McDonald’s Kuching Gets An Unexpected Visitor

Right now at McDonald’s, they are running this promotion where they’ll give you a free Big Mac if you can do the Big Mac Chant in less than 4 seconds.

The Big Mac Chant is “Two All-Beef Patties, Special Sauce, Lettuce, Cheese, Pickles, Onions On A Sesame Seed Bun!”
After seeing countless McDonald’s ads on the blogs I read, I actually got pretty hungry and headed down to McD’s in 3rd Mile to officially break my diet.

I walked into the outlet pretty confidently because it seems like such an easy thing to do, reciting that one line in 4 seconds or less. But trust me, it’s easier said than done!
Long story short, I kinda screwed up. Badly.
I didn’t win any free Big Macs because I clumsily forgot the words halfway, stuttered, stammered and finished the chant 10 seconds too late, officially becoming the worst Big Mac Chant challenger Kuching has ever seen.

Of course lah, I begged for another chance but they wouldn’t let me. “One Chant, One Chance!” they say.
Fine. So I called up a few of my friends and we took matters into my own hands by playing a naughty little prank on them.
Let’s just say, all the staff and patrons in the McD outlet were in for a very big surprise when they saw who walked through that door.

Heh heh heh. Guess they have no choice but to give me a free Big Mac now, huh?
We had such a big laugh over the incident that we sent our videos in for the Win RM10,000 with the Big Mac Chant online contest. Go ahead and take a shot at the big prize if you wanna.
But I betcha no one is gonna come up with a better prank than what we just did. 😉

I know who is gonna win American Idol.
It’s gonna be David.

195 Replies to “McDonald’s Kuching Gets An Unexpected Visitor”

  1. that was BLOODY AWESOME! LOL! it would have been funnier if saddam held the door open for the lady at the end though lol!!!!!!!!

  2. kanina!,kenny siou liao.
    if in s’pore u kena lokap liao.they though u’r going to robbed McD.
    can makan free & tidur free liao!

  3. OMG!!! Kenny…really speechless as i found u r getting more creative day by day….:)

  4. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i laughed at the short talk.
    i laughed at SADDAM’S VIDEO HAHAHA WTF.
    *slaps head* great. now i’ve got the wtf disease. wtf.

  5. my friend managed to do it in like under 3 seconds. DONT ASK ME HOW. he talks real fast. used to mutter lots, now better. BUT WOW, right? WOW. i know.

  6. i wanna see how they let a masked man with a toy gun chant the bigmac chant without calling the police. show the making leh …

  7. hahaha…me n my frens did dat too..n we got a rubber wrist thingy n a free big mac d coupon…i did like 2.13 something seconds…my crazy fren did 1 n a half second..omg!
    bt anyway nice vid

  8. HAHAHA! “Iraq is not gonna bomb Malaysia” LOL!!
    Oh and that malay woman looked as if she was gonna have a heart attack when u walked out the door xDD

  9. LOL…this was pretty funny, especially with the background music! now, i wonder if someone will replicate it with a borat impersonation instead? =P

  10. Very very hilarious! You’re the man, Kenny! Luckily they didn’t press on the emergency button to report robbery.
    Good show!!

  11. hahaha! so funny… tat saddam hussein is kenny??? too big to be saddam la… i mean body size… hhaha! 😡

  12. Arwah Saddam Hussein has awoken from the dead!! Allahhuakbar. wtf. HAHA.
    btw, the french song is called Sympathique by Pink Martini.

  13. wahahahahahahaha.
    first it was yr short talk.
    then after that your post!!!
    haih… i think only you, yes the one and only kenny sia can pull off something like this lar! and why is it that it looks kinda ‘scary’ but at the same time hilarious as well?! wtf
    and also, do people actually get a prize for being the first commenter or something?!

  14. wahh why everytime also you call yourself the
    ‘worst’ participant one?
    haha. anyway, you did a great video, good luck for the big money!!!wahhahaha.

  15. *LOL* crazy kenny!
    kenny, the table in the first pic was where me and my friend sat for a McDonald meal when we were in Kuching for my 1st visit! uwaaa i miss kuching

  16. Thanks for making my day! Was grumpy when I have to wake up so early on a cold morning for work.
    Cheers mate!

  17. OMG Kenny, i laugh my Balls out. Where the brain come from. This time, brain versus dick, brain WIN!!! YEAH!!!!
    So So So So eager if can join ur group of prankers…. Haha….
    Remember me dude. I at KCH as well.

  18. haha… what a scream! I was surprised to see a toy gun being used as a prop, if a stunt like this was done in Perth, it would result in the police being called and you being arrested!(yes officer..bullshit bullshit bullshit!)…not to mention the issues of filming without permission on private property.. argh!
    Anyway well done. Cool music as well.

  19. LOL @ the lady who walked into Maccas and got a huge fright!
    Could someone please tell me the name of the song playing in the background?

  20. you’re insane, Kenny..!!
    need a lot of courage and self-confidence to do that.
    remind me of the ‘No Pork’ prank in Singapore.
    PS :
    tell us the truth, don’t u hate to see :
    “I’m first”
    “YAY !! finally..first”
    “2nd not bad”
    ..everytime you posted something.

  21. haha .. that was very bold of you .. and people are taking pictures of saddam! and the ending customer was funny .. i think eventhough they know it’s a mask prank but somehow saddam spook everyone ..

  22. Aiyah, you should hv done it in Arabic! McDonald’s did this promo in Singapore back in the 90’s and my bro got quite many Big Mac with his Cantonese Big Mac Chant. Hilarious.

    all the kuching people were so unamused with you hahahah they all look so disapproving.
    someone should have tripped you man than i really die laughing.
    well done. the queen is amused wtf.
    no one can come up with a better prank?
    oh you watch and learn my friend…

  24. I would love to know the title of that french song playing in the background too! Anyone knows it’s title?
    Maybe kenny you can send it to my email? Pretty pleaseee

  25. that’s hilarious, no doubt i think you have a great style of blogging, but you really have alot of free time to do this

  26. Oh wow…. that brought me back to my secondary school days when we had this in Singapore.
    We even had a jingle to sing along with it to help memorising it.

  27. I think insensitive lah. Since when did Iraq bomb anyone?
    US invaded them, not Iraq attacked another country. The people in Iraq are now still suffering.
    Osama was the one who BOMBED the WTC.
    Please be at least accurate with your jokes?

  28. Wow..nice prank..U buy d mask from Tabuan Jaya or India Street kah? hahaha. Aiyo..if u call me then I can disguise as Bush and we make peace chanting there mah.. Wakakaka

  29. Lol… Kenny. U’re lucky the staff didn’t trigger the alarm when the saw u crashing in the front door. btw, what time was it? I thought the offer is from 2pm to 8pm. From the vid, it looked quite late cause the hp shop next door closed already.
    Anyway, 4 secs was easy, mine’s barely 3 secs… I got 2 free Macs already. (out of 2, btw) =D

  30. Ah Choo… since when did Iraq bomb anyone? Since the Kuwait war of course. Have you forgotten already what triggered it all?

  31. Hi Saddam, congrats on winning the BigMac! I remember you’ve got some other masks as well you bought from Thailand or something? Use them to win some more BigMacs!

  32. I was just wondering, didn’t the McDonald’s staff see you guys videoing “Saddam” to know it’s a prank? Or were they just blur? Hee hee

  33. WTF…looks like u scared the shit out of the pitiful McD’s employee..haha..i’d rather take that gun and shoot the pathetic and idiotic head of Ronald Mcdonald..

  34. i thought this was insensitive. made no sense. good effort for the costume though, and how u blurted the chant was funny
    anyways, i dont think u can win. why would macDonalds (almost the symbol of USA) give a prize to someone who used a deceased US-hater and criminal to promote themselves?

  35. Kenny,
    Couldn’t you have chosen something else more tasteful? Like a chicken suit? Imagine those poor patrons to see a gun-totting Saddam (let alone a MASKED man) barging in, walking briskly towards the CASHIER and just said nothing except handing over a small piece of paper. For all they know, it’s a hold up.
    It’s not amusing, Kenny. No one around you at the time, were laughing. Pranks can go badly also, ya know.

  36. I guess it is the best ever!
    To Sue,
    That is depends. Ppl actually holding back their laughter.. which u can see from the cashier.

  37. I’m gettin a coupon ever ready for chanting sumore..but suddenly the lady cashier says go do the chanting at McD in central kuching next to the sarawak plaza pulak..haiz.. how come u can do the chanting at 3th mile ho?i should wear a mask then…~.~deng deng

  38. It’s really cool..haha!Too bad i can’t watch it live…or else sure im goin to act a part as “Bxsh” & arrest u..ha!

  39. that’s hilarious. i’ll definitely visit ur blog again. frankly this is my first time here although already heard about you like months or weeks..ago?

  40. fwahhh… and they didnt call the police on you worr… but the cashier fella damn scared like that… i would’ve gone back to the fella who rejected me… how’d you video, how’d the camera go around, without being noticed?

  41. wow… u really a siao kinda…. but cant deny u r such a creative guy…
    Bwd, so easy to read in 4 seconds le…

  42. lyrics to the song… in other words, ur a whore kenny…lol…
    Sun streams through the bars
    Of this cage: my boudoir
    While the soldier awaits me
    He stands at my door
    There’s a hunter inside him I see in his eyes
    That he waits impatiently to claim his prize
    I don’t want to work today
    I don’t even want to eat
    I just want to smoke away
    Every ugly memory.
    Once I knew love’s sweet perfume
    Fragrant as a million flowers
    Now a sole rose in my room
    Sickens me with odors sour.
    I don’t want to work today
    I don’t even want to eat
    I just want to smoke away
    Every ugly memory.
    To be assured, this life of mine
    Will be the very death of me.
    And yet, ashamed, I sell myself
    Into a willing slavery
    I guess to be of high repute
    Was never in my destiny
    I don’t want to work today
    I don’t even want to eat
    I just want to smoke away
    Every ugly memory.

  43. OMFG.. I’m surfing in a local cyber cafe right now and I can’t help myself but break into a hysterical laugh in front of everyone! A GOOD ONE KENNY!
    I’m still laughing my ass off!

  44. not funny…… ga ga lah. You scared the people in mcDonald!!
    And if the prank is the UK, you will get arrested and thrown into jail!

  45. Let’s check with Pendaftaran Department if Kenny’s parents mistakenly registered their son’s surname from Siau to Sia LOL

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