Pet Names Couples Call Each Other

Valentine’s Day is over, but guess what? I’ve decided to continue with the lovey-dovey theme on Why? Because I enjoy making all my single friends feel like losers, that’s why! *cough*Kim*cough* HAHAHA!
Just kidding of course. Mannnn… I’m mean. Though I shouldn’t really laugh since my valentine is not here with me. Btw, did anyone notice that there seems to be a lot of bloggers out there who openly declared that they are anti-Valentine’s Day?
So, yesterday’s edition of the local newspaper published a special liftout called The Book of Love. Basically its a compilation of lovey-dovey messages that couples leave for each other on Valentine’s Day. A careful read through the book of love revealed…
Messages from couples who enjoyed (endured?) everlasting love.
Everlasting Love
Everlasting Love
Couples who didn’t have it easy.
Difficult Love
Difficult Love
Couples with a good sense of humour.
Funny Valentine
Proof that Valentine’s need not just be a celebration of love between couples.
Non Couple Valentine
Non Couple Valentine
And last but not least, couples with questionable pet names.
Questionable Valentine Names
Questionable Valentine Names
Questionable Valentine Names
Speaking of pet names, I’ve always been fascinated by the pet names couples give each other.
“Darling, honey, baby”… some of the pet names can be quite unoriginal, so its up to the couples themselves to personalize it somehow. I thought it was cute that Izuan became IzzyWizzy in front of his girlfriend.
Nicole and I had our fair share of pet names for each other. Even before we got together, I had called her sweetie and she had called me darling. She thought darling was a bit too common and unoriginal, so she started calling me dahwink and later wink wink.
Ang Ku Kueh
Similarly, I started calling her baby because I thought its more endearing. She liked it and so it stuck. But baby is too common, so I changed the one of the “B” to a “J” an started calling her baji, which sounded like vegie, so sometimes I’d call her Baji-table. Once, I called her Ang Ku Kueh (a red sticky Chinese cake). Later, she came to Perth and befriended Huey Ying, who at the time was studying Spanish. She found it cute that ‘pretty baby’ in Spanish is bebé bonito. So I had to start calling her Bonito
Nicole likes dogs. One day she said she wanted to have a dog, so I said to her “I can be your dog loh!”. And just like that, she started calling me Dog Dog, Doggie and later Woggie.
Our inspiration for new nicknames can come from the weirdest sources. Once we were shopping for clothes for my baby nephew Jayden. She found some from the brand Elle, which I thought was a bit girlish for Jayden. “No,” she said “This one is Elle Poupon, which means its for boys. The girls’ ones are called Elle Petite.” And just like that, I started calling her Petite and she started calling me Poupon. Once after watching Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (great show btw), she started calling herself Sunny, after the baby girl in the movie.
Our friend Candice who had a dog called Bailey. Bailey has this toy ball that Candice would hide and ask him to find. “Toy Toy leh?” Candice would ask. So from then on, I started calling Nicole Toy Toy, which is what I call her until today.
My other friends have better things to call their partners though.
My dear friend Geraldine is famous for many things, one of which is the way she calls David. “HOOOOONNNNNNEEEYYYYYY!!!”, she would scream at the top of her lungs as the tiny hairs on my arm stand up. David has no idea why lovers call each other Honey. “Honey is something you put on your bread. Why not call your lover some other things that you put on your bread? Like ‘Butter’ or ‘Kaya’,…”

Lately, I’ve noticed yet another annoying trend.
Thanks to the song by Alicia Keys and Usher called “My Boo”, a lot, and I mean A LOT of couples are calling each other Boo. What the hell is a Boo? I have absolutely no idea. So I looked up’s definition of the word Boo.

  1. n. A sound uttered to show contempt, scorn, or disapproval.
  2. interj. Used to express contempt, scorn, or disapproval or to frighten or surprise another.
  3. n. Slang Marijuana

Heh. Marijuana? Now I know why they call each other boo. Yes yes… I know boo is also a gangsta slang for boyfriend/girlfriend, but honestly, don’t you think it sounds more like poo than a term of endearment?! Mannnn it gets on my nerves I tell you!
Then again, I shouldn’t really complain. After all my pet name is Woggie.

How about you? What pet names do you give your partner (or your ex-partner)? What are the funniest/wierdest/most memorable pet names you’ve heard couples call each other? Feel free to share, and of course, anonymity is allowed. 🙂

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  1. WAHH!! That picture of Boo from Monsters, Inc. made me ROFLMAO in my office! It’s so big and exaggerated!
    On an everyday basis, we call each other sweetie. Sometimes he calls me babe, but then he calls everyone babe, even his male roommate who is 6’2 and can pummel him to bits.
    We spent one night thinking of the grossest, ickiest sounding names for one another. I have snuggly-wuggly-wuggums for him. I forgot what he named me, but it was something to do with pie, equally disgusting.
    We still call each other by NAME in front of other people though.

  2. oy! so not fair. *sniffles* thy words are like needles that prick and prod at my heart, prying into every crevice; exposing my most vulnerable self that is only yearning that i be loved. but oh love, love that is fiery, forgiving, pure and not, and cannot, be mine.
    oh woe, oh piteous blogger, spare thy unworthy friend such reminders.

  3. Hehe, thanks for the trackback. But i love her for more than just cute nicknames (…and her voice when she says my name…:'(
    BTW, it isnt “boo”, but should be beau. I think.

  4. Lemme think:
    Hunny Bunny (thought that was funny)
    Dill Pickle (i never quite got that one)
    The rest have been the normal generic pet names i.e. babe, baby, hon, sweets, da-link etc.
    Funny how baby is shortened to just “B”. My good friend’s name is Bianca, so instead of calling her by her full name I simply call her B most of the time.
    I have gotten sly comments & sneaky giggles from mates who have heard me calling her this, especially if I’m on the phone to her and they are within earshot. I always get the childish “so who’s B? Eh? Eh? Someone we should know about? Hehe!” *wink wink nudge nudge*
    And they never really believe me, even when I tell them.
    *Big Sigh* Hiyah!

  5. omg!!!
    my colleague was telling me yesterday she saw a few bitter love notices in the paper, like:
    “why did you choose to leave me? well i’m telling you x, i’m pregnant with your child”
    and another …
    “I love your family, and I thank you for taking me in and loving me and providing for me but … I am leaving you. I just don’t love you anymore.”
    Like WHAT THE??? If you’re going to dump someone, at least SMS them … don’t waste all that $$$ putting an ad in the paper lol.

  6. i like the pic of ‘boo’. she’s cute!

    anyways, me and my gf have official ones that we call each other. original ones where i haven’t heard other couples use. she likes her name so much she’d call me her name too! or just say the name for no reason…

    once i started calling her ‘hippo’, and she’d call me ‘bear’… haha. i also used to call her ‘dirty cat’ (mandarin).

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA Man u always manage to crack me up ahahahhahahahaha well, bein single and all, I don’t really get pet-names other than retard or nigel >HAHAHAHAHAHA Man u always manage to crack me up ahahahhahahahaha well, bein single and all, I don’t really get pet-names other than retard or nigel >HAHAHAHAHAHA Man u always manage to crack me up ahahahhahahahaha well, bein single and all, I don’t really get pet-names other than retard or nigel >HAHAHAHAHAHA Man u always manage to crack me up ahahahhahahahaha well, bein single and all, I don’t really get pet-names other than retard or nigel >HAHAHAHAHAHA Man u always manage to crack me up ahahahhahahahaha well, bein single and all, I don’t really get pet-names other than retard or nigel >HAHAHAHAHAHA Man u always manage to crack me up ahahahhahahahaha well, bein single and all, I don’t really get pet-names other than retard or nigel >HAHAHAHAHAHA Man u always manage to crack me up ahahahhahahahaha well, bein single and all, I don’t really get pet-names other than retard or nigel >HAHAHAHAHAHA Man u always manage to crack me up ahahahhahahahaha well, bein single and all, I don’t really get pet-names other than retard or nigel >

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA Man u always manage to crack me up ahahahhahahahaha well, bein single and all, I don’t really get pet-names other than retard or nigel T^T but I reckon it’s so cute that u n Nicole made up these awesome nicks for each other (I laughed so hard at the rice pudding one man, it was hilarious!) but referring to the “boo” statement, it’s an ebonically altered version of “beau” (french for good looking) and a common name for lover in the early twentieth century haha I can’t get enough of ur blog. I reckon ur a great writer

  9. Haha..well since it’s the internet..I shall regale all my shameless sweetheart nick naming here..
    My bf and i continue to evolutionise nick name calling to the point where calling his name is a little weird unless i;m mentioning him to someone else…
    first…it was ah dear(to him by me)
    i was just dear to him
    next dear sounded too common…so changed it to tjear (for both of us)it’s pretty annoying but when you emphasise the length of the word
    now i think for the last 3.5 years,
    i call him bao bao(as in mandarin:bao pei) but his mangled sense of mandarin led him to hearing BAO BAO as in ‘B’ instead of pronouncing it like ‘P’..
    So in return, he calls me Bao Wow….or Wow wow…which he thinks its cute…but it sounds like a dog’s name to everyone!!
    by golly-that silly nickname stuck…urgh…

  10. Hsin – You know ‘pie’ is a dirty word don’t you? 😉 Remember American Pie?
    Kimm – Awwww… When Kenny pricks you, prick him back. *hugs*
    Izuan – I meant more like this actually. I never thought it originated from beau. But beau is meant to be for guys only innit? I’ve heard boo being used on both guys and girls.
    Shan – Dill Pickle? While we’re at that why not Kimchee. “Oh Kimchee, I love you!”
    cccp – Sounds like a zoo. HAHAHAHA! jk
    Bek – Retard is a pet name? Doesn’t sound like a romantic schmoozy one your lover would call. Anyway, thanks! Honestly speaking though, I enjoy your tone of writing more than I enjoy mine. I write crap, whilst you write sophisticatedly. 😉 Not ass-kissing, just stating what I feel.

  11. Hahhahahahahhahahahaaa!!!
    Love ur stuff wei!
    Well we have the darling, baby, honey, love, dear that we still use on a regular basis.
    But sometime ago, honey became honeybunnywunny! Which eventually led us to calling each other Wunny! =P
    (N yes i agree, tat its now become weird wen he calls me by my name. =P)
    Recently Bunny’s been used like BunnyBaby, BunnyLove, BunnyDear or BunnyWun n WunnyBun. Hhahaaaa…
    Sometimes he calls me HoneyBunnyWunnyPie!
    or something like tat. =P
    N sometimes i call him Squishy… because hes fat(not really) n squishy… N bcoz it originated from Squishy Balls…
    Go figure. =P

  12. I know that mine is very unique. I call him babi guling. Babi for short and usually just plain Babs. He also calls me Babi. Also call him Bei Ji Xiong cause he is big, white and snuggly. He calls me Wu Wei Bu Xiong because koalas are not bears, and I like to sleep.
    Special or not??

  13. Allyssa – Ehhh… not bad hey! You two are just as inventive as we are. Personally I thought HoneyBunnyWunnyPie is a bit long though. “Oiii… movie starting soon loh! You ready or not, HoneyBunnyWunnyPie?”. Props for coming up with such a geli pet name. 🙂 I don’t dare to use some of my pet names in front of my mom for example.
    QuinZ – I’m more interested to know how Babi Guling come about anyway? HAHAHAA such an odd name!

  14. heehee… I call my bf baby bot…bot. is short for bottle coz ever since I asked him the size of his *ahem* while comparing it to this huge(serious…you know those extremely big bottles?) bottle of water I had… and he actually said it’s the same size and of coz I tot he was exaggerating…until I saw it one day…yups, he earned his nickname

  15. Well a few nicknames that I have given my b/f were: hunk of love, baby cakes, etc…lol. He was a hunk…full of love. So yeah.

  16. I usually call my boyfriend sugar butt or sweetheart or sweetie and he calls me babe, baby, babycakes. I like it b/c it makes me feel all cute and mushy and i like that feeling it makes me happy!

  17. I usually call my boyfriend sugar butt or sweetheart or sweetie and he calls me babe, baby, babycakes. I like it b/c it makes me feel all cute and mushy and i like that feeling it makes me happy!

  18. I usually call my boyfriend sugar butt or sweetheart or sweetie and he calls me babe, baby, babycakes. I like it b/c it makes me feel all cute and mushy and i like that feeling it makes me happy!

  19. hahaha datz so funny!kenny ur so funny!lol…wuteva im so lame
    my cousin calls her bf asshole cos he calls her stupid…i think thats kinda hilarious but there must b a story behind it…lol.”un”fortunately i’m single so i dont hv anything 2 share…

  20. From Darling it was shortened to Da Da..sounds like daddy? Actually no.. I would call him Da Da and simultaneously hit his backside twice. So it s like ‘beat beat’ in Cantonese. The Da Da is a very manja tone ok…and he loves it..;p
    Then we had Little Mushroom vs Little Forest (copy from a HK movie), Sea Cucumber vs Abalone with Fatt Choy, Bread and Sausage…i called him Squishy once too..
    I know…sexist nicks based on lower part of the body.

  21. well me nd my ex called each oder pookie bear nd snookie bear. also pebbles nd bambam =) lol nd we had dis weird jk so he called me beautiful witch nd i called him sexy wizard.. haha

  22. that’s so cuuuteee..haha i called my bf poochie once..coz he was pushing my cheek saying “pooch” and i found that cute..haha..
    until my parents found out and forbid me to call him poochie anymore coz they saud ut’s for dogs..haha
    anw, then he calle me bembem, short for tembem or chubby..
    or kecil..haha

  23. I am Latina and I am dating a white boy from the country. Here are some of the things I call my my boyfriend:
    Ojos Azules
    Mi Vida
    Mi Todo

  24. ive been hanging out with this guy and he calls me silly billy call him hunny bunny its cute almost like were a real couple !!!! so sweet!!!!

  25. im 15 and my gf and i call her angley poo, pooky, peanut(i like that 1) shnookums which eventually led to shnuggums(thats my fav.), baby girl, baby, and i first staryed calling her my bunny rabbit. she jus calls me tiger, pooky wooky and baby. yea i have more nicknames than her, im kinda wierd like that haha

  26. i call my boyfriend, shoogabooger or mushles , or croosywoosy. ha! he calls me jalysia [from my name] or boopy

  27. I have a lady friend, I am trying to think of a lovet dovey name for. Her name is Norma, any suggestions?

  28. i’m called “shame shame girl” cos’ i can’t sit properly with my legs closed and the other half is called “smelly boy” cos his sweaty armpits can stop traffic…hmm…too much info?

  29. have it ever occured to anyone of u..tht its perfectly fine to call a fren by their name.. but once they become ur other half…calling them by their name jst sounds too weird or awkward? i dunno bout u guys…but i’ve always felt tht with my ex-bfs…hahah….;o)

  30. My boyfriend started calling me poo bear, because my friends call me sar-bear. Then he started to not like poo bear, so he now made up a name and calls me woobles. I have no idea where he got that from, but at the moment that is what he calls me.

  31. At this moment, I call my boyfriend CUPPY CAKE and he calls me HONEY PIE and occassionally HORNY PIE. But pet names are seasonal to us.. !!

  32. Lol. I loved that pic of Boo! It was so exaggerated…She’s very cute.
    Uh…He calls me “Princess”. I just call him by his name…so unromantic lor!

  33. Lol. I loved that pic of Boo! It was so exaggerated…She’s very cute.
    Uh…He calls me “Princess”. I just call him by his name…so unromantic lor!

  34. Well i call i call my boyfriend what ever pops into my head at the time , poodle face, squashy face, pumpkin, puddle duck, dumpling, chicken, my little salamander, bunny rabbit, teady bear… but my favourites are, peanut, sausage and doodle bug. He calls me beautiful, baby, princess,and sex bitch.

  35. my name is sabrina.. my sis will call me
    sabina..then it’ll change 2 dust-bin(that’s when we fight or when she just 1 2 get on my nerves)
    & finally is officially Bin-Bin..=)heheh

  36. my first luv call me angel.. i also call him angel..
    that’s the best nickname for me.. coz he’s my true angel.. & i luv my angel very much!

  37. My boyfriend and I call each other:
    among others 🙂


  39. me and my gf r like 12.. so she calls me cutesie and i got on her to look fora name for her.. so um i know im pathetic.. GO LIFE!

  40. I would have to say that one of my favorite pet names for my girlfriend would have to be Pumpkin Tits. I actually stole it from a movie but I think it’s hilarious, kind of cute kind of dirty. Good Times

  41. Haha.. Pumpkin Tits.. Nice..
    I use to called her my bubukitty.
    Jenn calls me Dada/Tata/Daaaaaa (means darling)
    Another called me Billy the Goat and I call her Ely the Ephalent (Elephant)

  42. lol…..
    pet names are fun…..
    um….most times i’ll call anyone, chicks or dudes, cutie, honey, baby, sugarpuff or anything like that….
    personal nicknames for girlfriends i’ve had would be darling, cassidilly (from cassidy), momo (which means peach), and dork (one of the most endearing terms i’ve ever come up with, lol…. i loved her to death…) there’s been a few good ones for me too…. goofball, curly (cause of my hair), sugartits (it’s funnier cause i’m a dude), babyshakes, f*ckpoo, loverpants, and a bunch more i just forgot…lol….
    there’s a special few…. when i say goodnight, i say, “sweet dreams, love machine…”
    and for my best bud, although a dude and not a lover… i call him pookie (which came about because of garfield the cat’s best friend forever, his teddy bear…)
    thanks guys….have you all a good one!

  43. hmm…my bf calls me baby, sweetie, or princess sometime and i call him baby, my pingu. but on regular basis, we just addressed each other Sayang/CYG. …
    but sometimes we could jus ended up as Noti munnkey. he did call me sexy bitchy witch once, and i kinda find it a turn on…*wooot*

  44. ahh. there are so many! sugarplum, muffin, sweety, darling, buttercup, hunnybun, love, babyyy, boo, pookey, hunnypie, cookie, pumkin. the list goes on and on!! i love em! theyr so mushy and warm! make me smiLe!

  45. My boyfriend calls me many, many random names….my current favourite is snuggle chops. Although I do piss myself laughing everytime he says it…

  46. my ex bf started out with baby darling, honey and ‘lo por jai’ (little wife).
    then it became babi (initialli derived from ‘baby’), then pig, piglet, and even pork-chop. haha we liked to eat.

  47. my boyfriend calls me prince chaming, pop and, ms beefy:DD
    i call him princess, mr. squishy, and doodle.
    i love these nicknames no matter how lame they are.

  48. im dating this chick and we aint official yet but we’re already playing around with petnames but for the life of me i cant bring myself to call her anything mushy cos its all too weird cos im used to calling her retard and idiot and she calls me arse and i think thats probably gonna stick which is actually kinda cool haha.

  49. My boy friend and I call each other hunz, hunzbunz, honey bunches of oats(saw the commercial to many times) he calls me sexie becksie or just becksie (my name is beckie so it kinda works) we also say wootums or wootie, oodles and lots of other weird names that would make others ick lol but thats okay cause i love him and the tradiotional ones are always nice like love, baby, darling, sweetie, oh we alose say lovebug pet naems can be almost anything and are adorable to use if used at the right time and place 🙂

  50. My ex boyfriend and i had many pet names for eachother but my favorite for him was honeybunches..haha he loved cereal and i thought honey just sounded really played i kind of just put honey bunches of oats (the cereal) and honey together and thats how it came to mind!

  51. My bf and I call each other a number of pet names like he’ll call me baby, princess, kierbear, desert flower [i live in Nevada], babycakes, etc.
    and i’ll call him snowbunny [he lives in wisconsin], pookiepants, lovekins, muffin, his favorite is Honeybear =D, etc.

  52. accidentally found this blog – quite interesting 🙂
    well, im not really in pet names actually. what i do is just put “y” at the end of his name and it already sounds sweet 🙂 he’s really different though, he calls me in all the names possible. there are some special ones, though. my favourite ones are Daystar and Troublemaker. Daystar is really special to me, because of the story under it. also its not how most people would call their lovers, that makes me one and only Daystar 🙂 Troublemaker is the funny one. He calls me so since the first day we met, because im lefty and therefore coused some trouble hehe. it might not sound like very cute petname, but when he says it, it sounds more than lovely 🙂

  53. I got ‘lightweight’ from my ex.
    We met at a party and I was trying to keep up with how much he was drinking.
    Bad choice.
    And I was lightweight from then on.
    i thought it was cute.
    None of my friend’s have ever had that pet name before. 😛

  54. Hello,guys..i need help finding a good pet name to my bf.I felt guilty cus he always called me *Hun* while I just called him *Andrew* (which his real name) So any sugggestions what best pet name should I call him? I want to be fair with him.So hope one of you guys can help me…pls? LOL..

  55. this post is so funny!!
    aside from my hubby (cubby, cubblebee, cubsie, cubbypoo, deardear) i have pet names for my two dogs too…
    snowsie, coopsie, baby, gerby, girlgirl, pupsiepoo, snowsnow, coocoo, cookiebird, princess, smelly cat… heehee…
    sometimes i wonder if my neighbors thinks i’m nuts whenever they hear the names i call my dogs!

  56. My ex started calling me Queen Bee for some odd reason …and wanted me to call him King Fisher.LOL That cracked me up cuz I know what a real King Fisher is….and it’s a really tiny bird that perches by lakes and catches minnows…
    Needless to.say I choose Stud Puppy for him instead. Pet names are lots of fun. Just don’t settle for babe, honey,darling,sweetie,etc. You’d be surprised how many guys use that when they actually.FORGET your name …when u first start dating. LOL How lame is that??

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