Girls I’d Date Based On Their Online Personalities

It’s love season again!

About a year ago, Finicky Feline wrote an amusing entry listing the guys she’d hypothetically date based on their online personalities. I thought it was pretty cute (partially because I was on it. hehe)
It’s always been very difficult and time-consuming to know someone new online. You spend a lot of time chatting and e-mailing to find out about that person. With blogs these days, things are sped up a lil bit. You can usually get a pretty good idea what a person is like from their blog before you even meet up with him/her.

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d put up a list of chicks I’d date solely based on their online personalities. Looks sorta count. Habits and real life personas don’t. I’m judging them based only on how they present themselves online and nothing more.
Oh, and I better emphasise that we’re only talking about a HYPOTHETICAL situation here. πŸ˜‰ I’m absolutely not trying to go after any of them. So to the boyfriends of the girls below, you can put away your sticks and parangs now. Don’t bash me up hor.
Girls I’d date, in no particular order.
Linda Chia

This girl is all class from head to toe, but Linda is more than just a pretty face.
I’ve seen so many guys mistook her for an idiotic slut, and then I watch them get shredded to smithereens by dear Linda without her even breaking a sweat. It shows that she’s tough and independent enough to defend herselves, and all the small obstacles in life mean shit to her. Too many girls are bitching and whining about every damn thing from boyfriends to Hello Kitties these days, Kick-ass chicks like Linda Chia is rare gem. Low maintenance also. Nice.

Finicky Feline

She has it all. The brains, the wit, a stable career in engineering. I read about how she tried quitting smoking, how she’s picking up Mandarin, how she dealt with breakups. Unlike many others, this girl is not vain, not narcissistic and definitely not a bimbo. In fact, FF has already achieved and experienced much more than anyone her age could imagine. She is just full of inspiration and determination, and I reckon she should be the role model for all young emo girls out there.
What I like is that she writes really well and puts up awfully truthful entries on boys, girls, and boy-girl relationships. Although she can be a lil intimidating at first, the moment of truth came when I rang her up during my last trip to Singapore. She was already fast asleep so when she picked up the phone, all I could hear was the most erotic bedroom voice on the other end.
For a while there I thought I was calling 1900-GirlsChat.
Nabeh, she just put up a post saying she won’t date Saggitarians! πŸ™


The real question is, who doesn’t want to date her? FireAngel is sassy, she’s pretty, and she’s absolutely downright hilarious. I like that. If you’re not convinced, check out her homemade video here (not the one like Paris Hilton lah, you dirty-minded bastards!)

FireAngelism is not just a blog. It’s an attitude. No no no, it’s a RELIGION. And I’m a follower. So don’t even think of putting up stupid cartoons of her or I’ll burn down your blog.

There’s actually a lot more lah, but I’ll just put up these three ‘cos this is getting long and it’s getting late.
But I think it’s pretty clear the type of girls that I like, right? I like the smart, informed, witty and intelligent ones, independent and strong on their own, yet not afraid to kick some serious ass when the situation calls for it (as long as it’s not my ass).
Think Angelina Jolie in Tuan dan Puan Smith.

Those are really sexy qualities in a lady, and I think those girls have it and more.

Is there someone online, blogger or not, that you don’t mind dating if the circumstances are right? Perhaps now is the time to brighten up someone’s day and let that person know. πŸ™‚

94 Replies to “Girls I’d Date Based On Their Online Personalities”

  1. if I am a guy & I’d like to fool around, I’ll be attracted to fireangel.. she’s cute.
    for long term, perhaps Linda..
    but then again, it’s a date, not a marriage.. so GO with fireangel.. that is, if u can catch the fish.

  2. so good,valentine day is for dating in malaysia
    in my place here,it is day for girl to give boy present and chocolate….

  3. Yoyo, you’re in Japan is it? It’s the only place I know where girls give guys chocolates on Valentines Day. Then guys give girls chocolates back on White Day or something.
    Man, I wanna go to Japan.

  4. IF Linda is hot,
    THAT i can understand
    BUT what i cannot understand is what is so hot about fireangel?
    forgive me for my ignorance, but honestly i just don’t understand.

  5. HUH??? fireangel very pretty meh? very very very average looking only leh! i see a million such girls on the streets everyday

  6. lol…. tot this entry was was funny. πŸ˜›
    It’s refreshing to see guys sometimes like girls for their intelligence and wit, and not entirely for their looks and/or body and nothing else.
    Yayz! Good for you! πŸ˜€

  7. Hmmm… 3 hot chicas. Why don’t I sign you up for the STUD event… you get to date 3 chicas in one day! What say you dude? hahah!

  8. kenny are u fishing other girls for valentines? feel lonely eh?
    independent inteligent girls rowks man! u never know how or when they use mindtricks on u like Jedi in Starwars.. and also must be funny girl…
    but looks still important, u dont wana fuck no funny ugly bitch rite? no need to switch on the lights in the bed room..

  9. Aiyoh dudes, its very obvious that FireAngel is attractive because of her witty personality and her ability to convey it in proper english. Plus she actually looks cute to boot. Hence the whole idea of this particular blog, which Kenny nicely summarises near the end (which some of you obviously have probably missed since its visual over text for you lot.. heh), is his preference of smart, informed, witty and itelligent ones. NOT HOT AND VERY VERY PRETTY GIRLS.

  10. umm piscargot, yes, fireangel MAY be “witty” but you say she “looks cute” and kenny says “she’s pretty” and that’s all i don’t agree with. fireangel is one very plain jane IMHO

  11. It must be pretty sad for people when one gets defended online for being smart and average looking. Could be better if one leaves out the average looking bit.
    Just a suggestion.

  12. FA seems pretty fun from the stuff I read when she guestblogged at minishorts. I’d try hitting on her if it wasn’t for the fact I’m Vodka-phobic. (Oh yeah and terrified of the fact she’d rip my ego to shreds) :/
    On a side note, I wonder what’s the average age of the people who says she ain’t attractive. -__-?
    Linda and FF, I tak kenal sangat their blogs. So I shall commence S-ingTFU

  13. Do any of you stop and consider the feelings of the girls whom you’ve been dissing about being plain jane, and what’s so great about her, etc blah yadda so on and so forth?
    They have feelings too you know.
    To each his own, and if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. It won’t hurt you.

  14. Based on online personality.. hmm… because of your sense of humour, kenny, u’re probably the target of many girls. :O)
    And if mrbrown weren’t already married with kids, alot of gals probably won’t mind being his wife either.
    If I were lesbian.. hmm.. I’ve yet to read one who’s lesbian online. hmm..
    I read another blog (Verbal Diarrhea – which is written by an ah beng turned good. Also probably the type of guy I would date (if I didn’t already have my dreamguy now).

  15. Now list the five internet men you’d date based on their personalities (and because it’s all based on personality, you can do it from a NON-SEX/GAY/IF THEY WERE WOMEN sort of viewpoint, because we’re not talking pro-creating type stuff, we’re talkin on-line personality).
    Hmmm … sounds rather gay now that I think about it … get a nice girl to do it instead, or is this now a meme? πŸ™‚

  16. kenny,you can date a boy too,as you are posted on the gay website
    in japan,the 14th march will let the guy to give back white chocolate.white candies to the girl he think he accepts
    valaentine day is day for girls to show their love to man they like….
    danger,even married man will get chocolate from girl,and affairs happen when he decided to give a white candies back….

  17. I have no doubt that they are all good catches, but what makes you think that a guy with your looks and character could get a girl like that? Imagine if frjj writes in her blog that she would hypothetically date wonbin or brad pitt.

  18. wah…blind date or what?
    or u already know all of them in person? i mean real life or virtual one?
    is bit difficult to do prejudice lah…
    so dun judge a book by its cover lah..u have to discover urself the innner beauty / evil?
    good luck boy!

  19. Well, i really WOULD like to blog about a girl/blogger i wouldn’t mind dating, but people will start calling me a kennysia copycat…again…

  20. It amazes me to see people discussing about the ‘looks’ in a serious manner. What the fuck is up with people being so immature. Well, i am pretty sure these guys havent grown pubes. If you have experienced life and love, you will know the real deal. And these guys think they are hell of a gorgeous hunks, LOL, SOB’s. Ala, stop commenting on others lah, cipet’s.

  21. How idealistic. Everyone is suddenly only allowed to make happy, warm fuzzy comments.
    No ‘negative’ comments allowed, (even though I really DON’T think anyone who’s over 20 and names themselves “anything angel” is remotely kawaii) and suddently we’re all encouraged to practice “if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it f00!”
    Pfffffbt. Give us a break.
    Once you begin splashing your face all over the internet, expect comments. And if your face really cannot make it, then live with it.
    p/s – I have a valid email address. i don’t feel the need to be anonymous. Scared ah?

  22. Kenny, what’s happening,man?
    i dated a lot of girls during my teenage years till now. let it be girlfriends, flings or one night stands….i think each of those i went out with had that or at least one special quality i want in my woman.
    damn, just wish i can merge all of them into one “SUPER-HOT-CHICK”!!
    then i can die and go to heaven……

  23. waddafak: Such a sweet girl but the word f*** in every 2 sentences? Geezzzz… fan: that fire angel like to say fuc* alot doesn’t she?

  24. The phrase “çℒžè›€èŸ†æƒ³Γ₯ƒΓ₯Β€Β©Γ©ΒΉβ€¦Γ¨β€šβ€°Γ’β‚¬Β(or toads lusting over swans) comes to mind.

  25. chang hong, OMG I know that girl! I used to read her regularly until she changed her address. Thanks for the heads up. πŸ˜‰
    Hello ZH, I found you again.

  26. Heehee, Kenny doesn’t want to date me coz he wants to date one of my friends!
    Hor Kenny!? πŸ˜€
    And anyway, he won’t date me coz I will so kick his ass. I’ll shout at him to “BANG WO BAN JIA!” like the Tong Hua MTV girl and he will look all startled.
    Just that day, I told him he was not allowed to go to the bar and stay online and talk to me, and he actually agreed muahahahahhaha!
    Kenny you very tiu lian leh, keep getting bullied by girls, yet still want to date the strong type.
    Date shu nu lar!

  27. i think the only reason he wants to date the strong type is because he wants to feel owned and controled.. some ppl ment to be control freak, some dont.. it feels sexy when somebody tell u “u are mine!! and come and f*ck the shit out of me or i’ll kill u!!”.. in another word, kenny MIGHT wants to be sex slave!!! wahahahaha!!

  28. Kenny, you’ve got great taste for as far as bods and faces are concerned. But do you really like to date girls who can’t complete their sentences or thought processes without four-letter swear words?

  29. am waiting for this list to be updated…i doubt kenny is satistfied with just 3 girls.
    he looks like he can go all night long!
    just look at the flexibility and stamina with which he can touch his wriggly toes, again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again …….

  30. Kenny, does that monkey girl looks like the way she writes? There are no photos of her on her site but my impression is that she’s short, cute and round. Heheh.

  31. Tat fireangel fuck till the end of the video.
    My GOD!!
    Imagine u date her with a surprise…
    She might go..
    ” What a fucking surprise dear”
    ” You are fucking nice”

  32. Tat fireangel fuck till the end of the video.
    My GOD!!
    Imagine u date her with a surprise…
    She might go..
    ” What a fucking surprise dear”
    ” You are fucking nice”

  33. FA – quite pretty & a lil’ like HK star Cecelia Cheung. Too bad…her video kinda sucked…fake accent & pretentious way of talking

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