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There seems to be a lot of blogging-related activities coming up over the next few months. I’ll be attending the Kuching Bloggers Meet-up which is happening soon, as well as the (unconfirmed) nationwide bloggers meet-up in KL organised by Project Petaling Street (PPS) on or around 23rd June.
But one event I’m definitely looking forward to is the ambitious Singapore Bloggers Convention organised by editors of

Tomorrow. Nice site. Lame name.
For the benefit of those who don’t know, Tomorrow is Singapore’s Project-Petaling-Street-equivalent-but-not-quite blog portal. The main differences lie in the fact that Tomorrow is moderated by editors and that they do feature non-Singaporean blogs every now and then.
No offence intended and I may be a little biased… but I seriously think Project Petaling Street sounds heck a lot better than Tomorrow. 😉 Honestly, I have no idea what the editors were thinking coming up with such a “creative” name like Tomorrow. This is probably what happened.
Location: Some Starbucks Cafe along Orchard Road

Cowboy Caleb: “Eh, so what are we gonna call this new blog-tal thing har?”
Calm One: “How about Project Orchard Road?”
Everyone: “EEEYYYERRR!”
Mr Miyagi: “Sounded so not ‘oleejina’ lah!”
Daryl Sng: “Aiya Mr Brown, you come up with something lah! We’ll use it one.”
Mr Brown: “Huh? Me? Now ah? I can’t think leh. Gimme some time. Tomorrow lah, tomorrow lah!”

And hence, is born.

Anyway, back to the Bloggers Convention.
The event is projected to be held in July but the organizers have been keeping hush about the whole thing. The only news we heard from them is a call for suggestions of the convention’s name. Once again the Singaporeans exercised their right-brain and came up with some “creative” names like:
– The Fellowship of The Blogs
– Revenge of the Bloggers
– Kingdom of Bloggers
– The Bloggers’ Guide To The Galaxy
or my favourite,
– The Blog Job
Personally, I like it short and simple (the name, not the ‘blog job’). I took the first syllabi out of “Singapore Bloggers Convention” and came up with Sing Blog Con, which I reckon is pretty cool. Besides, Sing Blog Con sounds like some Chinese guy’s name. So if my mother (who doesn’t like the idea of me blogging) ever ask me “Why are you flying off to Singapore?”, I can just reply her “Nehh… I’m going there to meet my friend loh, Mr Sing Blog Con.”
There’s a lot of speculation going on about what’s going to be happening at the blogger’s convention. One would expect a Showcase-like set up: invite some popular blogger goes up the stage, say some words, then goes down to a booth where he/she sign autographs for his/her readers.
I don’t know how well that is gonna work. Just because some blogger shows a lot of flair and charisma in his/her writing doesn’t necessarily mean that that charisma will be translated seamlessly into real life. My coconut jokes, for example, is kinda lame if it were to be uttered out in real life. Whilst its true that some bloggers have indeed achieved celebrity status, the status is comparable to that of D-list celebrities like radio DJs and TV commercial actors, NOT A-listers like Brad Pig and Orlando Broom.

Say hello to the relatives of Brad Pig

But of course that concept is nothing but mere speculation.
A little bird flew into my house one day and told me secret plans the organizers have for the first ever Singapore Bloggers Convention. Remember, you read it first on! I had barbequed bird meat for dinner that night. 🙂

Singapore Bloggers Convention 2005 – Program Listing

1:00pm~2:00pm 20050519-2.JPG
Opening Speech by Chairman of Agency for Science, Technology and Research
(A*STAR), Mr Philip Yeo
2:00pm~3:00pm Cowboy Caleb’s Kung Fu Demonstration: How
to Kick People’s Ass Three Ways to China
3:00pm~6:00pm Steve McDermott’s Speech: ‘Infantilism
as Defence Mechanism’
(yes, its a 3 hour speech)
6:00pm~7:00pm 20050519-3.jpg
J Schnorng’s Magnetic Face Demonstration: How
to Stick Random Objects to Your Face
7:00pm~8:00pm AcidFlask’s Speech: ‘I’M
INNOCENT: Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty!!!’
8:00pm~8:30pm 20050519-4.jpg
Silly Celly’s Live Demonstration: The
Right Member to Hit the G-spot’
8:30pm~9:30pm (Special Guest from Malaysia) Jeff Ooi’s Speech: ‘The Various Species
of Little Birds’
9:30pm~10:00pm 20050519-5.jpg

Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi’s Bellydance

10:00pm Close

With a program like that, HOW CAN YOU NOT ATTEND?!
So naturally, the next mystery is WHERE is this convention thing gonna be held? Singapore Expo? At the Singapore Esplanade? Well, you wish.
Seeing as how bloggers live in a world where friends and strangers alike look at them everyday, it is only appropriate that the first ever bloggers convention be held at the Singapore Zoo.


Two of the most popular attractions at the Singapore Zoo

Remember, don’t feed the Bloggers.

43 Replies to “Singapore Bloggers Convention”

  1. Kenny, you outdid yourself, man. (Now how is that metaphysically possible?) I’m proud to call you a fellow Kuchingite. In fact, pretty soon people will say “Kuching? Ya lor, you know that ulu place where Kenny Sia comes from?” (I’m going to put forward a motion to rename Kenny Hill “Kenny Sia Hill” – imagine what Kenny Sia hill “icecream” would taste like:))
    BTW, offense is spelled “offence”. And don’t give me that crap about your engrish grandma.
    I can’t wait for your parody of Daryl Sng’s Singapore’s Brainiest Scholar.

  2. =) eheh, i like! what a nice sense of unity of bloggers.
    it’d be nice if one day there can be a huge huge hugee blog convention between singapore and malaysia. Strengthens bonds:)

  3. indon pinoy and thai bloggers too!
    then can have BLOG.S.E.A.!
    The Blog-os sets sail for the S.E.A!
    I say man, 23 Jun i zhun-zhun in KL!

  4. I find it amusing that I come to know about Sg blogs through your blog, although I’m in Sg.. =P btw, I’m from Kch.. studying in Sg.. =P Great blog you have here..

  5. Just because some blogger shows a lot of flair and charisma in his/her writing doesn’t necessarily mean that that charisma will be translated seamlessly into real life.
    How true. I don’t even talk much in real life. (I’m actually praising myself for having flair and charisma in my writing. Head hasn’t shrunk yet.)

  6. LOlz… Your sense of humour is infectious!! It’s amazing how so many bloggers can describe life in so many different ways…
    “Just because some blogger shows a lot of flair and charisma in his/her writing doesn’t necessarily mean that that charisma will be translated seamlessly into real life.”
    So true, but his/her writing certainly shows that they view life in different perspectives and actually have a very creative and active mind…

  7. wahahaha… speechless, ur pictures makes me laugh all the time, but at like 7 am in the morning. housemate is NOT impressed =X woops…
    if ur mum ever asks, just say ur going on my behalf hehe… coz coz.. aiya, i cant go back for holidays to sit there and technically speaking, i didnt start blogging in singapore 🙁 so sad right?
    if u go, TAKE PICTURES!!!!

  8. This is going to be the sequel to the Sith, appropriately called “tomorrow”. It will not be the ironic of achieving peace by creating another war as in the “sith” (hello Mr. Bush…), this time it is simply the big-balled Kenny against the sheep in tomorrow; 1 against 3 millions strong. Did I say strong? No, I meant… just 3 millions if there is enough Lee social engineered fertile couples. I am no expert in modern warfare, but Kenny certainly has advantages, primarily weight, both above the waist and below the waist, that is in cluster unit in case you ask. Chances for sheep to win on the other hand do not look good unless they can get beyond tomorrow, but given that there is only right brain and is preoccupied with infantile, it will be tough! Pope, what is your point, really?

  9. I love the Tomorrow Never Dies pic!! And if you want to know how the name Tomorrow came about, we have a newspaper in Singapore called Today. So I guess that’s what inspired the creators of Tomorrow to name it as such.

  10. looks like everything has change now. remember ages ago when we were younger ahem.. there was such thing as #ironic channel gathering or others then now bloggers. hmm.. interesting. am i invited? =p

  11. Did you take a photo of your screen instead of doing a screen capture??
    Anyway, AcidFlask may be speaking from the grave via live telecast from A Meh Li Ka. Simulcast on McDermott BitTorrent.

  12. The pun on coming up with the name, “” is pure classic! You even have the poster to boot! LOL!
    I am so.. looking forward to the ‘performances’. Maybe Mr Brown can wear coconut husks to cover the ‘well-endowed’ assets on his body. I know a belly-dance is middle-eastern but he looks better being Hawaiian.

  13. Singapore Blog Convention
    Being that sg peeps mostly speak hokkien, a better choice of name would be SiBo Con.
    Joe public: Oi! Nabei.. where you rushing to?
    Sg blogger: I’m going to a Singapore Blog Convention
    Joe public: Si boh!!?! Mai hiam wa eh!
    Sg blogger: Si la! Si Bo Con how you know leh.. gia la.. late liao!~

  14. You know, this raises an important question – what exactly will we do at this convention? I always thought we’d just sit around, chit chat and drink beer. Then again, what sort of convention would that be, right?

  15. I’d have second thought ‘bout going to Singapore Bloggers Convention if I were you, since you have quite a following of impressionable Singa~poo~lan. Also since you’ve acquired the mind-bender skill of a Jedi master, they might mistake you as a svengali of sort with the statue of the grandmaster of Fulung Gong. You’re considered a threat to the republic! These are the likely scenarios while you’re there:
    1. Yeo-da will be breathing down your neck.
    2. They’ll pluck your hairy legs so clean that they’ll look like Kimbelycunt’s.
    3. You’ll go in a macho, but come out a “Bak-chao” (coll. Hokkien for “wasted” as in vegetable. ~ “liaw!” as in die-lah!): more akin to a version Xia Xue (the delirious looking one with the tongue sticking out)
    4. Worst case scenario: Since Singapore is becoming a Resort City in the global village, they have adopted Eagle’s “Hotel California” as the national anthem; it’s called “Hotel Singapura”, and a phrase of the lyrics goes like this: “You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave!”

  16. Caleb + calm one, cool! Free trip to China!
    tony kong, you dirty man! Now all the little girls from Kenny Hill Secondary School will be telling people they’ve tasted Kenny Sia’s ice cream.
    Jayelle, yes yes. But the question still remains… WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO AT THE CONVENTION?
    kelawar, nice. Next we can have Bloglympics. But the name Bloglympics sounded very cacat.
    suspiciousbastard, I know what you mean. I used to have a stuttering problem. The good thing is, you don’t st-st-st-stutter when you write.
    NaiveGuy, I would call it Black Pig. But I’m scared that Gurtej Singh guy is gonna come back and call me a racist.
    annabella, very creative and active and dirty mind too! 😉
    Panda, hey I’m not a Singaporean blogger too! I’m just going there as a spectator to see how they’re doing it. Then we plagiarise their idea! 😉
    Pope, eh dun offend the Sillyporean readers ok. But great war analysis anyways. Heh heh heh. I shall call it “Revenge of the Balls”
    Shion, I’m a believer in the Creative Commons license. You can use absolutely anything here provided you include a link back to my site. 🙂 Don’t worry lah I won’t sue you. That’s Philip Yeo’s job.
    FF, thankie Feline. 😉 It was a very creative name conceived in a very uncreative way.
    Timun, heh. Thanks, but I think they overdid it. Now I kena Tomorrow-ed, Brown-ed and Caleb-ed all at the same time.
    minishorts, HEH! Now with WHAT are you gonna feed me?
    chrissie, u got blog can come liaw. but so sad, I’ve never been at an #ironic gathering before.
    Elia, its a screen capture fortified with Photoshop’s Lighting Effect. heh heh. What… AcidFlask kena sued to the grave liaw?
    ct, if I were you mate, I’d be stalking them at the Hideout. Then take blackmail pictures to send to their wives/gfs.
    alkacid, which body part of mine are you referring to?
    jeffyen, Tea party? where where where?!
    taste, heh. Sounded like Sibeh Con!
    Razlan, somehow I feel very uncomfortable when a guy said to me he’ll see me at the Blog Job.
    Mr Brown, I hope that’s a good thing. 🙂
    J Schnorng, there’s a reason why the convention will be held at the zoo. But in all seriousness, I have no idea as well. I’m waiting to see what the organizers have up their sleeves.
    Mike, hahaha! You’re SO gonna get grilled for calling her Kimbelycunt!
    seeking asylum, I’m concerned about your health you know?
    NSDS3, dudee… watch the traffic!

  17. If I were involved in the organisation of this Convention, I will definitely adopt the programme proposed by you.
    BUT, I would like to suggest slight modifications. After Jeff Ooi’s speech at 9.30 pm, I will feature you as the next ‘Special Guest from Malaysia’.
    After a long day of speeches, I am sure the Conventioners will appreciate a humourous speech. As for the topic, how about ‘Resolving and Improving Bilateral Relations Through Blog Jobs’?
    The fun and laughter you generate will provide the natural lead-in to the finale belly dancing item by Mr. Brown and Mr. Miyage.
    10.30 pm is too early to end the Convention, though. To wrap things up, the COnventioners should go Zouk and Mumbo Jumbo or Velvet Underground to drink lots of beer. Hey, we are a hip, cool and vibrant society, so Conventioners should party till the early morning!!
    However, I don’t qualify for the COnvention since I do not own a blog. TToo bad…. 🙁

  18. Now that you’ve described the Singapore Blogger Convention, I want to go. The program at 930pm is the one I want to attend. 🙂

  19. BWAHAHAHA!!! Ah dey.. you churn out gems after gems… so, i got a slot at the convention arr?? not bad..! hehhe.. but live demo not v possible hor.. this is spore bo!

  20. i can’t belive that xiaxue has such high rating. Her blog is really crap with absolutely no sense of humour. Other then the fact that she looks “PRETTY” with super heavy make up and a smile of gum”, there is nothing attractive about that blog unlike your big balls huahahaha

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