Janet Hsieh

Just spent the entire day today with a film crew from Taiwan.

The crew was in Kuching to film a travel show called Fun Asia, and I was there to be their tour guide.

Apparently, it is a very popular show broadcasted on Discovery Travel & Living. The biggest reason people watch the show is because of this fun-loving girl called Janet Hsieh.

Having never watched the show before, I must admit that I had no idea how big she is – until random people approached her during our shoot to request her photographs.

But she is very popular alright, and rightfully so.

I had such a great time filming with them that it didn’t even felt like work at all. Janet is the most bubbly and down-to-Earth TV personalities I have ever met.

One incident shall forever stick up in my mind.

Before she came to Kuching, Janet caught a bad case of stomach pain and kept having to go to the toilets. But while we were watching the Japan-Paraguay match, she refused to miss a single minute of it.

She didn’t know the match would drag on for so long that she ended up clutching her stomach like this for nearly 3 hours

Janet is born in Texas, has a degree from MIT, speaks 5 different languages, possesses a black belt in Taekwondo, and most recently even appeared in a music video of Wang LeeHom.

One thing I never expected from her.

She was once worked as… A CIRCUS CLOWN.

True story!

47 Replies to “Janet Hsieh”

  1. I watch Fun Taiwan simply because of Janet. She’s simply the best. Bubbly, extroverted, intelligent, beautiful and full of vitality! There’s never a dull moment watching her on her shows.

  2. Yeah … she’s wacky alright. Her show’s one of the better ones on the channel. Least it’s not in Mandarin which I can barely understand.

  3. Her travel show are quite fun to watch. Didn’t know that she’s so talented. Nice, wondering when this is going to be shown on Discovery Travel and Living?

  4. wow, long time din leave any comment~~~
    Janet juz brightened up the ppl around her, even a post of her bright bright bright~~~
    5 language + MIT @@~~~~

  5. janet is cute! i like her too. haha, kenny u gotta be premier in discovery travel n living channel soon. lol!

  6. ah.. I love Janet! I like to watch her Fun Taiwan show 🙂 So.. when are you appearing on TV with her ar? :p

  7. So technically Kenny becomes ambassador of Kuching. (Before this I recall a write-up of Project Alpha in Kch.)
    The Majlis Perbandaran should thank you lah, Kenny. XD

  8. majlis perbandaran? where got such thing in kuching…majlis bandaraya…yup kuching is city since 1988 i believed!

  9. OMG!! ENVY YOU TO THE MAX!! I love watching her in Travel & Living! She’s humorous and just love her voice and clear narration in the show!

  10. Being a deep interest in traveling and extreme eagerness to learn something new about other parts of the world is one of the amateur of mine whether it is related to culture ,tourist spot and monuments etc……..so i am very excited about your new show which has been recently covered by you guys and getting this kind of information is only possible through DISCOVERY CHANNEL……..

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