inconvenience….by the way,thanks to all readers that give me extra info to get the best food in town….

  211. god!! miss kuching d food… i am really hope going back to kuching now…damn suck boring at sydney here… arhh …. laksa..kolo mee,kampuan mee, curry chicken rice, n many many many….

  212. they dun wan to open too long, because as the saying goes, too much of something is never a good thing.
    anyway, the best KUEH CHAP = PKP (POH KWONG PARK) and the coffee shop stall opposite Upwell…

  213. i don’t even kow there is so much delicious in kuching. It make me more hungry and going to gain weight if i did not control my diet.

  214. Good food stall usually opens for limited hours only to attract more business. When it’s opening hours are short, ppl will find it precious and hard to find. If you can get it anytime, you won’t have the urge to rush for it, as it is always there. Good business strategy though.

  215. omggg bad time for me to be reading this post! i JUST got back from kch! lol! i’ve always wanted to know where that green road shop was! thanks!! can’t wait to go back again to try all those places! 😀
    oh and btw, that short talk comment? that dude didnt really make sense to me, what does losing a parent have to do w/ showing the world what you’ve got? and what the heck does he even mean by showing the world what you’ve got! O_O totally uncalled for

  216. Have anyone tried this place called Taiwan Fried Chicken … it has been in town for the last umpteen years … definitely a ‘hidden’ treasure tucked snugly at one corner of a row of shophouses in the middle of Jln. Pisang Barat, just behind the Jln Tengah ‘Lui Cha’ (surprise that keeny missed this one) … I think it has one of the tastiest nasi lemak, chicken curry, lamb curry, fried noodles (mee, kuehtiaw, beehoon, etc) and especialy unique is their fried chicken and chicken parts created with spices and recipe imported from taiwan (hence the name Taiwan Fried Chicken). U guys n gals shud try and see … happy eating.

  217. HAhaha…correctx3!The sio-b taokeh always like tat 1.First time i went there i was abit shocked,”why he yell at customer tat way 1?” ,i thought.After a few times,i got use to it,juz gif him a smile back.

  218. wawawa. i wanna go home. I wanna kolo mee. I recommended my friend to read ur blog so tat he know wat and where to eat. i haven take lunch yet leh 2day. hiks. i wanna laksa.

  219. Where singaporeans food are concerned, the people there couldn’t get any super dumb and dumber. I asked for fried kwayteow while i was there and was served fried kwayteow mixed with mee. When I corrected their mistake, the stall owner was darn rude and told me of that in Singapore, if you ask for fried kwayteow, it comes mixed with mee and if you want fried kwayteow on its own, you have to specify clearly on that. I retorted that in Malaysia, if you asked for fried kwayteow, you would get exactly that. If I had wanted fried kwayteow mixed with mee in Kuching, i would have to say such to the stall handler. So which part did singaporeans did not understand when I said “fried kwayteow”? Heck, i never mention the word “mee” at all when I placed my order. So what’s the mee doing in there?!!!

  220. it’s not their soft boil egg problem actually, is their pepper not spicy enuf. they shud use sarawak pepper.

  221. oh! one more thing, u shud go try Poh Kwong Park kueh chap. it’s really the BEST kueh chap in town. take it from me kenny, it’s really worth to try.

  222. ala…… wad the hell!! the belacan beehoon from no.26 SONG KHENG HAI Food Court is the WORLD WORST in the world n THE SMELLIEST belacan i ever smell.. another stall selling belacan beehoon beside the cha kueh BARU NICE LAR!!! walao eh… wanna faint eating no.26 man…. oh god!!!! actually im not scolding kennysia but im scolding stall no.26!!

  223. Best kolo mee has to be the one at the padungan round about. The cafe is called home cook or something like that. It’s the one people can go to after clubbing because it’s still open that late. A lot of my friends agree as well and ever since being introduced to it by my group of friends, it has been a must to eat there every time I go back to Kuching. But I haven’t been in kuching for a few months now, so there may be new places that are better that has popped up, but do give it a try Kenny.

  224. i think u guys missed out the best kolo mee in kuching, it is not at KY sekama, but it is at the food stall behind KY sekama , and it sells only at night.KY sekama kolo mee so so

  225. Jy, if ur looking for vegetarian food, u can try The Servant located behind Jalan Padungan. Ask some locals, im sure theyve heard of it.

  226. I dont agree, Ert. Yes, the laksa at Foody Goody is pretty good, but have u tried the laksa at Fat Cat Coffeeshop? Theirs are quite nice too. Just go on past JnJ Cafeteria, and there they are..

  227. Actually, there IS public transport if u know where to look. Other than buses, there are also vans going around. Aside from that, u dont see much taxis around. Thats cuz most of them are only available thru phone calls. U call, a taxi comes.

  228. hey for eat vegetarian friend !!! i found new vegetarian golo mee in 7mile huat huat coffee shop ,is very very nice daily

  229. Kolok mee stall 88 @ 3rd mile bazaar (above market) are good too. Open evenings daily… but finish fast too.. so as kueh chap right side at 3rd mile bazaar. They yum too.
    I agree tc peng @ 7th mile. Tapau daily. Best !!

  230. u r 1 racist slitty eyed dog… ive been most places in china and i wouldnt describe anywhere as particularly clean – ur standards must suck or u r just plain biased….

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