WWE Wrestling in Kuching

One sunny day, I was driving down towards Tabuan Jaya when I saw this.
A closer look at the sign that caught my attention.

Immediately, it reminded me of this.

Which gave me the impression that the inside of the office probably looks like this.

WE ENGINEERING – We Engineer Other People’s Logo For Ourselves!
When it comes to designing your own company logo, some people really need to grow a right brain.

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  1. In Malaysia, a lot of designers get away easy from copy logo or idea. I’m in retail design here in usa. There is a lot of laws. Designers will try to protect their ass from getting sue by being original, and creative.

  2. Hey Dude, It’s Wee Engineering (like the surname Wee) they ran out of space and left the other “E” at the corner or perhaps there is a structural purpose.

  3. Which Sarawakian you see is taking note on their own shop/company design? They care about earn or not… LOL But hey, that looks really alike…

  4. The W logo’s exactly the same except without the other W. Man, what a RIP OFF!!
    VERY good pics though, especially the office scene. *laughs*

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Who knows that company only hired wrestlers? anyway, kenny’s a big day dreamer. very hilarious this is. =)

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Who knows that company only hired wrestlers? anyway, kenny’s a big day dreamer. very hilarious this is. =)

  7. Mel, how hard can designing your own logo be?
    ivanchoe, you speak like the Emperor.
    wil, unbelievable but true.
    hldhl, I wish I were in SG anytime. 🙂 I’m sure you guys have as much unusual things as we do here in Kuching.
    blackwidow, exactly. A lot of copyright/trademark laws go unseen here in Kuching. No one is enforcing it anyway.
    e + NSDS3, man, how can they work as an engineering firm when they can’t even calculate the space they need for their company signboard?
    wongpk, I don’t know but I’d think coming up with an original company logo is the most basic and easiest thing to do.
    Lyon, I know. 🙂 They fused the two ‘W’s together
    fizzle + fred + CLF, thanks. heh heh.
    Gambs, have they? I haven’t seen them for a while.
    thunderfoxy, its either I’m highly creative or I got a stray wire in my brain. 😉
    hankyo, that’s what I think too. heh heh
    xes, heh. Or we can wait for the WWE to initiate their own legal action.

  8. Hey Dude, Answer :when you use Asian’s contractors. Do you remember seeing tiles in Australlia that were cut in 1/2, 1/3 ,1/4 to “fit” in the bathroom/kitchen/living rooms? (just like my house)

  9. That pic youi made of the office scene is too good bro. But you got waaaay to much time on your hands. Good for me though. And are so “into” wwf that you recognised this right away? Scary dude.

  10. U r great but not professional !
    U r funny but too childish !
    U go to gym but look chubby !
    It is not nice to make fun of ppls’ company while ppl is serious in business.
    Congratulations ! U r creative but try to do it with full moral value in the future !

  11. kenny, u r too much la… maybe ppl means other thing la…. try u r the owner of that company … how is ur feeling !!

  12. Your website is good. I enjoyed your articles but I found some of your articles too critical
    Only because you’re a graduated from overseas it is not fair to compare everything in kch from overseas. You js need to accept your cultures sometimes.
    Perhaps you need to be more considerate and put yourself in someone’s shoes? As some of your wordings are pretty offensive.
    excessive or unrealistic critics are not funny, and it might make you look a bit childish.
    Anyway, I enjoy most of your blogs, keep up the good work.

  13. i would not mind having mysterios trashing my place left and right !
    or getting a stone cold stunner from da man himself.
    The ability to knock out all those blokes in the blink on an eye
    still amazes me !

  14. i noe who is the boss for WWE oh !! hehe .. he works in my company, now already resign to do full time .. heheheh

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