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Tuesday, 09 August 2005

Short Talk:

Heavy workload is catching up. More time at work = Less time to blog. :(

Questions Answered

My desktop, before the Blogathon.

I'm proud of what we accomplished.

I've sold stickers for the Red Cross Foundation before. I've ran in 12km races for charity before. But until Sunday, I have NEVER EVER, in just one single night, raised over RM5,000 before in my life. Not bad, considering my previous fundraising record was merely RM75.

StarMag (The Star), page 12-13, 7th August 2005.

It all worked out pretty well. My entry on Datuknametoolongitis was picked up by the editor of StarMag (an insert of The Star, Malaysia's most popular national daily), and it was published Sunday morning with my site address on it. Anyone who came to my site after reading that article would no doubt find out about our fundraising efforts.

Its bloody fantastic knowing what I started initially as a hobby turned into a difference-maker for the lives of less fortunates. To Suanie, Peter, Paul, ShaolinTiger and minishorts, I found new respect for you guys. And to those who have donated or helped in the promotion of our cause in any way, thank you - you have my sincerest gratitude.

My desktop, after the Blogathon.

At the end of my four hours, my fingers had already melted like butter and I still had not answer all the questions that were fired at me. When I went to the toilet, I couldn't even take my dick out of my pants without typing on it like a keyboard.

kennysia.com readers asked the darnest questions. For those who missed it, here are some of the highlights from the "Ask Kenny Anything" stunt.


From Anthony Lim:

If you woke up one day and found that Kolo Mee did not exist, what would you do?

Mmmmmm... Kuching Kolo Mee!

Go back to sleep and pretend Kolo Mee exists in my dreams. That's what I used to do in Perth. That prorbably explains why I was always late for class.

From Johnny Bravo and PokerfaceXX:

Btw.. Do you have a Full Time Job? :)

Yes of course. What, you think I blog all day long ah? I work in the IT Department of my company. My role is mainly to source, evaluate, procure, and implement IT products.

From Curtis G (aka Su Ku Kia):

Do you have plans to [go to the United States]? Which one(s)?

New York City ranks alongside Tokyo, Japan and Paris, Hilton as top three places in the world I'd want to visit before I die. At the moment, I don't think I can afford to go to any of these locations though.

One thing that's still on my not-so-distant to-do list is to spend a year working in the UK casually, travelling and backpacking around Europe before settling down on my professional work life.

From Nadia:

How good are you at cooking? What is your specialty/signature dish??

I suck at cooking. I only cook when I was in Perth. Never in Malaysia - food here is too cheap to justify me lifting my finger. My specialty dish is grilled chicken breast with grilled mushrooms using my George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine.

I'm trying to convince my boyfriend to wear a pale pink shirt (I think it'd go well with his skin tone) but no matter what I say or do, he insists that it's a sissy colour or that it will be a fashion mistake he will regret. What do you think about guys who wear pink?

The only reason I would wear pink is if the girls like it. Its true most guys think its a sissy colour. But hey, if girls wear bikini for guys to see, I think its only fair that guys wear pink shirts for girls to see.

From Kat:

Do you have a private blog, or sometimes feel the need to have one? Because you obviously can't put some stuff in this blog, but you need to get it out of your system.

No I don't. Maintaining one single website is difficult enough for me.

From n305er :

What is your Computer's specification and how does it looks like?

My baby here is a Pentium 4 2.8GHz running on MSI 865PE Neo2 series and 1GB worth of DDR2100 RAM. Video powered by GeCube Radeon 9600Pro. Sound powered by Creative Soundblaster Audigy DE. Its all nicely enclosed in my sweet Thermaltake Tsunami Dream case. My keyboard is a Logitech LX700 and my mouse is a Logitech MX1000 Laser Mouse - both wireless. I have 4 hard drives with a grand total of 440GB worth of disk space. My 120GB Seagate hard disk went bonkers on me two weeks ago. There's still thousands of photos in that hard disk that I'm trying to retrieve... to no avail. :(

I scratched my 17" Samsung SyncMaster 710T (with digital input) 2 weeks after I bought it. I have a Creative Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700 speaker set. Yes, I'm a major sucker for the word 'Digital'.

From 12345:

do u play any computer games?

Nowadays its mostly just a random game on my XBox or PS2 every now and then. I used to play Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour online a lot, but not anymore. I got pwned one too many times.

Malaysian broadband sucks kancil's ass.

From grace:

Where and how did you pick up your sense of humour?

My main sources of inspiration are Perth radio hosts Luke Bolland and Nathan Morris. I also read a lot of FHM, Maxim and Ralph magazines. Reading other funny blogs on the web helps too. :)

From TT (not Durai):

Are you more of a good or bad guy in nature? (pls elaborate)

I think (I hope) I'm more of a Mr Nice Guy. I'm approachable most of the time and I treat people the way they treat me - be my friend and I'll be yours. Once in a while I can be a deliberate asshole deliberately and hurt people's feelings, but I doubt I do that often enough to be called a Mr Bad Guy. :)

Doesn't it bother you that you already have a girlfriend but still seen "flirting" around with other gals? (because that's the image that you portray)

I can tell you this: It sucks being in a perpetual long-distance relationship with zero-to-no-chance of being physically together anytime soon. It really does.

Regardless, I don't think I was being unfaithful when my partner and I have an understanding on this particular issue. I wrote before that our possessive grips on each other is not as tight as your traditional boy-girl relationships. Its precisely because we're young and the fact that we used to be SO possessive of each other that now, we agreed to give each other a little bit more space to meet more people of the opposite sex that we like. In other words, she can go out with any guy she likes, I can go out with any girl I like. We still talk on the phone every so often.

I find it funny that its NOT my gf who have a beef with my behaviour, but rather the other ppl who've seen photos of me so-called "flirting" that were upset at me.

From desperate addict and Kuzco:

When's your birthday?

27th November 1982.


Are girls with traditional moral beliefs boring - don't smoke, sleep around, drink/club, dress sexily... ?

It depends on the individual's taste. Personally I'm ok with those habits you mentioned except for one. In a serious relationship, I will never date a girl who smokes. Period. I simply find it a huge turn off.

I don't think girls with those habits have anything to do with whether a girl is interesting or boring. Its all about the bond or chemistry you share with that person.

Attica Too, Singapore

But I think most guys are hypocritical when it comes to this. Most guys will EASILY be attracted to girls who dress sexily and all, but as soon as they start a serious relationship with them, the guys would want their girls to "cover up" and miraculously transform back into a virgin.

From psiops:

if you could date any of the female bloggers you know, who would it be?

Tough question. NEXT!

XiaXue. (kns, I kena forced to say her name.)

This is bloody tough question OK! I think and think and think and concluded that there are so many great girls out there, and I really don't feel like answering that question because no matter who I said the response surely will be "HAR!? WHY HER!? OMG KENNY YOU GOT SUCH A BAD TASTE!"

But hey, the keyword here is IF - ie, in a fantasy situation.

I've heard a fair share of people who said I look "compatible" with Xiaxue. I've also heard a MORE THAN fair share of people who puked last night's dinner at the thought of me and her together.

Look, Wendy is a great girl and all and I do like girls who are strong-willed, independent and have a compatible sense of humour as I do. Wendy is all that, and honestly I'd love to date her.

"D-cup breasts, round bottom, a 50-cm slim waist and weight under 45 kilograms. Wherever I go, I soon become the focus of the crowd!"

But I'd rather date her instead.

(Siao lah. Of course I'm not shallow enough to think a woman's figure is the most important thing.)



LOL i cant imagine u goin on a date with FRJJ... what a contrast that would be :P And try n imagine Statue of FRJJ.... sweet jesus mother of god...i dun even wanna go there ;)


wow me the first to comment... what an honour :)


27th november? really?
you're about 20 days younger :o)
you're more baby than i am! woOt~! :D


hey Kenny.. u serious at FRJJ?>? u must be crazy to choose FRJJ over all the walruses...

watch out.. Xiaxue might even counter u for that,...


Man..you are even younger than me..tsk tsk..wat a sin


You freak. Didn't photoshop my arm away.

Flirting rhymes with ting. no wonder u put that awful pic.

You know ah, my ex bf asked me why u so popular, u noe.


damn... i'm tryin to play zero hour on my comp now but it always f*cks up...muz be my gay graphic card.. i am NEVER able to get into the game no matter wad i do... freak... if i had a particle cannon right now i'd love to use it on my comp..


.....u know wat sux ? wen ur internet conection's out and u jus found out one of the regular favo sites ur visiting's having a sort of donation kinda thingy and u jus totaly mised it


wow who the the heck is that girl.... LOL... what a sexy pose. =D


Hey Kenny (G)Si-Ah:

You sold out man, I saw thee in " the"mainstream paper man
How can? How cun't? I'll can you, you f-man!

Mack says I'm polite, so I ken-not use any expletive like f-king
But he also says I don't mince words, I do f-'riters
from that darn'd kaching


Wahahahha FRJJ would eat you up (erm, yeah...) and spit you out! And then blog about it: "Last night I allowed Kenny Sia to have me. He was no good. FRJJ had better. All you boys should try harder."

Hee hee. :)


thanks man, for answering my query :) i hope Xiaxue hasn't read your post yet :p


Ouch with the too short, boobs too small part!


wah you really have the balls to wage war on FRJJ. Thats just wicked. =P

Anyway, would like to thank you for blogging for charity. All the best and good luck.


You're dating boobs, waist and ass more than personality. Shatter, my pretty illusions!

You lecherous freak!

Wahaha. Jk. Which guy wouldn't want a gf with a hot bod, yes?


Darth Tater prefer Miss Tater. Don't like sea lion.


WTH is kolo mee? tall man noodle?
think many years back we had 'kong low' mee...translated as dry-mix...same same??


wheeeeeeee!!! Thanks for answering my question, you've given me the will to not give up on getting Bruce to wear pink... hehehe


i showed your article to my mom...she was chortling like hell.

And about FRJJ,haiyo if she's offering go ahead loh.She....isn't.....that.....bad.... /tries to say this with a straight face but fails


you know something... everytime u put up FRJJ's pic, it really makes me nauseous... its true. Sighs...

btw, kenny, your comp rocks! my dream machine! how much did u spend building up those specs?

Oh yeah, try stellar phoenix to retrieve ur pics. worked for me.

Button: kolo mee is similar, though not the same, to wan tan mee. Its really, really good, with minced meat n char-siew oil.

How do i know? My fiancee's studying at Unimas and i had the privilege of visiting kuching, a beautiful town IMHO, a number of times and feasting on the food there. kolo mee's great, so is sarawak laksa, as well as the pork noodles (dunno how else to call it!) on carpenter street. Go visit kuching, its really nice... (yeah i work for sarawak tourism board... not) :)


oh yeah... u also look more mature that ur age... ;)


Thanks for honoring me once again.

So did you get paid for the use of your article in the paper, or did they just steal your idea and say that you happened to mention it once? You're a professional, man. You need to get paid. I won't even put fingers to keyboard for less than $50/hr these days. For real.


Congrats on such a huge accomplishment! Especially because it was for a great cause. It's amazing, what you've done. Good on you :)


Hey Kenny, if you do visit the UK, do visit the town of Portsmouth (it's only 2 hours from London - where the main terrorist *ahem!* i mean tourist are), I can be your tour guide and treat you to a Full English Breakfast... *drool*


woah. first things first, i didn't know that there were that many people out there who played zero hour. and second, damn, i orgasmed at the specs of your comp. lolz. it's not THAT fantastic, but then again, when you have the machine i have, almost anything else ia orgasmic. shit.

woah. wendy gonna pluck off your coconuts when she sees this, lolz. but me, i'd rather date the walrusus. marine mammals are always very cute. besides, from far away, they look like mermaids. then you can say that you're dating a mermaid.

oh. and congrats on that large money thing. very good for the suffering people.


OMG! u r a SAGI!!!! tat explains it all!
heh heh


Wah Kenny, your PC look very Beng leh, all those lights, haha!

Very similar config to mine (I use it only for gaming).

MSI 865PE NEO2-PLS motherboard, Pentium4 2.8C, 768Mb DDR266 (gonna upgrade to 1Gb of better ram soon), Gainward Nvidia 5900XT 128MB video card, Soundblaster Live sound card (old but reliable), Cambridge Soundworks FPS2000 speakers (old but reliable), 200Gb+ 80GB HDD, Sony 52XCDRW, TDK 16/12Dual Layer DVD-RW, all inside a black aluminium Cooler Master Centurion V casing with side window (I am so gonna buy them blinky light fans for it soon). I also have a Samsung SyncMaster 710T LCD monitor (the PC is connected via its DVI and the Xbox is via the analog input), a Logitech Ultraflat Dark Shine keyboard and a Razer Diamondback Plasma Limited Edition mouse with Razer eXact Mat (i had a Logitech MX Duo wireless keyboard and mouse but it is being fixed now).


you have a starbucks coffee mugs????


You know that you're getting desperate when you think that even Furong Jie Jie looks good. (I'm referring to myself).


Kenny, kindly return the Starbucks coffee mug to us please. Thank you.


Kenny, kindly return the Starbucks coffee mug to us please. Thank you.



I hope XiaXue is not devastated by this =P

And thanks alot for answering my questions =)

If you're ever coming back to Perth, I would certainly love to meet you! ^^


If FRJJ sees this, do you think she can get the joke, or... will she declare victory over Xiaxue? Oooh, delusional people are so sad...


Hey kenny... wrap the hard disk tightly with a plastic bag and try to get out as much air as possible. Freeze the hard disk for 2 hours.

dry it... plug it in and cross your fingers.. :)


Now we know you like Sea Lion Body shape


lol, been following your posts for the last few months and you seriously have one damn nice sense of humour. Your adventures concerning FRJJ are simply... brilliant lol


OMFG! u rather date that seal? oh no... for me, if the world ends and left her and sheeps, i rather screw sheep than her!


Ray, u walesh? Sheep skrewing over sea lion~ :P


This post was too good not to comment.
You do look compatible with Xiaxue. You two could make the first blog baby :P
Your blog rocks Kenny. Oh and your coconuts too.


die you...date Furong jie jie.


I am rather strong-willed, independent, have a great sense of humor too, and others have commented that I am very attractive. Can I date you? Can't bear the tot of you taking up that FFJJ as a last resort.... : )


princess bloom: they have already... wenny sia n kendy sia! haha! go read one of kenny's previous blogs! :)


How much did you pay foryour new PC?


Hey ! Kenny ... u're still as funny as ever !
steady !


I seriously hope you were joking for the FRJJ than XX issue. Btw, love your blog! And I'm in Perth studying now so, just something to ponder about- don't you find Perth boring??


I used to live at Jln Laksamana Cheng Ho while i was studying at Inti College Sarawak.


I just read xia xue's blog and read how hurt she was by your comments. I love your blog Kenny but you really hurt her feeling this time. I think at any other time she would have laughed it off...but not at this particular time. To feel the whole world is against you. So sad. I still read your blog though.


I guess the attraction of being ridden like a donkey by a so-called love machine must have blinded you.



SIAO LIAO.... FRJJ will surely take ur words seriously! Maybe she'll write a coconut-wrenching, vomit-inducing love poem for u =p


Oh, you're younger than me....

Cool PC you have there!!


Hi Kenny, regarding your hard drive you might want to try literally freezing it to get it to work. I don't know if you've heard of it but here's more info: http://www.meetmyattorney.com/slink/mt-archives/000275.html

Good luck!


Haha. Way cool~

Your comp looks like a fridge!



lol... that's all


hey, i read ur entry in the star. since i am a member or the datuknametoolong aristocracy.....i find it kinda hard sometimes to memorize the names of my grandparents, let alone my ancestors. maybe it's because i have a shorter name, or maybe i don't really bother about all the decorations that my ancestors get from the government. but one thing for sure....we're all humans no matter how long or short your moniker is.


my god ! you're much younger than me !
i'm a taurus man bu also 1982 ! ! !
Hooray for the doggies (chinese zodiac)
Always loyal to their mistresses !


good day!


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