Because Good Girls Like Bad Boys

Met up with naeboo and her younger brother when they came to town this long holidays.

naeboo = angel trapped inside a devil’s body

naeboo’s brother Kaiser is 17 years old, just finished his SPM exams, has a good-looking boyish face cute enough for me to wanna wither away and melt in a sticky green pool of jealousy.
Anyway, Kaiser got a girlfriend a few months ago. And naeboo was telling me how when she found out, in the back of her mind she’s already planning to sit down and have a nice discussion with him on boy-girl relationships – as all good sisters do.

Little did she know, her baby brother is already an expert in relationships. So expert in fact, that he sports not just one, but TWO GIRLFRIENDS!
kennynaeboochowcowboy! That two-timing bastard!

How the hell does a 17-year-old boy do that?
“Leng zhai mah”, he answered. Ta ma de.
Everytime I hear stories of men who have more than one girlfriends, I get the feeling of repugnance and disgust and envy. But mostly envy.
Yes, envy. Who wouldn’t be envious of guys who can have one girl in each arm? After all, one hole is good, but two holes are better than one.

Six holes lagi best

It’s tough enough handling one woman myself. Let alone two.
“So which one are you going to spend time with this Valentine’s?” I casually asked him.
“Don’t care lah, I just stay at home. Just find an excuse and tell them I don’t have car to bring them out enough liaw”

Guess that means he won’t be eating this opportnistic money-grabbing pizza creation

But I’m still not convinced. “How about gifts? There’s Valentine’s Days, Birthdays, Christmas Days and Anniversaries to take care of. And girls are so materialistic these days. One girlfriend is enough to break my bank. How the heck are you able to afford all those gifts for TWO girlfriends?”
Kaiser opened his eyes big big and screamed “YOU STUPID LAH!”, like I’m the foulest disgrace to all of human race.
“You buy them gifts for WHAT?! Spoil them nia. You buy for them once and they’ll always be expecting you to spend on them instead. Don’t buy for them lah, let them buy for you instead! Like me.” he said, pulling out his brand spanking new leather wallet, obviously a gift.
Kaiser said it so matter-of-factly like I was asking him if the Earth is round.

(Halfway through our conversation, Kaiser’s mobile phone beeped and a message from one of his girlfriends came through. It says “saranghae”. SARANGHAE! What the fart!? KOREAN AH!?!?!??)
It’s true, you know. Acting gentlemanly used to be such an appreciated and noble act in the past. Alas, times have changed. Girls these days are too pampered and spoilt beyond recognition. Nothing else seems to satisfy their increasing apetite anymore.

All these while I’ve been thinking driving girls around, spending all my free time with them and paying for their dinner is the mark of a true gentleman. Bollocks. Put a woman on an island with a hopeless romantic and scruffy rocker, she’ll end up with the scruffy rocker, even if he’s only capable of saying few sweet words and cares for nothing more than himself.
That’s not to say hopeless romantics won’t get the girl. They will – only those stupid brainless giggly girls who say “yes” to everything lah. The hotter ones tend up end up with guys who have gentlemen qualities of a dead tree branch.

Nowadays, it seems as if the more attention we pay on girls, the more they think it is their god-given right to have that. You give her silver, she asks for gold; you give her gold, she asks for platinum; you give her platinum, she asks for DOUBLE platinum.
It’s a vicious never-ending cycle, and us men are always on the losing end.

If we pay less attention to them, they’ll work harder to get on our good side. So come on now, my brothers! We don’t HAVE TO let our women walk all over us! After all, they’re the ones who said “nan reng bu huai, nu ren bu ai” (men who aren’t bad, girls will not like). See? They asked for it!
If being gentlemenly means we’ll continue to be unappreciated, man I say forget about it. I’m gonna go become a bad boy now. 🙂

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  1. haha. i think i did mention the 男人不坏,女人不爱 logic to you before, girls just go for men a teensy weensy bit tiaw keh, all the better if he has a macho rough edge to him. bastards are just naturally sexier…
    kaiser sound cute (not that i’m a kiddy-fiddler)! though i’ll have to screen all potential admirers for my sisters to make sure NONE of the guys are anything like him…

  2. I like the way you and Kaiser think.
    Bad boys, bad boys
    What you gonna do
    What you gonna do when they come for you
    Hell yeah, let’s be bad boys!

  3. is kaiser really that cute?
    does he have single eyelids? wear specs?
    kenny u have this bad habit of pixelating guys cuter than you….which isn’t much often but, one cutie is good, two cuties are better and six are lagi best.
    p/s as a bad boy, u will have legions of female fans throwing their panties at you. if you are the “pantang” kinda guy, that can be “suay ah.”

  4. 男人不坏,女人不爱…i hate that phrase! b’cos it’s so true. but bad boys are not good husband material and ultimately the girls will still end up with the good boys. and only those bimbotic, say “yes” to everything girls, will end up with the bad boys. good luck handling those brainless girls, guys! 😀

  5. Good guys will only get the girl after 10 years of chasing, when the girl finally realise who is important. or when the girl gets dumped badly by bad boys

  6. I’d bet that your bad-boy phase will last only 3 days before you revert to hopeless romantic, but I don’t want my head shaved bald. So I won’t.

  7. I agree with sun sun. Unless bad boys grow up and be more responsible/gentleman-ly/mature, they will have a shelf life! Ultimately, good guys will win!.. :)..this refers to the long-term relationship… for short-term/casual, maybe bad boys are better.. 😛

  8. *groan* This Kaiser does sound like a bad boy. But do you really want to go out with a girl that goes out with THAT? What sort of girl can you expect? Better than the random ones you can pick up at a bar? Bleh! Terrible!

  9. but in long term, good guys have to sexually setisfiy thier wife/gf.. or else they will take good boys’ money and give it to bad boys.. that makes bad boys a man whore…

  10. Haha…bad boys are always more challenging mah. There’s always the chance that you are the one who gets to reform them, though you know it’ll never happen lar…

  11. wad a 2timing bastard!
    all the excuses/reasons of working bz, no money etc etc… lol. this entry certainly opened my eyes to certain issues. thankz kenny.

  12. sad huh n3o5er… till then reality strucks and girls are actually as horny as guys… promoting condom should promote more free sex!!! thats good when we dont have dick control and “stands up” in the class room, and some hot chics saw that, and throw at us, and moan “your are good..” now thats good SEX education… then it will be real class room fuckfest… but that will be nasty in boy school…. yucks..

  13. Kaiser thinks he is some kind of casanova. The truth is those 2 girls that he claimed he’s dating are probably underage, naive, innocent and likely farm girls. Wake up girls!

  14. You don’t seem very smart. You of all people should know that guys like to talk big. In front of you he’ll say all sorts of ego things, but he may be a hen-pecked bf for all you know.

  15. hahahaha
    i believe this is called the ‘asshole reformation’.
    a term coined by the writer of a jap school teacher, azrael. the moment that a guy realizes that all pretty girls are bitches and begin to desolve themselves in the material world.
    Whatever Kaiser thinks, I’m tempted to prove him wrong, but only if the female residents of the world will give me some support.
    And whoever was it that said girls mature faster than guys?
    bullshit i tell you! all of it!

  16. mahai.. got young nubile 17 year old boy and what does that bitch do? she intros him to kenny-fucking sia.
    hello naeboo, what am i chopped liver?!

  17. Hey..just started reading ur blog……this guy…having 2 gfs at once is not cool, it’s just really unfair for those 2 girls, but if they know about it, then they’re just plain stupid. As for the ‘girls love bad boys’ thing, i’ll have to say i was one of those girls last time, but now i’m perfectly happy with a good guy. So Kenny, don’t change into a two-timing bad boy ok? Stay the way u r, girls will still propose to u!..ehhe

  18. yeah man… 17 years old overpampered kid still hangs out with 17 old kids.. u cant compare the intelligence between the 2 skool gals with a 25 years old, independent lady… that just dont fit.. in fact u should teach him whats in your adult hood mind…he have no idea what is the real world… so teach him a lesson and sabotaj his relationship!!!

  19. We girls also look for the goody-goody type to settle down with in the end la. So.. depending on what kind of fish you want to catch, you throw out what kind of bait lo.
    Hey it’s no easy to be a bad boy also la, so good luck if you are going to try! hehehe keep us updated on the BadBoy Kenny!

  20. “in the back of her mind she’s already planning to sit down and have a nice discussion with him on boy-girl relationships – as all good sisters do.”
    i’m a good sister.
    When my brother got a girlfriend i gave him a condom 🙂
    Protection = Good.

  21. Heh interesting, you have to realise though, they do prefer badboys, but they won’t marry one.
    But after they marry you, nice and stable, they’ll go back to fucking the badboy.

  22. i’ve bn readin’ ur blog for a while already & ur sometimes slapstick humour really perks me up at work.
    anyways, wat u said abt “girls these days” are quite true. good lick, dood!
    oh i mean, luck. will like more slapsticks! keep it up!

  23. ha ha… bad boys ? Imagine , community soup. Be a bad boy n yet still being independant and gentlemen enough is the true key to success of having.. MANY GIRLS! ahem.. wtf am i saying.

  24. bad boys get the virgins ( more than one ) my roommates manage to have sex with 8 virgins. good boys get the left overs.
    i think girls deserve it. they are fussy but they don want to admit. they like bad boys but say different stuff. eat that!

  25. hello…. u r much more mature than him.
    You should advise him with the correct moral value instead of supporting and agreeing with him.
    wake up yr ideas!

  26. 男人不坏,女人不爱。 That is so not true -____- Life is short and I ain’t gonna to waste my time with an immature bad boy. Reforming them? Bah! That’s just a myth, no one can change how a person is unless he is willing to do so in the first place.

  27. What’s with the bimbotic giggly girls thing? i thought guys like girls like that? the alternative being what type of girls anyway?
    i dun see what’s wrong with expecting to b pampered. my bf used 2 do that, but now he expects me to pay as well. i dun like that. forget about the bad boy vs good boy debate, girls just like rich guys.

  28. wow sandy u are so into the point!! shyait.. poor guy like me will get nuts!! (although i think i got chance on amber chia, but life just so unfair, leaving handsome dude like me broke) hehe.. no romance without finance!!

  29. There are girls who just like rich guys regardless they are good or bad. But i prefer a mature, understanding man who respects women. rich men mostly has attitude problems. wasting my time only!

  30. Oh Kenny, why r u jealous on a 17 years old ? He hardly knows the world….. he think he so good with two timing two girls at once. I really want to see him one day being dump by both girls and end up spending his life in misery. Do not under-estimate the species call GIRL. They can swallow your dickasaurous, chew them up, spit it out and make dog food out of it before u can say ‘KNNCBB’.

  31. Dear Kenny Sia,
    Maybe you should have a ‘M rating’ for this post. I mean, you might influence impressionable young minds and ALL THE MEN IN THE FREE WORLD might become dicks.
    Then how I ask you? If I date a dick in the future, it could be caused directly by your actions.
    Please be more responsible next time.
    tsk tsk

  32. well, he is by the way just 17. y wana be so serious wid one girl whom who dun even know u might end up with? it’s not saying that being a 2-timer is all gud. but as he matures, he’ll figure out the meaning of falling in love with that one person he wouldn’t even care of looking at others. ders more to life than material no? 🙂

  33. Kenny, dont tell me u are listening to a 17 years old. They know nuts about relationship. And for Kaiser.. go bang into a wall will ya.

  34. kenny, u shld have told me that u did this b4 u post larh.. diuuuuuu
    my bro is juz being a boy. any boy his age wld do the same.
    btw, he had the gfs for abt a year liao. there’re other girls who wanted to be with him altho they know that he has a gf ald. cant blame everything on the guy what. how much willpower does a guy has? HAHAHAAHA 😀

  35. I think Kaiser should worry more of his studies than juggling two girl friends at once. Wonder if he can pass his SPM ? Otherwise, unless he got very rich daddy for full financial backups, he may end up unemployed and see if he can still live up to his ego.

  36. It’s nice to see how everyone is so caring and motherly, with their 2 cents on how naeboo’s younger brother should live his life and study hard.
    Teacher: how did he pass his exam while juggling two girls?
    well, i dunno just a stab in the dark, but he and naeboo dip into the same genepool. how the fuck could he NOT pass?

  37. teacher>> my bro also told kenny theres no need to spend much time with the girls coz the less time u spend with them, the more desirable u r to them. that translates to= obviously he doesnt spend much time with them lar. doink
    i guess kenny is juz keeping this piece of advice to himself coz hes now a bad boy. 😛

  38. and mahai where the hell do teachers get off saying things like “should worry more of his studies”?
    I am actually more of funny to reading this things.

  39. Bad boys are just for the thrills & the kicks. But no one wants to stay with a bad boy forever. He comes home, & expects you to keeps his slippers, bring his fluffies, make him tea, & massage his back, have sex with him. Basically, just be his bloody slave.
    But a nice gentleman is someone who you can expect to be there for you. & well, he’s parent-approved material. 🙂 Which that Kaiser most certainly isn’t.
    How nice. Wonder how he’ll feel if his serious girlfriend dates another guy behind his back.

  40. naeboo,
    are you actually supporting your bro’s action of juggling 2 girls at once? aren’t you, as a big sister, supposed to advise him since he’s obviously in the wrong?

  41. Lol… Wah, if next time I find out that my future bf pulls off this shit, I’ll rip off his testicles with a pair of rusty plyers and turn them into rendang man.
    Anyway, bad boys are over-rated la. So what if he can bend 50 cent coins using just his two front teeth and has a penis size that rivals Seabiscuit’s. Who gives a shit la. If he can’t conduct an intelligent conversation with people without flipping through the thesaurus every few seconds then he can go sau pei la. Hahaha.
    PS. You forgot to add the part that says most bad boys die cold and alone in their leaking, mold-infested, broken furniture-filled flat with nothing more than a deflated ego and a dick full of pus. xD Don’t become a bad boy la Kenny. The benefits all short-term saje.

  42. That is the rule of the world. bad boys get girls when they are young ,pretty and fresh while good guys get the used product. Kind of like using a used tissue paper after someone has used it.

  43. This might work for some, while some not. But then, it’s risky.. Doing this might not even let you end up with the one you love. You will most probably lose her.

  44. Aiyo, now say until so serious, when meet a bad boy also many girls will swoon and say ‘sigh’ de lar.. then they start to drown themselves in ‘love’ and then always say ‘I believe he will change for me de’. This sort of thing happen very often in my school lar -_-”
    Ultimately the nice guy ends up losing virginity at the age of 40, that’s when he marries.

  45. where got double platinum one?
    but got BLACK GOLD lah–> i think my AMEX if not mistaken. only a few thousands issued to those bloody rich ppl!

  46. he is not actually a bad boy, just some boys that do not respect girls… bad boys do more then that… and having hair dyed is nothing.. even full body tattoo is over rated, but never fails to impress… for me, guys gone bad when they rich, girls be rich when they bad.. so rich guy = bad… those rich fackas.. should tax them more..

  47. JoyceTheFairy, you are so nice you should be a sister to everyone. Go join a nunnery now, Sister Fairy!
    e, 45? Dude, are you still collecting ang pows at your age? 😉
    justine, yes of course. And this blog is also directly responsible for the Greenhouse effect and the war in Iraq. heh heh.
    Sam, funny things is – there ARE women who’ll keep his slippers, bring his fluffies, make him tea, & massage his back, have sex with him. WILLINGLY.
    Charlie, well that’s stretching the definition of a bad boy a bit too far. My definition of ‘bad boy’ is a guy who doesn’t shower his girl with as much care and attention. A man could be educated, intelligent, humourous and STILL be a bad boy you know?

  48. Hmm… Okay. That wasn’t the first impression I got. I thought you meant ‘bad boy’ as in some kind of Conan-the-Barbarianish MCP who thinks the world of himself and absolutely jacksquat of his woman.

  49. If you actually work your guts up and check out one of those ‘how to get a girlfriend’ help books, that’s actually what they advise you to do. Don’t be nice.
    Actually, it’s worked for me too. Quite well, I should say.

  50. But la, still must protest against this :P:
    “Nowadays, it seems as if the more attention we pay on girls, the more they think it is their god-given right to have that. You give her silver, she asks for gold; you give her gold, she asks for platinum; you give her platinum, she asks for DOUBLE platinum.”
    As if not the same with guys meh. They can be just as demanding what. ;P Both sexes equally teruk. So, conclusion: we should all become ‘bad boys’ and ‘bad girls’ and stop paying so much loving attention to each other lah. Then the world will be a much happier place. Hahaha
    (Btw I loved the music video. Wasn’t expecting your voice to be that deep, lol)

  51. That’s Right man…. Be a bad boy….
    Chowcowboy…. Bad boys always finish first.. if not they get still get laied…

  52. “My definition of ‘bad boy’ is a guy who doesn’t shower his girl with as much care and attention.”
    so now love is all about playing games? to see who can keep the other hanging on for more? if you really like the other person, should it be straightforward – like, you both ENJOY the time you spent together and LOOK FORWARD to more? when one starts to play “mindfucking” games with the other, there is obviously something very wrong with the relationship. heck, when one employs mindfucking games like these in relatonships, obviously LOVE and COMMITTMENT are not the main priorities, but ego-stroking and most probably sexual gratification is.
    males. bah.

  53. Aiseh…nowadays girls looking for pretty boy which is not so bad and not so good…they like in between…
    If a 100% good guy stand side by side with a not-so-good and not-so-bad pretty boy…
    Girls will definitely go for the latter…and i’m not saying just pretty girls…even not so pretty one would’ve chose the latter…
    Girls will rather accept the short comings of pretty boy than stuck with a ordinary boy…believe me…why?
    Coz i’m a bloody ordinary guy who learned the hard way…not once .,..but many many times…
    Life’s unfair…LIVE WITH IT!!!!!

  54. but then u don have the bad boy look, summore u don have gold hair. how? if u dye ur hair into gold, u will look like a lion wakakakaka. u better remain as the good-man kennysia look lah

  55. Ultimately good guys don’t have to deal with as much relationship mess as the bad guys in the later stage of his life. (Imagine 3 wives and 10 kids, have to feed them all).
    Anyhow, I’d hate it if my sister has a bf like kaiser. Ahem, vain asshole, ahem.

  56. no matter how, a healthy relationship has to be honest and respect… ofcourse u’ll have to sprinkles some lies once in awhile.. but when it has something to do with third person, i think its better to tell her the truth… the longer u keep the secret, the deeper the shit will be.. and we have to respect womens nowdays.. we cant treat them like they are in the 20’s or 30’s… they are part of the energy, part of the work force and human civilization… we will not be better off without each other.. u hurt them, u hurt yourself back, infedelity is a lose-lose situation.. for “bad boys” out there, you’ll soon be a father, and u will not want your son to be like this, nor want your daughther date, or pregnent some iresposible’s guys child.. there’s is long way ahead of u, and there’s one lady out there is going to finish the rest of the journey with you.. disrespecting them will only make u walk alone… a ladys, be independent… its true without money u are nothing, but money and happiness are equally important.. so get educated and respect, be faithful to your man, cez he is the one who will protect you, and he needs you.. learn from our parents, or atleast couples that been together for long long time.. cez they hold the key for better marriage… learn from others, and you’ll know what to aspect and how to avoid.. peace, respect..

  57. Haha.. i’m one good example of a mr nice guy. Fark,i treat my gfs with respect. I buy them gifts. I do stupid shits to touch their hearts. I learn how to cook, i make stuff, i treat her very very well. all i get are thank Uzz and miseries when they ran off with other guys who r richer n more happening.
    Nowadays , i dun give a damm attitude. they dig it. I can only say i get wat i want.
    Yea, i learnt it the hard way too. Guys, trust me. dun be a nice wuss. be a bad boy. BAD BOY get the gals… nice guys get played.

  58. First of all, love your blog. Now, bad boy?? More like lala chai la he, blody lansi poser. Tommy Lee, now that’s a bad boy. Shitting white powder, peeing booze…hmmm…real sexy. Kenny, don’t be a bad BOY. Be a MAN. Now I don’t need to tell you how to do that do I?

  59. Haiz Mr Sia, one must understand that being good or bad boy persona is really something immaterial.
    Its abt orchestrating the entire performance, giving them the CORRECT FEELINGS and DRAMA that they crave from the “SPECIAL GUY”.
    Perhaps when you get your act together, you will be bestowed with greatness. 🙂
    PS: If your recent entry is screaming for more comments, ignore the advice given. But if you are really geninuely whining…its a good time to start reflecting. Sorry for the cockiness, but it saddens me to see fine young bachelors like youself crying,’I kiss her ass so good, why doesn’t she bloody love me?’

  60. Because Bad Girls Like Good Boys

    … and this is how the story goes.
    From the time you were born till the time you started to read at five, you were bombarded with fairytales of how the princess (that means you, you, YOU, when you are an ego centric 5 year old) found her true love …

  61. Yaa… donno. Some of us have a conscience 😐 Or are just stupid.
    I had my fun… but it was eating away at me, so I had to let them know :p oh well…

  62. Kenny Sial

    Yadda yadda yadda…
    So, you now know that I have officially fraternised with the evil “blogsphere” by meeting up with THE Kenny (the chu yoke lou selling char siew paos according to Justine :P). I was in town and he invited us to go to …

  63. Hmm, I think the scariest thing is that in over 100 comments, none of the girls actually really say they’d choose a gentleman over a bad boy.
    Oh yeah, they all say they’ll choose the nice guy _in the end_ when they want to get married…but that means we’re basically their last choice. And by that time, they probably not virgins. They’re probably 5th-hand goods that nobody wants liao. =(
    Thanks Kenny for the enlightening post, I think from now on I’ll stop being a nice guy and start being a player!!!

  64. I think I’m living evidence that nice guys do finish first. Used to think the way this post suggests and assumed the worst… yet now I find myself in a most fortunate position where I have someone cares for me even though I ain’t a hot, sexy, bad boy.
    yes she’s hot and having turned down all the bad boys previously, she ain’t, as some of you have termed, a “leftover” (What a derogatory term to use! 🙁 )
    Have faith nice guys! Why fret over the girls who go to the bad boys? There ARE very very eligible girls who like nice guys out there… i guess we just need to be patient and wait for the right one eh? 🙂

  65. “2 holes are better than 1” –> is that the equivalent to the female saying of “2 sticks are better than 1”?? *grins* hehe… kidding kidding!! love ur site anyways!

  66. “Hmm, I think the scariest thing is that in over 100 comments, none of the girls actually really say they’d choose a gentleman over a bad boy.”
    what the fark. no way i would choose a bad boy over a gentleman. and NO i’am NOT a leftover. why would i want a two timing bastard who is humourous, “nice” and a “gentleman”

  67. They’re probably 5th-hand goods that nobody wants liao. =(
    I seriously hate this sentence -.- Not all are like that ok. u kuku.

  68. Hey Dude, sure thing I am still collecting ang pow, except most elderly would give me a ” you 老頑童should stop fooling around ” lecture before caughing up their RM5 Ang pao. btw I even get ang pao from my niece.

  69. but wad if it’s the gal who 2-timing? Lyk, juggling two guys who r super nice to her and say they love her? and while the gal knows that she shouldnt be with Guy X cos he’s a bad boy and she is fully aware that a toxic r’ship is no good for her & wun haf a future, she just can’t let go cos she is drawn to his bad boy personna yet she knows that her other boyfren, Guy Y, is the kinda good guy she should stick with and is parent-approved, cos he’s a good, sweet, handsome guy. Yet the gal is still inexplicably drawn to the bad boy X. Yeah mabbe the statement “nan ren bu huai,..” is really true. Sigh

  70. So girls are only worth getting to know while they’re still good-looking?
    And you want to call OUR GENDER shallow ah. FUCKING BULLSHIT LA! Knn.

  71. kenny, i think its a very fascinating observation.
    kaiser “treats them mean to keep them keen”. Kaiser is a young 17 y/o, and even though it may be immoral, I think its perfectly normal and fine for him to do what he wants.
    having 2 gf’s at one time, come on he’s just a kid. all the power to him to experiment at that age – He is not likely (with the exception of firm religious types) to marry the current girl he’s dating at the moment, so why not let him have fun and make the girls work for him for once? seems fair because:
    the general truth of the matter is that most guys aren’t really sure how to approach girls and have been bombarded with a tonne of unrealistic movies
    and tv that always show the lovesick puppydog boy winning the hot chick at the end despite the guy’s dorkiness (can’t hardly wait, dawson’s creek, loser, etc). Stuff like this has always misled guys to play the lovesick puppy and wait on a girl’s every move, and most girls relish in this attention and lead the guy on. while it is fair to say that the guy should do most of the things like asking a girl out – female domination has simply gone too far…
    whatever happened to gender equality? there needs to be some balance
    i think that what Kaiser is doing is good for his age – he shouldn’t play to the modern male stereotype. guys at his age should experiment and regain the power in relationships. its a two way street – for too long have some girls expected too much from guys in exchange for letting them hold their hand.
    Its a form of manipulation.
    Ido agree with others though, when they say that Kaiser’s actions won’t be sustainable in the long run – I guess thats where guys have to practice a
    more rigid morals and stuff – but for a young 17y/o with a short term focus, why not? And as for the older guys who are dominated by their gf’s, i’m not saying to go out and get another gf – but you guys should stand up and be counted and gain back some respect from your girls

  72. well, being envious of a person having two girlfriends is one thing…experiencing it is another. once you have done it, you will never do it again (of course, depends on how the two girls are like).
    and also, i do not think that all girls are like that. personally, i like good boys but whether i am one in a minority group, i don’t know…even though i have friends who asks for more all the time.
    and yes, looks does count…but i do admire pretty girls who stick by their men even though they receive a lot of critisizm because of his physical qualities.

  73. and kenny…you do realise that you are encouraging men to be players, right?
    i support good ol’ fashioned love…and always will. gentlemen are rare nowadays…

  74. its sad 2 say that badboys do score fresh gals nowadays. 4 those who is goodboys all these while, never give up man! don’t get eaten up by ur sorrows! 90% of goodboys will only get ‘used’ girls but in the end they r the ones who really enjoy peaceful sleep evernights for the rest of their life and live with no regret too.
    anyway… guys r just guys, when u wanna buy a car what u going to do 1st? TEST DRIVE it! u like it u own it and wax it everday. anyway, cars r boy’s 2nd wife rite?!

  75. what lar… Kenny, u know better than that! i am 17, Kaiser’s age, and i am sure i won’t fall for a guy like him. gentlemen will still win, time can tell

  76. Women aren’t like fine wine, they don’t get better as they age… LOL…
    So, catch em when they’re young and less jaded. So you won’t have to give them the badboy routine… hahahahaa… but i agree with you, the worse you treat a girl, the harder she tries. I’m not condoning it, but i agree, humans are sick sick sick creatures!!!! We want what we can’t have, but we have what we don’t want.

  77. saranghae is ‘i love u’ in korean lah..duh!
    nowadays dun spoilt anyone, trust no one, better spoilt yourself enuff lah..dun waste time, dun waste money on others..just waste money on urown….fair enuff boh? LOL

  78. Just passing thoughts (ignited by a little personal experience):
    If you want to have 2 holes by your side,
    You have to be able to take it when it slaps unto your face, that both your girls have 2 dicks by their sides too.
    Unfortunately, most guys cannot accept that due to their unfaltering ridiculously HUMONGOUS ego, and will usually throw a fit.
    Certain men just disgust me with their arguements and mindset that guys seem more manly with more girls, and a women would be like a whore if she had 2 guys at a same time.
    I believe women these days are independant.
    Kaiser’s viewpoint is that of an average 17 yr old dealing with adolescent girls who proportion the depth of love to the number and quality of gifts.
    An average modern-day, reasonable adult would not think that way.
    It is immensely disrespectful to call a woman, ‘hole’. If you see her as nothing more than it, I believe the she’d look upon you as nothing more than a dickhead.

  79. To all those girls who claim to hate players and bad guys, you know you are lying. To all those who are nice guys, you know you are getting loose holes.

  80. It’s not exactly the bad boy attitude we’re attracted to. It’s the good looks. If Kaiser didn’t have good looks, he wouldn’t be so lucky with the ladies.

  81. Hey, Dave Navarro does not have the gentlemanly qualities of a dead tree branch! A live one maybe. NOT a dead one. In fact, CARMEN ELECTRA marrying Dave Navarro only proves your theory that the dumb blondes go for the romantic ones.
    (D*mn her!)

  82. ‘Because Good Gilrs Like Bad Boys’ ???

    After reading Kenny Sia’s “Because Good Girls Like Bad Boys” and all the comments/discussion, it propelled my thoughts back to days when I was in school. Started thinking about what my preference in guys back then.

  83. It is immensely disrespectful to call a woman, ‘hole’. If you see her as nothing more than it, I believe the she’d look upon you as nothing more than a dickhead.
    A.G.R.E.E.D clara!

  84. whats so nice about koreans anyway? sydney is like filled with them and they look chinese…we are all asians. we shouldn’t get so excited when we see a korean or a japanese.

  85. A “bad” guy may have higher chance of attracting a gal as to these gals its something fresh & exciting to try out. But then still this should not have gone to the extent of having many gals at the same time or not pampering them.
    In the 1st case, don’t you know that it is rather “immoral” or shd I say still socialy unacceptable to so tt?
    In the 2nd case, if you have no intention of pampering you gal then y woo her in the first place?

  86. just cut those matha fackas playa’s dick off!! that will give them a lesson of thier life for fucking around like dog! and also give nice guys like me better chance to get girls!! bad boys so what? they will still be useless prick without a dick! lets see how u fuck without a dick! good boys knows a lot, but knows better when turn bad!! and they are lawyer and politicians!! HUARHUARHUAR!!

  87. Kenny,
    My advice to you is: Don’t generalize!!!
    This is the first time you actually got me worked up by your post. I have always defended like mad whenever some a$$holes tell me that ALL girls are materialistic. So, even though I’ve always posted comments here and enjoyed your blog, no exception to you as well.
    Look, you are generalizing girls based on two young teenage girls who might not even know they are being cheated by that BASTARD immature 17 year old ok!
    This is a completely stupid sampling Kenny… you know it!
    Believe it or not, I know of many down-to-earth girls who DON’T ask/expect Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Tiffany & Co etc etc from their boyfriends ok!
    The most expensive gift I’ve ever received from my bf was a necklace that cost a few hundred bucks. Just once.
    We both are young working adults with many needs to save up for car loan repayments, house loan repayments, professional exams, family obligations etc. And we don’t earn RM 20K a month, so yeah, only dumb airheads who couldn’t care less about their future life together with their bf’s would want them to spend unnecessarily.
    If I generalize based on that 17-yr old KID, then all guys are cheating bastards!
    And, if you actually do mean it when you say you ENVY him, your maturity level is just as bad as him.

  88. ashley>> chill, dude.. why r u getting so worked up for? kenny is being kenny. it’s a blog, not umno forum.
    everyone is calling my bro a bastard and effectively saying that my parents didnt teach him well juz bcoz he has two gfs at 17yo? i still dont see why dating two girls at the same time is wrong at this age when theres NO SERIOUS entanglements at all.
    stop being so anal. u r also generalising by judging my bro’s character juz from what little kenny wrote about him.

  89. Naeboo,
    I have always been laid back.
    But cheating is and will always be a sensitive issue to me, no matter what everyone else thinks. No matter what age. Coz I’ve been cheated and lied to before. I’ve also seen my girlfriends being cheated before. It’s not a great feeling at all.
    Unless your bro’s gfs are aware of it and they don’t care, then it’s fine, since it’s their choice.
    My main point was to ask Kenny not to generalize that all girls are materialistic, just like how you don’t want me to just generalize your bro based on a post, and just like how some guys wouldn’t want me to generalize them as well.

  90. Unfortunately, i’m going to agree with Ashley here. Unless the girls know the guys is dating both of them, it is just plain unfair.
    If the girls find out one day…. well.. hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. No girl likes to share their guy.
    Cheating is probably the worst thing a guy can do to a girl. It will affect her and her future relationships as well.
    I would not like to think my boyfriend who also receives more gifts from me than him to me, is also cheating behind my back. It is not a good image at all.

  91. Is the world getting you down? Life unfair because you’re ugly and no 17 year old is going to take you for a second girlfriend, let alone the only girlfriend? You feeling angry because of some online post written tongue-in-cheek about a “playa”?
    What can you do??
    Life ain’t fair, you can cry us all a river.

  92. 17, and having more than one gf,hmm, to think of it.. kinda normal. I had more than that when I was that age. Really, dont think at that age, any of us will take the gf-bf relationship seriously. I prefer to think that those ‘gfs’ are more like girl-friends..nothing much. When you are 16-17.. you just want to have fun. Speaking from experience, you will probably end up with more friends, become your yam cha friends in the future..

  93. dude, and you’ve just figured this out? of course the chicks dig those type of guys over so-called “nice” boys…it’s all about challenge…the bigger the challenge, the higher the attraction…fact

  94. This is true, girl like bad boys.
    For me, this is juz like guys are attracted by wild, crazy, sexy gal but not those DIAM DIAM that kind.
    Why? becuz we can have fun with the wild one but not the silent one.

  95. OMG……..2 gfs…..i am 17 and one gf oredi is causing me headaches in schools…feel like wacking up this fella……..

  96. corollaguy: you feel like whacking him up? Don’t blame him just cos you’re not testosterone-pumped enough to handle ONE girl while he bats off flocks of chicks.

  97. Sigh… as a nice guy myself it pains me to know that some girls enjoy relationships with ‘bad boys’ which can seem pretty masochistic. But you know what? I ain’t gonna become a bad boy myself just to indulge in the masochistic tendencies of some ladies because of my own principles and beliefs. I’m all for gender equality and all but I’m still old-fashioned in that I believe in the gentlemanly conduct of opening doors for ladies and helping them get into their seats, among other things.
    Then again, it’s not that huge a loss for us nice guys. I personally find those kinds of girl a big turn-off. They give me the impression of ‘take-for-grantedness’ (sorry for the clumsy word) and lack of appreciation. That’s enough to wipe away any of their appeal their looks might stir up. To bring up another of my old-fashioned quirks, I don’t believe in pre-marital sex either and most of those girls would have been ‘experienced’ by their partners. But hey, to each their own.
    So for all the nice guys out there, don’t fret because although the saying says we finish last, the important thing is that we actually finish. 🙂
    P.S. $h!t, sorry for the long ‘comment’, Kenny. Thanks for putting this out for open discussion though. And man, if what you’re after is true, mutual I-care-about-your-every-fibre-and-I-want-to-die- with-you kind of love, ask yourself if the bad boys got that with their girls.
    Oh, and with respect to Kaiser’s situation, if the girls know, I don’t see anything wrong. If they’re unaware… I’m surprised to see his sister tolerating it to say the least. All IMHO.

  98. I’ve dated both – bad boys, good boys. After you dated a really bad one, you’ll never want to try ever again. Give me a nice guy anytime.

  99. Everyone’s got to be comfortable in your own skin. You can’t just choose to ‘be’ a bad or good boy just cos you sodding think its gonna get you more booty.
    That’s just so superficial, and plain sad.

  100. What a coincidence, I was just thinking about the same damned thing a few days ago concerning this issue. Women are weird-assed creatures that totally defy logic but sadly, as with all us men, we are totally addicted to them. Sigh…..
    All I can say is, money first, women later! I’d rather be womenless than a poor and hungry bastard. Plus with money, our women opportunities drastically increase. 😉

  101. vincent lau from bitching blog is the boy who love to mock girls dat are poor in english…but why i dun see he got all the girls if wat ur saying is true?
    honestly, i think kimberlypukifacecun (from matched vincent very well becos her english is very good so vincent got no complaints and they are both evil

  102. I fell madly in love with a bad boy and he hurt me more times than I could count by the time our affair had ended. I finally realized that the attraction I felt for him was definitely not worth the pain it caused. It’s just like anything else if the disdvantages of a relationship outweigh the rewards eventually it loses its appeal. Now I am with a wonderful guy who appreciates me and treats me like I deserve to be treated. I can honestly say at this point in my life, I would never consider dating a bad boy again. Of course, I think it takes a few bad experiences and reaching a certain level of maturity for most women to realize what really counts when it comes to men (sincerity, reliability, caring, etc.).

  103. sigh , we good guys always get the 2nd hand girls…..all of the girls are screwed or played by the bad boys…sad to say but some girls like to be screwed by experienced bad boys for their first time…and yeah..there are less virgins after high school…..sob sob

  104. haha, well its the girls choice….they like to sit on my expensive sports car, free booze every weekends, of cos theres a price to pay right. there are few types of girls:
    1: poor (in financial) but smart girl
    2: poor but dumb girl who like to showoff
    3: rich / smart
    4: rich / dumb
    of cos i liked number 2 and number 4 but i have no respect to number 2 cos they are just my sex toys. number 4 however diff,they rich, they can play along unlike the poor one.
    sigh , i wish i can settle with number 3.
    no offence to all the girls but i just think some girls (most of the girls nowadays) like $$ n fame (social climbers) that shud b screwed by us , the rich bastards , wahahahhaa! my advice to u all stupid girls , wake up and dont be blinded by the agong heads.

  105. Well,nice guys always get leftovers.No offence but dis is the truth.And nice guys only get to screw when they are dead old which is when they’re married and their high skool life wif gals prolly sucked

  106. God might have created men before women
    but there is always a rough draft before the master piece.
    so appreciate us man. otherwise thats the end of your family name. hahahahahaha

  107. bad boys are mean to girls simply becuz they do not possess real feelings for them. they are simply just playing around. so if you do want a real relationship and not some bull crap, never date a bad boy unless you are wanting to play too.
    good girls and good guys will eventually get married. thats surely true (:

  108. *lol* i’m a girl and i like girls. they’re such assholes, i want to turn straight so i can practice being spoilt and pampered instead of being treated like shit by my girlfriend. go kenny xia!

  109. yeah. most girls get attracted to notti guys. coz they find them attractive n challenging. unlike those dumb bells who NEVER do anything. i like challenges. or creating challenges. i like playing hard to get. but only because i’m not sure if i should accept that fella. but for some girls, they play hard to get and then abandon the poor fella.
    besides, i don’t believe in guys-paying-for-my-shopping-spree. i have money too you know.
    so not to say that girls like bad guys as in, bad bad guys. they just want your attention and more challenges each day. u don’t have to buy whatever the girl wants. i know if u don’t, she’ll go $%^&*(#$%. but i reckon that a good gf will demand what she SHOULD demand.

  110. I guess being a jerk is not a bad thing after all. Guys like Kaiser see “the other side of the story of girls”.

  111. wtf..?? dont drag the entire female population in ok..?? i pay for myself when i go out wit guys friends….my girl friends do too…!! when we girls are good…u guys nv appreciate us too..!! it works both ways…ok..?? get it??

  112. Truely Kenny is not dragging the entire female population or over generalising. It’s the common known trend that majority of girls make bad choices and then end up getting hurt when they can ACTUALLY AVOID it. They can’t help it – they are self destructive creatives with a thirst for excitement and nice guys don’t provide that.

  113. nan ren bu huai, ni ren bu ai…
    at 1st i tot this is true…
    coz when my bf didn’t contact me for few days, i will miss him deeply and will try to contact him…n gan cheong about him…
    guess human got limits ba…
    after some time, i think that if he dun appreciates me, someone else will
    and there’s someone’s there for me…
    wonder if my bf will know that I oso care for that someone and no more gan cheong about him

  114. ok this is just lame, I have to say something, FOr girls who babble out here saying they like good boys, better then the bad boys……….I would have to say, its either they have been used too much by the bad bioys and are suck of it or that the good boys are good looking and rich………cuz there arent a single good boy with average looks and poor could ever get himself a girlfriend which have bot been at lesat 2nd hand…(sry for the harsh words) but its cold hard facts….
    Here’s a theory to prove my point………

  115. What the heck with “Yay! I am number !!!” ??
    It’s already irritating to read those first few post with such comment, to read a whole list of it ???
    Plus, imagine I’m no.99,999, I dun think “Yay!..” is my first choice of word.
    Anyway, input :
    Bad boys are good for bf material but short attention span.
    Good boys are great for husband material; long lasting.
    But good boys tend to finish last cos they always seem to give way to other boys cutting in the line or by being too nice. (Pls learn to push back.)
    Perhaps they just hav lower self esteem compared to the self-narcystic-egoistic-bastards.
    Problem with good boys is sometimes they become self-absorbed when gals start knocking on their doors, and slowly they start to illusion that they r God’s gift to womenkind.
    So I guess, it goes both ways, guys n gals can both feel like they r God’s gift to humanity. See who pamper who..
    The difference between good boys and bad ones are the confidence level or aka devil-may-care attitude.
    Hav fun.

  116. For those who like to use the word ‘used’ girls or ‘used’ guys..I hope u will be ‘used’ one day.

  117. FOr all those GOOD GUYS out there, I am sure you would one day wanna Scream Out loud I’ve BEEN USED~~~~~~ yeah baby~~~~~~~lolx =p *as a guy its not so bad being used =p*
    yeha thats how pathetic good guys are, which is a major turn off to girls and thus wont give them a chance…………….*not refering to all though, just most of em, cuz of the long years of being without a gf*
    BTW I am here to challenge the term ” GOOD GUYS FINISH LAST” is good.
    DUDE HOw are you to determine the good guys finich last is good?? Dude, when they finish it means they are stuck with a 2nd,3rd,4th,5th hand already, and that just means cuz the girl wanted a steady life afetr so many years of excitement and the guy is a 2nd,3rd,4th, or 5th choice……..
    And who said at least good guys get to finish?? bull shit man……..many good guys never tend to finish at all……………thoose poor poor souls…………….cuz good guys that tend to finish are the ones which made enough $$$ to be at least considered by the girls, other are left to rot in the corner…….again pls refer to this MASTERS TESSIS, its so dam true……..

  118. Kaiser… he’s a bad influence. Its really a waste of your mom’s effort to raise you, feed you, and make you a good man if you decided to be like him. You’ll get lots of girls alright, but what you’ll get is just quantity, not quality. I bet your mom will hit your head and scold “ciak ka ah neh tua han, ko ah neh buey hiao sio. CIAK LIAO BEE” (eat until so old, still dunno how to think. ‘waste rice’)

  119. true. I duno…a fren i knew used to be a really nice guy, totally decent….but recently he’s started to go clubbing, drinking, and he’s even thinking about getting a tattoo. sigh. so NOT the guy i used to know now.
    and u know wat? IM FREAKING disappointed wif him.

  120. boys are just too hard too explain.. .
    Youll never know whats on their stinkin’ minds and the next thing you know… .
    they’ve already done something worth.. .

  121. Well if you nly like hott girls and ignore ones wo are relatively pretty but have glasses or braces or some other god forbid imperfection then yes you will be dumped because generally the hott girls who are often stupid bimbo’s who want looks and a sex drive…these girls are usually spoiled princesses because nice guys cater to tem but ignore plain Jane in the corner….you get what you chase after pal and this whole girls like bad boys is bullshit

  122. hi’how are you im fine
    i wnta te make a notice of the studants in the school
    but you dont help me
    soo plz help me :L

  123. why do u even get involve with the materialistic girl anyway?
    that’s la one thing about guy. Always go on with the bimbo-materialistic girl instead of those whose good one.

  124. Materialistic girl is always not as good compare to a good girl. If you want girl that is better then go for a good girl that is not just love of your money.

  125. yeah its true when u pamper them they walk all over u..i do that without realising it..
    so be bad boys my fellow friends but not too bad till they leave u! even to the ones u want to marry!

  126. kudos to the 17 year old kid.. his relationship is just merely fooling around man! pity his future wife if he even gets one..

  127. bad boys are toys
    gentleman guys are precious
    don’t get fooled by good girls
    they can juz be with bad boys but who knows they are playing games behind it??

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