If Vietnamese Speak Hokkien

We are on our second last day in Vietnam.

Nicole and I are staying at the “Old Quarters” in Hanoi. We got a clean and comfortable guesthouse that costs us only RM23 a night each.
It seems like everytime I travel, I am fated to come across places with funny names, like Similan Island in Thailand and Ni’ama Bay in Egypt.
Not far away from where we stay, I saw this guesthouse with a pretty bizzare name.

My Cock Guesthouse!

Travelling with Nicole requires a lot of patience and a high level of tolerance to her impromptu singing every few minutes.

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  1. Dude, you should try TRUE vietnamese coffee! Yum… get the one with the filter and condensed milk. Then you’ll be awake all night long!

  2. we should compile all our vulgar words into a dictionary and distribute to asian country so they dont “offend” malaysian tourist..heheheh.
    kenny, u compose one lah

  3. Maybe you can interpret “MY LAN” as:
    “MY” – Malaysia
    “LAN” – Local Area Network
    So, it can be Malaysia LAN Guesthouse which provides high speed internet connection to Malaysia sites, hehe…

  4. Kenny Sia – you’re back to your best when talking cock.
    Was getting worried a few posts back when you were starting to align yourself politically even when you said you weren’t. But then again, you would make a great politician because you talk cock very well!
    Anyhoo, overall you rock!
    Oh, just as a last comment – You go holiday with pretty girl also can complain some more about the singing! What la!

  5. I am looking very forward to your posting about this Vietnam trip. Out of so many places that we have travelled, Sapa will always remain magical and memorable, especially with the colors and kindness of the minority ethnic people. Have fun, be safe!

  6. Kenny,
    Enjoy reading your stuff. Keep it up.
    Here’s something I saw over here yesterday.

    Kuching Nang in KK

  7. why with Nicole all the time?
    Posted by: Snow at 10 September 2007 11:55 AM | Link to comment
    then u apply to accompany kenny on his trips la!! diuuuuuu

  8. Kenny and Nicole sitting in a tree,
    First comes lurrve,
    Then comes marriage,
    Here comes Kenny with a baby carriage!!

  9. My dear, I don’t know lar what would people say about you and Nicole, don’t mind them lar, I will wait for your next post with more stories about vietnam and not Nicole. Don’t put up too many Nicole photos like you did last time. OK? I am a bit jealous 😛

  10. its the sign that u have to use ur LAN there lol…..with nicole some more !!!!she is hot, man!!!u should know what to come next bah??

  11. Wow so good you can go holiday with Nicole
    Im sure u will naughty , make sure u give her a good time at night yeah 😀
    notty boy kenny

  12. Kenny, since snake meat or parts are known to be aphrodisiac…I wonder what will happen to Nicole at the end of the trip….lol

  13. Hanoi is a great place, 15 years back in time, at least compared to Kuching (maybe 10). The people are great (I mean the girls, and they are pretty and dress well, forget about the guys, our lan pah kia in Kuching looks better) and the shopping is fantastic (everything is affordable in Dong).
    We treated ourselves to Bobby Chinn’s, the red decor was outragious, the food is only so so and in USD$ too.
    Our accomodation was at Sunny Hotel in the old quarters. We “enjoyed” the sight, sound (motor bike horns and the irritating ice cream seller, worst than ours, no tune at all)and smell of road side cooking. This must be one of the last place on this planet where they undress a chicken and then cook it squatting by the five foot way.
    Overall it was an enjoyable trip and you must be having a good time. Every meal we had with Hanoi beer, great beer.
    We had a few rats accompanied us for refeshments at the International Airport food outlet. Srvice is a big zero. An Aussie tourist complained about the rats to the cashier who did not understand what she was saying???
    Good bye Hanoi

  14. sorry kenny, you have some very interesting readers with interesting comments here (gulp!) Anyway, wanna check with you since Im going to Ho Chi Minh myself next month. The public transport ok or not? like Bangkok?
    I am from Laos. Perhaps you could visit Laos and do a review on it. You know how famous your blog is…heheheh…

  15. im just wondering whether you read your comments. cos this is a good one. i’m all the way over in canada, yet i get to read your blog through my phone almost everyday!! 🙂
    me n my sister just moved and we have no wireless connection yet, but through my phone i get to read certain blogs and luckily i got to read yours!
    do go visit miri k~~~ its a pretty place, the food is pretty similar to kuching but some things are better i think.. lols~
    and if you do go to miri, take loads of pics and post it!! i miss miri!!

  16. hmmm…
    lu salah ler.
    L@n = balls
    L@n ch1@0 = c0ck…
    Posted by: cs at 11 September 2007 9:36 AM | Link to comment
    if kenny cant even differentiate between his lan and jiao… why u ppl alw assume sthg will happen at night?

  17. if kenny cant even differentiate between his lan and jiao… why u ppl alw assume sthg will happen at night?
    Posted by: naeboo at 11 September 2007 12:28 PM | Link to comment
    jealous bitch…. teeheehee

  18. Some Vietnamese do speak hokkien. The ones i meet in Melbourne anyways. There was one old lady whom i met who spoke in hokkien. And i met another vietnamese man at the temple who spoke in cantonese. Apparently, they are alot of Chinese who migrated to vietnam and later on migrated to Australia.

  19. MY LAN = “Beautiful Orchid” in Vietnamese.
    Jeeze, you can’t just read Vietnamese on Vietnamese streets and translate it into your language, then conclude that it’s a weird name!:)

  20. MY [in a English sentence] is MY? (Han-Vietnamese): beauty/beautiful
    LAN: orchid flower
    MY LAN = MY? LAN = Beautiful Orchid

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