World Cup Tweets

Once every four years, the World Cup comes about.

As my eyes find their way to the TV, the stupidest one-liners find their way into my head as well.

For those who don’t follow me on Twitter, here is a compilation of some of my (not-so) proud moments during the World Cup.

    On the loud and annoying vuvuzelas:

    What’s that trumpet thing they blow at World Cup matches? Samyvellu?


    On Greece’s 0-2 loss to South Korea:

    Greece’s football team is going down as fast as their economy.


    On England’s disastrous performance against underdog Algeria:

    I think the Algerians green uniform is designed to blend into the football field. That’s why England cannot see them.


    On the card-happy referee of the Germany-Serbia match:

    This referee at the Germany vs Serbia match produces more cards than a casino.


      On Argentinean coach Maradona:


      Everytime I see Diego Maradona, I feel like eating Mister Potato.


      On Spain’s unexpected downfall against Switzerland:

        That’ll teach women that good looks does not necessarily equal good football skills. GHANA to win World Cup!


        On the guy in white:

          There’s a guy on the New Zealand team that looks like Will Ferrell.

          On a unique name of a player from Honduras:

            There’s a player in Honduras called "WELCOME". I wonder if there’s also a player called "THANK YOU COME AGAIN".


            On the interesting name of a Portugese player.

            There’s a Portugese player called "DUDA". Everybody sing a song. Duda. Duda.

            On North Korea’s (World #105) single goal against Brazil (World #1):

              Heard Kim Jong Il got stiff punishment for North Korea if they didn’t score vs Brazil. Like subjecting them to 1 month of Justin Bieber.

              On Harry Kewell of Australia (the team I support) getting sent off against Ghana:

              Angry with the results of tonight’s match. Ghana-sai.


              On Australia’s World Cup exit:

              Australians were so upset about their exit from World Cup that they got themselves a new Prime Minister.


              On the Official 2010 FIFA World Cup theme song by Shakira:

              "Waka Waka Eh Eh".

              In Hokkien that means "my leg my leg, short short."

              47 Replies to “World Cup Tweets”

              1. Gawd, I listen to that waka song alot. Now my head can’t get rid of “my leg my leg, short short”!!! Argh…~~~~

              2. haha, i alrdy read them on your twitter before this and they were really funny!! i especially like the one on spain and good looks.
                keep ’em coming yo!

              3. @ Cowardly Anonymous Chicken, haha, I thought u are always the first one to comment? 😀 😀 I never got interest in football, but seriously, i love kenny’s post! 🙂

              4. just wasted 2 minutes of my life reading this..
                i mean seriously… samyvellu, justin bieber, duda, waka waka eh eh? i’m hokkien and i tried saying it over and over again and i barely got a smile. all pretty lame attempts at trying too hard to be funny.
                haven’t been to this blog in the past year, thought i’d come back for a look but ugh. Why cant you blog like you did 3+ years ago?? less lame stuff more quality posts please kthxbai

              5. u 4gt bout the yellow card given2duda on portugal vs brazil match. he was laughin whn d referee gv him a yellow card..

              6. Dear Kenny,
                You still have not lost your touch. Obviously, the lack of blogging from your side isnt anything near to a creativity blockage or something. Keep beiong awesome.

              7. Kenny – your tweets during the WC is something I look forward to daily! Love your comments… keep them coming. I was sooo disappointed with the way ENG played against GER… no teamwork at all!
                @thepopcritic (Twitter)

              8. So you saying Ghana-ians/ Africans are basically ugly? and the Spanish good looking?
                That’s racist Kenny. Please don’t angmoh worship. disgusting.
                Otherwise, some of your tweets are funny.
                There’re brilliant ones on CNN. You guys should check it out.

              9. first time commenting – Hello 🙂
                I like the way you blog about World cup from such a perspective 😀

              10. haha..
                actually women don’t care if goodlooking footballers are not good at football, we just need the eye candy! Now that the cute football teams are gone and C Ronaldo is a father, what’s left??

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