About Me

My name is Kenny Sia.

All studio photos courtesy of Alvin Leong Photography

I was born on the 27th November 1982. That makes me 24 this year, and a Sagittarius. I’m the youngest in my family. Also the most rebellious.
My field of work is in IT management. Apart from my full-time day-to-day job, I spend a good deal of time on this website, which is starting to give me pretty good side income. I also pen a regular column with KLue Magazine titled Blogroll, where I showcase the best of Malaysian blogs.

I am a health-conscious person eventhough I may not look the part. I’m not one of those lucky enough to be blessed with good genetics or a high metabolism rate, which is why I go for a workout almost everyday and watch my diet very carefully.
I like a nice skinny latte and I still drink alcohol socially, but I don’t smoke.
I enjoy travelling immensely and one of my favourite cities to visit is Singapore. My aim is to visit at least two new cities overseas every year.

I live in Kuching, Sarawak. It’s a humble small city located in East Malaysia, about 2 hours by plane from the capital Kuala Lumpur.
Kuching is one of the hidden treasures of Malaysia, a wonderful place that strikes a perfect balance between the fast-paced lifestyle of a big city, and the intimacy of a laid-back rural kampung. Everything you see in travel brochures about Sarawak is true. We really do live on trees and wear red loincloths around town.

Previously I lived Perth, Australia, where I spent a good 8 years of my youth growing up. Perth remains a place very close to my heart. It’s been almost 2 years since I left Perth and I still speak with a distinct Aussie accent, a nagging habit I’m struggling to shake off.

I’m a graduate of Curtin University, where I hold a Bachelors degree in Physics and an Honours degree in Electronic & Communication Engineering. None of my two degrees have any relevance whatsoever to my field of work right now. I haven’t yet found the need to use complex Calculus to solve a really bad business decision.
The moral of the story is: get a commerce degree instead. You’ll live longer.

Before I landed at my current job, I used to work as an EMC test engineer, a software engineer and a home tutor. Out of those three, I enjoyed being a home tutor best.
For several years, I charged an equivalent of RM140 an hour regurgitating high school science and maths to anyone who’s willing to pay. My students included many people from a wide range of backgrounds: from local Australians to overseas students, overachieving 16-year-olds to late 40-plus-year-old moms, filthy rich Indonesians to dirt poor Somalians, and of course plenty of Malaysians rushing to do their last-minute cramp before the exams.

My father was diagnosed with advanced stage kidney cancer in late 2004. That was a very sad and difficult period in my life. In March 2005, I left my many friends in Perth and a handsomely-paid job to move back to Kuching to be by my father’s side. He passed away peacefully in May 2005.

I started this website because I wanted to chronicle the drastic changes over that tumulous period in my life. My blog began from when I was still living in Perth, to when I decided to move back to Kuching, to when my father left for a better place, to me experiencing reverse culture shock settling down here, and finally to me becoming the person that I am today.
This is my website.

And this is me. I am Kenny.

My old “About Me” page written in 2005, right here.
Funny how the circumstances changed so much over that short 18 month period.

370 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Hi kenny, Great biography and its so you. The number 6 picture gave me a scare man. Look a little like a bit hamsap or wierd. LOL. It is certainly a refreshing biography. Keep the posting coming kenny!

  2. Wow, what stylo mylo pictures you have here πŸ™‚ Your blog has provided me and many of my friends here in the States hours of entertainment during our boring ass jobs. Keep it going…

  3. Heh, that’s a pretty decent Shot of kuching from Star Cineplex.
    Nice weather, recently?
    (am currently in Perth)

  4. Kenny,
    I don’t know you, but I feel like I do through your blog. Your sense of humor is great, and I can tell that you are a good person at your soul. I am an American, who has been married to a girl from Sibu for 11 years. I have spent a lot of time in Kuching and Sibu. If you come to the U.S and want to learn how to fly fish a great american river, look me up. I’ll be in Sibu this winter.
    Let me know and I’ll send you my email.

  5. It’s time to come back Perth here for a visit~it’s always nice to have some old friends gatherings. I bet so many of your friends here are missing you expecially can “see” you alive and kicking on the blog but not in physical…=P

  6. tat’s so true.. get a commerce degree. muahaha.
    david: cool, ur from sibu too? i’d be back in sibu in summer. i mean, aussie summer.

  7. tat’s so true.. get a commerce degree. muahaha.
    david: cool, ur from sibu too? i’d be back in sibu in summer. i mean, aussie summer.

  8. You sound distinctively sober in this blog entry. What’s the matter? Reminicising the old times? I dislike that feelings, the floodgates of memories just open and you think so long and so hard of the stuff you wish you did & didn’t do. Booey.
    Sigh. I feel for you Kenny.

  9. You sound distinctively sober in this blog entry. What’s the matter? Reminicising the old times? I dislike that feelings, the floodgates of memories just open and you think so long and so hard of the stuff you wish you did & didn’t do. Booey.
    Sigh. I feel for you Kenny.

  10. Now who was the one that once posted only female bloggers can camwhore and then put it up as a blog entry. πŸ™‚
    Anyway, nice pics.

  11. Kenny,
    You remind me of home, Perth. I miss it dearly as you probably would too. Yep…a reverse culture shock is precisely what it is!!! Cheers to a great post mate.

  12. Interesting entry. Being spontaneous gives a nice touch to your blog. Really like the way you pose for the pics. Fav pic: last one.
    Though the second pic looks rather kinky with the way you hold the tie, gave me a slight chill at first glance. ^^

  13. didn’t know that you’re a double degree holder.. that amazes me! πŸ™‚
    You looked great in all the pictures…. 1st & the last pics are the best.
    i used to tutor a 7yr old indonesian kid… RM400 a month for 3 hours a week! Not bad huh? But it only lasted 2 months coz the kid was on his way to a boarding school.
    anyway kenny.. love reading your blog from day to day.. keep it up!

  14. Read both your bio…. writing style has changed…. more mature now but still hv your signature in it. Hmm… will u write another bio 18 months down d road?

  15. hwah, nice self promotion. what’s with the GQ pics man? you remind me of xia xue (!).
    thought the beginning was uncharacteristic of you, but the second half was very touching.
    what a good son you are and how your dad must be so proud of you.

  16. Heya. Heard about your blog for quite some time but did not have the ‘urge’ to visit it till now. The ‘calling’ finally came when I saw your comment on Yasmin Ahmad’s blog and decided that it should be worth checking it out. And I’m glad I did. Been reading your entries backwards since last Friday. People in the office seems to think I’m very the gila when I suddenly start laughing like a madwoman out of the blue… Even shared some of your crazy and witty entries to my colleagues to brighten up their day. Keep the postings coming! Ciao!

  17. I am new to ths blog, recommended by friends yesterday. Eh? How did you know I am new? This look like first blog to me.

  18. hey been lurking in ur blog for quite some time without saying anything…just here to say keep up the good work with the blog and all that praising shite.haha.

  19. Pray, why would you want to be rid of an Aussie accent? I speak with one that is not quite Malaysian, or anything else for that matter, and I don’t think I could simply will it to change into something else. I think accents are simply napkins full of soupstains which tell your friends where you’ve been so far in your life.

  20. kenny you only want to show your makeover right =P but you deviate our attention by doing a chronicle of your life. hehehe..

  21. Great photos πŸ™‚ Keep up with your good work, Kenny. I miss Perth too. I am now in Sydney but I never like Sydney. Yes, you are right, reverse culture shock. I had the same shock as you when I went back to Singapore in 2001 after completing my Perth’s job πŸ˜›

  22. damn, those pics are so gay! i hope you will stop the camwhoring bit…unless you are jasimine the penguin! other than that, things are fine by me. Keep it up!

  23. nice pic when a close mouth. VERY “killer”.
    But I think u need braces to get ur teeth straighten..then u can smile showing ur teeth..yeah, then it will be more “KILLER” sei…
    Love ur blog!mucks!

  24. This post looks as though your advertising a work attire or something, esp. the second pic…kekeke…or a career talk poster… but I love how sharp the pics are taken…
    And I don think you need to adjust your teeth la… hehe… coz’ I’ve always wanted the “tiger-look-a-like-” canine… So cute…

  25. GREAT ONE KENNY!!!! U look great in some of the pics. I like the 1,2 and last ones. Cool man….. very good blog has a touch from ur inner heart. Keep it up dude!!:)

  26. Looking good mate ;P
    Did anyone ever tell you that you look like the lead actor in the 7-8pm Taiwanese series (Magician’s Love?) on 8TV? The resemblance struck me the moment I saw that show, I don’t know why πŸ˜›

  27. Your 1 yr plus journey is truly amazing, just like a triller novel, span across many countries, involve many nationality, created some major controversy and almost get two country of bloggers going into war. Keep up the story line and will continue visit your blog regularly.

  28. Wow..really nice pics! Alvin did a great job for u πŸ˜‰ and the scenery pics r really nice too. Nice to read about ur development over the last yr, it’s always good to review your life every once in awhile. Keep up the good work n take care!

  29. wah , so handsome picture.. wah good pose.. wah leng jai wo…
    then when view this -20060822-9.jpg, i suddenly back off… hahaha… i tot i saw dracula…

  30. and i think alvin leong’s revenue will triple within the next few months before things cool down again ^_^ great job there kenny

  31. I like this entry very much. Wanted to describe my thoughts after reading it but I couldn’t so I am posting parts of a song that reminds me so much of you.
    Don’t go changing, to try and please me
    You never let me down before
    Don’t imagine you’re too familiar
    And I don’t see you anymore
    I wouldn’t leave you in times of trouble
    We never could have come this far
    I took the good times, I’ll take the bad times
    I’ll take you just the way you are

    Reading your journal since a year ago. I always have faith that all this while you are learning something every single day. So don’t let yourself down. You can “change the world”.

  32. Cool one kenny..
    bet u miss perth a lot..
    but Kuching’s cool as well..
    eventho i m not too impressed with the white(or is it grey?) cat in the main city area

  33. Kenny likes to pose ehh?
    Guess this kind of entry only girls will dig it… oh Kenny cute mehh!!!.. So handsome mehh!!
    Besides those photos, I really like the way you wrote about yourself. You are indeed a sensitive guy with good soul. God bless people like you and women do go crazy over a guy like you. Wonder why you haven’t any girlfriend yet?

  34. Nice pictures! Love the last pic…definitely ‘Cleo Eligible Bachelor’ material. hehehe.. Hey I’m in Kuching for good. I think. Gimme a call or something. Cheers.

  35. Your first pic shocked me a lot. You trimmed a lot down,so young, energetic and cute.
    But I think your previous “About me” is a lot more funnier.
    p/s:Your teeth looks cute enough,no need to wear braces or what liao lar..

  36. There was something almost melancholy in the way you wrote this post… A trip down memory lane, perhaps? Reminiscing about the past always brings a sense of nostalgia and sadness for me. I studied in Perth for awhile as well.. the 4th pic appears to have been taken from King’s Park, if I’m not mistaken! =) Anyway, all the best and do take care.

  37. Sorry, pet peeve when I see people using the wrong words.
    But I think you mean “last-minute cram” not “cramp”. A cramp is what you get during PMS.
    And I do believe you mean “tumultuous” not “tumulous”?
    Consider this a free spellcheck for your new profile page. πŸ˜›
    Other than that. Lookin’ good, yo!

  38. wow! you look great in the first picture!
    not my choice of shuai ge, but more shuai then your usual self!
    cant believe you went for a makeover?
    feels weird.
    hmmm… you trying to xiang qin izit?
    missed out on your topless picture ba..
    must include hor, then can attract more people mah! wahaha.
    ok lah, enough kidding, i find this post refreshing.
    different, but nice anyway. =)

  39. Very nice post you’ve got there. You look great in the pictures! Love your blog lots… Take care and keep it up!

  40. Wahh…You were studying Engineering in Curtin, Perth ah? That will make my senior! I am too, doin electrical eng. in Curtin, Perth. LOL. Nice picture who’ve got there (picture of you)! *winkzz*

  41. Been a regular visitor of your blog for a long time. What’s so special about your blog are the humourous gems that you keep coming up with plus of course the great photographs. This post was different but yeah! Still interesting.

  42. Very profound, as usual =D You look better in these pics.
    Haha I almost decided to aim for Curtin Uni, but now I’m aiming for UWA in Perth. =P
    Oh and you haven’t really changed much, have you?

  43. I’ve been wanting to ask you….
    If i ever visit ur home town for F&E tour, would u help show me around? even for a fee? one of ur earlier post makes visiting quite attractive consideration.
    Do email me since I dun really go into your comments section… cheers bud!

  44. A Malaysian with an Aussie accent? Hehehe, I have yet to hear that! All I keep hearing is my friends’ Singlish and Manglish… and it’s spreading (nooooo…)
    You’re writing is really good.
    And why the red loincloth? Wouldn’t green provide you with better camourflage? Hehehehe.
    Nice photos too… soon you can take over the bimbo blogs with your camera poses!

  45. Why u suddenly wrote “About Me”?? I really wonder. Something cross your mind recently that u think u should refresh yourself by writing the ‘you’ now?
    πŸ™‚ Cheers, mate

  46. Kenny Sia, I know where you live 😑
    My dad lives in the same building as you, if I’m not wrong. Many times I’ve seen your pictures of Kuching taken from what seems like the 3rd pic?

  47. Kenny… seems alot of your fans been complementing on hw good u look in tie n shirt, how great you are in those ala stylo mylo style of urs…so I think u would have enuf of that….
    Probably something new …ARE YOU LOOKING FOR WIFE???? If you do…COUNT me in lar hahahahahah =p

  48. A more serious post. Lovely pictures.. Especially your picture 6, very original.
    If u every drop by Penang, I can take you for some local food tasting Penang is famous for as well as take back some tau sar peah for your mom. Take care

  49. love reading your blog. keep up the great work. i HAD to leave a comment cos your last picture is just so CUTE! πŸ˜‰

  50. hmmm. perth’s awesome. it’s my 1st year here and also my 1st time studying abroad. hey, if u ever come down under, to perth especially, tell us on your blog. then us, malaysians in perth can meet up with you and have a hell of a good time.
    cheers! =P

  51. hmm….if you are trying to promote yourself..i’m interested….
    and oh ya….you birthday is one day earlier than mine!!! so we are almost-the-same-birthday pals!

  52. First of all, I wanna say the credits go to Alvin Leong. I like those pics that he has taken for you! And you do look cute, Kenny. He took these pictures of you for FOC? or how much did you pay him? How many pieces of photos?? I would like to know. Thanks.
    I think Alvin Leong is good.

  53. Nice writing… Thanks for the update. It’s funny how things can change so much over a short period of time.
    Btw, just a suggestion on the pics:
    Shirt & tie – Yes (Yumm actually!)
    T-shirt & Jeans – Yes
    Act cute poses – NO!
    You look fine the way you are, no need to act cute. πŸ˜‰

  54. lookin good! πŸ˜‰
    refreshing post! something about it that was very captivating.. or maybe it was just the pix.. πŸ˜›

  55. Nice shirt (the long sleeves, double cuffed stripy one) ; tailor-made or off-the-shelf? If the latter, which shop?

  56. That must be one very good photographer. You actually look SOOOOO cute in the pictures. HAHAHA
    I think I’m in love…

  57. i luv d part when u say everything dat ppl read in brochures abt swak is true. ahahha
    i hate it when ppl ask me abt r we still living on tress n stuff. =)
    nice post..

  58. Hi there Kenny….I really do enjoy reading ur blog…keep up the gd work…u crack me up almost everyday πŸ˜‰
    N I’m really sorry to hear abt ur father….

  59. dude…….i juz had dinner woeiiii..
    but seriously, those new pics look tonnes better than the old one. at least u look THINNER. WAKAKAKAKAKAKAAKA
    the photog sure very capable to make more outta so little. eheehehee
    can consider getting alvin for wedding pics lor.

  60. hey kenny, one thing i noticed is that you are very photogenic in your photos. & woah smartieboy too huhs. work out more! you’ll be seriously damn hot if you slim down abit more.

  61. My bulu roma naik when I see the pictures. Hahahaha!! Don’t get me wrong – you look great in them – I just cannot find myself appreciating guys who are narcissists.

  62. hi gina, it is me, takeshi. like u i dont find anyone narcissist interesting. i do show off at times, but without being aware, i dont mean to. kenny, me too, my bulu roma became as hard as pubic hair….lah.

  63. So this is the ‘spruced-up’ and ‘made-over’ Kenny! Nice job … but I almost fell over my chair! keke
    Hmmm this Alvin Leong guy is good! So there’s hope for me yet! I need to see him too! πŸ˜‰
    Keep ’em coming. U do Kuching proud!

  64. Health conscious but you’re a guy with tits . . . studied and worked in Perth but have terrible english ( note :- first sentence in this posting ) . . . and now I realise why you never smile when you pose . . . do us all a favour and don’t do it again . . .

  65. hey dude, EMC is about the only engr job that requires you to pull out Maxwell equation when you need to BS yourslef out of a situation…
    btw I still can’t believe I met two EMC Engrs from Kuching during my last trip, the other Kuchingtie EMC engr worked for Lucent’s EMC Lab . Very odd.

  66. Thats it Kenny, the girls will be rolling in now… after those very pro portraits!! I did not even look that good at my own wedding!

  67. you’re an Electronics & communications engineer graduate.. cool… i found a senior.. hahah… mc here.. studying in curtin uni, miri.. πŸ˜‰

  68. i normally just read through and laugh at your articles but this time is an exception.
    You have the same tie like i do – I have the same tie like you do.

  69. wa… kch haze that bad huh? n here i thought sibu is the worst!
    u look gr8~~ so far i didnt c any1 say u r vain la.. hahaha.. but i guess there’s nothing wrong with taking such pic to give yrself a boost of confidence, yea? when u goin to get married??? was waiting for that post, u know. but waited till i old n don c it at all.

  70. Very well taken pictures and you look great inthe short. But i think you should just keep your mouth close when you are smiling your teeth liek not very nice, definitely makes you look better.

  71. this is a test to see if kenny would read a comment that is like waaaay down below so many other comments.
    and to see if he’d even have the time to drop a quick email or respond somewhat.
    but anywho, i’m a phantom and sporadic reader. i’m finally here to say hello.

  72. Just wonder, will you read all 200+ comments posted over here? Or just pick and choose some? Or totally ignore?
    I like your simply and nice biography entry. Those pictures taken make you look good. (Photoshop touch up?) Especially the 1st, 7th and last photo. “You xing!”
    THANKS, for all the humour entry that you have posted which has brighten up my day.

  73. Kenny, I appreciate very much your posts because they are so candid and sincere. I was very sorry to hear about your father but I’m sure he’s in a much better place today. Keep up with the terrific blogging πŸ™‚

  74. U are one interesting guy I would like to meet. U make me laugh. πŸ˜€
    I’m studied in Curtin too. Was in Mass Comm a few years before u. I am working as a reporter in a mainstream paper. Anyways, keep blogging.

  75. Sorry to hear about your dad. I’m sure he’s proud of what and how you turn out to be from a rebellious kid (that was what u mentioned anyway) πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work.

  76. U look great all over, i login to ur web by accidentally, i’m mirian guys, l like reading ur introduction, you are great kenny in preparing ur owned personnel homepage, how much you paid for that all anually?,may you give me some clue,how to start?

  77. Mate…
    Nice blog you got here…Like your style of writing too…I am very sorry for what had happened to you …God will always be with your Dad…your family and you of course…
    Glad to hear that you’ve came back to work in Msia…as Msia needs us (Msian) to become a developed nation…
    All the best…Cheers…Cya

  78. thats why we say
    Γ€ΒΊΒΊΓ©ΒΒ Γ¨Β‘Β£Γ¨Β£β€¦Γ―ΒΌΕ’Γ€Β½β€ΊΓ©ΒΒ Γ©β€‘β€˜Γ¨Β£β€¦.
    You looks more stylo in this leh, at least not like your usual hair-ball style.

  79. Dear Kenny,
    I just went to Kuching on June and fall in love with the place very much…..Kuching is such a beautiful and nice city to stay at…..I always think that Borneo is really a beautiful place with all the beautiful people living on the island…..I’ll travel to Kuching again next year for the Rainforest Musical Festival and i really looking forward to the day to come…anyway, nice to meet you here and keep up your good work!

  80. Kenny, u look so handsome.. and im listening to Perfidia Linda Ronstadt which is a gr8 song to listen while eyeing on ur picture..1st definitely works for me.

  81. Good luck blogging. Your blog is definitely among the few very colourful and graphics ones πŸ™‚
    Do you think there is a cyber feng shui as well ? (or maybe what google like is good feng shui :->)

  82. Good luck blogging. Your blog is definitely among the few very colourful and graphics ones πŸ™‚
    Do you think there is a cyber feng shui as well ? (or maybe what google like is good feng shui :->)

  83. In response to: I haven’t yet found the need to use complex Calculus to solve a really bad business decision.
    The moral of the story is: get a commerce degree instead. You’ll live longer.
    Kenny sia, u forgotten to apply Z-transform, can solve all problems from A to Z, including BiZZness
    Kidding… Proud to see an E&C going “online”

  84. Kenny keep it up ~! go go go ~haha. I dint know that u are actually an engineer until my friend told me haha. Ur double degreees with Honour really impressd me sooooo MUCH~! I wish i can do it also lol..I study in Curtin also haha.. not in Perth but in Miri Sarawak. lol.. Nice to meet u.. senior~! By the way, wish ur blog grow even more famous ..~! Its really fun to read ur blog

  85. No wonder you have so plenty aficionados. You have a sense of humour and I love your style of writing.
    Stay cool!
    Best wishes
    Sam c”,)

  86. Hey Kenny,
    I’ve been reading your blog for the past week. You’re a great guy with interesting outlook of life. I really envy the freedom and the energy you have to travel around the world, and seizing every opportunity that arise.
    Being a malaysian, I’ve just realized how similar we could be. From chinese primary school to uni in Australia (melbourne though), who speaks a lil hokkien and being a erm.. not devoted buddhist. and also the experience of a half cooked long distance relationship. However, this is not uncommon though. And I have the certificate of insanity from AJ Hackett’s bungee jump too! I did it in Cairns. Your sis is living in NZ while my bro is living in US. My mom was once diagnosed with cancer too, but luckily the early detection saves her life.
    Now will you excuse me while I go and tell my mom that I’ve found my Mr Right.
    Oh wait, no. Kuching is across the ocean. Damn.

  87. i have been reading for blog for sometimes and wanna tell you.. its a good one! funny,entertaining,colorful..etc.etc… keep it up! and take care..~ ciao!

  88. well..its the first time i red ur blog and i gotta say..it is the best 1 i have ever red..keep up the good work..^_^

  89. your words, your humour, your vast knowledge. Reading your blog really makes me laugh the whole day today, and i’m still laughing.
    Reading your blog also makes me feel like returning back to kuching (my hometown) for good.
    I miss the food, the place, the people.
    You make me MISSes Kuching so much, so suddenly, today!

  90. Hi Kenny,
    thanx for d Kuching good foods but pls update d Best Sarawak Laksa at Chong Choon Cafe,Jalan Abell. I was there Nov 2006 but d best laksa stall have left. new stall not good now. Don’t know where the old owner moved to, though one of the brother have a stall at Expert/Siang Siang of MJC Batu Kawa, tried but not the best. But don’t worry, there are still about 5 best stall in Kuching depending on one’s liking, and they are the lady at Bank Hock Road, Bormill at Jalan Keretapi, Friendship at Golden Arch 3rd Mile, Goody Foody at Stutong shop, Expert of MJC Batu Kawa one fat lady doing laksa from afternoon to night but too bad she left to do poridge at Sin Wang of Jalan Song (her porridge is excelent too)

  91. I take issue with the phrase dirt poor Somalians. Poor people have enough troubles already, it’s not fair to associate them with dirt. The term is condescending and I hope you will remove it.
    Cheers, Sally

  92. Who the fuck are you kenny sia? I saw ur name on wikipedia and checked u out? How come I never heard of u in malaysia?

  93. Hi Kenny,
    I bumped into your website by accident.
    I was tickled to death by this particular blog.
    Then I went on to read your other posts. I find your blogs hilarious handling a wide spectrum of subjects.
    I want to post a link of the above post in one of the forums which I frequent regularly.
    May I have your permission to do so?
    Keep up the good work.

  94. Hi Kenny !
    Nice to read your blog.
    I guess you’re a nice person, a happy go lucky, very active, creative and smart too !
    Best Regards,

  95. woi…u damn sohai wei
    u look like gigolo….
    dont hate me
    im just trying to let u know about about u from my first empression…
    third or the fourth pics totally cant make it….
    it sucks alot…with those kind of teeth….
    i wan vomit kuat kuat…

  96. Wah! lu chin handsome lor. Limpek now know you are eng tau. Don’t listen to the last comment.
    Si kui kia just jealous of your handsome face. But you can fix those teeth. Try the Orthodotic braces for a couple of years and and you’ll have brillian, smashing smile and by then you’ll be even more handsome. And we’ll see what that Si Kui kia has to say then, har. You can tell him to eat his heart out. Probably an Ah Beng. Trust me. Wink wink wink.
    Ah Lian want to be.

  97. Hi! Very nice and interesting blog. Good to know another fellow Kuching blogger in “da blog”! Would love to get in touch with you one day to discuss about the “making $$$ with blogging” part. Ciao!
    (Hey, this mommy says you are a handsome young lad, and she likes the first picture very much – that teasing little grin on your face could certainly makes the knees go jelly!!)

  98. It makes me feel proud knowing that someone as brilliant as you hail from our small city Kch.
    Ganbatte kudasai!!
    That Singapore dude is ugly and useless spoilt brat!

  99. Great blog. One of the best among Malaysian bloggers.
    Got some same spices used by FireAngel – witty, wicked (a bit) and humorous.
    May your blog keep flourishing on this green pasture. Have a nice day. ^_^

  100. i feel tat ur english very good.is it u finished ur secondary education at perth?????
    u really just 24 years old????
    u look like “li jing cang shang”(in mandarin)

  101. Heard a lot about your blog… from local kuching-ite and kl-ite as well…
    don’t think it ever means anything that i’m posting a reply here in one of your oldest piece of blog i presume… i mean… look at all those flabbery comments u got on ur simple biography, darn, i didn’t read past 5.. i’m just being hand-itchy, wanting to waste some cyber space since it’s so damn cheap.
    was never blog reader myself, was led here from another friends’. either way, u had quite some reputation here. wonder how u could balance ur time at work and home with ur blog…
    anyway, it’s a great job done. good luck… i’ll come back again.

  102. erm.. sorry to burst the ego bubble but you’re not really handsome from my point of view. A bit too fat actually. Who are you anyway and why are these people saying that you are handsome when all i see ozzing out from the pictures is an MCP who think he looks good.

  103. hey….ur blogs remind me alots of my childhood….n more u r very creative n briliiant to tells everybody bout ur lifestyle….thanks ya….

  104. A friend of mine sent me this url … and this is the first blog I’ve ever read. I’m not a blog person but I do like your entries about Kuching very much. I’m from Kuching but am very much an Australian for some time now. I have also spent just as much time as you did in Perth. Your blog reminds me of all the good things that Kuching is to me … and reading your blog makes me miss Kuching πŸ™‚ Cheers mate.

  105. Recently came across ur blog again. u r surely a witty writer. i have good laughs reading the episodes. =)

  106. for the first time in my life,i read something copletely, otherwaise it was just 2 or 3 line and the page was closed downm by me.But you have got a very good creation of your won.best of luck for your futute.keep blogging!!!

  107. Hi Kenny,
    Good blog … make miss Kuching kolo mee….and all the essence of Aussie and Kuching … still food in Kuching still best !!

  108. yeah, one of the best blog i’ve come across, you’re funny & straight to the point. thanks to my friend who introduced you to me..

  109. hi kenny
    just know bout yr blog this evening,when i read MT,reagarding DAP vid-clip campaign..its awesome
    im sarawakian too..well,seems like all the ppl here is chinese..i think im the only Iban here,well,currently working in singapore
    juz a bit bout me
    ermm,all the best to u,but hope u can pu more news about our kannina chee bye politicians,especially in sarawak
    i miss mee kampua by the way
    c ya!

  110. Yo man…im Charlie frm Kch 2!Cool website…there is an article about cheated by HK scam,it passes through my company’s intranet…so i end it up here.Keep it up…proud to b a Kuchingian(correct spelling?).

  111. For Kevin.you can try sarawak kolo mee & laksa at jurong east street 13.near jurong east MRT,beside CPE building the taste better than xia shiang one.but i still miss northern sarawak Kolong Mee,especially LAWAS one

  112. I came across your website while searching for photos taken in Sabah. My friends and I went there in January this year. Feel so at home here knowing you are a Sarawakian and studied in Perth. Your photos and experience that you share is great. Keep it up. Thank you.

  113. okayyyyyyyyy……hmm…makes me wonder…i am studying commerce…my sister always complains that why she din study commerce instead of med…beats me. feeling good that i am doing commerce because that’s wad i wan. i wonder why everyone in kch aspire to become doctor. it’s very noble yes i noe. but heyyyyy many study med for the wrong reasons then it’s not right. fyi it was my ambition for about 17years till i see my sister’s life. that’s not wad i wan.
    and i am suppose to study for my finals now…….crap.

  114. Life is unpredictable. My father has passed away many years ago and my mother also got disease in serveral years ago. I think that is life, so we got to treasure what is beside us! I hope you could find more happiness from the freinds around you. Enjoy life!!!!

  115. “Previously I lived Perth”, Australia,
    Hey stupid! Mind your English first, before you want to ridicule other people.

  116. Hi Kenny,
    Just know about your blog this morning when I read your latest posting about the stupid informasi minister. I personally feel that the only qualification required for all the important posts in our cabinet and government right now is you must be plainly STUPID. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your personal profile. Adios

  117. Hi Kenny, apart from the Australian problogger, you are the 2nd blogger I have seen with so so so many comments. I think I can never achieve this in my life time. hahaha

  118. Hi Kenny, my fingers got tired just scrolling down to the bottom-most to make this comment ;(
    I now have a headache from the speed reading of some comments and now fully comprehend what you mean by some ‘attack’ mails you get. Anyway, following yesterday’s session, I just wanted to know more abt what Ming does… I still don’t get it but nevermind.
    Great biodata entry by the way – genuinely honest. Just one question though: Why you like visiting Singapore ah????

  119. I think it was good of you to return home to be near your father near the time of his passing. how is it that you are making so much money on this site.

  120. The second picture look as if like ‘Come here back,Grab me first’
    The 6th picture,u look so hungry!!! As if like there is a chicken is front of you,waiting for you to finish it up!
    Anyways!ur Blog rocks!

  121. “KennySia” aye..got ur name from one of my friend who gila baca other people punya blog..
    anyway, I was wondering how to ask u this, but I’m writing on something about ‘Camwhore’ and I was google-ing ur name (jus in case if there’s a pic of u ‘cam-whoring’), and then I realize..
    U NEVER DO CAMWHORE…! walla…
    spend some times, camwhore a bit. I’m sure u know what it is, u always read those cute girl who blog n camwhore all the time, right?…wanna see if u got any moves, dress-up a bit..and shot some cute pose..hehe
    but no dirty minded stuff la ho… (^-^)

  122. really like your blog. hope you keep writing about Malaysia! it reminds me of how much i love my home. you are fun guy
    hope you get to visit the States again, it will be my honor to show you around!

  123. Just heard of your website on 27 Feb2008…from you at the Sarawak Club, Kuching…You look great in person…humble too… but didn’t get the chance to meet you personally ): and thats a shame..Having read what you have on your site…I am impressed..!!! Well Done Kuching Boy!!!

  124. Dear Kenny,
    Please confirm whether I can use your website name to do my marketing & promotional material?
    Please reply to me. Thanks.

  125. hi kenny, you have a very nice blog with interesting posts. Came to your blog via ElvinLok.com and Nuffnang website then yours.

  126. you look like uncle, i was curious how old are you,but finally i knew that…you were born in 1982, even younger than me, drink more birdnest to prevent aging, uncle kenny…

  127. Wow..this is the first time i view your blog..
    ..Saw you in magazine in the CLEO most eligible bachelor…My sis told me ‘Neh, he’s the ‘chuk mia’ blogger from kuching ar? go check his blog la..’ and i was like wow!..so this cute guy is actually a blogger..isk isk..brilliant indeed..
    Not to ‘pong’ you la..but actually your blog is amazing…those stuff that u write really made me laugh my ass out..some of the stuff about kuching..haha…damn funny and hilarious..but very enlightening too and i’d enjoyed reading it whenever i go online(haiz, samarahan line damn bad..duno wat i shud do for my whole 4th year in unimas)..
    Anyway, Keep up the good work…and keep writing!!

  128. This is certainly the most entertaining blog I’ve ever read and I really had a great day laughing out loud after days of misery trying to wrap things up not to mention beating deadline.Keep it up!

  129. Great Kenny !! Very cool website …and very impressive stories too….keep it up my friend !!
    Cheers, Jeannie-KL

  130. Interesting life story..in certain ways i can understand as my late mum too suffered from cancer and since then, life has taken another path for me and till today, i will still tink i would not be where im if not for the past…But anyway, u proved u have survived and gg stronger..take care πŸ™‚

  131. Kepada Kasim Nazir,
    Bahasa Inggeris yang begitu senang pun kamu tidak boleh faham? Teruknya….. Sekolah tidak pernah ajar kamu Bahasa Inggeris ke? Kesiannya.
    Jangan buat malu orang Malaysia.

  132. Reply to Kasim Nazir
    Oh wow.. Speak in the most Holy Fashion of Bahasa Melayu… Come on dude.. English is the global language nowadays. Im pretty sure you being an Internet user would understand the basic terminology in english because almost 90 percent of the sites online are in english!!
    Look im not dissing the malay language. I speak it as well although its not my mother tongue. Nowadays you wont get anywhere without learning english. You wont get anywhere without learning a proper means of global communication with the world. Malaysia oh Malaysia what has befallen you when you are so blind to see what the nation can benifit from.
    Want a translation to all that?? Pergi belajar bahasa inggeris..

  133. Mr Kenny Sia,
    Hello. I am a film student from Curtin University of Technology,Miri, Sarawak. I am currently working on a documentary on Citizen Journalism/blogging. this is a documentary that aims to project blogging as a powerful tool, a effective medium for self expression and desemination of news and information.
    I earnestly hope that you could lend your experience of blogging in this documentary.
    I believe citizen journalism is the way forward and who better to illustrate this than yourself Mr kenny Sia.
    Kindly do reply.
    Thanking you in anticipation

  134. im a new blogger, first time reading your blog and decided that u are my idol blogger besides perez hilton.
    the bashing on kasim is quite funny.lol

  135. Hey Kenny,
    Just bumped into ur blog while reading KY’s. Really a good blogger. I’m impressed and enjoyed most of ur blogs (have not FINISH reading all yet ;p).I wish I can blog like u.
    All da best to u!!

  136. Hey Kenny, remember me? Im one of your students at perth. I was studying physics chemistry and calculus at canning college. I use to have tuition with you with one more guy, Andy. Remember?
    Nice blog. I forgot how I stumbled upon your blog, but here I am now.

  137. Thanks Kenny! i just grossed out by your pic showing your under arm hair, there is only one thing i matter after reading your profile, r u single???

  138. the message u wrote to ur dad caught my attention of this blog, and spent whole day read from older blog till latest. think u r really doing well and i am sure ur dad is proud of u from the better place.. his spirit will always b with u.. keep it up.. and + oil.. btw, i am chinese ed, so pardon my lousy english

  139. Hi Kenny,
    I’m impressed by your blogs, especially your youtube video on Kuching food which my sister forwarded to me.
    I’m Hokkien so I find the lyrics very entertaining. Who did you get to sing the song? I really enjoyed listening and watching the video.
    I’m a newbie at this computer stuff cos I’m not a techie but a granny on the wrong side of 60.

  140. Hi Kenny, i just came across from my friends site, i think you have a really unique visitor’s all over places i really liked it, and oh yeah the pic’s look nice..
    Am hoping we could eXchange links for better experience in Networking..
    Catch mine @TuaranBlog.com, you can find me at FB too.. Add me using Twitter Feed
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