Really Honest DVD Cover

I went to my local friendly neighbourhood pirated DVD store today looking to purchase the movie Zoolander, a movie banned over here for the obvious reason that the plot centres around a fashion mogul trying to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

I didn’t have much luck locating the movie however.
In my desperation to pick up a stupid comedy for a dose of laughter though, I come across a recent flick by Jim Carrey called Fun With Dick and Jane.

It’s a few months old movie that I didn’t have the chance to catch in the cinemas because I was probably too busy with work then. I still want to watch the movie now just because Jim Carrey is in it, but I don’t actually know what the movie is about. After all, the title of the movie is not as obvious as say, Snakes On The Plane.
As is the case with deliberately vague movie titles, I decided to read the synopsis at the back of the DVD cover before parting with my precious RM8. Just wanna check if it’s a good movie, y’know?
Then I read this.

WHAT! It’s not even worth the price of popcorn!? Forget it, I’m not buying this stupid DVD!

The winners of Crocs Beach giveaway revealed! Congratulations to:
Terenceg – Mahathir gave him a packet of Yeo’s
vyann – who thought M. Nasir is a hotel bell boy
JulsGP – who played volleyball with Leong Ka Fai and knocked Sheila Majid in the head
flo – who saw Amber Chia stripping off her clothes
DieHardX – who saw Ah Niu with no money to pay for his drink. If you don’t know who Ah Niu is, he’s that guy famous for singing the bloody annoying song called “The Girl Opposite Of Me Look Over Here”

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  1. lol, it’s one thing I don’t get about the pirates in Malaysia. Why bother to put up a review at all? My dad likes to smuggle dvds from malaysia back to singapore, and sometimes the reviews are ridiculous. =p
    Jim Carrey’s always good though, so I think you should disregard the review, Kenny! 😛

  2. Any xxx DVD movies there? I want to buy. Better than those crap pirated DVD movies shown on the cinemas recently. Not worth my RM8, I agreed with you, Kenny.

    Yeah, I agreed with you, bro. At least DVD blue films have a good synopsis ALL THE TIME. I would rather buy original DVD version of the cinema movies from Speedy Video or watch the movie DIRECTLY at the cinema itself.

  4. lol. it is so obvious its a pirated DVD. i mean, seriously, which marketing person in his/her right mind would put something like that as a synopsis. must have been some ah beng DVD-pirater (??) who doesnt understand engrishhh who copied and pasted it from somewhere on the net.
    but yehh, zoolander rox my socks!! everyone should watch it, given the chance. its really funny how a lot of malaysians do not know of this show, but all my singaporean friends know about it or have watched it. talk about a possible conspiracy.


  6. For me, I agree with the review. All the funny bits have been shown on the trailer. I felt I was wasting my time by watching that movie. Ace Ventura was much better.

  7. I’ve only watched Zoolander a few months back, it’s really hilarious. But… coming from Malaysia and all, when I saw how they potrayed Malaysia is funny yet…you know it’s wrong, because the PM in the movie looks more Mongolian(lol, that’s what I think lor) than Malaysian…

  8. zoolander is the bomb!! it’s funny because i used to watch with with my roommates and they definitely do not have a clue about MALAYSIA and ohh yeah, my roomies spread the news that my family own sweatshops in malaysia!!
    ohh damn americans!!

  9. zoolander…hahahaa its mad funny coz the PM in it’s some chinese dude… rather than a malay, tis like watching a movie (tat i doubt ever existed) bout the US prez being black =O

  10. It’s good that they have this kind of review at the back of the cover. Why bother to buy original DVD if the movie is that bad……

  11. hmm, i think the movie’s not half-bad lah…just watch it with no expectations =)
    I liked the scene where the son speaks Mexican instead of English to Jim Carrey ‘cos he spends too much time with the maid…lol

  12. watched the movie in cinema when i was in perth. Kenny, the movie provides a great dose of laughters if u really do need some but i doubt so since you can always entertain yrself due to yr great humour =P
    I still giggle over the funnie action of jim carrey stealing lawns from others’ compounds up until now. A comedy not to be missed

  13. This is quite a hilarious movie! It’s not something that you die for but you will have a very good laugh and worth every RM8 (not incl circulation among friends). Rating: Buy and see and pass around.

  14. Wah, an honourable DVD pirate, not easy to find. Must patronise his store more often okay? They provide the best service.
    Plus, Zoolander is DA BOMB. I especially love love love the carwash scene. I still burst out in laughter just thinking about it.

  15. I discovered Zoolander by accident, and boy was it funny – so funny that I bought the DVD! I mean, yeah, they portrayed us Malaysians as wage hiking scum, but we all have a good sense of humor now don’t we 😀
    Ooh Ben Stiller speaks some Malay in it 😀

  16. I think the reviem of the DVD was to encorage ppl to buy the DVD instead of watching it on the cinema, u know what i mean? Not watching in cinema = watching pirated DVDs at home… subliminal message!!

  17. It’s pathetic for malaysian Government to ban Zoolander just becos the PM featured was not a Malay or for whatever reason. If there’s the case most American movies would have been banned in USA…Maybe there’s another `boleh’ for Malaysia

  18. Zoolander is cool. The plot seems a little stupid but overall don’t bring your brain while watching the movie.
    For a great laugh, i would recommend the American Pie Series.

  19. I thought Zoolander was just hilarious man! You should really get a copy of that movie somehow.
    The Malaysian Prime Minister part was done in good humour though, it’s a shame the government got so worked up on this banning movie thing.

  20. wahahaha! that’s for paying $RM5 for your dvds there. you should’ve bought it just for the always fuckingly hilarious subtitling.

  21. I never knew pirated DVDs even put their own opinions in the covers. I watched that film before and it was funny though.
    ZOOLANDER is kickass! 😀 love it. Maybe you can ask your Indonesian friends to get a copy of the pirated dvd for you.

  22. Pirated DVDs 😛 It’s like that lar… Don’t know what those people were thinking when designing the cover. Don’t think they even bother to read what they were copy pasting LOL… However, most people don’t really care and never even bother with what written at the back. Have heaps of them at home(not ours, we don’t buy 😛 it’s our relatives’ after they watched them, they will bring over here for us to watch) and sometimes I’m bored, I read the back of the cover and really had a good time laughing over it.

  23. I bought a copy of Zoolander in malaysia JB Holiday plaza leh!
    I am singaporean! The movie was ban here also cos out govt scared your govt angry wor… hahahahaha

  24. hmm just wondering if police sees this would they arrest you for buying pirated dvds (if you did)?
    and shouldn’t you not encourage people to buy pirated stuff and respect intellectual property rights? since you have like 14k visitors everyday…(doesn’t mean you won’t buy, just don’t show it so obviously)
    anyway laughing at the honest review lol

  25. i think the pirate tat pirated the dvd very stupid..don u realise he actually copied wrongly..he copied the comments instead of the synopsis of the movie… haha… make him rugi so much…tat movie surely cant sell many copied…

  26. Failed marketing =(
    Cruelly honest. At least its nice to see that people have some standards of excellence.

  27. it’s more like a review than a synopsis… haha.. yea, i’ve caught it and u’ve made e right decision in not purchasing it

  28. I managed to get Zoolander quite some time back from a DVD store in SS2 PJ. Good copy with many many extras. Prolly give KL a try when you’re over here.

  29. This is not even a synopsis… it is a review by a movie critic!
    Person who copied the DVD sure wasn’t paying attention or don’t know how to read english .. haha

  30. zoolander is no doubt a great hilarious movie n its very hard to get it now. however u can download from this website though

  31. That must be the funniest movie “review” ever. Those pirates really don’t bother to learn English or even to at least know what the review is all about or written by whom. Zoolander however, is hilarious. But one must be quick to get the joke. Download it then via BitTorrent.

  32. Fun with Dick and Jane wasn’t Fun..
    Jim carrey has done wayyy better stuff… and i don’t really like tea leoni.. huuh. but zoolander is awesome!!
    here’s a fun thing to do when watching it.
    Try and Decode, what Ben Stiller said to the PM of malaysia in the end of the movie. He says something in Bahasa. Try la.
    Then tell me if u got it. 😛
    ps: Snakes on a plane might be an obvious title.. but it was a DAMN awesome MOVIE!!

  33. Actually, if you read the review properly, it seems to have come from a viewer review from IMDB or something.
    I doubt that the review came from a VCD/DVD seller. Looks like they pirated again! Plagiarism Stage 2

  34. they probably downloaded it from a movie review site and put it on without reading the text. Have noticed a few times that reviews on the back sleeve of pirated DVD covers were of different movies.

  35. Penang RM4. If you buy 5 you got 1 free somemore. I prefer pirated one over going to cinema because the scenes are never deleted one. Watching movie in cinema where every bad word is cut, sakit hati one. Plus in cinema always got children crying/running around and ah lian talking over her handphone..

  36. whoever who printed that cover, they’re just dumb… they friggin copied and pasted a bad movie review without even reading!
    so so very dumb!

  37. “Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking??”
    WAKAKA!!! That is it. I’m re-watching Zoolander… again. (^_^)

  38. Frankly, it was a stupid movie.
    Should be thankful that the pirates give you a ‘neutral’ point of view.
    Your blog’s pretty cool and I enjoys reading your choices in KLue. =)

  39. hey kenny! why you want go to the dvd store when kch got their local “DVD store” at jln song! EXPERT THERE!!! got plentyfull of dvd and dosen’t cost up to rm8.00 per movie!

  40. Fun with Dick and Jane isn’t that bad seriously. i think the printers / “manufacturers” for that pirated copy didn’t really like jim carrey and was forced to still “pirate” it due to demand? That is a really funny review! hahaa.. better they put “DOn’t buy this’s not worth ur money”
    Btw, the DVD’s i get in PG are only RM 4

  41. i guess zoolander is not out yet judging from the date on the poster.. u might come across it a week after the actual airing date although it is banned here.. heheh..

  42. Well, obviously the pic had been “photoshop”…cant u guys noticed that? it’s another Kanny Sia’s Joke 😀

  43. who is kenny sia anyway??? are u the fat guy in the pamphlet in disted college penang teaching ballet? Your the one crossing ur chicken drumstick leg posing as a woman?

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