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  1. It would be hard not to stare though.
    Well guys will always look at “them”, but in this case you got “caught”. Tough luck Kenny. XD

  2. GG!!!!!!!!! GG!!!!!!!!!!!!! GG!!!!!!!!!! but hey…lOL its ok…xD but im more interested in ass’s than big boobs…xP

  3. kenny, of course, you were admiring the other guy’s watch, right? 😉
    I wonder how many guys in the world would have given up your left nut to be at the Naffnang Wild Live Party and then this one!

  4. what the fuck? if you are a real man, you won’t be claiming yourself innocent. what? have you been enjoying being ass raped in perth?
    by the way, that’s a pair of juicy racks.

  5. I see what you are looking at there, Kenny…is it your friend’s watch?
    As for me, I’m not staring either, but I do want to know when it’s time to meet a pretty Asian gal. My watch will be set to beautiful lady time zone, if I can figure out how to do it. LOL
    I like your blog and wish you the best!

  6. who din see the round things really canot call him a guy..
    ok.. this pic u are looking at other place..
    where u look at the most thru the whole night? wakaka

  7. looks like her tube/ dress has dropped abit from the top … are her tits showing ar? hahahhahahahahha … who wouldnt look at such a “view” … even the girls would … let alone a normal healthy guy!

  8. no no no… I think Kenny is looking at the guy’s watch. See? you can actually draw a straight line from his eyes right to the guy’s watch.
    Right? Right?

  9. If you don’t want people to stare, it’s common sense not to wear a purple polka dot Barney suit on the street.
    So if she doesn’t want people to stare at her boobs that’s spilling out, she wouldn’t wear that, would she. So, just stare lah, no harm in that wtf.

  10. well..assume that u r really innocent in that pic…but i’m sure u have looked at it many times when u r not caught in the act… who will not.. even ladies will look at it…actually…no reason for u to post up that saying u r caught in the act..except u wnat to let us know u have friend with such great boobs..=P… maybe u should provide any of her contact details..=P.. just babbling..

  11. 你跳进黄河也洗不清了! the pic is a strong evidence that u were lookin! notty Kenny :p

  12. All the prostitutes wear the same outfit, no? If that’s what you called a hot chick then you guys are really lame and shallow!

  13. There are so many sickos with sick comments. Guys, you lower down the standards of Asians further with your mini-mouse brain and silly comments.

  14. Actually u r doing the right thing.
    She dressed in that way is to show off
    her ‘assets’. She would be disappointed
    if nobody stares at her assets.
    U r such a gentleman…

  15. She is one hottie. Good on ya kenny but why only look? Or did you do more when the camera was not around?

  16. So i checked my blog tracker today and found my daily hits hit through the roof (or at least much higher than usual). Wondered if it was a mistake, until i saw that i was linked to your previous blogpost. Aah, that explains it.
    🙂 hey kenny. Wandering eyes, i see…

  17. It’s only natural men stares at what we think you are staring at… even if that pair of mammal glands look unnaturally huge.
    It’s only logical women who get themselves into such outfit have an illogical reason for giving men like you (and me) a logical reason to look at those set of logically placed mammal glands.
    So, if you’re doing something that is naturally yet logically correct – claiming innocence only if you don’t know what the pair of mammal glands should be.
    I wish was there too….

  18. any normal guy will stare at boobs like that.. even women will take a chance to stare at those half naked boobs… i bet u saw the aerola with dress so low like that…

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  20. it’s mammary glands. not mammal glands.
    and 1 rack = 2 breasts.
    so “a pair of juicy racks” would be described as follows:
    s = statement
    b = breast
    y = unknown
    s = 2 x y2b
    so you are referring to a total of at least 4 juicy breasts minimum, while I only see 2.
    get your terminology right before you start using them. i hate to be the bastard but u know, it’s gotta be done.
    examples: “her pair of breasts are fantastic”, “she’s got a juicy rack.”
    if anyone says “we’re not here to learn grammar” or whatever, i say to you “i’m not here to read bastardised grammar”.

  21. Who the hell is that ugly guy hugging that cute chick? This proves it…. money > looks.
    Either that or the guy has a lot of game or maybe everyone knows the girl has some sort of STD and only that idiot dunno.
    Anyway, cute chick has failed in life.

  22. hahaha, if kenny doesnt look at those awesome boobs , it means somethings wrong wif him
    dude! man are suppose to look at those assets! haha

  23. Quote:
    In court:
    Kenny: “Looks like me, peeps like me, but I won’t say that is 100% me”
    I vote this as the best comment for this post…

  24. lol!!!!!!!!!
    Ok ok to clear the air. I was focusing on what was happening in the foreground…just happened that Kenny was in the background. Just perfect timing I guess…hahahahahahaha!!!!!!
    (guys be nice with your comments ya…the other 3 ppl in the pic with Kenny are my friends)

  25. You guys seems to have miss out a significant detail. Look at where his right hand is heading too..itchy coconuts, kenny?

  26. Don’t you think is a bit too late to cover this girl face?? Somebody might have find out who is her. Swt

  27. Yes you are looking at her tits.
    Is that a fat bulge at your pants?

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