Why I Should Date Singaporean Girls

She wasn’t the first girl to throw a marriage proposal my way, you know.
I’m always gonna remember twirly mouth babe Scarlett Ting as the first one who (jokingly) asked me to marry her. Then there’s Finicky Feline who didn’t propose, but named me as one of the guys she’d date. I tell you, reading their entries is enough to make my testicles grow to twice their original size.

Hmmm… which one should I choose? [Ting art by Jayaxe, Feline masterpiece by Caleb. ]

Coincidentally, the three ladies share a common trait, ie they are all Singaporean. Alright, I know Ting is from JB and Finicky Feline is from Penang. But to me they are still Singaporean. See, Kenny’s definition of a Singaporean is someone who has been living in Singapore for a considerable amount of time. NOT someone who doesn’t understand what their own national anthem means because its in bloody Malay.
The whole thing got me thinking once again of a hypothetical situation. What if I am single and available and looking for a girlfriend; and what if XiaXue, Ting and Feline weren’t joking and were 100% serious about wanting to hook up with me?
I think my first reaction would be “HAR? YOU WANNA DATE ME? YOU SIAO GINAH AR?!”
Siao ginah

Hair Contortionist – An example of a ‘Siao Ginah’

That’s not discounting the ladies because obviously they are arguably the most wanted and eligible bachelorettes in the blogging community. Its just that I’d be totally dumbfounded why anyone would consider me boyfriend material. I am, after all, just an average-looking guy from the small city of Kuching who still lives with his mother and two dogs with no names.
Yes, my two dogs have no names. I kinda ran out of doggie names to call them, so the poor bastards have been called “Oi, YOU!” for quite some time now. At one point I even named them ‘Jayden’ and ‘Kirsten’, after my sister’s two children. Don’t think my sister is gonna be too happy if she finds out.
Anyway, back to the topic at hand.
I’m not gonna lie here. Nicole can chop me to pieces later, but I find Singaporean women in general very, very, very attractive. By ‘attractive’ I mean either they look pretty, or they have a nice character, or both.
They are so attractive in fact, even the Malaysian girls who’ve lived there come back looking pretty. I’m being honest here. To date, I haven’t yet met a Singaporean girl I can truthfully say is ugly. Sometimes I feel I’m a little bit out of their league.
Regardless, here I am taking a page off Finicky Feline’s book err… blog, and present to you – reasons why myself (and perhaps other Malaysian men) should and should not date Singaporean girls.

Why I should date Singaporean girls:
1. Singaporean girls have fantastic fashion sense
The MNG, the m}phosis, even the This Fashion (or was it That Fashion? heh heh) all deserve a medal for sprucing up Singaporean girls with something nice to wear and giving the guys something nice to look at at the same time. 🙂
2. Singaporean girls have a good sense of humour
Two girls I know in Perth (Candice and Rekha) are perfect examples of this. Actually I reckon Singaporeans in general have a good sense of humour. They know the difference between a sarcastic insult and a sarcastic joke, and they know when to take things seriously and when to have light-hearted fun. I don’t have to worry as much about offending someone when I joke.
3. Singaporean girls are more open about their sexuality
This one you can see for yourself in their blogs. Singaporean girls have no hesitation talking about sex in the same blog where they put their photos and real name, wheras Malaysian girls feel the need to hide behind an anonymous pseudonym before they can write anything about sex. Why ar? Social stigma lah.
4. Singaporean girls are capable of forming their own opinion
Despite my parents’ insistence, I have absolute zero interest in quiet docile women who looks sweet on the outside, but hollow on the inside. I don’t like girls who follow exactly what I said to the dot and keep quiet if I did something wrong that they don’t like. I don’t wanna date a maid who accepts everything I ask of them. I want girls who have brains and can think for themselves, not a doormat. Singaporean girls know what they want, and they say what they want. It makes the relationship more ‘human’, and that I admire.
5. Singaporean girls know how to party
I went to Zouk once and I was amazed to see the girls there doing the Para-Para, the Teppanyaki, or whatever dance you call it. I tried to dance but end up looking like I was jogging on the spot. Maybe dating a Singaporean girl could turn me into a Michael Flatley.
6. Singaporean girls are health conscious
Nowadays its all low fat, low carb, low everything. Can save money on dinner ‘cos she’ll just be drinking a glass of water.
7. Singaporean girls are more financially independant

Salary in Singapore is better and the exchange rate to Ringgit is pretty good at the moment. Money is never enough. Then again, having a lot of money is one thing. Unfortunately, knowing how to spell the word “BUDGET” is another thing.

Why I should NOT date Singaporean girls:
1. Cash, Car, Condominium, Credit Card, Career.
I don’t have lah!

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  1. aiya, simple la, change the 5 c’s, then i am sure u will fit liao… (hehehe i AM not in denial!! :o)
    comedian, certificate, career (u got something along that line last i read), composure, can do attitude..
    ok.. i think i broke my brain cells doing that! no more using of brains cells tonight!! there, made u happy yet?
    btw… u have not met many ugly char bor in s’pore, but i have met quite a few, me included… but ok la, my personality still can take it.
    the worst is still the bitch who looks like.. dang, cant describe =X

  2. Are you serious about “Singaporean girls are capable of forming their own opinion”? Wow… can I date you? :p

  3. you are so getting more proposals lor… soon all the single female singaporean bloggers are going to be taking trips to kuching for a glimpse of u. you know u might have just helped to increase your state’s tourism revenue. =D

  4. I have the perfect reason why you should marry me instead.
    Gracie mentioned something about single female singaporean bloggers are going to be taking trips to kuching for a glimpse of you right?
    I did a step further than that. i shall send u a mail to justify that.

  5. Dude, reason number 6 is a good enough reason for me to stay away from those kinda girls. Health conscious is bad. I know a Singaporean girl who prohibits her boyfriend from eating fast food, chips and cookies.

  6. Plee..z.ze. Cut to the chest. Chest? YES, YES, YES! My hairs are all lined up in tremble just going down the list-of-dooms, the outdated pretentious moral high ground checklists. They just want to land a fortune and be taken care of for the rest of their lives, and on the contrary, since our brains are grown on the wrong spot, quite a welcoming mistake if I may add, we simply want to get into their pants. Cases in point: Kun-Li, a beautiful and well-to-do actress from Mainland married to a divorced executive, a rich beautiful Brazilian model to the ugly Rolling Stone old man, so is Larry King’s current wife, and the list goes on. But the highlight has to be Greenspan’s then girlfriend/bimbo 20 years his junior, who was clueless when Greenspan proposed twice in his trademark convoluted cryptic lingo. Finally, the third time, he simply asked “Do you want a small wedding or a big wedding?”, that she got without a doubt and accepted.
    Life is rather straightforward if there are no rules, instead relying on our instinct, surprisingly rather inclusive, or put differently, can cast a wider net. There is a Chinese saying only if someone can help input it which goes like this: “if man is not a trash, no woman would love”. Here are the general instinctive guidelines for your targets, and as always there are exceptions:
    -The more beautiful they are the most faults they will find on their bodies and hence the less self-esteem.
    -Those already into taking risks, such as smoker, drinking, tattoo at her butt, piercing and so on.
    -The older they are as the biological clock is ticking away.
    -Those loner, always standing by the corner.
    I’m going hiding now, OK! I can see you gals and may be a few Ah-Mah are all up in arms. Remember, there is nothing that I would rather love than you all. Peace on earth.

  7. Oh, so you like girls with faux splatted on their faces as thick as the cement on your wall? Ooooo…. So I see! 😛

  8. lol. my bf told me he was glad i’m not one of the salad-picking, low-fat milk girls (else how to go out and eat totally yummyyy singapore and msian food??)
    i’m glad too. 😀
    and this must be one of those rare posts where singapore girls aren’t really being lambasted. *cheers*
    – singaporean girl

  9. You actually liked the Para Para dance?!!
    Then you’re not into Singaporean girls lah, you’re into Ah Lians.
    Ho ho ho.

  10. forget the sg girls. they look good on the outside, but they really don’t have the substance… the kind only you-know-who can give you. that’s right, msian men that’s who! don’t lie to yourself, you know you want it. the alligator between my buttcheeks sombrely awaits you~
    ravishingly yours
    The malaysian man of Substance.

  11. I think the reason of why not to marry a singapore girl is because that all of the REQUIRE 5’C which stands for..CELAKAK,CANABIS, CONDOM, CHEE BYE & LASTLY CHICKEN~!
    If i where Kenny Sia.Com have to consider loh…if not…my life will be like HELL!hehehehe

  12. Singaporean girls are extremely choosy. How do I justify that statement? Well, I haven’t gotten a girlfriend yet. And no girl has asked me whether I’m available, to the best of my knowledge. Nice character? Hah! Then again, I don’t really care…

  13. I have always thought that both Malaysian and Spore girls are about the same. Except that spore girls care about those C’s. =P I think Kenny’s attracted to those cutey type girls, which blogs. That’s the difference.

  14. not all singaporean women are materialistic, that’s just a stereotype. even the materialistic ones have feelings.
    but i wouldn’t go for singaporean girls now because… well… ipoh girls are cuter 😉

  15. Wow, didn’t realize I was kennysia-ed! If you want, I can draw a full frontal of Ting for you, because I met her before. Hope she doesn’t sees this! Haha.
    P.S. By ‘full frontal’, I don’t mean nudity ah.

  16. Ah, come on, Kenny, please wake up, are you sure you wanna date a Singaporean girl? Think twice, brother, think twice! Like the guy called “taste” said, “they look good on the outside, but they really don’t have the substance”. They’re just “tin kosong”, good looking can outside, but kosong inside, that’s one of my friends advised me when I first came over to Sg 7 years ago. I’m glad I’m dating a sweet Sarawakian girl right now. Lol! And yes, I say or everyone should say, “Malaysian girls BOLEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  17. Kenny, this post *almost* has the purpose to incite war between S’pore and M’sian girls la… Actually, if you weren’t taken, or if I weren’t taken I’d want to date you too!

  18. “Malaysian girls feel the need to hide behind an anonymous pseudonym before they can write anything about sex”
    Ahem. I think I’m gonna demand for you to retract that statement Mr Sia
    And I can find other Msian girl blogs that are very honest about this kinda stuff yknow 😉

  19. Disclaimer: Do I really need to put a disclaimer telling everyone I was joking about the materialistic 5 C thing? Of course I know not all singaporean girls are made like that. It was an old stereotype that I played up that’s all. 🙂 Calm down calm down.
    Panda, you change the 5Cs! 🙂 And what’s the new 5Cs Sg girls want from guys now? Chivas, Coca Cola, Chicken Rice, Chee Cheong Fun and Char Kuey Teow? Ok sorry that was lame.
    ShaolinTiger, eh you Shaolin Harimau. Yes I should turn into a Sarong Party Guy and date a Brit huh? 😉
    Kim, yalah I’m serious about that one although some would disagree. When it comes to debates, sg girls steal the limelight with ease.
    suanie, errr… Malaysian girls are… ummm… better! There! Shittyshittyfuckfuck I’m SO getting into trouble with the M’sian girls…
    gracie, hahahaahaaaa! Righttttt. They can all visit me in the Sarawak Zoo.
    Ting, thanks for the e-mail. I got it. 🙂 Yes, we are fated indeed. Hope you’re feeling better though. *hugs*
    vincent, heh. If SHE is health conscious then that’s a good thing. But if she forces HIM to be health conscious as well, then its a baddddd thing.
    Pope, and that is precisely why I cannot afford to date a Singaporean! Haha!
    minishorts, the only sexy stuff we know about you is your yeast infection you know? And you gotta thank Caleb for that. Heh heh.
    Eels, hey at least they know how to properly put on make up.
    Anantya, its alright I have plenty of opportunity to blast sg girls in the future. heh heh.
    moon, it was quite unexpected I get more sg visitors than malaysian visitors. But I like. 🙂
    FF, *pwn3d!*
    romantic, shit. That makes them even more out of reach then.
    kimm, *choke* err…. you will always be my number two! No, not the toilet number two. Sorry, have to reserve the number one spot to Nicole.
    taste, ewwww. I don’t think I want any of your brown substance on my dick, thank you.
    caleb, Reason Why I Should Date Thai Chicks : Three words. Ping Pong Balls. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAA!!
    kahsoon, ain’t working in Perth now bah.
    Jordan, why would a Singaporean girl require CELAKAK like you said? And they don’t require a Chee Bye lah. They are already equipped with one. What lah you.
    suspiciousbastard, what i meant is. They either look good, or they have nice character. Unfortunately usually the ones that look good have not-so-nice character and the ones that don’t look so good have really nice characters. Only the rare ones have both. My theory anyway.
    Lyon, eh look at my links on the right hand side. How many cutesy type girls I have linked?
    fip, not all singaporean women are materialistic? See that’s where you’re wrong. ALL… singaporean women are materialistic. 😀 ok lah I was kidding. But of course I knew. I was playing that stereotype anyway.
    ah 9, are you talking about my entry or are you talking about my manhood?
    felinesaredivine, yes. that too. 🙂
    Gambs, someone should do a post why people should date kuching guys. heh heh heh.
    Joe, hmmm… i won’t be comparing. 🙂
    NSDS3, oooh yeah! I know exactly what you’re talking about man.
    Mirei, I’m getting better. Thanks.
    Jayaxe, whoa! You mean one that’s untwirled? That would be like unlocking pandora’s box!
    CED, well anyway I won’t be dating anyone else anytime soon ‘cos I’m attached.
    Hsin, yalor hor. I noticed that too. I kena atomic bombed by my female Malaysian friends already. Wasn’t my intention to compare. Eh what lah you, don’t have to tell me that you have a crush on me so publicly lah! 😉
    Lainie, gee I somehow overlooked you when I wrote that line. My bad my bad.

  20. u jealous of roberto is it? Haha eh u blog damn funny man. Im not saying u are bad lah just that Ting is more into that ang moh. Btw im singaporean also but not attractive haha

  21. haha i know you know, kenny 😉 i was just reinforcing it for the dopes who didn’t get it.
    i used to date a s’porean girl. she’s materialistic, yes, won’t deny that. but she also has a good heart and is a genius in her academics. materialistic, that’s only one facet of the diamond. there’s so much more you can see in a person, if you’re patient enough to look. i don’t think being from m’sia or s’pore or the moon should have anything to do with the date-ability of a person, it’s their soul, their overall personality, that attracts you to them.

  22. I am not into ang mohs!!! Wahahaha, my closest friends will know I am into cheeeeeeenaaaa man, er MEN.
    If Kenny likes Singaporean, I am.
    If Kenny likes Malaysian, I also am!
    Feeling slightly better my dear, *hug* thanks 🙂
    And yes Jayaxe, I shall see how you can draw me from memory! Hurhurhur! Take one of my swirled pictures and then add in details from memory? 😛

  23. pls… credit card no use. u need cold hard cash.
    any tom dick and harry can have credit card. but no money = in debts with the banks…

  24. You forgot also another reason why never date a Singaporean – that butt plug constantly up their – ahem. 😀
    I’m half Singaporean, I’m allowed to say that! 😀

  25. whey. you forget whey. even mr brown say he also think i very hot.
    proves that my sexy-ness has nothing to do with my itchy, yeast-vomiting vagina.
    i’m just born sexy. full stop.

  26. This Fashion… My aunt’s favourite place. I prefer MNG though and now that Kuching has MNG I won’t be craving for it as much as I used to after I got back from Singapore.
    Yes, I do agree that girls who come back from Singapore are different. How different? Well, it depends on who you hang out with over there. The society you mix with over there…
    Girls there are more fashion conscious but I think KL girls as fashion conscious as Singaporean girls too. More health conscious is a definite. Gym owners make big money there.
    And yes, it makes you feel oh-so-comfortable when the girl is more open about her sexuality which automatically makes them more straightforward and unafraid to voice out their opinions in a relationship.

  27. omg mr sia! u realised wat u’ve jus started up?? ur comment link has unleashed the fury of the m’sians girls, buttered up to the s’porean ones and released a HUGE ejaculation of misogynistic stereotype comments by ur ball-y counterparts. And i’d always thot such discussions/comments was to be avoided at all times! Feminism mean anything to u? let’s not talk white feminism, in this case, ethnic feminism…

  28. NIKI! Hahahaaa! You know… considering your orientation, I find the butt plug comment mildly amusing. 🙂
    gabrielle, not true. I read every single comment coming in here leh.
    Tiffy chaboh, ehhhhh… since when I become misogynistic ah?! Just ‘cos I praised the singaporean girls doesn’t mean I look down on the malaysian girls lah. I’m still dating a KL girl, no? I thought we had a bit more tolerance for that thing. Oh no. I better dig a hole for myself. 😐 On a totally unrelated note, happy birthday. 🙂

  29. huh 5C’s? no more.. I heard one of my SG fren back there. They want it more.. They want 5 B’s now:
    Bungalow, BMW, Billionaire, Big Boss and of course BIG D*CK hahaha

  30. really flattering of u.
    such a good impression of us singaporean girls.reading that entry makes me smile.;)
    love ur site by the way.hilarious!

  31. dude, if only you’re a singaporean man. my singaporean guy friend tells me me singaporean girls are difficult to date BECAUSE they always have an opinion about everything. He accused me of being argumentative. WHERE GOT??? i’m so benign, honest. :p

  32. Dude.
    I’ve studied and lived in Singapore.
    Malaysian Girls > Singapore Girls when it comes to being incredible girlfriends.
    Singapore girls are better when you want a fling. (But all the best in trying to end it).
    The girls you mentioned, were brought up in Malaysia.
    I rest my case.

  33. dude, singaporean girls dress better than malaysian girls? i don’t know but have u been to malaysia? besides, that picture of yours isn’t really convincing. in my opinion, i think u just love them for their nationality? nuff said.

  34. i’m a singaporean girl, but i won’t hesitate to say that i feel malaysian girls will make better wives in the traditional sense. from what i know, most are extremely family-oriented, warm and friendly. 🙂
    they’ll be the ones who stay at home to take care of your parents, children, clean the house etc., but singaporean girls in general place their independence and careers ahead of family. haha it just depends on what a guy’s looking for! 😉

  35. Actually, is it really fair to make generalisations about women based on the country they reside/used-to-reside in?
    I think you can find what you deem the ‘Singaporean girl’ on either sides of the Causeway…

  36. Well even Singaporean couldnt tame their own girl and they need to import wife frm Malaysia, Vietnam and Myanmmar .Sg girl is way too independent… I think in 20-30 years down the road , Singapore will become a girl power city and men who work there just like a slave. Just imagine those sitting in the fish tank at geylang will be guy instead of girl ! Something to cheers about rite ? At least man got another career prospect to dwell on …whahah 😀

  37. Hey.. let me just say sumthing here for those who leave their comments..
    I’m a SG gerl and I can safely say that we here dun really care bout e 5 C’s..
    Its only a bunch of dodos who really wants it from their man..
    Our top priority is studies. And of course, health, in which u ppl perceive as going on drastic measures of havings diets..
    About fashion.. we have money.. so we spend them.. and no, we dun just ask money from our parents.. we work for them..
    thats sumthings those malaysian girls dun have..
    so quit condemning us aite.. juz bcoz u cant get to our level of competency that would give u the rite 2 slam us..
    stop bein preposterous.
    get a life.

  38. Some comments are true some are not. l dated m’sain n s’pore girls b4 both have their good n bad points. but spore girl r getting more demanding n independent, its like a virus n its spreading north to jb n up up up.

  39. All these talk about Singapore girls sets me into a deep mode of thoughts….about 20 years ago…Singapore girls is no different than any other ladies in the region….but as society progress…things starts to compromise….you can find most denizens in most develope or going to be deveope countries a wee bit cocky….maybe the price that we are all paying for what we call sophistication and modernisation….to a point that relationship anf friendship becomes so complex..
    sad its true
    life will only get lonelier…to a point that you will have so much to spend but so little friends to spend and enjoy life with….sad but true
    its nothing to do with gender….its just the evolution of a mindset from simplicity to complexity….its just not Singapore that is experiencing it…..ask the New Yorkers if you doubt what I say ….

  40. i am from singapore and i think i am very ugly..
    but i am not goin to meet u.. but anyway i am too young for u.. i am less than 15 years this year..

  41. Cash, Car, Condominium, Credit Card, Career that’s is what guys used to think. Nowadays the new 5Cs is Cock, Cock, Cock, Cock and Comdoms.
    I know you only have 1 cock, so just give her 4 times.

  42. Aiyah … why you so compare bout Msian girls wan? Singapoe girls aren’t they msian stock originally before LKY took over.
    “Singapoe girls more open sexually” – its a small island, they have no where to go to do active sports like “mountain climbing or snorkelling”.
    “Sing girls capable forming their own opinion” – Been watching too much Sex in the city or just an influence from Asia Bagus?
    Sing girls more financially idependent – They’ll offer to pay for romantic dinner date?
    Does it mean that you can be house husband spending your “domestic days” playing golf or playstation?
    Sing girls know how to dance – So can Msian girls at the bar tables of Beach Club!!
    Aiyah women are women afterall … its just dat you haven’t met the right one !!! But you’re still young so take your time whether its singapolean or msian or afrikan?

  43. I usually read xiaxue’s blog, but recently i find your blog quite amusing and intruiging. Haha…being a Singaporean girl, I am extremely flattered. But Singaporean will never admit to looking pretty or beautiful. Most are too shallow lar…but I think we sort of whine too much when out with our bfs…haha…
    And I think Kenny didn’t insult malaysian girls. I mean, he didn’t even make a consistent comparison…Malaysian girls are still girls what. No worries!

  44. I’d love to see a man with their period. Okay? Give them a case of the sniffles and they go fetal on you. Stop being such and man and just remember that without Premenstrual syndrome, postmenstrual system and the actual week, there would be no men.

  45. “Singaporean girls know how to party” -> hey, i do not see why this is a plus points unless of course, you are a clubber too.

  46. It really doesn’t matter. I was borned in Msia, lived in Australia,Hong Kong and China. I have had quite a few girlfriends as I make quite a bit of $$$. I have had girlfriends of many races and each has been an experience (English, Japanese, Msia, Aussie, HK, Chinese, Sing.). But I can say that Japanese and English people are more fascinating to me as they have very different attitudes towards life besides making money and going all designer and driving BMW 545i or Merc SLK 350. Status is becoming so important to Singaporeans it is quite sad. I once took a Singaporean girlfriend to buy AAA quality fake designer handbags and watches and she bought 15 items but when I took an English model there she just bought one item (on both occasions I DIDN’T PAY ). Don’t let sociey shape you. I like money and stuff and cars but not because I can show off but because it gives me great pleasure and fun. Remember the purpose in life is to live a meaningful life with all sorts of experiences . I have even tried coke, grass and xtc but it was just for the experience. So what its no big deal. I think the Sing govt. has done a poor job in shaping individuals and have made conformity a priority. i don’t think that’s good at all it just makes people boring and stereotype going after the same things. If you asked me i would say not really.

  47. That’s not saying much about the “siao ginah”‘s hair… I can swear that I have seen more African American’s hair wore up SO MUCH WORST than that siao ginah’s hair…. they have a big pony tail on top of their head… very scary….brrr…. Mo Gui Chang… already.

  48. there is no such thing as PERFECT in life.. MOST of the singapore girls that u guys are talking about are just those “pretty dumb blondes” who knows nothing but fun n partying. they put tons and tons of makeups on their face.. n u call them pretty?? well.. imagine someday..out of the blue..they dont use makeups. do u stil consider them PRETTY? i doubt so. unlike malaysian girls.. not all though.. stil look great even without makeups.. n well, i’m from kch and i assure u, kch girls (especially the natives and those mixed) are really pretty. i’m chinese mixed iban(a native from sarawak) and when i moved to KL to further my studies, i get alooooottt of complements from ppl bout my appearance. they said i dont look like those typical chinese. an i’m sure that those singapore girls that u guys are talking about are those thin, dress sexily, typical chinese.. and oyea..do u realize they look pretty much alike?? not in appearance but dressing, style and etc. rite? well, i wonder what do they know besides trying their very best to look good to impress guys and to make themselves feel better? sad thing.. this shows tat singapore girls actually have very low self esteem..! SAD!! well..to end this.. i conclude that those kind of girls are best just for FUN but i’m sure its not for LIFE !

  49. Girls shouldn’t be judged based on their nationality ok. Just bcuz the S’poreans whom u came across in life have good looks + personality doesnt mean that they’re all like that. Don’t stereotype them girls. 🙂
    Haiyoh. As long as they’re girls with dignity, integrity, good personality and willing to work hard for life, who cares where they come from??

  50. This is pure craziness. Just becuz he praises Singaporean girl doesn’t mean he is putting down Malaysian girls. Stop trying to be sour grapes because there is nothing to be envious about. Each girl is different in their own right. By putting down what he just praised just shows that you are narrow minded and petty.

  51. this is lame… all of your reasons for singaporeans are BS!! this is way tooooo generalizing singaporeans!!! all i have to say is go out and meet more ppl… singaporeans are cocky.. that’s all i gotta say

  52. what a fantasy trip u hav created for yrself indulge but pls come bk to earth when r ready! hey get a real life buy a dog share the life or something.sorry tried to ignore u but i guessed u r quite used to it by now, therefore yr spore’s girls STORIES!!!!there a difference between classified, class n classless 1 brownie point for u if u can guess which class u r less u dun no which class u r.sad u even need to ask to be poke guessed u can only get poke tis way!

  53. i like girl who is daring,carefree and true to herself. Regardless where she from i buy her…and those have good sense of dressin, good in party, open in sexuality, opinionated etc.. i think does not play significant point to opt in date game, maybe for those simple guy

  54. omg are you telling me that you’re going to talk to singaporeans sex oftenly? Dude ,are you a whore or something?Besides ,they open their sexuality cause you’ll go bankrupt soon and i know it’s common in sg.

  55. 女人绝对比男人好色的证据(一个字事实)
    看看,你还敢说自己色?女人的色永远在骨子里,她们追求的色不是那种肤浅的,满足虚荣的那些色,她们是实际主义者,她们充分享受着自己的色。不信,你可以仔细想想,一个女人,只要有机会遇到性爱高手,她们就很容易的成长为床了女皇,而男人,要是先天条件差点,就是遇上百变星君来教授,也只能是过场云烟而已。最后,作为男人我承认,我色不过女人。可能是这些原因ba !!!!!!

  56. hahaha…u r so farnie…but then again, this was written in 2005, has your opinions changed since then???
    I’ve got quite a no of sporean friends who swore they will choose us msian gals over sporean gals anytime for various reasons ( probably cos they find it hard to meet the sporean gal’s expectations …kekeke…)
    maybe u should write a new post about, y you should/shouldnt date a msian gal …….ekkekekeke……..

  57. my bro said that he’ll take any asian chick from japan, south korea, china, taiwan, malaysia. but NOT FROM SINGAPORE. didnt give reasons tho. he told me not to get any singaporean girls for gfs too. he said koreans are ok but they tend to be quite brutal-ish……xD plus most of them have impaired voice volume control…(if u get it…-.-)

  58. This post has caused a lot of bitter guys to insult SG girls..it’s not that SG girls’ expectations are too high. It’s just that the SG guys’ expectations of themselves are getting lower..once a girl gains financial independence and education, she will tend to have higher expectations for herself and for her guys. It’s the guys that cannot catch up. They expect girls to stay pretty and dumb, and just cook clean and bear children for them. Some sg guys cannot handle strong women so they look for girls from poorer countries who are not education or experienced, so they can feel like a big, powerful man.
    SG girls can always turn to European guys anyway..many of them are doing that now. SG guys need to buck up.

  59. “I want girls who have brains and can think for themselves, not a doormat.Singaporean girls know what they want, and they say what they want. It makes the relationship more ‘human’, and that I admire.”
    Agree with u. No fun to live with a robot at all.

  60. Dude. Don’t make me puke. Singaporean girls are by far the most demanding among the Asian countries. They are so selective and materialistic…
    Singaporean girls would be like the last out of the Asian countries i would choose.
    This writer is obviously not opening his eyes big enough. Look at reality and tell yourself again. You must have been psycho into thinking Singaporean girls are hot… I’m a singaporean btw.

  61. That may be true to a certain extent…but the girls in sg are getting too proud and ego of themselves. This is what happens when u gain too much power. there is no longer an equal between both genders in sg. Sg is becoming dominant of women…and even statistics shows that the number of single females in tertiary education is four times more than single males. This may be one of the reasons why sg guys are booking a ticket out of singapore. Sg is soo messed up…might as well the Europeans guys replace the Singaporean guys in this country 🙂

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