Big Day

Gonna be extremely busy running around today making sure the wedding runs smooth.

My mom lost her voice on my brother’s big day ‘cos she ate too much durians. HAHA!
Number of people who have asked when is my turn to get married (as at 11:00pm):

Sorry for the recent downtime. I’ve only just completed upgrade to a RM200/month Virtual Private Server.
Turns out could survive the Taiwanese earthquake but couldn’t survive the overwhelming onslaught of internet traffic.

67 Replies to “Big Day”

  1. …The flower arrangement is nice, who did it? Haha~ Don’t know bout you but I love weddings! You get free alcohol, and it’s the only day my parents allow me to drink…okay lah for a school girl.

  2. Why is there a big rush to get married before the end of 2006? My bf’s brother is also getting married on the same day as your brother – 30 Dec. What a coincidence. Must be a good day or something.

  3. Huh?? Eat durians at wedding day?? U have to prepare to get asked that question during chinese new year….. When is ur turn then? Hehe….

  4. Well congrats! and when’s ur turn? haha and anyway today is a GOOD day for marriage i guess so may all live happily ever after.

  5. Kenny, you’ll let us know how many peopel have asked “That” question by the end of the wedding ok? Hehe! That’s if you don’t lose count!!

  6. hey, ur bro looks more handsome than you eh! saw in d paper.. he is younger but get married earlier, make sense ppl curious when’s ur turn! I oso want to know when’s ur BIG DAY.. hahaha!!!

  7. Don’t worry… you still have plenty of time ba… and what is more, with your brother getting married, you can get ang pao from him now… haha.. add on the pocket money.. so my advice: Don’t get married yet!

  8. Kenny,
    I reckon most of your readers’ pubic hair are not fully grown yet. They ask too many dumb fuck questions!!!!!

  9. I’ve got a way to stop them from asking you when are you gonna get married!
    Scenario at wedding:
    Aunty cackling like an idiot: Kenny, Kenny! Next one your turn ok! Your turn, your turn!
    Scenario at funeral:
    Kenny cackling like an idiot: Aunty, aunty! Next one your turn ok! Your turn, your turn!

  10. saw ur name in the big ad too. congrats! u n ur bro look alike. he is more ‘nap nap’ on the face ya? u look more man after u have slim down.
    btw, i love the coconut on the banner. it’s damn cute with the hibiscus thing on.

  11. When my brother got married last year, I was bombarded with the same question at EVERY single family gatherings too.
    *teehee* At least I’m not alone now. LoL.
    Happy New Year, Kenny. 🙂

  12. Well Kenny, that’s a cliche. Whenever I go home for holidays, the very same question keeps pouring especially from aunts and cousins (female). Is it women’s nature to ask about this thing. Anyway, on the higher scale of annoyance, they already have in mind who i should marry. Come out all the matchmaking things. Bah humbug. Luckily you don’t get the pictures of eligible bachellorettes on your face.

  13. wyh u all so kai poh so worried kenny when getting married?How many of u already khawin ?u all just like pak kung &pak poe….

  14. It’s always like that. Before you get a bf, ppl ask whether you have one; after that, when to get married, then when to have baby. I have lost count on the numbers of ppl who’ve asked me when is my turn to be a mom. Very frustrating. Now whoever asks this question, I just answer with a ‘AHHHHHHH’!! *screaming and pulling hair out!!*

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