Zhng My Penis

I’m thinking about getting myself circumcised.

Yalah, laugh all you want. This is quite a personal topic, but I suppose most people reading kennysia.com would have passed their Form 3 Biology already so hopefully we can tackle this subject the adult way. Stop giggling!
Now, for the benefit of those who don’t know what a circumcision is, allow me explain.
This is what a normal penis looks like.

What? That’s not it? Well, must be something wrong with yours then ‘cos mine looks like that.
The tip of the penis is called “a dickhead”.
Here is a picture of a dickhead.

Dickheads are normally surrounded by a layer of skin, called “the foreskin”.
See, dickheads are senstive creatures, which is why it is necessary to have foreskins to help protect them. You wouldn’t wanna have a dickhead rubbing against the fabric of your underwear because trust me, it hurts.
Dickheads are also very shy. You normally won’t see a dickhead unless you pull the foreskin back to expose it.
Here is a picture of “an exposed dickhead”.

That’s TT Durai if you don’t know who he is.

As for me, I have a love-hate relationship with my foreskin. 24 years with a foreskin and I’m pretty comfortable having it around.
However, there are many times when I find it more of a nuisance.

Girls who complain guys can’t aim properly when pissing in toilet bowls obviously don’t know the frustration of having a foreskin. If you think pissing with a penis is like using a water hose in the garden, you’re wrong.
Pissing with a penis with a foreskin is like using a sprinkler. You spray all over the place!

I don’t know if other guys have the same difficulties as I do because it’s bloody hard work going to the toilet when you have a foreskin. I don’t wanna sit on the toilet bowl because I’d feel like a woman, so I gotta resort to retracting the foreskin everytime I take a piss.
It’s too hard.
I mean the process, not the penis.

If you think to all these sounds ridiculous, then consider this.
An uncircumcised penis accumulates cheese-like smegma on the dickhead and smells absolutely horrible if left uncleaned. Not only is a dirty dick unattractive by most standards, it’s a hotbed for all sorts of diseases.
I’m not sure how many guys clean their dickheads regularly because I’m a bit obsessed with the cleanliness of it. In my books, cheese is best served with wine, not dickheads.
No foreskin = less dirt = better hygiene = less disease = happy Kenny.
Then there’s the added benefit of better sexual satisfaction for both partners, but I intend to keep this entry clean and family-friendly so I won’t elaborate on that. πŸ˜‰

But I’m a bit scared leh. Where to find a good doctor in Kuching to zhng my lan jiao?
I’ve heard too many horror stories about circumcision operation gone wrong for me, like excessive blood loss, anaesthetics not working (!), or even accidental loss of penis(!!!)
That’s why having a good doctor is important. Don’t wanna go to the hospital as a boy and come out as a girl ya know? Otherwise I might have to change this site to conniesia.com

Then I’d have to shop in this section at Watson’s

Are there any guys who’ve done it before? How’s it like? Do you miss your foreskin? Please let me know before I commit to this lifelong decision.
I just think it’s gonna be so weird to have Big Bird without the skin.

So? To cut or not to cut?

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370 Replies to “Zhng My Penis”

  1. I’m 2nd!
    Ok you got to stop this.
    I was about to sleep but just decided to pop by your blog and I am laughing like mad now lar.
    shit u.

  2. Just Do it…
    I’m planning to do it also.. seems like dont have the guts and time to do it lol…
    its’s been 2 years since my fren did it.
    this is like a little suffer then u have all the happynest for the rest of your life…
    *Ops sorry ar is you and your partner(sex lar) and happy and lots more PLEASURE!!! this is according to lots of my malay fren’s, and some chinese that Experience the Before and after,,…. One Word…. SONG!!!

  3. first time..ask ur birdie what best for him..muahaha…maybe he will sad for cutting of his skin…muahaha

  4. you should do some research in the internet. Lots of pro-circumcision and anti-circumcision sites.
    Overall, I feel that the anti-circumcision people makes more sense. The foreskin is a design of nature and is meant to protect – there is no reason to remove it unnaturally.

  5. Having a foreskin removed is like having a Prince Albert, trust me, you do NOT want to have them both within a short period of intervals.
    I have a friend who’s brother did get himself over with the ritual at 24, like your current situation. But unlike you, he was a totally pussy (pun not intended).
    Dat guy was the type of softies who dreaded going on kayaking trips and KL marathons.
    Medicalwise, its is a good decision to go under the knife. But just remember that there are cases of “shortening”.
    Something to ponder indeed.

  6. Aside from the coconuts, what you drew looked like an erected penis but how come it’s pointing downwards?

  7. When Jesus was travelling to Jerusalem, there was this guy who said:” Alright everybody, lets go now… Let’s not wait for the bread to rise. Let’s take the crackers and the skin off your penises.”
    Then another guy asked: “Why the skin off our penises?”
    To which the first guy replied:” We’re travelling people, you don’t want sand in there.”
    Fact or fiction? its your call.
    Thank Robin Williams for this.

  8. adv: you last longer and it is definitely cleaner, free of smell. can be more violent during sex without fear of ripping foreskin. in some cases, will make appendage look bigger.
    dis: it takes a while for your head to lose its sensitivity, erections will hurt (slightly for a while), you may get ugly scarring, obvious two-tones and you won’t be able to wank without proper lubrication. when flaccid, tends to look wrinkly around the edge of the “mushroom”.
    your dribbling / spraying while peeing is not common among uncircumcised males. it may be a medical condition. if so, go for op.
    in some circles, circumcision is believed to lower chances of impotence because the owner tends to have to work harder and learn other methods of stimulating himself. on the other hand, having a foreskin allows you to indulge in frottage and other activities (depending on your length) without the act getting too messy.
    i think you might need to check out pictures first to see if you like it.

  9. Actually, it’s true that after some time, the dick-head becomes accustomed to rubbing against the frabric of the underwear / pants.
    However, this had led to belief ( scientifically based, of course ) that the penis head ( rather known as the glans penis ) becomes de-sensitised over a period of time after circumcision.
    This results in less pain, less washing, less pain WHEN washing, but may result in less fulfulling intercourse.

  10. hey kenny, go to poliklinik near the merdeka square or wat ever it is called now… make sure u bring other ppl along, coz u wont be able to drive after they cut ur dick skin off…
    i went there to ask b4 (when i was in intisar).. but tak jadi to cut… ahahah

  11. I’ve done it at the age of 12 for health reason (I’m not muslim). I don’t really know how can I describe it, but I’ll try my best to describe it in general. Hope no one gets confuse with this reply.
    First would be the operation, nothing much to it. They just numb the lower part of your body(that area only to be precise) with anaesthetics. So you won’t really feel anything. In fact, b4 the anaesthetics wears off, you will can just move or walk around or even jump like normal. But once the numb effects wears off….OUCH…
    Now for the daily life after the operation. During the period of recovery(depends on your recovery/regeneration ability, could be a week or two), you will probably have to wear sarung only. And yes it is painful if you make any physical contact with the penis so pants is a NONO and don’t even think about wearing underwear. You will be walking in a funny way with the sarung on (to avoid all possible physical contact with anything, even the sarung) so be prepared to be laughed at if you’re not living alone.
    I remember they will give you antiseptic or some medicine which you have to use to clean the stitches area until the wound have recovered to avoid infection. Once the wound is heal the strings(on the stiches) will fall off by themselves slowly. Once that period is over, you will have to get use to the sudden increase of the sensitivity of the dickhead. After a while the sensitivity should drop and you will probably get used to it by then. πŸ˜€
    One note to take (if I recall correctly) is that the older you are, the more painful it will be(after the operation) and the slower it is to recover. So do consider about it. If you really do it, you probably have to take a week or two off after the operation. Hope this helps.

  12. the next time people see kenny sia at some clinic they will expect to get pictures of you and your naked-dick!!! anyways, having a foreskin feels like fucking two pussys at a time πŸ™‚
    a friend used to tell me, with a foreskin on looks like someone wearing a turtleneck. aint that cute? keeps you away from the cold too πŸ™‚
    ure more worry bout rubbing the head? think about loosing its sensitivity in future, what’s so hard about washing it everyday tho. use clorox.
    huahuha. dont forget to announce your post-circumcise party eh.

  13. I’ve got it done in primary 2. No so much problem. It’s a small operation la. The doc won’t cut yours off to make you connie sia! Hahaha…=P
    One last thing, it’s definitely more accurate when aiming at the toilet bowl without your dickhead ‘hood’.Haha..=P Cheers mate.

  14. Acocording to my fren who CUT it.
    Ur DickHead will become slightly larger than before, cuz cut edi got more blood flow mar.
    I am 20, planning to cut too.
    Mayb go in gang, go pain must suffer with brothers.
    Fren’s advice, Cut edi no porn for a weeks, or u will die and found as blood fountain.

  15. hey did u remove justin’s comment? i ws reading it. i thought it ws informative. why, the pictures scare u ah?
    personally though, just do it. there’s more advantages than disadvantages. sure, the lil’ bro will be very sensitive for a week or two.. or three. but in the long run, after shedding ur skin, u’ll become a beautiful butterfly.
    besides, it’ll be interesting to read your post-op blog. i look forward to it.

  16. you should just do it. circumsised dicks are nicer looking, more fun when it comes to sex, and also its healthier. in the long run its all for the better.
    and i heard one of my friends say that her bf got it lasered off in auzzie.

  17. =)) *snip* *snip* You’ll have many guys wincing in sympathy if u DID go ahead and decide to go under the knife! Good luck if you do! I saw and operation done once before and I can say that it’s pretty bloody! At least they equip the man with blinders so not as to shock him….

  18. circumcision is a totally unnecessary operation unless u have a medical condition that requires you to have it done. all u need to do is clean the glands each time u take a shower, and u’ll definitely be free from any dissease. circumcision in adults are usually performed if they suffer from phimosis or infection. hth.

  19. heh chuckled for abit until the last few parts, then i kinda lost my apetite for breakfast.. =/ there goes my bread and butter

  20. Well Kenny, if its not a matter of life and death, then you dont really have to do it. You’re not a 7 year old kid anymore, whereby you can skip school for weeks to get yourself healed. Like we all know, any kind of surgery involves risks; risk of infection, bleeding and bla bla bla. But on the other hand, if you really wanna do it, I’d say go to a reputable hospital. Get it done in a hospital and not some polyclinic, okay?

  21. dude!! 24 years later & you still don’t know how to pee right??
    …..don’t know bout you, but i always pull my foreskin back whenever i take a piss & have no issue with overspray – then make sure it drips dry before i put my little anaconda back in his cage & he always stays clean that way……. you should try that sometime!!
    over here in the States, alot of circumcised “victims” are actually getting surgery to restore the skin.
    I’m glad i didn’t have it done 15 years ago when
    i was pondering the same question….

  22. apparently cuttin it reduces pleasure because you’re cutting off about 1/3 of the sensors down there πŸ™‚ choose wisely.

  23. Hrm, no fun in it anymore for girls as its not natural…well from our point of view…Heck its cleaner and so fourth but…urgh…it just looks unnatural…i mean, urm, gee, its kinda hard to explain…hee:D

  24. ?? – No, in fact, its getting thinnier and sensitive.
    Kenny – western medical already proves that circumsion is good for your ‘down under’ hygiene.

  25. Kenny, go for it! It’s great that you gave it a thought.. so why quit? I tell you, lots of dudes don’t give it a shot because they don’t got the guts to. You know, uncircumcised dicks are laughing stocks of groups of boys who watch porn together! Get through with the pain, and when it’s all done, you’ll feel like you just sent your wreck of car to MTV’s Pimp My Ride.. you’ll have a ‘ride’ to brag about! Haha!

  26. Don’t worry about the age factor.
    I had mine done when I was 34, and have never regretted it. Had a small medical problem like a tight foreskin which was hell for my sex life!
    A good doctor is Dr Sen Gupta at Normah, but not sure whether he’s still there. However it’s a simple and straightforward procedure, so don’t fear. Takes less than 15 minutes but about 3-5 days rest to recover.
    I’d say go for it.

  27. Hee its funny how at 24 u still cant aim straight. πŸ˜‰
    From a girl’s POV, i prefer circumcized penis. Yes, like many has said, less smell, and if the dude is super clean and WASHES his kukujiao after he pees or before intercourse, seriously, chicks wouldnt mind going down ANYTIME on that sort of dude.
    Abt the pain, well, if little boys have theirs done, (some malays) the TRADITIONAL way, I dont see why a man of 24, who’s having it done in a clinic/hospital, should be a prob.
    But then again, Kenny (although i know men in general dont do this), if you wash after you pee (not to say every time, but often la), i dont see a prob with smell, disease etc.
    REALLY think before you have it done, okay? Its no something u just wake up one morning and say, “hey, i want to have some modification done to my kukujiao today!” Its NOT like a car modification where if u dont like whatever that has been done, u can just undo it. Once OFF, there’s no turning back.
    Its YOUR kukujiao. Be wise with it. πŸ˜‰

  28. I don’t think you should go for the circumcision. To put it bluntly, you’re just thinking of doing it coz you are:
    a) Lazy to peel back the foreskin every time you pee
    b) Lazy to wash under the foresking during showers
    c) Lazy to practice and improve your sexual techniques so you can last longer
    I’m not flaming you, but I think you need some Tough Love. If you go to a real medical specialist, they will advise you to go for it ONLY if you have a medical condition that is caused by your foreskin. You have none of those.
    Yes, I understand how it feels like when you’re peeing. One minute it goes here, then it goes there, and finally everywhere! BUT, are you so lazy that you can’t spend 20 seconds focusing on retracting your foreskin? I’m sure your attention span is not that bad.
    Like you, I make sure I clean my foreskin during showers. There’s no need to sterilize it – just rinsing is usually good enough. It takes about 5 seconds to do. Again, not too hard.
    And when it comes to the delicate issue of sex, there has been no study showing that a majority of women prefer circumcised penis over uncircumcised ones (at least in Malaysia). A person with circumcised penis can still have Premature Ejaculation, and a person with his foreskin intact can still know how to make his woman very happy (twice or more).
    In conclusion, there’s really no fantastic reason to get circumcised. But as your loyal reader, I support your decision and hope you blog about the outcome πŸ™‚

  29. Kenny…kenny…i think u should go and cut..and just to tell u…it really DAMN Hurt when u CUT…i think u will kinda like open ur leg wide…for 2 weeks…cus u brother is in deep pain.Is a good thing u know…let ur brother be clean.

  30. I did that when i was young. 7 years old i think. I vividly remember it was because i often felt this itchiness in my penis, and doctor advised my parents to consider getting my penis zhng.
    It hurts. And you won’t be able to walk properly for at least a month. They say 2 weeks, but that’s what they said. I say a month.
    On the bright, everything is fine for me now. Sexual or no sexual, it works great for me.

  31. lol..this blog is turning 3 stars…
    anyway, you should have done it when you are much much younger. you will feel eerie when you want to pee…i mean during your recuperating period… πŸ˜‰

  32. if u zhng your lan jiao skin u feel very very nice when u do that thing with female trust me woa sze kuo lai zen

  33. I won’t pretend that I know anything about circumcision. Just wanted to say that that was an excellent entry!
    The only thing now is to get the image of a ginormous schlong and coconut balls out of my head for a productive work day…

  34. So big liao only cut, very pain one. (I mean your age big, not ur kukuciao k?)
    But anyway, dun forget to record down the whole cutting process and post it online, share share lar knn.

  35. does it feel more comfirtable without the foreskin?
    or how the changes would be for over 20years with the foreskin? does it hurt or not feeling comfirtable in yur pants? thats the question..haha

  36. Hey, Kenny..Just Do It as I have cut it in my childhood life..now..I’m superman..My friend just only take 1 week to rest..

  37. next week the school holiday starts off and i think it’s the best time to shop for good doctors. just ask those boys walking around in sarongs (actually, they won’t be walking around that much for several days)
    at 1st, it’ll feel funny. but later on, it’ll grow on you..and you’d be glad to say bye bye to your foreskin. it’s like going bald after having shoulder-length hair for 23 yrs.
    I meant the hair on your head, not anywhere else..

  38. okie, anyway i have done my zhang my kukuciao already since small. My mom is a retired surgery nurse, so i asked her about this kukuciao zhanging process.
    Acording to her, the new zhang process doesnt use knife or razor blade anymore, it used laser, something like light saber, it slash the skin and no blood. Alternatively, u can pay extra money, to make u sleep during the process. which is good, so u wont panic when u see a doc with a light saber coming to ur kuku.
    Lets see, for my experience, after zhanging my kuku skin, it is quite painful experience for few days, when u wash ur kuku, wearing underwear and etc etc. But hey, now i doesnt felt that kind of thing on my dickhead anymore. Except sometimes when i accidentally drip some toothpaste on it. which can make u scream ur lungs out.
    My mom said, zhanging kuku is really really good for ur dickhead. Sometimes after masturbating, the sperm is stuck inside the skin. Imagine leaving sperm in a condom and left it there for days. ewwwwwwww
    anyway, go ahead…. zhang ur kukuciao. Full support to u.

  39. at 24, you should do it ! your prime, your sexually active era !!! think if you’re 34 ? 44 ? or 54 ? only you wanna trim it abit too late. since you missed 14 years old to do it, i’ll say 24 is good now.
    imagine a beautiful girl you always wanted to meet finally date you and everything’s well, after 4th dates or so you two decides to hit 3rd or 4th base, kissing, enjoying and then suddenly she tells you she’s lactose intolerence and just ran off……that would be your head smelling like blue veins graded cheese.
    yucks ! and she tells the whole kuching ! and you have to shift to kuala lumpur but sadly everyone knows your coconut and you can’t run, can’t hide !!!!
    you might as well start a donation to get enough money to cut your kuku skin !!! we’ll donate !

  40. Kenny, I cant imagine ur dick without skin… Pls think bout ur partner.. I dun mind licking ur cheese.. I like the cheese.. Pls dun do it…

  41. Kenny, if u want to zhng ur foreskin, best to go to the most experienced doctor around – Dr Herman Ritom. He’s the one who has zhnged the most little boys’ penis. He has a clinic at Rubber Road.

  42. Dude, just wash your dick oftenly and trust me it will be odorless and cheeseless. I never zhng my kuku & still chicks says there is no smell or taste when they lick the lollipop.. :). i believe for people who cut, it will last longer cause the lost of sensitivity. But the reasoning i give, is based on my assumption as i never experience riding a motorbike without a helmet. But sure dude, riding a bike without helmet gonna be real cooling to your head. πŸ˜›

  43. my bf said he wanna do it, coz it’s hygienic and clean. but that’s 1 year ago. I haven’t even seen him going to doctor to ask about it. Bullshit only
    And..no wonder guys toilet smell worse than a ladies toilet. eeww yuck.
    I didn’t know about the cheesy-like thing , that’s so gross.

  44. Dude… Just cut it but do share the experience of cutting it. From the moment entering the room to the end of the process and also to the condition while you blogging. I love to cut mine too (foreskin of course)

  45. CUT.
    i know someone *coughareyoureadingthiscough* who went down on her partner, who had an uncircumsiced penis.
    she was extremely vigorous when it came to giving head, and by the time she slid it all the way into here throat..
    she RIPPED his foreskin with her teeth.
    blood everywhere.
    not a pretty image.
    moral of the story: cut.less room for accidents.

  46. From what I heard, after you cut, got less sensation.
    And it’s easy to solve the problem of pissing like a sprinkler. Just pull it back and piss.

  47. Well, I had mine done when I was young, I think Standard 5 (11 years old). It hurts like anything for the first week or so, and it isn’t even easy to pee (blood encrusts everything). They might have really modernized the process though, so there might be less pain and blood. However, the benefits are that the risk of infections are virtually eliminated, and the stink is gone. The accumulated smegma can cause opportunistic infections. I would suggest you go for it, for health reasons. Any competent general surgeon will be able to handle it without any complications (I hope).

  48. I think hor, for chronic masturbator like me hor, snip snip isn’t the best idea.
    I donwan use soap to jerk myself off la, so inconvenient!

  49. I think you are too old to cut la. Last time my roommate also did the same and every morning we have to hear him screaming in the toilet. If you “soi” like my friend’s dick swollen(bigger but you can’t enjoy it) and maybe will have scar. Think about it.
    But if you gonna do it. Please blog about it with pic.

  50. I was eating my breakfast – cheese on toast – and you just HAD to talk about the cheese thingie…

  51. Hiya kenny,
    My husband did it last year, so i had him before & after the circumcision. there’s pros with or w/o the foreskin. but honestly On the receiving end, it really doesn’t affect the performance in bed. Yes its cleaner ..smells nicer too..hehe. though i miss nibbling on the foreskin..heh..but now he last longer.
    If you gonna do it, go a gd hospital. Its done by laser now so it ain’t be as messy as those old methods of doing it.

  52. aiyo, I circumsized my dick at 28 years old. Problem is that my dick is not as handsome as I thought it would be. Looks kinda weird beneath and the ladies look at it one kind during BJ’s. So there is a risk that your dick might be scarred or may not look as good as a porn actor’s…. Kenny, something for you to think about. hehehee…

  53. L0L… but |f u reaLLy cut |t,w|LL y0u p0st ur p3ngu|n p|c let us see?? hear 0thers ppl sa|d |t w|LL pa|n f0r few day and y0u w|LL d|fficuLt t0 waLk ar0und… th|nk tw|ce 0h~~!
    P/S: th|s p0st came t00 late. | had fa|Led m|ne b|0l0g|… …

  54. Cut it brother. I’ve cut mine 2 years ago.
    You can actually visit any Malay doctor who will perform minor surgery. Remember all our Malay friends have theirs cut? During the surgery, there’s nothing to worry about. You will start feeling pain a few hours when the anaesthetics not longer effective. The pain is intensified every morning….. You know what I mean.
    The result is worth the trouble. Clean and last longer.
    To all other readers, this is not something to laugh about and it is not funny at all. It took me a few years later only then I have the courage to cut it.

  55. Ask any of your malay kolig’s friends as where they bring their son for zh’ng. I think it should be pretty safe as those malay doctors are experience one.

  56. My dad did mine for me 6 years ago (2000) when I was 21.
    I was bored as I was having a hiatus from studying in Australia and spending a year back in Malaysia.
    Procedure is not painful, only had local anaesthetics. It was all wrapped up after that, dressing needs to be changed daily (need to clean the stitched area with Savlon). No tight pants or underwear during this period, you can still wear loose shorts while going commando.
    Recovery was about a week, and I could play basketball already still with dressing (although not advisable). I had one incident where I got whacked in the private areas and I just turned around smacked the person as a reflex from the pain. All was well though.
    Stitches did not need to be taken out as they were the biodegradable ones.

  57. Yours to cut, or to keep.
    Just be aware that aside from certain medical conditions there is no medical indication for circumcisions.
    And if you choose to do it, never let them cauterize it. you don’t want them slipping and burning anything off.
    (p/s i hear having it done on banana tree trunks is the fad)

  58. my partner’s circumcised and he likes it better. he has never regretted doing it, and is probably proud of it. sometimes, he tells me things about how this and that will happen if you’re not circumcised.
    as a girl, personally? i prefer circumcised la. a lot better wei! way more hygienic.
    it’s not a bad decision to make, but in the end, it is YOUR decision that counts. so, do think about it. oh, my partner said it doesnt HURT that much, and it IS worth it…
    good luck =]

  59. Kenny, you need to shave off *all* your public hair for that c-procedure. Along with all the hairs on your 2 huge coconuts too.
    Just hope a pretty nurse does it for u . ^.^

  60. I love my foreskin, besides my dick is pretty big so I would worry about having too little skin left for a proper erection if I shave any off.
    The pissing problem I never had, the foreskin is not in the way.
    The stories I hear about hygene are ridiculous, you have a shower every day right, change underwear every morning?

  61. Penile Sensitivity and Sexual
    Satisfaction after Circumcision:
    Are We Informing Men Correctly?
    S. Masooda H.R.H. Patelb R.C. Himpsona J.H. Palmera G.R. Muftia M.K.M. Sheriffa
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    Key Words
    Circumcision · Sexual satisfaction · Penile sensation
    Objectives: Currently no consensus exists about the role of the foreskin or the effect circumcision has on penile sensitivity and overall sexual satisfaction. Our study assesses the effect of circumcision on sexually active men and the relative impact this may have on informed consent prior to surgery. Materials and Methods: One hundred and fifty men between the ages of 18 and 60 years were identified as being circumcised for benign disease between 1999 and 2002. Patients with erectile dysfunction were excluded from the study. The data was assessed using the abridged, 5-item version of the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5). Questions were also asked about libido, penile sensitivity, premature ejaculation, pain during intercourse and appearance before and after circumcision. IIEF-5 data was analysed using two-tailed paired t test to compare pre-operative and post-operative score changes across the study group. For the rest of the questions, data was analysed using Γ’β‚¬ΛœSign TestÒ€ℒ, calculating two-sided p values and 95% con-fidence intervals. Results: Fifty-nine percent of patients (88/150) responded. The total mean IIEF-5 score was 22.41 8 0.94 and 21.13 8 3.17 before and after circumcision, respectively (p = 0.4). Seventy-four percent of patients had no change in their libido levels, 69% noticed less pain during intercourse (p ! 0.05), and 44% of the patients (p = 0.04) and 38% of the partners (p = 0.02) thought the penis appearance improved after circumcision. Penile sensation improved after circumcision in 38% (p = 0.01) but got worse in 18%, with the remainder having no change. Overall satisfaction was 61%. Conclusions: Penile sensitivity had variable outcomes after circumcision. The poor outcome of circumcision considered by overall satisfaction rates suggests that when we circumcise men, these outcome data should be discussed during the informed consent process.
    Copyright © 2005 S. Karger AG, Basel
    [CIRP Note: This file does not include tables one and two.]
    Circumcision was performed 15,000 years ago for unknown reasons, but was thought to be a sacrificial rite [1, 2]. It is still widely practised in the USA, although the national USA circumcision rate has dropped from 85% in 1980 to 59% in the mid 1990Ò€ℒs [3]. Similarly, in the UK the pro-circumcision views were popular in the 1930Ò€ℒs and 1940Ò€ℒs, especially in the upper social classes. This concept changed in the 1950Ò€ℒs and 1960Ò€ℒs and more neutral attitudes occurred. Currently, only 1Γ’β‚¬β€œ2% of boys will need circumcision for medical reasons [4].
    In the UK, adult circumcision is routinely performed as a day case. Generally, when the adult male is informed about circumcision, he is only told about the immediate post-operative complications, whilst the long-term adverse effects of circumcision are less detailed.
    The subject of informed consent is highly topical because of clinical governance and medico-legal implications. It has been shown that training on how to obtain informed consent varies considerably [5]. This is due to differing knowledge bases and the inconsistency amongst senior doctors. This emphasises how difficult it can be to explain even a minor procedure.
    Long-term adverse effects of circumcision have been studied from the psychological impact to the loss of sexual enjoyment by the patient and his partner [6, 7]. However, there is controversy about the effect of circumcision on penile sensations and male sexual function. No consensus exists regarding the role of the foreskin in sexual performance and satisfaction. Gemmell and Boyle [8] found that circumcised men had significantly less penile sensation compared with non-circumcised men; however others found this loss to be favourable as it gives them more control over orgasms [9]. Four recent studies have shown conflicting results. Three of the studies did not show any significant effect on penile sensation and sexual function in adults [10Γ’β‚¬β€œ12]. The fourth study showed that erectile function and penile sensitivity decreased but overall satisfaction improved after circumcision [13] .
    Due to the high number of circumcisions performed in the UK and the controversy in the medical literature, we have performed the present study to assess menÒ€ℒs experience in our area both before and after circumcision. This was intended to help surgeons who undertake circumcision to adequately inform their patients of the outcomes related to sexual intercourse and penile sensitivity.
    Patients and Methods
    One hundred and fifty men between the ages of 18 and 60 years were identified as having been circumcised between 1999 and 2002 by the sleeve technique. All these men were sexually active before and after surgery and had no history of erectile dysfunction. Patients with histological diagnosis of penile carcinoma and history of erectile dysfunction before circumcision were excluded. Ethical committee approval was obtained before conducting this study.
    Patients were asked to complete the abridged, 5-item version of the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5) [14] ( table 1 ). A modified questionnaire ( table 2 ) was also designed asking patients to compare pain during intercourse, penile sensations, libido, premature ejaculation and cosmetic appearance for the patients and the partner before and after the circumcision as well as overall satisfaction after circumcision ( table 2 ). A free text comments box was also provided. The data was collated and cross-referenced with all other patient information.
    Case notes of all patients who responded to the questionnaire were reviewed to assess the indication for the procedure, grade of surgeon, any complexity at surgery, histological diagnosis and any post-operative surgical complications. The questionnaire was completed after a minimum of 3 months after circumcision.
    Ò€ƒÒ€ƒ Two-tailed paired t test was used to compare pre-operative and post-operative IIEF-5 score changes across the study group ( table 1 ). For the modified questionnaire ( table 2 ), the Γ’β‚¬ΛœSign testÒ€ℒ with 95% confidence interval was used to assess the statistical difference [15] . The Γ’β‚¬ΛœSign testÒ€ℒ tests the null hypothesis that, within the relevant population of men having a circumcision, the number with better outcomes is equal to the number with worse outcomes. Consequently, those who respond Γ’β‚¬ΛœSameÒ€ℒ contribute nothing to answering this question and so are ignored. The Γ’β‚¬Λœtwo-sidedÒ€ℒ p value was calculated, which relates to the alternative hypothesis that, within the population, the number of Γ’β‚¬ΛœbetterÒ€ℒ and Γ’β‚¬ΛœworseÒ€ℒ responses are unequal. Several of the tests were significant at the 5% level at least due to there being significantly more reporting Γ’β‚¬ΛœbetterÒ€ℒ than reporting Γ’β‚¬ΛœworseÒ€ℒ for a number of the questions.
    Eighty-eight of 150 patients responded to the questionnaire (response rate 59%). Four patients were excluded because they only partially completed the questionnaire. questionnaire. Of the 84 (56%) patients included in this study, 80 patients were white British men and 4 of Asian origin. All had sexual intercourse before and after circumcision. Balanitis xerotica obliterans (BXO) and phimosis due to chronic inflammation/balanitis (histologically diagnosed) were the commonest reasons for circumcision (BXO = 39%, chronic inflammation/chronic balanitis 33%, ZoonÒ€ℒs balanitis 2% and for 25% the specimen was not sent for histology as the foreskin was merely tight but did not appear scarred/inflamed or grossly diseased).
    The age distribution was: 18Γ’β‚¬β€œ25 years = 4.7%; 26Γ’β‚¬β€œ35 years = 23.8%; 36Γ’β‚¬β€œ45 years = 30.9%; 46Γ’β‚¬β€œ55 years = 29.7%, and 56Γ’β‚¬β€œ60 years = 10.7%.
    The mean total IIEF-5 score of the 84 patients at baseline was 22.41 ± 0.94 compared to 21.13 ± 3.17 after circumcision. The difference between pre- and post-circumcision patients was not statistically significant (p = 0.4). There was a significant improvement in pain/discomfort during intercourse and erection after circumcision (p

  62. I’m kinda torn with this one.
    On one hand, I’d love to see a Jackass-style post chronicling your self-inflicted suffering.
    But on the other, my conscience would bug me forever that I had a part in having a doctor lunge at your crotch area with a sharp implement in a medical procedure that is completely unnecessary.
    So I guess what I’m trying to say here is, do they allow video recording in the operating theater?
    OK, really, so the ol’ lop a chop has been done since the days of Exodus, but thanks to recent advances in modern hygeine technology, we now have liquid body soap. And telling the Jews from the Gentiles by staring at their penises isn’t so hot anymore (today we just ask). Thus, our logical conclusion today here is: LEAVE YOUR SCHLONG ALONE, MAN!
    But if you can’t, don’t forget your camera.

  63. Clean is good man. I have no regrets…
    But if you are concerned about doctors doing this procedures, better consult your GP.
    Trust me, allot will agree – HYGIENIC CLEAN is the right thing to do.
    *knowing not much asian folks thinks of it this way*

  64. Can we please have some before & after pictures? Post the before one first, we wanna see… pls pls kenny pls…

  65. Do it. From one who has done so. The sex after that in unbelievably good…every man should cut it off and get the “siok” sensation that many are missing out. Just for the SEX is enuff to go for it!!!!

  66. i think you should cut the whole thing off buddy. why? cuz u’re as stupid as fuck. post my pic again and i’ll have ur site bomb.

  67. Holy-uneasy-feeling-between my legs-batman!
    tee hee i know. It’s not like you re chopping it off.
    I clean my dick every day man. And with uncircumcised dicks, the smegma forms cause guys tug the snake.
    So the more you beat the stick, the more smegma will form. Tsk tsk.. what you been doing kenny??
    Anyhoo, i was considering it myself, and have read the reports on how it supposedly helps to prolong ejaculation because you lose a percentage of feeling? wtf.. But.. what worries me most is the PAIN factor.
    I had a cousin who went for snip. He was 21 at the time and he said it hurt alot. Why? The older you get the more painful it gets, so says the doctor.
    I am in my mid-twenties and uncircumcised… i clean my dick daily.. and i don have problems aiming my gun. So i am keeping the turtleneck.
    That’s my vote.

  68. I think you should do it.
    There is no proper reason why you shouldn’t.
    There are tons of benifits if you do.

  69. OMG.. u seem awfully lazy la wei.. retracting a short length of skin.. tedious for u?? haha.. and i cant imagine taking a leak with the foreskin unretracted.. Man wud it stink later.. But hey.. its ur weener.. My vote is.. leave it the way it is.. =)

  70. u r not going to sit / walk properly within 1 or 2 weeks after surgery.
    that is wat i am in concern, tat i nvr take that step to circumcise it.

  71. heck, i had it cut since i was a kid, frankly i am happy i did that! go for it, there’s nothing to lose but a piece of useless skin…

  72. As a girl πŸ™‚
    cut it lar
    actually, makes no difference to the girl.
    but quite not happy when BJ time got one smell. :S

  73. Well it depends on how does Big Bird is sized. It will look bigger after cuttinig it!!
    I hate it when men always claims size doesnt matter…ya ya…size doesnt matter to those who dont have it !

  74. You will lead a painful life after ur circumcision, for a few weeks onli lar. AFter that, you don’t need to worry much bout cleaning it =D The choice is urs

  75. just cut it,dun worry so much
    i have cut it since last two years when i was 20 and now i have no regret at all…

  76. Do it like me. I have kept my foreskin peeled back permanently since I was 18…. no surgery, no pain, clean and same as circumcised. Problem is that it takes me longer to ejaculate and harder to get the “high” feeling.

  77. Hey kenny.. I myself have actually seen a circumcision procedure. And trust me, it looks extremely painful, and I’m a GIRL..mind you, I have seen MANY vaginal deliveries and nothing looks as SCARY as that.
    Maybe after anesthesia kicks in you won’t feel a thing, but that first injection at the shaft of the penis where a whole inch of needle goes under the skin looks bad..
    and all these from a girl.
    Btw, in medical school, my guy friend who saw our first circumcision procedure at our teaching hospital FAINTED. There was just too much blood from the cuttting and sewing..

  78. I would prefer a circumsized penis anyday! for both cosmetics and hygiene reason. looks better, less chance of infection (sometimes when u retract the foreskin it can get stuck and gets really swollen and painful)

  79. Kennei,
    I know most of the surgent in town do circumcism. One I would recommend is Dr. Wong Kwong Hieng @ Timberland.

    p.s. go to a good plastic surgeon to get this done…they’ll make it look like there was never a foreskin to begin with…

  81. haha!!!
    I love e pic of the dickhead – Bush!
    damn funny!!!
    No advice still nv done be4 and u ve more than enuf advices.
    I had a fren who did it.
    He told me he was stunned initially, after e op, cos he cldnt erect!
    he told me it looked gross n damn pain lah…
    but ya, sensitivity will go down one…
    no doubt scientifically, circumsized cock cleaner but no other benefits.
    and wrt AIDS, i tot tat uncircumsized cock easier get AIDS was quite crap cos if u ve sex with someone with AIDS, e chances of getting it is HIGH! with or w/o e skin…
    my one cent worth…

  82. actually there’s not much difference (to the girl anyways) b4 and after skinning (WAHHAHA)… u will get a little desensitized thats all. looking better is juz personal preferance. i dont think they look bigger after also. u either have it or not la.

  83. Kenny,
    If you well taken care of your hygiene, you don’t need to do it. It won’t affect your sexual activities. At least you have something for “them” to NIP.. =). Zhng is really hurt!
    Once you watch SmartKlamp clip, you will freak out!

  84. tell me your experience if you really have had it cut, i wonder how it is carried out.
    i mean, CUT CUT CUT!!

  85. Size… well…. yeah. But the more important thing is how you use that kukujiao. Some dude, no matter how big, if dunno how to loot (ie. cumming before the chick can even finish saying COCONUT), no use oso lah.

  86. Hi Kenny, as a Jew, I’ve had my foreskin removed when I was just a few days old. I’ve been doing fine so far (I’m 30) but like vegetarians from birth who wouldn’t miss meat because they don’t know how meat tastes like in the first place, I can’t speak for or against those who are anti-circumcision.

  87. I think don’t do it now at your age unless under medical advice. It is very hard to tell your love one or business partner you MC for a week or more just because you have circumcised. Straight away you will become the MOST ELIGABLE BACHELOR 2006 and BEST ASIAN WEBLOG 2006.
    Kenny Sia – Circumcision Does Matter.

  88. Just clean it more 8-p
    Seriously, how does circumsion enhance or detract from sexual pleasure? No difference really. Also, with the head constantly exposed, it gets less sensitive over time.

  89. in my country, they do it when they are 7 years old, some after birth…
    what religion are u? muslim?..
    it’s more hygenic to cut it… in my opinion..

  90. INTERESTING! Just wondering why do u think of circumcising at this age? Is it because you didn’t enjoy your SEX well now…kekekeke…. πŸ˜›

  91. i was wondering what was the first picture all about until it suddenly HIT me.
    i’m slow πŸ™ ahaahaha

  92. when i 1st tattoo ppl told me really painful and stomach was the sensitive and hurt part…imagine few hrs being needle…finally i get it done also…
    Get it Kenny???all decision in your hand as people comment or suggestion only took 1% of it and 99% belong to yourself…its your body…few question maybe you can think of…
    1)Does most of people die because got penis disease?
    2)If a girl complain about your penis then will she be a better wife as all her love was to your penis? πŸ™‚
    3)Ever thought of why when god created men with foreskin while he can created without it?
    last question…
    4)with your current status,ever think of just sit at home relax for 2 weeks just blogging and online?wearing a sarong go office?
    girls complain because they are jealous they can stand up when peeing… πŸ™‚
    since you say you felt comfortable with it 24 years then why you want to get rid of it? πŸ™‚
    if you drink a lot of water…believe me,when you pee it wont left any horibble smells… πŸ™‚
    the sexual satisfaction only more to your partner…
    you read penguin and cheesie blog everyday and when you saw their sexy pose,believe me you penis will straight away awake as once the foreskin being took off it will be very sensitive…why no people mention you had to hit your thigh muscle when your penis awake to kept the stitches from tear off?
    sorry for long comment Kenny…anyway all decision was in your hand… πŸ™‚

  93. u know when people who are over 20 who wants to do, “that” in the clinic requires up to 7 injections to get it “calm” πŸ™‚ try kampung way, use pisau! yah! yah! putus liaw.

  94. ermm, if you cut your forehead off, how about the veins there?? d doctors cut dat off as well?!?wouldnt you bleed to death??

  95. potong potong!!!!
    foreskin damn kuai mah fan during.. erm erm.. if you know what i mean la.. i think i speak for alot of women..
    the “ouch ouch.. dun pull so much!!”.. is such a turn off.. how la we know how much is too much??? not all of us ae pros you know…
    this goes for all guys out there.
    + its cleaner!!!!!!
    hahaha.. love the pics! and you’ve definately put in the appropriate dickhead! haha.

  96. KENNY!!!!!!!! DON”T DO IT!!! DON”T DO YOU DARE! (btw, girls can get smegma too, just incase you didn’t realise and as long you clean properly, which you obviously will, you won’t get anything) I personally feel penises look hell gross without foreskins but I know a majority of girls find it more appealing without the foreskin but in my opinion, those are the same girls who go ‘ewwww’ at even the mention of sex. Please at least read a bit in the following sites as to why you SHOULD NOT REMOVE YOUR FORESKIN!!! (there is actually some extra sensation with it)

  97. At birth, i oredi do not have any foreskin. So, dont know how it feel like with foreskin.
    But, without foreskin, it is certainly cleaner and less “sensitive”, but still feel “good”.
    Get a good doctor and go for it.
    Just my own experience.

  98. hahaha. oh my god! this is your BEST entry so far!
    loves it! super damn hilarious kenny!
    hahahaha. i cant stop laughing…
    i would vote for you to be circumcised!
    much cleaner=more willingness from wife=much more horny and happy kenny=more frequent sex=much more horny wife=mre frequent sex=… *repeats all over again*
    anyway, its up to you, we can offer you comments, suggestions but the deciding end is you, and maybe your wife who must be so amused by you…
    really kenny, you think too much, just like me.
    so i like you…
    with or without your foreskin.
    just be sure to blog a super long entry if you really did it.
    and try that pay-per-view thingy. sure earn!
    love you still.
    *and the cheese part- super gross. pukes.*

  99. first time posting here…after reading so long…well wanna cut come singapore and cut lor singapore doc not bad

  100. doesnt look like that ler kenny…. mine thicker… BHAHAHAHAHAHA
    anway in all seriousness… u shud be cleaning it in the first place. πŸ˜›

  101. Oh dear do you really have to announce this to the world? And about pulling your foreskin back while peeing, I bet you are suffering from a tight skin that’s why you complaint.
    For most it nothing more like sneezing.. no biggy..

  102. haha yunno my dad js got his erm tut circumcised on february. recovered fully last month. the doc was suppose to be a pro but erm the process was awfully painful and his tut needs to be stiched cos it was bleeding like heavily. he needs to stay at e hosp for 4 days and its still bleeding after that, he said peeing hurts and he stayed at home for almost a month after the operation cos its really uncomfortable goin out wearing pants. not trying to scare u but better find a good doc. they say the malays are better at it.

  103. It’s your own decision Kenny. i’m one those chinese guy who Laser zhng my lan jiao last year at the age of 24. Decided after few of my frens recently done it, peer pressure i guess…haha. No regrets watsoever and Loved it!! Good ridance to my foreskin. No more smelly smell liao. Very clean. Feel nicer to play with also. =)
    Dickhead will only become less sensitive to touch. But the “syiok” sensitivity is still the same. No difference after cut.
    Cutting process is nothing one. It’s the recovery after that sucks. Just suffer a bit for 1 week or 2 until stiches fall off. During this time, u’ll feel sting if ur “little bro” is singing Negaraku. BTW u hv to “puasa” for at least six weeks.. *wink *wink ..if u know wat i mean. ^_^
    Laser zyng not cheap man. Mine around RM600 ..Many Private Hospitals or Clinics that do minor surgery hv this.
    Well ..all i can say.. go ahead man if u want too!!.. p.s ..Remember to bring sarong n shave down there b4 doing it. =)

  104. cut it off! it’z for hygiene purposes…
    well that’s just my opinion… but it’z really for you to decide. my bro got his off when he was 11… now he’s 18… but anyway he was forced… ahhaa!!
    well for 1 thing.. the house toilets are clean πŸ™‚
    message to all men… please take the toilet seat up when u tinkle!! ew…

  105. just make sure the nurses (male or female) doesn’t read kennysia.com or he/she will have a blog about “10 things you didn’t know about kenny’s dick”

  106. No foreskin = less dirt = better hygiene = less disease = happy Kenny.
    LOL *speechless* im not open minded enough to give any comment. Just do what you like as long as you’re happy. SUpport u kenny!

  107. wahahaha hilarious!my vote for u is JANGAN POTONG LJ ANDA!bath twice a day n rub with clean water everytime u bath.clean ur dickhead with tissue after pee,just like women.my dick is always clean.wahahahaha!

  108. i had a friend who had some kind of disease because of the skin, so it was cut off, less one thing to worry about.. plus cleanliness added 10 more points

  109. I did my when i was 10 years old. i have some infection so my dad decide i should trim it. It was small operation, most GP clinic can do it. i have to wear sarong only and underwear is a no no. The benefit now is i do not have premature ejectculation, better sexlife for sure for u and more importantly your partner, never regret it at all.only problem for you at your age is when you have erection while healing it will be very painful, i suggest you look at picture of furong jie jie while recovering so you never have a hard on. As for a good doctor, guess who did mine? no prize sorry, he is our famous Sarawak DCM Tan sri Dr George Chan before he become a politician

  110. Well first of all, after circumcision the first few days will hurt but not that bad unless you get an erection and you will also walk as if u have “Tua Lam Pa”. As for missing your foreskin…you will have less sensation during sex but the of course you’ll last longer. Is it worth it? Yes its hygienic and you know you’re a man after doing it. 1 week of pain is all….2 months for ur penis to be functioning at 100%. Hope that helps.

  111. You can try to pull your foreskin behind to reveal the head and keep it that way. Or just simply DIY with a new Malaysian created TaraKlamp that you can get at your local GP or get him to do it. When its done, get the foreskin and fry it just for fun. Foreskin goreng should look like fried skin of the chicken’s neck. At least that is what I think….

    New policy “narrow,” say children’s advocates
    (Released 22:00 UCT, March 1, 1999)
    The American Academy of Pediatrics today released its long-awaited Policy Statement on male circumcision, a procedure that removes erogenous skin from a child’s penis.
    The statement finally concluded that the “potential medical benefits” of newborn male circumcision are not sufficient to recommend routine infant circumcision. This should mean more boys will be allowed to grow up intact and healthy.
    Other recommendations were that some pain relief be provided. Most circumcisions in the U.S. are still executed without any form of analgesia.
    The Policy Statement arose out of a two-year investigation conducted by the AAP’s Task Force on Neonatal Circumcision. It had been hoped that the Task Force would address urgent issues such as penile anatomy and sexual function, protecting boys from forcible foreskin retraction, and the human rights of the child. Instead, the statement is a narrow legalistic policy with no real guidance in these areas.
    Male circumcision remains a common procedure in the U.S. It has been receiving increased attention in recent months, largely from men who say infant circumcision violated their basic rights.

  113. yo kenny….
    ive been reading ur blog for quite sometime now…
    this is my first comment though….
    hehe.. sorry for the caps… was just hoping it gets in ur brain thats all…

  114. *laugh*
    either way, good luck!
    .. ooer .. and hope you get a big dose of anaesthesia! Better a knock-out than a scream-fest anytime hey?

  115. oh God will never get mad if you circumcised. Baby Jesus was circumcised a week after he was born. So the issue about it “not being original” or “plastic surgery” isnt the same. πŸ˜€ Kenny, haven’t u counted how many chicks said ‘go with it’ because they prefer blowing a circumcised dick? Whoa, man, if I were you that’d be a major motivation. It’s like your dick wearing an RM500 adidas sneaker after so long wearing bata sandals

  116. CUT… Nobody likes going down on a cheesy-dick. I gave the same advice to a friend of mine longggg ago.

  117. Bro, I’ve cut mine since I was born and I think it’s quite convenient. Havin your dick rubbing through fabric is no prob, lol. Thing is you gotta get a doc u trust.

  118. lol. your post is funny.
    Anyway, its kinda uncomfortable at first but you’ll get used to it in around a month or 2. I circumcised when i was 8 πŸ™‚
    Its worth it.

  119. Take some responsibility n wash the dickhead if you are worried about hygiene. Its the same thing as if dont want to be obese, exercise.

  120. Eh dude now got laser treatment,no pain,faster recovery period.Even my nephew have done it at 3 months old..hehe

  121. 2 words kenny.
    CUT IT.
    and then u’ll be happy for the rest of ur life. trust me. disease-free and all the SATISFACTION that u want.
    yeah sure it’ll be painful. but u always go thru some hardship first before u cn enjoy life, right mate?

  122. This is definitely a fishing trip.
    It’s not that there is anything wrong with it but I have to point out the obvious.
    Getting real creative with casting the net.

  123. Note: My little brother (no pun intended) had a “late” circumcision, at the age of 9. Doctors would advise you not to do it at an older age, unless it’s required due to medical issues.
    He had to wear “x-tra” long T-shirt to cover himself without the need for underwear (obviously!) Was very embarrassing for him. Took 2 weeks for the incision to heal and safe to wear any underwear.
    Don’t do it unless you REALLY need to.
    If it’s hygiene concern, like you’ve said, you’re very particular with hygiene, I’m sure you’re cleaning yourself adequately. So you don’t need to worry too much about “Disease”. (Even if you’re circumsied, you’ll still need to clean yourself as much. – not a lazy man’s way out)
    It’s still, your choice coz it’s your Big Bird.
    Good luck in your decision making.

  124. from a girl’s point of view, i’d much rather blow a circumcised dick than one which isn’t… the former looks more appealing. maybe that’s something for you to think about πŸ˜‰

  125. tell u kenny, u have to train it first…nowadays pull the skin back and “enjoy” the brushing with the underwear…after u’re used to it..then go do it.
    it’s more cleaner and hygiene in fact as it also look nicer…but will lose the fun during DIY.
    yes, they use laser now…fast and quick…can’t even feel anything just like pen poking but no pain, even female nurse holding it, also no feeling.
    but do remember to take the painkiller…before the ‘ma yao’ wear off. the wound might bleed, but depends lar. shiok feeling when the stitches came off itself.
    wanna know more…can MSN me or anything..
    hope this helps

  126. just pull the foreskin down.. clean the area.. why so hard? 1st time pulled it down bit painful..(imagine stretching the skin after.. 23 years? how old kenny? i pulled mine when I was 12? 13? oh when I know how to play with my kukujiao.. muahahha) So I got no problem with ‘spraying’ pee.. or smelly dickhead.. bla bla.. πŸ˜€

  127. this is my 1st time leaving comment here though i’ve read your blog long time ago.and my bro did the cut.it’s done by a Malay and u actually don have to pay for him.but my dad insisted to give the malay some ‘ang pow’.and it took my bro a week to rest at home.but it’s hygienic for sure after cutting it! πŸ˜›
    so think of it~

  128. I’m a non-muslim but my doctor cut mine many years back when I was very young. I had a little accident with the zipper and he had to cut it off to free my dick πŸ™‚ I have seen dick with foreskin and not washed….dirty. I don’t think my wife would give me a blow job with a dirty dick.

  129. aaaa why the big fuss….???go find a tok mudin and get on with it…if u notice A LOT of guys here in Malaysia have been circumcised…anyway that cheese thing u were talking about is “palat” in street talk…ahahahah
    p.s – me being a circumcised person cant really imagine what adult’s PALAT smells like….damn!!!

  130. hygiene, correct… better sex, definitely… bigger expansion capacity, that’s right…
    satisfaction, guaranteed!!!!
    point to ponder: have you ever seen ibans in their underwear??? they dun call Iban tough guys for nothing!!!
    it only hurts for about a day or two, due to the sensitivity of the head… once the wound dried up, the head used to the exposure and the threat becomes the part of the skin… u can start call urself king Kenny!!! and everytime you look at the other uncircumsised dudes… u’ll smile for no reason… heheh… believeee meeee….

  131. Kenny, you are a genius.
    You succeeded in getting rid of the typical Malaysian taboo by getting girls to admit without any sense of embarassment that they give blowjobs. Oh Thank God for creating chicks.

  132. there’s one famous doc who zhng kukuciao at satok area, in fact you can choose a few design, one is ‘ketupat’ one is ‘cobra’ and i forgot what’s the other one called

  133. Referring to:
    Posted by: ikzq at 25 May 2006 9:19 AM
    LOL to Lightsaber for circumcision!
    I can just imagine Yoda, “Cut it off, you will.” zzzzzsszzhhhht!

  134. mula-mula, bukak dulu… lepastu tekan yang mana patut… tekan kiri ke… tekan kanan ke… cari sampai dapat….

  135. ahahahaa
    it’s up to u
    some of my friends are cut and some aren’t.
    but i think the uncut version is more sensitive so i think it’ll be more syok for you lah. hahahahahahahaha

  136. shet. zhng my lanjiao not worth it la. LOL
    it looks wierd after dat. looks like it is wearing a helmet. ewww..

  137. I would like to point out to kenny that circumcisions are usually done on quite young guys/boys even. Although age is not really a factor in deciding whether or not to go for the cut, it certainly does change alot of things.
    The most important thing is that the urologist you choose to go to, will most likely only be interested in giving you the most functional circumcision. Notice i used the word functional. This does not equal aesthetically pleasing, thus something you should bear that in mind. For younger chaps, urologists tend to do their better work, so it seems.
    Secondly, weighing up the pros and cons, ask yourself, is it really worthwhile? You’ve been living with it for so long, and you haven’t had any problems i gather. So why now? Is it really that important?
    Anyway, at the end of the day, the decision is yours. I just hope you make an informed one, since there are so many people leaving you some piece of advice or another.
    Kind regards.

  138. Well Kenny, circumcision is done when boys are generally young. I’ve done mine when i was 11, the anaesthetics helps a lot, doesn’t feel a thing during the minor operation but the initial insertion of needle to adminster the anaesthetic is somewhat unpleasing….
    Well, i do not know what’s the feeling of having a foreskin for i’ve lost it for more than 10 years….so in other words, i don’t quite miss it. After getting rid of the foreskin, i dun have any “cheese” problem, and cleaning is as easy as ABC. Don’t necessary have to put more effort to clean you buddy down there.
    But given that you plan to do so, go ahead, but prepare to take one week’s med leave lar, coz when i did mine, it took me 1 week to heal. I think i’ll leave you to ask the doctor how the healing process is. πŸ™‚

  139. For privacy reasons I will hide behind a pseudonym this time.
    My boyfriend is uncircumsized and he said it’s more shuang for the girl because of the added friction. I dunno lar, we didn’t do the deed.
    As for the smell, a newly cleaned penis still stinks anyway so there probably isn’t that much difference. That’s just the way a penis smells.

  140. it depend on yourself dude….do u like masturbate? if u like it…my advise is dun cut it because u won;t felt song anymore….

  141. chicks dig circumcized cocks. they sure give u longer blowjobs one. that’s the added value man, if u r particularly into ‘BJ and the bear’. as to whether u want to last as long as a marathon man during your horizontal aerobics, just drink enough beer and u will have stamina like lance cockstrong !!!! good luck siaster!

  142. dont fix it unless its broken!
    all those statement abt “last longer after circumcision” is pure bollocks!
    Mail me and you shall be enlightened!
    Sex God

  143. coconuts for your balls and bush for yer dickhead ?….no wonder u’ve got issues!….ur better off without them mate, trust me….just cut it all off.
    being a girl is so much more fun….(not that i would know, i’m not one)….heh

  144. my frenz said lor…
    after the circumcised hor
    the feelings is ….
    juz imagine this….
    ur raw meat stick to the cloth most of the time…heheheeeee

  145. Dear, Birdy
    How r u? Don’t b sad to hv a bad “papa” who wants to “hurt” u. Let me sing u a song to cheer u up. Come sing with me:
    AMAZING GRACE, how sweet the sound
    that saved a wretch like me.
    I once was lost, but now I’m found.
    Ò€ℒTwas blind, but now I see.
    *Rest In Peace, Birdy*
    Love, Amerie

  146. Since when Form 3 students study Biology? I thought Form 4 students start taking that subject.
    Anyway, what’s so hard to clean your foreskin? Retract the foreskin and rinse with water, it all can be done in a minute.
    Unless you are facing health problem regarding ur kuku(foreskin cannot be retracted, too tigh, pee like sprinkler is out from health problem), then I would recommend you to circumcise.
    You decided to go for circumcision and you don’t like it.. “foreskin restoration” method πŸ™‚

  147. It better to clean around dick head during bathing, mine was peep off when i was young, so now the dick head became less sense even didn’t protect by underwear ….

  148. hey kenny. cut it. as a girl i prefer circumcised ones. a turn on sia. its worth the pain. ure gonna love ur big bird more afterwards and so wld girls!!

  149. reckon it’s better do it. but do apply for a 2 weeks mc. not sure about malaysian doctors but i do know a few singaporean doctors that do a pretty job. hugs and all the best.

  150. Hey Kenny, well I did something like that around when I was 12, so too young to have sex then.. but I remember it was painful. (Imagine waking up with a cup over your dick.. to protect it) cause my foreskin was a bit tight and yea I needed it removed. (the foreskin not my dick πŸ˜› haha)
    Studied have shown that you lose sensitivity in that area after circumcision by a lot. I read in a magazine.. this guy said after circumision sex felt like 3/10, if normal sex was 10/10
    I wouldn’t do it unless it was necessary (ask your doctor)
    Hope this helps!

  151. I wont decide for you.Ill just tell you some details about it.
    I have it circumsised when i was young.
    To tell you the truth, it’s gonna hurt few weeks after the operation.
    You won’t be wearing an underwear coz it’s gonna hurt like hell.
    But soon after that, everything is gonna be fine.But i don’t know if that will affect your work or not.coz you need quite some time to recover

  152. dont do it unless u have to for hygienic reasons.
    what u lose: sensitivity, means harder to get syok, means u last longer cause it take a damn long time to acheive the high before the cut.
    if u are the lazy guy who want a quick high @ m’bate then dont do it u will regret it.
    if u are the hardworking guy who want to work all the way then do it, cause girls want clean gun.
    if u do it, girls syok cause u last longer…
    but u boh syok, cause less sensitivity.
    to cut or not to cut?
    why dont u go experience sex before and after and tell us which is better?

  153. kenny you should find the best doctor to do the circumcision because i think it’s quite risky considering you’re past puberty already. you could lose sensitivity there and wont be able to ‘perform’ anymore. that would be the end of the world for you. lol
    but im sure you’ll be ok. DO IT KENNY! we girls like doing ‘it’ with circumcised guys. GOOD LUCK!:)

  154. I say go for it.
    Come on, who wants to do a dick thats filled with smegma?
    I’ve had mine done, it’s clean and nice.
    And I’m gay, and gays and women are alike in many ways, we don’t like dick smelling like rotten cheese.
    And the worse thing is, we dont tell you it smells.
    You just dont get us down there period!

  155. Hye Kenny…My first comment here. Im a pure Malaysian muslim with cutted dickhead skin..Here’s my point to keep u going;
    1. Now in private clinic normally run by the local
    have the so called ‘3 minutes cutting session machine..just like touch and go’.
    2. Ur recovery time will be around a week or two. Dont masturbate or having anal during that recovery time…lol
    3. After that..ur dickhead will start turning from innocent PINK to fierce BROWN..! can u imagine that?! wow!
    4. Bigger and cleaner off course!
    5. Ur lady will love to smell and taste ur…..( u know lah )
    6. Realised or not…u are like totally REBORN. Neo in Matrix is circumcised. See how cool he is!
    7. Finally…u can do your business in toilet in split second! Cleaner, faster and smell good in your pants! No need ambi pur! πŸ™‚

  156. hey im one of those still with lovely forhead..i dun feel it rubs with underwear when i pull it down cuz i used with the feeling of clean it with water and finger..as long u used with it,it’s ok,pain no more

  157. When you do Zhng your Penis…the doctor might also shave off your pubes too and looking at how hairy you are I’m sure it’ll take some time for him to clear the area.
    These days though, most doctors would normally let their female nurse to do that….so be prepared for a hair cut before you get your foreskin nipped…hehehe

  158. Hey Kenny,
    My opinion-wise — you should have it cut.
    As a girl, I’ve always felt that circumsized dicks rank higher in aesthestics than the uncircumsized ones.
    Besides, it’s true that there’d be less odour and females would not be put off by getting down on you.
    However the decision lies within you.
    Are you doing it to be more sexually confident, or to stay disease-free, or just for the sake of it?
    Do think it through properly as it is almost definitely irreversible.
    All the best! πŸ™‚

  159. I used to have the same problem. Got it zinged, circumcised, I mean. No problem now. Very clean all the time.
    Doctor told me that you can do all kinds of patterns that will thrill the girls to bits. Someone even asked for his dickhead to be pierced with a bead!

  160. Firstly, if you have decided to go for it, go shave your pubic hair or trim them. Less obstruction for the doc during circumcision.
    Before he begins, the doctor will inject 3 or 4 shots of local anaesthetic onto the skin, not the shaft. Then you won’t feel any pain when your foreskin is being cut away.
    The aneasthetic of that amount will normally last around 30 mins. Your doctor should be able to wrap it up within that time period. THEN, the pain will start rushing back.
    During the healing period, your kukujiao often will erect by itself when you sleep even if you dun think of anything erotic. and it will cause alot of pain because of the stitches.
    Your dick will look like Frankenstein after operation and during healing period because of the stitches sticking out.
    Before you go for it though, ask the doctor if he can sew the skin around the dickhead to form a sunflower shape… that would be damn cool.

  161. Kenny..i’m having a WILD guess here that u’r not gonna let your part undergo some op that is totally unnecessary since you’re SO healthy? or correct me if i’m wrong? I do believe the skin is there for some good purpose and why let yr part suffer? and yourself? ^_^

  162. omg, who is the pity girl that eating the ice cream!?
    not a victim again……..
    pity her, but her expression is sexy~ hohoho~

  163. If there’s no problem, why bother fixing it?
    Please lar hor. Its like buying a car, then asking them to remove the muffler. Sounds good, looks good… BUT WHAT FOR?
    The muffler is there for a reason, and so’s your foreskin!
    That said… its your decision Kenny! lol

  164. i think you should think about it and discuss wif your doctor..they shud know best!but from the way yous saying it, i think you yourself feel like having it done..so go for it!im sure wif the modern techo, there will be less of worrying..=)

  165. I got mine cut when I was 12 (i am malay lor) and my dear penis was fully functional a year before (ahem..puberty) so I know what are the differences between being uncut and cut. For one it is now cleaner and also makes you last longer for you know what.. haha..
    It is relatively painless and if done properly would can walk around on the second day already. However I would advice you to take the whole week off and rest.
    I would suggest any Malay doctor in Satok would be fine. Trust them and me, they have done thousands of circumcisions so they know what they are doing.. πŸ˜€
    any questions email me lor.

  166. it just like you eat banana. which one is batter either you eat banana with skin or whitout it? of coz you also can eat banana with skin so how it’s test?! you knowlah… so cut it off…

  167. since you’re torn between two choices.. how about cutting it halfway? solves the answer. hahaa…

  168. is it true that every guy masturbates?? and y? =S
    weii ellen nahh….
    dun tell me gal never do it also..lahh ,no need to ask y lahh HORNY of cause mahh….then some more u gal all jiak lanxi to give us boy then boh bian masturbate loh….
    hai ya dunno da feeling ahh?? try it in da shower use da shower head target da area and use mild power of water to shoot at then u sure feel one lahh…try then u noe lahh…dun ask y lahh….natural mahh..

  169. A natural penis is more sensitive which means sex is more pleasurable. A circumcised one gives you a longer intercourse. It may appear as a plus but it takes more efforts and energy which eventually with years will lead to less frequent sex. Also for circumcised guys – tighter hole better sex – which indirectly explains why it’s more gays among circumcised males. And I certainly understand the position of the local girls – chronical cocksuckers.

  170. I noticed that every woman in this comment section said uncircumcised penises are gross. I wonder if they thought maybe men would rather they not have a clitoral hood or had smaller labia so they could find their clitoris/vagina better. Would you undergo an operation to remove your clitoral hood or make your labia smaller all for the sake of men?
    As for uncircumcised penises being “smelly,” ever think about having shower sex or washing his penis yourself? Genitals smell, they are supposed to smell, and if the smell bothers you then for heaven’s sake just wash them.

  171. i think you should! its for the better.
    my cousin just got circumcised today. πŸ™‚ he’s 9! if he could do it, im sure u can too

  172. “The foreskin offers a protective covering for the glans head. Without the foreskin the glans head will harden and thus be less sensitive to touch when the man becomes sexually active. Foreskin protects and moisturizes the glans head by coating it with emollient oils”
    “The foreskin also gives a mechanical advantage during sex. The stroking back and forth moves the foreskin up and down the penis shaft and glans head. This creates a rolling sheath that creates less negative friction between the vaginal walls and the glans head.”

  173. I’m also uncut. Thinking of getting it cut but I think for some time it could be hurting and bandaged. Wikipedia says that for adults 4-6 weeks of abstinence from masturbation is required to allow the operation to heal. That’s quite a long time. A circumcised penis should be very much cleaner than an uncircumcised one. The smelly smegma really sux, it takes only half a day to accumulate. Not only does it look unclean but it itches if left uncleaned. Bacteria in tap water may contribute to the itch. Then the finger or cotton buds have to be used to clean it like cleaning the ear drums, but may have to scratch harder here. The foreskin may help in masturbation but after urinating it makes the undies wet like a woman’s.

  174. Apologies but this is still too damn funny for words πŸ™‚ One of your most ‘entertaining’ entries to date.

  175. Hi,
    It is Joanne Choo who gave me your URL address, hope you do not mind I leave my comment here.
    I am truly sorry about what happened to your car. Anyway hope things will turn out better for you soon. πŸ™‚

  176. remove it….. you life will be much better….
    the only reason why it existed, is so when we are naked in the saharan desert…. sand won’t get into your penis.

  177. Hey Kenny, don’t potong foreskin! I read somewhere that guys with foreskin actually have experience more pleasure during sex. Whereas guys who are circumcised usually get numb down there. LOL. But the most important thing is, girls experience more pleasure when shagging uncircumcised guys. Just a bit of info for you before you potong and regret! I am uncircumcised myself, and I can vouch for that info. πŸ˜›

  178. If you dont want to cut it all u have to do is make sure u wash it frequently and keep it clean la. To prevent infection n so it wont smell. (turn off)
    But if u want to cut it, if im not mistaken, all the comments from circumcised guys, no ones regrets it lo right.. I think OBviously u have to think it through before doing it but once you do it, not much to regret lo.
    It is true that circumcised penises are cleaner. I personally dont find circumcised dicks to be gross. Rather nice in fact but then ive only been exposed to circumcised ones so i could be bias. πŸ˜‰ Clean n smooth. Nice to look at nice to touch. Always a plus if u can last longer! N always good to know theres no cheese there. (bjs more likely lo)
    Dudes! Clean ur dam dicks before sex la!

  179. Hi there Kenny, there’s actually a 3rd option. By saying this, i’ve actually practised it many many years ago and now i enjoy the sensitivity of uncircumcised dick and durability/cleanliness of circumcised dick. Wonderful isnt it?
    Well, You will feel a bit uncomfortable for few weeks (same if you circumcised)but after the dickhead has gotten used to the new environment ;-), you can live normally again. Or even superior! (that really depends on your size. . ahem. . ha ha)
    The method is simple. Simply pull the foreskin backward until the dickhead is fully exposed. Then, the “flange” of your dickhead will hold the foreskin and prevent it from cover up. I know, at first the foreskin will tend to “slide” down but if you pull it back to the “flange” often, eventually the foreskin will “adapt” to its new position and stay there. That might take 1-2 weeks. Meanwhile, your dickhead will be exposed to all sort of fabric and making it numb (like those circumcised dick) and hence increase in durability. However, because the very sensitive “flange” is still protected by the foreskin, therefore the sensitivity part is still remained.
    So that’s how i did it and till today i’ve no problem at all in either keeping it clean or getting bjs. Now will you cut or maybe do it my way??

  180. my friend going to circ too,soon. he said that he is going to be more hygenic and of course,the real reason is for him to be more ‘confident’.. i prefer the first reason he gave to me… because the second reason really making me worried ALOT.. plus,he said that he wants to enhanced the size after he circ.. i am not sure whether to be happy for him or worry… ermm..ermm..

  181. Hi, i dropped by this post coz I saw it from sumone else’s.
    Here’s the thing.. I’m come from a country where boys, as soon as they turn 8, gets circumsized. There are even parents who have their newborn boys circumsized a day or two after they are born. So basically saying, I can walk into an office building here and bet you anything that every single male i’m gonna run into is circumsized.
    It’s kinda like in religion, y’know, where Catholics get baptized, or it’s like Thanksgiving where it’s not thanksgiving without the Turkey.
    So where I come from, a man ain’t complete unless he gets cut.
    It’s nothing scary really, just painful, from what I hear. Most boys who get their dicks skinned usually walk around about a day or two wearing their sister’s skirts, and hold the front part in just in case the material touches their dicks.. It’s kinda cute! πŸ˜€ But after a few days, they get used to it, and they’re feeling better already! (“,) so don’t sweat it. It’s gonna be good. And it’s like you’ve never seen your dick that big before once it’s all out.

  182. Sorry for my belated comments on your blog. I just want to add my 2 cents’ worth for you to make an informed decision.If it is for hygienic purpose, go for the circumcision, Kenny. I did mine when I was 34 at Dr. Hsu Clinic,Glenagles Hospital, Singapore. It cost a few hundred dollars by laser. Your dick would be bandaged for 2 days leaving a hole for you to urinate. No bloody mess or pain at all, do not worry. After the bandage is removed, I bet your dickhead which has been “hidden” for so long by the foreskin will heave a sigh of relief to be freed and be able to say “hello” to all the pussies and “lippies”. Believe me, there is no such painful sensation after the operation. You will like and admire your “mushroom” dick. It is smooth and shiok. It will really be a water hose NOT a sprinkler! Your dick will be very clean; have no foul smell; leave no stains on your underwear and your partner(s) love doing bj on you too πŸ™‚ Finally, there is no difference whether or not you have a circumcised dick when having sexual intercourse. Bebaskan lah.

  183. i think you should have it cut when u’re young and not wait till now. =/
    anyways, i think you should go for it. CUT !

  184. From your description I can tell that you have thick foreskin and that you did not have the “Peng Tau” phenomenon during puberty. Guys with a normal foreskin would experience “Peng Tau” as the foreskin pulls back during erection. Of course the foreskin pulls back in stages while your dick head gets enlarged and the penis gets elongated day by day during puberty. Some guys have small physique so when their organ don’t show significant growth, their foreskin might not pull back thoroughly. Under such circumstances, it is advisable for the individual to gently pull back the foreskin, expose the dick head and stretch the tip of the foreskin in the process. After a few ten rounds of manipulating your foreskin, walla, it becomes very accomodating where one gets to decide whether to “cock” ones barrel or to leave it “uncock” (ie. pull back foreskin and leave the dick head exposed or push the foreskin back to is original position). If one can do that, hygeine is no longer a problem because one can actually dry it when it gets wet. Full control man.. and get the best of both world. Believe it.

  185. Don’t cut … leave it the way God created it … believe me, with circumcised penis, BJ may be better but sex may not feel that good anymore.

  186. i oso wonderin cut or not to cut..bt my dad said if u feel uncomfortable u shud cut.it doesnt affect when u r have XXX.i chose not to cut ..its weird to cut after having it so many years n it has keep u company till now so must’ve created a strong relationship wit it.rite??

  187. erm, i got mine cut just moments i was born into this world.. so i dun feel anything at that time lol….
    well.. for my POV i think the Hygiene issue does add into the benificial factor , but i think that being Uncut is much better…if u know how to *jaga ur Penis it won’t b a prob…
    Being Circumsized personally, i can last longer in sex, due to the “not-so-sensitive” dick head..
    but if can i would wanna experience both uncut n cut dicks hehe…
    i think u better keep it…coz once u cut it… it might not be the same again…
    n most of the gals i know loves SKIN~! hehe πŸ˜›
    so u wanna hook up with em.. for an orgy just contact me lol…:)

  188. kenny, my suggestion is better not, i have a better suggestion for you. … post me and i tell ya. we are cat city fanz

  189. anyway, for your important question: some guys complain of having a slightly smaller banana after peeled…. but girls prefer peeled clean ones… so. chop it off! πŸ˜€

  190. get it snipped, kenny. trust me, u’ll be man enough to withstand the very very minor pain. i even plan to get mine snipped again soon. good luck!

  191. oh, fyi…they no longer use the scalpel to cut off the hood. currently…well, about more than a decade ao, they’ve started using the clamp. less pain, less complication, and clean cut lines. oh god, just get it snipped, kenny!

  192. Just came across this post. I was laughing like mad. I went through the procedure a few years back and it hurt like mad but the results are quite satisfying πŸ˜‰

  193. from my pointless view…
    you shouldnt do it ! !!
    its a mans prized possesion ! !
    yeah . . .i know that you have problems peeing !
    but you’re going to miss all the fabulous sex sessions every night for the rest of your life ???
    do u want to take that chance ???
    there is no turning back …you know ???
    may da force be wif u ! !

  194. Circumsion is a covenant between Abraham’s household and God. God knows its unclean so He make it a covenant to cut which is unclean. God designed the man so He knows best is to cut it.

  195. owh well i don’t know you and you don’t know me but someone was saying about how famous ur blog is and hence i dropped by and omg…you’re really funny…gosh..i couldn’t stop laughin.
    Yes you shud get a gud doctor so you wouldn’t end up like me =P

  196. Hey Hey I may be late when reached this blog…too many xcited one to catch up with…it’s 1.34a still reading ur blog…
    SO SO….finally did you get it CUT?
    Update the world lar!!

  197. I had a fling last time who had it cut. He told me that when he had it done, the doctor had used the excess skin and use it to add some patterns on the neck of the penis, which can give extra pleasure to the girl during penetration.
    He did it, ended up being wrapped for a month before it heals completely. Was bed ridden for a month and gets erected and itchy easily when there’s seduction..but it was killing him that time.
    Now, he’s a happy and clean man πŸ˜€

  198. Uncut dicks should be washed not mutilated. You wash your asshole, your teeth, your armpits, your feet, your underwears, your dog…. and the dick as well of course…why do we have to leave the dick unwashed….ridiculous !
    Uncut is the normal and natural way, 70% of the nervs ending are located in the foreskin.
    Uncut big time !!

  199. Cut it lah, after cut u sure shiok de ^^ more pro in sex.. but will suffer for around 3 weeks.
    At jalan sekama, there’s a chinese-like doctor, who treats ur asshole when grow the “chong” d, he uses laser, very fast, cheap sumore. Uncle recommend, Rm150+- gao tim. It’z a house-based chinese clinic. Done it and it’s nice.Cleaner

  200. spread during peeing problem? pull back the foreskin and do your business.
    driping problem? push behind the balls (postate) after peeing do drain the remaining.
    dirt in foreskin problem? wash it during every shower .
    cut? up to u

  201. Potong jer.
    Skin u simpan deep freeze. SImpan dalam Petisejuk.
    Kalau tak suka takda kulit, can always take out forekin and reattach pakai gam gajah.

  202. U should do that for ur future..the gurlzz luv it..nad wants more and more and more..if not potong, very dirty lar..u expect gurls to luv it?if u knew the doctor, ask him to put bearing like ppl worked at offshore..sure the gurlz mcm kena elektrik when *ahem ahem with u…one week oledi can merasmikan..as long as u cleaned it everyday with antiseptik..my fren 3 hari terus main bola

  203. damn, ur blog damn funny man love it, fucking entertaining (make me dunno how to spell ady) for me neh just leave it, just keep it clean, dunno this do or not cuz it is kinda a old blog haahaah

  204. If it’s your desire, you’ll probably keep thinking of it for ever till you get it done. So just do it and stop wondering

  205. Oh please, why do you want to do something you’ll regret all your life. My parents had me cut because of ‘medical reasons’ and I hate them for it. I hate the quack doctor who did it and I hate my penis now. I miss my foreskin and am currently undergoing foreskin restorastion just to get back what I lost. How can you give something so precious up, you lose sensitivity and you’ll regret it.

  206. Kenny, you can wash smegma off in the shower with a sodium choloride solution (don’t use regular salt). Get it from pharmacies (cheap – use 2-3 capful a day), it’s like the type they use as “drip” in the hospital. The smegma will go off in 3-6 days and should not come back if you clean with water and keep it dry. And other than that, try not to irritate the dick with too much soap as it will change the PH level. Use the right soap, neutrogena rainbath is not bad and smells nice. Now you know..

  207. “The stories I hear about hygene are ridiculous, you have a shower every day right, change underwear every morning?”
    private parts are not like any other parts of your body. the bacteria will infest that particular area because it is moist, dark (hehe) and there is no room for a breather. hygienic is not just about taking a shower every day or whatever. it is more than that. are you saying that “it’s okay not to wash up after crapping because later at the end of the day i’m gonna take a shower”.

  208. Dear Kenny, from my past experiences with my ex-bfs (5 of them), l would say that l prefer a dick WITH foreskin, and l think a dick without foreskin is ugly!
    it’s just natural to have foreskin so stay natural! if not, all baby boys should already be born without foreskin, right? -Darwin’s theory-

  209. circumcision is created by the ppl from the past to prevent them from having nafsu kuat cos less sensitive , but they cover it up by telling its the hygiene issue, heck , u can wash ur dick 24/7 bcos ull bath everyday. chics dick guys with foreskin, the girls who opposed it most prolly bcos their exes din wash their dick when they wanna get it on , just like kissing after u eat durian…of cos la ur gonna brush ur teeth n use listerine to wash it clean first b4 kissing right? 8=============D

  210. A cut dick loses sensitivity and is bluish. An uncut dick is more sensitive and reddish because it is protected. I have seen so many dicks.
    Shaving your scalp just because you don’t want to wash your hair is plain lazy. It is there to protect your brain.
    Don’t be dumb , keep the original foreskin, it is there for a purpose.

  211. circumcision is FUN!
    trust me, after i got that skin off when i was 11, i felt that people would finally appreciate my dick!
    DO IT!

  212. I did it at a very old age, the earlier u do it, the better and less pain u’ll feel or even have the chance to remember the pain.
    Usually it’s a small operation that’ll end in probably 1 hour but mine gone wrong cus the doctor wasn’t experienced (and NO, I still have my ‘bro’ with me, just that need 2 more additional surgeries to take away the bloodclot, and yes it’s like living hell).
    Usually the operation will not go wrong. They’ll apply some iodine around your private area, stomach and thigh. Then will have injections on ur lower stomach, not ur dick nor balls but lower stomach)…then cut lo….I personally dare not look at it so I don’t know…I would say uncomfortable gua…
    I just kept mumbling and struggle abit…but that’s just me…but perhaps mumbling does distract myself from the pain…did the same thing for my tattoo…
    And after u CUT, first 2 weeks need to becareful lo. preferable wear sarong and walk slowly. You wouldn’t want to misSHAKE it, u sure scream…..even when u drive, try to gather the skirt of the sarung together to that area so that the cloth will stabilize your brotha and will not shake while driving…just minimize any movement and shaking….and yea once u circumsized, no more cheese even if u dun purposely go clean it cus normal shower will clean itself liao
    1 funny thing is that the first few days after circumcision, u wont be able to control where u shoot at all when u take a piss, it’ll be divided into a few CLEAR streams of water and I just think it’s funny
    2 weeks, I would say max 2 weeks eevrything can return normal…when I say return normal means u can wear underwear, u can do ur daily activities (I don’t know about sex though)
    No matter if u r doing it or not, better let ur sons circumsized when they r still young next time…same advice to all your readers out there yea….circumsize ur sons when they r still young when they won’t even have the chance to remember it yet, that would be the best time to do it

  213. oh yea, there is 1 thing that u definitely have to consider about. u MUST NOT wear underwear after operation for at least 1 week, preferable 2 weeks. I can assure u even without underwear and with sarung on, u’ll still have to walk damn slow to avoid any shaking of ur brotha…so unless if u r willing to take 1-2 weeks leave and stay at home, else there’s noway u can do it……
    and don’t worry about taking off the stiches, cus u dun have to take it off. I forgot what the doc told me, whether the stiches melt off itself or drop itself, i think it melt off itself, so u dun have to go thru the old way of taking off the stiches no more

  214. Man, I think you have no idea how much losing your natural skin will cost you. 80% of the world’s men are intact, and quite happy.
    Over 100,000 men are enduring a multi-year processs to restore some exquisite slack skin. It’s not hard, and I could help you, but I’d rather you stayed in one piece, because there ain’t nothing like the real thing.
    I can’t believe some of the ignorance and myth people are suffering with. The foreskin contains most of the pleasure-receptive nerve endings. You will REALLY miss these when you’re older. If you want to last long with women now, you can either have orgasms more often (that would be my choice) or use a drop of numbing creme inside a condom. Here’s a 20Mb doctor’s video made for laypeople that explains that natural penis:
    Best Wishes,

  215. Hey Kenny,
    Have you got yours done yet?
    I’m a surgical medical officer from Perak, and one of the many common operations I do is circumcision. As a layperson, you may feel/think that the most senior doctor is the best surgeon around to do the op. I beg to differ. The practice of surgery depends on the skills of the surgeon involved. Circumcision is a minor operation — something that my surgeons don’t do often these days, only leave it to “smaller” doctors like me. After a prolong period of time of not doing a particular surgery, you tend to lose the skill.
    My advice to you is to find someone who does it very often, not “the most senior” person around. Unless you want a gastric bypass [to help you lose weight ;-)] or get some part of your organs out [why would you wanna do that?], then you should find the most senior surgeon around.
    One of the main concern with patients is trust. Afterall, you’re trusting your family jewel at the hands of a doctor. That’s where PR comes in handy for the doctor.
    If you have any question regarding the procedure, you can drop me a line. If you still cannot decide on who to go to, then I’ll do it for you. πŸ™‚ I’m serious. I’ve done circumcisions for boys as young as 1 year old to guys as old as 48 years old. The smaller it is, the more challenging. So, if yours is not smaller than a 1 year old, then I’ll have no problem snipping it. :p This is not an advertisement. I’ve nothing to gain — I’m a doctor with the government hospital. It’ll only costs RM10 for hospital registration.

  216. Well, it is your decision
    Do you know how many nerve endings there are in your skin that is going to get cut off? Lots less sensation during that vigorous exercise.
    How hard is it to clean your birdie?
    On the flip side, less risk of HIV transmission with circumcision.

  217. There was a big discussion about this on 4chan a long long time ago. I hope you dont discredit my thoughts after hearing that I am from 4chan, but please consider them before you go through with the operation.
    YES, it is easier to keep a circumsized penis clean, and there are certain sexual benefeits such as reducing sensitivity to it in order to prolong sexual acitivity, thats the gist of it.
    BUT, you have to present yourself these CONS that are also in the mix. When discussing about this on 4chan I was told about a Jewish doctor who circumsized his first two sons, but then after reading and researching a bit more he decided not to circumsize his last son. Why?
    Remember that the Penis is suppose to be naturally sensitive, the foreskin is there to protect the 5,000 nerve endings that make sex pleasurable. (And make life worth living) Not having a foreskin means not having something to protect those nerve endings, and with no protection eventually your sensitivity will go down and those nerve endings will die off. By the time most circumsized men reach the age of 38 approx, they experience erectile disfunction and the inability to maintain an erection. There have been instances where uncircumsized men experience the same, but rather than make up some fake statistics and lie to you about it, let me just say that when you ARE circumsized, you DO have a GREATER risk of erectile disfunction as you get older.
    I originally planned to get circumsized myself, but reviewing certain articles made me change my mind. I dont want to be one of those elderly men who cant enjoy women any longer. (I want to be one of those elderly men who are still doing dirty things with hot grandmas.)
    But if you’re more worried about the NOW, and are too lazy to pull your foreskin back whenever you pee as you say you are, then perhaps the operation is right for you. Whatever the case, please review these pros and cons and talk to the doctor you are aquaintted with before doing anything you may regret.

  218. just cut the foreskin off yourself, and then sell your foreskin as bubble-gum for homosexuals, that way you’ll cut-out the middle men, and keep all the profits for yourself, with out any medical expensess.

  219. No way. Don’t cut it off. Being uncut you can have it both ways. Pull you foreskin back and leave it back for days if you want. The head will lose sensitivity in a few days. If you don’t like it, pull foreskin back over dick head. If it is to tight, work on pulling it back and stretching it. Soon you will be able to leave it back or not. I would never want to lose my foreskin. It has given me so much pleasure over the years.

  220. I would recommend Dr Peter Wong Toh Lee, plastic surgeon from Timberland to do your circumsicion. He’s very experienced =)

  221. come on kenny, circumsition aint that risky until you gotta say “accidental lost of penis”..
    im sure the doctors know what theyre doing, make sure youre drugged before the operation and ure on chlorofoam(or wateva it spells).. if not youre gonna have a hard time.. frankly speaking, i had the experience of it.. shit, i peed blood for like 1-2weeks and it hurts alot, u gotta sleep with a “sarong” and man its just gonna sore a bleed for 1-2 weeks depending on your skin sensitiveness.
    But the good thing after that is you feel comfortable and clean. As u said, Sexual drive gets better.
    BUT! its easily get awaken by just a simple touch!

  222. Wash your dick the same way you wash your asshole, your armpits, your mouth, your feet….otherwise all of that smells…not only the dick….why are we asking a dick to be the cleanest part of the body , even cunts smell stronger than uc cocks, they bleed, they smell fishy ….so…., guys fuck it, guys lick it, we were all born thanks to it….and it smells most of the time….why cocks should be sparkling clean…isn’t that cynical and irresponsable ? Keep your foreskin ( 70 % of the nerv endings are located in the inner part of the foreskin…..) and wash it…., be clean and that’s all, why mutilate your dick ?, I am uncut and I have no problems with that.
    Better to have a foreskin ( the normal/natural way ) and wash it everyday, than have our dick mutilated.

  223. Hahaha… Interesting indeed!
    I would say… To cut!!! For hygiene purpose! =)
    BUT, do think twice of the risk, alright? hehe… Let me know if you actually got it cut or not.
    Keep up the good work on your blog! =D

  224. I just got it done about a week ago, and I have had no pain like all these people say.
    You just have to stay away from sex, masturvasion ect. I think I am ahead because my little one is almost ready.

  225. just cut it….at first, ur dickhead will be painfull after the surgery but then, after a few days or after a week, it won’t hurt anymore….i’m not asking u to cut it but it’s u who decide for it..=]

  226. try go to Klinik Dr.Haizam in Miri…i circumcised there…there are 2 famous ‘circumcisers’ in Miri which are dr.haizam & dr.arif

  227. Anyone who is thinking about getting circumcised so that they get more blowjobs, maybe you should realise that due to the decreased sensitivity from the head being exposed all the time, it will be MUCH harder to actually come from blowjobs… My boyfriend was circumcised at birth and it is impossible for him to come from blowjobs – trust me, we have tried!
    The foreskin has a purpose, why get rid of it? Because you are too lazy to take daily showers? Please!

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