Kenny Sia Magazine Festival 2006

Have you ever walked into a news stand, and noticed how sometimes all the magazines have the exact same model on the covers?

It’s like one month, all the magazines have Amber Chia on the cover. Next month, it’s all Hannah Tan. It’s as if all the magazine publishers decided to come together and run a concerted campaign for these ladies.
I’m still waiting for my chance to grace the covers of the magazines here, although I’m pretty sure that’s about as likely as a fat boy rejecting another slice of pizza. By coincidence however, I did manage to appear on four separate publications this month.

I must admit, I still get a kick out of being interviewed by newspapers and magazines. Apart from being recognised on the streets constantly, doing interviews is about the only other time I actually felt like being a (pseudo) celebrity. It’s a huge ego masturbation for me, and god knows how important that is for a guy with balls the size of coconuts.
First, was the September 11th edition of StarTwo on the Perils of Blogging.

A few people have warned me how my blog could land me into trouble one day because I write about “sensitive issues” like the results of an online poll. These are the same people keep telling me to “delete this entry” and “delete that entry”, which I find a little unnerving. Are these people coming to to read what I have to say, or are they coming in here to watch me delete my entries right after I posted them up?
Maybe I’m the only one here, but I’m getting more positives out of my blog than negatives.

KLue Magazine approached me to write for them after they came across my blog late last year. The money is quite minimal compared to what I earn for my day job, but honestly I enjoy every minute I spent writing my column for them.

Seeing my name on the credits section of such a popular magazine gives me an inexplicable rush of satisfaction everytime. Another case of ego masturbation.
My face made a surprise appearance in this month’s FHM Magazine as well. Don’t worry, I was not in a bikini ok? (Then again hor, Malaysian version of FHM never featured chicks in skimpy bikinis one. Damn sien. Don’t they know that FHM without pics of chicks in skimpy bikinis is equivalent to drinking iced lemon tea – without ice, lemon and tea? Singaporean FHM is heaps better.)
At least, it’s something not blog-related for a change.

From left to right: Cheesie, me, Kid Chan, Shan and Sorryiforgotwhatshisname.

The photo was taken at the Martell Rise Above party when I was in KL. Cheesie and I were guests of wedding photographer celebrity Kid Chan, who was there because he was nominated for an award.
You gotta admire Kid Chan for his networking skills. I watched him in action. The guy can just walk into a room full of strangers, make small talks with all the powerful personalities and leave with a good impression on everyone’s mind.

I had an awkward moment when he introduced me to Miss Malaysia Universe Melissa Ann Tan. Kid Chan said to her something along the lines that I was the only “celebrity” he knew present at the party, to which the beauty queen could only react by staring at me in puzzlement, wondering who the hell I am.
I had a hard time fitting into the party because it was too atas from what I was used to. It even had to involve all the atas people like Xandra “Atas” Ooi and Jojo “Atas” Struys. In fact, it’s so bloody atas until it had to be held in an atas venue like KL Tower.

As if that’s not atas enough, they set up a friggin’ hot air balloon at the top of Bukit Nanas, so you could literally “rise above” the rest of KL and yell at the top of your lungs “OI! I AM MORE ATASTHAN ALL YOU PEASANTS, UNDERSTAND?!?”
How thoughtful.
The magazine appearance I am most excited about though is this month’s issue of New Man Magazine.

Darn thing took a full TWO WEEKS after it was published to arrive on our Sarawakian bookshelves.
JoyceTheFairy, Lainie Yeoh, Jeff Ooi and myself was interviewed at this place in Damansara called “Friendster Cafe”.
Yes, there’s a Friendster Cafe in KL. And all these while I thought it was only us Kuching people who can come up with extremely unimaginative business names.
Who knows? Maybe next time there’s gonna be a Xanga Bar, Blogspot Shop and Multiply Motel.

New Man is definitely one of the most entertaining magazines out there. Anyway, I won’t publish the entire article for the sake of copyright, so do get a copy of New Man at your nearest news stand if you have the chance.
Suffice to say, I like how the article turned out, especially when they took MY quote and put in BIG ORANGE FONTS. Whoa, like the things I said very important liddat.

Reading that interview masturbated my ego so much, it bukkaked all over my magazine.
So anyway, I was left there reading my stained mag, cover to cover, grinning like an oaf, only to turn back to the cover and saw these words.

WHAT! GEEK ISSUE?! Darn you Mr Editor! How could you con us into a doing an inteview then put us in your GEEK ISSUE!?
That is like asking me to be photographed for a Marie France ad, only to be have it used in the “BEFORE” section of their weight loss ad.

I just finished playing this horror game called F.E.A.R. (which explains my absence for the past few days). It’s fun, but it sure damn scared the living bejesus out of me. Don’t play this game at night!

79 Replies to “Kenny Sia Magazine Festival 2006”

  1. your very right about how the same celebrity is on every magazine at one time.
    Interviewers listen very intently on what your saying and scribble things down as if they were some police officer. =]

  2. As Nelson Mutts from the Simpsons put it (in reference to your GEEK issue)….. Har Har! ๐Ÿ˜›
    Nah, you’re cool mate!

  3. Ur own mag?? How about “Un-Kenny” (=uncanny) for the name of the mag??? And then u can put urself as the hunk centerfold!!!

  4. i thought you were bout to say u were featured on the cover of the “geek” issue, the guy with black framed specs ๐Ÿ˜›
    neway, arenร‚ยดt you a lucky guy! meeting beautiful ladies (beauty includes both physical n intellectual properties ; not just some other hot chick) and also orang-orang “atas”. become rich oso pantas =)

  5. Can’t wait for your own magazine. What ever name will do but make sure the motto/slogan is ‘OMG, They killed Kenny. You bastard’.

  6. its XANDRIA rite not XANDRA!!! Go Kenny I support you starting your own mag…and do feel free 2 employ me to be your publication crew!! =D

  7. I also used to think that Singaporean FHM was better when I flicked through it on holiday.
    Then I came to Australia and thought their FHM was better. More skin you see.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    All that changed when I came across FHM UK on newsstands a month ago. Now THAT’S where all the good stuff is!!

  8. i always enjoy reading your blogs man….didn’t know you are such a blast in the magazines this days…hey..New Man Should be paying some advertising fees lor…keep up the good work man…

  9. lol multiply motel,xanga bar and blogspot shop.would like to see that happen,kenny.
    u crack me up with your posts. I love love LOVE your pennings =)
    rock on!

  10. Congrats, Kenny! You have a way to stardom! Ever thought of writing a book?
    Anyway, you can always check your sensitive entries with a lawyer first before you publish them to save your ass although good leaders are big-hearted and they won’t be bothered by those jokes. But some people (aka petty leaders) have the hobby of suing others over SMALL remarks. They just have to do it and make the other parties suffer and better, be banished from the earth. Ha! Oh no, you dun wanna mess up with them, do you? lol …

  11. kenny and hejin,
    good idea by the way hejin
    Why not have a disclaimer window pop up before the main blog site does.
    It saves u lawyer fees, only 1 time fee to make sure it conforms wid Malaysian IP law etc etc, i woodnt have a clue
    Then u can have a disclaimer along the lines of…. no bitching and no crying or black mari… (oops) betta not finish that ๐Ÿ˜›
    sweet stuff kenny

  12. Well, in Singapore, the same faces (like Denise Keller) keep appearing on the mags too. Not just mags, but adverts as well.
    Like as if we don’t have enough models like that. ๐Ÿ™

  13. Hahaha… I bought that New Man Magazine and really enjoy reading the article about the bloggers… For sure they are very talented because they’re GEEK! hahaha…

  14. hahaha..’the geek issue’ sentence make me laugh out loud. i’m pretty sure marie france bodyline won’t ask u to be the ‘before’ la… unless you wanted to be a woman…

  15. Blogging is like writing a diary in those days, but you did a great job in your blog, Kenny. Pleasant and fun to read. Keep it up.

  16. I’ve seen Amber Chia in real person recently at Jln Telawi, Bangsar. At first I saw only her back profile, and I thought it’s a hooker or a beer girl, from the slutty way that she dress, with high heel boots in the afternoon some more…only when I saw from front view, i realised it’s Amber Chia. And, she’s super thin and skinny. Not as attractive as the magazine pictures.

  17. Fuiyoohhhh how come u know so many atas people wan ah? ๐Ÿ˜›
    Guess I need to be one of the geeks too…
    Kidding. Your blog rocks Kenny!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I too had my fair share of meeting up miss malaysia universe during my trip to penang.. but I played more to the role of a paparazzi haha..
    check out the post link here

  19. first time comment here…i like the pic you and amber chia…hahaha…maybe you should appear in front cover like a “model” in magazines next time. cheers.

  20. hey man we know ur famous and all but like why blog about ur popularity and how much of a celebrity you are? look at the number of comments – that just goes to show your masturbation of ego through blogging about your masturbated ego just doesn’t go down too well with loyal readers, like me.
    but then, who am i to comment – u dont charge a cent for reading your blog. i can just choose to not come in, yes? yes.

  21. hello kenny. i have a suggestion for your blogroll column. well, 2 actually. i think the blogs of these 2 r some of the best by way of malaysian bloggers. check them out if u can.
    also worth checking out these 2:

  22. hey kenny, what is the condition that actually unfold ur appearance to the magazine’s covers?
    any certain requirements?
    btw, quite a nice blog!! cheer it up!!

  23. you were featured in my university student magazine as well. check out monash university malaysia’s student magazine, MonGa. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Anyone likes to read about Hannah Tan or rather Hannah T’s “sexy past”? The so-called “hotest, sexiest” Malaysian female singer who sings in bikinis?

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