World Premiere Of My Very First TV Commercial

Remember a while, I had to go to Thailand to act in a TV commercial?

That was nearly two months ago. And now, the final product is ready to be shown. proudly presents, me, in the WORLD PREMIERE of Mister Potato‘s latest TV commercial – ‘Fish’.

Anyone manage to spot me?

Danger of traveling with Mary and Joyce Rule #1:
Kenny: Hello! Ayam here! Where are you now?
Joyce: F**k. We missed the flight.
Kenny: What! How come!? You guys still gonna come to Tioman? It’s ok, I can wait for you here.
Joyce: No lah, just kidding! We’re actually just outside the airport already. Haha.
Kenny: @$%&#*!

236 Replies to “World Premiere Of My Very First TV Commercial”

  1. Not bad mah, saw you jumping into the water, and are you the first to eat the koropok?
    Sorry lah, but your size makes you quite easy to recognize.
    Good try though…

  2. I was able to watch it though.
    lol, anyways interesting commercial. i managed to spot you!

  3. 原来泰国人是习惯拿薯片来喂鱼的。
    Funny though… especially when you act like a dolphin to hop up for the chips ~

  4. kenny… i really dont know what to say but shacking my head… i dint expect u to pull such an act…!

  5. it’s like you are the supporting actor for this tv commercial.
    looking good there!
    btw,it’s “easy” to recognize you.very “easy”

  6. sorry, but i can’t stop LAUGHING!!!
    man, i’m hungry for potato chips now.
    i’m such a an easy consumer eh. haha

  7. Hahaha…funny. I hope it’s still on tv when I go back to Malaysia in August.
    Anyway, I noticed your thai kick-boxing video (muay thai hey ya). Well, the kick-boxing is kinda…boring. But I love your ending part where the Thai aunties dancing with the boxers…hahaha.

  8. hahaha that is one heck of a creative commercial! i sure spot cha you were the first one to snatch the chips… lol

  9. funny video…hahhhah…can of coz can…
    1st to jump and 1st to eat potatoes…
    bt d laz scene is too terrible…the one holding potatoes oso jump into d river…

  10. 哇,出水芙蓉!!!
    kenny,you can go for shampoo ad as well!!!

  11. LOL!
    jump quite high ya…haha
    u look like a dolphin stucked in a pond!
    dam funny la d coomercial!

  12. haha! That’s a good start! Among the others, u have got more scenes!!! =) Believe ther’s more advertisments to come!! Go kenny!

  13. LOL!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha…. Sure can spot you lah. cannot means I am blind u know???
    Kenny, you really got a BIGGGGGGG mouth to catch the chips out of the pond!!!!
    Salute you!!! I am sure there will be more TV commercials out there for you. =)

  14. haha… so funny!! btw are you getting bald?? O.o
    I really didnt expect you to be the 1st to catch the potato chips.. LOL!!

  15. Well done Kenny. Hope there will be more of such ooportunities for you in the near future.
    Gosh, and I dreamt of you last night. How crazy!

  16. Well ken,i think u can apply part-time job at Ocean Park HK as they are short of dolphin…hahhahaha:)

  17. Good commercial. It was far too good compared to our Malaysia’s advertisement. Malaysia advertisement really need to think what’s wrong with them, especially those local firm that runs by bumiputra. Seriously, how are they, the bumiputra, going to challenge advertising world with the low standard they have? And yet, everytime they will annouce that their budget is low, which is NOT TRUE!

  18. Gee, so many nameless chickens you don’t know which is the real one anymore. LOL
    *A fan of the ‘real’ chicken with no name

  19. so… all you did was jumping like a boffon and gaping like a hippo?
    i must say your mouth rather stand out among those in the water. ever consider a job in the zoo? as half man half hippo? you still can blog.
    nice one though. didnt see that coming. will they show it here?

  20. cool…!!
    Btw, in that still picture, there’s a long branch on the grass that looks like an arrow that gonna poke your eye… before watching the video, thought u were trying to save the ladies like some sort of heroic video… haha

  21. arhahahaha.. that was a good one. all the way to thailand for ur 4 seconds of fame, way to go! btw the guy cycling into the river is hilarious! and the potato chip guy would be cuter without his goatee ^^

  22. HOW CAN ANYONE NOT FIND THIS FUNNY OMG! If you want not funny ads, watch ads frm sg. totally nt funny.
    this ad is hilarious.. what makes it funny is the exaggeration and the oddity of it.

  23. the water’s dirty.. yum yum…
    Kudos on the junk food ad!
    Em corporate people need to hire you for healthier ads though.
    Now everyone thinks that famous bloggers make it big by eating junk food and excelling in watersports…

  24. honestly, if u did not say that u are in the ad, i wouldn’t have recognized that `jumping’ guy as you.

  25. u have the best face expression in the water ! the part where everyone has their mouth open. urs look the most eager, like ur face’s gonna split in two. =D

  26. Kenny.
    hehe joyce told us about ur obsession in blogging. But din tell us ur obsession in mister potato =P
    Actually, good performance eh. When’s the next one?

  27. nice one! haha. love ur expression when u jump up and grab the potato. So were u sponsored like thousands of tubes of it? haha. Then maybe can create a contest for us to win. Guess everyone loves mister potato.

  28. the pole on the pic of this post looks like wanna poke ur eyes ^^ as if u wanna commit suicide by forcing urself towards the pole so dat it can poke ur eyes.. ^^ just joking ^^

  29. lol amazingly stupid concept.. but hey that’s the main point no? LOL i hope you got paid to do that ad…

  30. If you didn’t tell us that was you.. I think I’d probably won’t be able to be 100% sure that’s you 😛 Anyway, I loooovvveeee Thai ads!! (especially the other cicak love story ad :P)

  31. i dont get it, why do they actually ask you to be in the commercial where they can easily get someone else to be in it?
    But i like your expression jumping to get the chips.. LOL

  32. kenny.. the ad was damn funny..
    can’t stop laughing..
    and i was wondering..
    how much did they pay u for ur perfect jump??
    must be quite a amount.. LoL
    well done!! =)

  33. somehow this commercial gave me the creeps.. quite a put off leh, altho it fits the tagline anything for a bite perfectly, but seriously, after looking at the chips being thrown into the river water, soaked, soft and uncrispy.. u kinda wouldnt wanna buy the mister potato anymore.

  34. omg kenny sia!
    ahahahahahaha. ROFLMFAO!
    i spot you!! bahahaha. funniest thing ever!!
    and, i also wanna ask you the question that a few other ppl already asked luh :
    “Why you get to jump the highest one???!”
    Bahahahaha. good job kenny. You;ve outdone urself yet again. This time with great acting. LOL.
    Hey, blogging, then a judge on a modelling show, then act in commercial, Hey next thing we know, Kenny Sia is acting in a blockbuster movie ! ahaha. Not impossible, eh? *wink wink*

  35. LOL
    kennysia uu and ur utter cuteness!
    spotted uu right away cos uu’re the cuttest among!
    anw the biting of the chips scene was awesome haha
    not bad not bad 😀

  36. LOL btw if im not wrong,
    uu guys were just squatting in the water right haha that explained ur jump x)
    omg if thats the case then the water”bomb” dude must be hurting his butt real lot =x

  37. your act are wonderful but i wonder how much they pay you for the ads coz the water are so dirty it seems. 😛

  38. omg.. i’ve never heard of ppl taking commercials so damn seriously. What with the highest jump and dirty water. It was good for a 30 sec ad! 😀

  39. kenny u’r hillarious!!! xD i love the commercial!!! keep watching it to have a good laugh. funny how all of u really look like fish xD

  40. Why you are not the main actor? You should be the one throwing the chips!
    Is the pond/river water smell? Must be tough job.
    But you really can jump. *Salute* And you have a big mouth too.

  41. This is hilarious. Superb.. I had a great laugh.. Anyway, they are smart to hire as one of the actor (fish jumper). People will draw more attention to this commercial now… Cos they will be yelling…
    “Nah nah nah.. Kenny sia.. Kenny sia… ” LOLx

  42. No wonder Mr. Potato wants to cast you cos you look like potato in the water. so cutelah. You’re the most outstanding among all of them. Round & big.

  43. What the fish? xDDD
    It’s kinda creative though the part where everyone
    jumps in… O_O”
    Kenny Sia, you kinda look scary there.
    So ‘brutal’… 😛

  44. I saw it recently in TV msia, but really didnt notice u on it, paiseh :p but wow, u really jump like a dophin to high to eat it. XD

  45. Haha, that was you?! I remember watching it and thinking, omg those poor people in the water acting like fish… Wackiness.

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