Blu-Ray Blues

This is a true story that took place at my friendly neighbourhood pirated DVD shop.

Kenny: Eh boss, you got Blu-Ray discs or not?
Boss: Got! Got! Got new stock today also. Wait har, I get it for you.

The shopkeeper disappeared through the curtains behind the store and re-emerged with a big black plastic bag.

Boss: Nah which one you want? Buy 4 get 1 free. Got Chinese, Japanese, American, Thailand, Korean…

Kenny: Boss, I said Blu-Ray… NOT BLUE FILM!


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81 Replies to “Blu-Ray Blues”

  1. hahaha.. wow, they still selling pirates DVD eh? I’m still wondering how the hell did you managed to take pictures of the store~

  2. Haha more like porn addiction. I didn’t now Malaysians use “blue film” too. I thought it was just a Burmese/Indian thing to say. I guess it must be because of British colonization.

  3. nice to see you are proudly supporting piracy, kenny! you travel around the world so often but you don’t even have the ethics to support filmmakers.

  4. oh dear, certainly a mis-comunication here… but hilarious all the same. i do think that thank god for pirated movies, this certainly save bucks for us poor.

  5. i heard the so called pirated blu-ray discs are fakes, they are actually compressed DVDs passed off as blu-ray disc.
    The technology, material are too new and too sophisticated for these pirates to mass produce them in an affordable price at the moment.
    what’s the point of having a 42 inch LCD TV when everyone is watching a compressed DVD with low resolution, get original, its cheaper than our 42inch TV

  6. Where was that place? The shop beside Konica in Tabuan Jaya?
    Say, last time me and my friend go to Jalan Song DVD shop. Beside Gazimo Gamers with whole shop red in colour.
    Well, we just went in and had a look. A young shopkeeper came and served us.
    SK: Boss, want to find what DVD?
    Us: Looking only.
    SK: Ok.
    The young shopkeeper went back to the counter. We walk around and check if there are any latest DVD. I’m searching for X Men Origin on that time.
    The young shopkeeper came to us again with a packet of DVD.
    SK: Boss, this is all the latest DVD.
    US: Ok.
    We thought is the latest cinema movie and want to check it out. Guess what? Porn… >”

  7. some times its just confusing differentiating blue films and yellow films… owh well at least most of the dvd shops put their porno dvds in the corners with Looney Toons covering them… when you open up and see its like…
    nyak nyak

  8. hey..
    question : What has traveling got to do with the piracy industry? i don’t get it.. elaborate?

  9. why the place look so familiar in the pic? i think its in times quare if im not wrong la…i pernah buy dvd there

  10. i think what luke meant was, kenny has so much money when it comes to traveling, but could not even spare a few dollars more when it comes to buying original.
    RM3000 travel against RM50 original DVD.

  11. Hi Kenny…
    Ever wonder what’s the difference between BLUE film & YELLOW film…?
    We leave that to you to educate us ya :O)
    I luv reading your entries man!

  12. LOLz… Kenny, maybe you looked lascivious… you must be attracted to it… did you end up buying all frm various
    countries… hahaha…

  13. “nice to see you are proudly supporting piracy, kenny! you travel around the world so often but you don’t even have the ethics to support filmmakers.”
    yes I’m sure you’re new John the Baptist.

  14. Haiyo. Why techno saavy guy like U also kena tipu Kenny, want to buy “Bluray Disc” . The minute you put it into your DVD player and it plays means its a DVD only. True bluray disc you cannot play in conventional DVD players. Bluray can record 25G on one side, resolution is 720P at least or 1080P. Your so called BLURAY version they use the bluray original(Maybe only,maybe they just use DVD) and reencode into 480P, thats the resolution of DVD no matter what. You get none of the clearity nor superior picture of a Bluray. Next time buy the DVD enough already. Blyray version they charge like RM14 I think.

  15. Maybe if the original DVDs and Blu-ray discs weren’t so damn expensive, we would support it.
    Rm50+ for a disc. Hello???

  16. I never try getting pirated Blu Ray before… doubt it has the machine to provide the same quality as ori…
    anyways, did u get any of the korea japan porn?

  17. Idiot, when you can get a movie for 10 ringgit why get the same thing for 50? Heck, you don’t even need to spend a dime, get this; It’s called torrent. And it rocks your ass Luke.

  18. unfortunately there are BD-R in the market.i think they’re going for RM45. these are the 25GB blu ray disc. i have seen them but i have not bought them. i am sure they left out all the nice details. then again. why pay 45 for pirated when originals can be acquired for approx 65-90

  19. haha..dis is hillarious….blu ray dics is blur film…lol…i was shocked when i read it half way when he actually went behind to take blur ray pirated cd…tot they very canggih adi..haha…

  20. i find it so stupid. ppl come here to critisize kennysia, then why the fuck do u even come here in the first place?
    if you come here means u wanna read his articles and his posts then read it la. and see what he goes through. this was meant to be funny. not for ppl to bang him for supporting piracy! dude if u have even dl one single song for ur mp3 or bought a vcd last time u are no different but the same you little hypocritical twats.
    such ignorance from ppl la. its just dam stupid.
    this was just a funny experience. gosh everytime i read the comments part ah, ppl simply bang him for no reason. such brainless shitheads. then why u come here to his site for? dumb dicks.
    get a life la u all.

  21. such ignorance? you’re the one who is ignorant. typical fanboy.
    finding humor in his posts has nothing to do with finding faults. i can laugh at his posts but at the same time not agree with everything he says.
    obviously, with your fanboy syndrome, you are inclined to find every post funny and morally right. if kenny were to say “lick my foot and you will be rid of your misery”, you’ll be the first one in line.

  22. Ha ha ha.. I remember a long time ago I also in this situation..
    Want to buy blue ray but they give me porno CD..
    So do you buy???

  23. I never undestood why the shops see the need to hide those pirated porns when they are ok displaying pirated non-porn.
    Is selling pirated porn for illegal than selling pirated non-porn??

  24. there’s always idiots like you that always want free gifts that makes the film industry collapse,imagine if all people get movies for free,who’s gonna pay for it?

  25. It’s not about legal issues here,it’s about catering to the under-age demographics,selling porn openly will result to children buying them,when children buys them;
    1.Parents complain
    2.Enforcement takes place
    3.Shop closes down
    4.Cheap Asians can’t buy pirated DVD’s anymore.
    In the end,Lose-lose-lose-lose situation(kid,consumer,police and shopowner).

  26. This incident is not on blu-ray…
    Somewhere before CNY this year, I went to a shop. As I was looking thru’ the folder of some animated films, I noticed an uncle came in and he was standing quite near to me, flipping thru’ a folder. He was asking the girl working there:-
    Uncle: Wah! So terror? Nowadays got 9 in 1 ah?? How to watch ah??
    Girl: Yea, you can watch all you want. If you got nothing to do during CNY, you can spend whole day at home watching.
    Uncle: Choi! ‘sun nin lau lau’ (CNY) watch this type of thing meh??
    But hor.. if really nothing to do.. can really watch.
    After the uncle left, I look at the cover of the folder that he was flipping.
    It says there:-
    ‘Japanese Porn – 5 stars’

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