A Vote Of No Confidence

As we approach Malaysia’s other National Day on the 16th September, may I draw your attention to this online poll published on The Star Online‘s Merdeka website.

Not sure about everyone else, but personally I would pick the third choice. I am too young to live through all 49 years of Malaysia’s independance, but one thing I’m sure of is that our country has seen PLENTY of positive changes throughout the past 24 years of my existence.

Of course, we’re not as wealthy as Singapore or as well-developed as Hong Kong. But hey, despite a few mishaps I think our Prime Minster Abdullah Badawi has been doing a pretty good job thus far. And you know what? We may be slow but I reckon we’ll get there, eventually.
Imagine my shock when I clicked on the results and saw this.

Get this. 90% of those polled said we as a nation are maturing too slowly. NINETY FREAKING PERCENT!
That’s almost unanimous! If it’s 40%, I can probably accept. If it’s 70% I’ll be damn surprised, but I still won’t get a heart attack. But man, we’re talking 90% here. 90% of the people here are not happy with the speed of our development.
That means out of ten Malaysians, NINE of them thinks we’re progressing far too slowly. That is sad. That is something very, very discouraging to hear.
Are the ones happy with our progress so far do not have access to the Internet?
Are these the same ninety percent who voted our ruling party into government?
What exactly is going on?

I was thinking and thinking, wondering why so many people have so little confidence in the development of our country, but I just could not find an answer.
Then I thought, someone must be rigging this thing.
Someone malicious out there must be sitting in front of his computer, clicking “No, we’re maturing too slowly” MULTIPLE TIMES just to sabotage the results of the online survey. I reckon that someone must be doing it because he wanted to make the present administration look bad. And he’s doing it to make Abdullah Badawi look like a lousy Prime Minister.
Whaddya know? A big bird from Kubang Pasu sent me this pic that seems to explain everything.


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262 Replies to “A Vote Of No Confidence”

  1. Honestly, AAB’s administration is totally a failure. Everyone is suffering now, from financial issues, corruption issues to racial issues. All the promises by him during General Election has totally forgotten by himself. Not much changes can be seen, what’s more I can say is NO change at all. Next General Election will be the first time I am a legal voter. As a young adult in this nation, the feeling of insecure, directionless and disappointment towards the country and the leaders of the nation, I definitely will not opt for the current ruling party. Really disappointed with the current development of the country. Although TDM’s previous administration was not perfect but at least, the criminal rate was not as high as now and we were able to rebounce from economic crisis. Sad and disappointed with all the leaders of ruling party, either Malay, Chinese or Indian, but credits are always given to politicians are practising Honesty and Integrity. The credits definitely not go to AAB, “Kari” J, Hamsupdin and Naz..

  2. Oppsss.. I am one of the 90% ppl. But I really feel Malaysia is maturely too slowly… yes, you may say big city like Kuala Lumpur or Johor Bahru progress quite well… but hey, we still got a lot small city, kampung area need to be develop, and they aren’t change much in recent 10~15 years.
    So I still hold onto my choice 

  3. before you talk about progress,
    lets talk about crime rates.
    the crime rates in malaysia are quite high.
    i wouldnt say ridiculously high, but its high la.
    High crime rates indicate a few things.
    1) Unhappy citizens, who are desperate enough to to turn to crime, cuz maybe they cant find jobs (pt 2), reflecting the inefficiency/kelong/corrupted police force (pt 3), thus not attracting major foreign MNCs (pt 4)or even Singaporeans to shop in JB (but some sporeans do, despite 4 out of 10 gets robbed, cuz things are cheap in ringgit)
    so if the crime rates have been like that all these years,
    the citizens were unhappy all these years
    the police or other civil service have been ineffective all these years.
    Conclusion: Was there MUCH progress all these years?
    u decide.

  4. i forgot to add that the govt also did not creat enough jobs, and as a result, people were/are (from the past to even present) desperate enough to turn to crime.
    Esp in JB, where many Singaporeans r targetted and the police are having that “i dun really care” attitude, it just speaks alot about the govt on the whole la.
    Just like a child is spolit and throws a freakin big trantrum in public, it says alot abt the parents as well.
    Hope u people see the point.

  5. Whoa~ that’s a pretty harsh pic u got bout Dr. M. I’ll choose the 3rd choice, being content with the speed of our country’s development. We must think positively, so even if it’s slow, at least it’s improving =D

  6. Imagine 100% of the population are actually contributing to the well being of the nation and a government actually works for 100% of the population and representative of all races, and a government actually spends 100% of its effort advancing the nation and focusing on capitalism instead of race and Islam, I’m sure we would have surpassed our neighbors by any measure whether wealth, progress or otherwise.
    The truth is that this is a dysfunctional nation: the entire Malay population is on some form of welfare systems or another, and often in the name of “government departments”. The remaining 40% of the population are actually working their asses off day in and day out to support these welfare systems.
    The result is not surprising.

  7. Of course there are many wonderful things I like about my country but there are many other things I wish I could change. For example:
    – like how our government functions. Everything is lack of efficiency
    – that Malaysia should sign the Declaration of Human Rights.
    – Pay rise for the policeman as an incentive to work harder or perhaps some form of reward/bonus every time the catch a thief then we’ll have lower crime rates.

  8. I think we are doing fine….but it depends on which state though. Some states are so wealthy…some are so undeveloped.

  9. I am a bit shocked that Kenny wrote,”We may be slow but I reckon we’ll get there, eventually.”
    WTF, Kenny? I bet AAB pays you RM200 to write that. How can you have this type of thought, which is very reactive thinking. Other nations will not slow down and say, “hey, let’s wait for Malaysia to be here, eventually”.
    No, they wouldn’t. Singapore is progressing leap and bound ahead of us, even far ahead of KL. You just went there, you know what I mean. Cleanliness, transportation, Crime rate, economy fundamental, all are in front of us. And what of separate that? A bridge and Selat Tebrau.
    Something is very very wrong of with this country, the welfare system mentioned by Pope. However, to be fair, not all bumis gain everything from the government of the day. Only a fraction, such as the son-in-law which can bad mouth about others just to gain stupidity rather popularity. Without the father in law, who are him?
    As the younger generation getting more and more educated and can think for themselves, the government of the day needs a lot of improvement, not just promising sweet talk every 5 years. History had showed that, when the bumis become more and more educated during British era, dare to fighting for independent.
    History is repeating itself…

  10. True, we’re progressing very slowly – in certain areas but have to admit, Msia is one of its kind in the WHOLE BLOOMING WORLD.
    In terms of Msia’s management, its not easy to manage a whole country and well, different leaders have different styles but to be a PM, the rakyat is definately a priority and no, we cant get blink-of-an-eye results….else we’ll have a dictator instead of a PM..

  11. I still think Malaysia I growing pretty well. Of course, the present state of the nation may not seem to have grown much since independance, but the thing is, Malaysia is indeed a safe place to be, and there hasn’t been any major conflicts since 1969 (I hope).
    I’m just going to digress a little. What’s the other national day on 16th Sept?
    Just a little opinion, please don’t attack me! Nooo…

  12. hey u guys
    don be so harsh on malaysia
    There are a lot of nation-states problem that we cant see with our naked eyes.
    Since there r so many races involved n one particular states, it’s really hard at times for people to reach a consensus.
    In other developed countries, there r a lot of social or political problems, jus that some times.. we r too blind to see it.

  13. No comment about this but I really feel that we better be what we are as a Malaysian.
    You live under their roof, you gotta live under their rules.

  14. Kenny, the red pill or the blue pill. I guess you took the blue pill & living blissfully in your virtual world.
    But you gotta wake up someday …

  15. Rileks lah, come we go yumcha first lah…dun need to worry abt wat dis development for wat? We ok waattt…
    This is perfect example of the Malaysian malaise. Not to say we have to be as kiasu as the neighbours down south, but sometimes if you don’t hurry to get where you want to go, you’ll never get there.

  16. The thing about this issue is how we would see as development?
    True, in some aspects Malaysia has grown as a country but I think in other aspects, the nation has become less progressive.
    I think the key for a growth boost in Malaysia would be the eradication of racial discrimination, equality and also the understanding of who we are. Malaysians are hard to describe.
    Malaysian chinese are not chinese but not Malays either. This goes the same for Indians and bla bla. I think everyone is too caught up with the issue of who we are, who we are helping. The government has been encouraging entreprenuership amongst the Bumis and also overprotecting and giving lots of chances to them. Equality viewed by other parties (also, malaysians

  17. OMG ! kenny has really struck a bone within all us malaysian, Man !
    All of us wants what’s best for our country !
    We want to see proof of our progress, man !
    not controlling the price of sugar ???
    since we’re already such sweet people !
    not increasing snatch theft cases ! wtf ?’
    i wanna write about this to !
    I’m a MALAYSIENZ ….

  18. Yeah, thank heavens we’re not starving, being stung to death by angry bees and beset by an epidemic of dick rot. WTF MORE DO YOU GUYS WANT?!!?!?!?!?!?!?
    Sheesh. If we keep comparing ourselves to the lousier countries we’ll never get better.

  19. Hey Kenny,
    Are you stupid enough or u don read newspaper recently.. don you get any “hints” by reading news paper? i wonder why u so suprise by 90% result…..

  20. To : Shea Speare
    what you mean by “You live under their roof, you gotta live under their rules.”
    we all born in the same place.. we have no place to go… how can u say we live under their roof??? stupid.

  21. yo Kenny, how could u deface the man who has helped Malaysia progress to what it is today? If Dr M was still PM, u might have to go into hiding as the ISA will be right up ur behind!
    I do agree that Malaysia is progressing to slowly and i say this because i love my country and want to see its potential fully realised. look at our education system and the students it is producing and u will see what i mean. Sad to say that i am one of those students.

  22. Hi Kenny,
    You’re treading on shallow water here I suppose.But cheers to you for bringing it up and get everybody to think. True, everybody’s entitled to their opinion, but to those in the 90% range, and those who spoke their minds here and making comparisons, perhaps you should also ask yourself what you’re doing to contribute to the well-being of the country? Don’t just complain and complain and do nothing

  23. Kenny, you are too young and insensitive about our country issue. Malaysia is going nowhere. The NEP doesn’t help Malaysian, it doesn’t help Bumi, it only help selected few cronies. Thailand has surpass us in economy, you don’t be surprice even Vietnam and Indonesia surpass us in another 10 years.

  24. I think that there is a lot more than can be done to ensure similar levels of development in a country this size.
    Its not easy trying to please 26.6 million people.. and there are also many obstacles along the way of development such as bribery, corruption, protection of interests by certain parties.
    We need to be a more competitive society to be able to progress, sitting on our butts all day demanding change and not doing anything about it is not enough.
    PS: 16th Sept is the true formation of the Malaysia as we see it now

  25. To Anon:
    we give a lot that’s why we fed up.. stupid…
    we not write this for fun ok?


  27. This is gonna offend some people me thinks.
    But I think the Govt is trying hard to push Malaysia into a progressive state and they are doing an ok (not brilliant) job.
    The infrastructure is there, we are spending heaps on bringing in and training in the latest technologies faster then alot of places.
    However, we have issues that need addressing such as corruption, racism…etc. BUT, I think it naive to just point the finger at the govt. Sure enough the govt aint perfect but as a society, I think Malaysians as a whole arent very progressive in mentality. Take this as an example: we blame the police for taking bribes, but we dont blame ourselves for bribing the police? It’s much akin to the pot calling the kettle black.
    Progress isnt just about the physical infrastructure (an area which the govt is doing pretty ok as I said above) but as a people, I think we as a society need to mature to go the final mile in pushing our country into the developed nation we yearn to be.
    We want to wipe out corruption, we need to start with ourselves (re we need to stop giving and accepting bribes). We want to be a really intergrated society, stop thinking that I am bumi or non bumi but rather I am MALAYSIAN.
    Simply it is just up to us.
    That’s my 2 cents.

  28. hmm by the time i vote it’s risen to 91%
    well i guess a lot of people are tired of the recent spat between dr m and our pm, and a lot of other incidents like the upm violence, lina joy and the racial remarks made by khairy, which all in all seem very immature in the nation
    but to be honest, overall i think it’s not bad and i agree with you kenny, there might be hitches here and there but we’re progressing nonetheless

  29. We may be slow but I reckon we’ll get there, eventually. get where? no where la, bring u to holland have le. no food on ur table, c u tiu or no tiu? ppl suffering, c ppl tiu or no tiu?
    sapot 9 lo ma all the way like the way he click all the way, no way he’s gonna stop.

  30. I would say our salary is slow to increase but the prices of all the goods keep on rising thus our buying power if compares to example, Singapore is low. Imagine if you are earning SGD1k you can buy 100 items but with RM1k in pay, you can only buy 40 items. How to survive? I read in the newspaper before some people commented that we should build more shopping complexes in the rural areas so that we can increase our buying power but hey, if in the cities the goods or properties increases so much faster than our pay, do you think by building more shopping centres will help what more in the kampung? *roll eyes*

  31. So bad! Poor Dr.M :p
    Anyway, why must we satisfy for being mediocre. We could be better than Singapore if we put aside the race and religion issues. *SIGH*

  32. wait wait.. to the person who said kenny “took the blue pill”. That’s hardly fair. He is just saying that Malaysia has come a long way. That’s basically true. If you look at many of our parents, they often couldn’t even afford to eat meat, lived in tiny houses with candles instead of electricity, and now, in this day and age, we can debate politics on the internet, speak several languages fluently (of course, this is not the whole of malaysia.), etc.
    Of course there is a very very long way to go for malaysia, compared to the most developed countries in asia. But, we are certainly in the top few nations.
    Politically, ideologically, I would say, it’s not just malaysia that is a little backward and old-fashioned, but actually most asian countries, even the rich ones, but with a few more years of stability, I think this is gradually changing.
    It’s not ignorant to express happiness at the material progress that has been made in such a short time, although, if one of the answers was ” do you think malaysia is a great country?” I would have to answer differently and say no, not for a long while. But the answer is “we’re not too bad off” and that, in my opinion, could be partly true.

  33. i didn’t get a chance to do the poll earlier on but if i would, i’ld be in the 90% category. Why? I agree to first few comments that there are still so many kampungs and rural areas waiting to be demolished & developed at least to a stage where those poor things dont need to live in those senget high-legged huts anymore. Compare to WA, Malaysia is progressing way too slow. WA has LOTS of outskirts & outback lands but they have been bloomming like hell for the past 10 yrs. Houses & terrains are all up & going now.

  34. Adding to my previous comment (sorrie..clicked twice), M’sia is much smaller than WA alone. Unless someone comes up with “not enuff resource $$ to develop la..” then where has the $$ go to? they took the $$ to buy lollies

  35. maturity and development do not walk side by side, mind you. actually even without Tun’s interference we can already see that we’re slowing down. Tun only used his former PM’s popularity to highlight that problem, although there are high possibility that some money laudrying are in high gear behind him. I would like to see both as 2 businessman, where TM is a maverick, going against the current, high-risk player. he win, he wins big. if he loses, then comes the 1998 industrial-economic downturn and the likes. AAB, on the other hand, is a risk averse leader, whose staffs are undermining him in order to retain similar power as in the former PM’s lead.
    i think, rather than lashing out to the PMs, we should focus on the wrongdoings of his ministers, since the PM himself still can’t control them after several years.

  36. i dont actually see what is wrong with the poll..after all, there is nothing wrong with saying that the country is progressing too slowly. its better than saying that the country is going backwards.

  37. rose said something duh……
    “It is unfair to compare Singapore with Malaysia. First, think of the size. “. well said blonde.
    IF a country so small can do so much. Think of what it could have been if the same people govern Malaysia. Hmmm its simple math really. if 2 people can chop 10 trees. Then 20 people should be able to chop 10 times as much aint it… Their puny tiny island dont even have water for god sakes. And Yet, we Malaysian, have it all. From petroluem to tin mines.
    But what have we got to show for. Tiny cramped LRT that dont work during thunderstorm. Snatch thief that kick pregnant mums from their bikes? perhaps its the long line of corruption cases. Or maybe,,, just maybe …its the our OH-SO-EQUAL quota system. When certain race get to buy bungalow at discounted price despite the fact its worth millions.
    Some smart alec said.. “you should also ask yourself what you’re doing to contribute to the well-being of the country?”. Well guess what?? Seriously guess what? We did.. we just didnt get enough votes.. Wanna know why? Well since you are a smart alec , i’m sure you can think of it!
    You know the country is screwed when a student that scored a billions A’s in their STPM dont get a place in the local university. You know the country is screwed when practically everyone has a friend that has been a victim of snatch theft/robbery. .. You know its screwed when a petroluem-producing country, raises the price of petroluem 3 times in a year and yet DARE to claim it has made a record profit that year. You know its screwed when the goverment proposed a 450 million sports facility to be built oversea… for a bunch of athletes.. And lastly you know the country has pretty much screwed you when the allegedly 4.3 billion that was SUPPOSEDLY used to upgrade the transportation system just vanished….. ( how about the MATRADE complex, or perhaps the MAS issue, and how about the selling of Augusta, the close one eye minister,.. the bmw driving custom officer?, the no hand-holding in parks… *gawd i can go on forever)
    Seriously guys?? DO you guys read newspapers at all?? Or you guys are still day dreaming?
    I am sure some of you will say ” if you dont like the country so much, just get out lar “.. Well i would have if the darn petrol dont keep raising, the cops dont keep asking money from my business and the damn thief stop stealing from me..
    Fed up it seems.. geez

  38. its allright for people like kenny to vote for the third option. after all, his life isn’t as badly affected by government policies as much as those who are in dire situations. the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer..corruption, deception, you name and the country has got it. heck, while we’re at it, lets throw in the fact that some families are starving, some are trying to make ends meet via crime and con, and many are suffering thanks to racial prejudice..so tell me, what reason do they not have to vote for the second option..its all right for people who can afford to get along comfortably throughout life, but not every lives in that dream world..not everyone lives on the gravy boat.

  39. “i dont actually see what is wrong with the poll..after all, there is nothing wrong with saying that the country is progressing too slowly. its better than saying that the country is going backwards. ”
    hehe if only they gave us that option…

  40. I agree with the 90% of the nation man! I’m surprised it wasn’t a unanimous 100%. Honestly, 49 years down the road, you’d think we’d be so much better off than where we are today. Can’t deny that we’ve come a long way indeed. But there’s still a long way to go, and looking at the speed things are going, who knows if we’d still be alive to see a truly advanced Malaysia? (By the way, I’m in the same age group as you are) Look at what’s happening around us. Crime rates have increase. Expenses have increase (whilst salary has not). We have a lousy traffic system, lousy education system, lousy infrastructure… what more can I say? Look at our ‘beloved’ neighbour S’pore. How long have they been independant for? But look how far they’ve come, and how much they’ve achieved. All of this comes down to efficient, effective, and proper management, which is sadly what M’sia truly lacks.
    PS: I love M’sia, but there’s seriously a whole lotta work that needs to be done here!

  41. 49 years is not a long time but it ain’t all that short either. To say that we have not grown would be a lie but have we developed to our full capacity? Our country is rich with natural resources and we could very well afford to be a self sustaining country but we can’t even do that now… why? Inefficiency of expansion of our economy. After so many cases reported about snatch theft in the SAME FU*KING AREA only they caught those rubbish. What is the main problem? Everyone in the government says that they stand behind their leader 100%, our prime minister. But then again why not, they are teaching us values of loyalty and unity amongst our countrymen, and of course other perks would be the RM 50,000 Mercedes that you can get hot from the Customs oven, and the customs get their state of the art BM Fu*king W, RM800 imported batons and RM200 buttons on their uniform. WTF!!! RM200 buttons?? RM800 baton??? No wonder they dun use it, scared scratch it mar. And all those shits that they talk about the police, first the nude ear squat shit, then the guys who got assaulted in the interrogation room by policemen and the video of police receiving a bribe… what are the updates? See the government now is something like the bush administration. WTC got destroyed and they linked it to the Al-Qaeda and so what did they do? They went after Saddam Hussein, SPECULATING that he has weapons of wedding reception, killed his sons and lock him up in the dungeon where he prays everyday that he does not drop his soap. Two months later, Bush says, ‘Oh ya, that Bin Laid guy, LETS GO KICK HIS ASS AFTER LETTING HIM RUN FOR TWO MONTHS…CHARGGGEEEE’. Malaysian government is the same, saying the video is a fraud, launching attacks on the guy who recorded the nude squats instead of the officer. Take some responsibilities and please make this country what it should be. And one more thing before I end… about the racial unity and equality in the eyes of the government, I only have one word to say… BOLLOCKS!

  42. We have to remind those 90% that: Malaysian are used to blame the government for EVERYTHING, but we can’t see the point that the country is what the people are.
    However, don’t be too positive about our government too, kenny. Maybe it’s just because you haven’t notice who they are.

  43. see what you have done kenny? U started a cyber argument lolz… but still, very creative post..
    i think we have to give our country more credit, after all, we are proud to be malaysians rite?
    There is still room for improvement, but hey, i can name u more than 10 countries that would be very glad to be in our position…


  45. btw people, government has their reasons for doing anything which we might feel that its bad. You’ve got to see things from many different angles. Of course, for the “corrupted” ones… they do it for their benefits. -.-

  46. Few years back undoubtly I would choose C, but now when I became the taxpayer and look at how much has the government done to improve our country using the taxpayers money, I’ll go for B. Not just the main news in The Star, very dissapointed too to read about the news in Metro eg. those wasted facilities like Rakan Muda recreational centre, bad transportation etc… But most dissapointing is still the crime rate. sigh..

  47. I think the real problem that is actually blinded in front of our eyes is, ‘We think we are, but we’re not’
    Political issues are not for us to judge on, it doesnt help much to judge when you are not contributing yourself.
    Sure, the spammers must have been contributing to the 90% polls and in reality, if that is true though, the 90% can easily bring down the country and end up with a messy Indonesia / Philipine administration.
    But we’re not, and we still think we are doing really well, when you ask yourself, where exactly are you heading?
    The vision 2020 is fast approaching, with only 14 more short years to go, what status have we achieved? How far are we from the state where we can confidently identified as ‘Developed’ ?
    From what I can see, we are far from getting there, and everybody is thinking that we are almost there.
    Think again.
    ps: And this entry is a joke and to entertain us, a political joke.

  48. If that’s a real number of people voting, then I think I know why they say we’re maturing too slowly…
    In case you hadn’t noticed the alarming increase in the “lala” style of teenagers, this style was brought on by the onslaught of Japanese anime and the knowledge that their technology is far superior to ours. The temptation to compare our technology and development to those of the Japanese is there, and this might be the reason why these people say “Nolah! Too slow lah!”
    I bet you the voters were mostly teenagers and young adults.

  49. Kenny sia, you only back in kuching like what,2 years now?you don’t know shit. Maybe you’re just trying to be funny, but this is a lousy joke. Show some respect to TDM, perhaps you’re gonna get your ass kick by this entry.

  50. People..
    Malaysia is our breeding land.
    Maybe its not as good as some others, i have seen some of you taking singapore as an example
    like, how developed is it compared to Malaysia
    but HEY ppl!!!!!
    Do u realise 70++% of sg population is chinese..
    and there are only like 4 million in the whole country
    Comparing this to Malaysia,
    Malaysia has like 25++million population
    25-30% are chinese
    The rest consist of other different races
    How do you expect unity to come easily when there r so many races living on one particular land?
    One with so many community..
    and each comm has a considerable number of people in it???
    And every community has different valuation toward issues and everything.
    Like wat i had said in above
    its hard to reach a clear consensus!!!
    Besides, how to develop ur own home country when one is not even interested in developing it?
    its good that we have a say around here.
    Dont we??? =)
    Everyone’s opinion has their own hidden theory though, since we each have a diff social upbringing.
    Right, another reason why we r not reaching an understanding here. haha

  51. i agree with u lansi, but we cannot make it an excuse for not developing as fast as other nations. if we do, it’ll only further hinder our growth.
    my, have it been a long time since i last had a laugh when reading kennysia.com.

  52. hey people, stop comparing with Singapore. It’s unfair to do so. S’pore can be developed within such a short period of time because it’s a country the size of kl. it’s so much easier to manage and organize a small country like that. and plus, you have to consider the quality of the citizens. a lot of Malaysians do not contribute as much as you and me.
    I agree that we’re not developing as fast as a lot of us expects it to be, but why not all of us pause for a while and think about what we can do to help the country instead of criticising and complaining about corruption and things like that when many of us are the ones who are encouraging the act itself?
    So, stop complaining and start putting in some act.

  53. Haha… what do you expect? As just another normal Malaysian citizen I have no interest in these political issues. My issues are more personal:
    1. What has happened to our nation’s safety? Robberies, snatch thiefs, break-ins, murders, rapes; my god! Is it safe to go out anymore?
    2. Equal oportunity? Hello? WHat’s all this racial bullsh*t?
    I am out of here. Hello AUstraliaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  54. Dear Lucy,
    If we should not compare Malaysia to Singapore, then what about Switzeland, Sweden, Norway, Japan or even Veitnam?
    Its not the size that matters, its the policies. Malaysia has more natural resources than Singapore but too many “baggage” to consider to formulate good policies.
    I have been living in Vietnam for 5 years and believe me they are moving forward. Kind of reminds me of China circa 1990 and now. UNBELIEVABLE PROGRESS. Thay had 0km of double carriage highways then and 18,000+km now.
    I feel safer in Vietnam and its a fact. Not ONE robbery of Banks or Goldsmith in the last 29 years!!! 12 murders in 3 months in a nation of 83 million!! Malaysia? 3 a day?
    Come on!!

  55. The online survey may not be representative, because the profile of the online voter is skewed.
    The general characteristics of the survey participant may show: Having access to the Internet, exhibiting an interest in politics, being well-informed in current affairs. This group of people may have greater expectations of the society they live in and move along with technological process and found the overall development pace in Malaysia too slow.
    Because of this, it may not accurately reflect the perspective of the average man on the streets.

  56. Looking through all the comments, my conclusion is…
    Unless you can go and do something about it or make an effort to change the way Malaysia is as you may have proposed, just accept it..unless you make a stand..what can you do bout it? Type so much to put your point across also no point la

  57. I agree with Kevin.
    Next, mad props to you Kenny for blogging what you think. I’m glad you took your own stand. When I reaad you weren’t going to write anything remotely political I was a bit disappointed. Not that you HAVE to write something political, but just that, as this is YOUR space on the net, you should not feel restricted in any way except by the bounds of courtesy and ethics.
    Keep bloggin!

  58. Everyone has his own short comings, so does a country. Even Hong Kong or Singapore have their own problems and politics.
    Anyway, this post seems to be a little harsh at the end mate. It’s funny though.

  59. Malaysia did move forward under AAB…..Do you think we have so many thing reported in newspaper with so many issues(including political)publicly discussed(such as….NOW?) if we are in Dr. M’s era? I highly doubt it.A lot of controversy has been revealed and i am glad it happen….it is a rude awakening from the past but in order to progress, this has to be done…..(so my choice will be the third choice,same as kenny! )

  60. Yea right.. wake up ppl. Can’t compare to Singapore becos SG is like the size of KL? Think about the natural resources man. From all the mines to water, etc. What about our tiny little neighbour? They have nothing, unless you want to talk about resources in the form of manpower; their only 4million large population. How is it not possible that we can’t compare ourselves (our country) to SG? Yes, big we may be but its sad that we don’t do as well as SG with all the resources that we have, comparing the fact that SG loses out to us on almost every form of natural resource.
    I am currently living in SG with my friends and I can go out without any fear of getting robbed. When I am back in M’sia, I seriously don’t know what will happen to me or even to my car. The crime rate in M’sia is horrible IMO and I’d better not touch on the corruption part. Kenny, you yourself are guilty of bribing a cop isn’t it?
    Regarding the picture on DM, com’on, you ought to give that man some credit. Even in Singapore, I have got friends telling me that they are not happy with their nation’s current system. So I guess, even if we’re doing as well as SG, we can’t make everyone happy.

  61. you should take a look at other parts of the country, not just the major cities.
    i hail from sandakan, sabah. power shortage is still a major problem. it happens at least once a month.
    and don’t forget all the illegal immigrants that are all over the place. it’s fine if they keep to themselves but they’re committing crimes most of the time and who are the victims? the locals.
    pay sabah a long visit if you have the time.

  62. If you compare development in terms of infrastructure, YES – we have developed much over the past 49 years.
    If you compare racial harmony between the citizens, NO – we have gone backwards because we have more racist people now (though they may not pick a fight) due to the racist policies around.
    If you compare moral values and ethics – N0 – we have also gone backwards. Corruption is rife. Vandalism is common and crime rate has increased. Just ask yourself whether you feel safe living in a house without grilles fixed or without locking the doors / gate.
    Our country is blessed with so much natural resources and intellegent people (many of our scholars do well overseas). However, we have not been good stewards of these blessings.
    Rather than investing on the moral values and ethics of the citizens so as to create a nation of righteous people (or at least, the majority), we have spent billions after billions on infrastructure which goes to waste as the citizens are not capable of maintaining them.
    We should not be comparing ourselves with nations which do not seem to be as “developed” as us. We should really look at ourselves and see whether we have used our potential to the fullest. That will be the yardstick for our development.

  63. There are countries that govern and organized by reasonable people with equal opportunity; equal form of education systems; walfare system; and medical checkup for their citizens tends to do better than countries that mess up. Malaysia is one of the countries that are developing far slower, due to its “unequilibrium” techniques use to managed its ethnicity. you know what i mean.
    Never compare the size of its entities to its opportunities to manage its mass.
    Singapore is small and it is competitive to Korea(in some way). Japan is tiny and it is massive in brain power, compare to Africa(yeah.. a continent with nothing developed, blah blah blah…). Malaysia should be competitive with Korea(finished the Korean war late 1950s and still managed to do better than Malaysia), Taiwan(constantly afraid of China attack and still doing better than Malaysia). Then wtf did Malaysia do in these many years that cannot competitive with these other tine countries. Let’s talk about Netherland, Switzeland, England, New Zealand… “malaysia” is tiny compare to them. Malaysia can do much better if they are providing its citizens same opportunities as it is to its kind. Good luck Malaysia.

  64. Your comments on the vote is something new for me too!
    Enlightening in fact.
    And I understand that the picture of Dr. M is put there for a laugh. Still, I would like to say, Dr. M deserve our outmost respect. Certainly, he is a stubborn old man. BUT, because of his adamant attitude and focused long view, he has truly modernized Malaysia and changed a lot of view from others about us, Malaysians.
    I really hope that people reading your comment would not have a biased attitude against one of the truly great Prime Minister of our time.

  65. i cant believe that I hear ppl comparing SG and m’sia. Its unfair and no not towards sg but towards m’sia.
    Get real, M’sia is so big compared to SG. So wad if we have resources, the country have to apportion it to so many other states.
    SG is small, so they can concentrate everything within their small island, the leaders here have to focus on so many states. why not say indonesia, so big oso wad, so rich in resources bla bla bla.
    Just like in exams if u take only 1 paper and score like hell, so wad, as opposed to one who took 13 papers and did ok for all.
    Ppl are never satisfied and the grass is always greener on the other side. I have frens from other not so fortunate countries tat tells me they dun get wad are m’sians complaining abt. Open our eyes and see the big picture.
    We are not bad after all. (3rd choice)
    FYI: We are the 18th richest country in the world
    We are the no.1 semiconductor maunfacturer in the world. Latest chips used by Microsoft(eg Centrino) and the US military(eg. Patriot missiles) are actually produced by our Penang boys.
    Of course there are plenty of rooms for improvement, corruption, crime rates, economy.. and we are far away from being truly developed but i believe we ought to give at least a teeny weeny credit to the current administration efforts.
    90% is simply outrageous.

  66. interesting post !!
    i think we’re doing fine …infact quite ok considering we are a MULTI RACIAL country..
    but we certainly need the urgency to improve..

  67. LOLZ!!!
    I love the animation!!!
    It’s so apt to describe e whole situation!!!
    It used to be him criticising Singapore and always changing his stand. Make it worse, with all the twisted media reports, Malaysia-Singapore relationship turned sour…
    Now, everyone knows who is e ‘bad guy’ who always wanna try to be funny and attract attention…

  68. eee! Dr.M’s hands so smooth de!! the body so like down syndrome de! hahaha!
    I VOTE FOR : no! we’re maturing too slowly! our gov so corrupted one! of course cannot advance lo! advance also like snail trying to move from point A to point B that is 5mm apart that takes 24hrs to get to point B!

  69. I personally think we’re doing fine. We might not be perfect but at least we ARE getting somewhere. Every developing country has its own hiccups. People who live here tend to take things for granted. Developing a country takes time. Especially in a multicultural society. Some countries gain their independance much earlier than ours but are still no where near us in terms of development. Not even develop nations like Hk, Sg and those in the west are perfect. Ask their citizens and they tell you they have their own problems too. Be grateful that you live in a country like ours. There are many unluncky citizens in this world who would give up everything just to be in our place. I believe we are in the right direction. We might be slow, but that doesn’t mean we are not in the right direction. If running a country is as easy as some of you say it is, then go join the election and get elected. If not then just be content that you are not living in some war torn country…
    *By d way, this is my 1st and also my last post.

  70. Ok this is stupid of me but here are some data:
    Norway (4.6 million people) – GDP US$180 billion
    Singapore (4.2 million people) – GDP US$107 billion
    Malaysia (25 million people) – GDP US$100 billion
    The Singapore economy has actually bypassed Malaysia now!

  71. seriously this is another one of your bad jokes …
    i dont see where is the funny part making fun of the Tun …
    think of something else la, u are running out of ideas man …

  72. i have a feeling most people who voted are chinese 30-years-old-and-above men heh heh heh
    i would vote the same as the 90%, not that i don’t think abdullah badawi is not a good PM. in fact, i respect the man. i just think that he took over the country a little too late – when our country has already gone too far down to be saved. if anything, i don’t think the 90% results is caused by that man above clicking ‘no’ multiple times. instead, i think he IS the cause why 90% of voters clicked ‘no’ 😛 but this is getting too political, so i shan’t elaborate on my views! hah!

  73. that’s mean… quite disappointing that you would disfigure dr.m in this kinda way… anyway the present administration is not the cause of 49 years of slow maturity, and definitely not dr.m’s administration
    and only a total of 3366 votes?!! you can barely call that the result of a research

  74. To : ChungChin
    Your example shows that your name is not real.
    “1 paper and score like hell, so wad, as opposed to one who took 13 papers and did ok for all.”
    Sure its fine if you have one paper and score like hell, compared to the other that took 13 and did ok.
    However its not so ok if you have one paper, no pencil, no calculator, no books, no eraser, and you still get to score like hell. Compared to another that took 13 that has everything ..including a lecturer,professor,gf that is giving bj next to him and still doing ok…
    I dare to say if Spore administration were to govern Malaysia, we wont be so screwed. Of course if you wanna compare with even worst country like Indonesia then i do agree we are doing pretty well.
    Then again why would a fat man compare to a fatter guy aint it. Its like being a fat guy while having lotsa gym equipment. Then saying outloud that there is another FATTER guy out there and he has EVEN more gym equipment. Instead , why dont we try to emulate the six packed lean guy thats has no gym equipment at all.
    Hmm… sometimes i do suspect the IQ of some of the ppl that post here.. Please if your IQ is low try not topost anything and then disguising your name.. Its sick… really

  75. kenny, this time you have crossed the line. it’s a bad joke that you put TDM’s pic there. while i think AAB did ok, TDM did raise some issue that is relevant and for the good of the country. hope you don’t post this sort of sensitive issue next time.

  76. funny how kl is a far cry from singapore considering how there’s so much talk about the size in comparison.
    someone should seriously do something to the transportation system.

  77. Lets not compare to other countries yet. Take a look at the following:-
    1) The successor and predecessor having fencing game for the whole world to watch
    2) We have leaders and members of parliament debate issues on others people wedding (e.g. Datuk K and Siti) in the parliament
    3) We have local councils who performed ‘the-shit-hit-the-fan-again’ all the time
    4) We have state-of-the-art airport with a state-of-the-shit toilets, we have LRTs (long retarded trains), we get to experienced rubbish floating around our knees during thunderstorms, we have unlimited tolls lanes, etc etc
    5) We have policeman who took bribe while wearing the ‘Saya Anti-Rasuah’ badge on their uniform because they are getting peanuts as salary thus no able to pay for their teh tarik. Which policeman would want to go after snatch thieves with no extra income!
    6) We have Police dept who one day decided to reduce fine and cabinet turned it around the next day
    7) We have government who encouraged future medical students to take up forestry study in local universities
    8) We have other countries offering scholarships to our students but not own country because of the quota thing
    9) We have Mat-Rempits as future leaders
    10) We have all the best people living in other countries
    We are definitely progressing! As long as we close our eyes and don’t give a damn who is in front or chasing up from behind! We will get there … slowly!

  78. political arguments. Oh boy, you had crossed the line. Better delete it or block the comments or it will be a free for all sooner or later. Which might get ugly. Basically, everything has a 2 sides of a coin guys. Maybe it’s the sudden influx of bad news that’s affecting the vote. But bad news is still better than no news at all when information is so vital at this age.

  79. Ppl are comparing m’sia with singapore. Look at the crime rate that are much more lower than m’sia. Bear in mind how big singapore is. Is much more easier to control a small area than huge area. I understand AAB promise a lot of thing during the election but do understand that all those promises cannot be fulfill in one day times. Don’t forget m’sia is still a developing country k. No country is near perfect for what i know.

  80. haha, i actually found it funny, great photoshopping. you know, i think dr m would smile himself if he read this entry, so why all the hating?
    people getting mad over a joke.. its sad, really.

  81. my god kenny, either you made the comments based on insufficient information or that’s how u really think, you are wayy off man…
    under TDM, I am proud to say with my head held high, whenever I meet foreigners, that I am a Malaysian, and I am proud of my leader who have the courage to take risks and put us in the world map.
    Looking at AAB now, we go from hitech and IT to …wait for it..AGRICULTURE!!! and this guy does not have a tiny peck of courage to carry out what he said, only said pandai, when comes to do, keep quiet. Look at all the scandals involving his family, all he said is I DON’t KNOW!! Ans he’s the finance minister and home minister, not to mention the PM for crying out loud.
    Anyone who thinks we are better off now compared to TDM times, come-on lar, read the star, and independent news online, you’ll see we are much much worse now. media freedom, corruption fighting, education, healthcare, all down the drain.
    man, I’m just so pissed and confused abt those who revered AAB. It’s PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE he sleeps in cabinet meetings k>???? He does not have visions, wisdom, nor the experience, and he’s ungrateful..Mahathir, for whtever flaws he has, compared to AAB, he’s an angel…

  82. i certainly will choose the 2nd one..
    Tun M is the only garmen people that i respect in my whole life (talking bout the garmen since my schooling days)..
    he brought us KLIA..brought us up after the 1997 economy crisis..and whole lots more just to name a few..
    recently, he did some kinda retaliates with the garmen policies or whatever..
    but hey..do u think he will do what if the garmen now didn’t bombard him with lots of harsh comments..like what u did with the pic..
    all of them r just acting in a way to please another..just look at rafidah..
    when Tun M announced to step down during 2002’s UMNO AGM, she cried la..this la..that la..said dun step down la..itu la..ini la..
    but after Tun M stepped down, all guns blazing at Tun M..and rafidah was the 1st few to do that..wtf..
    Tun M not controlling the garmen anymore..ofcoz la dun wanna carry his shoes anymore..the Lala is talking now..
    U walk the lala walks and talk the lala talks..

  83. The big guys up there already start having “if you don’t like, get out from Malaysia” mentality. I am quite surprised it isn’t 100%. It’s supposed to be 100%. The 10% is basically those BN cronnies kept on clicking the mouse, not Mahathir. Good try BN, they just make it to 90%. LOL

  84. Oh my gosh, there is so many comments that I read til headache! And I haven’t even completed.
    I would have voted C. With all the resources that we have, Msia could have done alot better.
    I luv my country so much, so far. But it is discouraging.
    p/s Stop bribing??? I seriously need to think abt it. :p

  85. Yes.. the country is moving rather slowly.. look at Singapore. It achieved the same time of Merdeka as we do, but that small tiny island could boast their economy worldwide – why? Because they recognized the potential in human resource and skills and talents, not skin color.
    BTW, I saw an ad in the Star yesterday looking for people with hairy legs.. something to do with starring in a movie ala LOTR. Maybe you can give it a shot. Heh!

  86. i think someone should stick up for kenny here. number one: this is his blog, he can say anything he damn likes, and none of his readers have a right to judge him.
    2. i think kenny derserves to expect a lot less than 90% on number 2. i’ll interpret that as optimistic nationalism.
    3. if he has the balls to put up the pictures he puts up, the least you can do is respect his courage.
    his political views are his own.

  87. TDM is the truly PM for MALAYSIANS, not just for one race, like the current administration. The garmen now only know how to play racial cards to get political mileage, don;t care abt rakyat. Just look at the cabinet ministers fighting EVERYFCUKING DAY in newspaper!! Most popular phrase:
    1. We must be united, then
    2. Chinese no good, Malay no good or Indian no good, then
    3. Eh, I was misintepreted!, then
    4. Mogok, resign, resign, u din do enuf for us…
    In TDM time, remember how he has repeatedly ask the special privilege to be abolished, althouygh this means malay will support him less, cos he KNOWS what’s good for the country! so that we can fight and learn from each other, else one race will always be left behind cos too comfortable.
    Bangsa Malaysia? don’t make me laugh…

  88. staying overseas, i don´t get to read local newspaper so only read star online everyday (which belongs to the government like the rest of the media industry) it has just occured to me that all the reports today are about Mat Rempit here, Mat Rempit there, Puteri Umno dealings with Mat Rempit. What happened to all the snatch thieves report? no one got killed so it´s not worth mentioning?!? there´s a comment which states how G. Bush beat ard the bush regarding the issue on Osama. Could this be just another attention diverter too? since when has Mat Rempit caused an even bigger problem than Mat Snatch Pencuri?
    i agree with kenny that we´ve came a long way, but i also agree with the 90% because for many who have voted, how many of them have actually lived more than 49years? How many of them were here to really felt and saw how from Malaya we transformed to Malaysia till where we are today?
    TDM supporters, which other PMs did you have to compare with? almost 20 years as PM, i bet many of you hv grown up under his term as PM. Although, I must say he has done a great job. But do you also know he was once kick-out from UMNO for opposing TAR?
    How many of us know the whole picture? i can only laugh also at my own naivety. Most of the m´sian ppl commenting here i assume are youths below their 30s, maybe max 35 (since you guys read blogs :P) so am i. It´s because during this period of time, we slowly comprehend the hidden truth of many agendas, which we might probably never fathom, and hence, this IT generation feels esp. disappointed of the government, as if it was something new (which is for them) but actually….it has been going on…for a long time now i assume… nothing to do with AAB.

  89. i feel sad that there r pig-headed,racist politicians sitting in parliament who champion for their own race at the expense of national unity,and feel no need to apologise 4 it.
    i feel sad that there r people in my country who die at the hands of snatch thefts.
    i feel sad that the fact is, scholarships are handed out based on our ethinicity, not academic quality.
    i feel sad that we are placing more focus on turning mat rempits into “national assets” than appreciating the national assets we ALREADY have.
    i feel sad that nowadays it is more likely for malays and chinese to be whispering behind each other’s backs than eating from the same plate,using the same cutlery.
    it’s sad that after decades of being told to shut up, msian youths are now politically dumb.
    but all in all, i still love this country with my life. why?
    because only people who love their country are willing to work and improve it.
    which is worth much more than spouting rhetoric about all the unfairness in this country.
    ~from a reasonably aware 18 yr old university student~

  90. “i think someone should stick up for kenny here. number one: this is his blog, he can say anything he damn likes, and none of his readers have a right to judge him.
    2. i think kenny derserves to expect a lot less than 90% on number 2. i’ll interpret that as optimistic nationalism.
    3. if he has the balls to put up the pictures he puts up, the least you can do is respect his courage.
    his political views are his own. ”
    1. GCB, yes this is Kenny’s blog, and he can say what he pleases, but it’s a public blog as well, as Kenny has allowed all to contribute thoughts, and we have all the rights to disagree. If you can’t argue intelligently, be different but still united,go join the cabinet. it’s the perfect place.
    2. Optimistic nationalism? Try realistic nationalism.
    3. If I have the balls to slap u in the face, can u at least respect my courage? I’m not belittling Kenny here, and the analogy sucks I know, but at least I know that. Please be a man and argue intelligently. You can’t expect everyone to respect anyone who dare to do anything.
    All I’m saying is we must right what’s wrong, and the current garmen is wronging wat’s right.

  91. scarletears,
    You have just summed up probably the best arguement here…
    Also, I am more and more inclined to go against my better judgement and plunge into the abyss that is politics.
    There r 2 things the oppositions should do now :
    1. Just put candidates in 40% of the constituents, focus ALL The energy and money there. This way, they can tell everyone, Opposition can NEVER be the garmen, cannot control the country, but ATLEAST they can deny 2/3 majority in parliment!! This way we have checks and balance, then BN won;t siau siau lai!!
    2. Have a mirror cabine tin opposition, for each minister BN has in garmen, opposition must have 1, to fully concentrate to do checks and balance on everything in the ministry.
    Apart from that , IPCMC must go on, meritocracy must go on.
    With these ideas, can anyone tell me why anyone would be against them?
    I really hope I can love Malaysia like I did before 3 years ago…

  92. Yes Kuching is peaceful, but underneath the still water, crocodiles are feasting.
    Who does not know the whole sarawak is controlled by 1 family and their members? who robbed and raped the land that is so rich and futile (i feel a bit yucky saying that for some reason :-))
    sarawak is there to deliver BN victory in the general election, just like johor. else why would AAB fly to Kuching BEFORE he announce the cabinet lineup last time?
    Most people do not have access to internet (could be intentional?) cos all the truth and alternative news are in there. The garmen can control printed media and TV, but they have made commitment not to control the internet (else MSC will fall flat humpty dumpty style). This is where we need to push for Internet penetration to rural areas and internet literacy, but is this done?> NO!! why? now u know why…
    anothe thir..mat rempit is an ASSET to the country??? we cannot talk abt religions publicly?chinese schools funding are restricted from the garmen? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY COUNTRY????

  93. im among the 90%.i live in a small town named kapit in sarawak. imagine that there is still no road connecting us with nearby area such as sibu. for all i know is that government easily took all the timber from our area for their own sake and i dunno where is our money???

  94. i’ll alwes be choosing the 2nd choice….y??? developements only happens to the west…wad bout kuching??? and hell….we still get 3% of our oil money and the rest is given to the west….WTF maaan…..besides that….corruption still goin on…not just the police but sumone higher too…but im not goin to go deep into this…..
    anyway….we are maturing too damn freakin slow….

  95. Politics are best left to the politicians. We, as citizens and voters, can change things around with our votes in the next general elections, if we are not satisfied. When the time of general elections drawing near, and political candidates are campaigning how good they are or what they have done, don’t be fooled by them, ok? Have YOUR SAY in the ballot box, NOT on Kenny’s blog.

  96. I agreed on when you said we are not too bad, we will get there eventually. How sure are you my friend? 🙂 Malaysia is one of the wealthiest countries in ASEAN, with this money we are able to enjoy many world class facilities and infrastructures.
    But please convince me, government’s initiative and enthusiasm towards Technology advanced country is way too upsetting. Streamyx for example, complain about their service is never ending. Please bear in mind, they are monopolizing the Broadband service in Malaysia ATM and yet, with the renevue they generate. They couldn’t get the connection at its best. Time to think about.
    Mahathir, I don’t get it. I know he’s a legend in Malaysia’s development. No doubt about it.. I recognize all his wonderful deeds to push Malaysia into a new height. BUT DO CONVINCE ME… Why on earth he’s yapping his mouth like nobody’s business. He obviously has the right to critic gov. adminstration, but not when he was caught red-handed about his projects were wasting government money.
    Kenny, if you want to post this kind of entry, please at least try to be serious. 🙂

  97. I think some of the people here have been living in a well for god knows how long.
    There is nothing wrong with this post. It is DOCILE compared to many other blog contents out there.
    I am so sick of people always being afraid of ISA so they refuse to even comment even a bit at all about Malaysian politics.
    I’ll give Kenny his credit when it’s due because at least he spoke his mind in his own capacity even though I do not agree with his views completely.
    Enough of this ISA nonsense. Everyone should speak their mind without fear from despots.
    Things will never change if you don’t start with the first step of speaking out.
    You’ll forever remain in the rut and allow these dictators to divide and conquer by stroking racial/religious flames.
    Conquer your fears and speak out against the establishment!

  98. careful there kenny…the next time u choke…dr M might just decide not to hand u the pack of yeo’s
    As for Dr.M …you just have to love him for questioning things….its just like having a Kim beazley in malaysia, it keeps the government on their toes. which is good ppl !!! We have to question the garmen all the time….not sit back and obey like mindless creatures.

  99. The thing with Malaysia is that we could have been so much better.. our geographical location and abundance of natural resources are second to none.
    If not for the incompetent government/discrimnatorial racial policies… we would be well ahead of countries like South Korea and Taiwan by now.
    But I guess things could have been worse… so you take what you get, which is not all that bad.

  100. Do let’s not compare ourselves to nation-states with less than 10 million citizens or those without a plethora of resources to call upon. yet are so much more politically mature or advanced compared to us. THey’re so much more efficient in making use of what they have. We’ll just have to muddle along. /sarcasm
    I’ve more or less given up on seeing a more equitable and efficient system in Malaysia for the foreseeable future. Cleaning up this mess would be like cleaning the Augean Stables…You need a Heracles.

  101. “Are these the same ninety percent who voted our ruling party into government?
    What exactly is going on?”
    Why does the ruling party win all the time? It’s not like we have the luxury of choosing a better party. Its the best we have to offer in our country.
    However, it does not translate to ” they are doing a good job”

  102. Oh goodness, that picture of him clicking repeatedly made me laugh SO HARD.
    (this is the first time I am reading your blog and until now I always thought you were Singaporean =x my bad)

  103. Kenny, the total votes of 3366 hardly represent the views and opinions every single registered voters in Malaysia. THIS IS WHAT’S GOING ON, KENNY!!!

  104. The Star vote represents the Star readership, which is predominently English educated non-Malays.
    Do the survey in say Utusan Melayu, you will get a different responce.
    Contentment in this country will run along a well demarkated line: depending whether you on the giving or receiving end.

  105. look at miri.. brunei cars being stolen, break the windows and steal all the belongings.. report to police.. they say ‘i can help u take back your car.. give me a sum of money la’… what ***** is this? i guess its just like singaporeans in JB? i dont know… sigh~ malaysia malaysia.. when can i see better improvement?

  106. Nice post Kenny. For the record, I chose the 2nd option.
    We’re progressing, but not fast enough. We could have done and could do much more.
    By maturing too slowly, I’m not really talking about tangibles like material wealth or facilities or other things like that.
    I’m really talking about the social/cultural/mental aspects of the country. Look at some of the comments above for example.
    Some people don’t agree with you. What do they do? They attack you and call you names first, and only after that do they present their points (if any)
    Does this represent maturity? What can you say when people don’t understand satire?
    Other examples I can think of are racist politics, narrow minded conservatives and corrupt government officials, which are sadly still very easy to find these days.
    I could go on and on…

  107. We must have some due respect to TDM. wihtout him, we will even be progressing slower man. and most of us are right. just look at the bright side, yes we might still be lagging behind many countries but we shoud be proud and do something. not just complaining about all things that are wrong. ask what you can do for your country and not what the country can do for you.

  108. with “them” as our leader??? no way… they just pushing all the chinese out from this country… in fact… we are neither 1st class or 2nd class citizen in thsi country… we r no class to them.. watever belongs to them.. they keep it.. watever it is public..they take it.. and watever we got.. they also want to take it from us.. Abdullah Badawi still not that serious.. but read my lips.. when those young leader coming up.. we will be very suffer.. look at the “J.K”..the son in law of Bdw….if u following news.. u no M’sia has no future!!!!

  109. What has Mahathir done but shit? In Mahathir 22 years resign as PM, there are bound to be crisis. In the 1980s, UMNO was declared illegal, sacked the Lord President Tun Salleh Abbas and several Supreme Court Judges, took out Operation Lalang on people who opposes him under ISA, in the 1990’s sacked Anwar Ibrahim as Deputy PM, and charged and imprisoned him under some dubious allegations.
    Mahathir was losing politcal supports in the 1999 general elections. PAS was gaining popularity in the Malay voters until the Sept 11 2001 terrorist attacks on the US soil. Mahathir played a religion sentiment where he managed to get non-Malay supports and moderate muslim malays in the 2004 general election. Then he step down.
    Now he wants rock the boat again as he is adamant he wants to see Abdullah Badawi build a new bridge to replace the Causeway bridge. He even announce publicly that he would not stop(even though someone spray something into his eyes) until and unless the present adminstration changes their policy to build the new bridge.
    Well, I hope in this decade, 2000-2009, would not happened another crisis. If a crisis really happened in this decade, then I have no doubt that Mahathir truly deserved the “FATHER SCUM” award in Malaysia.

  110. Quoting from the V for Vendetta movie:-
    “People should not be afraid of the government, but the government should be very afraid of it’s people instead.”
    Oh by the way Kenny, you are more ignorant than you looked.

  111. I’d choose C… We may be laggin behind in many (MANY) areas. But U gotta take into account that it isn’t that easy for a country divided for so long (ethnically speaking) to progress like a bullet train.
    My opinion is that: As long as there are still stone-age-brained Malaysians living their lives based on ethnic chauvinism, the progress will never gain enough speed to surpass the likes of “better” developed nations. Of course, there are other reasons as to why we are progressing slowly (but steadily)… but the main cause would be the one I mentioned.. the mentality of the Citizens of M’sia. Like Kenny, I’m part of the younger generation and I hope by the time we become the backbone of the country, we would be able to achieve what our predecessors have failed (or partly failed :P).
    Yes, there is the “makan suap” normality and the alarming crime rate… We cannot improve if we don’t believe that we can in the first place.
    Change the mentality of citizens(roots.. a.k.a. children – upbringing), the civil servants and the leaders will follow suit. Eradicate Racism and Corruption.
    ~Stop bickering.. start acting!
    Heheh.. Never really enjoyed reading anything related to politics (such as those cluttered along this comment section)… Still, good post Kenny! I love your blog, and my country at that.

  112. as a reaction to dr´s comment…
    i´ve not lived long enough to be able to know what your allegations are all about, except for the Anwar Ibrahim kena sacking :p at that time i have to look into the dictionary to find out what sodomy was 😉
    So to highlight to all of you guys:
    TIME, issue date: September 11, 2006
    Article: “Who will Replace Kofi?” pg. 13
    quote: “Other possible candidates are former Malaysian Deputy PM Anwar Ibrahim and two contenders to be the first female Secretary General: Singaporean Ambassador to Waschington Chan Heng Chee-said to be a U.S. favourite- and New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark.”
    For Anwar to be named among the same ranks as the other people listed there…
    Is the whole world blind?!?
    Or are we the ones who were blind?!?
    Or perhaps many of us have chosen to close TWO eyes…
    Ich bin eine Hase, ich weiss von Nichts…

  113. Were you really shock or just being “polite”, I mean ignorant?
    We have done lots of stuff in the past 49 years BUT not all the right stuff. Just as it says, “relatively speaking”. Relative to what? What are we being compared against?
    Having material wealth and big developments is generally a good sign of progress BUT not necessary an indication of a mature mind.
    To move forward, the nation has to be color blind and also to be entertain by folks like yourself.

  114. First of all, as someone else has said, the survey results are probably skewed because the subjects choose themselves. The ones bothered to answer the poll are, firstly, able to access the internet freely, and are more likely to be outspoken in the first place.
    Secondly, because the survey is unrepresentative, then it cannot speak for those people who were not represented in the poll, either way. I.E. those whose profiles were not asked in sufficient numbers may turn out to be more in favour of A, B or C – we don’t know. So, for instance someone says that running this survey in Utusan would give completely different results. That is making a big assumption. People of all races or language preferences may show the same degree of discontentment, for various reasons. We simply do not know.

  115. dear dr.
    when i said “we”, i refered to we as malaysians, when all that scandals took place.
    and… nah…my dad isn´t exactly the person you would like to discuss politics with…
    he would just say: “Just get a sub-machine gun, make a sweep and everything will be over”
    the same applies for all hypocrite crooks, like Bush, wicked businessmen, and the list goes on 😉
    it won´t work and shouldn´t be done too!!!
    he´s just saying it jokingly though, readers out there, don´t take this seriously, n report me of inciting any violence act =p

  116. Tun DR M deserve the upmost respect.
    Yup, he’s complaining but it’s for the good.
    He had done so much for the country that brought us to where we are today.
    His sarcastic remarks will definitely bring us far.
    coz’ Abdullah will finally realise wat his poor administration has been doing all these while and will try his very best to prove that he’s as good as Tun Dr. M too.
    coz nobody else would dare to voice out their opinion as LOUD as Tun Dr. M.
    so, all cheers for Tun Dr M!!! *clap clap*

  117. Tun DR M deserve the upmost respect.
    Yup, he’s complaining but it’s for the good.
    He had done so much for the country that brought us to where we are today.
    His sarcastic remarks will definitely bring us far.
    coz’ Abdullah will finally realise wat his poor administration has been doing all these while and will try his very best to prove that he’s as good as Tun Dr. M too.
    coz nobody else would dare to voice out their opinion as LOUD as Tun Dr. M.
    so, all cheers for Tun Dr M!!! *clap clap*

  118. had tried to vote on the star online voting page. the site got a loophole that allows the same ip address to vote again and again..and the vote is counted… conclusion, the results might not be true.

  119. Yes, you don’t want Kenny’s blog to undergo the same treatment as Jeff Ooi’s after P. Gunasegaram’s little bout of gun-hysteria. ;p

  120. I would say yeah, we have not really grown in proportion with the amount of years that we have grown from gaining independance.
    I wouldn’t really place blame on our dear ex-PM. He was good. Badawi is also good.
    I just think that we have not really grown that much because of the peoples attitude. Plus our government services are not really efficient and our views of improvement in the country are almost always taken in a ‘tidak apa’ attitude that it’s pushed aside without thought making us stunted inadvertantly.

  121. It is most regrettable for S’wak to join Malaysia. Do we deserved to be marginalized by this Malays Nationalist? Do we deserved to accept the islamization of our whole country?
    Looking at our schools and you could have all the answers to what is where we are and where we are heading, is a total shame that after 49 years schools like Penang Free Sch once consider similar class as Raffles institution of S’pore fall to today’s state. I am not too sure how many Malaysian can rationalize the situation of this two institution at our present time.
    In 1969 the ratio of Chinese to Malays is “4 people work for the other 5 to enjoy” but when 2020 comes it will be “1 person work for 8 persons to enjoy??” WTF…you believe this is sustainable? Kenny? How much did you receive to put up this posting?
    The country is going to the dogs and I have left my country of origin but on 01.01.20 12:00noon I will drop my sarong on Merdeka Square if Malaysia is to achieve Wawasan 2020.

  122. I think a lot of people are delusional or don’t understand what does the nation’s progress means. The progress of the nation depends on its people, and if the people keep sulking and complaining its the GOVERNMENT’S fault, then we are definitely not going to progress. The ration of the people in the admistration is small compared to the general citizen. The nation success begins with individuals. If you want malaysia to be rich, be a society of entrepreneurs. U want to be a smart nation, have a thirst for knowledge. Not sulk and complain all day!!
    Considering the overall economic growth and political stability, i would say we are not too bad off. With Lexus dealership coming in and Luxury brands being introduced, i’d say the spending power of malaysians have increased also. But i think more effort needs to be taken to upgrade the living standards of people in rural areas

  123. kengfai, lhs, Sarah, m’sian, caryn, 111, – There comment are simply foolish and crops of 49 years of Malays Nationalist administration whom are living next door to the devils.
    Some of the people who understand the real issue are Chia, scarletears, on-and-off, lovejapaneseboys.
    It is most regrettable for S’wak to join Malaysia. Do we deserved to be marginalized by this Malays Nationalist? Do we deserved to accept the islamization of our whole country?
    Looking at our schools and you could have all the answers to what is where we are and where we are heading, is a total shame that after 49 years schools like Penang Free Sch once consider similar class as Raffles institution of S’pore fall to today’s state. I am not too sure how many Malaysian can rationalize the situation of this two institution at our present time.
    In 1969 the ratio of Chinese to Malays is “4 people work for the other 5 to enjoy” but when 2020 comes it will be “1 person work for 8 persons to enjoy??” more like “1 person work and 8 person fight” WTF…you believe this is sustainable?
    Who pays for the Son-in-law to Oxford? Tax payer? Who pay the tax? The Malays? WTF! Now he is coming after the Chinese, the one who pays his school fees. The dog is biting the owner who fed him!
    The country is going to the dogs and I have left the country but on 01.01.20 12:00noon I will drop my sarong on Merdeka Square if Malaysia is to achieve Wawasan 2020.

  124. screw all of u patriotic malaysians lah.
    everyday ask us dont compare with sg what shit. always change the situation so you can make msia sound like such a good place. dont be blind please. what the people say before is true, sg doesn’t even have anything, no natural resources, even need to get water from msia. then u say they are so small that’s y can be managed easier.. suckers.. look at the other countries which are bigger and better than us.. there’s so many!
    the worst thing is, u guys even dare to compare with countries WORST than us. compare worst can progress? everyday say ‘at least we don’t have malapetaka’ blabla what shit la. u guys deserve every malapetaka u guys get. soon, we’ll be comparing ourselves with india and ghana just to make u pathetic ppl feel better.
    bloody country already gone wrong since their bumiputera policy.
    screw bumiputera-ness! some-race very good is it?! my kajian tempatan teacher told us some-race is bumiptr cos some-race was here first. PFFT!! Just cos population biggest, doesn’t mean some-race was here first! what have they done?? nothing! can’t even defend our bloody country.
    study KT always say the some-race people who fight in war last time ALWAYS ALWAYS ‘terpaksa melarikan diri ke pedalaman’ what the fck is that?! people fight until they die and u run away just to save ur bloody skin. cowards. at least if u deserve ur bumiptr ness i nt so angry, but here u have done NOTHING and u just reap the benefits.
    MY FAMILY, the TAXPAYERS where do our money go? build ur racial monuments, pay for ur childrens education, pay for all ur stuff. what did we get?
    the education, where everything starts, is screwed in the first place. can’t even have better schools. teachers don’t even teach properly, so bloody lazy and not even dedicated. thnks to you, they can’t even speak a word of english. so called science and maths now in english, why the teacher come in still speak in malay? even in ENGLISH lesson!
    im only a 14-yr old student.. scold me all u want, say i have no rights to comment cause i don’t know what blabla crap.. some even off topic coz i get too angry dunno talk until where.. well guess what. I’m lucky cause i escaped msia early, im nw studying overseas, better than u patriotic asses rotting away in a make believe world 😀

  125. The rift between Mahatir and Badawi need to be settle fast, this is because in the long run it will be detrimental to Malaysia development progress. I do love Malaysia but because of Bumiputera policy makes me wonder, did the Governemnt ever think before they say Malaysia is moving toward democracy?? Or this democracy will only be applicable to Bumiputera??

  126. kenny, you know nothing about politic so keep your mouth shut. Go through your brain first, before you say anything, of course, if you have brain in the first place. Keep your blog to review Osim, not politic, everybody love it.

  127. The animation’s not funny. Kenny, you so smart, go build KLIA semualah! Apa ni, dari IT to Agriculture? Don’t say progressing slowly la, we digressing!
    And what’s with the S’pore/M’sia comparisons? I’ll tell you the difference between Singapore and Malaysia.
    They drink sewage water, we don’t.

  128. To akira-rae
    So you are proud of we don’t drink sewage water?
    For your info, their sewage water is cleaner than your pipe water, try dirnk your pipe water without any filtration.

  129. ‘The country is going to the dogs and I have left the country but on 01.01.20 12:00noon I will drop my sarong on Merdeka Square if Malaysia is to achieve Wawasan 2020’
    I guess by that time it’s not u will have to drop your sarong.. it’s the time when all the so called MALAYSIAN GUYS will have to be circumsized and the little piece of skin will be made to daging salai by the ‘M*L*Y brothers’ company. This is the malaysia’s wawasan 2020 in the muslims’ view.

  130. Malaysia is a great country, but yeah, I would also vote for “maturing too slowly”. On the other hand, you have an 80-year old ex-PM who behaves like he is in kindergarten. So what else could you expect from the country when the ex-PM behaves like that.

  131. hah…i read this article recently, about how people just don’t trust results of experiments if they have their own prejudices (kinda can link with surveys lah)
    (uh. i’m *really* not dissing, just an interesting article). i’d have voted with the 90% though 😛

  132. Only losers will say that not fair to compare SG and MY just because of the size..that is an excuse. Why US is many times as big but they can still become the strongest nation in the world? I can yet hear many excuses coming up “hey not fair to compare US and MY”. OKay how bout Korea? Aren’t they relatively new in the international arena in comparison to those traditional super powers?
    Only losers will give us all these excuses, ignoring the fact that MY gahmen is not performing good enough. Just not good enough. Let alone all those uneffective policies.

  133. we are maturing not only too slowly. neither is the nation progressing steadily. we are getting too racial. look at the politicians and the religious bigots. we weren’t like this 20 years ago.

  134. There were a few points raised in this blog post but the most prevalent i found was accusing each other of being ungrateful or unpatriotic towards the country just because kenny decided to be comical on WHAT IS ALREADY BEING SHOWN IN THE NEWSPAPERS ON WHAT DR M’S REACTION IS TO THE GOVERNMENT.
    If anyone wants to bring up an comments do make a reasonable one and forget about the ‘unpatriotic’ bashing. It’s just as bad as calling each side a Nazi just because they dont agree with you. It only serves to disengage the real disagreement and to disolve it into a name calling fest.

  135. So anon, which oversea country you are now in? I want to know because I want to live there also. So the oversea country that you are now living treat you better? They give you healthcare benefit, welfare benefit, retirement benefit, free education? Tell me, if they give you so much, would you be willing to die for the country that you are living to show your patriotism? Or is it your version patriotism is this, money + benefits = patriotism? They teach you good English there? Is there an English words in the dictionary such as “ppl”, “u”, “lah”, “y”, “cos”, “PFFT”, “fck”, “bumiptr ness”, “childrens”, “nt”, “thnks”, “coz”, “nw”, “ur”, “dunno”, “la”? Is this how they taught you English over there? You feel lucky? Brush your teeth first before you talk. Because your mouth smells like shit. You eat shit?

  136. akira-rae is stupid fool, with low IQ.
    Dave is a great thinker!
    anon at 14 is more mature than AAB & Dr.M.
    bayi can see the problem.
    kkc, what the F**k are you talking?
    111 is a dreamer.
    kengfai is a losser.
    caryn is behind time.
    Kumar will die disappointed.
    Kenny is the mastermind of all.
    It is most regrettable for S’wak to join Malaysia. Do we deserved to be marginalized by this Malays Nationalist? Do we deserved to accept the islamization of our whole country?
    Looking at our schools and you could have all the answers to what is where we are and where we are heading, is a total shame that after 49 years schools like Penang Free Sch once consider similar class as Raffles institution of S’pore fall to today’s state. I am not too sure how many Malaysian can rationalize the situation of this two institution at our present time.
    In 1969 the ratio of Chinese to Malays is “4 people work for the other 5 to enjoy” but when 2020 comes it will be “1 person work for 8 persons to enjoy??” more like “1 person work and 8 person fight” WTF…you believe this is sustainable?
    Who pays for the Son-in-law to Oxford? Tax payer? Who pay the tax? The Malays? WTF! Now he is coming after the Chinese, the one who pays his school fees. The dog is biting the owner who fed him!
    The country is going to the dogs and I have left the country but on 01.01.20 12:00noon I will drop my sarong on Merdeka Square if Malaysia is to achieve Wawasan 2020.

  137. Hi RoseLam,
    On behalf of all the commentators here, why not you drop your sarong NOW and if Malaysia did not achieve VISION 2020, we drop ours on 12 noon 1.1.2020 at Merdeka Square? How’s that?

  138. Malaysia should have gone further with all the resources we have that other countries dont have. we have so much trees so much petroleum! trees comes from sarawak and petroleum is from miri! where did all the money go to? why is Kapit still does not have roads that connects to the nearest towns? why kuching’s green road’s road so badly damaged? why no megamall in kuching? did all the money went to west msia?
    i recalled kuching is going to have our own LRT transport from the newspaper! that was in 2004! where is this LRT?
    Tun dr.Mahathir at least did something during his PM days! what did AAB do? increase fuel price,increase electicity bill and making empty promises. everything is increasing but not the salary! how is the people going to keep up!
    could be times are bad or its just that he find that increasing things could push malaysia forward. i dont know!
    even if they increase the pay for the police i doubt they(police) will chase burglars! after all they already have the “i-dont-care” attitude! why would they care even the pay increase!

  139. first of all, i think its too harsh for Kenny to tease Dr.M. just because 90% ppl think that way doesnt mean ppl have been spamming.. god, maybe its what we really think about our country
    and, for those who are complaining abt our progress as a nation, I think you have to understand that us as the citizen plays a major part as well along with the government. YES I AGREE THAT OUR GOVT is way below the reasonable standard.
    Police giving samans and waiting to be bribe, catching pirated dvd sellers instead of going after REAL criminals. They shd put their manpower and focus on those homicide, rape, murder cases.. I mean, my gosh.. CANT THEY SEE WHICH ONE IS MORE IMPORTANT? zzz
    Then, omg I really really have to say this.. WHY THE Fck Our police and public servants SUCK SO BADLY? HOW CAN THEY LOSE MAJOR EVIDENCE OR CORRUPT IT BY ACCIDENT?!? MY GAWD…. The standard is so low that it makes Xia Xue Looks tall.
    Other than that, OUR govt is not serving the people but themselves. Govt ought to be acting in the interest of the citizens. Tell me really.. when was the last time that they did something that we all feel grateful for? All this emphasis on ‘malaysia book of record’ is just plain lame and idiotic. Biggest lou sang, tallest kuih muih?!? JEEZ GET A LIFE.
    But however, overall, I do think that our country is moving foward. I believe that this can be seen in our leading local car producer Proton and Perodua. Myvi is really getting a good market share of the car industry.
    Moving foward, improving the std of our lives, is not all govt’s effort. WE should be taking actions rather than complaining here. 😛
    Instead of ‘running away’ from Malaysia once you got your degree, why not stay and work in kl, or even better, the govt, where you stand a chance to make a real impact. However, the lousy perks and low pay makes it a very unattractive govt job, which contrasts to other countries whereby their public servants have good pays etc. I would like to work in govt someday, but sad to say I am a chinese. Doubt that I can make any impact, at all.
    I love Malaysia, even though I hate it at the same time. I hate the corruption, I hate the laid-back-30mins-late-bus-drivers, I hate the dumbass nonsense regulations implemented by the govt, I hate the ppl that misuse their ‘special rights’ and take advantage over others who do not have such rights, I hate the fact that we ourselves do not care abt our place that we pollute it, I hate the fact that the education system has goone from bad to worse, I hate the fact that the govt do nt make any effort to make public service more attractive and its jobs more lucarative, I hate the fact that our taxi drivers try to con every single passenger and I hate the fact that I m embarassed by my own country that it makes me feel stupid that I still feel proud to be a Malaysian. well, maybe its because its still my home.

  140. I think it’s the people of this country who really need to develop more, especially in the sense of thoughts and values, rather than the country itself. Beside the east and the smaller towns in west Malaysia, it is seriously damm hard to see racial intergration. Heck, in some places racial tolerance barely exist. As long as our country still have people who think like this: http://www.ewadah.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=205&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0
    We’re seriously not going to go anywhere far.

  141. I did read this forum.. the one that lalala gave,
    Hmm… even if that person criticize MM Lee (sg), that old man reali make changes to Sg. Of course, Sg is a small island and easily taken care off. Some of you did said that its unfair to compared that small island with Msia but hv you compare with other (big)countries? As far as i knw, they reali move forward unlike our country. Msia hv many resources and they can make full used of it. Sadly, they didnt.

  142. Since so many of you believe that running a small country make it easier for progress, believing that sg success is due it small size. Why don’t we break up the 13 states and create 13 nations? So Perlis will be the most successful, Penang next …… Only fools think this way.
    It is most regrettable for S’wak to join Malaysia. Do we deserved to be marginalized by this Malays Nationalist? Do we deserved to accept the islamization of our whole country?
    Looking at our schools and you could have all the answers to what is where we are and where we are heading, is a total shame that after 49 years schools like Penang Free Sch once consider similar class as Raffles institution of S’pore fall to today’s state. I am not too sure how many Malaysian can rationalize the situation of this two institution at our present time.
    In 1969 the ratio of Chinese to Malays is “4 people work for the other 5 to enjoy” but when 2020 comes it will be “1 person work for 8 persons to enjoy??” more like “1 person work and 8 person fight” WTF…you believe this is sustainable?
    Who pays for the Son-in-law to Oxford? Tax payer? Who pay the tax? The Malays? WTF! Now he is coming after the Chinese, the one who pays his school fees. The dog is biting the owner who fed him!
    The country is going to the dogs and I have left the country but on 01.01.20 12:00noon I will drop my sarong on Merdeka Square if Malaysia is to achieve Wawasan 2020.

  143. Kenny,
    Malaysia is not progressing fast enough even for Vision 2020. Other countries have so much less resources but have so much more success. Malaysia is blessed with earthquake free, volcano free and loads of oil and vast tracts of rainforest but how come resource poor countries like Hong Kong and Singapore can do better than us?
    I love Penang but ever since our CM has been elected he has only taking care of his Tanjung Bunga area buddies. Its like for the past 15 years there has been no change. Sure we got the famous 1-lane gostan bridge which cost nearly RM3 mil to make, which is useless in redirecting trafic. Also the new overhead bridge which took more than 3 years to make which similar in Senzhen only took 6 months with 3 lanes each side. I resigned that Malaysia will always be “developing” nation

  144. There’s no way tat anybody should ever overlooked the progress and development tat TDM has brought us malaysians…
    Who’s the one leading Malaysia out of the financial crisis?! TDM was so adamant to reject the IMF offer despite all the critics he had to face, not only from the other countries but oso from fellow malaysians. He’s bold and has vision. He’s determined. Though ppl might criticise him as a dictator, we can only say that he’s not a perfect person after all.
    OK. Abt Anwar Ibrahim, there’s definitely some political concerns involved. TDM was ruthless at that time. However, anyone has a clear idea of the reason behind it? We never know wat really happened. We can only guess and deduce ourselves. Yes, TDM might be wrong, who knows. Here i juz wanna share an insight from a group of ppl that I know. Anwar was very favored by the leaders from other countries, especially the United States. He was a big supporter of the US. And, TDM used to speak out against US every other day, if ppl can still rmb. So TDM might be worried tat Anwar would go astray and submit to US when he’s out of the way. of coz, it’s juz a deduction.
    All in all, TDM’s contributed so much to our country. So please, for god’s sake, he deserves our respect!
    TDM’s so old now. I sympathize that he still has to worry about all the politics stuff n so on. But honestly, we need him and Malaysia needs him~ if only he can stay young and energetic for another 30 years, then i bet Malaysia will be able to stand out in the world stage, as the leader of ASEAN as well as the leader of other developing countries.

  145. EH KENNY! Don’t misuse statistics!!! There is a reason why they say that there are three types of lies in the world and they are lies, damn lies and statistics.
    You see, it’s really very simply. There is a certain group of people who would have the time and characteristics to vote in theStar’s online poll – AND THAT IS NOT A GOOD REPRESENTATION OF MALAYSIA.
    All the stats figures shows is probably that urban ppl (prob with broadband at home) are generally unhappy with the govt. Or something like that.
    Most Malaysians are almost 100% certain to be brainwashed into automatically picking the third option.

  146. yea! u got it rite man..i totally support ur last statement of DrM..malaysia wud hav grown much if he id smtg useful n now he dare to kutuk badawi dat much..he is practically lik a mad dog barkin..wait til one day someone shoots him down den malaysia wil FINALLY grow peacefully..not forgettin najib, NS was juz a cover for him to “eat” la d $ la..a turtle wit tumour oso noe la..

  147. Roselam your comments got nothing to do with mine. And everyone has different opinions so who are you to say who understands the situation and who doesn’t? Just because they don’t agree with your stand, it doesn’t mean they’re not right. *roll eyes*

  148. I thought Dr.M is the one who triggered the financial crisis. I still remember at that time when Myammar submitted the application to join ASEAN, Dr.M accepted Myammar’s application, saying that ASEAN holds a non-interference policy among the ASEAN countries, despite US warning of “grave consequences”. Weeks later, George Soros caused the ringgit to devalued and spread to other asian countries. So Dr.M is the one who brought us this mess, so he should bring us out of this mess. This is his job, or else he is going to be kick out of office in the general elections.
    Of course Dr.M rejected IMF’s offer. Why? Because one of IMF condition is that Malaysia must abolish the NEW ECONOMIC POLICY. Dr.M can never do that. Why? Because he wants to keep spoonfeeding his cronies.
    Now he has step down. He don’t have to worry about about the current adminstration doing the job. He just have to relaxed. After all he deserved to have a good rest. But no. He still want to say something about how should be done in the government’s policy. Oh gosh, so stubborn senile old man.
    Why don’t Dr.M become the PM for life since some people said “we need him and Malaysia needs him”. Just kick Abdullah out and Dr.M becomes the PM again till he dies. Simple. Easy.

  149. Rephrase:
    I meant the racist part? Didn’t you read the first post? Isn’t that something like insulting the chinese? like that the chinese should “mampus”? that the chinese should not exist? And they somehow relate to Jews, which I don’t get it. Isn’t that a very racist comment?
    On the Singapore part, I really have no idea how the heck the “Smart” forum users there can relate that topic with singapore. The “alien” that post the 3rd and 4th post started it all and I’m given that impression that it has something to do with chinese in singapore?
    As long as this kind of racist view exist among malaysian, tell me now, how are we really going to progress far…..

  150. RoseLamm, u very right. Sarawak really don’t deserve to be in m’sia.
    Guys (Sarawakians), just think about it. Compare kch to Kl or other states in m’sia. Our state is like far more behind than the rest. We(sarawakians) will get the last things from west m’sia. I take 3G network for an example, Or LRT.
    And to make matter worst. If we(sarawakians) go Kl futher our study. Some of the KL ppl will ask us “do sarawakian LIVE IN TREE????” Guys, think about it. WTF! After all, sarawak contribute load of resources such as WELL-known PETROL to m’sia. Then sarawak is like the out-dated state +_+ I really don’t get it. Sarawak suppose to be partner of m’sia. But some still insulting other states. So i don’t how m’sia can achieve its vision 2020.

  151. Dude, i was your fan all these while, but dude, making fun TDM to impress your readers?Your brain outtha ideas? If you’re a PAS or Anwar supporter then i gues i understand why you did that.But if you did that just because you wanna impress your readers,you’re nothing more than fuckwit.

  152. Sarawakian: Where is my HIGHWAY? Where is all my $$$ gone? You take the best things from me but you treat me as a SHIT and take it as granted!

  153. Don’t worry everyone as time goes on racism will definately decrease. After all the chinese population from 40% has decreased to 25% now. The rest of the races are also lessening due to migration to other countries and lower birth rates compared to in the past. In time to come all that is left will be bumiputeras. Nowadays many of the younger generation has gone off to other countries for studies and staying on there instead of coming back. After all a politician did say : If you don’t like it here, you can always leave.
    The other complaints about corruption and crimes running rampant, well, has anyone every looked at themselves? How many of you out there pays off the traffic police just to escape from a fine? How many of you actually watched a snatch thief/robbery in action but does not lift a finger to help because you do not want to get involved? How many out there actually utilises your voting rights when the time comes? When you point the finger at someone or something always remember the rest of your four fingers are pointing at yourselves.

  154. Kundu.. i think for an ass like u stay in msia better.. you can rot together with the country. isn’t that great?? 😀
    i don’t get those benefits because im not a citizen, but frankly, i don’t even care because all the other things here are so much better than in msia. there’s nothing i wouldn’t give to change my dumb citizenship, even if msia offers to give me extra $$ or something [which they obviously won’t, because im not SOME-RACE]
    and obviously, if you weren’t so thick, you would notice that i used short forms because i have little time to type. in fact, you’re running out of things to criticise about and you want to talk about ENGLISH? ha-ha.
    go sit for a day in a msian classroom and see for your own blind eyes.
    you think msia is very good? for your info, it’s been grouped along with all the other countries which we thought were so much worse than us in overseas tv programs.
    the country im living in now is smaller than msia, but at least more people know about where it is compared to MSIA.
    unlike you, i don’t talk rubbish like “your mouth smells like shit, you eat shit?” because im brought up in a better place than msia.
    so, is that what they teach you in msia? how to be rude and irrational?
    at least where i am, i know i move around safely without being afraid of being robbed or assaulted like people with the same upbringing as YOU.

    jc, hahaha.. this is so funny. you think it’s a good thing that everybody’s leaving? when there’s only bumiputera’s left in msia, you people are going to rot in hell. you might as well become Iraq or merge with Indonesia.
    you think it’s so easy to leave? because of the blood-sucking country which sucked us dry of our cash for those bumiputeras, you think we can leave easily?
    don’t turn the blame back to us. we never asked the police to take our money to escape from fine. they can always reject it if they want, can’t they? in fact, i’d be much happier if everyone paid the full fine instead of paying to those corrupted police.

  155. After 3 years in office, AAB says “I need more time to warm up”. So, I persume after 49 years, we are still warming up. If you don’t like it, they always say “LU TAK SUKA, KELUAR!!!”. I think we are FCUK!!!

  156. Anon, whether me or my fellow Malaysians stay in Malaysia or not or rot together with the country or not IS NONE OF YOUR F**KING BUSINESS.
    You said you are in a better place, then why you still don’t care about getting a citizenship over there where you can enjoy all the privileges and benefits there? Why you still hold on to your dumb citizenship? Tell me, if you are SOME RACE, would you bother to stay outside of Malaysia? Obviously you wouldn’t, right? So like I said earlier, your patriotism is money + benefits = patriotism. So what if more people know the country that you are living? You want to show your patriotism to that country, go and get a citizenship. Then aren’t you like SOME RACE in this country? Good for you that you are now out of the country. The country don’t need a dumb-ass “SOME RACE mentality” like yourself to stay in Malaysia. The country can still live WITHOUT a dumb-ass like you.
    Why ask myself I’m rude? Ask yourself why are you being rude in the first place with your first comment. I’m here to counter some 14 years old whom parents have neglected to teach their children good manners and respect for others. The more you talk, the more shit come out and it’s irrelevant whether you are school in Oxford or Cambridge. By the way, why use short forms, does your teachers there teach you to use short forms to write essay? Sad.
    Yeah, I hope you live long there. Don’t come back to Malaysia one day crying your place has been bomb by terrorists.

  157. In putra jaya, there are man-made lake, different designed bridges, each area of road with differently design lamp post, a park which people barely visit, bla…bla…. and you wonder why s’wak has no money to develop. And just for a note, Terrengganu actually gets back a higher % of their petrol contribution compare to Sarawak… 🙁

  158. IMHO, most M’sians are armchair politicians and pretty much complaints about everything. Those who voted ‘No’ should consider doing something to move things along rather than just point the finger. For every finger that points away there’s four that points back.

  159. Definitely B!
    We are maturing way to slowly thanks to Dr. M’s dictatorial regime.
    He was such a nut and dispose of all the good, capable leaders because they went against him.
    All he ever thought was about ‘face’, so he created KLIA, SEPANG F1, PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS, huge massive infrastructures that we didn’t need or even afford.
    Why do we need such buildings when we have no proper public schools and other such basic amenities?
    He brought us backward, our education syllables were fine, but he decided it wasn’t Malaysian enough.
    Our students today lack proficiency in English despite being in a commonwealth country.
    Yeah Abdullah might not be as outspoken like Dr.M but do we really need a leader who’s only interested in creating beef with other countries or a PM who has the best interests for his country?
    IMHO, Dr.M left Abdullah with all his loose ends.
    For 22 years, Dr.M sure did a whole lot of nothing but waste taxpayer’s money and stir up racial issues to win him votes.
    At least Abdullah is working, concentrating on improving our country’s wellbeing and not doing a billion press conferences.
    He has no time to deal with Dr.M

  160. kenny, perhaps you should show some respect to TDM for what he has contributed to our country and seriously, our country is filled with corruptions, govt sins and covering each sins for themselves. Our daily news is only about protecting our govts, showing how great/good they are but where is the real truth? The truth our current PM is doing a real bad job here.

  161. my, my! you have really opened a Pandora’s box this time.
    TDM may have made some dubious decisions during his time as PM. But still, one has to repect him for bringing much of world’s recognition to Malaysia. You’ve got to respect his guts (then and now).
    One can’t deny our country IS going backwards. You also can’t blame TDM for saying what he did, who wouldn’t be mad seeing all his 22 years hard work going down the drain??
    To each their own, everybody is entitled to their opinion. TDM is still the man for me.

  162. the voters has increased to 7883 voters! but still… the percentage of malaysia maturing too slow is still the highest! i bet DrM wasnt behind all this! its jus malaysians are not happy with the pace that malaysia is moving!

  163. I totally agree with you guys, Malaysia is progressing slower than other developing countries and if TDM’s administration was crap, so is AAB’s administration too. Probably, it’s time to have a Chinese PM and make Malaysia, the second Singapore. They requested the post of Penang CM to be rotated, okay, fine, go ahead, I also want the PM’s seat to be rotated among BN component parties too. Fair and square, right?

  164. i love malaysia… because the toilet paper and petrol is cheaper than in singapore and my dad can speed because he can just bribe his way out with some kopi luwee… whee.. i love malaysia’s style.. cool man

  165. lol JP.i hope you’r not being sarcastic because i really do love malaysia because of the things you just mentioned.’friendly’ police whom you can treat kopi o.

  166. The truth is the Federal government has for years raped and pillaged all that is Sarawakian and all our money goes to YOU. So that YOU have better roads. YOU better schools. YOU have better healthcare. YOU have better social development. And still the vast majority think Malaysia is progressing too slowly. You’re a joke, Putrajaya. Too many holes in the bucket I say. Time to manage our own people. Our land. Our OIL, goddammit! Take back what is rightfully ours! Show me a second class bumiputra and I’ll show you the leader of a revolution. MERDEKA DARI MALAYSIA!!! Believe. P/S: Anyone want to help finance this revolution?

  167. Opinion: Be blind in race for educational excellence
    12 Sep 2006
    Malaysia must look at its politically-charged education system dispassionately and overhaul it, if necessary, so that it can give substance to our desire to become global players, writes TUNKU ABDUL AZIZ.
    THE growing number of unemployable Malaysian university graduates is a matter of grave concern that needs to be addressed before disaffection and discontent set in.
    There is every prospect, looking at recurring trends in recent years, of the situation getting worse before it gets better. We must, therefore, view seriously a development that has already taken on overtly unhealthy social, economic and political overtones. We ignore the red signal at our risk.
    Decades of treating education as a free-for-all political football, and kicking it in all, except the right, directions, and consequently missing the goal mouth altogether, has debased and destroyed an important social tool for sustainable human development.
    Continuing with the soccer metaphor, if I may, the decision to relegate English to the third division and promote Bahasa Melayu to premier league as the medium of instruction, was the final nail in our education coffin. The Prime Minister’s hope that Malaysians would take on global challenges is commendable, if unrealistic.
    How can this possibly be achieved when our aspiring young Malaysians are equipped with but a smattering of English, not even enough to string three words together?
    The Deputy Prime Minister was in New York recently. At an informal dinner meeting with some 200 Malaysians working and living in the Big Apple, he said he was concerned about the small number of Malaysians in Oxbridge and Ivy League colleges.
    He felt that the friendships made and the networks established with other students in these internationally respected institutions would be useful later in life because these were the people most likely to provide the political, intellectual, diplomatic and corporate leadership in many countries.
    A global “old school tie” network is not to be sneered at; it could pay dividends for Malaysia.
    The reason for the paucity of Malaysians in top British and American universities is not far to seek. Our highly politically-charged educational system is simply not equipped for open and robust equal opportunity competition where a high level of proficiency in the English language is a minimum, basic requirement.
    The overwhelming majority of our students in top Western universities are the products of the elite, high fee-charging, private school system, and come mainly from professional, upper middle-class homes where English is widely used. By definition, the Malays are out of the race before it even starts.
    In the last four years, I have delivered two speeches to undergraduates at Harvard University on corruption and ethics issues. There were large numbers of Chinese students from Singapore, Hong Kong, a sprinkling from Malaysia and even China. I did not see a single Malay.
    In the United States, Mara and other government-sponsored students, nearly all Malays, could at best be placed in mediocre state universities which are less fussy about standards.
    The Malays have somehow become the unintended victims of misguided Malay chauvinism disguised as nationalism, the handiwork of over-zealous politicians with a keen eye on popularity.
    Nationalism of the variety being propagated by the vocal minority is really irrelevant in today’s Malaysia. It has no place in the larger context of the global social and economic order, with excellence as the only legitimate benchmark.
    Malays do not need crutches to get through life, but they, together with other Malaysians of all races, can do with a clear and sensible policy direction in education that will, at least, enable them to make a real contribution to national development.
    Who knows, with a little bit of luck, and lots of hard work, they might make it to the top of the pile internationally. Rabid self-proclaimed nationalists go so far as to suggest that countries such as China and Japan are doing fine without English. We cannot compare ourselves with them for any number of reasons. We know the symptoms; so, let us treat the disease if our ambitions for a role in the global arena are to be realised.
    In the mid-Eighties, as director of administration in the Commonwealth Secretariat in London, I chaired many selection panels. What struck me most about Malaysian candidates for senior, including diplomatic appointments, was their difficulty in expressing ideas coherently in English compared with candidates from other parts of the Commonwealth. In all the years I was there, there were never more than half a dozen senior Malaysians. I could not, in all conscience, appoint many of those who were interviewed.
    I remember attending a meeting of the Commonwealth Finance Sub-Committee and being greatly embarrassed by the Malaysian representative who could not express himself to save his life. He was probably thinking in Malay and then trying to find the right English words to convey his point.
    In the event, he missed point after point. Malaysia’s participation did not amount to much. How he was appointed to the Foreign Service in the first place is a total mystery to me to this day.
    Here in New York, there are many young Malaysians who have become part of the Wall Street financial scene. They are confident, communicate well in good English, and are truly global in their thinking, the sort of people our education system should be producing, but is unable to do. The Malays, I fear, are unrepresented.
    I find it extremely gratifying that these highly marketable, professionally top-drawer, Malaysians are proud to proclaim their Malaysian origin. Over time we may lose some of them as they move to other countries that can use their talents, but this is in the nature of the globalised world.
    The utility and quality of the Malaysian education system must be openly debated against a background of what we want for our country in the context of the global economy in which the concept of the nation state is changing, and the nation state itself is being dismantled before our very eyes.
    The borderless world is the new faith that countries such as ours must embrace. Assuming this is where our ambitions lie, we need to look at our education system dispassionately, and overhaul it completely, if necessary, so that it can deliver what our country needs.
    We need a world-beater in educational terms. Forget race which is an accident, anyway, and think of the nation and its needs. Do we have the stomach for this approach?
    The writer is a former president of Transparency International and now special adviser to the UN secretary-general in the Ethics Office.

  168. What Mahathir did when he was Prime Minister:
    1. clamp down on the press in 1987 (the Star)
    2. destroy the judiciary in 1987 and 1988
    3. use the media, police and his kangaroo court to destroy his potential political challenger in such a humilifying manner in 1998
    4. use the so-many cronies of his (bumi AND non-bumi) to do “national service” and them bailing them out
    5. suggesting that it is OKAY, and in fact our RIGHT to build a jambatan bengkok to Singapore
    6. deceive us into thinking that a modern Malaysia is all about Mega Projects (while it is still okay to have 3rd world mentality)
    7. declare Malaysia and Islamic State

  169. As a foreign lecturers who visited Malaysia from time to time to give lectures. I can honestly say that the Malaysians are very intelligent and innovative. Sadly, these are the ones I met oversea and less often in the Malaysian University Campus. By my estimation, about 75% of the university students should not have been admitted in the first place! To avoid future social problems, I think students should be admitted according to their educational merits and not racial origines. Otherwise, the Malaysian government is going to be faced with a rapidly increasing number of graduates who are UNEMPLOYABLE! Good luck to Malaysia.

  170. To Tunku
    the article that you wrote was excellent. It would be nice that this will be published in the local or national newspaper.
    But I digress…..

  171. Hey, definitely agree with the professor. It’s time to wake up Malaysia.
    The worse thing Dr. M did is to declare Malaysia An Islamic country!!!!
    what are the Indians and Chinese? or appopriate to say how about the Hindus, Christian and Buddhist?? Invisible Malaysian or much needed voter in the time of Election??
    Malaysia, truly asia….my head!!!

  172. lol… this is seriously hillarious.. i do hope that your “surprise” is part of some joke kenny… you’re a fun blogger and stuff… but the dr m pic i seriously did not find funny… dont get me wrong, he’s a mix (personality-wise)… he was sometimes… quite a xxxxx (length does not project actual diss) but he did urge bumis to rise up to the challenges of the world instead of being all pansy and sucking the **** (again, might not be actual lenght) that the govt is feeding them… but that’s not really the case…
    seriously, who cares about bloody corruption when crime rate is soaring sky high? (not only amongst disgrunted citizens but also from quite a few illegal immigrants… yes, it’s stereotyping and mean but guess what, you think those people thought about the lifes they killed and the people they harmed? f*** no)
    seriously, you guys keep defending msia saying that it’s progressing… sure, you all watch the nice vids of KL and stuff right… but hello, we’ve got bloody 14 states in the country! and not even 5 are fully developed! we’ve got tonnes of natural resources waiting to be utilized… what’s up with that? ok, fine, lots of improvements to roads etc… well, in penang, the roads arent even settled on one side, they start constructing in ANOTHER place without completion… this is like a phrase called “hangat-hangat tahi ayam”…
    and what’s this comments about “be thankful, there are other worse countries”… yup, no doubt, we’re relatively well off than many other countries… we have the chance to get education etc… but you know what, i dont think we should use a poorer and a country which doesnt progress as the BENCHMARK… that’s when we stop developing because “hey, we’re better off than like some countries, we can just chill on our throne sipping kristal and letting some straight A students not get the course that they want”
    yes, msia is progressing… slowly but surely in technological sense etc… we’ve got wicked high speed broadband… unlimited bandwith, starbucks, ipods everywhere… but geez, that’s only the God damn material side… mentality and economy-wise, we’re doing an extremely fast moon-walk back to prehistoric ages… racial dividence is occuring like mad… and it might be partly because of the citizens… but the govt is fueling this as well… why? not happy to see bumis, chinese and indians hand in hand issit? oh sorry… simply touch is maksiat~
    i think from my post, many will think i’m this super anti-msian dude… but you know what? i used to love msia and defended it unreservedly… “WHAT! YOU DISSING MSIA AS A 3RD WORLD COUNTRY” *starts talking about random goodness of msia like its food* but you know what, i grew up from that naivity… the govt is tearing all its citizens apart and we’re not doing anything about it.. not only that.. you know what? msia is like a modern day communist country… the GOVT IS MEANT TO BE THE PEOPLE’S VOICE! since when did it become a big kahuna God-like figure whom silences every comment that is vaguely against its interest?? WHERE ON EARTH DID THE MISTAKE HAPPEN AND ALL THIS SUPRESSION POPPED UP??!?!? sheesh…
    the future is up to everyone… whether we sink or swim…

  173. i was just re-reading the comments… and i saw one by WRONG about influence from japanese anime and teens saying that the country is not advancing fast enough cause they want better technology… dude/dudette… seriously, i’m just gonna say WHAT on earth is wrong with you? 90% of why people are unhappy with the administration done by the govt is because teenagers want the cellphone technology and anime from japan? man.. even a 5 year old kid would scoff and laugh at your opinion…

  174. I love Malaysia. \:'(
    Nvmd, the trend now is that the Malaysian population are growing more and more aware, educated, and informed… one day.. one day these sorely-needed people will assume the responsibilities of managing our beloved country. Gradually, things will be fine.
    Problem is.. our brains are leaking. Some straw is draining brain matter from Malaysia to other countries like the UK and Australia. Brain cells are smart – they want to be in a healthier body.
    But, there are those brain cells who love their Malaysia too much to leave.. so when we have more of these people.. and when the Older Brain Cells die… Malaysia will be fine. :O
    Democracy.. cannot work with so much suppression of free speech. You suprresors/dictators out there who happen read this — know that you are killing yourselves and your country. You are responsible.
    I salute Kenny and his bold humor. We need to grow up and have the maturity and brains to enjoy the humor, and know that your focus is on the more important issues.. rather than feeling threatened over some cartoon that means no harm. I respect Dr. M. I believe he’d be laughing on his chair lol..
    Yeah, it was lunch and my fingers were itchy to comment. This comment was such a satisfying scratch.

  175. Read the bit by Tunku Aziz in the New Striat Times and above. Don’t think our education minister is that foresighted most are too happy to satisfy narrow racial demand in Malaysia. Just think about the Penang Saga where people want to become not because of their MERITS but because of their RIGHT. HA HA HA

  176. I suggest you all Malaysian to have a referendum and to decide if you wanna integrate into The Republic of Singapore. Equal and meritocracy for all.

  177. dear George, (reminds me of george in grey´s anatomy)
    if i didn´t misunderstand the msg you were trying to convey, are you saying everything will be alright at one point in the future if we let it be?
    sorry to say, but the non-bumis community has long lost their foothold here the moment the non-bumis birthrate keep dwindling, while birthrate in m´sia in general has increased.
    many people here has urged us to “vote” to make a difference, but looking at the numbers… it´s quite a discouraging sight.
    Many people are aware and hence they leave. Those who love Malaysia too much would stay, but i´m rather frightened that even they would be met with disappointment, and would eventually be braincells to help those who oppose our country, because normally such is the fate of people who live in extremes. The deeper the love, the deeper the wound and hatred it can incur. I truly hope this would not happen…
    so do you still think nothing should be done? or is there actually anything worth scavenging?
    I love Malaysia, being the home, where i was born and grow up, and it shall remain my only true home, whereever i might be. However, at the same time i do not detest those who find it otherwise, because i see what they see, if not, only when their experiences are even worse than that i can imagine.
    I hope something can be done…. I hope… I hope… The only thing that is done, just like the rest of the awakened citizens of Malaysia, bumis and non-bumis alike. How i hope that that is not the truth.

  178. I actually find it a bit disrespectful to tease TDM in this manner. After all, TDM really deserve our utmost respect in every fascinated success and glory he tried his best to bring us.
    Yes, no one can please everybody at the same time. It’s either you please A or B and it’s hard to always please both parties at the same time.
    I am a Malaysian, born and bred in this 49-year old nation. No doubt to call myself a Malaysian.
    But firstly, ask ourselves, aren’t we supposed to be grateful to have shelter and food despite the snail-progressive development in this country?
    Proud to even hold the Malaysian passport as I can travel to any country in the world (including Israel for Christians with permission). That is what I am proud to possess for my entire life. And it’s never ever to be sold off for any price.
    However, I hate to talk about the increasing crime rates here, the useless exam-oriented education system, the multi-corrupted nation, the ever-yucky-smelly public toilets, the laughing stock between AAB & TDM through the mass media ….AND the MANY MORE craziness which inevitably BLOCKS the progression.
    And HENCE, I have to choose B as the option whereby Malaysia is moving too slowly as a 49-yr old nation. However, I still love Malaysia since day ONE I’ve called it HOME!

  179. Our main problem here is we dun hv that notion as a nation, despite all those campaigns & talks over the years.
    Racism still exist, heck, I’m one of them sometime.
    U know why Japanese & Koreans can be a true world leader in some areas? Because they have those ‘we are koreans/japanese’ kind-of-thinking. Not like us: we are malaysian, but i’m chinese & he’s malay…’
    I think the best we’ll ever do is baking the largest ketupat or drawing the longest flag – a thing other country wont even think of doing.

  180. It is sad that Malaysia will never be as progressive as other countries because of the mindsets and mentalities we hold on to.
    Look at India. It has a population of 81% Hindu and 13% Muslim. (https://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/in.html#People)
    Yet, it has Muslim Presidents (three/four so far including the current one – DR. A.P.J. ABDUL KALAM.)
    “Dr. Kalam became the 11th President of India on 25th July 2002. His focus is on transforming India into a developed nation by 2020.”
    India has a vision 2020 too. With India having even greater problems of poverty than Malaysia, which do you think will succeed better to reach its vision?
    India’s Presidents demonstrate high accomplishments through success in secular careers, high academic achievements and publications. Dr Kalam is constantly glad to be the role model being the India Boleh person himself by achieving India Book of Records stunts and doing lots of great achievements constantly. I am sure we have similar individuals in Malaysia.
    I look forward to the day, when the Prime Minister of Malaysia encourages full religious freedom and reminds everyone of the multiracial country and that all religions and race are equal in Malaysia. The Prime Minister would echo the words of Abraham Lincoln –
    “…Let us discard all this quibbling about this man and the other man–this race and that race and the other race being inferior, and therefore they must be placed in an inferior position…Let us discard all these things, and unite as one people throughout this land, until we shall once more stand up declaring that all men are created equal.”
    — Abraham Lincoln

  181. It takes a few courageous souls to fight and to realise the whole community that they do not need to put up with misery and suffering.
    Lina Joy is one of them. Why would someone want to risk her life for something she believes in? The issue is not in which religion is right or wrong. The issue is in freedom of religion and she is fighting for freedom with her life. She could easily migrate and leave but she wants to make a point.
    Just like the many people who stand up for what they believe in. In America, there was an Afro-American with the name of Rosa Parks. On December 1, 1955, Parks was sitting on a bus in the front row of the section reserved for blacks. But when a white man got on, there were no more seats in the white section, so the bus driver told Parks to move back.
    But Parks was convinced that to do so would be wrong—and she refused to get up. “Since I have always been a strong believer in God,” she says, “I knew that He was with me, and only He could get me through that next step.” Her courage later freed discrimination towards Afro-Americans in America decades later.
    We as Malaysians need to have courage to stand up for what we believe in and not just live a passive life sheltered by the government, by governments Acts, by threats of ISA. We need to free ourselves from these chains that make our lives not worth living. If we do not believe in something, first discuss our disbelief with others and if after hearing from others, we can make a better decision.

  182. It not the size that Singapore can /has develop to this modern stature that the whole world envy her success. It is the wisdom of the ruling Government who belives not in eradicating poverty but immoral-HARAM- corruption. It is like killing two birds with one stone.
    Today the City state of Singapore and its surroundings is beautiful clean, safe and efficent that creats a happy lifestyle environment to lives in. Be it for tourists as well as their citizens. So behind the success of Singapore is the eradication of corruption in every manner and the evidence clearly shows.
    This is truely, “Majulal Singapore” lives up to its country’s slogan.

  183. kenny juz comparing between east m’sia to west msia.. development at kuching sucks.. and i even read than government are planning to develop the east coast of peninsular before they actuali come to kuching.. crap.. i hope Taib Mahmud declare Sarawak as an own independent country

  184. I suggest you all Malaysian to have a referendum and to decide if you wanna integrate into The Republic of Singapore. Equal and meritocracy for all.
    Posted by: momo at 18 September 2006 6:23 PM
    As much as I agree with the 90% of that poll, I don’t want to be a robot. Many forgot there are PLENTY of Malaysians in Singapore, the fault being our own govt of course, for driving the talents away (and credit to Sg govt too). To the person who asked to compare SIA and MAS, I actually thought SIA food sucks, but their air stewardess are prettier and younger though haha. 😛

  185. MAS Air stewardess wins big time.
    Slept with both SIA and MAS stewardesses during my younger days.
    Go malaysiagirls go!

  186. we have this attitude that says, ” why should i bother?”. and u know what, it’s true.how many of us have broken the law/rules at least once a month? how many of us see our friends throw cigarette butts on the floor and don’t bother to tell them off cause, “it’s not my business” or “he’s my friend.”. The progress of our country does not just reflect on the gov, it also reflects on the attitude of the people. We Malaysians are all talk and action. We accuse, we bombard, we moan, we complain, we talk, but what do we do about it. We say that the govt is all talk and no action. well, i guess they’re juz as malaysian as we are then. ironic.
    Let’s help the government by doing our part in society. let’s stop dumping garbage everywhere, let’s stop throwing plastic bags while on the road, let’s stop bribing the police everytime we get caught, let’s stop cutting lines, let’s stop hiring based on race, rather on abilities, let’s stop complaining and start doing our share in society. A country will never progress without the help of the ppl.
    o wait, maybe this is just too damn tough for us all.
    come on ppl, give AB a break. And seriously, Dr M should just lay off politics and keep his mouth shut. If someone had done it while he was PM, ISA he would have gone. But AB is just too patient, too kind, that sometimes, this will eventually be his downfall. I think DR M is suffering from post retirement syndrome.
    juz my 2 cents. i love malaysia, and honestly, i think we progressed slow, but we are at least going forward towards the right direction, juz at a slow pace. so let’s all run together, work together, and maybe we will be the turtle which beat the rabbit in the end. Rabbit being er ..maybe singapore? lol.

  187. personally i think things will be better off if we are now under controlled by british. eg. hong kong. here is a letter i received today:
    > Subject: Please Judge for Us – Fair or Unfair?
    > Why they already gets a lot of good things also not enough, now also want to
    take control Penang too!
    > We already live in Malaysia ppl but they also look (Chinese & Indian) like
    > Subject: Racism in Malaysia. Please Judge for Us – Fair or Unfair?
    > Introduction: Malaysia is a multi-racial country. There are three major races
    in Malaysia which include Malays, Chinese and Indian. Malaysia is a commonwealth
    country. The highest politics position of Malaysia government is Prime Minister.
    Before Malaysia get independent Malays are work as road-builder, Chinese are
    work in economy field and Indian work in agriculture field. When the
    Independence Day in Malaya, there are an agreement that Malaya Government sign
    with the British which only Malaysian who born in 1900 to 1940 knew about this
    agreement.. This agreement contains one major subject that written about the
    politics in Malaya that never expose to the citizen in Malaysia today. This
    major subject is that Malaysia Prime Minister should change every 5 years in an
    election. Each 5 years Prime Minister should change to other race. But there’s a
    racism massacre happen in 13 th of May 1969. So the subject about the changing
    the Prime Minister to other race is gone since that racism massacre happened.
    And history today in Malaysia with British agreement is Malays should have the
    political power while Chinese SHOULD be satisfied with their commercial
    > And today this is what happened in Malaysia racism,
    > These lists cover a period of about 49 years since Independence Day in
    Malaysia (1957):
    > (1) Out of all the 5 major banks in Malaysia, only one bank is own by
    multi-racial, the rest are controlled by Malays.
    > (2) 99% of Petronas (the only one petroleum company) directors are Malays, and
    the former Prime Minister work as Consultant in Petronas.
    > (3) 3% of Petronas employees are Chinese.
    > (4) 99% of 2000 Petronas gasoline stations are owned by Malays.
    > (5) 100% all contractors working under Petronas projects must be “bumi’s
    status” (Malay).
    > (6) 0% of non-Malays staffs are legally required in Malay’s companies. But
    there must be 30% Malays staffs in Chinese companies. And big companies in
    Malaysia require a Malays hold as director status with 51% shareholder. Which
    this mean non-Malays own company needs to give their property to Malays. And
    non-Malays citizen can’t really own their business.
    > (7) 5% of all new intake for government police, nurses, army, is non-Malays..
    > (8) 2% is the present Chinese staff in Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), drop
    from 40% in 1960.
    > (9) 2% is the percentage of non-Malays government servants in Putrajaya
    (Malaysia main government office). But Malays make up 98%.
    > (10) 7% is the percentage of Chinese government servants in the whole
    government (in 2004), drop from 30% in 1960. Only 2 position for non-Malays in
    political status.
    > (11) 95% of government contracts are given to Malays; even it is an open
    tender. Non-Malays contractors tender the lower price and use better materials
    can’t get the contract that government given..
    > (12) 100% all business licensees are controlled by Malay government e.g. Taxi
    permits, Approved permits, etc. and all the license are given to government
    officer families.
    > (13) 80% of the Chinese rice millers in Kedah (north of peninsular Malaysia)
    had to be sold to Malay and controlled by Bernas (Government Org.) since 1980s.
    Otherwise, life is make difficult for Chinese rice millers.
    > (14) 100 big companies set up, owned and managed by Chinese Malaysians
    > were taken over by government, and later managed by Malays since 1970’s
    > e.g. UTC, UMBC, MISC, etc. This company now is the sole company.
    > (15) At least 10 Chinese owned bus companies (throughout Malaysia, throughout
    40 years) had to be sold to MARA or other Malay transport companies due to
    rejection by Malay authority to Chinese application for bus routes and rejection
    for their application for new buses.
    > (16) 2 Chinese taxi drivers were barred from driving in Johor (South of
    Peninsular Malaysia) Larkin bus station. There are about 30 taxi drivers and 3
    are Chinese in October 2004. Spoiling taxi club properties was the reason given.
    > (17) 0 non-Malays are allowed to get shop lots in the new Muar (city in south
    peninsular Malaysia) bus station (November 2004).
    > (18) 8000 billions ringgit is the total amount the government channeled to
    Malays pockets through ASB, ASN, MARA, privatization of government agencies like
    Tabung Haji etc, through NEP over 34 years periods.
    > (19) 48 Chinese primary schools closed down since 1968 – 2000
    > (20) 144 Indian primary schools closed down since 1968 – 2000
    > (21) 2637 Malay primary schools built since 1968 – 2000
    > (22) 2.5% is government budget for Chinese primary schools. Indian schools got
    only 1%, Malay schools got 96.5%
    > (23) while a Chinese parent with RM1000 salary (monthly) cannot get
    school-text-book-loan, and a Malay parent with RM2000 salary is eligible.
    > (24) 10 all public universities vice chancellors are Malays. And politics in
    universities are held by Malays. If non-Malays want to form a politics parties,
    there is no way to get approved.
    > (25) 5% – the government universities lecturers of non-Malay origins had been
    reduced from about 70% in 1965 to only 5% in 2004 with the reason Malaysia
    Education Ministry give full support for Malays only.
    > (26) Only 5% is given to non-Malays for government scholarships over 40 years.
    > (27) 0 Chinese or Indians were sent to Japan and Korea under “Look East
    > (28) 128 STPM (High Study / A Level) Chinese top students could not get into
    the course that
    > they aspired i.e. Medicine and doctors (in 2004). Malays with not qualify
    result can get into the course.
    > (29) 10% place for non-bumi students for MARA science schools beginning from
    year 2003, but only 7% are filled. Before that it was 100% Malays.
    > (30) 50 cases whereby Chinese and Indian Malaysians, are beaten up in the
    National Service program since 2003.
    > (31) 25% is Malaysian Chinese population in 2004, drop from 45% since 1957
    because government are not support non-Malays like government support Malays.
    > (32) 7% is the present Malaysian Indians population (2004), a drop from 12%
    since 1957.
    > (33) 2 millions Chinese Malaysians had emigrated to overseas since 40 years
    ago due to unfair politics.
    > (34) 0.5 million Indians Malaysians had emigrated to overseas.
    > (35) 3 millions Indonesians had migrated into Malaysia and became Malaysian
    citizens with bumi’s status.
    > (36) 600000 are the Chinese and Indians Malaysians with “red I/C” (a temporary
    identity card) and were rejected repeatedly when applying for citizenship for 40
    years. Perhaps 60% of them had already passed away due to old age. This shows
    racism of how easily Indonesians got their citizenships compare with the Chinese
    and Indians
    > (37) 5% – 15% discount for a Malay to buy a house, regardless whether the
    Malay is rich or poor
    > (38) 2% is what Chinese new villages get compare with 98% of what Malays
    villages got for rural development budget..
    > (39) 50 road names (at least) had been change from Chinese names to other
    > (40) 1 Dewan Gan Boon Leong (in Malacca) was altered to other name (e.g. Dewan
    Serbaguna or sort) when it was being officially used for a few days. Government
    tries to shun Chinese names. This racism happened in around year 2000 or sort.
    > (41) 0 temples/churches were built for each housing estate. But every housing
    estate MUST got at least one mosque/surau built.
    > (42) 3000 mosques/surau were built in all housing estates throughout Malaysia
    since 1970 with full government support. No temples, no churches are built in
    housing estates that supported by government.
    > (43) 1 Catholic Church in Shah Alam took 20 years to apply to be constructed.
    But told by Malay authority that it must look like a factory and can’t look like
    a church. Still not yet approved since 2004.
    > (44) 1 publishing of Bible in Iban language banned (in 2002)
    > (45) 0 of the government TV stations (RTM1,RTM2, TV3) are directors of
    non-Malays origin.
    > (46) 30 government produced TV dramas and films always showed that the bad
    guys had Chinese face, and the good guys had Malay face. You can check it out
    since 1970s. Recent years, this tendency becomes less.
    > (47) 10 times, at least, Malays (especially Umno) had threatened to massacre
    the Chinese Malaysians using May 13 since 1969.
    > (48) 20 constituencies won by DAP would not get funds from the government to
    develop. Or these Chinese majority constituencies would be the last to be
    > (49) 100 constituencies (parliaments and states) had been racist re-delineated
    so Chinese voters were diluted that Chinese candidates, particularly DAP
    candidates lost in election since 1970s
    > (50) Only 3 out of 12 human rights items are ratified by Malaysia government
    since 1960
    > (51) 0 elimination of, all forms of racial discrimination (UN Human Rights) is
    not ratified by Malaysia government since 1960s
    > (52) 20 reported cases whereby Malay ambulance attendance treated Chinese
    patients inhumanely, and Malay government hospital staffs purposely delay
    attending to Chinese patients in 2003. Unreported cases may be 200
    > (53) 50 cases each year whereby Chinese, especially Chinese youths being
    beaten up by Malay youths in public places. We may check at police reports
    provided the police took the report, otherwise there will be no record
    > (54) 20 cases every year whereby Chinese drivers who accidentally knocked down
    Malays were seriously assaulted or killed by Malays
    > (55) 12% is what ASB/ASN (Malays Own banks) got per annum while banks fixed
    deposit is only about 3.5% per annum.
    > (56) The latest news about the police in Malaysia. Believe that the Malaysia
    police officer have caught a Chinese girl and punish her with naked body nearby
    the windows that other people (believe that is police officer) can took video
    recording via mobile phones. This news spread to China, and finally Malaysia
    government told to public that is Malay girl. After that there’s no more news
    about the case.
    > And more cases haven’t been discovered.
    > So, if any Malaysian read this mail and got extra opinion please add into this
    mail and forward to everyone who feel this is unfair to other race in Malaysia.
    > Your forward mail will be much appreciated.
    > Thank you,
    > From,
    > Malaysian Race Humanity 2006
    > Malaysian_humanity@yahoo.com
    > ———————————————–
    > Why keep checking for Mail? The all-new Yahoo! Mail shows you when there are
    new messages.

  188. While ppl are complaining that our country is maturing slowing, have they ever thought if they have done their share for the country? did they contribute?
    While they are expecting the country to progess, have they ever thought wheter the existing resources or infrastructure can cope with the progress? or even the people. are they ready for the rapid change?
    Kampungs are not necessarily a bad thing. we have to preserve some of them. they make malaysia a special place. not every place can be like KL!
    But speaking of which, i think our country can do better in infrastructure such as roads, public transport, medical assistance……

  189. lets not talk about the bribe, the infrastructure, or the parliment debating some stupid issues every wednesday, but the most fundamental part that directly contribute to the development of our own country is nonetheless education.
    one of the previous post stated that ‘We have government who encouraged future medical students to take up forestry study in local universities’. seriously i think that there are a lot of other interesting courses that those outstanding students can aim for, not just aim to become a doctor. However, i strongly agree with that statement, m’sia seriously do not appreciate their own talents.
    take for an example, one of my fren is having his Uni studies in s’pore now. he manage to get a scholarship offering to study his desired course in s’pore. but in m’sia, he nvr get any scholarship/bursary offering. besides, he was offered a course in local U which is not even in his 8 choices. does meritocracy really exist??
    and the story continues, after graduation, the friend need to work for 3 yrs in s’pore, and i guess he’ll be working there until retire as nobody would wan to start all over again by getting a new job. and so he has contributed to the development of s’pore.
    so is this what out government wants? keep sending our talents to foreign country and aid the development of the country? if they dont even know how to treasure talents how our country can develope? this problem has existed for so many yrs..and i guess it wont be solve for a very long future to come..haiz…

  190. If you ask me, I’d say DM stepped down when he knew that he’d overstep boundaries that might expose his corruption and then let someone else take over.
    Now that AAB has taken over, DM has someone to shoulder the blame for him. Sort of like finger pointing to take away attention from himself.
    Perfect timing.
    Something I don’t understand is why is DM attacking the PM he personally elected? I smell smth fishy.
    You can’t expect AAB to develop the country in 3 years. DM didn’t even manage to do so in his 2 decades.
    The reason why we aren’t progressing is probably because we are focusing too much on the less important issues. We cannot even reach an agreement on whether or not to abolish special privileges.
    Why can’t we just allow those who deserve to get their just deserts?
    Whats the use of giving fishing nets to farmers and rakes to fishermen?
    The govt worries too much about gaining the support of people that they make decisions not for the people’s good but for their own.

  191. I’m a 2nd generation Malaysian Chinese
    born in MALAY-sia,
    raised in MALAY-sia,
    never lived more than 3 weeks out of MALAY-sia,
    finished my studies in MALAY-sia,
    works in MALAY-sia,
    probably will die in MALAY-sia….. BUT….
    will NEVER be a BUMIPUTRA in MALAY-sia. WTH?!?!?!?!
    It’s no wonder MALAY-sia is where it is right now.Politicians can talk till the cows and goats and bulls come home bout muhibbah, impartial treatment, “Kita rakyat Malaysia”….bla bla bla…but the fact remains. If you’re not the right “tone”, you are no more than 2nd class citizen judged by your “ngan sek” and not merit.
    Singapore’s Mentor Minister Lee Kuan Yew statement recently is right on the spot and everyone knows it.
    If the so called Constitution that is man-made and written remains as it is and gives the BUMIs ie Hua Na Kui the be all and end all…MALAY-sia is as it is. “Ki Ho Lan Liao”

  192. I’m a 2nd generation Malaysian Chinese
    born in MALAY-sia,
    raised in MALAY-sia,
    never lived more than 3 weeks out of MALAY-sia,
    finished my studies in MALAY-sia,
    works in MALAY-sia,
    probably will die in MALAY-sia….. BUT….
    will NEVER be a BUMIPUTRA in MALAY-sia. WTH?!?!?!?!
    It’s no wonder MALAY-sia is where it is right now.Politicians can talk till the cows and goats and bulls come home bout muhibbah, impartial treatment, “Kita rakyat Malaysia”….bla bla bla…but the fact remains. If you’re not the right “tone”, you are no more than 2nd class citizen judged by your “ngan sek” and not merit.
    Singapore’s Mentor Minister Lee Kuan Yew statement recently is right on the spot and everyone knows it.
    If the so called Constitution that is man-made and written remains as it is and gives the BUMIs ie Hua Na Kui the be all and end all…MALAY-sia is as it is. “Ki Ho Lan Liao”

  193. this is 1st comment i ever post in this blog but really agree with that result n everything u all discussing in here.. simple thing juz continue finish the rest of this article n u`ll know.. (Kenny maybe you should read this and you`ll understand why)
    Interesting….a bit unbelievable, although I know Malay is not the first landed in Malaysia, but never thought of Chinese being the first….
    (don`t believe juz ask your sis or bro that stil study in school—> primary student. you just ask them do they know who is Hang Tuah??)
    > >
    > > ” The Truth Reveal (with evidence)”
    > > In June 1998, the government of Malaysia had hired a team of experts
    > > Received: from local by SmtpFwd via local research project to compliment
    > > the history studies that we undertaken in our secondary school. The
    > > objective of the research is simply:
    > >
    > > 1. To find prove and evident that show the Malays are the origins of
    > > Malaysia and they are the first race and religion that lands their foot
    > > in Malaysia.
    > >
    > > 2. To further strengthen their claims, first they need to find the grave
    > > yard of the Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu and etc..to show the
    > > existant of their pioneer.
    > >
    > > 3. The Batu bersurat in Terengganu, reveals that the islamic religion has
    > > landed in malaysia for a hundred years ago which further strengthen their
    > > claims!
    > >
    > > That is why, we are taught with sejarah (history of malaysia)!!!!
    > >
    > > BEWARE & OPEN YOUR EYES!!! go ask your brother, sister, niece, newphew
    > > and etc. etc, since the year 1999 (if i’m not mistaken) or year 2000, do
    > > they study about HANG TUAH anymore????????
    > >
    > > Why is that popular subject GONE????? Missing in action??????? or
    > >
    > > Evidence reveals something different that causes the government to stop
    > > the syllabus and HIDE the TRUTH????????
    > >
    > > Here are the Evidences of the findings by the team of scientists,
    > > archaeologist,historian and other technical staff from the United State,
    > > United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Yemen & Russia.
    > >
    > > The evidence are:
    > >
    > > 1) They finally found the grave yard of Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat and
    > > etc…, their skeleton had been analise and samples of DNA had been
    > > taken with the results show:
    > >
    > > Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, hang Lekiu and mates, they are NOT MALAY!!!!!!
    > > They are CHINESE (islamic)from china!!! and why are they here in
    > > Malacca????? Because they are in a misison to protect the UNGRATEFUL
    > > MALAY from the potential attack of SIAM (Thailand)!!!
    > >
    > > So Hang tuah is not malay hero!!! they are the protector of the useless
    > > and ungrateful Parameswara (who is from INDONESIA)landed in Malacca and
    > > claim the land belongs to him!!!
    > > The hang tuah bunch of people are all from china, they are being assign
    > > to malacca because parameswara request the Ching Dynasty Emporer for
    > > protection!!!
    > >
    > > This is why the Hang Tuah series of history is MISSING from the
    > > SEJARAH!!!!
    > >
    > > 2nd. Evidence:
    The researchers hired by the government found the oldest tomb stone(grave yard) in Kelantan in year 2000. Suprisingly the tomb stone are at least 900 years old!!!! older than the so-called batu bersurat. and the best thing is, it belong to the CHINESE!!!!!!!! Being landed first in Malacca doesn’t mean malay is the first in Malaysia cos during that time, the road is too long for them to see the other side of the coast!!! where the chinese has landed far more earlier.
    If you want the black and white evidence of the truth reveals please write to:
    The Federal Association of Arc & Research of Michigan, USA.
    Please do not ask the chinese nor the indian to go back to their home country! Cos evidence shows that Malays are NOT Malaysia origin either! Your ancestor are all imigrant from INDONESIA! Let us unite as a nation and not divided by races. And give the full support to our leader.
    now you make your own conclusion..

  194. I am sad for do many years nothing improved but seems like things are going towards a much darker future.
    I am thinking it may be better off migrating to another country and become a 2nd class citizen there.
    no different but at least my next generation will be better off (possible to be a real citizen)
    seriously, with things looking the way it is, do you honestly think there is a chance of living a equal life here ?

  195. This freakin’ country’s politician focuses too much on commercial development and less on social welfare. What’s the point of building tallest towers in the world while having the poors begging on the street?

  196. OMG! We can actually talk shit about our government nowadays?? (sorry folks… It has been 14 years since I left Kuching!)
    Whether or not we/government done enough for the country is very much depending on our individual interests and welfare.
    Few Things that might help for a better future:
    1) Education system – enough said about our education system. I think you all know the what’s wrong with our education system.
    2) Parenting – We shall spend more time with our kids, especially early childhood parenting throughout teenage years. School is ONLY very small part of learning ground for our new generation! Kids will always learn from their parents! (I believe with the new generations coming along, parenting issue is getting better. )
    With above 2 points…
    That will lead to 3) Better citizens behavior – Don’t flame me for this. I am not saying all Malaysians are bad! (I am one of you guys!! remember??). If you want an advanced/developed city to live in, you will have to behave like one! Simple as that!
    4) With better citizens behavior, that means we better appreciate and utilize the resources that government has given to us. More happy people -> less complaining. Less complaining -> More Productive -> Better economy!!
    5) THERE IS NO PERFECT WORLD! Quote – “The sun don’t shine forever, but as long as it’s here, then we might as well shine together.” – Puff Daddy

  197. agree with 90% group. i interprets Malaysia as its people and not the country. we have superb infrastructures(anything under the sun to make life easier) because we have black money (oil). however Malaysia not mature enough to use it to make a leap & bound to being a class developed country. road were widened to enable more unlawful parking on yellow line. helmet not properly strap. drivers who likened the road as belong to their grandfather. kancil was modified like to look/sound like race car. people unable to use toilet properly & don’t want to learn & government not willing to educate (it a dirty job!). we have things but malaysia not mature enough to use it or willing to learn to use it or too selfish when using it. the government spent unwisely whereby education is lacking- not about the BM vs English but education in the proper sense. when MP was elected because of its popularity/whom he knows/money politic we are doomed because those MP will only knows nuts. the MP will educate you what he knew or support the policy he knows nothing about. which MP can debate/answer honestly and logically . we are not looking forward but sadly we are still patting on our back. yes we are enjoying every moment now. but wait and behoe that black money run out (will it?) what is going to happen? the developed country achieve its status in a process of learning all begin with nothing (number 0). we malaysia use money to buy progress. we want to start with, less say 7. so we purchase all things begining with 7 but our lack of understanding/knowledge of how things work.that is why we have people who use number 2 method to operate a number 7 equipment. education is clearly lacking in this country. we did not invest in future !

  198. Saw this blog, Malaysia going to be 50. Maturity come with wisdom knowledge understanding thinking humbleness. Malaysia is only 16 at best (pre teen). Dr M during his 22 years reflected this kind of maturity. Now lets us pray hard that we need to THINK not on what had happened 50 years ago but 50 years ahead. History is for us to learn but not for us to manipulate. We can learn from May 13 but not to manipulate it. Abdullah is only a PM elected by its people, the majority. If the majority is not mature what do you expect

  199. if we don’t vote for our current goverment?
    who do we vote?
    who can do better job than our goverment now?
    all parties are the same… the citizens is the same… so whichever party wins… it’s still the same… if the citizens don’t change.

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