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If Vietnamese Speak Hokkien

We are on our second last day in Vietnam.

Nicole and I are staying at the “Old Quarters” in Hanoi. We got a clean and comfortable guesthouse that costs us only RM23 a night each.
It seems like everytime I travel, I am fated to come across places with funny names, like Similan Island in Thailand and Ni’ama Bay in Egypt.
Not far away from where we stay, I saw this guesthouse with a pretty bizzare name.

My Cock Guesthouse!

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Shout Out From Vietnam

I’m sitting at the departure hall of the airport once again.

Uncle Ho Chi Minh. He looked like some old dude you’d find on the bottles of some Chinese medicine

In a moment I’ll be flying off to Hanoi on a backpacking trip. Hanoi is the last major destination on my 2007 travel itinerary, and the trip gonna be a stark contrast to the 6-star luxury I enjoyed in Macau.

Of the four nights that I’ll be spending in Vietnam, two nights I’ll be sleeping on a train, one night I’ll be sleeping on a wooden boat, and one night sleeping in a cheap guesthouse. On my itinerary is hiking in picturesque Sapa Valley, kayaking at Halong Bay, and dining at the famous Bobby Chinn’s Restaurant in Hanoi.

I’m also curious to try cobra meat, a local delicacy there. Hopefully I’ll live to tell the tale when I get back.

During my absence I’ll be regularly sending travel updates directly to from my phone using PacMee.

PacMee is something similar to Twitter, but cost-wise it works out a lot cheaper because it’s Malaysia-specific. It’ll be useful for me ‘cos I’m gonna be having trouble finding an outlet to charge my laptop on a wooden boat, let alone getting an internet connection to blog.

If you’re on Maxis, you could even subscribe to my shoutouts so anything funny that happened in Vietnam will be sent directly to your phone. Yes, this may be a paid ad, but PacMee is still cool that way.

Just text ON KENNYSIA to 22700. It costs just 25c per month unlimited, which makes it cheaper than keropok. Ok, maybe not keropok, but cheaper than a pack of tissues definitely.

The PA is calling. Cobra meat for dinner awaits. 😛

Take care!

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Venetian Macao Media Trip

Earlier this month, I turned down an all-expense paid trip to Thailand offered by a major local airline.

I don’t turn down free trips very often, especially when the three magic words “all expense paid” are involved. But I really couldn’t do it. I would’ve missed too many days off work and I’ve already taken enough annual leave.
Contrary to popular belief, I actually do have a normal 9-6 day job. Just because I don’t write about work on my blog doesn’t mean I don’t work. Besides, blogging about work could mean automatic career suicide.
Actually, the second biggest reason why I didn’t end up going to Thailand was because I was offered another all expense paid trip to Macau.

In what can only be described as an unconventional move, the Malaysian media agent employed by Sands Casino’s Venetian Macao decided to pick a blogger out of so many media outlets they could’ve chosen from to cover the grand opening of this new luxurious integerated resort.
When the agent told me about it, I thought she was joking. At the back of my mind, I was thinking “Is this some kinda ploy by scammer Eu Sok Eng to try to get back at me?”

It wasn’t until I was shown the air tickets that I was convinced. “We gotta move with the times,” she said. “More and more people are surfing blogs now instead of watching TV or reading newspapers.”
Behold, the power of blogs!

Over the next four days, I’ll be joining representatives from New Straits Times, Eastern Times, The Edge, Tell Magazine, Sarawak Tourism Federation in Macau. Just as they promised, Venetian Macao will be paying for all our travelling expenses.
We feel like such big shots that instead of flying from KL to Macau direct using AirAsia, we took the longer and more expensive route via Hong Kong using Cathay Pacific instead.
Because our balls are too huge to sit on AirAsia.

The schedule is kinda packed, but I’m excited. Will update more when I reach Macau. 🙂
Just wanna throw in a quick plug for a Merdeka Day beach party happening at the Camp Permai Beach in Kuching this coming Thursday, 30th August.
Tickets are RM60 each but you can get it for RM50 if you purchase by tomorrow at Patio Cafe @ Padungan or City Jungle @ Travilion. Free flow goes from 8:30pm to 9:30pm!

I will be there, so come in your best bitch beach wear.

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