I was recently introduced to this intriguing blog of a Yoga Instructor from KL.

“Hmm… did I step on dog poo? Lemme check”

It was all fun and games going through photos after photos of her bending her body in directions opposite of what God intended it to be. That is, until I came across this photo.

Is she made out of rubber or what?
The only time I would find that move useful is if I was in Thailand, and I want to say hello to someone behind me.

Yeah, that’d be fun.

Kuching’s very own comic artist Shyang is releasing his first comic book titled “I Have A Dream feat. Kuching Life!” . He’ll be at Crowne Plaza Shopping Centre this Saturday for the whole day promoting his book. If you guys aren’t doing anything, pop by and check out his clever artwork poking fun at the realities of Kuching life.
I wish I could go, but I couldn’t ‘cos I got a wedding to attend.

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  1. haha…crazy woman!!!
    she is … damn crazy. can dislocate relocate her shoulderblades or wat.. i tried it.. hurts..and i cant do it.. wrists cant touch even. aish…nvm, i dont dig yoga anyway.

  2. i think i could do that too, didnt have a big mirror to check it out. it aint that hard. although i guess mine wouldn’t be perfect. and no, i aint no yoga master.

  3. i was wondering if you can intro any blogs by hot guys…coz i realised you;re alwiz only talking bout hot female blogger…

  4. oh yeah..and btw i just discovered your blog..and i love it very much=)very well written and higly amusing.and plz consinder my suggestion..dun deprive your female readers;)

  5. it is humanly possible to do it.. the only reason the rest of u hurt ur shoulders were becos u tried to master the step in one go. as basic move u shud just try putting it slightly above waist level while bending over den slowly straighten up ur back. it’s easier. once u get the hang of it (by hang of it i mean few mths not tries k), slowly u move higher up and finally *ta-dah* you can do the pose.
    it’s fairly easy and no harm done if u do it gradually and slowly. the girl kenny blogged abt has probably been doin it for years. as my yoga instructor once said, “it’s not a competition, you do at ur own pace, own level, own capability”.
    Tell me if my comment helped. Cheers. (“,)

  6. Aiyah, not hard to do lah. And I’m a guy. Lol… But then again I’ve been showing my friends for the past few years. Haha…

  7. That’s impressive. I can do that too. No, I don’t do yoga. Might be using the Backward Sawadeeka Move when I go to Thailand next time. Heheheh!

  8. mr ho liao, u dirty minded guy…*sigh*
    yoga is expensive…it’s offered in my college and a lot of ppl went for it…but heard that yoga wont help in getting u’ll just shape ur body up…so i might consider not going for it coz my main and only purpose of exercising is to lose weight!!
    how bout u kenny??

  9. Yea, I saw an ang moh lady walking around the boarding gate area of the airport doing that action. I think we were taking some flight that takes almost 20 hours to our destination. So she was like doing yoga exercises before boarding.

  10. How come everyone say it hurt the shoulders?? I did it and it wasn’t so bad… but not the shoulders feel sore… it’s the wrists… maybe i’m just weird

  11. I think thinner people are more able to do it. Its just a bit straining on the wrists. Have you tried the pose she did in the first picture? Now that takes a bit of effort lol

  12. eh, Ican do it! I even got my sis to take a pic man. But I realised it was abit lower. AND NOW IT CAN GO HIGHER!
    heehee. I am ultraflexible man! Ok maybe just skinny.

  13. Thanks Kenny and all of you guys and girls for giving me a good time laughing, smiling and smirking throughout reading all of your comments.
    I’m amazed and amused that you guys are amazed (and amused) over one of the most simple 🙂 yoga move and am happy to know that most of you did try the pose and manage! And just FYI, the ‘inverted sawadeekaa’ picture has been in consideration and designed to be the cover of Malaysia’s very first yoga magazine, long before this entry of me was written :). How in the world Kenny came to picking the very picture, I have no idea.
    Hope all of you have had a good year like me, and let’s all make the ‘inverted sawadekaa’ to salute and welcome to the year.
    Keep up the infatuation of Kenny, yoga and me :).

  14. actually, girls would find it easier to do that… cuz my first try turn out pretty well… n a few other of my friends tried. voila too. but all my guys friends failed the test. ^_^

  15. Hmmm i tried doing that pose and realised i could do it too. I think the pose in the first pic is wayyyy harder.

  16. haha.. me can do it too.. *surprised* but does feel a stretch at the area btw my 2 shoulder blades.. but yeah.. nice stretchin exercise =x

  17. I can do the backward sawadekap. Seriously, you should warn us to “Don’t try it at home”, so I won’t hurt myself when I try the first one, lol.

  18. HAPPY NEW YEAR kenny!
    Good luck on the losing weight dept. You look good in ur ‘after losing weight’ photos.
    I need to shed 10 kg not in a year but in 2 months. that’s my new year’s resolution!

  19. please let me know about future conferences and seminars or yoga festivals…
    waiting for your reply, i am a qualified yoga coach and yoga sport judge, here from India..
    waiting for your reply

  20. LOL~ I did that!! and those freaking pose as well, I cant believe when i thinking back LOL~
    but not bad after “squeeze” your body, it feel good~!!

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