Kirsten Is 2 Years Old

Today, Kirsten turns two.

To show everyone how much I love her, here’s a video tribute to my one and only baby niece (until my sister pops another one out next year).

Oh, and I should get this out before it hits midnight.

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Darn virus got to me on Christmas eve. 🙁 I spent my Christmas laying in bed for 11 hours straight.

52 Replies to “Kirsten Is 2 Years Old”

  1. OMG OMG!!! ur niece is sooooo damn adorable!!!
    merry christmas and happy new year!!!
    nice job on ur blog~! i enjoy reading it~! XD

  2. wah…so nice to be a kid again experiencing christmas…so innocent n carefree! la.. pressure la.. stress la…bills la…installments la…so! you students out there! treasure ur non working life!

  3. Merry Christmas Kenny!! ^_^
    My eldest cousin shares the same birthday as your niece. This year is very special as he gets to celebrate his 40th b’day back home in M’sia after coming back from the States early this year.
    Happy New Year too!!

  4. cute niece there… hope she dont become like her uncle when she grow up… hahaha :X

  5. Merry Christmas Kenny!! Get Well Soon!! Hope you had a great day!!
    Kirsten is sooooooo cute!! Happy Birthday Gurl~!!
    eh kenny,you are not a good uncle la,you made such a nice video for Kirsten but you bully Jayden! *SIGHS*

  6. Ho…. Ho…. Ho…..Merry Christmas Kenny, Kirsten and Jayden…..Here’s one present for you, Kenny……one present for you, Kirsten…..and one present for you, Jayden……be good boys and girl…….next year Christmas, you all will get an even more big Christmas present from me……Ho….. Ho….. Ho……
    Santa Claus.

  7. I know how proud you must be of her, because I’m proud of my own nephews too 🙂 I show them off as much as I can!
    Get well soon, and Happy Belated Christmas!

  8. Happy Birthday Kirsten 🙂 What an adorable Christmas baby! Kenny, hope you’re feeling better real soon. You can always party at New Year’s 😉

  9. Oh gosh u r not the only one sick. I’ve been running a high fever and suffering gastro as well. Stupid rainy weather and the oily food (less than clean).
    Ah well, get well soon!

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