Project Petaling Street T-Shirt Ideas

This entry is more of an inside-joke. Apologies in advance to those who don’t know what’s going on.
Project Petaling Street (PPS) is an online portal that aggregates the blogs of Malaysians and foreigners living in Malaysia. Unlike other generic blogging directories that merely list all blogs known, PPS is special in the sense that it automatically updates itself whenever one of its members’ blog is updated. Blogs that are dormant or on hiatus are automatically weeded out. The end result is a dynamic list of the latest Malaysian blog entries on
PPS owes much of its initial success to Project Petaling Street

I’ve been a member of PPS for about four months now. Whilst I appreciate’s success is in large due to word of mouth, the fact is that this site wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for its initial exposure on PPS.
Well, PPS will be celebrating its 2nd anniversary on the 23rd June, and co-founder Aizuddin has called on suggestions as to how to celebrate this momentous occasion. At the moment there seems to be an overwhelming support for the creation of Project Petaling Street T-shirts.
So as a token of appreciation I fired up Photoshop to see what I can come up with. Inspired by Sashi‘s comments, I came up with this geek tee.
PPS T-shirt
Well I don’t think its that nice really.
It looks good and all, but I don’t think that T-shirt has captured the essence of Malaysian blogs nor the vibrance of the Malaysian blogging community. True, PPS has brought us great blogs to read. More than that, PPS brought us real time news such as when the Earthquake hits. It also brought us entertaining, sensational real life stories like the Hustlergate Scandal. So here’s one T-shirt to commemorate that occassion.
One of the most best thing being part of such a fantastic blogging community is that you get to know people you’d probably won’t have a chance to meet under normal circumstances. It feels great knowing that friendships are forged online through blogs and that it sometimes crossed over into real life. One of the nicest people I’ve met through PPS is minishorts, and here’s her dedication to me in case you all missed it. In return, here’s my dedication to her.
Whilst new friendships are forged through PPS, enemies are made through PPS as well. Over the past four months, I lost count of the number of flames and so-called blog wars I’ve witnessed. Luckily I’ve never been part of them, which is odd considering I write a lot of offensive stuff. Sometimes even posting something as seemingly innocent as criticising other bloggers’ choice of background colour can be flame-inviting, unwittingly sparking harsh “counter-entries” in other blogs.
And entry about the Malaysian blogging community wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Malaysia’s M.I.B. Jeff Ooi. I got to give him credit. I’ve compared him to Andy Lau and made fun of his tendencies to use ‘little birds’ in his entries and yet he’s sporting enough not to get upset over jokes like that. He has my respect. And for that, I created this girly T-shirt dedicated to him.
Of course, when compared to our Singaporean counterparts we seem a little lacklustre as don’t really have big-name celebrity bloggers like Mr Brown, Popagandhi or the ever-so-popular XiaXue with her LocalBrand T-shirt endorsement deals and all that. But that’s ok. We’re happy with what we got, right?
You know what the best thing is? All the items above can be purchased easily from my CafePress store!
Of course I won’t be rushing to order them lah because honestly speaking they’re quite expensive. If it were up to me, I’d wait till someone from the real Petaling Street copy my design, THEN I’ll buy it. 😉
Happy Birthday to the team behind Project Petaling Street, in advance.

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  1. bravo, bravo !!! :]
    anyway the “all i get is this lousy t-shirt” is if i am not wrong originated from’s desing-a-t-shirt contest.. did i caught your friend off gaurd ? :p
    i would say i like one t-shir tthe most, and may consider copying your design to real life and wear it in klang valley and phileo damansara…. “i’ve seen jeff oii’s little bird, do you ?” LOL… this is the best.

  2. this is actually a good idea.
    all the big hoo-has in the blogging scene…can be kept as souveniers on our t-shirts!!!
    yes!! like the hustler diaries one.
    eh, you left out a guy’s brief with the phrase, “Kenny Sia May Have Coconuts…” and then you draw a small arrow at the corner with the saying, “please turn over.”

  3. actually, come to think of it, i think he should do the thong, and on it says, ‘’s Big Bird’.
    That would be ideal.
    Remember the yellow feathered details, EXTRA KINKY.

  4. In return, here are the two for you, for making us laugh:
    On ultra-pink extra-large boxer, one that matches the wall in the bedroom:
    ”United Nations Team has inspected”
    “declared that there ain’t any balls!”
    On a regular white T-Shirt:
    ”It’s only safe to enter”
    “if you’ve bigger balls!”

  5. Project Petaling Street T-Shirt Ideas

    mb said
    The extremely funny Kenny Sia of Malaysia is scratching his head for T-shirt ideas to commemorate Project Petaling Street . He came up with a few ideas, including this one, as a nod to us, his southern neighbours.
    Of course, when compare

  6. You should wear the Jeff Ooi shirt and the Kenny Big Bird Thong and loitre around USJ. See what happens 🙂

  7. heh! the only ones i’m getting is the xiaxue one, coz i’m hoping my mammaries would grow into it. 😉
    oh, and also the black bg one coz that’s the funniest inside joke we have for ages. haha!
    anyway, was surfing around the whole night and came across some blogs and it looks like the best new blog for 2005 is where the action is:
    i’m sure he’s refering to you and despite my distaste for envy, i tried to but be inpartial and i gave him the same support and words of encouragement, inpolitely reposted here:
    hmm…there’s more to it than blog whoring. the blogs that solely depend on publicity stunts to generate traffic usually runs out of gas after a while.
    i’ve been blogging for more than 3 years and i see visitor stats constantly growing, instead of spiking (healthy vs unhealthy growth). its nice to see that the early ones are still around while new people discover the blog all the time.
    personally, i have nothing against the issues that bloggers choose to blog about – and trust me, after a couple of years traffic just doesn’t bother you anymore. i’m struggling to cope with the visitors bandwidth usage so i’m glad people are reading other sites – the beauty of pps. 🙂
    the thing about my blog is, i don’t care what people think about it coz now, i’m writing for myself. its a really good feeling to go thru the annual review and read about the things you’ve done or that has happenned to your life…most of which you forgot, if not for the blog.
    sure, i do a little provocative posts now and then – life is supposed to be fun!
    …the only pet peeve i have with rampant image manipulation (not talking about you lar, kenny ;)) and sourcing images instead of taking photos – this practice has made casual readers assume that all blogs practice this:
    and this is an insult for those of us who keep it real all the time and create content. it’s not the bloggers fault though, more of a readership issue…but there’s nothing wrong with healthy skepticism – so we host videos now (oh, my poor bandwidth).
    i don’t understand why you think of it as a “competition” of sorts – its not. we all have our interests to write about and its supposed to be a community.
    i don’t write about drugs to get traffic…that topic is considered boring and/or offensive to most people and it has driven away friends and other bloggers, as most of the longer readers know.
    i do it coz i love writing about it and i love the feedback from other users, even though i catch a lot of flak from the regulars. 😉
    chill out…its not a competition – there’s room for all of us here. envy can be destructive – my advice to you is to just write what you want.
    …and you’re doing a great job, you’re original and you don’t follow the others in redoing the tried and true blogging formula perfected by previous bloggers.
    i read a couple of your posts and i’m pleased – that’s a niche you filled with your different posts. pps is glad to have you. 😉
    end comment
    …and i really have too much time on my hands. and fear not, fellow sarawakian, my vote goes to you. just coz you’re from kuching.
    but i’ve been known to make last minute changes, if there were…say, certain…er, contributions made to me. 😉
    its up to aiz to announce but if the pps 2 birthday bash goes through, there’s a nice surprise for one of the winners. i can’t say what coz that’s aiz’s call, but it’s a good sponsored prize. it’s going to be a pleasant surprise for one of the winners, so get your posts in!
    ok, i’ll go now. :p

  8. *LOL*
    BTW, I hope you won’t have to put those ‘inside joke’ disclaimers every time you post. Are some readers *really* that super-sensitive?
    Oops! Forget what I said! *grin*

  9. OMG Kenny…..ure so good with photoshop!! where did u get it all from….hehhe. ANyway, mind me asking how did u make the box thingy for “Made in USA”….coz i need to use it in my assgmt…n no idea how to make it. Help is desperately needed here…hahha. Thanks man!

  10. minishorts, your very own memorabilia. Aren’t you proud?
    minishorts + piecesofken, yea I created a boxer shorts with the words “Big Bird Inside” on it. You can see it at my CafePress. But somehow I still like “I’m supposed to be wearing minishorts” better.
    Edrei, I dunno… I’m a little nuts.. Maybe branded coconuts.
    reallybites + farking + kahsoon + thquah, thanks!
    cchiuyi, hey if you’re serious about wanting to print your own t-shirt, drop me an e-mail and I’ll send you the design. Heh heh.
    lucia, hahaha! That’s because only dogs read my blog. jk. I’m not thick faced enough to make my own T-shirt. Maybe next time.
    mildred, yes… teddy bear with T-shirt. Now every girl can hug Kenny Sia to sleep.
    Jayelle, you serious ar? Yea its kinda expensive. I’m not serious about selling them – merely using CafePress to showcase what the design might look like on the real thing that’s all. I think only the super-rich can afford. But if those T-shirts could be made in reality, how fun could it be right?!
    Kim, everyone loves the minishorts thong!
    Pope, hahaha! STOP OBSESSING OVER MY BALLS you pervert pope!
    suspiciousbastard, good point…
    xaph, you’ve described a pre-operated transvestite who was stung by bees in four area of his body.
    Maggie, hey don’t blame me! Blame CafePress for charging so much!
    Janus, sounds like something the local warlords of USJ would be doing.
    fish fish, awwwww…
    HB, you traitor! Heh, no lah. You’re right when you said that there’s no real “competition” of sorts going on eventhough there seems to be countless Blog Awards these days. Then again, the spirit of competitiveness is in all of us. Maybe I’ll be slightly displeased if someone won some award over me. But at the end of the day the greatest reward is knowing that you’ve made someone’s day better just ‘cos they’ve read your blog.
    Not trying to sound diplomatic or what not, but’s style is voicing out his dissatisfactions at everyday things in secondary school-like simple English. I don’t agree with everything that he wrote, but he is indeed original and I can see why he’s popular. If he indeed wins the Best New Blog 2005 or whatever I say he thoroughly deserves it.
    I’ll just cry in my little corner. 🙂

    Andreas, the real WOW can go on the thong…
    Solb1 Kenobi, unfortunately we cannot underestimate the sensitivity of blog readers. But you’ve got a point. No more disclaimers in the future hopefully.
    Justina, the ‘Made in USA’ box is actually a CafePress default. I didn’t photoshop it in there. But if you really wanna know how to make the ‘stamp’ effect – choose a suitable font, rasterize the layer (rightclick on layer -> ‘Rasterize Layer’), then apply the splatter effect (Fliter -> Brush Strokes -> Splatter…). Hope that helps.
    Adam, something boring… 🙂

  11. Kenny Sia: well, like you mentioned in the follow up, he is a hypocrite. he’s drawing traffic by creating sensationalist headlines and getting the unknown bloggers to agree with him (for obvious reasons…er, not just coz they’re unknown, but coz he commented on their blog so they’re forced to reciprocate).
    hey, he is called mr kiasu for a reason. 😉
    it gets a bit tedious hearing him make the usual “oh, look at poor little me” blogs, that’s why i don’t read him. and it’s always traffic, traffic, traffic, jesus christ, i’ll give him the traffic generates. probably kill his server. i used to do a lot of SEO but it was never about the traffic. people who tend to care to much about that burns out – i’ve seen a lot of bloggers close down coz of that.
    my personal thoughts is, blog coz you like to write, share coz you dare to open up, post coz you enjoy documenting your daily life.
    that’s why i don’t read him – he sounds like that whiny kid in high school complaining about how he’s always so unpopular, and getting picked on and all that. i just surfed over feeling good coz i just shot up some meth (oh, i hope my gf isn’t reading this ;). pfftttt…it’s just whine, whine, whine.
    i read you coz you’re funny.
    and now i’m going to cross post this comment again to his site. sigh, i guess when everyone has a blog, we get all sorts. like drug users and all that society filth that somehow manages to be productive, climb the corporate ladder and earn a respectable salary.
    heavens above, it’s the end of days! 😉

  12. Hey Kenny!
    Just had a look on that mr kiasu’s blog (just out of curiosity!) and I must say you are heaps better! He’s a whiney old fart by the sounds of it. Keep up the good work!

  13. Mr Kiasu’s website is just a whining area for that kiasu guy. Whoever said blogs are just for personal thoughts. Did he write the blog rule book? Kenny Sia’s is probably one of the best Malaysian blogs I have read.

  14. Relax guys. Although I am slightly perturbed by his comments I’m pretty sure he doesn’t mean to be hostile towards me or anything. Writing about his dissatisfactions is just his style. Really, reading back his archives is like listening to Simple Plan’s CD.
    I’m not gonna take this further or anything because honestly speaking I think he means no harm. He said the wrong words, expressed his views incorrectly and ended up shooting himself in the foot. Even if he doesn’t like the way I write, I have no qualms over him. I’m totally cool.

  15. In southpark, kenny always gets killed. This time, Kenny is gonna kill someone else …. ME!!

    Project Petaling Street T-Shirt Ideas 2

    This post is a spinoff from KennySia’s Project Petaling Street T-Shirt Ideas. I was inspired by him and thought, what the hell, I should try and make a few myself too. (this is an inside joke, so my apologies for those that don’t understand what’s going on and KennySia, I hope you don’t mind me using your title) So this is what I came up with…………

  16. All, I don’t know what you have checked out and what you haven’t, but has some of the most offensive t-shirts that I have seen in a long time. They have one t-shirt that states “it ain’t rape, if she ain’t awake” another one that states “US Soldiers: Cheaper than fossil fuels” they have so many offensive and rude t-shirts it is insane.
    Some others:
    By Reading This You Consent To Oral Sex
    Child Support: Keeping Baby Momma’s off of welfare
    my clock is stuck on 420
    Slept My Way To The Top
    Sex with me, Priceless (Mastercard logo)
    Enjoy cock (Coca Cola Logo)
    And so many more…

  17. totally supercool shirts and thong man!
    You should copyright those !
    They will be worth a fortune once you’re gone from this world! ! !
    Just kidding ah !

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