Guang Liang ‘Tong Hua’ Showcase – Kuching 2005

A little bird told me that Guang Liang was in town this past Sunday for a concert showcase.

I wasn’t planning on going initially as I didn’t have tickets, but I stole it from some fat kid bought a spare one from some kid for RM10.

Now I know what you’re thinking.
“OMG Kenny, you went to see Guang Liang? What’s wrong with you?! HE’S SO GAYYYY!!!11
Yalah yalah I know lah.
I agree Guang Liang is a bit of a poofter with nothing but a skinny-ass and a high-pitch voice. But of course… I wouldn’t say anything bad about him because when I was a teenager and some girl I liked broke my heart, I would listen to his songs and cry myself to sleep.
*cough* You didn’t hear that from me.

Malaysian Armed Forces: Directing traffic since 2005. Khidmat Negara… join the armed forces TODAY!

For those unfamiliar with this Malaysian music artist, Guang Liang aka Michael Wong was once one-half of a very successful duo called ‘Guang Liang Ping Guan’ (Michael+Victor). Before they split, ‘Guang Liang Ping Guan’ produced some of the best Mandarin ballads at the time. In fact I loved them so much I owned every single one of their albums. Its too bad that after they decided to go solo, the quality of their songs just seems to go down, down and down. Kinda like Hugh Hefner without viagra really.

The so-called VIP area.

Whatever their reason for splitting was, I hope its not because they think they’re gonna earn TWICE as much money by producing TWICE as many albums separately. Honestly, their solo albums so far were nothing to shout about as I still find myself listening to their old albums.
That said, Guang Liang is still arguably the more successful of the original duo. I don’t know what happened to Ping Guan’s singing but it just wasn’t good enough. Besides, Ping Guan sounded like Penguin and you wouldn’t buy an album from a penguin would you?

The obligatory time-wasting boring-as-hell pre-show games that ONLY the host himself seemed to enjoy

Anyway after experiencing the disaster that was the David Tao Kuching Showcase last month, I didn’t have my hopes up. I was expecting loads of boring pre-show games, listening to the host repeatedly reminding us to buy the CDs, then the star coming out to sing two songs max, sign some autographs to make us happy then go home to sleep with his stuffed toys.
Guang Liang

Guang Liang: Hello everyone, my name is Guang Liang.
Me: DUH! I thought this is Tan Ah Beng’s concert.

The showcase was held in a multi-purpose hall fit for 3,000 people in Kenyalang Park. The area closest to the stage was cordoned off for reporters and big-balled VIPs. I could see that the VIP area was quite poorly managed because there were no guest list, no special tags or whatever. Anyone lugging a big heavy camera could pretend to be a reporter and sneaked in easily.
Note to self: Next time, get a digital SLR camera and wear a khaki vest. 🙂
Guang Liang

Ji de wo ai ni (Remember I love you)

After some excruciatingly long and horrijible pre-show program, which included the host trying to get the crowd to sing-a-long to Guang Liang’s songs, the man boy himself finally graced the stage at around 8:00pm – about an hour after the scheduled start. His first number was ‘Ji de wo ai ni’, an up-tempo song designed to get the sleepy crowd all fired up. Of course that’s not needed because the hundreds of screaming schoolgirls effectively ‘gerengteed’ that I lose my hearing next morning.
Guang Liang

Xiang zhuo jou xiang you jou (Walk towards the left, walk towards the right). Its also the soundtrack of a movie of the same name.

I didn’t go crazy over Guang Liang of course. It might’ve been different if you ask me eight years ago when I would listen to his songs every single day. But alas… its just too bad so sad that Guang Liang and I met at the right place, at the wrong time. Sorry mate but you came eight years too late.
Now I know how those girls at the Backstreet Boys concert last month must be feeling.
Guang Liang

Tien Tang (Heaven)

Guang Liang is very much an average joe who haven’t yet grown into some pretentious mega-bitch superstar. Despite him possessing the dancing skills of a cupboard, I reckon Guang Liang handled the stage really well. He engaged the audience’s mood and really took time to explain the meaning behind each songs he wrote.
And that’s the thing I like about artists who write their own songs. Normally I’d just buy albums and listen to it because of the melody. But having the artist himself explaining why he wrote a particular song somehow brings to it a different depth, a different dimension. Next time I hear it on the radio, I wouldn’t think of the song the same way again.
‘Tien Tang’ (Heaven) for example, is a song that came to mind when he heard the news of Leslie Cheung’s suicide.
Guang Liang

I too, thought that this is another Malaysian singer who called himself ‘Ah Niu’.

Three songs and a mini-game later, I thought that Guang Liang would be more than ready to wrap the show up. After all, David Tao stopped after a miserable grand total of two songs.
But of course, Guang Liang is different. He went on to perform ‘Shou Ji Liu Yan’ (Messages on the mobile phone) and ‘Yi Dian Guang Yi Dian Liang (errr.. A bit of light, a bit of light?). Throughout the evening, he threw posters into the crowd. At one point, he even left the stage to shake hands with the audience.
Guang Liang

Tong Hua (Fairy tale, not the minishorts version I hope)

The last number of the evening was ‘Tong Hua’ (Fairy tale) – a staple among Chinese radio stations here and a favourite among those poor heartbroken souls out there who recently broke up with their boyfriends/girlfriends. Heh. Definitely one of the best sappy tearjerking break-up songs out there, isn’t it? 🙂
I was really looking forward to listening to him performing that song live… but the Kuching crowd spoilt it by singing along loudly like some drunk uncles at a karaoke competition. GAH!

The poster face Vs the real face. Ahhh… the wonders of Photoshop!

Guang Liang ended the evening signing autographs – which was effectively a scribble-handshake-NEXTTT affair. I didn’t get an album and I wasn’t enthusiastic about lining up for an hour just to get his autograph. So I pretended to be a reporter and went on stage among other ‘real’ reporters just to snap some close-up photos of him. 😉
All in all, it was a good night out. Guang Liang performed six songs in total and went out of his way to interact with the audience. Nice to see that fame didn’t go through Guang Liang’s head and that he still acknowledged his fans properly.
Its quite sad that eventhough some celebrities *cough*David Tao*cough* produce great songs and all that, they unfortunately also have the tendency stay away from fans like a plague.
Please lah, your fans are the people who support you. These are the people who waited 1 hour in a stadium packed like sardines for you, went through so much just to see you and yet you merely performed two songs and left? Why is it that when people asked you for a photo and you CLEARLY know you had time for it, but yet you blatantly refused to acknowledge it? Take one photo very jialat one ha?
That’s the thing, I can’t stand these prima donnas. Honestly speaking, without the fans buying your albums you are absolutely nothing. At least give them some face, can?

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  1. wow! i was a fan of Michael and Victor,but after they split up,i switched to other singers.i remember one of Victor’s first songs though,was it the first time or something? or was it another singer who sang that song? haha. cant remember.

  2. I’m a fan of *cough*David Tao*cough*
    Haha. But from what I saw in my frens’ video (erm..I dunno how she manage 2do tht..) for the DT Sunway Showcase, it is so diff from tht in Kuching (what u went thru). Lotz of fans turn up at Surf Beach. And he DID sang more than 2 songs.
    Haha. I dunno. I didn’t attend any of those promo tours. I’m juz interested in his music, tht’s all.

  3. Haha, this is probably why I don’t go for showcases.
    That, and the fact that I have no money.
    And that they don’t do those in Chicago.
    So many reasons.

  4. wow nice coverage on the showcase. i loveeee his song and ping guan’s even they seperated…eg. “di yi chi” , “zhui siang nian de ji jie” these are the legendary song which touches everyone’s heart. They are great malaysian singers and actually i saw guang liang eating noodles in the restaurant beside my church cos i think he stay somewhere in taman sri rampai kl. so my lala friend wanted his autograph so i helped her by passing him a book for signature while he is enjoying his laksa lol. At first he look quite furious and i dunno why(maybe the laksa not nice) but most importantly he willing to sign my friends book(which is a ugly looking buku latihan) lol…

  5. *whack*wallop*
    sorry. penguin fan here. ops, meant Ping Guan.
    i do agree ever so oh wholeheartedly about their sounding fantabulous when they were the dynamic duo. while other girls were swooning over bsb and ‘xiao hu dui’ and all that crap, i was head over heels over these two.
    a friend’s friend who looked remarkably like Ping Guan and who sang like him too once said ‘hi’ after a singing competition. *swoon*
    i think the reason for their sound better back when they were a duo is because of each artist’s forte. guang liang is great at composing while ping guan sounds better vocally and is much more versatile singer.

  6. Is it just me, or does Kuching seems to have “Showcases” every month? And how does Kenny always gets his tickets for RM10?

  7. i dont understand all the fascination with all these singers, maybe I just don’t appreciate chinese songs at all. but I went to a SHE concert once in miri, waited for about one hour but the whole singing part only lasted for about half an hour. craps. i guess that first impression kinda spoils it all for me.

  8. Hey kenny! Your blog is hilarious man! 😛
    Anyway, juz wanted to say that, man oh man, you’re in Kuching now izzit? No offence to all the Kuchingites out there, but IMO, Kuching has got to be one of the most BORING cities in Malaysia! I once went there for a hol, and wtf, there was only something like 1 decent shopping mall there! The one by the beach. So sad man…. Compared to places like Penang, KL or JB 🙂

  9. KUCHING HAS A MALL BY THE BEACH SIDE?! OMG!!!!! WHR!!!!!!!…i tink u got the wrong state cypher..and dont get me started with perlis..or kedah…fug…

  10. Hey Dude, I think Guang Liang’s publicity manager needs a spanking, can’t he/she tell Guang Liang needs a haircut badly ?

  11. reallybites, yea that’s one of his first solo songs. Personally I think none of their solo songs beat the songs before they split.
    dracolshian, I like David Tao’s songs too. I just don’t like his attitude towards his supporters that’s all. 🙂
    TBG, did you say… kiss?
    J Schnorng, you get more than ‘showcases’ in Chicago dude, you get full-fledged ‘concerts’. Those big stars reckon Kuching is too much of a shithole for them to come. heh.
    Kahsoon, yea he’s a real humble guy.
    Tess, yalah yalah you and your Jay Chou lah! haha
    cypher, dui mien de nu hai kan guo lai… kan guo lai…. kan guo lai… Seriously though, Kuching isn’t that bad. I don’t judge how interesting a city is by how many shopping malls they have! heh heh heh.
    Kenny Chai, that’s flattering. Of course you can put my link up on your site. Thanks Kenny. Cheers, Kenny.
    kimm, well I’ve seen ppl call a man ‘bitch’, so I can’t see why I can’t call a man ‘prima donna’. 🙂 Gender is not important when you’re scolding ppl see.
    Dear Scarlett, ouch. You’ve spoken the truth. And truth hurts. Yes I’m jealous of that stupid bloody idiot David Tao BECAUSE YOU LOVE HIM MORE! Unlike David though, I’d take a picture together with you anytime. 😉
    Lyon, I think its a coincidence! Heh. Kenny gets his tix the last minute because usually the only way to get tix to these event is if you buy some CDs or sign up to some handphone plans. Kenny isn’t interested in those. Kenny just want tix!
    NSDS3, riteeeeeee
    mamoyo, that’s usually the thing. Hate it when they do a half-arsed show. I mean, since they’re here might as well stage a concert rite?
    e, its called ‘style’. Wu Bai also needs a haircut wat. Then again, he’s balding.

  12. perhaps guangliang being a malaysian has something to do with it? i’m sure (most) singers would be more “close” to the fans of their country.

  13. love the music video..kinda sad actually with the girl dying and all….ooh.ur in kuching now..izzit wanna say tat i love ur song tong hua..

  14. Hi..
    I like Michael, especially with his song “Tong Hua” very touch!! ^-^
    Jia You.. Michael!!! ^-^

  15. is not “guang liang ping guan” as the name of the duo ( though its their name..) but eh. Wu Yi Liang Ping…

  16. i lurbbe guang liang.dunno hu is the tuupid person hu wen to sae he is idiotic sehx.and his songs are super nice.

  17. hi new here! ur guang liang entry really caught my attention as i am a great fan of his! i do agree his songs are not as fab as before where you can really sink into it .. but then again, i feel that guang liang is doing great now too!

  18. i love guang liang too!! his song is superbly touching and sad and just rips the heart out of me.. anytime he comes to penang, i’d wait more than just an hour to see him!! he’s so so cute and omg so talented!!! muaxxies to guang liang!! kenny can’t you get me some tickets please?? ;p

  19. After I know michael guang liang, I am really proud when I hear his songs, I like all of his songs, because his sound whe singing is clear and make the people whose hear it feel peace deep in the heart.^_^ although I live in a small city in Indonesia but I am really happy, I could know Guang Liang.
    Guang Liang good luck and do the best!!

  20. Hi Kenny, first of all, really enjoy reading yr blog. But since I do write a David Tao blog, I feel I have to defend him here. David does acknowledge his fans from the credits in all his albums, his concerts, his travelling to remote places to meet them. He has a fairly big fanclub in China called Zhe Fu & he mentioned them always. One of the songs in his new album was written by a fan from Zhe Fu. There could be a no of reasons for his failure to please his fans in Kuching. His travelling schedule in Malaysia was vry tight & by the time he reached Kuching he could be tired & so he only sang 2 songs. David is the sort of musician who tried to sing his best or not at all. Usually its his record co who laid the ‘no photo’ rule & it has to be for everybody or it will not be fair. So even though he may have time for a photo with you, it will not be fair for the others who came before you. Have you considered that maybe David was trying to be fair and not ignoring his fans?

  21. Hi Kenny, first of all, really enjoy reading yr blog. But since I do write a David Tao blog, I feel I have to defend him here. David does acknowledge his fans from the credits in all his albums, his concerts, his travelling to remote places to meet them. He has a fairly big fanclub in China called Zhe Fu & he mentioned them always. One of the songs in his new album was written by a fan from Zhe Fu. There could be a no of reasons for his failure to please his fans in Kuching. His travelling schedule in Malaysia was vry tight & by the time he reached Kuching he could be tired & so he only sang 2 songs. David is the sort of musician who tried to sing his best or not at all. Usually its his record co who laid the ‘no photo’ rule & it has to be for everybody or it will not be fair. So even though he may have time for a photo with you, it will not be fair for the others who came before you. Have you considered that maybe David was trying to be fair and not ignoring his fans?

  22. wo yuen bian cheng tong hua li ni ai de na ge tian shi,
    zhang kai shuang shou bian cheng chi pang shou hu ni,
    ni yao xiang xin xiang xin wo men hui xiang tong hua gu shi li,
    xin fu de kuai le shi jie ju
    ni ku ze dui wo shuo tong hua li dou shi pian ren de
    tong hua li dou shi pian ren de
    wo bu ke neng shi ni de wang zi
    ye xu ni bu hui dong chong ni shuo ai wo yi hou
    wo de tian kong xin xin dou liang le

  23. OK loh… I don’t care if this posting is way back in 24th Apr 2005, because I din see it earlier on BAH! I am a superhuge Michael and Victor fan and would just like to say… ‘Guang Liang Pin Guan, wo zhi chi ni!’ LOL :o)

    P.S: *glares*Admit it keh-nih, deep down inside you still love Michael and Victor dun u?

    P.P.S: People who listen to their songs are NOT POOFTERS

  24. Guang liang bought a house near mine. And lives there (but owaz never around it). Saw his proton saga with the Perak plate number. Love to snap a pix for you if u wan…

  25. I have to say, Kenny you are is too UNCLE now to listen to michael’s song. More over … what the hack a stupid guy “pretend” like a reporter and went up stage to be one of them making the stage messy and lost control. Now you know why those artiste manager refuse to let “un-known” alien to mess around. Yes! you are right they need us to buy their albums in order to continue their music career, and what did you do after listening 6 songs from him?? Go up stage and mess around !

  26. U gotta respect all type of musics! Even if u don’t like them. “Fairytale” is sooo pretty and sad! I cry every time i listen to it!

  27. Michael is a very good singer.He has also a good voice. I think that if he is an actor, he will ne a good 1 too!! cause, from his MV, u will know it. His expresions are so real.When I watch his MV,I will be really sad, happy, or whatever.When he was with Pin Guan,I don’t even know him, didn’t even heard of his name.When his album “tong hua” was out, I heard lots of ppl talking about it, but i didn’t care.But,on my bro’s birthday, my aunt bought his album for my bro, so we watched it. Wow!! it’s really nice, even my bro likes it. An artist that compose musics ,songs, n sings , play the piano. i heard that he can play a guitar too!! WoW! Impressive!Guang Liang, “jia you”!!!! You r talented,so don’t ever waste it.^_^

  28. Michael Wong Guang Liang , ya he is really a good singer . ha ! ha ! at 1st i dun like his song then after badminton class my friend’s mom on this song in the car , then everyone in the car started 2 sing . Then after many times of listening 2 his songs then i started 2 like his song , his song is so popular until my school also play out his song during the teachers day even in de camp they played this song 2 ! then everyone in the camp sang 2 ! Anyway guang liang , hope to hear more song from u . =)

  29. Hi! i’m Jen again, I posted a comment yesterday, jz above.I just wanna say(honestly)that,when Michael & Victor r together, i think that they are very “gay”. I don’t know why.I prefer that they r now solo.Now,they r still good artists, thats great!!! Whatever,still lots of ppl like that they r together,don’t noe why.But, everyone is not the…. at last,keep on going, keep on the work!!! really, u r really talented!!!

  30. Hey,
    I thought Ping Guan’s “Di Yi Chi” (First Time) was a great song. Staple on chinese radio and very popular in karaokes too.
    Anyway, yeah, I do agree they are better as a duo 🙂

  31. Can someone email me a website to find tonghua piano notes to play piano. I need it desperately because my school is organizing a singing competition using intruments and my teams choose piano and the song tonghua. So i need the website desperately.
    Anyone have the website please email me.

  32. i luv so much the song that u sing tong hua ….tong hua is my favaurite song i like to hear ….hope u still sing …….i wont forget about ur song ……hope u happy live well and have nice day ……i hope that i know u at online.bye bye life well happily

  33. Hello Guang!!!
    My friend…
    My name is Adrian. I from Brazil. I like soul much your song. Please, to write me!
    Guang, the japanise colonia of brazil adores its music here. I knew the musica tong hua… this week and was gotten passionate. I ordered the music for many dear people. The clipe is fantastic. You have much talent and deserve the success. The musica Chinese not is known here, but the InterNet this helping very to approach our cultures.
    Thank’s for making me to cry of emotion with its clip and its musica… answers me and will be only happyer still. Of the Brazilian friend, Adrian!

  34. I haven’t really listened to that many of Guang Liang’s songs, but I really like the ones I have listened to. I saw his video when I was in China, and I guess I just liked it. His songs seem really deep and meaningful to me. I also love the fact that his songs have so much piano in them. I’m not sure who David Tao or Victor is, or what the debate is, or if there even is one.
    Anyways, I’d just like to say I like Guang Liang’s songs.

  35. hi guang liang , how isit going ? hv you compose any new songs ?? i love yr song very much , every single song . yr songs are very touching especially tong hua . anyway try yr best , gogogo . 🙂

  36. Hello my name is novi, i want to give a comment about michael. Michael is a good singer, ang i like thung hua very much. I think this song is good and the meaning too… I want to say congratulation to michael that he can get 4 awards of this song. I hope michael can be the best forever. Bye ^-^

  37. i think Michael is a good singer. He can play piano n he can sing very well. his voice not bad, i like him so much. Tong Hua is the best for me. by the way, how can all of you know that he is a gay??? it’s not true.

  38. hi…it’s a great argue u put up wit.atualy,im nw doin research bout potential of chinese music industry in malaysia.since u guys r so argueable,do send me some opinion…thx…

  39. i saw guang liang today at 1 utama with some of his crew i think.. walked past him like.. THREE times cos couldn’t muster up the guts to talk to him.. *blush* and now i wish i had.. sigh.

  40. guang Liang is so hot… hot in all pics..damn..his face is so Ahhhhhhhhh…i want to screamm so handsome…hehe..i was wondering around the net..i wonder if anyone have his piano music sheet…for tong hua and di yi ci also..and others one…
    -Guang Liang fan…still be fan forever..I love u Guang Liang…

  41. yah, i used to get all crazy when i listen to their songs, somehow i can cry better if i listen to their love songs :P. I think Victor Wong did sing a few solos and he did one song with Sandy Lam’s ex hubby. But frankly, i still prefer their songs when they were still together. Nevertheless, Tong Hua is a nice song 🙂

  42. Hi 🙂 My friend just sent me the music video of Guang Liang’s Tong Hua and I’m in love with the song. I have it on repeat and I have this urge to play it on piano. If anyone has the sheet music for it, can they please send it to I would appreciate it so much. Thank you! 🙂

  43. I started Listenig to your lovely music at the beginning of this year. Someone recommended Me to your music. I love It! I’m touched by your Lovely Tong Hua. The song is a beautiful dedication to a special lovely young lady out there. I’m sudden by the girl passes away at the end. I love your lyrics and everything about that song.
    I would really like to play it on the piano. I’m taking piano class at school. If there’s any information on this. Please send to Thank You!

  44. people who make fun of guanyh liang is kem pa understand!!!!!!!!!! yue ding n tong hua is the best song ever i swear

  45. hahax….every1 talking bout guangliang…let me talk about kenny! *whoever u are*
    KENNY! UR SO CUTE!! SO SUAI!!! I LUV U 4EVA!! *dat will make it*
    lolz…well….i’m l8 for almost….1 year…….XD

  46. lun jun jie rawksss more than guang liang lun jun jie make it maore bigger than guang liang suckssssssssssssssss

  47. LOL, i don’t know you but u are fucking funny!!! would definitely check back to read your blog again, well yea Mic n Vic’s solo career was quite a shame really, but Micheal’s new album is pretty good, should be great enough to put him back on the lime light.

  48. tat micheal…….act was my fren cousin brother….he’s onli come back during CNY….every year…..i met him….he’s cool……no wonder every1 like him

  49. guang liang is a great songwriter and sings ok, my nephews & nieces love his self penned songs plus he shares something in common….we are ipoh fellas!

  50. Btw, the group was called “wu yin liang pin”, not “guangliangpinguan”. Yea I heard that David Tao is stuck up. OH well. Not that people care really.

  51. hi im a fan of guang liang i do really love his songs
    its full with meaning and etc
    although his already 30++ i still love him

  52. Hello,
    I knew Michael has an official website “” but it was written in chinese and I don’t understand chinese.
    Can anyone tells me if he has an english version of official website for his fans who doesn’t understand chinese.

  53. lol. Heck I found Wong Kong a bit too late. Can’t blame me since I came from 1/2 around the world. THe year was 2006. I came as a teenage representative for America. I was just surfing the channels when I landed on Chinese MTV. I was like I’m not much of a music fan *american music sucks in my opinion.. Sorry fellow americans but I’m an Asian Pride person* When this short dude poped out of nowhere. Lol I study.. I won’t go into that he the dude seems like a loner nice guy sorta not follow the crowd kinda person lol my type of personality* wat the heck. I’m blabbering on. What I ment to say from the start. I’m a fan of Guang Liang *even though I came in a bit late like 10 yrs into his career* and hes great. Not that great of a voice but somehow it reaches my ear and fits my personality. *smirk* Lol Peace!

  54. i wonder y guang liang so famous…it should b leehom or jay……..his tong hua nice but ……….i just HATE HIM…….don know y

  55. Michael your recent Promo Tour to Kota Kinabalu is a huge success, hope in the future you can hold a concert here. Wish you all the best in your future undertakings and Warmest Regards. Bye.

  56. Heiy, I love this song. I’ve knew this song from my friend. Guang Liang is so great, Fairy tale? Hmm, that’s make me sad, haha. Okay, that’s all, hope you’ll always success, don’t 4get to make some new songs again, okay? I’ll waiting for your songs. Bubye…

  57. ^_^ I’m wonderin’ if any of you guys have the piano scores for Yue Ding [Yue Ting] by GL…I really really need it, if you guys have it can you send it to me PLEASE @ …I’d appreciated alot!! Thank you so much! 🙂

  58. Guang Liang is ICHIBAN! He is a great singer.I love the song – Tong Hua, Yue Ding, Yung Bao very much. 🙂 Guang Liang Boleh!!!

  59. i likes kung liang’s songs so much…..expectially is the dong hua,yua ding …..i love that…n i think he is quite cute….

  60. If I’m not mistaken, the same thing happened when u attended David Tao’s showcase. So I think the definition of showcase is that it is limited to 2 songs only.

  61. I always been a great fan of Michael Victor. Agree with you that they are better together as a duo than solo.. Anyhow wish Michael all the best with his career. Always respect his determination on his music. He never forgets home even though he is very famous now. Fans will forever love him

  62. holas mi nombre lys soy de peru y sabes me paresio muy linda la cancion de Tong Hua – Guang Liang apacigua el alma es como si te llevaran a otro nivel me encanto super eh buen o bye

  63. Hello! I have the sheet music for
    “Yue ding”
    “dou shi ni”
    “di yi ci”
    “tong hua”
    “tian tang”
    “yong bao wo”
    “yong qi”
    Just e-mail me and ask me for them if u want them. 🙂 My e-mail is

  64. Hi Kenny,
    Just started to read ur blog from the very beginning till this entry. I know i’m behind by > 2 years but couldn’t care less. Enjoy reading ur entries, including the comments as there r much interaction in them. However, never commented because I’m a chicken and do not have coconut balls like urs. But reali couldn’t hold it this time. This is just too blind.
    Btw, even if an artist has a site or blog, I may not say all, but quite a numbers of them are not maintain by the artist him/herself.

  65. u are not a singer but do u think u qualified said tat victor sounds like penguin? u know when u saying this, u are not respect yourself and also not respect others fans of pin guan. if u think his sounds like penguin then is your sounds good them him? if yes, are u a singer now? if not please dont critism ppl ok? and then, u are malaysian people so pls support malaysian singer.

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