ADV: The Cheapest Way To Win A Trip To Old Trafford

If you go the your local supermarket these days, you might notice something a lil different.

No, it’s not that just prices of everything seems to have gone up since the 40% petrol price hike.
It’s the fact that Mister Potato has gone from looking like this.

To now looking like this.

Yes, seems like Mister Potato has decided to abandon his potato farm in Mexico, shave off his moustache, put on his jersey and start a new career as a professional football player.
Gotta say though, without his moustache, Mister Potato bears an uncanny resemblance to Portugese winger Cristiano Ronaldo.

Heh heh heh. Of course that’s not exactly true lah.
That’s the new promotional packaging in conjunction with a massive campaign that the snack food co is running.
And I do mean MASSIVE.

To celebrate the downfall of office productivity due to football-crazy Malaysians staying up till 5am every night to watch the Euro 2008 live, Mister Potato has unveiled their football-themed packaging as an homage to our love for all things football.

However, the boffins at Mister Potato has taken it a step further.
In addition to the new limited edition packaging, Mister Potato is giving you guys a shot at an opportunity of a lifetime: To watch a football match LIVE in arguably the most famous football stadium of all time.

We’re talking the Theatre of Dreams.
Home of the Red Devils.
Stomping ground of Manchester United.

The Old Trafford in Manchester, England!

It is not just going to be that one or two lucky buggers that will be going on this all-expense paid trip to Manchester, England.
No, not even ten. Not even twenty.
Mister Potato is going to send THIRTY lucky buggers hopping on that plane to Manchester, England!

This is no joke. This is a true golden opportunity of a lifetime.
Each seat is worth at least RM15,000 and includes flights, accomodation, match tickets and an exclusive tour of stadium and museum.
What’s the catch, you say?
Well, what you gotta do is become the most gung-go Mister Potato wrapper collector in Malaysia.

The limited edition canister seal is worth 3 points, the large packet is worth 2 points and the small packet is worth 1 point each.
Become the Top 30 Football Point collector and you’ll be guaranteed a seat on that plane to Manchester United’s home stadium. Get into the Top 3 and you’ll win RM5,000 spending money.

Not quite.
Considering how kiasu Malaysians are now becoming, this is by no means a simple feat.
One thing for sure, you’ll be competing with people who have no qualms spending RM10,000 on Mister Potato products as “investment” just to win that RM15,000 trip to Old Trafford.
If you don’t have that sum of money lying around, how else are you gonna win?

The trick is to collect as many of those Mister Potato packets and canister seals WITHOUT spending too much of your own money.
So what can you do?
Take it from me. Here are THREE tips for you, that’ll assure you’ll reserve at least one seat among the thirty for that all expense paid trip to Old Trafford.

Tip #1: Kidnap Mister Potato

Kidnapping the big-headed mascot of Mister Potato is like almost kidnapping the President of USA. It’s dirty, it’s risky, it’s evil. Yes.
But if you can achieve that, then surely you can get them to give you whatever you want.
Including all the Mister Potato wrappers you want from their printing factory.

Tip #2: Intercept the postages at Mister Potato HQ

Because all contest entry forms must eventually go to the Mister Potato HQ in Subang Jaya, we just intercept the postages before they reach the person in charge.
That’s the idea of Pik Yen, Michelle, Jayce, Nick and Sheng Li, who collectively devised an ingenious strategy to disguise themselves as the official security guards in order to steal the wrappers from other contestants.

They gotta work on the a better diguise though.

Unfortunately, those two suggestions are borderline legal. And shall not take any responsibility if you get into trouble with the law.
However, the next tip is not only effective, it is also perfectly legal. 😉
Tip #3 is…

Tip #3: Become Good Friends With Cindy’s Dad

If Mr Tey can spend thousand of ringgit in SMS votes to help his daughter win Malaysian Dreamgirl, surely it’s no problems for him to buy you one whole TON of them Mister Potato wrappers right?


Is there anyone reading this own or operated a fitness centre before?
Please pop me an e-mail at I’ll buy you coffee and we need to talk. 🙂

83 Replies to “ADV: The Cheapest Way To Win A Trip To Old Trafford”

  1. “If Mr Tey can spend thousand of ringgit in SMS votes to help her daughter win Malaysian Dreamgirl, surely it’s no problems for him to buy you one whole TON of them Mister Potato wrappers right?”
    ” her daughter? “o_O
    Intentionally or accidently?
    anyways , great post!

  2. No. I want. I doubt I could though.
    I’m still young for this contest .. WASTED?!!
    Kenny, tell Mr Potato to held more of this type of contest next time. AHAHH!

  3. Real Gunners,
    That was a good one from u….
    Kenny, probably u wanna consider his idea… as your TIP #4…
    Happy Collecting Seals….
    I won’t be so crazy to spend all my $$$ on eating junks…. even though I know how much it means to go to Old TrAfford as a Man Utd Fan.

  4. hey kenny when are you annoucing which lucky bugger gets to go bangkok with you????
    dying of anticipation here waiting for you to post the results!!! =)

  5. i am more interested with becoming Cindy’s dad friend.
    Mr potato? erm..lets stick with Cindy’s dad la (by the way, his daughter Hot!)

  6. What’s the point of using Cristiano Ronaldo as their MAN U wrapper mascot when he is so determined to go to Real Madrid?
    The Marketing team ought to have thought up of factors like this…later…the 3 winners are there at the Old Trafford…
    “Oi! Where’s my Cristiano Ronaldo! Cheat money har! I complain to UEFA then you know!”
    Mikael Silvestre in place of Ronaldo…hmm…it’s a very good deal indeed.

  7. Lol, are you sure you’re posting this up? Not afraid being sue by the MDG winner herself? Anyway, love ya post.. Interesting read indeed!

  8. i dont understand why ks is now promoting gambling just becos he rcv some $ for this adv write up?
    obviusly, plain joe who has only rm100 or even rm500 wont be able to win such contest becos ppl like Cindy’s father’s financial standing can afford to gamble away with rm5000 just to hv a shot at the prize.
    These organisers resort to such contest criteria of having to be the “most senders”, “most this-and-that” are nothing but a bunch of lamers who rely on the greed of individuals who might wanna be a winner.
    Logic and cow sense will tell u that normal consumption of such products wont win u anything.
    So how much u gonna bet on this contest? RM5000? RM10000? Who are the losers?
    Have they forgotten about Celcom’s 100cars100days contest? How many more suckers are out there?

  9. Kenny,
    Its one thing to make fun of Cindy’s Dad – he deserves it if he did in fact bought those votes. Its quite another to get him to take a photo with you, putting him up there knowing you’ll use it to make fun of him.

  10. Kenny, I’d like to challenge your statement about Old Trafford being the most famous football stadium of all time.
    Firstly, what about Wembley?
    Secondly, what about Estadio da Luz of old Benfica? At one point had the largest capacity in the world, home to legends such as Eusebio etc.
    Thirdly, what about Anfield? Liverpool’s 5 European Cups, compared to United’s 3.
    Fourthly, what about Camp Nou? Home of Barcelona and the largest stadium in Europe.
    and the Maracana in Brazil?
    This last couple are just me sort of grasping at straws, but even the Emirates Stadium and Allianz Arena are better looking. Both are often praised for their architectural genius and modern look.
    Old Trafford is famous only in South East Asia for well-known reasons I need not really go into.

  11. If everyone is buying Mister potato chips, demand will increase, and the Mister Potato factories will be needing more cooking oil and potatoes to produce more chips, which means that potato and oil prices will increase…..which means that food prices will increase… the vicious circle.

  12. kenny!!! when are you gonna announce the winners for the “Eat A Chip Like Kenny Sia” contest? I want to know if i won!!! I’m awaiting the good news!

  13. Going to old trafford is fantastic, but too bad I am an Arsenal fan! Wohoo! Arsenal rocks!!!! Btw, nothing against your entry and I think you have lotsa creativity in your jokes, but do you think it is good idea to put up Cindy’s dad photos and using his actions as a joke? If I am Cindy’s dad and I read this, I probably won’t get angry and wouldn’t mind, but still not so nice la, haha.

  14. Whoa, RM15000 for 30 people… seriously, that is such a waste of money. I mean, I do realize this opportunity is rare and tons of football fans would be ecstatic to know about this and appreciate the opportunity, but seriously, aren’t there far more better and important things to spend RM450,000 on than this?

  15. Ok, I agree with the idea of Cindy’s dad. No problem with the daughter. 😛
    But hey, my post was the 1st on intercepting at the source! Perhaps great minds think alike, or i need lawyers for plagiarism of ideas. n_n just kidding. Anyway, if you would like to know more of my idea, it’s at:
    Mister Potato Project Trafford

    Join me to infiltrate into Mister Potato’s factory!

  16. u’d probably end up with a very bad sorethroat and really sick after devouring so much potato chips, haha. gotta struggle with the pain if u do win!

  17. wah kenny i thought u supported cindy all the way but now u believe in that she won due to her dad’s massive sms?
    haha. quite hard to not to believe though @_@
    15k of visitors view ur page daily. cindy G.G

  18. Kenny, can I suggest you marry Cindy IMMEDIATELY on condition that your father in law buys you a Ton of Mister Potato. Plenty smart isnt? Dont have to thank me so profusely. I will only give brilliant ideas to Kenny and nobody else. Because we are best buddies mah!!

  19. i really miss those posts you used to do when u were a less ‘famous’ blogger.I used to laugh over those like ‘i am bimbo’ post. hahaha, nowsaday , it’s just different.

  20. Wow, it’s really a good deal. Should I using my petrol subsidy bet on this? RM625 to buy all Mr.Potatoes chips to win the >RM15000 trip….I’m MU big fans! Oh ya…I did claimed my petrol subsidy last week…only 5mins process, of course excluded the queuing time 😛 …more details on my blog

  21. Funny that King should bring that up. I was thinking the same thing. What I mean is that, your posts, Kenny… used to be more humane and funny. Every time I click open your blog and see a product mention, I knew what to expect.
    But hey, it’s your blog.

  22. same lo, now got money can win mister potato contest.
    i wonder why kenny is supporting such contest gimmicks? end of the day is it really all abt the money? hv the ppl forgotten, few winners, many losers. So how much are u gonna pun in this contest? RM5000? RM7000? RM8001? RM10009.50?

  23. How unconsiderate of you… The malaysian Dream girls have been over for so long and you still talking about it…
    Well her dad can vote for her because he loves his daughter, why don’t you just get your belated fater to make you win the contest!!!

  24. “why don’t you just get your belated fater to make you win the contest!!!”….
    look who`s talking bout being inconsiderate…get a life,Su.

  25. Kenny, no offence but this entry is not funny at all. The tip #4 is just too much. So dissapointed at your cynical attitude in this post.

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