naeboo: u work on sat or not
Kenny: i work till 12:30
Kenny: then i work out
naeboo: u work out so much for what
naeboo: see no results also
naeboo: dont waste time la
naeboo: juz sleep la
Kenny: i just started lah doink
Kenny: you think everyone has your metabolism!
naeboo: i think of this already when u say u workout

Kenny: YOU ASS
Yes I saw the unKenny resemblence too.

61 Replies to “Workout”

  1. It takes a lot of courage to actually step out for some exercise, it ain’t easy but it’s not impossible…
    Kenny, jia you…

  2. Jon, Kenny has worked out for long time oredi la – see his arms and pecs, quite beefy what.
    Although I think his programme is not balanced. Never do ab crunches ah Kenyy? hahahaha

  3. How do i put it delicately? Eerrr, u need to lighten up a bit or else on our next trip d kayak we’re in is gonna b scrapping the bottom again in the shallows!! 🙂

  4. hey kenny, you should program it so that the pig gradually loses weight after each time he bends and comes up! then you can see pig lose weight after, say, 20 times of doing that!
    put 6-packs on the tummy, give it a v-shape, put some muscles in the arms.. 😛

  5. I couldn’t help but noticed that there are a lot of fatsos in Kuching nowadays especially females. Is it the food, lack of exercise or both. I am actually horrified that we’ll be known as as City of Fat Chicks. Kenny, do something!

  6. I think it is Kuching Laksa and Kolo mee.. so oily and tons of ajinomoto..
    So fatty food is the cost.. just diet lah, no need to sweat it out… oops, I mean perspire..
    (pig sweats, human perspires)

  7. i can always send u more of those piggy workout pics, dude….
    dont bother working out larrr… we go kolok mee din dinz again ok?! KEKEEKEKKEE >:P

  8. i can always send u more of those piggy workout pics, dude….
    dont bother working out larrr… we go kolok mee din dinz again ok?! KEKEEKEKKEE >:P

  9. Ha ha ha ha ha! I like that. Don worry, Kenny, there’s more than 1 of u out there, yours truly included! Well, console urself that “BIG is beautiful…there’s more, much more to love”! And I’m not talking about anything in particular, mind u!

  10. what’s your workout routine kenny…
    cos from ur pics.. seems like ur body fat level is still so high..
    ditch the machines, use compounds.. cut the carbs…
    that’ll work. 😉

  11. hey kenny,
    i think its great ur starting to work out..
    thats probly something i should do before my school ball which is in 2 weeks, lol.. u can see a bit of my belly wen i wear the dress.. =( lol

  12. kenny u can do this; be bad and fuck around, while u r having sex, u consider working out!! more sex u got, more calories u burn! how does that sound? so go out now and fuck around! start with Kaiser, he will love it!! just fuck anything that moves for better result!! theres no need to record how many calory u burnt, just cum in the fish bowl each fuck now and then! then record how many lettre u cum!! sounds great!? i’ll be ur personal trainer!! “2 more, just 2 more cums!! do it! u can do it u playa!!” u’ll have ur abs done in 3 weeks, gelengtee!! how does that sound!? (no offence kenny, just bored at work!)

  13. hehe, thats whats most man’s megazine tryin to tell.. talk bout sex, and then more working out plan.. what they dont do is joining both topics together, cez will make more ugly dude like me harder to get chics.. and kenny’s scheduler will be like “Monday, 3pm: Have crunch, sideways and steam roller with Susie, the office girl” “Saturday 12pm: force an orang utan to suck dick, without peeling your skin. caution: orang utan behaviour may vary from zoo to zoo, or tree to tree, or strenght, or sexual behaviour”

  14. WAh, siewjang, u see him wriggle his toe somemore ah? how long it took u to observe that? 5 hours? lol looking 5 hours straight at kenny bending, bending, bending, bending, bending, bending, bending…

  15. Does that uZap thingy really work? Anyone had any luck with it? How mind boggling.
    Anyway Kenny – good luck in your journey to fitness. Its an exciting one.

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