Flood Relief

YC popped me an e-mail message last night.

“Spread the words uncle kenny! LINK
Raising funds for the flood. thanks heaps!! xoxo”

Puzzled, I replied:

Wait… Did you just say you wanna raise funds for the flood? Or did you mean you wanna raise fund for the flood VICTIMS?
I dun wanna raise no muthafrickin’ funds for no muthafrickin’ FLOOD, yo!

She then proceeded to laugh her head off at her obvious error.

Anyway, self-made fashion designer YC is doing something for a good cause. From now until February, she’s auctioning off items from her Blackjettas Jewellery and Drama Mama range to raise funds to aid the recent Johor flood victims. All her clothes and jewellery are handmade by herself and one of her kind, meaning you won’t EVER find another person wearing the same stuff.
You can find out more at her blog or e-mail yc.phoon@gmail.com
The day before I got a phone call from someone unexpected.
Caller: “Hello is this Kenny Sia?”
Kenny: “Yes, this is Kenny speaking.”
Caller: “Kenny, this is JJ and Rudy from the hitz.fm Morning Crew!”
Kenny: “OH MY GAWDDDDDD!!!!”

JJ and Rudy are hosts of the breakfast show on radio station hitz.fm (Malaysia’s No.1 hit station!), which I listen to on my way to work every morning. These two are famous for making hilarious prank GOTCHA calls to terrorise innocent victims who don’t know better. I had wasn’t one of their targets before I realised that they actually called to ask for a favour.
The hitz.fm Morning Crew is organising a charity event, and they wanted me to write something on kennysia.com to help promote it. I agreed, but after putting down the phone I felt a little strange. See, hitz.fm is mass media and kennysia.com is just a blog. How come a mass media is asking a blog to promote their event?! Shouldn’t it be like… the other way round?

Anyway, if you want to help out some 90,000 victims affected by the water devastation in Malaysia’s south, please bring along donations to La Bodega at Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur this Saturday, 27th January, between 11am to 2pm.
They wanna help the kids more than anything else so they’re looking in particular for school uniforms, school bags, shoes and stationery items, but basic necessities and food items are still welcome.

The hitz.fm crew and local celebs like Pop Shuvit, Liang, Afdlin Shauki (from the movie Sumo-lah) and KinkyBlueFairy will all be there and La Bodega will be providing free refreshments for those who dropped by.

Getting hit by the flood is bad, but getting hit by the flood twice in a month is even more suay. While we’re wondering where to go for a night out drinking, those kids affected by the flood are wondering how they’re gonna even go to school when all their belongings were washed away.
So let’s all have compassion and do something for the less fortunates instead of sitting comfortably on your butt surfing the Net, ok?


Does anyone know how Kuching folks could send donations to assist the flood victims in Johor? I don’t wanna send cash donations ‘cos that can be a bit dodgy.
If anyone knows, post a comment below. 🙂

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  1. Because ur blog more people visit than people listening to hitz.fm mar…
    oh, the JJ & Rudy that sang Mat Rempit Not So Furious??? Cool song!!! I blogged about that song

  2. Is there any way I can donate money from Germany without wasting tons of cash on astronomic transfer fares?
    Please email me Kenny!

  3. I think the best way is to collect the stuff yourself and bring it there to Johor, yes all by yourself.
    I won’t trust any other person to do it either.

  4. Kenny: About a week ago, someone in the Catscity forum raised this very issue. I called the local branch of Red Crescent to ask about how we can help Johor flood victims and was told that they are not shipping anything over from here because the cost will be high.
    The gentleman also proceeded to inform me that we should be ready to help/donate when parts of Kuching flood over. Apparently, they’re expecting it to be bad this year and are preparing for that.
    Donations of clothing, food, school things, etc., can be dropped off anytime at:
    PBSMM, Sarawak Branch
    Jalan P.Ramlee,
    93400 Kuching, Sarawak
    Tel: +6082 – 240610
    Faxes: +6082 – 246417
    Unless there’s another organisation shipping things over, we’re stuck with channeling cash to Johor… which I don’t like the idea of either.

  5. the johor flood victims are not as “kesian” as u think they are. They’re being too rich before this. I’m from Johor, i know. =X You want to donate, u donate lah. =X

  6. SPOTTY ,You are one selfish turd!!! If those people were rich you’d think they live in those crummy homes?? They would be like you sitting on your ass and spouting crap!

  7. Kenny nice cute cute kitty cat face….
    I ask u one thing.
    donating money… do u think it will reach the victim, or pocket of someone else (happened before, someone last time got caught cheating JE victim money)
    donating money or donating food/clothes/mattress etc
    which one is better / more practical
    can we trust persatuan derman XYZ and kumpulan donation ABC?
    whatz ur opinion ????

  8. Kenny,
    What you have done here is very noble. *thumbs up*
    However, to all who are donating, please make
    sure that items donated are in usable
    condition. Don’t treat the donation place as a
    dumping grown.
    Again, if you are donating, please make sure that
    100% of your donation goes to the victim, NOT 60%
    to victims, 40% to organising party.
    Just my 2 cents. God bless these people.

  9. the money doantion we cannot have control over it so whether it will go to the victim or someones pocket we do not know…
    even if the money goes to victim,
    will that money be properly used…?
    for example,
    what is the use of money when the shops are in bad condition to open and u cant buy anything.
    our government rejected foreign aid … remember?

  10. hey kenny..
    what were you doing alone in the swimming pool yesterdAy in Hilton..
    you were so so lonely.. are you always going around finding things to blog alone??
    so sad seeing you alone.. wanted to swim over and talk to you but i never know how to start.. if i go and “Hie, i’m sharon.. and reader of your blog..errr….???”
    haha.. i tink you’ll freak out..
    By the way what picture did you take by the pool? izzit the sign “No diving, no lifeguard on duty”?
    By the way.. glad i see you in person.. mysteriously..
    Take care..

  11. hi kenny, this is a long shot. First, you set up a bank account solely for this cause for whoever who wants to donate cash. With that cash you purchase necessary items for donation to the victims. Next is how to send the goods over there…..
    why not use your celebrity status to partner with Air Asia (they are the lowest cost carrier AFAIK) to send over donated items? You could draw up a deal with them for advertising or what not and they would automatically gain publicity for helping out with the flood victims.
    I know this idea has a lot of holes in it but i think its a good one.

  12. I’m an avid Hitz.fm fan…I also listen to Rudy & JJ every morning on the way to work…Kenny, can’t wait to hear you get Gotcha! haha
    That aside, it’s a superb idea these guys came up to pull their strings to get celebrities to help up for the flood donation drive. I’ll be there too to support. Cheers!

  13. if you are a maybank account holder, there’s a service for collecting donation for the flood victims on the maybank2u.com website. it works by pledging an amount dictated by yourself, from your existing maybank account, to the charity cause.

  14. You can channel it through red crescent or any other NGOs. Big companies like Shell are also collecting so you can drop by their office to ‘tumpang’ delivery

  15. Monetary donation is good in the sense that the organisation can fully utilise the benefits to increase manpower, healthcare etc because we don’t exactly know what is needed to make sure help is evenly distributed, which means, with the convenience (bad choice of word tho) of the fundings they can be more attentive detailed, effeciency-oriented etc.
    Yet, provided they’re not corrupted… So often than not, funds reported is not the exact amount received, and actual funds allocated is of course again, less than the reported amount.
    And the cycle never ends there…

  16. hey kenny..this is definately not my first time visiting your blog..but it’s the first time i m commenting on your post..well,if u listened to hitz.fm ystd,there was this lady who called up from kedah and was asking bout the donations thingy..u mite wan to check out hitz.fm’s website..u’ll be able to find the add where u can send ur donations to..

  17. kenny!! this morning i did listened to the hitz.fm.. how come whenn jj & rudy them called u.. u seem like so pai sey(shy)?? lol… n speak very soft too.. 😛 cant really hear what u were talking about 🙁

  18. hey kenny.. this morning i did listened to the hitz.fm.. how come when they called u.. u sounded like.. so pai sey( shy)? .. n talked very soft.. cant hear what u were talking about wor … lol

  19. hey kenny!! i did listened to the hitz.fm this morning.. how come when jj & rudy them called u up.. u sounnded like so pai sey (shy)wor :P.. n also speak it very soft.. cant hear what u were talking about..lol

  20. hey kenny,
    wished u blogged abt this much earlier.. DHL was asking us staffs to contribute for the flood victims. We were requested to limit respective donations to only :
    1.) Baby Diapers
    2.) Sanitary Napkins
    3.) Towels
    4.) Children’s clothing
    5.) Toothpaste & Toothbrush
    6.) Bath Soap
    7.) Rice
    8.) Cooking Oil
    9.) Canned food
    10.) Sugar & Salt
    11.) Mineral water
    12.) Baby formula milk
    DHL is working closely with the Malaysian Red Crescent Society to despatch the cash contributions and essential items to the identified flood relief centres.
    Maybe you could contact the society urself. Hope my info was helpful. If you require further help don’t hesitate to drop me an email. I’ll try to help any way I can. Cheers.

  21. well Kenny, i saw the advertisement on tv by government regarding the fund raising for the flood victims.
    We can actually donate our cash by MayBank cash deposit teller! but i didn’t drop down the bank a/c number ’cause the advertisement was too short! anyway, i’ll be more alert next time and get my pen ready, then i’ll let everyone (including everyone here) to know.

  22. Should be “hit by the flood twice in a MONTH instead of in a WEEK” Nway i m from Kota Tinggi, one of the seriously affected area.

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